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    Episode 1 - Beginning of the War 

  • Princess Finé proves from the start that she is not a sheltered princess nor a Damsel in Distress. Her nickname as a Tomboy Princess is well earned.
    • During the train sequence, she is the one who leads the escape rather than relying on her bodyguards.
    • Even when she is captured, she takes the first opportunity she has to disarm one of her captors. While she is disarmed by gunshot before being able to disengage the safety, she deserves points for trying.
    • Despite being shot, she does not surrender.
  • Princess Finé proves to have political abilities as well. She clearly understands her position.
    • When negotiating with the Allies, she puts everything on the table, including offering herself for a political marriage.
    • She also convincingly tells a diplomat that her father is recovering from illness while that is clearly not the case.
  • The end of the episode gives a very effective demonstration of Izetta's sheer power. Within moments of awakening, she blasts the top half of her containment pod through the roof of the plane. She follows it up with a second blast that rips the plane in half, and then catches Finé from the airborne wreckage while riding an anti-tank rifle like a broomstick.


    Episode 2 - Scars and Gunfire 
  • The alpine dogfight on the Eylstadt-Germanian border. On one side, a squadron of Germanian fighter planes. On the other, a witch riding a rifle. To be precise, a witch who can fly at 400 kilometers per hour, has superior maneuverability and can call forth destructive spears of ice with her blood.
    • Credit where credit is due: the Germanian captain keeps his cool quite well while facing one hell of an Outside-Context Problem. He relentlessly tails Izetta, immediately adjusts tactics when he sees her ice trick and comes damn close to gunning the girls out of the sky.

    Episode 3 - The Sword in the Heavens 
  • Izetta, the moment she starts fighting the Germanian forces. She charges into battle using nothing but a dozen antique jousting lances, and manages to destroy an entire regiment of dive bombers just before they begin unleashing their payloads. Then she hires one hundred antique swords to defend her while she flips over / bashes fifteen tanks with short-range telekinesis. For the last tank, which has anti-piercing armor, she uses warp ammo to turn her anti-tank rifle into a gauss cannon.
  • Once Finé finds out that Izetta fighting, and winning, she asks the surviving soldiers to assist her friend. Despite numbering in the dozens, they manage to take out the remaining hordes of retreating infantry and prevent the invasion of Coenenberg as a result.
  • And then Izetta and Finé fly down to a small rock while the entire (surviving) regiment at Coenenberg watch in awe, and then one of them starts singing the national anthem about the first archduke of Eylstadt and the Weiss Hexe, followed by every other soldier joining in. Doubles as a coronation song.

    Episode 4 - The Secret of the Witch 
  • During their childhood Finé took a pitchfork that was aimed at Izetta. Despite her injury, she stood her ground against the mob that wanted to lynch Izetta for a fire they blamed her for.

    Episode 5 - A False Miracle 
  • Izetta publicly revealing herself to the world, which not only took a lot of bravery on her part, but her presentation also completely amazed the gathered reporters.
  • Izetta essentially singlehandedly routing an entire Germanian battalion by herself.
  • The Royal Guard pulling off a complex plan to make it look like Izetta is using her powers to repel the Germanian forces even though the battlefield is in a place Izetta can't use her powers. Some well timed marksmanship, well placed explosives, and a few parlor tricks send the Germanians fleeing in terror. And even though she doesn't do any actual fighting, Izetta still puts herself on the frontline because she simply can't accept letting a body double risk her life in her place.

    Episode 7 - The Battle of Sognefjord 
  • In an episode full of Izetta dodging flak and gunfire and throwing torpedos at weak points, 633rd Flying Corps Wing Commander Gromon's Big Damn Heroes moment completely steals the spotlight from her, as he uses a Halifax bomber as an impromptu gunship charging straight at the Germanian fighters to take the pressure off Izetta.
    • Izetta is no slouch, herself. Without her usual protective Storm of Blades, she survives insane amounts of fire from both AA guns and fighter planes by simply being that hard to hit. Planes can't suddenly halve their speed to shake pursuit or strafe from side to side to dodge salvos; Izetta can, and she exploits it for all it's worth. And how does she cripple the Drachenfels with only half the required torpedoes? She uses them as impromptu smart missiles, ramming one into the deck elevator and guiding the second through the hole made by the first, right into the vulnerable fuel lines. Seeing a torpedo soar past you while you're belowdecks is the point where any smart sailor would promptly decide to abandon ship.

    Episode 8 - A Cruel Fairy Tale 

    Episode 11 - Finé 

    Episode 12 - Izetta 
  • The rematch between Izetta and Sophie, with both empowered by their half of the Magic Stone, puts all the magical combat that came before it completely to shame.
    • Under normal circumstances, Izetta can push 400 kilometers per hour in flight. Empowered Izetta can break the sound barrier.


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