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René García (in the middle) and some of his roles.

"¡Insecto!" Explanation 

René Francisco García Miranda (born March 12, 1970 in Hialeah, Florida), better known as René García, is a Mexican actor and voice actor. His roles go for The Lancer, The Dragon and the Hot-Blooded, and tend to also be very... expressive.

He is best known for voicing Vegeta in the Dragon Ball franchise and Hyoga in the Saint Seiya franchise, and is the semi-official voice of Ben Affleck and Keanu Reeves in Latin America.

He seems to have quite the relationship with Mario Castañeda. His wife (Kerygma Flores), ex-wife (Ishtar Sáenz), ex-girlfriend (Cristina Hernández), sister-in-law (Gwendolyne Flores), daughters (María and Ananda García) and step-brother (Oliver Magaña) are also voice actors.

Lean todo sobre mis roles, ¡¡INSECTOS!! Translation 

Anime Dub Roles

Film Dub Roles

As the VA for Ben Affleck

As the VA for Keanu Reeves

As the VA for Michael Keaton

As the VA for John Travolta

As the VA for Paul Giamatti

As the VA for Tom Cruise

As the VA for other actors

Live action TV roles

Puppet Show Dub roles

  • Ernie and Cookie Monster on Plaza Sesamo (the Mexican Sesame Street)

Video Games Dub Roles

Western Animation roles

"¡Ay, no sólo me robó las células, también mis diálogos!"Explanation