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Awesome / Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

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This is the moment Vegeta made a god experience fear.

  • So, how do you create a good Establishing Character Moment for Beerus? How about knocking Goku Super Saiyan 3 out with two moves — one of which involves flicking him away?
    • Also having Freeza do his dirty work for him.
  • When Beerus slaps Bulma (because she'd slapped him), Vegeta gets so angry that he surpasses Goku's Super Saiyan 3 level and actually lands some good hits on Beerus — one of which made him bleed, if you look closely.
    Vegeta: H-how... dare... YOU...! THAT'S MY (immediately turns Super Saiyan) BUUUUULMAAAAAA! YOU BAAASTAAAAAAAARD!
    • What's even more is that this sudden surprise beat-down Beerus receives is by no means forgotten. After returning home, Beerus states that Goku and Vegeta are to be kept watch of.
    • Made even more awesome if you remember his motivation for letting Babidi control him in the Buu saga. Rather than family making him weak, like he thought it would, it made him strong.
    • One last tidbit, pay attention to how Beerus is taking this all in. It isn't with stride, I'll tell you that. He actually wears a moment of Oh, Crap! when he realizes Vegeta is powering through his direct punch to the face. In fact, if Vegeta hadn't opted to blast Beerus with a Kamehame Hadoken — thus giving him time to regain his bearings — it's entirely possible he could have kept that stride going a fair while longer.
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    • If you remember your attacks, that wasn't any ordinary blast Vegeta fired at him — that was his Galick Gun! Vegeta brought back his original most powerful attack to use on Beerus.
    • In the Faulconer dub, when Vegeta's Super Saiyan theme kicked in, you know Beerus has made one hell of a mistake.
    • Vegeta gets one even before that. He knows that he has no chance, but is smart enough to lead Beerus into a unpopulated area so that he can cut loose without collateral damage.
    • And then says — with a smile — that he takes pride in the fact that despite being outmatched, it ultimately took the God of Destruction to bring him down. Like Beerus noted, Vegeta was going to die with his honor intact.
    Vegeta: I knew you would be the strongest opponent I'd ever face — but I didn't think it'd be over this quickly! (strained) Damn... not the ending I wanted!
    Beerus: I don't get a pudding cup... and the Super Saiyan God isn't here. It's time to punish Earth!
    Vegeta: (cracks a smile) I'll take some pride in the fact that it took Beerus the Destroyer to kill me.
  • A minor one, but Tenshinan is the only human character with the guts to attack Beerus. He is not the strongest, but he surely is the bravest.
    • Strongest pure human — Eighteen attacked as well. Still speaks well for both of them.
  • Despite the asskicking they received afterwards, Master Roshi's the one that calls the Z-Fighters into battle against Beerus.
    Master Roshi: Come on, boys! LET'S ROLL!
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  • Goku shows once again that he might be naive, but no idiot. How does he plan to bring the Super Saiyan God to help them? Why, use the Dragon Balls and make Shenron summon him!
  • Goku and Beerus both consider Vegeta's silly song and dance to be one. Not because it was any good — Beerus was thoroughly unimpressed — but because of how proud a man Vegeta is. Goku specifically calls out how bitter of a humiliation it would be for him, and that he was willing to do it to keep Earth safe.
  • The final battle between Goku and Beerus is really just one in itself, especially from an animation standpoint. You'd think Dragon Ball style battles wouldn't be able to work in favoring more organic-looking combat over the usual reliance on the prized "style over substance" the series had during its run, but you'd be dead wrong.
    • Super Saiyan God itself may be a little unimpressive, but its aura is something to behold.
    • The battle in the city is this when you think about it. While battles in DBZ, regardless of intention, tend to incur a LOT of collateral damage, the fight between Goku and Beerus was precise enough that nothing got damaged. Especially notable given the sheer power of the participants.
    • When Goku finds himself cornered and busts out into Super Saiyan after absorbing his God form's power, the English dub gives a slight twist to the Japanese that ends up making it even more awesome. As "Hero" begins to blare for the second half of the fight, Sean Schemmel busts out one of his best powerup kiais you've ever heard, and carries it solid for over ten seconds. Even better, they added a slight echo effect to reinforce the fact that good ol' Goku's about to kick some godly ass. Watch the awesomeness here.
      • His voice is such a perfect blend of pure rage and desperation that it easily counts of one of Sean's most spine-chilling lines.
      • Before hand, Goku managed to Speed Blitz Beerus — a god — on his own in base form after reverting to it.
    • Goku using all the energy of the Super Saiyan God to dissipate Beerus's attack to destroy Earth.
    • Remember Goku's Instant Transmission Kamehameha? Blew Cell apart like a big, green scrub? After all these years, still one of his best tricks. Just ask Beerus, who was actually frightened when it was unleashed on him.
      Goku: (while fighting) If you're gonna use blasts against me, then fine! I've got one, FOR YOU!
      • Note that throughout the fight Beerus, if not calm, was completely in control. He knew that Goku would be no actual threat to him, even if he would be an entertaining diversion. Except that one moment when Goku lets out the IT Kamehameha. For that one moment Beerus' calm breaks and the Destroyer has a brief look of fear. Goku made a God doubt.
    • Goku still landing hits on Beerus after he loses his power-up but doesn't realize that he's lost it.
    • More to the point, Goku detests having the power of SSJG because he had to take it from others. Guess what, though? He actually absorbs the form and grows into the power of his own accord. Goku is now Super Saiyan God under his own merits. To hammer this home, he activates the form to stop Beerus' attack. The form is supposed to require the five-saiyan powerup per usage. Let that sink in.
    • What makes this battle even better is that the best parts of it aren't when Goku is even in Super Saiyan God form. It's when he's just a regular Super Saiyan, but let's put this into perspective. Earlier in the movie, Beerus utterly owned Super Saiyan 3 and the only way it was thought that Goku would have a chance was with Super Saiyan God, however we see here that Goku, now fully enraged, doesn't even let the large power difference slow him down once as he lands hit after hit on Beerus. True he doesn't win, but in a show where the new transformations always had the best action sequences once they debuted and overshadowed the older transformations, it's very much an impressive feat.
    • One moment that stands out? During the fight, Beerus and Goku begin moving so fast that the water falling in the cave they're fighting in slows down and the other Z Fighters watching, despite being used to high velocity fights, can't keep up with this one.
  • After Beerus curbstomps everyone the entire movie, Whis knocks him out in one hit when he starts making a ruckus after eating some wasabi. Effortlessly. Always Someone Better indeed.
    • It's even more spine-chilling due to Word of God. On a scale of 1 to 10 in power levels, Goku (at SSJG) is a 6, Beerus is a 10... and Whis is a 15!
  • Bulma, who is primarily a non-action girl, slapped a God when he ruined her birthday party and was about to kill Vegeta. Sure, he took her out with just one hit, but that took some serious guts.
  • A much more mundane moment of awesome. After Beerus flicks base Vegeta unconscious like he did to Goku, he challenges Oolong to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Yamcha makes a quick analysis and gives Oolong a pep-talk (which is a CMOA in itself), convincing him to take up the challenge. After owning the game, Beerus reveals that his big ears are NOT for nothing and that he overheard their entire victory plan.
  • Beerus is pretty much the The Dreaded for the whole universe. How dreaded? Shenron knows him only by reputation and yet is close to crapping in his non-existent pants just by knowing he's on Earth.
  • Whis casually creating a window through the glass of Capsule Corp's spaceship traveling at high speeds without affecting it, then closing it after entering reverting the glass to its original state. The dude's practically a Reality Warper. This is also a brilliant Foreshadowing.

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