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Even Beerus can have his moments.

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    In General 
  • The opening has many cute moments, like Vegeta sparring with his son, Goten and Goku being adorable together, and Mr. Satan, Buu, Krillin, 18, and Marron stopping by Videl and Gohan's house. In later intros, Monaka is even shown sitting with Jaco, which is adorable in its own right.
    • The end credits are equally heartwarming. It shows Goku looking at the sunset with his family sitting next to him. Especially heart melting is Chi-Chi cuddling next to him and Goten sitting in his father's lap. Videl is also there being Goku's new daughter-in-law. As the scene goes on, all of Goku's friends joins him staring at the setting sun.
    • The eye-catches even join in on the fun as well by showing Goku and Gohan's respective families.
  • The second ending credits for Super. It shows Goku and his friends driving to a picnic together on a hillside. Bonus points that Goku is staring at the four-star Dragon Ball before Bulma pats his shoulder and Gohan and Goten join her.
  • Chapter 6 of the manga has Goku commenting to Vegeta on how both their wives are feisty. Vegeta says he doesn't mind that about Bulma. Cue 'Awwwww.' Goku then steps it up by saying that Chi-Chi's feisty nature is what he likes about her, too. Cue DOUBLE 'Awwwww.' Crosses over into Funny when Vegeta notes that Saiyans apparently have a type and Piccolo having a Face Fault over just how much that explains.
  • In a meta-version, all the slice-of-life moments and time spent showing the care among family and friends. While not universally popular, with some fans preferring them to just get to the fights, Akira Toriyama has gone on record as saying the reason he gives so little attention to the more emotional side of things is because he feels he can't write it very well compared to the fights. That we're now getting to see EVERYTHING involved in the characters' lives, that was always there just "behind the scenes", is an accomplishment in and of itself.
    • That also had the side effect to end the infamous habit of family making you weaker in Dragon Ball. After the re-tellings both Gohan and Krillin invert their arc becoming stronger thanks to the training for their families, and Vegeta manages to surpass Goku and defeat a, newly ascended, God of Destruction thanks to his love for his family, and many new transformations (like Super Sayan God, Kale's mastering her berserk state to regain control and Vegeta's Super Sayan Beyond Blue) comes from positive emotions, instead of rage and despair.
  • Trunks calling Vegeta "papa"/"dad".
  • Pilaf's gang pretty much forgetting about their evil ways by the time of the Potaufeu Arc and honestly helping around Capsule Corp. Especially considering that they were previously the only significant villains pre-Frieza to not make a Heel–Face Turn of some sort. note 
  • Androids 17 and 18 fighting side by side with Goku in the Tournament of Power. They were programmed to kill Goku, but instead they've repeatedly gone out of their way to protect him. They seem to genuinely care about Goku.
  • The manga shows that Android 17 has tamed and is taking care of the Cell Jrsnote .

    Battle of Gods Saga 
  • The dub adds the old standby "Previously, on Dragon Ball Z!" while recapping the death of Kid Buu.
  • Mr. Satan admitting that it's Goku who saved the world and making sure Goku's the one who get the reward money. He even tries to give Vegeta the money earlier, but he turns it down. Plus, the Briefs are way richer than Mr. Satan.
    • It's also heartwarming since it shows real character development from Mr. Satan. Compare how he acted at the end of the Cell Games, where he happily took credit for other people's work, to him being humble and generous. Yeah, he still hams in front of the camera and continues to take credit for Cell and Buu, but he's doing it now because the real heroes really don't want the limelight. Plus the Z Fighters need someone like Hercule to be the face of their group. He has a lot of sway with the people afterall, but it's also heartwarming that everyone lets him be the human hero.
    • Adding on to that, Goku has spent most of his life saving and protecting the world, and has never asked for any kind of reward. While he has little use for money, this ensures his family will be well taken care of.
  • Goten and Trunks going on a mini-quest to find a present for Videl all because she's so nice to Gohan. In the end, they get her ordinary river water because they mistook it for rejuvenating water from a hot spring. Videl realizes this, but she also realizes that they went to a lot of trouble for her sake, so she smiles warmly and thanks the boys for such a wonderful gift.
  • Gohan and Videl's interaction as a engaged couple. They're just so cute together with Videl buying Gohan books, and Gohan being ashamed that he can't buy her anything.
  • All of Goku and Goten's interaction. We didn't see them together much in Z and the canon movies so it's nice to see Goku spending time with his baby boy. He also shows happiness and pride that Gohan has settled down with his future wife, finally putting to rest the notions that Goku doesn't care about his family. Although those who know Goku's character already knew that is the case.
  • Vegeta actually keeping the promise he gave to Trunks after the latter managed to hit him, during their training way back at the start of the Majin Buu Arc. He did lose his temper and fly away, but as Bulma said, it was exceptional he lasted so long considering it's Vegeta. Even more impressive when you consider that the Vegeta of old would have likely killed or threatened to kill people long before he reached his boiling point.
    • More than that, when he 'did' explode, his aura blasted people... roughly two feet away from him, only hard enough to land on their butts, or hit walls very short distances nearby. For him, that's exceptional restraint.
    • He has a lot of subtle fatherly moments at the amusement park in general while never losing his gruff behavior. For instance, when Trunks is trying out souvenir clothes and asks his dad if he looks cool, Vegeta notes that he buttoned his shirt wrong. He does this abrasively, of course, but it does show he's paying attention to his kid. Also when Vegeta flies off in a huff, Trunks just yells thanks and that he had fun, taking none of Vegeta's sour behaviour personally. Bulma even notes that she's surprised how long he lasted.
  • In the third episode, Marron is practically adorable-incarnate - and more than that, 18 was seen smiling a lot. Then the three of them run into Yamcha, Puar, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu in mid-air, and Chaozu immediately starts making faces to Marron, who laughs (and draws one of 18's said smiles; clearly she has a soft spot for her daughter).
    • What's even better is to see 18 casually hanging around other women at Bulma's birhtday party with a genuine smile on her face in every shot. It really shows how close she's become with her new friends.
      • Also during the ending of the saga, for a brief moment she's shown talking to pregnant Videl, quite possibly giving some advice on motherhood.
  • Piccolo was included in Gohan and Videl's wedding photo along side Goku and Goten. It really shows how close he has gotten to the Son family considering he regarded Goku his mortal enemy all the way back in the original Dragon Ball series.
  • Trunks and Goten offering Pilaf and his gang food, despite them being too prideful to get it themselves.
  • Despite being a case of Honor Before Reason, Mai and Shu refuse to take food from Bulma's party because Pilaf told them not to. After starving for several minutes, Pilaf asks why didn't they disobey and take the food. Both Shu and Mai are surprised, showing that they never considered disobeying his order, despite how petty it was.
    • Also, the fact that Pilaf was perfectly fine with starving for his pride, but couldn't bear seeing Mai and Shu hungry.
  • Unlike Battle of Gods, Vegeta came to Bulma's birthday party on his own before learning of Beerus. Despite still being a grump, he gave up his day of training for his wife.
  • It doesn't seem like much, but Vegeta as a child rushing to help his father who is getting his face planted into the floor by Beerus. It is especially touching since Vegeta tries to convey an air of indifference towards his late father, even saying he didn't care that Frieza personally killed him. It shows despite how ruthless and uncaring Vegeta tries to act, he did care for his dad and was traumatized seeing him get hurt.
  • The gang instantly being friendly with Beerus and Whis even though they just met them. Why? Because they think the two are Vegeta's old friends.
    • Beerus having fun at the party. It is clear that Beerus is used to people bowing and scraping to him so having people just treat him with respect without fear is an enjoyable experience for him.
  • During all the fighting with Beerus, Gohan is checking on his father-in-law, Mr. Satan. He even calls him father, showing how close he had become to the man.
  • There's also a moment when Vegeta is on the floor intimidated by Beerus' and then when Bulma comes across the scene, Vegeta tells her to get out of there.
    • In the Dub, Vegeta even begs Beerus to not hurt her. Say what you want, he really does care.
    Vegeta; Whatever you plan to do, do it to me! Don't hurt her! DON'T HURT HER!!!
  • When Krillin is asked why he isn't helping fight Beerus like his wife had, he says he isn't a fighter anymore, but then the real reason comes out, it is that he wants to protect Marron. And then Yamcha tells Krillin he'll protect Marron with his life, and to fight as much as he wants. They get talked out of it by Piccolo, but the entire sequence is sweet nonetheless.
  • Just like in the movie, Vegeta gets super angry at Beerus after the latter slaps Bulma and gets an extreme power-up.
  • Despite his valiant attempt, Vegeta still loses to Beerus. He's upset not because he lost or that his pride was hurt, but because the Earth will now be destroyed. He looks utterly ashamed as he tells Bulma this, unable to look her in the eye. It truly highlights his character development.
  • Gohan's joy that he's going to be a father, surpassed only by Mr. Satan's glee at being a granddad.
  • Chichi defending Vegeta as being good enough to help with the Super Saiyan God transformation. Why? She thinks he's been a good dad recently.
  • In the movie, Piccolo claimed that only Goten and Gohan have righteous hearts, discounting Vegeta for his past, Goku for being a fighting-loving brute, and Trunks for being too young to have a girlfriend. Here, Piccolo only says that Vegeta doesn't have a righteous heart. It's sweet that in this adaptation that Piccolo does see Goku and Trunks as righteous despite their flaws. Then again, Trunks doesn't have a girlfriend this time. And several characters do stick up for Vegeta, including Master Roshi.
  • Goku's ascension into Super Saiyan Godhood, in stark-contrast to his first horrifying transformation back on Namek, was an insiring spectacle of joy and hope; Norihito Sumitomo's musical score gently fills our hearts with courage with a heartfelt crescendo of string orchestra; and as the golden light of heroism from five Saiyan souls fills Goku's heart, so too are ours uplifted by the triumphantly majestic climax of an angelic choir. Guaranteed to bring a Tearful Smile to your face, even if you preferred Battle of Gods.
  • Like in the movie proper, the very fact that Vegeta, one of the most arrogant and prideful characters in fiction, is willing to put his pride aside to make sure Beerus doesn't destroy the world.
  • When the Pilaf gang is upset about the Dragon Balls being gone and the party over, especially Pilaf who is outright crying, Whis shows up and invite them to eat with him, which they graciously accept.
  • In Episode 13, Mr. Satan and Gohan come to Videl's aid and try to protect her when the universe is about to explode - in particular, Gohan powers into his Ultimate form (despite being low on Ki, even). When they're still alive, Mr Satan believes it must be the power of love that saved him... but though that's not quite what saved them, love certainly made a strong showing for this family in that moment.
    • Before then, Mr. Satan begs Whis to stop Goku and Beerus' fight before the Earth gets destroyed. He's begging out of concern for his daughter and unborn grandchild.
  • Without saying a word or showing any trace of ego, Vegeta shows complete confidence in Goku as he fights Beerus. It's a long way from the jealous prick he was in Z.
  • Crossing over into Tear Jerker territory, but when Goku is temporarily depowered and everyone can sense his ki again, the Z fighters surmise that Goku is in serious danger of actually dying. Goten bursts into tears upon hearing this, claiming that it's a lie. The little boy loves his father so much.
    • And special mention also goes to Chi-Chi and his new sister-in-law Videl comforting him and letting him know things will be alright.
  • After Goku is defeated and falls to Earth, it's Vegeta who catches him and holds him, bridal style.
  • After Goku's defeat, Piccolo orders everyone still capable of fighting forward, in a last-ditch effort to protect the Earth. Mr. Satan joins them, because Videl's in danger.
  • Beerus apparently falls asleep before he can destroy the Earth, too tired from his fight with Goku. It's a lie. He doesn't want to destroy the Earth anymore because he respects Goku as a Worthy Opponent.
  • King Kai is amazed that Goku made friends with the God of Destruction, saying that Goku used to be alone, but now he has so many friends.
  • Blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but Goku rubbing Goten's head to reassure him when Vegeta says something that rubs him the wrong way.
  • Gohan formally announcing to his father that he himself is going to be a father. Goku's response ("You better eat lots of food!") drives Gohan to happy tears. A touching father-son moment for sure.

    Resurrection 'F' Saga 
  • Gohan tries to do house chores on behalf of Videl and their baby even though he's not quite skilled in domestic housekeeping. It's even sweeter when Gohan baby-talks the unborn child into keeping Videl company.
  • Though he clearly prefers otherwise, Goku listens to Chi-Chi when she tells him he can't go off training just yet. A Super Saiyan God he may be, but the man listens to his wife and respects her wishes (for the most part).
  • Krillin remembering the old times with Goku and how the power gap between them has widened. There is also Goku warning his best friend several times that his punch will hurt if he goes through with it, showing that he cares about the guy's well being. Finally, Goku carrying Krillin back to his house after he punched him.
  • 18 taking care of Krillin. She even smiles, thinking what an idiot her husband is, and the fact that she loves him all the same.
  • Goten and Marron playing. They're just so cute together.
  • Despite Vegeta and Bulma arguing with each other a lot, one can plainly see that they're suited for each other and actually do care for the other. Bulma even gives Vegeta new armor for him to use while training.
  • Vegeta bribes Whis by bringing him Bulma's favorite foods, the food she was holding back in case she really needed to bribe Whis. It's not pointed out, but Vegeta knows all of Bulma's favorite foods, he does pay attention to what makes her happy (even if he is using that knowledge to become an unstoppable fighting machine).
  • Vegeta's on his hands and knees, begging Whis to train him. Whis agrees- if Vegeta is willing to become a God of Destruction. Vegeta refuses and Whis walks away, before Vegeta bribes him with food. The old Vegeta- Space Pirate and mass-murderer- wouldn't have even hesitated to become a god, but now Vegeta's too moral and caring to consider it.
  • Gohan and Satan mock fighting while tossing Pan around. Pan's loving every second of it.
    • Not just because Pan is having fun... it is how Gohan and his father-in-law get along. It is clear they enjoy each other's company and actually love each other, playfully teasing each other as they act goofy for Pan.
  • When Chi Chi states she wants Pan to be a proper lady Mr. Satan states he's already decided that Pan will succeed him and take over his school. Not only is it nice to see him wanting to pass on the family business to her but, for many fans, this is actually a really good destiny for Pan (compared to what GT gave us)
  • Initially, just like in the Resurrection 'F' movie, Piccolo is so stoic and emotionless while babysitting Pan that he apathetically used his foot to rock her pram; but a few seconds later, he starts to check if anyone is looking, and when the coast is clear he starts to affectionately play "peek a boo" with his step-granddaughter, causing the baby girl to laugh with delight. That's right; Demon King Piccolo, who was once the Dragon-World's equivalent of Satan multiplied by Hitler, is now a goofy and loving grandfather; it's a positively adorable sight.
  • Shenron grants Mai's wish for ice cream and also provides ice to keep it from melting. He says the latter is free of charge.
  • Pilaf complains that he's the only one not to have his wish granted. Shu offers him the money he asked Shenron for and Mai says that they can all eat the ice cream.
    • Earlier, Pilaf was stubbornly refusing to hand over the last Dragon Ball to Frieza's henchmen even at the risk of death, but when he saw how scared Shu and Mai were, he finally caved and gave the ball up. It's one of many moments in the series that shows that Pilaf has gone from being a Bad Boss to Shu and Mai to considering them his True Companions.
  • Android 18 showing more concern for Krillin when he's about to confront Frieza, and the reason why she wanted to come with him in this version. Plus after Krillin flies off, she states "So cool"
  • Krillin asking if Gohan should be there since he's a dad now. Gohan points out that Krillin has a family, too, making them both smile.
  • Everyone trying to rush to Krillin's aid after Frieza put a hit on his head.
  • Master Roshi giving Krillin a prep talk about how his experience with fighting Cell, Buu, Beerus and watching Goku and Vegeta fight has made him more powerful than he realizes and that he shouldn't underestimate himself.
  • During his fight with Shisami, Gohan mentions that despite being a pacifist, he fights because now that he's a father he wants his kid to grow up in a peaceful world.
  • Piccolo catching Gohan after he's shot down by Tagoma.
  • Despite being a cold-hearted murderer himself, Sorbet is shocked and disgusted that Tagoma would murder Shisami, his own teammate.
  • In its own twisted way, the Villainous Friendship between Frieza and Captain Ginyu. When the latter hijacks Tagoma's body, Frieza is delighted to learn that his most loyal subordinate survived the explosion of Namek.
  • Piccolo's Heroic Sacrifice to save Gohan from Frieza.
  • Vegeta telling Goku to hurry up and teleport, or otherwise their families are gonna die. This is one rare moment where we see Vegeta's concern for others.
  • Goku catching Gohan when he falls over and lowering him to the ground. He tells Gohan that he did well and assures him that they can save Piccolo with the Namekian Dragon Balls.
    • Once Goku makes sure Gohan is all right, he puts his hand on Piccolo's body and promises to bring him back. He then teleports Piccolo's body to the Lookout so it won't be damaged in the ensuring battle.
    • After this, Goku tells Goten and Trunks to head to the Lookout to tell Dende what happened here. When they both say they want to stay and watch the fight, Goku firmly tells them that this is no place for kids. Trunks tries to protest and is interrupted by Vegeta, who tells him to do as Goku says.
    • The above in particular also serves to avert the overly-common assertion that Goku is a bad father. He clearly understands Gohan as a person and what his life choices have led to as his ability as a fighter, and yet he doesn't even so much as allude to it. In fact he's genuinely proud of Gohan for what he managed to achieve in spite of his self-appointed limitations. It doesn't hurt that Gohan summoned up enough ki despite being mortally wounded for Goku to sense him across the universe.
  • When Vegeta kills Ginyu, he seems more mad and disgusted by him instead of taking his usual glee in the kill. It's a subtle clue that Vegeta is doing so not out of sadism or his "kill weaklings" mentality he had back during the Saiyan Saga, but because he knows how dangerous Ginyu and Frieza are and is pissed off at what they have done.
  • When Goku declares that he will fight Frieza since Vegeta has already finished Ginyu, Vegeta simply shrugs and says "Have it your way." It really shows Vegeta's growth as a character.
  • When Frieza's about to really finish Goku, Vegeta knocks his blast away and declares that he's "tagging in". He actually saves Goku of his own volition with nothing to gain from doing so.
  • The cast being happy about Vegeta ascending to godhood. Remember, when Vegeta first went Super Saiyan, everyone's collective reaction was a mix of being afraid (their then-Token Evil Teammate just became more powerful) and groaning (they knew that he would not stop bragging about it).
  • Beerus and Whis offering Goku a second chance to help save the Earth.
  • After the battle with Frieza is finished, Gohan quickly rushes home and is overjoyed to find his family safe. He gives them a hug and loudly promises that he will protect them, no matter what. He later on declares his intent to start training again.
    • Beyond that, there's only one person Gohan wants training him. Is it with Goku again, or Whis like the others? Nope, he wants his first trainer back: none other than Green Dad. Heck, it's because Piccolo sharpens back up while retraining Gohan that he becomes strong enough to join Goku and Vegeta alongside Buu and Monaka in the next arc!
  • The party at the end with everyone alive and well. Beerus and Whis are even there, happily eating like they're part of the family. Also, Vegeta is shown doing small talk with Tien (who infamously couldn't stand Vegeta during Dragon Ball Z) and Master Roshi.

    Champa Saga 
  • Despite just meeting them and given who Champa is, it was still a nice gesture for him to offer both Goku and Vegeta a cooked Dondon bird egg to eat.
  • Beerus actually asks Goku's and Vegeta's opinion about participating in Champa's tournament before agreeing. Despite being a Jerkass God, he has clearly grown to at least somewhat respect them.
  • Champa praised Vados for creating a field for the tournament. And food buildings!
  • After Vegeta flies across the planet at full speed to recover the Dragon Balls as fast as possible, he gets a peck on the cheek from Bulma.
  • After Beerus' yells at Goku's questioning about Monaka, Vegeta covers his wife's ears to save her since the shockwave of the yell is enough to blow Goku away.
  • To convince Buu to join the tournament, Goku offers him a wish from the Super Dragon Balls. Buu agrees... so he can give the wish to Mr. Satan, since Mr. Satan has already given him everything he wants.
  • A very small but surprising moment: when discussing who to recruit, Vegeta of all people recalls that Gohan has the most potential as a fighter among their circle of connections due to his Ultimate/Mystic state. Despite Gohan deciding that taking up fighting full time wasn't for him, it's nice to see that aspect of him still being acknowledged in the series.
  • Gohan wants to enter the tournament as well to see the results of his training, but can't enter because he has to enter a conference. Goku, as usual, doesn't seem to mind at all and tells him his studies are important too. note 
  • After taking a lot of abuse from Bulma, who has been an Ungrateful Bastard towards Jaco despite using one of his off-days to take her to Zuno, he gets a crate full of milk and cheese (his favorite Earth food) as a thank you.
  • All friends of Goku and company are allowed to watch Champa's tournament. Whis even made a transportation box!
  • Chi-Chi grilling for everyone while they travel to the unknown planet. She makes a plate for Vegeta, who inhales his meal since this is the first decent food he had in three years.
  • Beerus insisting that his guests have better seats since they came all the way to the planet to cheer his team on.
  • Goku's sheer enthusiasm at the prospect of getting to meet six amazin' new guys he'd never met before (the five members of the opponent team, plus Monaka on Universe 7's own), as well as the twin siblings of Beerus and Whis, is adorably infectious. It's extrovert energy at its most pure and innocent.
  • Vegeta getting along with Cabba, which is a first since most people usually have a first bad impressions with Vegeta.
  • By all accounts, Frost seems to be a benevolent emperor and a member of Frieza's race. It reminds us that no matter how cruel some members may be, it doesn't mean that all of their group or race are evil (or so evil). Sadly, subverted, as he turns out to be as bad as Frieza, if not worse.
    • Goku, knowing all too well about Frieza's Fatal Flaw, encourages Frost to go straight to his final form during their fight so he doesn't burn out.
    • The reason Frost continues to fight in his last form even when he's clearly outmatched by Goku is to get help from Champa and bring peace to his universe. Also, while he defeats Goku by being a Combat Pragmatist, he seems to consider it Dirty Business.
    • Goku's friends are so moved by Frost's story that they almost want to cheer him on and Goku doesn't want to beat up on Frost after he proves to be the stronger.
  • Kibito, the attendant of Supreme Kai, is back. As it turns out, Kibito Kai wished to defuse with the Namekian Dragon Balls.
    • After Goku happily chats with the group of Kais and heads off, Fuwa (Universe 6's Supreme Kai) asks Old Kai if he and the others are actually friends with the Saiyan. Old Kai chuckles and remarks they've been through a lot together.
  • Vados recruited Frost by promising him Champa's help in stopping the war, should Frost win the tournament. Champa asks if that means that they won't help him should he lose, and is terribly sad to learn that this is the case. It's nice to see that he also has a nicer side and is more than a spoiled brat.
  • Chi-Chi jumping off a platform that is hundreds of feet off the ground and running to Goku's side after he lost to Frost. She cuddled him and cried, saying that she was afraid he died. Goku is quite embarrassed. And once Frost approaches to ask if Goku's okay, Chi-Chi immediately gets into a fighting stance, intending to defend her husband. This after she and some of the others just got caught up in rooting for Frost despite themselves due to his captivating story.
  • Champa being pissed that Vados knew that Frost was a scumbag all along and nonetheless chose him to be on his team when Jaco exposes Frost's cheating ways and Vados admits the guy's secretly a galactic crime lord. He is so upset that he was going to kill Frost on the spot and didn't want the forfeit to be overturned even if it meant a lost for his team, only relenting when Vados talks him into it and the fact that Vegeta wants to handle Frost himself. This is reduced slightly when Champa then declares he'll help Frost's scheme if he wins the match. However, when Frost did lose, Champa didn't care.
    • Although Cabba's trust was displaced he defended Frost when he got called out as a cheater by Jaco, saying that Frost is a honorable guy he fought beside.
  • When Vegeta brutally kicks Frost to the curb after finding out his true nature, he reassures everyone he didn't kill him because he won't sink as low as he did. It shows how much Vegeta has grown as a person, not only as a warrior.
    • Vegeta demanding to take on Frost also comes as defense of his teammates; Goku's and Piccolo's honor. Both of which Vegeta doesn't hold in much outward high regard, but despite power and personality differences, this clearly shows that he dose respects them, and that he hates when scum-bags like Frost scam them out of victories.
  • Botamo is seen comforting Magetta after his loss. Given Botamo's smug attitude, it's nice to see SOME compassion for their teammates from the Universe 6 team.
  • Bulma affectionately wiping Vegeta's face after his tough match with Magetta and Vegeta tolerating it.
  • Vegeta playing Trickster Mentor to Cabba and pushing him until he goes Super Saiyan (something Cabba desired to reach) by basically returning to his Space Pirate mode, then teaching him how to transform at will and maintain the transformation. After he knocked Cabba out, he revived him and basically told Cabba that there is such a thing as Saiyan pride. In spite of everything, he is still a Saiyan prince who cares for his fellow Saiyans, with the outward exception of perhaps Goku.
    • Goku and Piccolo got what Vegeta was trying for when even his wife and son didn't.
    • Mainly his reaction to his efforts working. That is a look of sheer pride in someone else and a clear marker of how much Vegeta has changed over the years.
    • It also shows how far as a character Vegeta has come since that selfish Jerkass we saw in Dragon Ball Z. The Vegeta of old would have never allow anyone to even approach his strength, especially a fellow Saiyan given his hang-up about Goku. He wasn't even happy that Trunks managed to become a Super Saiyan effortlessly. But when Cabba asked him, he immediately set about training the kid, no questions asked. To see him actually helping someone reach a level he once believed only belonged to him and to encourage Cabba to surpass him is a wondrous sight, considering that not being the strongest was a major Berserk Button of Vegeta's back in Z.
  • Cabba mentions that the king of the Saiyan homeworld is just as prideful and strong-willed as Vegeta (no surprise considering he is in all probability an alternate of Vegeta's father or Vegeta himself). On hearing this Vegeta asks Cabba to introduce them in the future.
  • The reveal that Monaka is not nearly as strong as Goku and Vegeta, and Beerus building him up so much and putting him on the team was just a Motivational Lie to make the two strive to get stronger. Think about it, Beerus is in a competition to gain Champa's Super Dragon Balls, keep Earth, and to show up his brother, yet instead of putting someone on the team who could actually help win, he used one of the spots to put in someone who can't help at all, weakening his chances to win, essentially handicapping himself, just so he could lie about there being another person stronger than the Saiyans and motivate them to get stronger. That's surprisingly nice of him.
    • It also comes off as Heartwarming in Hindsight since he lets Vegeta fight Frost on his request, even if it meant forcing Piccolo to forfeit. Meaning that until Goku got reinstated after his loss was revealed to be due to Frost cheating, Vegeta was the only fighter Beerus had left. That is showing some real faith.
    • Even more heartwarming, Beerus really did let Goku and Vegeta chose his entire team, having complete faith that they would chose the best fighters. Which explains why he was pissed at them for choosing Buu who failed the written test.
    • After Goku does an incredible job fighting Hit, both Beerus and Whis take great pride in his accomplishment, referring to him as "my Goku", in a student-teacher kind of way.
    Beerus: That truly is my Goku.
    Whis: Oh no. Goku-san is all mine.
  • A minor one, but the fact that now that Frieza's dead (for good) and the Planet Trade Organization has been destroyed, a much more benevolent Galactic King and the Galactic Patrol are back on top. The galaxy being a better place to live is certainly welcome.note 
  • Hit, after knocking Goku over with his improved Time-Skipping, allows Goku to stand back up, (while Champa insists on him finishing Goku). He does it because Goku helped him to improve his skills when it was never necessary before.
  • There is something oddly heartwarming as Goku, after all these years, with all these better power-ups available, still remembered the Kaioken and nostalgically reminisces about how King Kai taught it to him a long time ago. And it pays off, too; despite it being impossible, he works out a way to use it in combination with his Super Saiyan and god abilities.
  • Hit returning Goku's favor of giving him the win by ringing himself out when Monaka threw a punch at his legs that's so weak it doesn't even make him flinch. An assassin he may be, but he has honor in spades.
  • Downplayed, but Beerus, after his initial outburst against Goku for forfeiting the match, just more or less prepares to swallow his loss after Goku tells him they still have Monaka to fight, since he was the one who insisted on bringing him along as a Motivational Lie in the first place. Compared to Champa's reaction to losing the tournament when Hit threw out his match, it shows that Beerus isn't all that unreasonable.
  • Beerus uses his wish to revive Universe 6's Earth with all its people. It's heavily implied because he wants to give a chance to his brother Champa to enjoy food of that Earth, though he claims that he simply does to make Champa owe him. Beerus seems to care about his brother, though deep down. Given that this has approximately the same result as Champa's planned wish (move Universe 7's Earth into his own universe), both Whis and Champa are impressed with good reason.
  • Though it takes Zen'o to appear, Champa still lets his team go and doesn't destroy it, though does it because Zen'o wants to have an Universal Tournament.
  • Beerus rewarding Monaka with a truckload of gold and silver for acting as his Motivational Lie for Goku and Vegeta. He also seems to be civil and polite to the guy, though he still will use him.

    Potaufeu Arc 
  • One of the first things we see of the U7 vs. U6 victory party is Marron flying on Chaozu, with Puar nearby, having the time of her life with that (sorta-)flight.
    • The characters have to scramble to keep Goku from finding out the truth about Monaka. To buy a few minutes, Chi-Chi immediately berates Goku for coming to the party straight from work, telling him to go home and get properly cleaned up. Beerus (who had just derided the group as a bunch of peons) compliments her for this, which causes Chi-Chi to blush.
  • Episode 43 is perhaps the most heartwarming episode yet:
    • Goku and Piccolo spend time together with Pan, even with Piccolo providing detailed instructions on how to properly take care of her (which even blows Chi-Chi away especially since she raised two sons). Once she goes missing, everyone is highly disturbed, particularly Goku. If past examples didn't prove he cared about his family, this truly cements it.
    • There is also Chi-Chi and Goten showing real concern about Goku when he's sick, particularly when he doesn't eat as much as normal. Chi-Chi wants to fix food for him so he will get better soon, and Goten butters up to his dad to get him to go to King Kai's planet to get his illness checked. Gohan is also highly concerned, telling his dad to rest properly and he can stay at their house as long as they like.
    • The small scene(s) of Goku, Chi-Chi, and Goten in bed together, Goten apparently having crawled in between his parents at some point. Chi-Chi is sleeping under the covers normally, whereas Goku and Goten are all over the place.
    • Vegeta rushes into Bulma's room the moment he hears her scream. By the look on his face, he was close to panicking. He even has his arm out to shield her before he realizes the "invader" is Goku.
    • Gohan having a picture of his daughter as his ringtone.
    • Pan is just too adorable. She calls Piccolo by name and at first calls Goku 'papa' instead of grandpa, and both are delighted when she finally says 'grandpa'. You can also see the love in Goku's eyes when he's playing with his granddaughter, showing the bond they will form by the time of the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Goten even plays with her for a little, which they both quite enjoy, as a nice uncle/niece moment.
    • Pan reaching for the stars and being confused about why she can't grab them. Goku apologizes, saying if he was feeling well he would fly her into the sky. And after flying into the sky herself, she remembers her grandpa and flies back home.
    • While they're on the rooftop with Pan, Goku and Piccolo share a moment with each other as Goku privately admits to Piccolo that he sometimes feels like he's an old grandpa. Piccolo retorts by telling him that technically, he is exactly that.
    • Piccolo is obviously a regular fixture in Pan's life, he knows what she likes to eat, how to prepare it to her liking (an incredible feat when you remember that Namekians live off water so their sense of taste is at the very least a bit different from humans) how to handle her in difficult situations and even implied to sing to her. Before Pan was getting Goku's name wrong at first, calling him Papa instead of Grandpa, she knew exactly who Piccolo was.
    • Gohan turns down a promising job since it would keep him away from his family.
  • Vegeta and Bulma appear to have an all things considered functional relationship, and when Bulma accidentally sends Goten and Trunks into space, Vegeta decides not to throw a hissy fit over it and simply retrieve them. The fact he is a Henpecked Husband sure helps.
  • Copy-Vegeta, having absorbed Vegeta's personality traits, has a genuine fondness of Trunks and even defies the Commeson when it insists that he absorbs Trunks' powers. It's Downplayed since he still has no problem killing Trunks.
    • In a mix of this and Awesome, in the English dub, Copy-Vegeta is voiced by Brian Drummond. It's not hard to believe that Funimation - and subsequently Chris Sabat, who's directing the voice acting - are throwing a nod to the Ocean dub, which was the first english dub of DBZ before their own came along.
  • The moment Vegeta sees Commeson about to absorb Trunks, despite knowing full well he's intangible and about to blink out of existence, he didn't hesitate to get between that goo and his son.

    Future Trunks Saga 

    Hit Arc 
  • Goku finding the Dragon Balls to wish King Kai back after always forgetting. King Kai is shocked and touched by the gesture.
  • When Goku summons Shenron to finally wish King Kai back to life, Master Roshi, Oolong, 18, Pilaf, Trunks and Goten all come wanting to wish for something themselves, all of which are for their own desires, but when Gohan came in with a sickly Pan and asking for permission to use a wish to cure her illness, everyone agrees to it without a second thought, and are then seen smiling happily seeing Pan back to her playful self.
    • The reason why 18 wants a wish from Shenron? She wants to give Krillin something nice after all he's done for her and Marron. And then there's the way Bulma assures 18 out of this: she imitates Krillin's words by saying that if he could be with her and Marron, that's all he needs. This actually causes 18 to blush, an even-rarer sight than her smile.
  • It's a small thing, but Beerus not actually hurting Present Bulma when he finds out she was making her own time machine (which he promptly destroys with a Badass Fingersnap). It's small, but given how little it takes him to blow up planets, it says a lot that that's all he did.
  • Even with all the funny stuff in Episode 69 that are a natural result of Arale meeting the cast of Dragon Ball, the fact that Goku and Vegeta are actually quite gentle with Arale when they fight her at first before they realise she's capable of going toe-to-toe with them at full strength shows a lot, they even look horrified for a few moments when they think they've accidentally killed her, and when Beerus has one of his lapses in temper, Goku is begging him to just settle on knocking her out.
    • Even when he goes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Goku's battle with Arale was less a sparring match and more of a play fight than anything, as he's outright coaching her and teaching her how to fight him effectively. It's cute to watch.
    • To those familiar with the original Dr. Slump anime, it's nostalgia fuel to see them use the opening theme again.
  • In a meta sense, seeing Beerus interact with Arale, even if was short. Seeing one of Toriyama's modern characters meeting one of his original works is just precious. Especially since Beerus was created during the time when Toriyama was just getting back into the franchise after being hand-offs and indifferent for over a decade.
  • In Episode 70, it's shown that Motive Decay isn't always a bad thing. After his defeat, Champa, just as his team, becomes enamoured with baseball if only to beat Beerus. Vados is happy that her boss discarded his goal of stealing Universe 7 food and started using his energy in more productive areas.
    • The fact that Yamcha of all people dominated the other characters, even winning the game for Universe 7, because of actual skill rather than dumb luck or Rule of Funny. After being stabbed, blown-up, and dumped by the only girlfriend he ever had, it's nice to finally see something go right for him.
    • Oddly enough, Vegeta's unusually antagonist attitude towards Yamcha might count in it's own way. While not stated outright, it seems he might have some feelings of jealousy over Bulma and Yamcha's Amicable Exes relationship. True he didn't handle it in a civil manner, but it does show he cares.
  • Cabba's interactions with Vegeta, while minor to the episode, are really sweet. When it was his turn to play, all what he was thinking was to not disappoint his master Vegeta. Awww.
  • Botamo and Magetta work together to catch a ball after it's thrown over Magetta in an attempt to score since Magetta can't fly. Magetta tosses Botamo up in the air so he can catch the ball. It seems that the two have formed a friendship as a result of Botamo comforting Magetta after his loss to Vegeta back in the Universe 6 arc.
  • Piccolo dispensing some fatherly advice to Gohan, and praising his success.
  • Despite that in Epsiode 71, Hit is out to kill Goku, he takes no personal pleasure in having to kill him. Instead, he tells Goku to turn around and face his own death and says it'll be over relatively painlessly. He shows a momentary gladness in seeing him again, but he makes it abundantly clear that this is just business, and business he'd rather avoid. Hit is even prepared going in to discard his professional pride for Goku's sake, saying that if Goku simply disappears and goes off the grid, he'll report back that he did the job and leave it at that. They both know he won't accept that, but he was compelled to offer it nevertheless. Even after the deed is done, he swears to return to visit Goku's grave once it's been made.
  • There's this example in hindsight: Once Goku realizes that Hit is out to get him, Goku is so on edge that he actually dodges Bulma trying to slap him. The fact that Gohan, Goten, and Bulma are all clearly shocked by this means that whenever he gets smacked around by the peripheral cast it's not just Rule of Funny in play - Goku's family and friends all know that Goku is fully capable of dodging any of the casual hits aimed at him, but doesn't, either because he's usually just that comfortable around them, or that he even lets it happen. Aww...
  • Most of Episode 71 is spent with Goku being highly on edge, tense, and sensitive to people's energies. When he's at home, he eats extremely slow and can sense cockroaches. The only time we see Goku relaxed and enjoying himself is when Gohan invites him for dinner and he's with his extended family and Piccolo. It seems being around a lot of his love ones calmed him down.
  • Goten's Tears of Joy when Goku comes back to life after his fight with Hit. Goku is touched by his son's concern, especially when he offers to fight Hit to avenge his 'death'. Also, before going off to fight Hit, Goku gives Goten a bro fist.
  • After Hit attacks, Piccolo trying (unsuccessfully) to kai-start Goku's heart. Remember when he was the one trying to stop it? Could be also viewed as a deeper call back as King Piccolo (who Piccolo is supposed to be an incarnation of) actually DID stop Goku's heart briefly (Goku got better, but only after the fiend thought him good and dead and had left), and here Piccolo was, in near the same situation, but aiming for the exact opposite in trying to SAVE Goku.
  • Chi-Chi running up and hugging Goku after she's been told about Hit trying to assassinate him.
  • In a strange way, the new friendship between Hit and Goku now. After trying to kill him, under Goku's own wish (long story), and failing to do so but only after an incredible fight between the two Hit seems to have come to truly respect Goku as both an opponent and, though he probably won't ever admit it, as a friend. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, when you see both Hit and Goku laid out after the fight, you can see a small smile on Hit's face.

    Great Saiyaman Arc 
  • Just seeing how well Videl and Gohan work off of each other as a loving family.
    • The Great Saiyaman actor hitting on her and offering her his autograph? She firmly turns him down, and when Gohan says she could have gotten his autograph, she says that she thinks Gohan is way cooler than that super-popular actor.
      • Also counts as a funny moment; little baby Pan pouting when the actor tries to hit on Videl, and smiling when they walk away.
    • Gohan's reason for taking on the movie stunts? Barry Kahn thinks he's doing it for popularity with the ladies. Gohan says he's "somewhat correct." He wants to have something to proudly show his daughter Pan when she's older. Aww.
    • After the stunt he pulls for the movie, Videl is fully supportive of him being the official stuntman because seeing him in the outfit and doing the poses brought back old memories, and even "got [her] heart pounding." That's some true love.
  • Bulma and Gohan chatting on the roof, after she covers for his secret identity to the film crew. She made the Great Saiyaman costume for him in the first place, so it's a nice bonding moment.
  • Mr. Satan also approves of Gohan's participation in the movie, though he also almost reveals Gohan's secret identity to Cocoa (who finds out later anyway), because he wants Gohan to have a taste of the fame that he himself enjoys. While Gohan doesn't want the attention, it's a sweet gesture from the glory hound who once stole Gohan's credit for saving the world.
  • Cocoa's affectionate parting kiss for Gohan after flying her home and helping her practice her dialogue. Even though she asked him to do so because Barry needed damning photos to destroy Gohan's marriage to get Videl running into his arms, and threatened her with her fading career to do so, Gohan's kind and sincere support for her made her change her mind and not cooperate with the paparazzi stalking outside her window. Even then, she could not help but give him one parting kiss of genuine love for him, causing the poor boy to fly off in adorable panic.
  • In order to ruin Gohan's life, Barry sets up Cocoa to kiss him in front of a camera during the night, inviting him over to her home. While Cocoa tries to avoid it by having Gohan stay there until sunrise, Barry himself gets pictures of her giving him a kiss from genuine affection, having come just in case. With both photos of the kiss and revealing Gohan to be the Great Saiyaman, he takes them straight to their home, showing them to Videl in front of Gohan and talking over him when Gohan tries to explain. Videl's response is a show of a true, unbreakable love, and she even personally rips up the photos. It really shows how far she's come since the Buu Saga, going from stereotypical Type A Tsundere into perhaps the most supportive spouse a main character could have in the entire franchise.
    Videl: How pitiful. Did it sting that much to be told I don't need your autograph? Does seeing Gohan stand out sting that badly? You get treated like royalty, but you have no self-confidence. How pitiful.
    Barry: This picture is solid proof that—!
    Videl: Gohan isn't like that. I'm sure there's a reason. If you're done, then leave.
    • Immediately followed up by a heartwarming Moment of Awesome from Gohan when Barry tries to switch rails and threaten with revealing his identity, using a tiny portion of his power —a show of intimidation Gohan usually makes a point of being above— to get the ranting, spoiled actor out of his home and to stop bothering his family.
    Gohan: Please leave, Barry. You'll wake my daughter.
    Barry: Don't order me around, you stuntman!
    Gohan holds onto Barry and rushes forward at hyper-sonic speed, stopping just before the wall. Barry crumples in shock.
    Gohan: (Politely and quietly) I'm asking you to leave.
  • And yet in spite of Barry having conspired to destroy Gohan's marriage and kidnapping Pan to holding her as hostage, he still refuses to kill him when he was possessed by an alien parasite that fed off his evil and made him stronger. Not only is this a testament to how much Gohan respects life, but also speaks volumes of the sadness that haunts his kind-heart. Son Gohan has witnessed the deaths of almost all the Z-Fighters including men he loves as uncles, not to mention the sickening butchery of helpless Namekians by Frieza's men by the tender age of five. Harmful to Minors does not even begin to describe how much this trauma still hurts him to this day. And in his own words:
    Gohan: "I do not wish my little girl to witness such horrid and bloody death; She cannot be made to witness that".
  • A minor one related to the above: when Videl meets up with Cocoa later, she doesn't display even a hint of jealousy or anger over the pictures of her kissing Gohan and is perfectly kind and friendly toward her, knowing that she's a good person who cares about Gohan too.
  • After Barry has knocked Gohan unconscious into orbit, Cocoa wept in grief for him, with Videl calmly looking upwards with Pan in her arms.
    Cocoa: Poor Gohan-kun! He's gone!
    Videl: No, he's still alive.
    Cocoa: How can you be sure he's still alive? Do you have that much faith in him?
    Videl: (Confident smile)That's only part of it; it's also because to our Pan-chan, he is the coolest, most invincible hero ever! So there's no way any he would ever allow himself to be defeated in front of his precious little daughter. It's the same with Pan-chan's Mommy too; I simply cannot allow myself to humiliate her Daddy with tears of fear when he is fighting so bravely for her! (Turns to Pan) Now, Pan-chan, together!
    Videl and Pan: Gohan-Kun!/Daddy! Do Your Best!!
    • And high above the clouds, the voices of their love reaches the unconscious Great Saiyaman, awakening him in shining golden glory to fly back down to Earth and save the day! Could have done without the hilariously dorky victory pose though.... but he wouldn't be Gohan otherwise.
      • And the sweet icing on the cake? Videl waits lovingly for Gohan to land, and the adorable little family is together once more.
    Gohan: I'm so sorry for making you worry, Videl...
    Videl: Not at all! (Angelic smile) Gohan-kun, I love you so much!
    Gohan: I love you too!
    • And that, Ladies and Gentleman, is why Son Videl is the Best Wife in Dragon Ball.
  • Episode 75 are filled with heartwarming moments:
    • Gohan dressing up as Saiyaman to to spar with his dad to help relieve his boredom. They both ended up having a good time before Chi-Chi puts a stop to it.
    • The very fact that Chi-Chi lets Goku train while doing the farm, showing that she's willing to compromise, unlike how she was during the Resurrection 'F' Saga. She's also the one who calls Gohan up to spar with Goku.
    • Seeing Goten on his father's back as he does push-ups, just like Gohan when he was a kid.
    • Goku and Krillin talking about the old days when they trained together under Roshi. Goku even tries to encourage Krillin to get back into martial arts, and enjoys sparring with Krillin despite being many, many times stronger than him.
    • Seeing Baba coming back, even for a minor role, may also count as this.
    • Krillin's motivation to train and become stronger: be stronger for his daughter and a better policeman to protect his colleagues.
    • Marron calling Goku "Uncle" is absolutely adorable.
    • Goku and Krillin returning to Kame House to train with Master Roshi, someone they both easily outclass, simply because he was their teacher. To make it better, Roshi was actually able to help Krillin deal with his issues.
  • Episode 76
    • Android 18 and Marron visit Roshi and Baba so they can watch and support Krillin. Daaaaww.
      • Not to mention the head rub and hug 18 gives him when he comes back to Kame House.
  • The Preview for Episode 77 reveals that Bulma is pregnant with Bra!note 
    • To add to it, Vegeta is staying with her to help with the baby, which is even more heartwarming considering that he's deliberately missing his training to do so. And this is the same guy who, several years ago, got Bulma pregnant with Trunks as a single mother and left her to train, and he didn't even care what would happen to either of them.

    Universe Survival Saga 

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