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    Openings, Endings, and Insert Songs 
  • "Chouzetsu Dynamic". It's an upbeat way to start an episode of Dragon Ball Super, and can even sum up the overall feel of Dragon Ball in and of itself. Then there is its appearance in the series during Goku's Kaio-ken/SSJB power up and subsequent fight with Hit. Theme Music Power-Up at its best.
  • The second outro, "Starring Star", is an incredibly soothing and nostalgic theme that brings nothing but fuzzy feelings from seeing the cast so happy together.
  • The Yoka Yoka Dance, a catchy ending theme that's also a Suspiciously Similar Song to "Walk Like An Egyptian", which itself was used as an ending song for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • With the Universe Survival Tournament Arc in full swing, there is "Limit Break X Survivor", replacing "Chouzetsu Dynamic". It captures the intense hype for the upcoming arc, along with showing off the variety of the competitors involved. The English cover by YouTube artist NateWantsToBattle isn't half bad either, and is the best English cover of a Dragon Ball opening since Kai's 'Dragon Soul' cover by Vic Mignogna.
  • The first appearance of Ultra Instinct Goku boasts "Ultimate Battle", an awesome rock number by, of all people, Akira Kushida! Also, someone did an Oozaru-esque version of the song and it's awesome
  • The 10th ending, "70 cm Shihou no Madobe", an awesome rock number that brings a really nostalgic feeling referencing the whole DB story.

    Episodic Soundtrack (Volume 1) 
  • "Cha-La Head Cha-La (Days of Battle)", an epic orchestral version of the original Dragon Ball Z theme, serves as the pre-title card recap music for most of the series.
  • Even the people who don't care for Super's soundtrack love the score used for the Super Saiyan God ritual, which is actually two songs; Compromise and the appropriately-named Birth of a God. Both songs are epic, majestic, and heart-stirring; especially when the latter reaches the part with the Latin choir and Angelic Soprano, to the degree that both songs have re-appeared during certain major events.note 
  • Super Saiyan God is another favorite; per its title it plays after Goku becomes a Super Saiyan God. It plays again after Goku combines the Kaio-Ken with Super Saiyan Blue.
  • Blue Saiyan, the Super Saiyan Blue's theme that has a Latin choir humming the melody, before a woman hums the rest of the song, is also an epic number.
  • A Break in the Battle, a sweet, soft tone that plays during peaceful moments.
  • Believe in Yourself (String Version), a song where you can feel the characters' struggle and unbreakable determination.
  • For that matter, the original Believe in Yourself isn't half-bad either. While getting less frequent play due to being a lighthearted number, it manages to find its home with Katopesla in the Tournament of Power.
  • Beerus' Madness has gotten a lot of love after it played during Zamasu's execution scene.
  • Golden Freeza's Theme provides a glorious yet ominous backdrop whenever Frieza transforms into his Golden State or has a moment of showcasing his power in said state, such as when he successfully manages to overpower Sidra's Energy of Destruction.
  • The Earth's Fate. The moment this starts to play, you know something bad is going to happen, as it mixes both sadness and ominous despair. Introduced with Beerus' threat to destroy the Earth, it has since become the theme during the Universal Survival Arc when a universe is erased.]
  • Vegeta's Strength plays when Vegeta unleashes his strength against Beerus after he slaps Bulma. This theme also shows up in the Tournament of Power, specifically during troublesome moments, including when Narirama wreaks havoc in the first minutes of the tournament.

    Episodic Soundtrack (Volume 2) 
  • Many of the tracks for the Future Trunks Saga have gotten a lot of love, for example:
    • The Birth of Merged Zamasu, fan-titled "Orchestral Justice", which interestingly enough first played simply as Black's theme without the orchestral prelude; said prelude would debut in Episode 56, befitting its title.
    • Solving the Mysterious Puzzle, a smoother, slower, ambient rendition of the above which plays when Zamasu contemplates mortals and explores with the Time Ring supervised by Gowasu.
    • Heroic Battle, the track used whenever a tense confrontation involving Future Trunks and/or Black occurs, famously called "Desperate Assault" by the fandom.
  • Another one that gets a lot of love is Regret, specifically known as the music that plays when Zamasu recounts when he became Goku Black.
  • The Future Trunks Saga temporarily changes the regular music for the "On the Next Episode" segment at the end to an appropriately ominous track, Fistfight Battle.
  • A Secret Plan with One's Life on the Line (fan-titled "Master and Pupil" and "Saiyan's Pride" before the official title was released) plays at select heroic moments, including when Caulifla and Kale are struggling in a beam showdown against five Pride Trooper members, when Master Roshi uses all of his energy to take Ganos out (which almost cost him his life), when Hit successfully traps Jiren in a time cage and almost takes him out (it didn't work), when Goku becomes Super Saiyan 3 in front of everyone (and this is after his energy got drained), and when Vegeta attempts a full powered Final Flash against Jiren (which knocked him back, but didn't take him out). The theme has a very heroic and heartwarming tune to it, especially when compared to such moments, especially Vegeta's and Master Roshi's.
  • The Power to Resist (simply called "Tag Team Battle" before official release), a track that plays when Hit and Goku take on Dyspo and Kunshi in episode 104 quickly garnered the attention of fans. It briefly played during Goku's battle against Kefla, and then again during the Last Stand showdowns of Goku/Android 17/Android 18 VS Zirlon/Rabanra/Zarbuto and Gohan/Piccolo VS Saonel/Pirina. Awesomely enough, it plays during particular battles between Goku's group and the remainder of Universe 11.
  • Instant-Kill Battle, AKA "when Android 17 decides it's time to get serious." A lesson Vikal and Kakunsa learned the hard way to this awesome tune. We even get to hear it a few times during Goku's battle against Caulifla/Kale and Kefla.
  • A Fearsome Foe (fan-titled "Jiren Humiliates Goku"), a track that plays during very tense parts of the Tournament of Power, is an awesome theme that is commonly associated with Jiren and Kefla. It even plays during particular themes of critical trouble as well, particularly with Frieza, Anilaza, and Toppo. Oddly enough, the first time it played was when Hit was about to eliminate Dyspo the first time around.
  • The awesome Instrumental Type C orchestral version of "Limit Break X Survivor" that plays in episode 109 as Goku is charging the Spirit Bomb against Jiren. It plays several times afterwards as well, including when Goku fires a Kamehameha through a black hole and taking out Universe 2, Gohan/Piccolo's Kamehemeha/Special Beam Cannon combo takes out the remaining Universe 6 Namekians, Vegeta unlocking a state beyond Super Saiyan Blue, and Frieza making a beam cage and Gohan seemingly overtaking Dyspo.
  • The Final Death-Match, which debuted in the last stretch of Ultra Instinct Goku's first match against Jiren, and has played with all reappearances of the form at one point or another. The song is basically an indication that his opponent is going to get their ass kicked by the monster Goku's become. It stands out as being far more different and unique then most of the soundtrack for the series, and it gets its biggest use during the climactic end fight of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren in episode 130.
  • Desperate Plan, widely known as Jiren's theme (though a different track has that title on the album). Goes from a mysterious trance like sound to a more panicked sound befitting a Pride Trooper fighting to save his Universe.
  • Returning from the Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters soundtrack are the following three songs:
    • Trapped Between Past and Present. This soundtrack is sad and emotional to the point where it would drive people who have seen its scenes in both Kai (Vegeta's sacrifice) and Super (the erasure of Universe 6) to tears.
    • The other theme used for Vegeta's sacrifice is used at the very last episode of the series and for Android 17's selfless wish to revive all the erased universes. It gives off a heroic vibe, perfect for both situations.
    • Crisis makes its return during the Tournament as well, most notably during the stalemate between Goku's Spirit Bomb and Jiren.
  • Unknown Territory, the theme that plays when Toppo transforms into a God of Destruction. note  The haunting chant definitely gives viewers the impression of Toppo's intimidating and true power as he powers up to become a real god.
  • The Instrumental Type B version of "Limit Break x Survivor" plays when Goku achieves Ultra Instinct and is about to make his move.
  • Unwinnable Battle, the imposing rock theme that debuted with Frieza's double-cross on Frost but has since become the signature for whenever one of the Pride Troopers, usually Jiren, oppresses weaker opposition while taking their best shot. In short, it's the Hope Crusher theme song of the Tournament of Power.
  • Dream Tag Match is an epic, fast tempo Tournament of Power track that sounds strangely Bruce Faulconer-esque. It is used best in Android 17 and Toppo's frantic cat-and-mouse chase throughout the whole arena.