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The Frieza in the film is actually a clone of Frieza
  • We can rule out the Dragon Balls since there's a rule that someone can't be brought back to life if they've been dead for over a year. Our first glimpse of Frieza in the trailers is him climbing out of a green pool, which could be some of kind of cloning tank you tend to see in Sci-Fi.
    • Jossed. Previews of the manga have shown that the dragonballs do indeed bring him back to life, though given the manner of his death, he's in pieces and needs to be put in that pool to fully be revived.
      • Completely jossed in the film, since much like the manga, he's brought back in pieces at the start. However, they still need to put him in one of those healing tanks.

Frieza will train on a planet with higher gravity.
  • Considering the jump Goku made from Raditz to Vegeta, and King Kai saying that training on his planet would be worth years of training on earth due to the higher gravity, it would make sense for him to make the jump he does by training on a planet with a thousand gs or more.
    • Neither jossed nor confirmed. We don't know how Frieza trained, all we know is that it was fairly intense.

Vegeta will become a Super Saiyan God this movie.
  • Considering his line from the last movie, it's pretty blatant it's going to happen at some point. If there's anyone who deserves the wrath of God Mode Vegeta, it's Freeza.
  • Confirmed. Vegeta is SSJ God in a movie.

Goku and Vegeta will perform the Fusion Dance to become Super Saiyan God Gogeta.
Granted, it'll likely last all of five seconds considering higher forms like Super Saiyan 3 (and the non-canon 4) end up draining the transformation extremely quickly, but still... Rule of Cool.
  • Jossed. Goku fights evenly with Frieza, wearing them both down. Then Sorbet shoots him through the heart, and Vegeta steps in to beat the living shit out of a thoroughly-exhausted Frieza. No fusion required. In fact, they refuse to work together despite Whis recommending it.

Freeza will reveal one more form this movie
The golden one and then one more.
  • Jossed - golden form is the strongest form he has.

King Cold will appear.
In a flashback of course, but unlike most we'll actually see something new. Maybe we'll see a new form of King Cold.
  • Jossed. No flashbacks, but Frieza does mention him in that he warned him to never cross Beerus or Majin Buu.
    • Also, Sorbet considers reviving King Cold, but the Pilaf gang use the last wish before he can revive him.

This is how Frieza trains to take revenge against the Z-Fighters

Frieza's condition in the prequel manga is why wishes can't be granted after a year.
When they resurrect Frieza with the Dragonballs, he's still in pieces and needs to be put in a green pool to regenerate. However, whenever someone is revived they come back in one piece. So what gives? Perhaps this is the reason why you can't revive someone after a year: you can technically bring them back, but they come back with all of their wounds. Shenron just didn't want to mention something that nasty. That, and unlike Frieza Goku wouldn't last long brought back with a massive hole in his chest or still in Cell-blown ashes.
  • Confirmed by word of Shenron. He can restore the soul after a year just fine — the body is another matter altogether. In most cases this would make an actual resurrection impossible, seeing as the person would just die again seconds after coming back. Luckily for Frieza, the PTO's healing pods give a big middle finger to mortal wounds.

Frieza will kill Beerus and become the new God of Destruction.
Several clues pointing to this are discussed in this video. Additionally, a line from Whis in parallel quest #44 of Xenoverse suggests that someone can become the new God of Destruction if Beerus kicks the bucket.

Bra/Bulla will be instrumental in Vegeta becoming a Super Saiyan God
With Pan already born (but still a baby, and thus unable to give her energy to anyone), Bra/Bulla, who Bulma should be pregnant with about this time, will be used to give Vegeta energy to become a Super Saiyan God, along with the other Saiyans.

Where Buu, Trunks and Goten are during the movie.
Buu was supposed to be watching them but he fell asleep. Trunks and Goten messed around a lot and expended so much energy that they ended up falling asleep too, and slept through the entire movie.
  • Jossed. According to the second manga tie-in, Buu entered one of the hibernations he's well known for, and Gohan didn't tell Trunks and Goten about the fight because they're too reckless and bound to do something stupid. He's not wrong.

Concerning the supposed new transformation Vegeta gets in this movie
. There's been a rumor / leak that Vegeta will get a new transformation that goes beyond that of even the Super Saiyan God form, thanks to training under Whis. As for what the form is... It'll be heavily based on the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. While GT may be divisive, Toriyama himself said he liked the design and concept of Super Saiyan 4 at the very least, and considering the luke warm reception the Super Saiyan God form got for not being too different from a Saiyan's base form
  • A: Vegeta's new transformation will be heavily Super Saiyan 4 influenced, or;
  • B: Vegeta's new transformation is his Super Saiyan 4 form, albeit heavily powered up, and may be renamed to be more in line with the Super Saiyan God.
  • Jossed. Vegeta gets SSJ God with a blue hair.

Vegeta becomes the new God of Destruction in the end
Perhaps Beerus will get killed by Frieza, or decide to give Vegeta a large portion of his own power in order to allow Vegeta to stop Frieza. At any rate, in the end, Beerus' title is handed to Vegeta.
  • Jossed. No such thing, but Vegeta is a Super Saiyan God as well.

Toonami will help advertise the movie's theatrical U.S. release
There's one Saturday in the middle of the movie's theatrical U.S. run, so the opportunity's there. They could air Battle of Gods or another Dragon Ball Z movie, or maybe have a Dragon Ball Z Kai marathon.
  • Confirmed. Toonami launched trailers for the release.

Some of Frieza's surviving soldiers stranded on Earth will be a problem in the future
Remember, hundreds of those guys got nonlethally defeated by the Z-Fighters away from Frieza's blast zone. Remember also that his damaged saucer merely sank into the sea. That's a lot of alien goons with a dangerous amount of power in their hands.

Arale has access to Whis and Beerus' world
That's where the poo came from.

Jaco knew about Frieza' resurrection thanks to Tagoma
When Frieza dumped him out of the ship, he's been lucky enough to being rescued by the Galactic Patrol. In gratitude, and since he always had doubt about the whole matter (as the manga adaptation highlights), he warned them about Frieza's return and his plans for Earth. Being the planet under Jaco's jurisdiction (or, more precisely, Jaco being the only one in the Patrol who vaguely cares about it...), he then decided to go to inform his acquaintances he has there.

Frieza forgot how power levels are calculated while he was in Hell
Considering the decade Frieza spent in total isolation save for his adorable torturers, its sensible that by the time of his resurrection, Frieza completely forgot how power levels are supposed to be calculated and pulled the "1.3 Million" number out of his ass. Considering he'd just blown a bunch of his own men to kingdom come, his remaining servants stayed silent on him having a complete Dr. Evil "One Million Dollars" moment for the sake of self-preservation... and possibly quickly recalculated the way power levels are measured to make his claim technically correct.

There are still members of Frieza's empire out there.
Pretty much everyone considered reviving Frieza a bad idea, since while they conquer worlds most consider him a psychopath. The immediate reaction to Frieza's revival for a lot of his army was running as far away from Frieza as possible and hope he never finds them. Frieza would have tried to kill them for desertion, but since Revenge Before Reason is in effect he went straight to training for four months and go to Earth. Those who agreed with Sorbet and decided to stick around were wiped out, and those who knew this would happen/deserted survived. Then there's the already splinter groups that left during Frieza's first time dead, many of him probably decided to try and redeem themselves because Being Evil Sucks for them. Thankfully this remnant of Frieza's forces is even weaker and less of a threat than when they had to resort to the psychopath. Also, some of King Cold's men may still be out there. If another revival plan happens they'll target King Cold instead of Frieza because he's sane and not shown to be a Stupid Evil Bad Boss. His revival will be a grim day and a tough foe to face due to being a No-Nonsense Nemesis, though not nearly as bad as Frieza for the universe as a whole due to being sane. And given Frieza didn't bother reviving him, he can let his son rot.
  • The End of Dragon Ball Super confirm there were still members of the Frieza Forces alive, so confirmed.

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