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Characters / Dragon Ball: Vegeta

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Prince Vegeta the Fourth (ベジータ四世, Bejīta Yonsei)
"I am the prince of all Saiyans once again!"

Voiced by (Japanese): Ryō Horikawa
Voiced by (English): Christopher Sabat, Laura Bailey (young; Kai), Justin Briner (young; Super) (Funimation dub); Brian Drummond, Cathy Weseluck (young; ep. 230 only) (Ocean dub); Roger Rhodes (Blue Water dub); Ed Marcus (Z Movie 7-9), Doug Rand (The Return of Cooler, Bardock - The Father of Goku; adult), Sharon Mann (Bardock - The Father of Goku; young, The History of Trunks) (AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub); Milton James (GT - Final Bout); Raymond Buyco (Creative Products Corp., Philippines); Kaiji Tang (Bang Zoom!/Toonami Asia dub in Super); Muhammad Amaito (The Return of Cooler), Ahmad Khafe (Super Android 13!, some scenes in Bojack Unbound) (Speedy dub)
Voiced by (Latin American Spanish): René García (current voice), Luis Daniel Ramírez (young), Andrés Gutiérrez Coto (Kai), Carlos Díaz (young, Kai), Xóchitl Ugarte (young, DBS: Broly)
Voiced by (Brazilian Portuguese): Alfredo Rollo
Voiced by (French): Eric Legrand
Voiced by (Italian): Gianluca Iacono

"A Saiyan's power IS HIS PRIDE!"

The Prince of All Saiyans. The Super Elite Warrior. The last of the Saiyan royalty, and fourth of his name.

THE Shōnen Rival.

Vegeta started out as a villain who came to Earth to use the Dragon Balls for his own ends. But after that battle and his repeated run-ins with the heroes, he slowly but surely starts to come over to the heroes' side...eventually, it takes him a while, but just because he sits firmly on the heroic side nowadays, don't think that means he's gotten soft. If anything, having people he cares about has made him stronger than ever, and woe betides those who threaten them...

A beloved Breakout Character, Vegeta's popularity and iconic competitiveness with Goku led to him becoming a classical example of The Rival, and by the end of Z and especially Super, the series Deuteragonist.

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