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Moral Event Horizon / Dragon Ball

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For a series known for its idealism, Dragon Ball has some of the cruelest, most brutal actions committed by villains in Shonen.

Dragon Ball
  • Tao Pai Pai crossed it for many when he killed Upa's father, Bora, for no particular reason. He then threatened Upa, saying he should be thankful that he's still alive. There is also the underlying fact that he had no problem taking a contract to kill a twelve years old boy, super-strong or not.
  • Commander Red, when he fully admits using his army to gain the Dragon Balls so he can wish to be taller. The fact that his pettiness led to the deaths of not only his men, but countless of innocents who were just caught in the crossfire had many people cheering when Officer Black put a bullet in his head. There is also the extra bitterness of knowing that his actions are what leads to Dr. Gero actions in Dragon Ball Z, and taken Up to Eleven when the Bad Future his actions caused resulted in Future Bulma trying to fix the past and resulting in Zamasu's actions in Dragon Ball Super.
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  • Officer Black goes too far after he decides to destroy the entire Red Ribbon Army base just so he can kill Goku. There were still many soldiers left on the base and this comes after he gets on Red for needlessly throwing away lives.
  • The Crane Hermit becomes completely irredeemable after he tries to murder his own students because they refused to kill an opponent who couldn't fight back.
  • For some, the Pilaf gang freeing Demon King Piccolo from the rice cooker he was imprisoned in just so they can share in his conquest. Before that they had never done anything especially bad (except try to kill Goku and friends and they were laughably incompetent at doing so anyway). The one mitigating factor is that they didn't seem to be aware just how bad Piccolo truly was, and become increasingly uncomfortable around him as they see it first-hand.
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  • While we're on the subject of King Piccolo, it's impossible to know exactly when he crossed the line. His first rampage led to the deaths of millions of humans, including Master Roshi's teacher, and corrupted the Crane Hermit. As soon as he is released, he sends Tambourine to murder all the martial artists in the world so no one can use the Evil Containment Wave on him again. He directly murders Chiaotzu and destroys Shenron so the Dragon Balls can't be used against him. He then takes over the world, frees all the prisoners, and abolished all laws so he can watch humanity tear itself apart. Even with all of that, he plans to have a lottery for thirty-six years where he will destroy one section of Earth.
  • King Piccolo's son, Tambourine, crosses it when he kills Krillin and brags about it to Goku. He then goes on to murder at least fifty martial artists, including a scene in the anime where he murders King Chappa and all his students in cold-blood.

Dragon Ball Z

  • Frieza has at least three candidates:
    • Given that he is a Galactic Conqueror, Frieza has already crossed the line by being the head of the Frieza Force, an organization that wipes out all the sentient being from planets, then sells the planets to the highest bidder.
    • He destroys Planet Vegeta and the entire Saiyan population, who were nothing but loyal to him, all because he's scared shitless of a Super Saiyan arising and overthrowing him.
    • He also kills everyone in the Namekian village even after finding out where the Dragon Ball is and kills Nail, Dende, Vegeta, and Krillin in very brutal fashions, planning to do the same thing to Son Gohan and Goku as well. At that moment, Frieza became utterly unforgivable in Goku's eyes. This act brings about the rise of the first Super Saiyan in more than a thousand years, the very thing Frieza feared and murdered the Saiyans for.
  • Frieza's Co-Dragon, Dodoria, crosses it when he kills Dende's brother, Cargo, in cold-blood. For some, he crosses it when he snaps Elder Moori's neck after he handed over the Dragon Ball.
  • In the filler of the Cell saga, Garlic Jr. crossed it when he transforms every living being from Earth into bloodthirsty vampires.
  • Cell does nasty things like absorbing innocent people, slowly absorbing Android 18, destroying populated islands, and having his clones beat up the Z fighters while looking cool, but he truly crosses it once he smashes Android 16's head, earning the beatdown he deserved from Gohan. To clarify, previously, any killings he had done and would do would be easily rendered moot with the Dragon Balls and all his actions were to achieve his objective or simple harmless fun. He then kills Android 16 for good, just to anger Gohan. The fact that Android 16 was never revived in a series where Death Is Cheap, only cements this. If that wasn't enough, after he murders Trunks, he mocks Gohan about Goku's death, saying he died for nothing and only made him stronger. He then mockingly thanks Goku.
    • He also crosses it In-Universe. Despite Cell being a monster who drank 600,000 innocent people, murdered thousands on his quest for perfection, killed an alternative version of Future Trunks, and nearly killed Piccolo, Gohan is still unwilling to kill him and begs Cell to repent for his crimes. It's not until Cell crushes 16's head underfoot that he crosses the line with Gohan.
  • Cell's creator, Dr. Gero. Not only did he make a monster like Cell who drank other people to get stronger, but he kidnapped Androids 17 and 18 and forcibly made them cyborgs. He also set them up to be absorbed by Cell. And it's his petty grudge against Goku that destroyed at least two timelines, ruined Trunks' life, and nearly blew up the solar system in the main timeline.
  • It's hard to pinpoint where Babidi crossed the line. Is it where he brutally murders his enslaved servants Spopovich and Yamu, who surpassed his expectations? Is it when he allows Buu to eat Dabura, who was nothing but loyal to him? Or maybe it's when he gleefully laughs as Buu eats entire cities. Pick one.
  • Spopovich crossed it with his brutal beatdown of Videl in the World Martial Arts Tournament. He beat her close to death, to the point where she was screaming and crying, all because he lost to her father in the previous tournament. Even his partner Yamu is sickened, and forces him to stop.
  • It's hard to tell exactly where Van Zant, the ax-crazy gunman from the Buu Saga, crossed this line. Could it be when he decided that since "everyone's gonna die soon anyway", he's going to satisfy his sociopathic impulses by going around and randomly killing people with his arsenal of guns? Perhaps when he on-screen snipes a harmless old lady in the head right in front of her husband, and then has his lackey shoot the husband too? Or when we later see them going on a killing spree through a major city, killing at least 40 people? Or perhaps when he comes across the recently Heel–Face Turn-ed Majin Buu playing with his new puppy, and shoots the puppy right in front of Buu? Or then, when he shoots Mr. Satan - Buu's first and only friend - leading to Buu ejecting his evil half, which consumes him and becomes the above-mentioned Super Buu?
  • Super Buu going on his genocidal Human Extinction Attack in which he destroys every last human on Earth, with some minor Kick the Dog moments by turning Chichi into an egg to smash it and turning the remaining cast into chocolate to devour them.
    • Like Frieza and Cell before him, Super Buu also crosses it In-Universe. Gotenks didn't take Buu seriously, despite him killing 80% of the planet during his rampage. Even as the more ruthless Super Buu, who crushed Goten's mom after transforming her into an egg, wasn't enough to make Gotenks be serious. It's not until Buu ate everyone on the Lookout, including Trunks' mom, that Gotenks became righteously pissed and swear to kill Buu for everything he has done.
  • Kid Buu tops this by destroying the Earth, killing almost everyone except for Goku, Mr. Satan, Dende, and Bee. He then nearly destroys the Afterlife, which would erase everyone he already killed.

Dragon Ball Super

  • Tagoma crossed it when he killed Shisami so that he could also kill Gohan. While Sorbet was disgusted by this, this makes Frieza proud of him.
  • In Episode 34, it's revealed that Frost crossed this a long time ago. He's a planet broker Space Pirate who provoke wars to end them, and have an image as a savior. Once he ends the wars he starts, he buys the ruined planet to fixed them and sells them at a high price. To add further insult, he helps take care of the children of the parents he indirectly murders, uses the noble Saiyans to further his cause, and mocks Piccolo and the others for not seeing through his true nature. He's so bad that Champa wants to kill Frost right there.
  • After spending most of his screen time in Super acting like more of a childish jerk then an evil bastard, Champa officially crossed the line for some fans in Episode 40. Not only does he admit multiple times that he doesn't care about his team and that they are just pawns in his Sibling Rivalry he decides to murder his team after Hit throws his match for falling to win the tournament and for dragging his name in the mud.
  • No matter which incarnations of Zamasu are there, every single one of them cross the line at some point with their "Zero Mortals Plan" but each version specifically crosses the line as mentioned:
    • For Present Zamasu, he not only does it when he is about to murder his master but also when Goku tells him what his future counterparts had done, his reaction is simply joy at what his future selves had done.
    • Future Zamasu already tethers on the edge when he joins his Alternate Timeline counterpart completely ignoring that this guy killed his master but bragging about how his counterpart murdered Goku and his family is definitely his all-time low considering that there is absolutely no reason for him to do that other than showing what a cruel sadistic bastard he is.
    • Continuing the MEH from Present Zamasu, his incarnation who became Goku Black crosses the line even more when his first act upon stealing his body is to immediately teleport and kill not only Goku but also Chi Chi and Goten. Considering that he quickly fled into Future Trunks timeline afterwards, he didn't even need to do that, he just did it out of spite for the man who beat him in a sparring match. When Goku learned this fact, he immediately flips out in rage and considered both him and Future Zamasu truly unforgivable, one of the very few times when Goku became outright angry.
    • As bad as all these present actions were, Merged!Zamasu (a fusion from Goku Black and Future Zamasu managed to one-up them. How? When Future Trunks defeats him and splits his body in two, he's become through sheer hate a terrifying multiverse-spanning Eldritch Abomination, who proceeds to merge with the mutiverse, kill everyone except heroes and Zen'O, and threatens to merge with another timeline. It's so bad that Zen'O himself has to destroy Zamasu and the whole timeline to stop his evil.
      • The manga version of Merged Zamasu crosses it instead either when after fighting Completed Super Saiyan Blue Goku to a stalemate, he decides to blow up an entire galaxy out of sheer frustration or perhaps even earlier when he uses Mai as a Human Shield to prevent him from getting disintegrated by Goku's "Hakai" technique. Thankfully, Zamasu managed to defuse before this happened although it turns out to be for the worse.
  • Despite his limited screentime, Quitela crosses it with his plan to sabotage both Universe 7 and Universe 9 by lying to Sidra about Universe 7 planning to take down his universe first in the upcoming tournament so that he would have Frieza dealt with before the tournament and so that Universe 9 would be the one to take the fall if Zen'o happened to get word of it. Effectively killing two birds (or universes in this case) with one stone.
  • Mojito crossed it with his reaction to his universe getting erased. Instead of being shocked or even just blase about it as an amoral angel, he gives a ghastly smirk and makes a comment that essentially says "Oh well...". If anything, he seems happy that his universe was erased since he doesn't have to deal with Sidra and Roh's incompetence anymore, nevermind the countless innocents who were erased from existence.
  • Napapa and Mechiōpu cross this when they needlessly and sadistically torture Kale until she loses consciousness. Caulifia later gives them a well deserved beatdown.
  • Maji-Kayo crosses it when he tries to cut off Dyspo's ears for fun during the Tournament of Power, all with a sadistic smile.


  • Future 17 and 18. For many, they became completely irredeemable after they murdered Gohan by shooting him to death, while he's screaming in agony.
  • In The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans OVA, Goku & Gohan seem to consider the genocide of the Tuffles as this for most of the Saiyans at the time.
  • Paragus either crossed it when he forced a mind-controlled Broly to destroy the South Galaxy, or when he tried to abandon his own son to die.
  • Broly himself crossed it when he tried to kill an unconscious Gohan just to torment Goku.
  • If you take the events of the first Broly movie as true, then most fans feel that King Vegeta crossed it when he ordered Broly's death for no other reason then fear.
  • In a desperate attempt to catch Gohan off guard, Bojack casually sacrifices Zangya, who was nothing but loyal to him.

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