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Memes / Fist of the North Star

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  • Hokuto Hyakuretsu-ken/“AH-TATATATATA! Explanation 
  • As the page image says:
    • "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru"Explanation 
    • The other use of NANI?: Screamed by the bad guys before exploding.
  • HIDEBU!!! Explanation 
    • It's even funnier when he actually uses "Owatta (which translates as I'm finished!)" as his defeat line in his cameo appearance in Urusei Yatsura, which he is beaten by Kotetsu-Neko.
  • A clip where Hyui dispatches a Mook while yelling EEEEAAAAUUUUUAAAAHHHH has been remixed and such several times.
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  • The face a mook makes in one scene has become the template for the SHOOP DA WHOOP meme.
  • The scene with Kenshiro destroying the tank happens to be extremely popular, and is often used to describe the series in a nutshell, despite it coming from an filler episode.
  • Obutsu wa Shoudoku Da!Explanation  Souther's flamethrower-wielding mook and the line he spouts has been the subject of many parodies, usually in relation to "filth" being cleansed ranging from garbage to people. It also a Running Gag where flame weapons are available in the game for Japanese players to say the phrase.
  • Jackal's "Nanto Bakusatsu Ken" style, Ken's skeptical response about "calling throwing dynamite around a martial art", and Jackal's response ("Hey, as long as it works") have been the subject of a number of edits or faceswaps in regards to characters who use explosives.
    • Which has created the snowclone "You call X a Martial art?" "Hey as long as it works."
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  • YOU WA SHOCK!Explanation 
  • Fans joked that listening to Ai wo Torimodose would turn anyone into a manly person, which includes animals like a kitten into a tiger, or even inanimate objects like a lighter into a powerful flame thrower.
  • Kenshiro Hiding in a Haystack Explanation 
  • DVD COLLECTIONExplanation 

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