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Recap / Dragon Ball Z Abridged M 3

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An evil being named Lord Slug has come to Earth, seeking the Dragon Balls so he can restore his lost youth. Only Goku and his friends can stop the evil king before his demons can overrun the planet- Wait, haven't we done this before...?


  • Big "WHAT?!": After tearing off his ears so he can't hear Gohan's whistling, Piccolo does this a few times.
  • Eat the Dog: Gohan's dragon Icarus is cooked by Chichi for dinner.
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  • Heroic Second Wind: After being beaten to a pulp by Slug, Goku powers up and turns the tables after being told by King Kai that he was "The Champion of Christmas".
  • High-Five Left Hanging: After Piccolo dishes out a Curb-Stomp Battle on Doradabo, (Lord Slug's Brute) Doradabo tries to instead befriend Piccolo and offers a high five. Piccolo briefly acts like he's going for it and then turns it into a finishing blow that kills Doradabo.
    Doradabo: Look, all right. I know we both said some things, but I bet if we just talk to each other a little, we can become friends. Whattaya say, high five? [extends arm slightly]
    Piccolo: [also extends hand slightly, but high up and beyond Doradabo's reach] Down low.
    Doradabo: [confused] Uh...
    Piccolo: Too slow. [Does an energy blast to Doradabo's face]
  • Motivational Lie: Goku convinces himself based on the state of Earth that it's currently the Christmas season, and that Slug's invasion is targeting Christmas itself just like Turles's crew. King Kai is about to correct him, but suddenly stops himself and plays along when he realizes Goku will fight better with that motivation.
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  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: Slugs elite minions are a bundle of cliche villain archetypes, as Piccolo notices immediately.
  • Recycled Plot: Lampshaded. Lord Slug is constantly mistakenly called King Piccolo by his minions, and even Shenron and Goku start to see the similarities.
  • Saving Christmas: Parodied; Goku thinks he's doing this trope when he sees the snow caused by Slug's freezing of the planet, and is very disappointed when it turns out to not be the case.
  • Shout-Out: Upon killing Lord Slug, Goku in a very monotone voice declares "Now I must go. My planet needs me." Followed by an animation frame sliding off the screen into the air.
  • Skewed Priorities: One of Slug's attacks lands Goku in Iguana Street, implied to be a ghetto of some kind. Goku cares more about potentially getting mugged and being Mistaken for Racist than about the superpowered green alien presently trying to murder him.
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  • Super Mode: The movie's infamous 'false Super Saiyan' confuses King Kai, who can only describe it as being "like some kind of... Super... Saiya-man". It doesn't get any more explanation than that besides an implied association with Christmas.
  • Voice of the Legion: 'Christmas Savior' Goku speaks with this. It's as sudden and jarring as his powerup itself.

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