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  • Geoff expressing his disappointment that the game doesn't allow "naughty" words.
    Geoff: Doesn't like Boner Patrol with a zero either... lemme try one more time.
    Geoff: So, the only one that I had that made it through was Steve. Doctor Butthole, The Fart and Gobble Boners didn't make it.
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  • Ray trying to get Gavin to kill himself.
    Ray: You could rocket jump in this game. Just aim down and shoot, and you'll go really high.
  • After Michael screwed himself over, it was Ray's turn. He jumps over the mine, and he took damage from the shockwave. And then his turn finishes.
  • Michael deciding to name his team "Slow Mo Guy". Everyone's laughter made that moment.
  • Ray naming his worms after porn stars.
    • Geoff also addresses it in the most Geoff way possible. "Finish off Team Jizz."
  • "Lumpy Gash? They allowed that?"
  • Gavin having a Freak Out!.
    Gavin: Here comes Guffpap - UUUAAAAAAAGH!!! (shoots himself with his own rocket launcher)
  • "Shut up, Gump."
  • Michael realizing too late that his plan wasn't good.
    Michael: "Well, that's bad..."
  • After wasting too much time, Gavin starts panicking. He decides to launch himself straight at Geoff, Kamikaze-style... only to blow up six meters away from Geoff.
    Gavin: Damn it! What was that!?
    Ray: You are the worst Worms player of all time.
    Geoff: I almost shit my pants there.
    Michael: Dude, you are fuckin' dumb.
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  • Michael's worm wrapping a headband over his head, jumping up, flexing his fist... and hitting the air, with a large puff of blue energy exploding right in front of Gavin.
    Ray: Sweet Hadouken there, Ryu.
  • Michael freaking out after a mine exploding.
  • Gavin taking a jab at Michael for screwing up a jump.
    Gavin: Well done, Michael.
    Michael: Shut the fuck up, Gavin!
  • Ray missing all five missiles against Geoff and Gavin in an air strike, who were only two meters away from each other.
  • "What you need to do, is fuck off."
  • Gavin grappled onto the top of a statue and planted a dynamite against Ray. He was swinging back and forth so fast that, so once he released the dynamite, he rocketed into the water, eliminating himself from the game.
  • Ray fired a homing missile against Geoff. The only problem was that, by the time it reached Geoff, it somehow hit a car window.
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  • Michael making sense of Gavin's gibberish in Worms Part 2.
    Gavin: There's actually one person from Drippy Spaff who's a member of Munge Bimp.
    Michael: ... shut up. Shut the fuck up, Gavin.
  • "Wha - Johnboy? What?"
  • Gavin used Kamikaze to kill Faffy Waffle, but when he used it, it killed two of his own worms.
    Ray: You just killed two of your worms.
    Michael: Oh, you killed your own guy, you moron!?
    Ray: You're so fucking dumb.
    Gavin: I messed up!
  • Minutes later, Gavin tried explaining that blunder.
    Gavin: I tried to jump over Biff and I Biffed him.
    Ray and Michael: What?
  • When Michael used the jetpack, he went too high up, so he flipped over while he was in the air.
    Michael: Okay, I'm not... exactly sure what happened there.
    Ray: Well, you're closer, at least.
  • When one of the banana bombs accidentally flew onto the hand of a snowman, Ray yelled out "I'm playing catch with Frosty!"
  • Michael teleported to Ray's last worm, forgetting that teleporting costs you a turn. Once he materialized in front of Ray, he couldn't get a turn, giving Ray the chance to kill him.
  • Michael and Ray are down to their last worms. Michael shoots Ray at point-blank range... only for Ray to survive by one health point.
    Michael: NOOOO! NOOOOO! Are you kidding me?! HOW!?!? HOW?!?
  • Michael expressing disappointment that his team name didn't make the cut. Only this time, he actually says what it is.
    Ray: What did you make it?
    Michael: Erectal Rockets.
  • Between the four Worms games in their Let's Plays, Gavin got ten kills. He also killed nine of his twelve worms with no help.
  • Michael naming his characters, word for word, Faffy Waffle, Dung Bingo, Peef Rimgar and Farfigschiter.
    Michael: I channeled my inner Gavin, I dunno.
  • Burnie drops in at the best time possible: while the lads are rattling off a bunch of their worm names.
    Burnie: Are you guys speaking English?
  • Michael having a Freak Out! over one of his worms getting hit.
    Michael: Dude, he got Farfigfucked!
  • Ray making fun of Gavin's worm names. "Tim Limp and 'Bemp? Do you go home and write down stupid names?"
    • Another time. "Fuckin'... Wormy Worm is the name you chose?"
  • Gavin freaking out and throwing a bunch of banana bombs on Michael. When they blew up, Gavin jumped onto the mine, which blew up and sent him on top of Michael, who finished him off.
  • Ray poking fun of Gavin being a General Failure.
    Ray: In all honesty, do I need to worry about Slebnote , or is Sleb gonna take care of Sleb?
    • Not too long after: "You told me, how are you gonna deal with Sleb? Sleb's gonna deal with himself; I told you!"
    • Explaining: At this point, Gavin, Michael, and Ray each have one worm leftnote , and it's Gavin's turn. Gavin decides to jetpack over to Ray, drop an explosive on him, and fly over to Michael so he can kill him too. However, after placing the dynamite, Gavin hovers a bit too long... and his fuel runs out above the water. The dynamite knocks Ray into the water and Michael, whose sole worm has 5 health points (out of 100), wins.
      Gavin: All right, I've gotta be... I've gotta be smart. I've g... okay, this... I know exactly what I'm gonna do.
      Ray: Let's see, Sleb has 33, you have 5, I have 63, but I'm at the edge.
      Gavin: This is gonna be the Move of Kingdoms.
      Ray: He's gonna try to kill both of us.
      Michael: He's gonna try and... grenade me, and just fly over to you, and somehow kill himself, and he's gonna give you the game.
      Gavin: (flies over to Ray) All right, tease it, tease it, tease it... (drops the dynamite)
      Ray: Oh, this might be the end for Kilburn.
      Gavin: OHHHHH, GET OUT! OH NO!!! (his jet fuel runs out) BOLLOCKS!!! (hits the wall and falls in the water)
      Michael: YES!! YES!! Tell me you just won me the game, Gavin!
      Ray: You might have just... (the dynamite blows Kilburn into the water)
      Everyone: OHHHHHH!!!!!!
      Michael: Dung Bingooooooo!!!
  • The end of part two, where Ray very suddenly comes to a realization about a meeting, which we get... zero context on.
    Ray: Gavin's still terribl—... We missed the butts meeting again.
    Michael: [screaming] FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCKING BUTTS! That's THREE WEEKS IN A ROW we've missed the butts meeting!
    Ray: [defeated] Let's Play's over.
    • Apparently it had to do with a meeting that was scheduled between Ray, Michael, Gavin, and Kerry talking about butts.
  • Gavin naming his Worms Armageddon team "Vibrating Munt". This time, the worms are called Nog Bedge, Fudd Dunker, Dump Gubbler, and Rectus Erectus.
  • Gavin, after some complication with using the rope, fell next to Mac, one of Geoff's worms. He chose to prod him off from the mountain edge. Did not work.
  • Michael named four of his worms Hans Job, Wet Brown Sauce, Massive Dump and Moe Torboat.
  • Grundel Guys was the name Ray chose for his team. He even gave them sailor hats, but the game wouldn't allow it.
  • Gavin tried to make up for that Mac debacle, so he used a rope to get on a farm house. Except, he was stopped by one of the other guys worms. Once he dislodged himself, he fell on top of a mine.
  • Geoff tried to punch Gavin with a blue energy fist.
    Gavin: Nice magic show, genius.
  • Gavin dropped dynamite near Geoff and Ray. Except, Gavin couldn't get out. Gavin didn't take it well. We'll try to express what he said.
    Gavin: (tried to get out) HUUUUUGGGH! DUUUUUUHHHH-OOOH!!! (realized he couldn't) H'AWWWWWWWW!!!
  • After noticing he has only one worm left, Gavin expresses his dismay in the only way he could.
  • Ray throwing a banana bomb on Geoff, but somehow managing to damage himself. In fact, he lost more health than Geoff's two worms who were caught in the crossfire.
  • Gavin had one worm left, so he took Ray's advice to use a jetpack and plant a bomb between two enemy worms. Only problem was that, as soon as he brought it out, a grenade fell out. Panicked, he canceled the jetpack... and couldn't escape because of it. You could see him only three inches above the ground the entire time he had it on, too.
    Gavin: OOOOOOHHHH! Why would on Earth would I-? OH MY GOD!! (grenade explodes)
    Geoff: (as insult to injury) You did two damage to me.
  • Geoff used a homing missile, betting that it would've hit Gavin. As it went into the air, it turned around... and hit a building. He somehow lost three points of health after that.
  • "Gav In Da USA Team shouldn't have bothered. Oh, that's nice."
  • And of course, the times and trials of the mine that refused to blow up.
  • At the beginning of the second round of Worms Armageddon, Michael noticed something... odd.
    Michael: Oh, WHAT THE FUCK!? Ice - mmmmm, I'm gonna be Yellow? Look at Yellow.
    Gavin: All of your worms are-.
    Ray: Wow, you're fucked from the start.
    Michael: COME OOOOON!!
    • Subverted: Michael wins.
  • "You might be able to finesse a grenade through that." Double points for Ray saying it.
  • Geoff had two of his worms toward the edge of the map, on different sides. Both were killed by his opponents, before Geoff even had his first turn.
    Geoff (after the first one was targeted): "This is bullshit. Goddammit. This fuckin' nonsense right here."
    Ray: Oh, hey, Mac. What's up. Just hanging' out over the edge. (goes after the second worm).
    Geoff: COME OOOON!! What the fuck?
  • After that disaster, it was Geoffs turn. His third worm was right between two of Gavin's worms. With a mine right next to him. So he just runs into the mine.
    Geoff: Fuckin' nonsense (bangs on the table).
    Michael: Geoff is not pleased.
    Gavin: Geoff's got half his team down!
  • Ray had two of his worms, named Unpleasant and Immoral, on a ledge. Gavin takes notice.
    Gavin: The safest place to be is that terrible Dennis ledge.
  • "Nooo, not Rectus Erectus!"
  • Gavin used jetpack to plant a grenade on Mister Love (a Ray worm). Lost all his fuel and ended up killing himself.
    Gavin: "Buh, BUUUUHHH, buh-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh. Okay, gotta tease this in. Buh-bu... (loses fuel and falls on the mine) OOOOOOOOOHHHH, GAWWWWD!!"
  • "Not Fudd Dunker! Don't dunk my Fudd!"
  • Gavin threw a grenade from a ledge onto Michael. The grenade rolled past Michaels three worms and fell into the water.
  • Gavin had one worm left, named Nog Bedge, so he hid on a ledge behind a giant bush and propped up a turret. Ray's response?
    Ray: "Are you gonna camp in Worms too?"
  • "Heads up, Massive Dump!"
  • After Geoff swatted Ray with a baseball bat. "He just gave you a damn-good spanking!"
  • Gavin tried to get Nog Bedge out of the bush, so he used a rope. With Gavin being Gavin, he pulled himself up and down from the new cliff down near the bush. He landed on a ledge near the cliff and he jumped backwards, before falling down right back down to the ledge. He jumped in the air, fired a rope and flung himself... back to the ledge, leaving himself wide open for attack.
  • After Gavin successfully killed Michael's worm, without damaging himself, Geoff and Ray weigh in on it.
    Geoff: That was a spectacular accident.
    Ray: So was my birth.
  • Ray: "I dunno. It's gonna take me somewhere random. Right next to a mine?! Really?"
  • Charlie, Geoffs last worm, was up next for (what turned out to be) the final turn. Geoff used a blow torch to evaporate the soil in front of him, leading straight towards Ray (who was next to a mine). He used the blow torch to push Ray out of the cliff and onto the water. On the other hand, as Geoff moved forward, the blow torch set off the mine. Not only that, just like Gavin beforehand, Geoff gave Michael the victory.
  • The final round of Worms 2: Armageddon, which they decide to play drunk.
  • Gavin naming one of his worms Urethra Xtreme
  • Geoff was the first to go for the seventh round overall. He slipped and fell onto a tree. And his turn was up. We are not kidding.
    • Conversely, Ray's second turn has him initiating a map-wide set of Disaster Dominoes onto all three of the others while remaining completely unscathed.
  • Ray naming his team Randy Newman, Randall Newman, Nandy Rewman and Mark Nutt.
    Michael: Nandy Rewman? You just got lazy.
  • Gavin confusing baseball and golf. "What do you say in baseball? FORE!"
  • Geoff busted out a rocket launcher, propped up a homing missile and aimed for Ray. As he shot himself in the face.
  • "I battered you into next week. Next weeks Let's Play, you'll be in it, even though we're not playing Worms."
  • Sometimes, even Gavin has issues with his names. For reference, he was talking about Blenge Squeltch.
    Gavin: As long as Bidge Spleff or, what was it? Not Bidge Spleff. Blumpy Bimp?
  • "You blew off Mark's nut!"
  • Ray landing on a mine without even noticing there was a mine until he was right on top of it, in a very Gavinesque move.
  • Gavin using a Ninja Rope on a cliff. He kept pulling himself up on the exact spot that the grapple landed on.
    Michael: Yeah! Fuck that... grass.
  • "It's the Girder of Dreams. You've gotta eat some cheese to get through that one!"
  • Ray was running out of time, so he just fired a bazooka, which damaged himself.
  • Gavin using a rope to grapple on a cliff, in order to lower down the edge of a mountain below. He started off on the right of the mountain, just over Randy Newman. Except, he doesn't decide to kill Ray. No, he twisted himself all the way to the left, with the rope still stuck on the cliff. He let go of the rope, brought up a new one and plopped a grenade near Randall Newman. Once he pulled himself up, Gavin flung himself directly onto a mine. At least he killed Randall Newman.
  • Michael jetpacked over a two-foot gap and dropped a mine on his cliff. And that was his turn. I am dead serious.
    Gavin: That was like using a jetpack to cross a road!
  • The very end of Worms 2 Part 2: Michael and Ray are the only ones left, and it's Sudden Death, so each worm has only one health point. Michael uses an as-yet-unused lightning weapon on Ray's last worm... and it heals 30 points of health. Ray then fires a homing missile, and the splash damage takes out Michael's worm.
    • The conversation leading up to that, how hard Michael tempted fate, and especially his reaction is spectacular.
      (Michael summons a thunderstorm)
      Ray: Oh, is that the thunder thing?
      Geoff: Oh, what was that?
      Gavin: What the— What the hell? (The thunderstorm strikes Ray's worm with lightning.)
      Geoff: Thunderstorm...?
      Gavin: He got struck by lightning.
      Michael: He got struck by lightning. He better have died. (Ray's Worm gains 30 health points.) IT FUCKING HEALED HIM?!!
  • Worms: Revolution contains a number of moments also:
    • Gavin going back to his old ways by jumping off a cliff into the water.
    • At the very start of game 2, Michael has a worm near the water at the bottom. He tries walking up the hill to knock a nearby worm off... and walks directly into a mine, which blasts him into the water.
      • Later, he does it again, only this worm doesn't die.
    • The very end of the game is Michael vs Geoff, each with one worm left with low health. Geoff fires a homing missile at Michael's worm... too bad Geoff didn't see the speck of land directly in front of him.
      Michael: GEOFF, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?!
      Geoff: WHAT HAPPENED??? (which he repeats several times)
      Ray: You're so stupid!
      Ray: You hit the terrain that was like this big.
      Gavin: Foiled by a pixel!
  • Worms: Revolution Part 2:
    • Ray throws a sheep completely off the map and into the water.
    Ray: All right. Oh, sheepie. Turn around, sheepie. Sheepie, all right. Turn around, okay. Man, you are thirsty. All right, sheepie, all right.
    (Gav and Michael die laughing)
    • The ending: Michael and Gavin each have one worm left, and the two worms are very close, separated by a steel girder Gavin put up on his previous turn. Gavin tries to kamikaze Michael's worm, but dies on the girder, giving Michael the W.
    Gavin: (has just blown up on the girder, Michael is laughing his face off) Aw! I didn't go anywhere!
    Ray: You, uh...
    Michael: You fuckin' killed yourself! (cue confused Angrish from Gav) You kamikazed, you idiot! You literally killed yourself! How can you win the game when you're dead?
    Gavin: Don't you shoot forwards like this when you do that?
    Ray: You do, but you hit the girder you set be-
    Gavin: Don't you go through girders?
    Michael: Apparently not, Gavin, apparently not.
    Ray: You go through, uh, you go through landscape, I'm not sure about girders.
    Gavin: AWWWWWWW, I just... built a wall and then headbutted it to death!
  • Part 3:
    • Michael unleashing a grenade, but it started rolling the way he'd intended to flee, and the explosion caused such a shockwave that four worms fell in the same hole.
    • Gavin trying to get Murphy out of that ditch, which consists of getting stuck on the edge with his jetpack, almost falling down to the water thrice and ultimately failing to get over the cliff.
      • And then Gavin losing his mind and screaming at Michael regarding Murphy's lost name.
    • Gavin accidentally throwing himself off the cliff and unleashing a sheep in the air, which blew up immediately and flung him 30 feet to the ground
  • Ultimate Mayhem:
    • Gavin uses a jetpack to try to get on top of a high pillar to snipe enemy worms. After flailing about in the air and barely managing to land safely on top of the narrow space, Gavin takes out the sniper rifle and realizes that he doesn't know how to use the scope. Panicking, Gavin starts mashing buttons to figure it out before time runs out. He successfully pulls out the scope for a brief moment... but his frantic mashing caused him to hit to jump button, making him leap off the pillar to his death.
    • Gavin was down to one worm left and Jack used a grenade that made a small puddle. Gavin goes to Jack so he can retaliate... and he drowns in the pool.
    • Immediately after, Michael lost one of his worms to flooding. His Freak Out! and lack of understanding on what happened is priceless.
  • Ultimate Mayhem Part 2:
    • Jack, realizing his worm is on its last legs due to poison, decides to take out Gavin's last worm before it dies.
      Jack: Bobby, you and me are going out together. [pulls out a bazooka at point-blank range]
      Michael: Oh my god. Holy shit
      Gavin: No! No!
      Jack: You and me Bobby! This is it! Ahhhhhhhhh! [fires, blasting himself backwards off the platform to land next to Geoff's worm that has 1 HP]
      Geoff: [hysteric laughter cuts off] No! No! No! No!
    • Gavin and Geoff are down to one worm each. Gavin starts his turn by opening the menu to get the grappling hook and, on closing it, immediately walks off a ledge and takes fall damage, ending the turn and putting his worm out in the open to be annihilated.
  • Worms Revolution Part 4:
    • This is Ryan's first appearance in a Worms Let's Play (apart from that VS episode), so he starts off with pretty simple worm names: Lust, Greed, Sloth and Terry.
      • Hilariously, Ryan says that Terry is the most evil one. This was the last worm standing, ladies and gentlemen.
    • Gavin's worm names are Smear Aroma, Spudge Funker, Mongy Gorp and Throby Quelch. Yeah, Gavinese strikes again.
    • Michael's worm names are even better. He calls it "Team Spoiler". They are: Albus Loves Dudes, Donnie Darko Dies, Rosebud Is A Sled and Neo Is The One.
    • Gavin loses very early in the game due to repeatedly flinging his worms off of cliffs in the middle of maneuvers. Then, to Michael's bewilderment, Ryan also jumps to his death. Just as he's questioning what is wrong with everyone, Michael does the exact same thing.
      Gavin: "Alright, this is what I'm gonna do." (immediately jumps into the ocean and drowns) "AHH!!" (cue massive fit of laughter)
  • Worms Revolution Episode 5:
    • The entire episode might as well be a display of some of the worst Worm playing in history. Every turn is just one Epic Fail after another.
    • From the very start, Michael and Gavin are right next to each other, at the edge of a cliff opposing Ryan's worm Sloth. The two attempt to work together, which results in Michael blowing himself up more than Sloth, Gavin swinging around recklessly until he takes damage and Ryan sending another worm down to immediately kill both of them. Even then, Ryan was not immune to the Idiot Ball and he still managed to do some damage to himself in the process.
    • Jack bunkers one of his worms down for safety rather than try to pass the mines on either side of him. Michael pays him a visit by setting off one of them without taking damage, moving right up to the entrance of his little hole and dropping a grenade on his face.
    • Gavin needs a checklist to himself for this one.
      Gavin: We've been tryin' to be on the same team and all we've done is wipe each other out!
      • With his final worm, Gavin, near a ledge, runs low on time so drops a Grenade right next to Ryan and, attempting to get away, jumps to the ledge side of the grenade - ensuring that his worm goes sailing into the ocean after the explosion. The blast tosses Ryan's worm back onto the ledge and it survives.
      Michael: (Gavin's worm drops drops down to where Ryan's is.) Well, goodbye, Gavin.
      Ryan: Five, four, three, two, one... (Gavin's worm drops a grenade) Well...? (The grenade blows Gavin's worm off the ledge and Ryan's back to the surface. Everyone bursts into laughter)
      Michael: You fucking idiot! You dumb motherfucker!!
      Jack: And he survived!
      Michael: How did you do that?! How did you do that...?
    • Michael does a Gavin when trying to take out one of Jack's worms.
      Michael: I tried to blast you off; I got blasted!
    • On Ryan's suggestion, Jack launches a rocket through a pool to blow out the bottom - the objective being to drain the pool onto one of Michael's worms and possibly push it into the Ocean. The plan works perfectly... except for Jack's other worm at the bottom of the hill.
    • Once Jack and Ryan are the only two players left, a title card appears, explaining that the two spent the next fifteen minutes failing to kill a single worm. The footage is still shown.. sped up to 1600x.
  • Worms Revolution Episode 6:
    • Gavin walking his last worm off a ledge at the end of the first game - to the surprise of no one.
      • What really sells it is Geoff's hilariously distinct laugh, even by his standards. Also, there's Ray, who was completely unamused.
      Gavin: (as he prepares to attack Geoff's worm) Hmmmmm.... there's Chocolate Fudgenote ... (Gavin's worm moves a short distance) Let's see... (Gavin's worm moves again and slithers off the edge, everyone else busts out laughing)
      Geoff: HAHAHAHAH!
      Geoff: WOHOHOHO!!
      Ray: Why? Why would you move?
      Michael: He's standing at the door! He's standing at the door like the end of fucking Blair Witch Project!
    • Gavin drops a dynamite on the head of one of Ray's worms near the start of the second round. The resulting double explosion causes Ray's worm to flip in the air and land on top of his attacker. Made even better by the commentary -
    Ray: Plank's coming back for you, bitch. You ain't going nowhere.
    • A few turns later, Gavin is controlling his worm on the edge of the map, and tries to jump onto a small ledge with a mine on it without setting off the mine. After Geoff baits him by assuring him he can make the jump, it ends predictably, with Gavin down a worm.
    • During the second round, Michael tries to throw a cluster grenade at one of Geoff's worms just below him. He fails to take into account the wind, tossing it completely across the battlefield and dealing three digit damage to one of Gavin's worms as a result of the fiery chain reaction, along with another of Geoff's.
    • Near the end of the second game, Michael is the only one left with multiple worms, one of which is on the same ledge as Geoff's. Geoff sends a sheep at Michael's worm, but fails to detonate it; instead, it bounces off the wall behind Michael's worm and heads right back towards Geoff's. Instead of eliminating himself from the game, Geoff has no choice but to watch the sheep leap off the ledge into the water.
    • Geoff manages to get another turn after Michael supersheeps Ray, and tries to throw a Holy Hand Grenade at Michael's worm. It bounces off the worm and rolls back toward Geoff's, sending him into the water and winning the game for Michael.
  • Worms Battlegrounds: with a new game comes new fails.
    • Geoff unwittingly using his first move to kamikaze into Ray's. His first move, with a worm that had full health, and used it to commit suicide without even killing Ray's worm. Everyone else burst into laughs and declared him the second Gavin for it.
    • Surprisingly, Gavin is fairly competent at the start of the game. Then he discovers the mortar, and attempts to fire two from the top of the map. However, in an attempt to "account for the wind", he fires them both straight up. Ah, Gav... note 
    • Later, he discovers the "Bovine Blitz" weapon and decides to use it, without knowing how it works.note  He lets the helicopter fly nearly off the screen before dropping a single cow, missing every worm.
    • With one worm that has 16 health, Geoff tries to lower himself to the bottom of the map, but gets stuck on a pixel of land and is shot down by Michael's turret gun. He lives, making it all the way to...
    • The end of the game: Ray has two worms against Geoff's one in sudden death, where the water rises between each turn. One of Ray's worms is at the top of the map, with Geoff's on a rapidly shrinking ledge below him. Ray climbs through a tunnel and tries to parachute onto the small ledge, but the wind blows him into the water.
  • Part 2 of Worms Battlegrounds:
    • Michael's worms are all food puns based on characters from Dragon Ball - whose names are, ironically, food puns themselves. Ryan catches on, while Gavin and Geoff don't, and for a while Michael and Ryan keep referring to Michael's team as "the Snackans".
      • And on Michael's first turn, he attempts to do a bank-shot with his grenade throw - only for the bank to be too shallow, hitting a mine into one of his own worms lower down, blowing it into the water.
    • Gavin misreads "Souls" as "Squis".
    • This conversation is worth a chuckle due to the timing:
    Ryan: (referring to Souls) It's what you put on the bottom of your shoe.
    Gavin: What, souls?
    Ryan: (seeing his worm Peanut Butter get hit) No, Peanut Butter!
  • Part 3 of Worms Battlegrounds:
    • Michael names his worms after his own IMDb credits, with "Cocktail Partier" censored due to the Scunthorpe Problem.
    • Gavin uses a Water Jetpack to drop a Holy Hand Grenade on one of Geoff's worms, only for the water to wash it out of the blast radius. To add insult to stupidity, Gavin is so distracted that he ends up rocketing his worm off the stage. This left him with only one worm with one point of health.
    • Michael climbs up a scenery object to get a better angle, only for the object to start rolling. Despite his panic, he actually manages to stay on top of it, log-roll style for a while, and recovers in time to get two kills, but his frantic behavior the whole turn is hilarious.
    • Geoff, in attempting to use the jetpack for the first time, accidentally jumps on a mine. He manages to walk away from it before it explodes, but at the last second he takes a step back towards it (thinking it was a dud) and into the blast radius. The mine took off exactly how much health the worm had.
    • Gavin, on his next turn after the above incident, flies around the map, collecting 100 health and killing one of Michael's worms with the water jets. It looks like a fairly productive turn, until he gets greedy and tries to set up another kill with a jetpack and banana bomb: he accidentally throws the banana instead of activating the jetpack, which hits a wall and lands right in his face, killing his last remaining worm.
  • Worms Battlegrounds Part 4:
    • Only one thing really needs to be said to give you an idea of how this went: Gavin chose the weapon loadouts.
    • The second round essentially consists of everybody gathering health for their worms while drowning everybody else's to prepare for armageddon, since Gavin gave them virtually no offensive weapons. Once Armageddon finally unlocks the map is wiped out in seconds.
      • When it comes his turn to use Armageddon, Ray flies over to Michael and Gavin to try and take them out with him. He misses.
    Ray: Team Lads Armageddon!
    • In Part 2, Ryan tries to fly his last worm to the largest piece of land left after the first few Armageddons but keeps getting stuck on small pieces of leftover terrain, eventually running out of water and drowning.
  • Worms Battlegrounds Part 6 starts off with Gavin doing well, while the others... well, act like Gavin.
  • Worms Battlegrounds Part 7:
    • Geoff's first turn has him take so long to realize it's his turn that he panics and fails to do anything. His second turn has him jump off a cliff.
    • The match does not go well for Michael, and down to his last worm he decides to air-drop some cows. He only drops one, right on top of himself.
    • Gavin freaks out when he realizes the game spawned one of his worms in a hole. Said worm ends up winning the match for Gavin.
    • The second-to-last turn deserves mention, as Gavin uses a jetpack and flies with reckless abandon, dropping a banana-bomb along the way. Said bomb manages to blow Geoff's remaining worm, with 167 health, into the water. Everyone wondered how the hell he did that.
  • Worms Battlegrounds Part 8:
    • At the start of the game, there's a mysterious water splash. After Ryan bunts Gavin's first worm off, Michael realizes he's missing a Worm. They rewind the tape and find out that Michael's missing worm spawned over the water and fell in.
    • Gavin revives one of his worms and Jeremy immediately tries to re-kill it:
    Jeremy: You fucking stay dead!
    Gavin: I've literally just been born! Jeremy, why?
    Jeremy: You stay dead! Back to Hell with you!
    • Gavin kills Jeremy and Michael's last worms with a Banana Bomb, but kills his own one remaining worm in the process and hands the victory to Ryan, who had one of his worms hiding in a tunnel on the other side of the map.
    Michael: Ryan wins by doing nothing at all!
  • Worms Battlegrounds Part 9:
    • During Gavin's first turn, he immediately moves his worm onto a mine.
    • Michael's plan for dealing with everyone? Whoopsie Cushions!
    • Partway through the first game, they get a notification letting them know that "BrownMan" had signed on. The four are shocked by it and ask who that was.
    • Gavin discovers a crate containing the Armageddon weapon, which Michael says was deactivated from the normal choices. He immediately proceeds to use it and bring everyone down to one Worm each.
    • It's ultimately down to Gavin and Jeremy in the first game. Jeremy decides to pull a Taking You with Me by landing beside Gavin's last Worm and dropping the Banana Bomb. To their total amusement, having all of the bombs beside them causes an explosion so powerful, it launches their Worms into orbit.
  • Let's Play - Worms W.M.D. 3
    • Everyone's odd names for their worms:
      • Lindsay named hers after Skylanders characters.
      • Michael named his after supposed names for his and Lindsay's baby girl. Two stand out names are "Gavina" and "Pubert"
      • Jack pretended to name his after Donald Duck even though they were clearly named after Donald Trump references.
      • Jeremy named his after various diseases and snack foods.
      • Ryan named his using the phrase "I am the terror that flaps in the night!"
      • Gavin's are the usual gibberish.
    • It's Lindsay's first video since Geoff's sabbatical and she has no idea how to play. Most of her attacks are suicidally close range with high explosive weapons. The rest of the crew dub her the Wild Card and start to consider her incredibly dangerous because of her not letting self-preservation get in the way. One of her last moves of the game has her try to throw a grenade only to hit the speck of land in front of her, causing the grenade to bounce onto a ledge in the upper-left corner and stay there without bouncing.
    Michael: Lindsay is the soldier we need on the battlefield.
    Jack: She's the Drunken Master!
    Michael: She's, like, dropping grenades into enemy tanks by accident, just like "Oops!"
    • The gang makes fun of the fact that Jeremy misspelled "leukemia", spelling it "luchemia" (pronounced by Ryan as "Lucha-mia")
    • When Gavin is complaining about the game's censoring of one of his bizarre worm names, the others bring up that it sounds like he's having a stroke.
  • RouLetsPlay - Worms Battlegrounds
    • Michael named his after *NSYNC, nicknaming one of them "Joey and Friend" because he couldn't fit Chris in.
    • Jeremy names his worms after Disney movies, like Tiger Emperor and Rain Black.
    • Geoff's team is named Dumbhaus, after Funhaus. The guys unanimously declare Elyse the best one. He also tried to name one Adolf, but it got censored instead.
    • It's Ryan's turn for gibberish by giving his worms the names Sliden M'gap, Hole Plunder, Clunder of Chow, and Shad Nutter.
    • Michael tries to drop a cluster grenade and damages himself.
    • Ryan aims a homing missile at Jeremy, but time runs out and he nearly drowns his worm.
    • Geoff tries to throw an old woman at the other worms, but picks up health instead.
    • Ryan manages to drop a bomb that damages himself and Jeremy.
  • Let's Play - Worms WMD: Meet The Garbos
  • Woah! We're Half Way There - Worms WMD (#7)
    • The title of the Let's Play comes from Jack's team, which is based on homophones of the title of the Bon Jovi song "Livin' On A Prayer", including "Lizard on a Chair", "Pigeon on a Stair", "Putin on a Bear" and "Ryan's in the Air".
    • Jeremy's team is called Prickelodeon (or it would be if the game hadn't censored it) and all his worms are named after Nick shows like Pissed Otters, Carpet Gerbils, Yo Aaron and Urchin Steve.
    • Early on, Gavin has one each of Jeremy's and Ryan's worms in a hole almost directly beneath his current worm (Cold Bovril) and gets out a Holy Hand Grenade. "Remember what these do?" He instantly muddles up all his buttons, jumps off the cliff instead of throwing it and then drops it under his own worm.
    • One of Gavin's worms spawns in a hidden tunnel, and Jack later parks a mech in the entrance pipe (which is vertical, and the mech won't fit through the hole). A little later, Jeremy comes along, and hijacks the mech - which drops Jack's worm out, straight down the pipe and into view of the sentry gun that Gavin just placed.
  • Michael Gets Cancelled - Worms WMD (#8)
    • Alfredo named his worms after various sauces: mustard, ketchup, ranch, etc. This immediately prompts an argument over whether they're actually sauces or just condiments.
    • Michael, whose worms are named after TV shows that were cancelled in the first half of 2018, gets hit with a Humiliation Conga. His first worm gets knocked off the map almost immediately. His other three worms are all clustered together, out of reach of everybody else except one of Ryan's worms, who he spends his next three turns killing. Ryan promptly enacts glorious vengeance, eventually leaving Michael with just one worm. As Michael works out what he's going to do, he and he alone gets kicked from Xbox Live, hence the episode title.
    • Gavin also has problems. One early play sees him jump off the edge of the map... but despite mashing the buttons on his controller his parachute fails to open and he splashes straight into the water.
  • A Fistful of Fries - RouLet'sPlay - Worms Battlegrounds
    • This time Jeremy's team is called Shartoon Wetwork, and his team is comprised of Buffluff Bints, Stevie Encore, Jim, Jimm and Jimmy and Melve Twelve. (He says he was going to name it Kevin Eleven... but that's actually a real character in the show.)
    • One of Gavin's worms is drowning, and he decides to swap to it in order to save it. However, he uses a Teleswap instead, putting a different worm in the drink and the first on a very precarious slope.
    • The winner is Ryan, but not by much, after which they revealed that this was the second time they played it and they lost the footage of the first time, but he won that time too.
    • As part of showing Fiona all of their popular classic games to get a sense of history, this game is next and it's not short on laughs.
    • For names, we got Jeremy's lawyer-friendly DC Comics superheroes, Gavin goes with his collection of strange names and Fiona has Spongebob Squarepants characters.
    • Not even two minutes into the Let's Play, we have Gavin's "Ayne Us" attempting to bomb Fiona's "Squidlliam". He gets stuck on the branch due to his Ninja Rope and by the time he escapes, it blows up, causing him to flying bodycheck "Spongeboob" into the water.
    • During Fiona's first turn, she's given directions by Jeremy, but warns that Ryan likes to screw around with the controls. Instead of having Fiona's first worm, Patrick, take a shotgun and jump over Squidlliam, he proceeds to shoot him in the face.
    • Near the end, Gavin comes up with an ingenious strategy to get in the boat and get away from everyone while the stage is being flooded. Clever in theory, however, not only was no one was gonna let him have that satisfaction, he didn't get far enough to be safe, leading to Matt flying in with a jetpack and simply dropping an explosive on the boat, destroying it and Gavin in the process.
      • Even funnier, as shown in the next episode THE BATTLE OF WINTERFELL Gavin's plan was doomed to fail,as he tried replicating that same strategy there, and the stage would only let him go so far, meaning he was always gonna be a sitting duck for easy hit like air strikes or someone simply dropping off bombs by jetpacks.
    • It comes down to Matt, Jeremy and Geoff, each with a single worm. After Geoff opts to hide inside a building, protecting himself with a small girder, Jeremy decides to shoot Matts' last worm with one of the stationary guns. Unfortunately, the shot had enough force that it bounced Matt's worm off the wall and into Jeremy's, causing both worms to plummet into the water and drown, giving Geoff the win.
  • IT'S ALL BUSTED - Worms Battlegrounds - Worms MAYhem
    • As they're starting, the players (Gavin, Michael, Lindsay and Matt) regale the audience with the amount of hoops they had to jump through just to get the video started, including unplugged cables, having to record in a different room, and Lindsay managing to delete Michael's team. Then the round starts... and Gavin and Michael's worms are the same color. Cue Technical Difficulties.
      • And then when that's sorted, it turns out that Gavin's worms are being controlled by Michael's controller... while signed in to Matt's Xbox account.
    • Also before starting, Gavin made the claim that Worms Battlegrounds was his favorite Worms game. This comes back to bite him.
      *Gavin attempts a rope maneuver which completely fails and drops his worm into the sea*
      Gavin: So in WMD, when you drop, you can spin around. In this one, when you drop, YOU FALL LIKE AN ARSEHOLE, INTO THE SEA!
      Michael: I think you forgot everything about this game.
      Gavin: I did!
      Lindsay and Matt: *almost simultaneously* It's his favorite!
  • It's Kribby, from Printendo!- Worms WMD
    • Multiple times the turrets lift worms into the air and send them flying.

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