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    Let's Play Minecraft — 2018 episodes (293-344) 
  • Episode 293 - Sky Factory Part 33
    • A minor example: Through out the previous video, Lindsay had trouble using things because she wasn't OPed, but because she didn't know this was a thing, she had to keep asking Michael for help, who failed to realize the problem, and proceeded to call her stupid for the entire video. A minute into this one, Jeremy instantly realizes what's going on, and asks Ryan to OP Lindsay.
    • Simple Farmer Geoff continues to make frightened noises whenever he uses his jetpack or passes through the "devil hole" teleporter.
    • Ryan hollows out the giant redwood and hides the dragons he's secretly stolen (and made everything else think died/respawned) inside.
      • As Ryan is discussing the "deaths" of the dragons with Michael, who was upset over their ghost dragon's death, Ryan is placing said dragon in the tree.
    • Geoff creates a Lucky Egg Machine and proceeds to spend the next few minutes emitting quiet noises of excitement and glee.
      • He proceeds to place it in the middle of the crafting area and keeps talking it up. He figures this way people can just go to his machine and (maybe) get what they need without bothering his chickens.
    • Jeremy's Altar of Suffering nears completion, after which he plans to trap something in it for power. Gavin is quick to note he didn't exclude the rest of the team until prompted.
      • He finally turns it on... and nearly murders Booker. Ultimately he carries through with his earlier idea of trapping a shopkeeper with the portable market, replacing the stall each time it dies.
      Jeremy: I understand this looks kind of sinister.
    • "Geoff, what do your Smart Chickens make?" "Uh, I don't know. They make like two dollars an hour more."
    • Geoff gets a Conductive Iron egg and places it in a nest to hatch when Jeremy accidentally takes it. He tries to put it back only to pull a Simple Geoff and hurl it at the nest... where it hatches to his infinite relief.
    • Ryan and Gavin go to farm some Ender Dragons for his project. At the last minute as he's spawning the dragon, Ryan tries to warn an oblivious Gavin to get off the crystal column. Gavin fails to get off and is blown up, with the spawn of new material on the column destroying all of his gear except a crafting-table-on-a-stick.
    • Michael experiments with his new bow at the Gaia summoning platform, creating loud explosions while he talks about how many chickens he's killing. Geoff can hear all of this and is understandably concerned.
  • Episode 294 - Sky Factory Part 34
    • Throughout the episode the Hunters and the editors riff on the fact that, on top of her being sick, something is wrong with Lindsay's microphone that makes it sound like she's in a bin.
    • Ryan made a dragon shop. It's called Ryan's Premium Unpurloined Dragons.
      • He even made a mini-scavenger hunt for Michael to find them. It doesn't work, as it directs him to the Nether; Michael promptly goes through the portal and glitches out, so Ryan has to hint that there's another way into the Nether. That still doesn't work, as Michael does the logical thing and continues forward through the mobs rather than looking behind him. Then he's directed to the redwood, which still doesn't work.
      • After Ryan warned Jeremy to not go into the back room, as "dark things" happen there, Jeremy promptly goes in. It's a room full of dragon egg spawners.
      • Ryan defends his actions because of Jack not making him a dragon, to which Jack indignantly responds that he was going to make them for everyone, to which Ryan retorts that he saved him the trouble.
    • Everyone gets their dragons back and lets them run rampant in the chicken farm, to Geoff's displeasure.
      • How displeased is Geoff? Not only does he make a new signnote , but by the end of the episode, he is in the process of rooming off his farm.
    • Jeremy's got his Well of Suffering complete, so everybody is horrified by the cage of eternally suffering mobs he's built atop the altar.
      Jack: (horrified) So, basically, this is Hell.
      Jeremy: This is Hell. They will suffer for eternity.
      Jack: (talking over Jeremy) You literally made Hell.
    • Gavin makes a Decocraft bench, and starts littering the area outside Jeremy's altar with various objects, including a rubik's cube, a xylophone, and a grand piano. Then he makes an engagement ring, and gives it to Michael... but Ryan accidentally picks it up.
      Gavin: I accidentally proposed to Ryan!
  • Episode 295 - Text-to-Speech
    • The Lads, Lindsay and Ryan are testing out the new cross-platform version of Minecraft. They're delighted to discover that it has a text-to-speech function for all chat messages, and even more delighted when they work out that the swearword censor isn't very good.Example 
      • At one point they challenge themselves to be silent for a solid minute, communicating only with the text-to-speech.
      Gavin: That might be the quietest an Achievement Hunter video has ever been.
      Jeremy: And yet at the same time the loudest.
      <BMVagabond>: our silence speaks shittty volumes
      • At a point during this period, Ryan asks "Flynt?" because of something said in-chat and Gavin instinctively types "coal" in the middle of saying he's building a house, resulting in "i'm going to go build coal".
      • A chunk of Gavin's initial text-to-speech is some of the lyrics to The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Lindsay is impressed that he knows it from memory.
      • During the silence, we have this gem:
      <LLTUGGJ>: can you see a banana humping the house through the window
      <BMVagabond>: [closes the text box and looks around] no.
    • Lindsay has to leave for an audition, but leaves the guys a parting gift: Half of Dwight's speech running in the text-to-speech.
    • Early in the episode, they mention that the only redeeming feature of Moon Base Alpha was the text-to-speech. At the end of the episode, the guys start abusing the text-to-speech in the exact same way by just spamming letters and cutting audio.
      <MJones>: i hate you all
      <GavinoFree>: kill me
  • Episode 296 - Sky Factory Part 35
    • The whole episode is dedicated to the in-game marriage of Michael and Gavin. However, since Ryan has possession of the ring, he has to marry Gavin instead. To get out of it, he tries casting the ring into the slag furnace.
      • Ryan tries to find any way to at least delay the impending nuptials by suggesting a cake testing. At that exact moment, Gavin was calling him over to look at their three-tiered wedding cake. Ryan's stunned and then immediately disappointed that its not them on top.
    • Gavin asks if anyone's ordained.
      Jeremy: I was, but a blood experiment went horribly wrong and I'm now Geoff.note 
      • Then Gavin asks if somebody wants to message Gus, who actually is ordained in real life... and he turns up! They need a presence for him in the game though, and Gavin decides on a miniature of R2-D2 that he makes with Decocraft.
    • During the actual ceremony, Michael and Gavin attempt to exchange the rings. However, when they throw the rings to each other, they immediately get pulled to Ryan due to his Ring of Magnetism.
      Michael: Will you just let us be fucking happy?!
      ** There's another special guest aside from Gus:
      Gus2-D2: Does anyone object to-
      Lindsay: I do, object!
      Everyone: Various yells of "Oh!"
      Gus2-D2: There's an objection!
      Lindsay: Nah, it's cool. Polygamy!
    • The ceremony takes place on the Jermey's blood altar simply because it qualifies as an altar. Gavin starts decorating it with wedding appropriate (sort of) items from deco craft making it lose some of its menace. Jeremy complains that it was once a place people were sacrificed.
    • Once again, there are monsters all over the chicken farm because Geoff was building his wall and neglected to put torches down. Jeremy fixes this...
      • ...but then stops partway through building a chicken statue to attend the wedding, creating what amounts to a monster spawner in the middle of the farm. Thankfully the only casualty is the example chicken Jeremy was using.
      • At the very end of the episode, Jeremy decides to leave a welcome back gift for Geoff: All of the dragons inside his walled-off farm.
    • Gavin builds a literal shithouse, complete with toilet, urinal, sink, and bath. Jeremy promptly tries to burn it down and Ryan gets blamed.
      Ryan: Did you make a shit[ty] house?
      Jeremy: Well... yeah, you're more right than you know.
  • Episode 297 - Sky Factory Part 36:
    • Geoff is back and is now equipped with a full set of draconic armour that Jeremy was using last episode. He immediately dies in the void and requires help from Ryan to get it back.
      • He starts the episode deliberately not looking at the farm because he's afraid to see what mayhem has been wrought. The dragons aggravate him, the skeleton he finds enrages him, and the chicken statue makes him suspicious. Jeremy's track record makes it hard for Geoff to believe he genuinely did something nice.
    • Geoff abandons his dragon-infested farm to start a new life elsewhere. He flies off into the void, puts down an Angel Block, and immediately panics because he can't find a single black block floating in the sky at night. Ryan has to rescue him.
      • Michael notes that he is now a Simple Nomad.
      • Geoff is dismayed to find out that Ryan set himself a teleport point to Geoffs' new area while rescuing him, but then quickly decides to use this as an opportunity to have Ryan deliver him supplies he needs to live. They note that Ryan's gone from being Google to being Amazon.
    • Jeremy spends the entire episode lost in the Shadow Realm, i.e., reinstalling the game after his computer crashed the previous week.
    • Jack comments on Geoff's poor "fatherless chickens". Ryan launches into a parody of "Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors, while Jack provides backing vocals.
    • The newly married couple start building their own marital house, with debates over whether to decocraft a baby or not. Things get heated towards the end which isn't helped when Lindsay starts playing house breaker, both figuratively and literally.
    • Lindsay decides to get rid of Geoff's backlog of unneeded eggs by building a glass tube that drops the hatchlings onto a diamond spike. She gifts the newly christened "baby murderer" to Ryan - he approves.
  • Episode 298 - Sky Factory Part 37:
    • Geoff leaves his new home to return for Millicent the chicken and gets lost on the way back.
    • Geoff eventually starts talking to Chicken Millie.
      Michael: Oh man... This may have taken a sad turn.
    • Jeremy momentarily forgets that he can make trees grow faster by humping them. The other mock him for forgetting how to hump, and Jeremy accidentally activates Sticky Keys while humping his apple trees.
    • Ryan sets the Lad Den as a teleport destination and calls it "The Fuck Hole".
    • Jeremy flies his dragon (which he's named Blood Drop) over to Geoff's new home. Geoff freaks out.
      Geoff: I didn't order that!
  • Episode 299 - Sky Factory Part 38:
    • Gavin's footage vanished. Just as well, because he spends most of the episode continuing to go nuts with Decocraft.
    • Everyone's puzzled as to why Gavin's solar panels are completely empty and no longer generating any power. Turns out that they built the Lad Den directly above said solar panels and blocked all their incoming light. Gavin describes it as reaching the end of his first character arc (i.e. the quest for solar power) and immediately ruining it with the next one.
      • Their reaction is even funnier, as Gavin, Jeremy and Ryan all realize it in the same moment, and Ryan is so outraged he can't even find the words.
        Gavin: *looking up* Ohhhh.
        Ryan: *looks up* Did you—
        Gavin: *laughing*
        Jeremy: Oh, Gav, you idiot!
        Ryan: Did you fuckers build—
        Jeremy: You built the Lad Pad over the solar panels!
        Michael: Ohhh.
        Gavin: We eclipsed the solar panels!
    • Ryan gets upgraded from being Amazon to being an amalgamation of Amazon, Uber, and Lyft.
    • Geoff proudly shows off the stepladder he built to reach high places. Ryan points out that he can fly.
    • Jack puts a chance cube in the middle of the Lad Den as a "gift" and encourages Gavin to open it. It contains TNT that promptly detonates, blowing a decent-sized hole in the wall.
      • For bonus points, it was TNT surrounded by diamonds; it was literally Nice Dynamite.
    • To troll both Gavin and Jack, Jeremy veinmines the clay out from underneath one of Jack's chance cube domes. He promptly drops his AIOT into the void. He makes a new one, does some more veinmining, and instantly drops it again.
    • Jack spends a good portion of the episode putting torches in the village he spawned via giant chance cube. Ryan manages to spawn two additional villages on top of it, erasing all of Jack's torches.
      • For added hilarity, when Ryan spawns the first of his two, it causes everyone's framerates to drop immensely... apart from Geoff, who spends the whole time groaning and humping a tree. As Jack points out afterwards, he was trying to grow a redwood sapling, which won't grow from a single space.
    • Since the next episode is episode 300, and the proper version of Achievement City is still broken, Geoff, Gavin, Trevor and Matt have a meeting scheduled to work out what they can do with it. Gavin moans that if he knew that building Achievement City would eventually lead to a meeting about it, he'd never have done it in the first place.
    • Geoff tells a story about how Millie's closet was flooded for two days before she told him about it.
      Geoff: You didn't tell me 'til now?!
      Millie: Well, I wasn't sure if I did it or not.
  • Episode 300 - Sky King Ryan:
    • Geoff spends the entire episode putting signs on walls, the throne, other players' towers, etc. At one point Jeremy wins a gold block and almost places it in the wrong spot because Geoff messed around with their signs.
    • One challenge is a giant redwood tree that everyone must climb. They start to complain about how dark it is at the base of the tree. Ryan, who has Night Vision due to his Draconic armour, doesn't see the problem.
      • Gavin says he's amazed that no one set the tree on fire while they were climbing. Ryan thinks it's an excellent suggestion and starts some fires. The first one being right under Gavin.
    • One of the challenges is to break chance cubes until a mooshroom spawns. It looks like something straight out of an acid trip, with rainbows, flying slimes, silverfish on top of endermites on top of more silverfish, and cats and dogs falling from the heavens to name a few, all while mellow music is playing in the background.
    • After the gang goes through the portal to the throne room and Ryan has them put away their inventory, Gavin promptly divorces Michael by throwing away his ring.
  • Episode 301 - Sky Factory Part 40:
    • Apparently there was an argument over whether Sky King Ryan counted as being part 39 of Sky Factory.
    • Early on, Ryan and Jack are talking about the Fusion Crafter, and someone makes a Fusion Dance joke - while the editors put graphics up of Trevor and a jar of alfredo sauce fusing to form Alfredo.
  • Episode 302 - Sky Factory Finale (Part 41):
    • While Jeremy does some hand cranking, there's suddenly an explosion. Gavin was trying to shoot him with the death ray but ended up shooting with the lens of destruction instead.
      • He later attempts to get Lindsay to shoot her own donut stand with the lens of destruction, but this fails because Lindsay keeps getting distracted.
    • The ending. After some teething issues, the draconic reactor is up and running. Then Gavin snipes the injector out from underneath it. In the ensuing chaos Jeremy breaks one of the stabilizers causing a meltdown and a three minute timer. Everybody flies into a panic; Ryan and Jeremy desperately trying to fix it, while Jack and Michael go to try and save the dragons; all while Geoff keeps asking and getting no answer to the question as to why everybody's shouting. Then... the Earth-Shattering Kaboom.
      Geoff: You know what, Chicken Millie? I got a good feeling about this place. I think we've finally found a new *Killed Midsentence*
    • For extra funny, this reaction to one of the completely out of context to Geoff things said
      Jack: I'm saying goodbye to my world.
    • The game itself informs the Hunters that they should run when the reactor starts to overload.
  • Episode 303 - Ya Dead, Ya Dead (Part 1)
    • The premise of this new Minecraft series? Nine Achievement Hunters in a new world, playing Hardcore Survival mode. Anyone that dies is Killed Off for Real. Half the hilarity, of course, comes from the sheer panic when someone's hearts get low, and this applies to every episode.
    • Gavin defines starvation as "You run out of tummy."
    • Several minutes in, Lindsay places a tree sapling and, apparently out of muscle memory from Sky Factory, begins humping it to make it grow, even though that's not going to do anything anymore.
    • The first casualty, to nobody's particular surprise, is Lindsay, who is caught by a zombie while looking at their inventory and is promptly pummeled to death.
      • Michael takes it upon himself to honor their fallen comrade with a tombstone sign by Lindsay's Tree of Life, which gets renamed to the Tree of Life & Death. At the end of the episode, claiming to have received the request in a seance, he renames it again to the Tree of Wife.
    • Jack finds an Enderman while caving. When it's suggested he kill it, his response is simply "Fuck that!"
    • Jeremy's in the caves mining, when he comes across Gavin doing the same thing. He immediately huffs and starts laughing because his apparent instinct is to angrily huff.
    • This is Alfredo's first time playing Minecraft and so he's using the default Steve skin. When asked what skin he thinks he'll use when he chooses one, Alfredo suggests something 'sleek', and then is asked if maybe he might go with a guy wearing a tuxedo, to which Alfredo seems honestly interested.
    • This exchange when Michael remarks how he expected someone to die in the first twenty minutes:
    Jack: You'd figure after recording over three hundred episodes of Minecraft, we'd have a general idea of what we're doing.
    Michael: Not all of us, Jack.
    Alfredo: (to himself in amazement) I made a stone pickaxe!
    Jack: Okay, point taken, Michael.
  • Episode 304 - Tree Boys (YDYD Part 2)
    • At the beginning Gavin wonders the origin of the phrase "to take with a grain of salt". Lindsay provides the answer, via spooky ghost-voice with everyone making spooky noises at the end of her statement. Jeremy thanks the seance while Geoff just loses his shit at the voice.
    • Jack tidies up the chest at the start of the episode by moving all the material to a second chest and asks the others to stop making so many wooden tools - something that he later discovers the others have completely ignored his requests for. Gavin says that he should be putting the rules on signs for the others, then directs Jack to a rule he just made up and put on a sign. It says "No excessive rule making". Jack admits that it was Actually Pretty Funny.
    • Halfway through, Gavin cheerfully remarks that he hasn't been in any real danger all video. "You just summoned your own death," Michael lampshades. Amazingly, despite being reduced to a single heart by a swarm of spiders - an encounter which sends him screaming back to the house - he survives the whole video.
    • Gavin in general tempts fate quite a bit this episode. This prompts jokes from the guys about how he has to stay alive so that their view count stays up.
    • Ryan miscalculates during his underground expedition and, after some mob encounters, ends up stuck in the caves with no torches, no food and a heart and a half left. He finally resolves to just dig his way to the surface, but doesn't dare break through completely until sunrise, lest he encounter a mob. He's forced to wait until dawn, listening to the sound of chickens that are so close, yet hopelessly out of reach.
    • Yet another fatality this video: Jeremy's parrot, who runs afoul of a creeper in a jungle temple. Unfortunately for him, this happened during Gavin's above-mentioned screaming session, so no-one noticed until he clarified it.
    • The amount of doors in the shack's entrance corridor gets out of hand.
    • Alfredo spends most of the second half of the episode digging out a basement and filling it with buttons.
  • Episode 305 - Gavin Two (YDYD Part 3)
    • Two minutes into the video, Ryan is taking joke potshots at Gavin. Gavin, who happens to be standing on a one-block-wide bridge, helpfully gives Ryan aiming assistance. What happens? You guessed it, Ryan scores a direct hit and knocks Gavin off the bridge to his death far below.
      Jack: The audience is gonna fucking love you, Ryan.
      • He spends a large part of the episode protesting that he didn't mean to kill Gavin, just shoot him. The guys aren't buying it.
    • Alfredo discovers the crafting recipe for TNT, and starts building Plan G 2.0 underneath the base.
      • Eventually this gets him struck by Hoist by His Own Petard - while killing creepers for more gunpowder, he gets too close and blows up.
      • Trevor, figuring out what he can do now that almost everyone is dead, calls upon the ghost of Alfredo. Rather than using the ghost voice, Alfredo screams in pain the entire time he is called back to the land of the living.
    • Geoff builds a replacement Gavin out of wool.
      • Then he gets attacked by a Verne. He hits it a few times, but is apparently so bewildered by the fact that it's not dying that he dies himself.
    • Jack Fails A Spot Check and misses an approaching creeper, which is camouflaged by the house's sugarcane patch. Gavin's ghost camera captures the moment as the creeper detonates behind him, launching him into the air and killing him from the fall damage.
    • Jeremy starts following Ryan aggressively for killing Gavin so Ryan builds up a tower to get away from him Jeremy shoots him off it, causing him to fall to his death much to Michaels dismay.
      • The entire mini-meltdown Jeremy has is pretty funny too in a very tragic way. After mourning at the woollen Gavin, Jeremy then starts his aggressive following of Ryan saying nothing but "It wasn't his time!" which leads to the above-mentioned Karmic Death. He then starts demanding to know where Trevor is (up in the sky on his tower) while Michael suggests that his fellow Lad has lost it. All the while you can hear the 'dead' others laughing in the background. Gavin's ghost even goes up to Jeremy and kisses him on the head.
    • In a mix of hilarious and tear jerker, Trevor and Jeremy build all the way up to the build limit, then jump off of it to their deaths. That's the hilarious part. The tear jerker comes from Michael lamenting his situation immediately thereafter.
    • Michael spends the entire video completely lost. He also considers death by mob so he can be together with Gavin in death. Not Lindsay, though.
      • The rest try to convince him to not go through with this, asking what Gavin would want. He succinctly replies Gavin would want him dead, too.
  • Episode 306 - Michael's Epic Journey (YDYD Part 4)
    • While the episode is mostly a combination of Tear Jerker and Downer Ending, there are still a couple of funny moments.
    • Michael recalls Alfredo being told not to jump on the farm, then jumps about all over it himself.
    • Michael mourns for his dead wife, and his dead husband, and vows to start a kingdom where polygamy is legal.
    • After Michael abandons the base, it becomes overgrown, structures collapse, and eventually, Alfredo's TNT blows up.
    • 50 years later, Michael dies of shock and old age. He starts rising to Heaven... then plummets into Hell, where his beloved wife Lindsay is married to a zombie pigman. Also his reward for surviving until he died naturally was retaining his crippled old body, while everyone else who died young is still young and everyone's had some pretty rocking adventures in Hell, which Michael won't get to take part in since, again, he's eternally stuck as a geriatric.
  • Episode 307 - Achieveland
    • The journey to find a build-area has them camp out overnight in the middle of a pass between two mountains, fending off monsters all night. At one point Alfredo decides to punch an Enderman, then runs all around the area as Ryan and others attempt to kill it before it can kill Alfredo.
    • The first bickering of the episode is Ryan and Gavin still talking about what happened in part three of YDYD, with Gavin continuing to hold a grudge over Ryan killing him and Ryan trying to defend himself, though the best defense he can come up with is that he overestimated how much fall damage he would take, which everyone else doesn't really accept.
    • At one point Gavin accidentally says 'Jack' instead of 'Michael' and then follows up by telling Jack "I didn't want to talk to you." causing the others to break into laughter.
    • Gavin asks what differentiates a fact from a factoid, and follows it up by suggesting that any word ending in 'oid' is a bad thing. Geoff asks if that includes *BLEEP*... and then that spawns a minute and a half of almost constant bleeping.
      Alfredo: Next thing you're gonna start labelling *BLEEP*.
      Everybody else: Ohhh, Alfredo!
      Michael: That's even worse, 'cause you're part *VERY LONG BLEEP*! How dare you!
      Jack: Jesus Christ.
    • Trevor talks about how he can Bowie-ise any song and then askes for suggestions. The minute he does he then goes "Okay, now I need to remember what David Bowie sounds like..." The others break into hysterical laughter.
    • Gavin's "house" starts as what appears to be a modern art installation coating a massive section of the mountain's wall... which happens to be separated from Trevor's house by about two blocks. He ends up in a prolonged argument over zoning, during which he breaks Trevor's window; starts stealing room by building into his house; and yells at Ryan for walling off a waterfall in the middle of a field, claiming it's his water feature.
    • In an episode entirely about starting over with a new area, guess who makes absolutely no progress on building a house for themselves?
      Jack: Alright, time to start building a house.
      Gavin: So we're uh, we're uh, over an hour
      Michael: Time to, yeah, end the video.
  • Episode 308 - Beachside Property (Achieveland #2)
    • The video opens with Trevor pretending to dig up Matt, while claiming that he was buried there the whole time and would have stayed there forever if Trevor hadn't found him.
    • Trevor and Matt go on a tour, with the first stop being the "national monument" of underground sugar cane which led to Achievement Cove's founding. And while talking about how it's to be preserved, a Creeper walks up and nearly blows the thing sky high.
      • Before that the second Trevor takes Matt on the tour he's sniped by a skeleton right in front of Matt.
    • Geoff sets signs on the stairs to his home: "NO" "STOP" "SERIOUSLY, LEAVE".
    • After a couple of nights of getting ambushed and murdered by mobs at night, Geoff declares that they need to get beds so they can get away from the mobs. This leads to the team mostly hunkering up in Trevor's home and the awkwardness of such a thing.
      • Matt suggests putting Keep Inventory on so they don't lose everything — Michael having bitched about losing his shit for quite a while — only for everybody else to shout him down for his "rampant cheating".
    • Alfredo discovers stone buttons.
    • Trevor's long since finished his house, so he begins wandering around the area before ultimately trying to give "housewarming gifts" to everyone. These tend to involve him growing massive mushrooms in their houses.
      • Jack threatens to break his house and Geoff pulls out a sword when Trevor breaks part of his ceiling.
      • When he tries it on Matt however, it doesn't work since Matt's house is completely in the sun.
    • Lindsay talks about Iris' emerging curiosity, including trying to shove her hand into Lindsay's mouth trying to get her teeth, being freaked out by people with beards and admiring smooth-faced people.
    • The entire gang breaking into a group singing of "Forever Cum".
      Trevor: We are weird.
      • Made even funnier by the fact that Jeremy clearly meant it as a quick gag, then Geoff ran with it, everyone joined in, and then Lindsay pushed it even further. By the end of it Jeremy's just laughing hysterically.
    • Lindsay muses she's at risk of a stroke and people will likely mistake it for just another bit. Everyone will think she just died due to overcommittment to her act.
    • Geoff declares an end to the video, the screen cuts to black... and then cuts back to Matt shouting in shock as a Creeper blows up the center of his construction site.
      Michael: Matt! The video is over!
  • Episode 309 - Messin' With Jacksquatch (Achieveland #3)
    • Gavin gets the gang to play a little game, trying not to talk over one another or they would have to pay someone a dollar. Their speech is quick, stilted and awkward. Ultimately, Jeremy gives up and we get this wonderful moment:
      Jeremy: I-I really... I'm just not talking like that... I just got a raise, I can afford a dollar. (everyone bursts into laughter)
      Michael: Brag about it, fucking Jeremy! Look at me! Look at me! Mother fucker!
      Lindsay: Big spender over here!
      Gavin: You got a raise?
      Ryan: Captain Moneybags...
      Lindsay: Congratulations, Kat; you got a sugar daddy.
      Trevor: (sing-songy) Take one dollar, off his pay check.
      Michael: Please, I'm sorry. I was confused. I was calling you Jeremy Dooley, not Jeremy BRAG!
    • Trevor and Alfredo continue to troll the living hell out of Jack, invading his home and his basement. Their constant talk about dusk ends up giving them the nickname "Dusk Boys".
      • Eventually, Michael comes to the conclusion (after it comes to light that they sealed up Jack's hole as he was mining) that the Dusk Boys are Dennis the Menace, and Jack is Mr. Wilson.
    • At one point, Alfredo traps Gavin in a glass bubble. In order to get Matt's attention to see, Gavin calls him "AxialTwat".
      Matt: (very pissed) Alright, first of all, don't- don't appreciate that. Second of all, say please, right?! I-it's super simple! (sees Gavin sealed in a glass bubble) That's great, you look like a fucking idiot, see you later.
      Jack: Is everyone drunk?!
    • Gavin and Trevor's zoning argument goes out of control as they start arguing over who owns the property. In the midst of the argument, Gavin accidentally kills Matt, who starts beating Gavin so he can get his shit back.
      • Later still, Trevor realizes that Gavin has continued to encroach into his house, destroying a window in the process.
    • Alfredo annoys another Enderman. This time no one jumps in to save him and he ends up on the partially built second level of Jack's house as the Enderman circles the walls. He then discovers it can teleport and begins running from it, with it following him everywhere he goes.
    • For a while, everyone thinks they're going crazy because there's a weird low whining noise and they can't work out who's doing it, since everybody seems to be able to talk at the same time. Lindsay invites the editor to look at the audio waveforms to find out the truth. It's actually her.
    • The title of the episode comes from Michael, who names it that after all the trolling done to poor Jack by Trevor and Alfredo.
      • Gavin makes mention of the original video of that title from years ago, saying that despite having only just filmed it he feels bad about it. When Michael mentions that it didn't stop him winking at the camera at the time, Gavin replies "Well you've got to do a cheeky wink, haven't you?"
    • Lindsay builds the roof to her and Michael's house very low, which annoys Michael.
    • After looking for cactus for the better part of two episodes, Jeremy finally finds a desert biome flush with cacti, 10,000 blocks away. A long discussion about whether to cheat and use a teleport ends with Jeremy deciding to accept. Jack teleports him, intending to give a welcome back gift... only for Jeremy to break and steal one of his furnaces.
    • Everyone makes fun of Alfredo when he misspells "touche" as "toche".
  • Episode 310 - Chomping List
    • The episode starts with Gavin revealing he can use the shovel to effectively cut the grass and claiming he did it around Michael and Lindsay's home. They don't seem too happy.
    • The gang argues over how long they should take with this episode.
    • Gavin asks if they need to collect "villager meat" and almost kills a villager before Ryan tells him not to.
    • While fishing, Michael is able to catch a fish, but as he's reeling it, the line turns to the left and lets Gavin get the fish instead. Michael growls out "You motherfucker..." and goes to beat up Gavin to get it back.
    • As Gavin is passing him by, just for giggles Michael casts his fishing line at him... and, to his surprise, actually hooks him! Cue Gavin running around with Michael's line tethered to him for a few minutes.
  • Episode 311 - Bone Tax (Achieveland #4)
    • The title of the episode comes from Jeremy demanding bone so he can make bone meal, proclaiming that it's "bone tax". He even threatens to kill people if he doesn't get it.
    • Matt gets his headset plugged in, deafening everyone by the burst of static. When everybody tells at him he claims he has to plug it in, completely ignoring that what they were actually yelling was to warn them.
      • Then when he finally joins the game, Gavin greets him as "Matt Brank" which makes everyone laugh. Everyone then just has fun saying Brank for a bit.
    • Jack is surprised by a Creeper who was waiting outside his house. Lindsay suggests that the Creeper was a Girl Scout, and tells Jack to buy some Thin Mints.
    • When Gavin throws an egg at Alfredo and it hatches a baby chicken they decide that it now needs a name. Gavin asks "What is the thinnest sauce?" and Jack quips "Water."
    • Gavin takes too long trying to find a bed (when they have tons of them), that the sun rises before Gavin can find one.
    • The team just takes the shit out of X-Ray & Vav:
      • Jeremy expresses his confusion on one of the lyrics, making the others suggest he write the theme song if they bring it back.
      • Gavin's surprised that the show lasted for two seasons, thinking the first four episodes were just part of the first season. He, then, suggests just skipping season 3 and going to 4.
    • Gavin gets everyone talking about "YDYD" with this thought-provoking line: "Did anyone think I was real?"Explanation 
    • Gavin almost says Jack's house is ugly and then remembers the monstrosity that is his house.
    • Michael is not only confused by the cut grass (which we know is Gavin doing it), but is bothered by how uneven the house is positioned.
    • The crew try to explain what a 'dumbwaiter' is to Jeremy.
    • Lindsay comments that she wants to show Hellraiser to Iris. Gavin is appalled, which lead to more jokes about his foreignness, and quickly turns to Gallows Humor when the topic of calling emergency services came up.
      Gavin: I've never had to dial 999.
      Jack: What about 911?
      Gavin: Oh, a bunch!
    • During the "emergency services" conversation, Lindsay brings up an incident from her college days when she was flashed by an elderly Hispanic man, to Alfredo's dismay. ("Why'd you have to be Hispanic? Goddamn...")
      Michael: And then, years later, who knew we'd hire Alfredo?
      Lindsay: See, you can't say stuff like that, because the way my memory works, now I'm gonna remember Alfredo doing it.
      Michael: Next podcast: "Remember when Alfredo flashed me?! Remember that?!"
    • Gavin asks Jack what he would do to change his name to "Cumgar". This quickly goes into such a weird conversation over it.
  • Episode 312 - The Eggsorcism of House Jones (Achieveland #5)
    • The titular Eggsorcism is the blessing of the Joneses' beachside house. After calling for the most priest-like of the Achievement Hunters - they choose Matt, because he Looks Like Jesus - they attend as he "blesses" the house with a gibberish incantation and a whole lot of tossed eggs. Then one of the eggs knocks Lindsay's painting off the wall, and Michael beats the unfortunate priest out of the house with a diamond sword.
    Michael: Lindsay brought in the fucking crazy, drunk priest from Sunny that pissed in the water.
    • A discussion about softcore porn and whether it covers ones that includes just playing with tits. They also wonder if fetish porn really counts as porn.
      Lindsay: If a dick comes in the woods and nobody's there to watch it...
      • While discussing cooking shows later, they call Epic Meal Time the Hustler of food porn. Lindsay prefers softcore food porn.
    • In the process of building his house, Matt spots a tiny strip of black and green clipping through a corner. Curiously, he breaks a hole in the wall... and sure enough, there's a Creeper staring at him. Matt has just enough time to let out a gasp of alarm and stumble back before it detonates and vaporizes a sizeable piece of wall.
    • Matt makes Jeremy a room for himself — a tiny alcove inside the massive house with a Rimmy Tim carpet, a window, and a bed crammed directly under an arch. Everyone starts comparing it to Harry Potter's cupboard as a kid.
  • Episode 313 - Wipeout X
    • The episode starts out with Geoff talking about Gavin and Dan's inability to know who Cardi B was.
    • When Jeremy starts talking about the original Wipeout, Ryan claims he wasn't even born yet!
    • Thanks to Geoff missing his minecart, their passage along the new railway to get to Wipeout X's build zone ends up with people bouncing back and forth off each other along the track.
      • Lindsay's capture didn't take, so they replaced it with a kid's drawing of Lindsay on the rails.
    • Ryan jumps into the 1x1 hole they have to land in to finish and begins bobbing up and down. Every time he sees Lindsay, she's holding something different before he panics and yelps "NO NO! DON'T DO IT!" when she has a dirt block in her hands.
    • Up first is Gavin! He gets stuck at the second obstacle. For five minutes. And no one can figure out what he's doing wrong.
      • Even funnier considering that he and Geoff built the original Wipeout, and never genuinely competed in it - and in this one they score over ten minute and over twenty minute times respectively.
    • Geoff is second. He spends almost ten minutes stuck on the platforming obstacle. Jeremy and Matt consider taking pity on him and setting a time limit for him to run out. Jeremy even blocks some of the arrows from firing at him.
      • While waiting for Geoff, Ryan mentions that Gavin had a very fortuitous nature in crossing the platforming obstacle.
    • Gavin asks Jeremy and Matt if they came up with names for the obstacles, as he did with the ones for the original Wipeout map. Jeremy supplies the first two with the names "Ladders of Slip" and "Jeremy's Big Balls" and promises to name the others later. When he declares the name of the 'punch wall' to be the "Gloves of Biff", Gavin is in hysterics, saying it tickled him. Matt subsequently names another obstacle "Shooty Shooty Booty Booty".
    • Geoff snarkily calls Matt "Science Guy", prompting an off-key riff on Bill Nye the Science Guy, complete with Matt spinning around like the opening credits.
    • One of the obstacles involves minecarts, which end up in the water if they're passed successfully or not. A tower of carts begins building on some blocks that were placed on the surface. Later, out of curiosity, Matt dives down underwater and drinks a potion of nightvision to discover a graveyard of drowned minecarts.
  • Episode 314 - Wipeout X Part 2
    • The episode starts with the revelation that Geoff had to take a day off after his painful time last episode.
    • Matt approaches Ryan with a diamond axe, telling him to stop fiddling with the lamps.
    • First up is Jack! He crosses the first two obstacles so perfectly that he completely forgets that he shouldn't jump into the water at the third part.
      • Reaching the "Shooty Shooty Booty Booty", the gang realizes the so-called "shortcut" that Gavin and Geoff kept taking isn't a shortcut at all.
    • Next up is Michael. He proceeds to be the first person to Completely miss the jump before the "Gloves of Biff". AND the frst person to miss the jump after the "Gloves of Biff", too.
    • Lindsay... is Lindsay. She does, however, beat Geoff's time by two minutes. Ryan repeatedly chants for her to beat Geoff.
      • Because her capture is still messed up, Michael and Lindsay swap computers. They suggest to the editor to superimpose Lindsay's avatar over Michael's, leading to a cartoony Kazooie sprite over Michael's character.
    • As the gang head over to their houses to place the Tower at the winner's house, Gavin takes a shortcut by making holes in Matt's house.
  • Episode 315 - Ghastly Betrayal
    • The gang intends to earn an Achievement by bringing a Ghast from the Nether through a portal back to the overworld (the team decides to use fishing rods for this), and then killing it there. It sounds simple in theory, but things go pear-shaped in every possible way - Ghasts being uncooperative, Ghasts getting caught on things, Ghasts escaping, Ghasts despawning, other Ghasts accidentally killing the Ghasts the team have hooked, and Ghasts being pulled through the giant portal on the Nether side but not appearing back in the overworld due to wonky portal physics, all while the team is frantically running around, shouting and screaming at each other, and trying desperately not to get killed by the Ghasts they're dragging towards the portal. The sheer frantic, loud chaos that unfolds throughout this episode is truly a sight to behold...
    • While everyone is getting ready, Michael takes notice of the spruced up bridge Lindsay made to their house... then starts complaining that she moved the gate.
    • Ryan built a window into his floor that looks down upon the cove.
      Ryan: This means they're all Edgars. [He lets out a devious laugh]
    • Since they need a lot of obsidian to make a massive portal, they go underground to turn a lava pit into obsidian. This proves to be quite a hassle as they somehow forget how to dump water over lava.
    • While the gang mines obsidian, Lindsay decides to scoop up a bucket of lava and pour it next to Ryan, burning him alive. In response, Ryan proceeds to teleport Lindsay high up into the air, letting her fall to her doom.
      Ryan: Hey bird? Fly.
  • Episode 316 - Who Burned Gav's House Down? - Ghastly Betrayal #2
    • The episode begins with Gavin and Geoff "trapped" between two doors.
    • When Gavin tries to find his diamond sword when everyone's getting ready to go into the Nether, Geoff denies having seen it when Gavin finds it... only for the camera to zoom in on said sword.
    • Having gotten the achievement, boredom sets in, and Geoff decides that he'll liven things up a bit by setting a small fire on Gavin's house (which, now that it has a front wall, is a typically-Gavin wooden block in the middle of Achivement Cove). After a couple of minutes, he's had his fun, and both he and Ryan climb atop the wall to put the fire out. While they're doing this, someone else sets fire to the rest of the house, and the entire rest of the video is the Hunters attempting to put the fire out and rebuild, while Gavin despairs because he is convinced that Geoff did it and he can't find Geoff's house to burn it down in revenge.
      YouTube comment: I knew that flamethrower Gavin had gotten stolen would come back to haunt him.
      • During the firefighting efforts, Lindsay gets a bucket of water. She promptly drops the bucket into the fire, destroying the item.
      • Throughout the video, they call for the editor to reveal the truth, only for comments to pop up in the corner about how no, they'd much rather keep building suspense. It isn't until the very end that the true arsonist is revealed to be none other than Michael.
    • Gavin's "house" is more or less just a facade. The elaborate front wall is in front of the bizarre wood paneling he slapped on the cliffside; he doesn't even have a floor, as most of it is still grass and rock.
    • In the early stages of the fire, Trevor spends a while tallying up all of the additional damage Gavin has inflicted on his home. He also reveals that the situaton got so bad he had to build an entirely new home.
  • Episode 317 - Michael's Prison Village
    • With a smaller team this time around, they decide to fix up Achievement Cove, especially Gavin's house. In tribute to his Tower of Pimps back in Sky Factory, they write "GAY" on his roof.
    • The gang decides to build a wall to keep any potential attackers outside the Cove. They want to make it less Donald Trump and more Game of Thrones, but they realize it's probably the same thing.
      • The wall looks great... until it occurs to them that invaders could just climb the mountain on the other side of it. And they only walled off one entrance.
    • Michael realizes they should try to block off the nearby village to screw with them and proceeds to do just that.
      • When the other guys start throwing out The Hunger Games and The Truman Show as inspiration, Michael reveals his actual inspiration was Tōkajin from Inuyasha. Given he was keeping the miniature village to eventually eat them, this is even worse.
    • Michael declares the village is now the Hell Prison and adds an upside-down glowstone cross to the wall. He then sheepishly asks Geoff it it might be a bit too much; the guys declare it's just a sword.
    • Ryan notices that Matt went and made a creek nearby. Ryan complains that they now have to jump across to get to the Obsidian Gate before Geoff reassures him that he's not going to Bridge to Terabithia him.
    • Jack trolls Matt by following him around and opening the side panels on all of his streetlights.
    • While discussing the events of the previous video, Michael declares he didn't want to set Gavin's house on fire. He was forced to do so by Gavin due to Gavin showing up and being himself.
      Michael: We don't like salting him. It's awful, it was a terrible experience for me when I burned down his house. But I had to do it.
    • During the tour, the guys activate the lava dispensers. One spawns lava while the others just shoot out empty buckets.
    • Matt starts making lamps out of lava to light up the town. When he places one next to Gavin's house, it accidentally catches the house on fire. Appropriately, this happens just as the guys are discussing how they burned down Gavin's house.
  • Episode 318: Drowning in Chickens (New Petting Zoo)
    • The episode's title is due to the fact that Jack and Jeremy went into the barn's attic in Creative Mode and got a little crazy tossing eggs around, resulting in dozens of chickens populating the attic.
      Matt: [laughs] You know, I should be mad at you, but I'm really not, though.
    • Later, when Jeremy respawns in the barn attic full of now-adult chickens, he happens to switch the grass seeds in his inventory to his hand. He is then mobbed by every single chicken in the attic, a sea of chickens surrounding him and pinning him against the wall, while Geoff laughs hysterically at his misfortune.
      Jeremy: Don't take out seeds! DON'T TAKE OUT SEEDS!!
    • Jeremy decides to clear up the chicken situation by leading a giant procession of chickens out of the barn and right into a protesting Jack's pen.
    • Jeremy has a "pig" in his pen - a Zombie Pigman that wandered through the portal. Matt decides to allow it.
    • The fact that Lindsay forgot she was in Creative Mode the entire time, and that (subsequently) no one else noticed.
  • Episode 319: Codename: Hot Dog
    • It's a mystery build where the boys are building a "hot dog". Trying not to use names for individual parts and calling those hot dogs as well just confuses everyone. It's an airport.
    • Gavin finally notices the sign on top of his house. The guys all assure him it says GAV, not GAY.
    • Realizing he doesn't have a wand which is key to fast building now, Gavin is fully prepared to be useless... until the guys point out they're in Creative so he can just grab one with the console.
    • While writing two 3's in the surface of the build, the guys are constantly redrawing both of them without paying attention to the changes being made on the other. It takes about three minutes for them to finally give up and have just one person make them both.
    • The guys have a very in-depth discussion on exactly how the Dusk Boys need to to contort their necks and tongues to say "dusk" properly. After the inanity of demonstrating this without any video is pointed out, they grab a webcam just to show the guys saying dusk.
    • The line "tell me now" gets tossed out when deciding whether to make a line dotted or dashed. Cue the guys each singing a different song to the tune of "I Want It That Way".
  • Episode 320: ROYGBaa the Rainbow Sheep
    • While Jeremy is discussing how the game works, Ryan takes notice that his pen has no sheep in it. As it turns out, it was struck by lightning beforehand.
    • At one point, Jack is distracted by a zombie burning to death in lava. He turns around just as a Creeper blows up in his face, knocking him into said lava and killing him.
  • Episode 321: The Water Boatman - ROYGBaa Part 2
    • The episode starts off with Gavin singing through an autotuner keyboard. Michael instantly gets fed up and shatters it over his knee.
    • Despite going in completely different directions, Ryan and Matt seem to be crossing the same biomes at the same time.
    • At one point, Michael dies. He then can't escape from the spawn bed room because the door's bugged. Shortly afterwards Jeremy dies after completing his quest for cactus, and walks through the door effortlessly.
    • Geoff farts on Gavin again. This time he doesn't even notice until Michael points it out.
    • After the game finishes, Jeremy escapes towards Achievement Cove with his purple and orange sheep. Especially because Michael wouldn't let him keep the two sheep after Gavin suggested killing all the sheep for food and wool.
  • Episode 322 - Going Floor-Loco in Candy Land:
    • The episode was filmed shortly after Off Topic and Last Call #138, so Michael and Jeremy are shitfaced off of Four Loko, while Jack, Gavin, Alfredo, and Matt are much more sober. Michael tells the audience to watch both episodes to see how drunk they got.
      Michael: You ever play Candyland on Four Loko, bitches?
      Jack: Jeremy's a little intoxicated right now.
      • Michael says he getting Taco Bell after filming, and Jeremy begs Jack to drive him to Taco Bell too.
      Jack: Jeremy, if you get purple again you can take this little green bridge!
      Jeremy: Jack, fuck off.
      Jack: I'm taking you to Taco Bell, Jeremy!
      Jeremy: I appreciate it!
    • Matt built the Candyland board, and once again, Jeremy and Michael say he found it.
      • Alfredo isn't pleased with the statue of him, so he redesigns it with a large cock and darker skin tone.
      • Matt didn't even build a copy of Gavin, just his head sticking out of a church.
      • Jack's copy is him being eaten by a shark, with Matt riding on top of the shark.
    • Gavin makes a discovery:
      Gavin: (spotting Lindsay's statue) Oh, Jeremy, look, it's the Cocoa Puffs bird!
      Jeremy: (apropos of nothing) I don't wanna talk to you.
      Gavin: (clearly upset) Oh...
    • Gavin's first roll has him visiting Gramma Nutt. He goes under the dress and makes a vagina in it. He also spends his time putting his creeper head in the various decorations on the map.
    • Thanks to how shitfaced Jeremy and Michael are, there's a lot of oversharing, like Jeremy's junk size, an unfortunate sex dream he had, and Gavin telling the guys about an unfortunate encounter Dan had.
    • The crew try to figure our whether a chocolate bar has expired. This leads to some confusion over whether 11/3/2018 meant March 11th or November 3rd, as they're in the States but the chocolate was from England. Michael says that the date on the wrapper magically changes from DDMMYY to MMDDYY once it arrives in America.
    • A bad roll sends Michael back to the beginning of the board. When Gavin gets a bad roll, he has to go back a few spaces and comments that the roll wasn't so bad. Gilligan Cut to Michael angrily sitting in lava.
      • However, it doesn't take long for others to start being sent back to the beginning, with Jeremy in particular screaming "FUCK YOU, MATT!"; for the record, this includes Matt too.
    • By the end of the video, Jack has become so impatient with how long it's gone that he starts outright demanding people take their turn.
      Jack: Matt, go!
      Matt: (with Alfredo) Fra- hold on, I'm helping Fredy, (to Alfredo) you n-
    • Jeremy, apropos of nothing, just starts singing "What a Wonderful World" a la Louis Armstrong... right as Gavin managed to throw a Slime Ball right into his mug of Four Loko. And when Michael goes to take a picture of it, it's taken right as Jeremy is in the middle of singing "What a Wonderful World" again.
    • After Jeremy almost trips and falls over a chair to hand Gavin the mini-Tower of Pimps, Gavin abruptly runs out of the room, having just remembered he has to be on the RT Podcast. Alfredo succinctly sums it up:
      Alfredo: What the fuck did we just film?
  • Exotic Ore - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 2 (#324)
    • Alfredo and Michael, looking for something to do build the house's second layer. It's one block longer than the lower level and at first the only access is from outside.
    • Alfredo wanders off and finds a meteor which he christens 'the darkness' in awe. The others all theorise this is what happens to him when he's a lone Dusk Boy, separated from Trevor.
    • Lindsay gets stuck in the stairs to the second level of the house and the others all try to work out which block she's glitched into (because she's offset slightly from where she's actually stuck on everyone's screen but hers). They eventually work it out, but timing has Jeremy leap at her shouting "OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!" at exactly the same time and they decide that he scared her free.
  • Woke Up On Fire - Minecraft - Lava Wall X (#325)
    • Matt is busy trying to rope the Lads and Gents inside the massive mountain that the event is taking place in. This includes Gavin and Matt trading jabs at each other, Gavin walking into lava and everyone fighting around the beds.
    • While Matt is giving instructions, he tells everyone he's gonna give them five minutes to build. Turns out Ryan had already started to build.
    • One of the items Matt gives everyone are Zombie Pigman Eggs, which are intended to attack the other team. Instead, they turn on their creators, with Geoff being killed relentlessly by them.
    • Gavin gets so fed up with the slow going, he actually stops his game to go watch the Things to Do in Minecraft video on how to build a TNT Cannon. And Jack finds out that they used it to blow up his old house in that video. Embarrassingly, Gavin, Jack and Jeremy attempt to pull this off and all three fail - Jack's triggered too soon, Gavin forgot his water and Jeremy's only hopped off into the next floor down.
      • It turns out that the TNT Cannons used don't work anymore in the latest version of Minecraft. Even if they did everything right according to their video, it wouldn't've worked anyway.
    • Gavin decides to just charge through the lava. It works and it prompts Jack to do the same.
      • Immediately afterwards, a baby Zombie on a chicken attacks Geoff, much to his utter disbelief. He freaks out since he's lost his tower by this point and he'd be eliminated if he was killed.
      • Gavin then gets the bright idea to drink a potion of invisibility and sneak through the lava wall to set Jack's tower on fire. Matt watches disapprovingly the entire time, and Jack turns to see the flaming invisible Gavin just before he burns to death.
    • Geoff is eventually taken out of the game because he got distracted by Trevor. He goes on to accuse him of working with the Lads.
    • Gavin gets eliminated in a flash after having just checked on his Tower when Jack spams him with fire charges. Geoff gleefully tells him to look around, and as Gavin screams over the loss of his Tower, his teammates tell him to come and help them. Cue Jack swiftly incinerating Gavin with more charges, and his teammates calling him an idiot.
  • Be I Pimping? - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 3 (#327)
    • Everyone quickly splits into two teams - the miners looking to buy their freedom with diamonds and redstone (Michael, Lindsay and Alfredo) and the 'smart people' (Ryan, Jack and Jeremy).
    • The title of the episode comes from when Ryan gets a pair of glowstone boots from a mob.
    Lindsay: Not when you say it like that.
    • Alfredo got given an iron sword and pickaxe at the start so he could mine diamonds and defend himself better. He lets it go to his head a little.
    Alfredo: *fighting a skeleton, completely seriously* I'm a knight!
    • The mining team comes across a second chasm in their explorations. Lindsay comes up with the sensible idea to sneak along edges so they don't fall into the lava; Michael then teaches Alfredo how to do it, and Alfredo promptly tests the idea out by sneaking along the edge above the lava rather than above solid ground.
  • Duvet Bidet - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 4 (#328)
    • When Lindsay mentions that she had sex with people before Michael, Gavin describes her as being on "some sort of duvet assault course." Though this confuses everyone, Lindsay is the most confused.
    Lindsay: Duvets are for your ass, aren't they?
    Everyone else: What!?
    Lindsay: Bidet is what I'm thinking of, that's right. [everyone is in hysterics]
    • Early in the video, Lindsay is asked to build a fence in order to protect the machinery that Jack and Ryan are building from creepers. Lindsay places cobblestone down where the fence should go, and Michael (who is completely drunk) ends up building the fence himself. The intention of the fence is forgotten at some point in this process, and Michael ends up building the fence around the house, leaving the machinery still vulnerable. Late in the video, a creeper explosion manages to take out all of the power generation for the machinery, leaving Ryan and Jack to wonder about where the fence is, and livid when they realize where the fence has been erected.
  • We Dug Too Deep - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 6 (#330)
    • A small group heads into the Nether. Alfredo has never been in the Nether before and freaks out at everything.
    • Alfredo runs up to the quarry, leaps over the edge and falls all the way down to the bottom without meaning to. Everyone else loses it. Then the quarry machine picks up Alfredo's grave and puts his belongings in the chest. Then Jeremy pushes Gavin off the quarry...
  • Finna Ta Fly - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 8 (#332)
    • Simple Geoff returns from gathering exotic seeds. In typical Geoff fashion he's blown away by the things they've built, such as the quarry. Naturally, he's "inducted" by being bunced into the quarry.
    • Due to technical difficulties, it takes Alfredo a long time before he can finally get into the game. He succeeds, cries out "I'm alive!" as he steps out of the house... and is immediately killed by an arrow from a skeleton.
    • The description for the video notes that "Alfredo falls victim to the reFUPAning." It is easily the highlight of the video. The whole thing kicks off when Jack relates some story about how Jessica Biel wouldn't name her kid "Batmo." Geoff doesn't get it at first. Because then the kid would be named Batmo Biel ("Batmobile") While Geoff quickly picks up the joke with a typical flat reaction, Alfredo doesn't get it. Now in Animated form.
      • Alfredo tries to just move past it, but then Lindsay asks the question. And everyone starts gasping and laughing with joy.
        Lindsay: Alfredo, what does FUPA stand for?
        Alfredo: What is— what is a FUPA?
        (Everyone starts laughing.)
        Lindsay: Oh my god! Yes yes yes YES!
        Ryan: It's come around again! It used to be me, but now it's you!
        Alfredo: What the fuck is a FUPA?
        Ryan: I asked that question!
        Lindsay: Everything shitty about today just went away.
      • As part of it all, Jeremy asks him "Do you have a buttfor?"
        Alfredo: Do I have a what?
        Ryan: This is what it's like from the outside. I get it now.
        Alfredo: 'Do I have a buttfor?' What the fuck is a buttfor?
        Jack/Jeremy: "It's for pooping, silly!!"
        (Everyone but Alfredo, who is furiously beating his desk, laughs.)
        Alfredo: God DAMN it! I QUIT!
        Geoff: Oh my god!
        Jack: He just dove right in, head-first! Yes!
        Geoff: That hasn't worked since 2nd-grade!
    • They try to then take it back over to FUPA, but Alfredo is just done and clearly doesn't trust anyone in the room anymore. He tries to figure it out, but unlike Ryan, while he figures out the fact that it pertains to the vagina, he can't figure out the rest, and gets hung up on what 'F' stands for. Geoff tries to lead him toward it, and gets frustrated when Alfredo can't figure it out, leading to a full break-down.
      Geoff: Does anybody wanna watch me eat a porkchop? I don't need it, I just can't stop myself.
      Jeremy: Wait, Geoff, you're eating even though you're full?"
      Geoff: I'm full, but I'm still eating, just try to stop me. It's just that I'm so... F-word!
      Alfredo: (confused) Uh...
      Geoff: YOU STUPID!! (He starts chasing after Alfredo in-game, swinging the porkchop at him)
      (Everyone else laughing.)
      Geoff: COME ON, MAN!
      Alfredo: I... he's not 'full?'
      Jeremy: No, but he's gonna keep on eating.
      Geoff: I'M F-WORD!
      Alfredo: I don't know! Leave me alone!
      Geoff: I'M F-WORD! WHAT IS IT?!
      Jeremy: He's not skinny, he's...?
      Geoff: I'M F-WORD!
      Alfredo: He's fat?
      Everyone: YAAAAY!
      Geoff: Tune in next week for the 'U!'
  • The Pearl Curse - Galacticraft Part 9 (#333)
    • The episode's title comes from toward the end, when Jeremy & Michael are screwing around with an item called the ghost pearl, and accidentally curse themselves. As a result of the curse, for 20 minutes, in a 64-block radius around them every hostile mob in the overworld starts spawning en masse and converging on them, already aggro-ed. Everyone ends up holed up in the NASA building, which is soon surrounded by witches, creepers, slimes, endermen, skeletons, and more zombies than a Living Dead movie. Michael and Jeremy remark about how they were cursed because they put the pearl up their butts, and go about proclaiming how you shouldn't do so, while doing their best Barbossa impressions.
  • To the Moon! - Galacticraft Part 10 (#334)
    • After almost ten episodes the team finally launches off to the Moon. The plan they have is simple: Ryan, Jeremy, and Michael will set up a teleporter so that everyone can come and go from Earth and the Moon as they want. Everything go perfectly until they touch down, where they immediately die because they forgot to bring pressure protection. Ryan tries frantically to erect the teleporter between deaths only for one block to go missing. Now the three of them are stuck on the Moon, confined to their rockets until the rest of the team back planetside can come and rescue them.
  • Rescue Mission - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 11 (#335)
  • Gerrymandering in the Ballroom - Clue (#336)
    • Before the premise for the episode's even introduced, Gavin throws a moonball. The office security camera records it as it bounces off the far wall, the floor, the near wall, some shelves and Lindsay's desk before hitting Lindsay in the face.
    • Jeremy's only recently learned how to play Clue. Ryan has no idea at all, which isn't helped by the fact that he and everybody else keep shouting over Matt's attempts to instruct them.
    • Everyone's murder accusations become steadily more and more dramatic. By the end of the episode they're all enthusiastically Chewing the Scenery, complete with dramatic gasps and old-timey voices.
    • Gavin entertains himself during the game by repeatedly kicking/banning Lindsay and using the "Kill" command on her. One of the reasons he gave for banning her? Gerrymandering.
      Lindsay: [giggling] Gerrymandering, that's the reason!
      Gavin: They said I could add a reason. [everyone else laughs]
    • Because the guys have a little notebook to write notes in, Gavin types out a little message to the audience in his notebook.
      Hello, viewer. I am writing to you. Only you can see this. The other idiots don't know about our secret message. I typed most of that with my headphone cord across my keyboard. It pressed some wrong keys a lot. I arn't spell gud. BYE
  • The Killer Revealed - Clue Part 2 (#337)
    • Since they were eating lunch during filming, Ryan comments out of nowhere that he realizes that he loves Parmesan cheese.
    • As the game goes on, Gavin realizes that he's the killer. So he starts writing out a letter in his notebook, leaving his stuff to Meg and their cats.
      The Killer: I think they are onto me. I think I'm the killer. I don't remember doing a killing, but they ain't call me Gav Slittie for nowt. Ennit. Please give all my minecraftly possessions to someone I care about. Maybe turney and my cats. Turney don't really like minecraft, though. Maybe just the cat. She likes to swat at the cursor. But hey, maybe I didn't do the killing with the fugu. But also... SLITTIE GON SLIT. sincerely, Gavin the killer.
    • Michael discovers Matt built a hidden chamber where a zombie attacks a villager. He tells Lindsay to get footage of the villager dying.
    • The guys figure out who the killer is and finally make their accusations. A wrong accusation meant they had to jump into a fire. Unfortunately for Ryan, he gets disqualified for accidentally peeking in the answer chest when he was trying to eat a steak. While they were right about the killer and weapon, everyone still got the location wrong. This meant that Gavin won by default because everyone got their accusations wrong.
      • Special mention goes to how Jeremy makes his accusation, where he admits that he really can't figure out where it happened.
        Jeremy: (dramatically) But I say that this horrific incident happened... (painfully long silence)note 
    • After the winner is revealed, Jack reads out the letter that Gavin wrote. He also reads out Gavin's little message to the audience as well.
    • After the above, Gavin goes on a murder-spree. However, Ryan repeatedly warns Gavin not to attack him. The moment Gavin takes a swing at him, Ryan hits Enter on the "Kill" command he'd had typed up and ready.
      Ryan: I don't like to be touched... I don't like to be touched! (Gavin attacks him) DARGA!
      GavinoFree fell out of the world
  • Space Mutiny - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 12 (#338)
    • Once again, Trevor incinerates himself with rocket exhaust as Ryan jets back to the moon.
    • The portal re-activates as soon as Ryan gets close to landing, and Trevor eyes it warily as Jack and Jeremy joke about him going through and getting stuck there. Matt punches him from behind and knocks him through, causing Trevor to die on the moon and spawn far, far away from the portal. Thankfully, he finds the /gchouston command and rescues himself.
    • Matt and Michael spend most of the episode trying to improve fortifications for NASA, the bridge, and their own home since Creepers keep blowing them all up. Matt puts up a series of torches as the workshop before christening it with a sign saying "This place sucks".
      Jeremy: What are you guys doing?
      Michael: It's what's being done to us.
      • Matt ends up deciding to built a giant cobblestone wall around the entire home area to keep monsters out. However, he ends up taking a lot longer to do so because he keeps being shot by skeletons and blown up by Creepers while trying to build the wall meant to keep out skeletons and Creepers!
    • Jeremy: "Yeah, we need jungle saplings so we can trade them to the moon men for sapphires."
  • Boss Fight - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 13 (#339)
    • The gang discovers that when they use the Slime-Sling to launch themselves in the Moon's low gravity, it sends them rocketing either so high up they practically reach orbit, or clear across the map. Naturally, Ryan and Jack have the time of their lives taking advantage of this.
  • Sleep It Off - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 14 (#340)
    • The gang find out that Micheal and Jack wearing their slime boots on the moon caused them to have insufficient radiation resistance and they both died of radiation poisoning, which doesn't go away when you die. Worse the materials used to make the cure are rare on Earth and you have to go to Saturn to get them. The only way to make it go away is to sleep a lot.
  • Slug Club - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 15 (#341)
    • Jeremy explores Mars and discovers slime eggs, at which point he promptly begins recruiting an army of tamed Slimelings. The first one is, but of course, Slimmy Tim.
    • Geoff spends the entire episode trying to beautify the NASA complex, including using their entire supply of glass to build a ceiling over the launch pads. When Jack asks why, Geoff responds he was going to knock out the glass over the pads after he was done, wasting even more glass. The argument ends with Geoff declaring himself to be "Easter Island Geoff" since he does all his work the old world way.
      • The rest of the team invests some effort in harvesting sand to make more glass so Jack can make what he wants. Geoff immediately uses it to finish his ceiling.
      • Geoff doing maintanence to the roof of NASA results in the bastardization of the National Anthem due to Geoff using the phrase "glass ramparts".
    • Geoff learns for the first time of "Please clap."
  • WE HAVE KIDS!?! - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 16 (#342)
    • Jeremy managed to find two magic beans and and plants one on Earth, which grows into beanstalks. Completely unintentionally, Jack is the first one to climb on it.
    • After breaking the top pods of the beanstalks with Gavin, they got Golden Eggs which hatch into Chickens that lay Golden Ingots. Jeremy and Jack decide to hatch them inside the base, even though the latter said they should build Pens for them, and immediately the chickens decide to go through the portals to the Moon and Mars, eventually dying.
    • Gavin positions himself between the pumpkin head stick figures and stands there. He then calls Jack to look towards him and starts laughing because it looks like Gavin replaced his head with a pumpkin. Gavin comments that he stood there for so long, the game thought he was AFK.
    • Jeremy manages to craft something called a "Golden Egg" and plants it behind NASA. It quickly starts spinning and sending chunks of dirt flying into the air as it rises before exploding into a tiny Jeremy. Before long everyone's repeated the process and gotten their own Mini-Me's.
      • Trevor tries it in NASA on Gavin's urging and while everything inside but Geoff's glass ceiling survives, Mini-Trevor immediately runs through the Mars portal and dies there despite their attempts to save him. Matt's comes within an inch of running through the Nether portal before he gets a leash on it.
      • Trevor and Jack finally spawn their respective Mini-Me’s, but for some reason Trevor’s is spawned wearing the potato mask and Jack’s doesn’t have a face at all. Gavin wonders whether that’s what Jack looks like under his helmet since he’s never been seen without it.
      • Mini-Jeremy and Mini-Ryan get nicknamed "Lil Lil J" and "The Mad Prince" respectively.
      • Gavin's questionable attempts at parenting Mini-Gavin, including sitting in the Mini-Mes' drinking water because Mini-Gavin "likes [Gavin's] taste".
  • Fishing Rodeo & Jamobree VII - Minecraft (#343)
    • Much like the Hunters, Matt's footage has gone fishing.
    • Ryan teleports everyone back to the base camp so they can sleep. Gavin, who's bouncing around, ends up in the fire pit.
      • Then they try sleeping. Unfortunately, due to the way the tents are constructed, leaving the bed results in the person spawning their head inside the blocks that make the tents up. Gavin loudly asks why they got somebody who doesn't play Minecraft to build for them... then Matt points out that he copied the tent design from the original campsite in Achievement City, which Gavin built. Gavin dies and respawns at ROYGBaa... then Ryan intentionally teleports him back into the firepit.
      • Jeremy then proves he wasn't paying attention by sleeping and then suffocating. He manages to free himself... then Michael accidentally runs a sword through him.
    • Michael brings up a fish-related incident.
      Michael: Gavin tried to order a meatball sandwich and got tuna fish.
      Gavin: Yeah, I was gonna say, it was really funny when it was happening to Trevor, but when it was me, I was like, I don't like it!
      Geoff: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop the clock!"
      Gavin: Yeah. Man, Trevor was pissed.
      Geoff: Yeah he was.
      Trevor: *who is not part of the video, seemingly out of nowhere* It's so simple!
      *everybody bursts out laughing*
      Michael: I did not know Trevor was right behind us the entire time.
    • Geoff, as usual...
      Geoff: I'm gonna have to take a shit here really soon.
      Michael and Ryan: Again?
      Geoff: Yeah, it's bad.
      Ryan: What demon is trying to escape your asshole?
  • SANTA'S TRIALS - Christmas King Part 1 - Minecraft (#344)
    • The first few seconds of the video:
      Jack: *singing* It's beginning to look a lot like—
      *sound of cables popping, everybody screams*
      Michael: MATT!
      Matt: Okay, this one—
      *same sound, more screaming*
    • The third argument occurs just over a minute after that. Jeremy, being Jeremy, has decorated his house by covering it in purple, orange and yellow wool, something which Geoff bluntly remarks is "an affront to taste"note  (causing Jeremy to get super defensive). Michael then starts complaining that it's ruining the resell value of his own Achievement Cove house, to which Jeremy retorts that Michael's house looks a Hershey's Hug where Hansel and Gretel would get eaten. Lindsay's commentary adds to the scene:
      Lindsay: (after Jeremy makes the Hershy's Hug comparison) Ours is delicious! [...] (after Jeremy makes the Hansel and Gretel comparison) Damn straight, come on, kids!
      • Jeremy's latter remark causes Michael to fire right back by claiming that, if anything, Jeremy's house looks like candy. Jeremy's response?
        Jeremy: Because I'm so sweet!
    • Matt has the F3 information showing so he can try and find his way back to the event area:
      Michael: Matt's in the Matrix! Jeremy, look at his screen!
      Jeremy: Jesus Christ!
      Michael: Can you read the code, Matt?
      Matt: I... no.
    • Jeremy uses the iron pickaxe he was given for one of the challenges to mine some of the gold blocks from the throne. Santa/Matt arrives with a scare chord. He also later takes a leaf out of Ryan's book and digs a tunnel from the sleeping hut under to the throne to dismantle it from below.
      Matt: I am going to Christmas kill you.
      • Unseen by everyone, Lindsay grabs one of those blocks and puts it on her own obsidian block.
    • In the challenge where everyone has to find ingredients to bake cookies, Lindsay ends up the winner. Ryan ends up shooting Lindsay just before she can give Santa the cookies, traumatizing Matt.
      *everyone bursts into laughter*
      Jack: He's having a 'Nam flashback!
      • Ryan does apologize... to Michael, since he was actually aiming for Santa.
      • And before this, Lindsay (being Lindsay) takes ALL the ingredients for the cookies. Michael discovers her just as she takes the last bit and calls this out to the others, leading to everyone closing in on her and chasing her back to the Christmas Village court trying to get ingredients by killing her (even though 'keep inventory' is on).
    • One of the challenges involves using colored blocks to make copies of a big Rudolph statue Matt has floating over the courtyard. While Jack and Ryan and Jeremy do more-or-less alright, Geoff is just eager for someone else to finish so he can stop, Michael doesn't even try to make his reindeer look like Matt's, and Lindsay's rather abysmal attempt quickly gets dubbed "Rudolph the Hutt".note 

    Let's Play Minecraft — 2019 episodes (345-401) 
  • THE NEW KING - Christmas King Part 2 - Minecraft (#345)
    • For various challenges, a couple of the Hunters (but mostly Geoff) block off the main entrance so people can't get out.
    • As the number of different players winning blocks increases, and Michael and Jack insist on giving each other their blocks, everyone starts accusing Matt of having to recycle challenges because he didn't think of enough.
    • One challenge is to find Santa's naughty list. Jack finds it, and when he returns to the kingdom he opens it up:
      Naughty List 2018
      If you're reading this and aren't Santa... you're on the list.
      Gavin regardless of whether he reads it or not...
      Never Ending Naughty List
      The guy that invented pop up ads
      My neighbour Terrance
      The check out person that forgot to remove the security tag from my favorite sweater
      Jarred from Subway *cue everyone ribbing on Matt for misspelling "Jared"*
      Barney the Dinosaur
    • The victor is Ryan. Matt quickly claims that Ryan has released him from his bonds and that his win means that Ryan has to be Santa next year.
  • MY FIRST MISSILE - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 17 (#346)
    • Upon seeing the Mini-Achievement Hunters, Lindsay quickly makes her own and offers to serve as their babysitter.
    • Jeremy insists on bringing his slime family into the Mars dungeons with himself and Ryan over Ryan's protests to leave them behind. Sure enough, a bunch of Creepers blows all of them up at once.
    • Michael bemoans his painstakingly-crafted path to NASA, and that Ryan blew it up in the previous Galacticraft episode.
      Ryan: I didn't blow it up!
      Michael: Ryan, you shot a fucking bomb into it.
      *edited-in Flash Back to Ryan firing his rocket launcher into the middle of the pathway*
      Ryan: I blew it up.
    • A third of the way into the episode Ryan makes a missile launcher which Michael disagrees as it doesn't fit with their goal of space exploration, only to immediately change his mind when he finds out Matt is riding the missile.
      Michael: Ryan, NASA is for science, not for death!
      Ryan: (to Matt) Are you riding the missile?!?!?!
      Michael: Launch him. Launch him launch him launch him. Shoot him.
    • After Michael stops Ryan from deleting his desh gear but doesn't explain why, Ryan drops this gem:
      Ryan: I-I am confused, and it's starting to make me angry, and I have a missile launcher and I see all the kids!
    • Michael pinning a lampshade on the recurring misfortune of Alfredo's bridge, as it's been blown up and been repaired about Once an Episode, just since Alfredo's been there. About ten minutes later, a Creeper blows it up again, sending the room into hysterics. Michael could have stopped it, but missed the Creeper because Jeremy called him over to show him something.
    • Michael makes a bridge on Geoff's request and calls it the Geoff Bridge. Lindsay proposes calling it the Geoff Bridges, and Michael decides to build a second one to roll with the name.
  • KIDS NO MORE - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 18 (#347)
    • Continuing the trend, Geoff rejoins the game and obligatorily makes another Mini-Me. His skepticism over the idea vanishes as soon as he sees the tiny Master Chief, but because Gavin told Geoff to do it inside NASA again the place gets roughed up from the process.
      Gavin: What's your name for him? Mine is Itty-Bitty Slitty.
      Michael: Mine's Mini-Mog.
      Jeremy: Mine's Lil' Lil' J.
      Jack: I'm Jonk.
    • Michael stumbles onto Trevor (who is not supposed to be part of the video) skulking in the trees outside NASA. He says nothing and flees with Michael chasing him for a while. He pops up again silently watching everyone from a distance, with "Psycho" Strings edited in any time he's on-screen.
      • Somehow, he invisibly gave Jack a submarine sandwich in-game. Jack doesn't notice it in his inventory for 10 minutes, and by that point Trevor's already left the game.
      • Before they began filming, Ryan saw Trevor on the map, and gets shushed by him for noticing.
    • Ryan builds another missile, but this time it explodes into a hailstorm of anvils. Everyone is unimpressed with the explosion, so he somehow loads the ammunition into his rocket launcher and shoots Gavin with it, an even bigger anvil rain blasting out of it and destroying Gavin's helmet.
    • Gavin makes a mine for supplies, for some reason connected directly to NASA. Geoff spends most of the early episode searching for lava, and once he's found it he returns to NASA and dumps it down Gavin's mine before sealing the entrance.
    • They hesitantly decide to let Gavin head the shuttle to their next destination, although he doesn't have half the equipment necessary and needs Ryan and Jeremy to give him theirs. Then the rocket finally takes off, except they forgot to put a hole above it in the ceiling. Michael happened to be on the roof and cuts him loose, and Gavin jets off setting everybody on the ground on fire.
    • The title derives from the end of the video. The newly-made launchpad was too close to the kids, and Gavin's takeoff to Venus not only destroyed the tether and set them loose, but destroyed Gavin and the Jones' Mini-Me's. As soon as the rest are tied back up, Ryan aims his rocket launcher and accidentally fires it at Jack using the computer, killing him and all the kids but Matt's with the anvil Spread Shot. And broke Gavin's helmet again. The reaction is an immediate mix of laughter and outrage. Now in animated form.
      • As Ryan is attempting to explain himself, he accidentally fires the rocket launcher again and kills Jack a second time while trying to demonstrate the circumstances.
      • And then to add insult to injury, Geoff picks that moment to wander over from where he was building the wall and is impressed by the rocket launcher. Ryan demonstrates by firing at him... and the missile bypasses Geoff completely, flies through the open door of NASA and kills Jack yet again, causing him to quit.
      • Mini-Matt survived by sitting at a small table as everything was going down. Gavin corrects this by putting a leash on him and leading him into the Nether portal, which no one notices (except Michael, when Gavin quietly tells him near the end).
      • Michael is volunteered as the one to go back to Venus because he's the only one whose helmet hasn't been blown up by Ryan. Jack demands to know where all their glass for the helmets went, leading to another lampshade being hung on Alfredo's bridge (which also blew up earlier in the video).
  • KILLER RAIN - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 19 (#348)
  • GONE TOO FAR - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 20 (#349)
    • Ryan discovers how to make thermobaric explosive rockets. Things quickly get out of hand.
    • A graphic of skulls surrounded by flames with a dramatic music sting plays when people die to Ryan's nukes.
    • Trevor crafts a parachute, and decides to test it by building a tower high up and then jumping. The parachute fails to open.
      • While Trevor is building the tower, Ryan aims his thermobaric rocket launcher at him, and comments that he's really tempted to fire it. Everyone else is split between telling Trevor to jump off now and egging Ryan on to shoot him.
    • Michael gets Matt to replace the water under the bridge to NASA with sulfuric acid from Venus to punish anyone who breaks the glass and falls in.
      Jeremy: Are you sure- you should really, like, ask the town first, have a meeting...
  • TO MERCURY - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 21 (#350)
    • Ryan makes some larger nukes. Matt ends up taking the brunt of most of the shots he fires.
      Ryan: So everyone's here but Matt, right?
      Matt: Uh, no! W- not everyone's here, hold on!
      Ryan: (fires missile) Uh-huh.
      Matt: (watches missile fly past him, screams and dies)
    • Matt finally finds the schematics for a Tier 4 rocket. Ryan starts looking up the crafting recipes, and discovers that they need metal from Mercury first. Then he realizes that somebody's going to have to go up in a Tier 3, since Gavin went up the first time and he just clicked Venus randomly. Jeremy volunteers. Ryan states that it's just a test run - Jeremy can go up into space, see if Tier 3 can get to Mercury, and then land on Venus so he can get back to Earth. It transpires that nobody was listening to him, as Jeremy crashlands on Mercury, and nobody remembers Ryan saying anything about going to Venus.
      • Ryan then launches a rescue mission, along with some tier 3 thermal protection so Jeremy won't keep dying. After the hasty construction of a portal, the rescue mission is a success. Jeremy then discovers that even if he had taken adequate thermal protection he would have died anyway - because he left his oxygen tanks in the compressor on Earth.
      • While he's waiting around on Mercury, Jeremy starts filling out his employee feedback form. Based on his answers, the others conclude that he's going to get fired.
    • Again, Ryan crafts and decides to test out a new super-destructive missile. Again, the gang gathered to watch retreats to what they think is a safe distance. Again, they are sorely mistaken.
    • Jack manages to make uranium seeds, which immediately start irradiating anyone who picks them up. He then leaves them on the floor of NASA so Ryan keeps running over them.
    • Matt manages to find a replacement for his horse. It survives less than five minutes before being wiped out by another nuke courtesy of Ryan.
      • He then finds a third horse that he takes off with and builds a hidden shack around so the others can't kill it. Cue Ryan immediately trying to figure out his coordinates so he can air-mail a nuke on its head.
      • Towards the end of the video it cuts to Matt's screen as he creates the new waypoint for his hidden shack, with the Location coordinates censored... Except he forgot to censor the "Current Location" bar he was checking at the bottom of the screen, resulting in Ryan finding it out and nuking it the very next episode.
  • NUKE THE DRAGON - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 22 (#351)
    • When Gavin logged out last time, he was heading for the moon. Before this episode started, he immediately collided with it and blew up.
    • Ryan immediately sets out to nuke Matt's horse. Turned out he resorted to watching the previous video to figure out where they were hiding. Matt books it before the explosion, and from that point on his minimap is censored.
    • As the title implies, Ryan heads to the End to nuke the ender dragon, with Gavin in tow. Ryan's first shot misses, then his second hits one of the nearer pillars, and, well... you can probably guess the rest.
      Jack: Yep, that went about as well as I thought it would go.
      • Ryan later returns to the End in creative mode so he can nuke the dragon without killing himself (and so the dragon doesn't repeatedly swipe him into the void). As it turns out? Nukes pass straight through the dragon without harming it, forcing Ryan to fight it the old fashioned way.
      • Ryan dies so many times to his own nukes that the musical stinger is sped up.
    • Gavin can't figure out how to teleport to waypoints, so he gets stuck in NASA. He then spots a button on the floor and presses it... then notices that it's the button that's hooked up to the missile launcher. Fortunately it only housed an anvil missile not a nuke.
    • Gavin doesn't know how to do any of the complicated stuff, so he asks for a simple task in his own unique way.
      Gavin: Jeremy, do you need some bitch work doing?
      Jeremy: We seem to have a spare bitch.
    • After failing to get his stuff back in the End, Gavin decides to chop down trees instead. As he leaves NASA, a creeper behind him manages to get past the obsidian wall unnoticed, blowing up Alfredo's Bridge again, and destroying the front door. The AH crew are more worried about the door instead of the bridge. Gavin then falls in the acid because he thought it was just green water.
      Jeremy: *Looking at the hole in bridge.* Oh, I got bitch work for ya!
    • Jeremy makes a big show about making a big project that turns out to be a Sentry Gun turret. He's let down when it turns out to not be a seated turret he could ride on, and even more so when it turns out he needs a pedestal, a power source, ammunition and a targeting program for it to start doing literally anything.
    • Ryan makes an Ender Missile. He tests it on Gavin, and learns that it teleports the target randomly. It also spawns a large number of Endermen, who are angry with Ryan for using the missile and chase him down relentlessly. Ryan has the appropriate reaction.
  • HEAD HUNTING - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 23 (#352)
    • Jeremy manages to put together the rest of his turret's materials and sets it up with the necessary equipment. It works perfectly.
      Jeremy: Jack, Jack, hang on. What's your name in this?
      Jack: It is G-A-V-I-N-O-F-R-E-E.
      Jeremy: No no no, honestly, it's so that I can protect you.
      Jack: Jack_AH.
      [Jeremy puts Jack in "trusted players" program and turns on "attack players" option; turret immediately one-shots Jack anyway]
    • He figures it soon after and disassembles the turret to put it on the front of NASA, but doesn't realize that the targeting system resets every time the base is broken. Not until after volunteering Matt to demonstrate how it won't shoot them anymore, For Science!
      Jeremy: Just tell me how it looks, does it look cool down there?
      Matt: It does look pretty cool, yeah.
      Jeremy: So if I do, uh, this...
      [Jeremy switches "attack players" back on, turret annihilates Jack again. Cue Corpsing and Matt panicking]
    • It starts raining, so Matt uses the storm as an excuse to create a makeshift pentagram out of redstone, place a new golden egg and bring Mini-Matt back from hell, complete with tribal music and the sounds of falcons screeching.
    • Every time Gavin manages to get back to NASA after Ryan retrieves his gear from the End, Jeremy's turret murders him and flings him back into the wilds.
    • Gavin sets out on a voyage to the Nether, but the second he comes out the other side of the portal a Creeper blows it up, stranding him there.
    • Ryan's game crashes, leading Gavin to begin a back-and-forth with Matt (and Jack) over the in-game chat since Ryan can't see it.
      Gavin: ryan can't see this / we should talk about him / what do you think of him? / hello? / I think he's okay / matt, thoughts?
      Matt: He's alright when he's not killing everything I love
      Gavin: that's fair
      Matt: That's almost never, though / I hurt
      Gavin: he's full of evil
      Jack: he's right here next to me
      Matt: Run!
      Gavin: what's it like over there? / we should ban him from this server
      Jack: take his shit
      Matt: That's a good idea
      Gavin: jack try and pass me something from his desk
      Matt: I'll ask him how to ban him later today
      Jack: we need him distracted
      Gavin: it would be suspicious if you asked now
      [Ryan_AH has joined the game]
      Matt: I'll give it a day. He'll never see it coming / shit
      Gavin: RUN
    • To test out their new anti-mob turret, they have Ryan fire an Ender Missile at Gavin, summoning a horde of pissed-off Endermen. However, due to the fact that the turrets' fire rate is rather slow, and that it takes multiple hits for it to kill a single Enderman, for the next few minutes Ryan & Jeremy are left scrambling around being pursued by the Endermen while silly music plays.
    • A Creeper wanders a bit too close to the bridge entrance, so they kill it... only to learn that it was a Compressed Creeper, meaning that killing it spawns an entire pack of normal Creepers in its place. Cue panic, especially from Gavin who's right in the middle of them.
    • The group discover that they can speed up their head collection by using a Reusable Morb to capture a Wither Skeleton. To make the Morb, they need Slag.
    Ryan: I feel like we're deep into some British slang here.
    Gavin: It sounds like you're naming my Worms.
    • The gang, playing vanilla Minecraft, tries to make the Phantom mobs spawn by going 3+ nights without sleep. They don't encounter any Phantoms... but Gavin gets to be a "phantom" in a way when, due to a glitch, he inexplicably becomes invisible to Matt & Jeremy. He proceeds to chase Jeremy around while attacking him, with Jeremy freaking out and spamming arrows in what he hopes is the general direction of the invisible-to-him Gavin, who is giggling madly as he torments Lil J.
    • Early in the video Geoff offers to be the Phantom victim, to which everyone agrees. He then offers to seal himself off from the world for safety and have the others feed him. After he builds his "safety hut" people refuse to drop food in because no one really has food to spare and Geoff isn't expending any food not moving. Geoff then gets irate, kills himself, chews everybody out, then QUITS THE LETS PLAY because nobody fed him. Then later people do have surplus food and taunt the absent Geoff for leaving early.
  • IT'S OUR PET NOW - Minecraft - Phantom Part 2
    • Early on in the episode, Gavin dies, and he respawns at the world spawn since they haven't yet crafted a bed to set a new spawn, so he has to run all the way back to the base. Then he attempts to sneak up on Ryan (as his skin was bugged out and invisible), but instead goads him into shooting him dead. He makes his way back again, and while he's waiting for Michael to give him back his stuff, he starts bouncing around, falls straight through the hole in the platform for the not-yet-installed water block of Jack's farm, and dies again.
    • During the video, they discuss how people on the Reddit managed to figure out the location of Matt's new hiding spot for his horse in Galacticraft using a lot of math just so Ryan can kill it. Matt admits that, although he was mad, he was also impressed.
    • Out of nowhere, Gavin becomes very concerned that a couple of the older Achievement Hunter memes (namely Flynt Coal and Mark Nutt) are so old that they're not funny any more.
    • Towards the end of the episode, the gang (minus Geoff, who's still refusing to join in, and Jeremy, who's dealing with a home plumbing emergency) have decided they don't just want to kill Phantoms, they want to catch one. They name one Flappy (even sticking a nametag on it) and spend quite some time trying to catch it and pen it in, hooking it with a fishing line and discussing how to keep it contained. Unfortunately, they are unaware - but soon learn the hard way - that Phantoms, as Undead-type mobs, burn and die in sunlight. Cue the sappy music and camera angles as Flappy meets his unexpected gruesome end.
    • After the short moment of sadness for their fallen "pet," the episode ends with everyone opening and closing the same gate quickly for no reason other than enjoyment.
  • WE PERFORM SURGERY - Minecraft - Operation
  • NOWHERE IS SAFE - Minecraft - Ya Dead, Ya Dead (#356)
    • After the previous attempt went so badly wrong, the Hunters have decided to give YDYD another shot, to try and avoid such a short series like last time. The episode also has an unofficial title of "A Tale of Two Beginnings", because, true to form, Ryan and Jeremy have both died five minutes in, practically back to back, prompting everybody to call for a restart, which they do, and for Michael to call for a "20 minutes minimum" rule, which is brought down to 10 minutes before being agreed on. As Gavin says, you couldn't write this stuff if you tried.
      Matt: (referring to Jeremy) How did he drown, though?
      Michael: (in full Rage Quit mode) UNDERWATER, MATT!
      • Really, the amount of Too Dumb to Live exhibited by the Battle Buddies is incredible. Ryan straight-up ignores Michael warning everybody that there's a skeleton in the mining cave and then can't get out before he's shot, while Jeremy swims down to loot an underwater ruin, without telling anyone, and while damaged from a previous skeleton attack, meaning that when he runs out of oxygen he drowns quicker.
        Gavin: We're so bad at Minecraft! It's been seven years!
      • Special mention goes to the response to Jeremy's death: Michael loudly and angrily berates him for being an idiot, while Gavin loudly and angrily demands that they have a series that lasts longer than two episodes and Trevor jokingly insinuates that they did it on purpose so they didn't have to play.
      • As they are getting ready to restart, Jeremy flat out asks if they can do the series on a different seed, but is shot down due to everyone else being okay with it. Jeremy decides to ask what Jack was doing (since Jack was giving him shit for drowning), prompting him to go off on Jack for building a housenote . Jeremy's outburst of rage was so sudden, even Michael was taken aback.
      • After calming down, Jeremy explains that he went off because "Let's Watch!Jack" had come out, and Jeremy has no patience for that.
      • The first attempt had Geoff attempt to assign roles to everyone to make things easier, but in fact wound up over complicating things. The second go, fueled in part due to Jeremy's ranting, Geoff streamlines things:
      • For all of his chastising of Ryan and Jeremy for dying so early, Michael is the first to die after the reboot.
      • Matt dies fighting a trident wielding drowned while trying to save Ryan. Matt was just watching Ryan die until Ryan noticed and started publicly shaming him. Matt would latter confirm he fully intended to do nothing until Ryan called him.
      • Afer Matt's demise Geoff says it was a shame because Matt really wanted to do Ya Dead Ya Dead. Gavin then replies "Well he was in one."
    • Ever since this episode, Gavin considered this the worst start to any series the crew have ever done due to how horrible they began. It wasn't until their GTA V: Criminal Masterminds Trash - It Only Gets Worse From Here (In which no progress was made whatsoever) that Gavin reconsidered it, even mentioning this episode as comparison.
  • GOLD RUSH - Minecraft - Ya Dead, Ya Dead Part 2 (#357)
    • After reviewing tomes of dark lore, a ritual to revive those who died has been found: Erecting a Tower of Pimps. It will allow a single resurrection for a player. Of course given the guys have no gold, the question becomes who gets revived first. Most likely it'll be decided based on who is actually in the office.
      • Ryan ominously warns that what comes back may not be what they expect. Jack immediately asks if they're dealing with a Pet Sematary situation.
    • Geoff makes a short cut to a ravine he found under the island by digging a small channel to allow sea water to flow in and make a waterfall. Halfway through the episode he accidentally stumbles into this channel and is sucked into the the ravine, where a skeleton kills him. It's perhaps the most pathetic death so far, as he basically tripped and fell into a monster.
    • At the end of the episode enough gold has been stored to revive a single person. This leads to some arguments as everybody has their own opinion, such as reviving Michael because he's their friend or Geoff because he pays them.
  • BACK FROM THE DEAD - Minecraft - Ya Dead, Ya Dead Part 3 (#358)
    • Alfredo is nowhere to be found this episode, and the others hurriedly confirm at the beginning that he didn't die between episodes, he's just busy doing 'something else'.
    • Given that they have everything they need aside from the obsidian, due to a stupid mistake at the end of the last episode, and that's quickly obtained, they perform the reviving ritual and bring Michael back from the dead. Everybody's disturbed to see that his usual skin is now part-zombie.
      Michael: [waiting for his model to load] I'm really curious to see what I look like. I hope I've aged well.
      • After Michael makes this comment, Trevor then proceeds to tell him to hit F5.
        Trevor: Hit... F... something.
        Michael: (blunt) You need to stop saying that-
        Michael: (blunt) You need to stop saying that, and listen to me.
        Trevor: (talking over Michael) Oh, sorry, o-okay, go ahead?
        Michael: I'm invisible to myself.
      • After reviving, Michael shows some disturbing behavior, not recognizing the difference between cooked and rotten meat and trying to push people into the cactus hole. He admits he might be a little bit evil after his time in hell.
    • Then about ten minutes later Ryan gets ambushed by a creeper and dies, meaning that they have to blow their second tower on reviving him. He becomes part Enderman.
      • When asked the same question about preference in meat, Ryan states he'd prefer the arm holding them.
    • While he's mining in a cave, a skeleton in leather armor literally drops down and scares the shit out of Ryan.
    Ryan: Oh my God, that was terrifying! There's a fucking skeleton in his pajamas and he just assaulted me from the sky!
    • Jeremy returns to the underwater ruin that killed him in the aborted first try to retrieve the treasure map he saw that time. The chest is now empty.
    • A small invasion of the island's boats by the Drowned sees Turtle Boat (literally a turtle sitting in a boat) die. Distraught, Trevor decides to recruit his 'son' (another turtle) to replace him... and ends up making an entire Turtle FLEET.
    • It's decided that they need to have a sheep cull because their pen is full to bursting. Trevor goes in and, owing to the iron armor he's wearing, sort of gets assimilated.
      Trevor: It's day fifteen. They haven't noticed anything.
    • The Nether portal allows a zombie pigman to come through and wander around the island. They all eventually decide he needs a name so name him Frederick. When a second one comes through they decide one is enough and push them back into the Nether.
    • On finding the Nether Fortress, Ryan and Jeremy are forced to flee when a Blaze comes after them and place a new portal to the overworld. They arrive in an uncharted, unlighted cave and quickly dig to the surface for safety only to emerge deep underwater. Surfacing they find that not only is it night and they're in an uncharted part of the map but they're surrounded by polar bears.
    • At the end of the episode, everybody cheers that they made it longer than they did last time with enough players alive to make the let's play viable.
      • During said celebration, Trevor climbs out onto a narrow ledge on their watchtower and then freaks out that he might fall. Michael tries to knock him off with a chicken and Ryan barely restrains himself from punching Trevor off the building.
  • ENTER THE NEST - Minecraft - YDYD Part 4
    • The episode starts up with Michael having a staring contest with a chicken that somehow got to the top of his watchtower.
    • The goals outlined at the start of the episode are to get enough gold to resurrect Matt, and to kickstart potion brewing. By the end of the episode, thanks to bad luck and sheer stupidity, Matt is back, but Jack is dead to a drop creeper and both Michael and Ryan are double-dead.
      • Really, the amount of Hoist by His Own Petard from Michael and Ryan is staggering. Following the death of Jack, Michael and Trevor retrieve his stuff, but then get too greedy while searching an abandoned mineshaft, and after they've already gotten lost once, Michael charges into a cave spider nest and gets bitten to death. Meanwhile, Ryan popped out of the secondary Nether portal to check just how far it was away from the island (very far indeed) then can't find the entrance back into the caves so he decides to try and run the full 2,400 blocks back. Night falls, he builds a house, then he tries to experience farm with the zombies banging on his door and gets completely swamped.
      • Not only that, Trevor could have helped prevent Michael's death, if he hadn't holed himself off so he could get lunch in real life. Michael immediately writes in the chat that Trevor's sandwich killed him.
      • In a way, Ryan's death is also partially Michael's fault - Ryan was able to make a bed and was willing (and tried) to sleep to skip the night, but it didn't work because Michael was refusing to leave the mineshafts and everybody else was looking for him.
      • The fact that Jack actually spotted the drop creeper and called attention to it but didn't do anything about it and eventually wandered into its area. It might be the most preventable death yet.
    • Alfredo, meanwhile, draws the ire of everybody else for using up half of the diamonds to make a sword and slaughtering Frederick, their pet zombie pigman.
    • Jack has a sing and Alfredo appreciates it.
      Jack: (to the tune of 'Tomorrow') "Just thinkin' about Alfredo...!"
      Alfredo: "That's nice of you."
    • When Jack dies, he starts typing in a 'spooky ghost voice'. Matt later calls attention to this by wondering why of all of the dead, Jack is the only one with a 'speech impediment'.
  • WHATEVER IT TAKES - Minecraft - YDYD Part 5 (#360)
    • The episode kicks off with Alfredo giving a dramatic speech... that just turns out to be an extended Avengers: Endgame parody. The second that it's over, there's a Mood Whiplash as he asks why there's a hole in the floor of the house.
    • They quickly gather enough gold to revive another person and Jack comes back... with a little zombification and the front of his helmet gone, revealing a face ala Jonk. He immediately starts shouting about a Creeper and the others decide not to mention his 'face'.
    • As the other four have made plans about what jobs need to be done, Jeremy attempts to fill Jack in on what needs doing by telling Jack that it's "on the wall." Jack starts looking around the house in confusion before Alfredo helps to clarify that Jeremy means the board on the wall in their actual office.
    • Talking about food, Jeremy mentions that he has bread, chicken and mutton on him. Matt takes the chance to make a pun, that gets a Lame Pun Reaction:
      Matt: (quietly) "You fuckers ain't got mutton on me... (cracks up a little at the lame joke)"
      (There are a few laughs from Jack and a 'Right.' from Jeremy)
      Alfredo: "The fuck Matt?"
      Jack: "Boo."
      Matt: "I'm-I'm losing my mind this week dude."
    • While systematically clearing the mineshafts of spiderwebs and mob spawners, Jeremy and Alfredo come across a zombie with a shield trapped behind some panic blocks from the last episode. They prepare themselves, release the zombie, and discover to their horror that the zombie is wearing all of Michael's armor and carrying his sword and shield. They kill it with little struggle, and lament that they just killed Michael again.
    • Jeremy found some powered rails in a chest, so Jack starts using them to speed up the rail that descends into the mine, only to find that they don't have nearly enough. At the end of the video, Jeremy tries to ascend anyway by pressing forward manually, reaches the top, bumps into Alfredo and is sent screaming all the way back to the bottom again.
    • Near the end the entire group is down in the mineshaft having cleared a large section out and when Trevor knocks through a wall to find a few Creepers they take them down quickly too and knock through fully to go into the new section... only to find there were more Creepers hiding inside waiting for them along with a skeleton with an enchanted bow and Jeremy screams to run. What follows is about ten seconds or so of panic, furious sword flailing and an explosion.
    • Trevor discovers an under water cave which might go back to the surface. Matt says he'll go inside and tells Trevor to seal it off, when Trevor refuses.
      Matt: "No, I mean after I get back out."
      Trevor: "Oh."
  • WE FOUND TREASURE - Minecraft - YDYD Part 6 (#361)
    • The episode starts with the remaining gang deciding to resurrect Geoff mostly because they don't wanna resurrect Gavin. Not only does he have trouble respawning, when he does respawn, he's furious because he was happy and in heaven!
      • This being Geoff, he dies again before the episode's out.
    • Geoff comes back half-infested with Flood. The other guys can't help staring at him in disgusted fascination, even when he's sleeping, creeping Geoff out.
    • Jack gets perma-killed, with his third YDYD death by Creeper. He doesn't even get the chance to scream before he's blown up. We don't even see him die. We just hear an explosion and Trevor receives the message saying he was killed.
    • Alfredo goes on an adventure, and somehow escapes death by a hair's breadth multiple times (Armored Zombies, Cave-Spider nests, Creepers popping up out of nowhere (complete with a Scare Chord every time he sees a Creeper), narrowly surviving poisonings and Creeper-blasts...) and manages to get back to base. The gang's lost so many of their veteran Minecrafters despite their efforts at caution, and goofy, reckless Alfredo is somehow still alive!
      Alfredo: Ah! Oh my god! I fell through a hole, right next to lava.
      Jeremy: Stop Magooing around this game!
      Alfredo: It was the most Magoo thing I've ever done.
  • REMEMBER THIS COURSE? - Minecraft - Wipeout (#362)
    • Yes, that's right, Wipeout is back - and this is the original course from Achievement City, dragged screaming back from hell so the Hunters who've joined since 2012 can set times on it. Geoff's quick to point out that this does not mean Achievement City's back for good - it's the newest version of it they had that was still working, and even then only just. It's so old the world hasn't been enlarged from its original size, meaning that the file predates episode 135, which came out at the end of 2014.
      • They've coated the entire area with vines and spiderwebs, claiming its the accumulated filth of five years, as well as random holes in various structures.
    • As Jeremy reaches the end of the course, Matt points out that Geoff didn't save the map after he fixed something - namely, stopping the last water tower from freezing since it's in a snowy biome. Cue Geoff and Jack panicking as they cycle through their creative mode inventories trying to find buckets of water. Then once they're done, Geoff sets everybody back to survival mode. Everybody, including himself, Jack and Gavin who were acting as cameramen. Jack dies on impact.
    • Fiona goes second, and it's plain she a) doesn't play Minecraft and b) never watched the original videos, because she has no idea where she's going and is generally unfamiliar with the controls.
      • At the very end of the course she starts complaining she can't see the final jump. The guys are amazed when they realize that she ran the entire course in third person. (Except, actually, she didn't - she panic hit the button when jumping to the last water column, and since she doesn't play Minecraft, she had no idea what she'd done. By the time it comes out that she's in third person, she's either completely forgotten that she did most of the course in first person, or just can't communicate it above everyone else being loud.)
    • Halfway through her attempt, Ray walks in and is amazed that they're playing the same map as seven years ago.
      • Ray's appearance indicates this and the next part were recorded the same day as Off Topic #177, where Ray was a guest.
    • During his go, Jeremy said that he didn't expect anyone to succesfully pass the piston shunts, owing to game updates. Fiona gets there and breezes through it in a single attempt.
    • At the end of the video, Gavin pops a confetti popper, but as he did, Jeremy sees that the strobe light went off as well and it scared the shit out of him because he feared that something from the equipment popped.
  • HUNT FOR THE ENDER PEOPLE - Minecraft - YDYD Part 7 (#364)
    • Gavin is the next one resurrected. His new skin? Nothing. Gavin's skin didn't load, making him look completely normal. Jeremy has to fix it, and instead of Gavin becoming more monstrous, he ends up looking more human, ending up with the face and arms of Steve.
    • Alfredo takes issue with Gavin's new face. And by the end of the episode, there really is only one Steve.
      Alfredo: Hey, hey you, bitch. There's only one Steve here, you hear me?
    • Trevor's death is arguably the dumbest and most hilarious one of all. In an attempt to set down TNT, Trevor ends up activating it instead. In the doorway of the house. Mere seconds after Jeremy died, Trevor ends up blowing himself sky-high, leaving only Alfredo as the lone survivor.
    • The sheer fact that Alfredo of all people is the one that manages to survive until the end, beating out the more experienced and skilled veterans through sheer luck and recklessness.
    • The somber ending as Alfredo decides to cut himself off from the rest of the world is peppered with tons of Corpsing as you can hear Jeremy laughing in the background at Alfredo's bungled attempt to blow up the bridge and his grousing about the house being gone.
  • PILLAGING THE PILLAGERS - Minecraft 1.14 Update (#365)
    • It's a brand new update, so the gang has decided to go check out the Pillagers that were just added.
      • As they kill villagers, steal from their chests, and just generally harass them it occurs to the guys that they were the pillagers all along.
    • The gang finds a village pretty early on. While looking at what the ironsmith had, Jeremy lists out the items in awe. Ryan correctly calls him out for immediately robbing him.
    • Jack finds a bell in the village and begins ringing it, crying out "Sanctuary!". Michael immediately tells him "Too soon".
    • Michael sees that the blacksmith has lava blocked away and immediately lets it flow. It ends up killing the blacksmith when he drops into it and Michael keeps claiming it's not his fault when Ryan keeps calling him out for it.
    • A thunderstorm revives the talk of "winning" Minecraft with a Super-Charged Creeper. Jack gets really into the idea and spends several minutes digging a pit to trap Creepers in hopes of lightning striking one. Then he gets teleported across the map by Ryan, triggering a massive breakdown.
    • The guys discover pandas and proceed to coo over it in delight while Gavin enters David Attenborough mode, complete with documentary music.
    • Michael traps the panda in a pit preparing to kill it ("I'm the only bear here, motherfucker."), and he's accused of having some bear envy. Jeremy mishears "bear envy" as "bear in me", and breaks into singing "You've Got a Bear In Me" in the doofiest voice imaginable, with Gavin accurately predicting what kind of face Jeremy is making as he sings before even turning to look at him.
  • ACHIEVEMENT HUNTING - Minecraft - The 102 (Part 1)
    • The Achievement Hunters are back into hunting achievements and are going after the game's 102 achievements. Jeremy, being the overachiever, is already at 14 when they start.
    • Fiona, having never really played Minecraft, gets ribbed on a lot for her newbieness. For instance, when she asks how to eat the food, Matt tells her to "open her mouth".
    • Alfredo makes a craft box and proclaims that he's going to "craft her good", prompting a blushing pink background and sparkles all around.
    • Geoff points out that he had was digging with a wooden shovel, in response to previous audience comments that he never uses the right tool for the job. Cue mocking fireworks display... and Fiona accidentally smacking Geoff with a pickax.
      • The rest of the Hunters declare that by using the right tool, Geoff is worse than Thanos.
    • Jack once again dies to a creeper. When Trevor calls "drop creepers" the bane of Jack's existence, Jeremy quickly shifts to his Bane voice, asking "Did someone call for Bane?". Geoff quickly shoots out "No."
    • When Fiona finds Matt building his little cottage, she asks if she can help. Matt responds that any help would be nice. So, she gives him one block of wood.
    • The incident with the witch is hilarious: While wandering around, Trevor gets attacked by a passing by witch, which poisons him. In his panic, Trevor dives around to his house... with no windows. The witch nails Fiona, causing the two of them to run around in a panic. When Fiona dies by another potion, she's around Jack's farm. When she goes to get her stuff, a Creeper follows her and blows up, leaving a large crater in Jack's farm. The witch returns again and Fiona and Matt put her down, poisoning Fiona in the process. As she runs around in a panic, she accuses Matt of attacking her, leading him to blow up that it's her body doing the attacking not him.
  • TRIDENT PHANTOM HUNTING - Minecraft - All 102 Achievements (Part 2)
    • Trevor becomes irritated when he finds several endermen, having spent the entirety of YDYD without seeing a single one.
    • Fiona, having been the first one to find lava in the previous episode and immediately dying afterwards, continues the trend by becoming the first (and only) person to find a village this episode... then accidentally whacks a villager with a shovel and gets steamrollered by an iron golem.
    • At one point, Trevor goes to investigate an underwater ruin, then realizes on his way back up that he's going to drown before he gets back to the surface. He has just enough time to panic and say 'bye' before dying, sending the others into laughing fits.
    • Trevor is the gift that keeps on giving this episode, later coming across a group of beached turtles... which he proceeds to slaughter for seagrass, all while the screen becomes progressively redder and he talks in a depressed monotone while "Psycho" Strings play in the background.
    • Just as the episode's wrapping up, Geoff and Jack stumble upon a dungeon, and get excited over it, all while Jeremy protests that they need to end the recording. The contents of the dungeon chests are censored to provide a cliffhanger, which is instantly negated as Geoff and Jack happily describe the contents and move them to their own, uncensored inventories.
  • WHO IS BANANAMAN? - Minecraft - All 102 Achievements (Part 4)
    • The title comes from the fact that, with Michael and Lindsay joining in, the latter does not pick her usual Kazooie skin. Instead, she picks a bizarre humanoid banana as her character, and plays it up for all it's worth, including doing her level best to creep Matt out.
      Lindsay: Matt, Bananaman will remember this.
      Matt: ...Please remember it favorably, Bananaman.
      • This continues for a while until Michael and Trevor one-up her by busting out Lemongrab impressions, annoying her into silence.
      • Between these two points, Jeremy and Michael start doing exaggerated Joisey accents, which eventually morph into Lt. Surge.
        Jeremy: Hit 'im wit a Tundabolt!
    • Jeremy spends some time griefing Matt by screwing with his house - blocking off the front door with dirt, stone, and ore blocks, and then planting random wood blocks inside and trying to grow a giant mushroom in the middle of the floor (Matt catches him in the act and chases him out)
    • Jeremy also spends time trying to set up a railway track in order to get the "On A Rail" achievement. During his first attempt, though, a Creeper shows up on the track right in his path. Panicking, Jeremy hops out of his minecart to avoid getting blown up... and the Creeper ends up getting in the cart as it zooms away!
    • Poor Geoff gets so hopelessly lost that he resorts to destroying the bed in the village he last slept in and then deliberately getting killed in order to find home base again.
  • PILLAGER RAID - Minecraft - All 103 Achievements (Part 5)
    • The reason why there's now 103 achievements? As it turns out, on the day they uploaded the first video the game updated with another achievement.
    • Shortly into the video, Alfredo asks about this unusual symbol that has appeared on his screen. Trevor figures out that Alfredo has Bad Omen (a 'debuff' where if you enter a NPC village a Pillager Raid will automatically trigger), and soon finds out that Alfredo got it from the Pillager Tower that he had found and cleared out without telling anyone.
    Trevor: Magoo, you bitch!
    • During the Pillager Raid, Ryan mentions outloud that he can't find the last Pillager to kill to end it, while said Pillager is staring at him through a window as he walks past.
  • WHAT BLEW UP? - Minecraft - All 103 Achievements (Part 6)
    • The episode starts with Ryan and Michael looking over the "GAY" sign still on Gavin's Achievement Cove house. Ryan awkwardly places two blocks on the "Y" to make it "GAV", but turns it back to "GAY" when Michael suggests removing two blocks without specifying.
    • This episode sees Michael and Ryan more or less declare their "YDYD 2" skins to be their new permanent skins.
      Michael: Ryan and I are comfortable in our own skin, or whoever skin I'm wearing.
    • Matt spends the first few moments of the episode chasing everyone out of his house because they keep attacking his dog. Matt's obviously gloomy because they keep bullying his "fake pet".
    • Geoff asks who'd be the one person in the Star Wars universe closes to how Matt acts, Jack immediately chooses Salacious Crumb. Geoff thinks he's the Sarlacc Pit, Matt himself thinks he's Boba Fett "the white guy in the armor", Jeremy thinks he's a random Wookie in the background during the Battle of Kashyyyk and Lindsay thinks he's Padme Amidala, dying in childbirth and screaming at someone "You're breaking my heart!"
    • Moments after arriving at the arena and splitting up into teams everybody gets dropped from the server. Of course, Technical Difficulties plays... sung by Michael and Jeremy. It comes up again less than thirty seconds later as Jack gets dropped and Geoff realizes that he's got a meeting to go to in ten minutes, and this time it's played at more than twice the speed.
    • All of the supercreepers are named "Somehow Worse Gavin".
    • Of course, the glorious return of Old Timey Ryan.
  • Secrets Revealed - Minecraft - Galaticraft Part 24
    • Not one minute into the episode, Ryan blows himself up, again.
    • Linsday finally manages to locate the location of Matt's forbidden objects. The only problem is that the coordinates are on Michael's computer and not Ryan's, causing slight disappointment.
    • Lindsay spends the whole episode trying to make a cup of coffee so that she can open a donut store on Mars.
      • When she finally askes the group for help, they don't know how to help her.
      Jeremy: I have made jail cells that suck the life out of people and never let them die... and I have no idea what to do about your thing.
    • Jeremy spends most of the episode trying to find Wither skeletons to take their heads for the Wither spawner. Jack gives him a special BFS to help him loot them, but his first sword is enchanted and teleports anything it doesn't kill on hit to god-knows-where.
      • Later on, Matt kills a handful of skeletons while searching for Nether wart and Jeremy steps around the corner just in time to see him finish them off. Matt frantically points him in the direction of more skeletons as Jeremy brandishes his sword in silence with a Death Glare.
    • Ryan attempts to nuke Matt's Horse from their base. He even tries to pull off the gimmick where certain doom will happen if a Cow of all things manages to walk on the pressure plate. It does launch, but it doesn't do anything since its out of range from Matt's horse.
    • Right before Ryan manages to reach Matt's hideaway, Matt manages to capture Sugarcube and send it to another dimension that the rest of the AH Crew don't know about. Since he can't capture the mini Matt (As the capture device only captures vanilla mobs), Matt decides to just kill his mini self.
      • The sheer fact that the only place Matt could keep Sugarcube safe from Ryan's bloodlust was an inaccessible pocket dimension. And then Ryan implies that even that won't be enough.
    • Jack closes the episode out like this... or something close to it:
      Jack: Stay tuned, next time, for the- the conklillion-blah-bla-ba!
      (the entire room collapses into laughter)
      Jeremy: Yeah, that's how it's gonna end!?
      Jack: Conklilling conclusion! Con- uh- the "thrilling conclusion", that's what I was trying to say, the thrilling conclusion!
  • Total Annihilation - Minecraft - Galacticraft Finale (Part 25)
    • Since he can't reach Matt's pocket dimension to get to Sugarcube and Mini Matt himself, Ryan uses console commands to spawn TNT on Matt with the hopes of catching his kid and horse in the explosion. While Sugarcube manages to survive Mini Matt didn't, and Matt's tombstone is in the pocket dimension leaving him without a means to get back.
      • He did have a second key at his house, but Ryan is able to nuke it before he gets there.
    • The entire thing comes about because of Ryan's desire to blow up Matt. He, Jack, Jeremy and Lindsay are able to create an antimatter missile and, after a few complications, get the sucker to finally launch. However, Ryan unknowingly (and repeatedly) redirects the missile in mid-air, so instead of landing on Matt's head it lands on Ryan's. The resulting explosion completely nukes NASA.
    • With NASA gone the gang decides to use Creative Mode to give everyone rocket launchers with red matter and antimatter missiles and just spam them until the server crashes. This results in massive chunks of the world simply ceasing to exist, including Jeremy blowing a hole through the bedrock, a normally indestructible block. The only exception is Jack, who spawns a tier 6 rocket and tries to fly away only for one of the black holes to destroy his launch pad before he can lift off.
      • Matt immediately uses Creative Mode to make a new key to his pocket dimension and bring Mini-Matt back again. Ryan's spammed TNT code fails to kill either horse or child before Matt teleports back, meaning that Ryan's destruction of the world was for nothing.
    • Ryan's stated reason for destroying the world so thoroughly it crashes? If he kills the game world, it means he also killed Sugarcube and Mini-Matt.
      Ryan: If the server can't be launched, then the horse is still dead. Rest in peace, Edgar.
    • The final shot of the episode. The credits play over a slowly zooming-out image of the Earth with fancy space music playing... only for the music to abruptly cut out to Ryan going "Uh-Oh!" as a black hole suddenly forms at the center of the Earth on-screen. In less than a second it rapidly expands, and the entire planet and the starry background are warped and sucked inward and vanish with a sound like an old TV turning off, to signify the universe being obliterated by the runaway Red Matter.
      • On a meta level, some YouTube comments claimed that the red matter destruction left behind a void with only a single floating tree, setting the stage for Sky Factory. And the very next episode was a return to that very mod.
  • Start From Nothing - Sky Factory 4 (Part 1)
    • The gang is back in the fourth iteration of Sky Factory and things kick off with Gavin destroying the leaves, sending the group tumbling through the sky and the intro for this series.
      • Which doubles as the othersnote  learning that, instead of dying by falling into the void, Sky Factory 4 makes it so that you keep looping from the bottom of the sky to the top of the sky until you land on solid ground. This immediately proves troublesome as Ryan struggles with building a bigger platform as people fall on top of him.
      • Because you can't replenish your hunger meter with rain anymore, whenever Jeremy gets too hungry, he jumps to his (belated) death to refill his hunger.
    • There are a lot of sex jokes since everyone has to "hump" to grow trees.
      • Because of the fact that Gavin is still using his YDYD skin, everyone becomes disturbed seeing him hump trees, as he is now able to make proper eye contact.
      • Ryan and Gavin intentionally make eye contact and begin humping a few trees into existence. Cue porn music and pink blush on the screen.
    • Gavin's interested in getting back into solar, only for Ryan to tell him that solar isn't in this modpack. Jack tells him that he's wrong by looking it up, but Ryan continues to say it isn't, because Ryan was thinking of the ''Solar Flux Reborn'' mod that was in SkyFactory 3 while Jack was looking at the ''Matter Overdrive'' and ''Mekanism'' solar panels, which are much, much weakier in comparison.
    • After obtaining a dry rack, Jeremy suggests putting a donut on it, wondering what it would do. Ryan says it would just dry out and no one would want to eat it. Jeremy suggests Matt would.
    • After constantly talking about clay acorns, they finally start mixing it up with Clay Aiken.
    • Trying to make rain leads to everyone trying to perform a ritual to summon rain. When that fails, Ryan leaps off the edge and tries to use the constant wrap around to cut the clouds and make it rain... until he lands on a tree Gavin grew.
  • Worst Nether Portal - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 2)
    • The episode begins with everyone noticing the market man with them. Gavin teasingly pushes him aside to take his spot before Ryan tries to push him off. Jack tries to get blocks to prevent Ryan from doing that when Gavin just takes out the brick underneath him, causing him to fall down. On a whim, they break the stand and put it back without the hole, causing the market man to fall from the sky, through the hole and back down to the bottom.
    • For some reason, there's a stone axe in a bucket. Turns out Gavin threw it in there somehow and didn't realize it until he needed it.
    • Most of the episode is dedicated to making a Nether Portal so they can get into the Nether for material. Once Jeremy finally makes the flint and steel to ignite the Nether Portal (after setting Gavin on fire by accident), he's dumbfounded as to why the Nether Portal won't come on. Turns out that there are no Nether Portals, but Nether Cakes. Jeremy cannot believe the entire thing.
    • When Gavin learns that the tree farming is now automative, Jeremy thinks Gavin is gonna be without work. Jack excitingly tells Gavin what he can do, and name all the storage chest with their respective supplies inside, Gavin calls it what it is, Paperwork.
  • The Cow King - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 3)
    • After some doing, the guys manage to create a cow from seeds. Gavin picks up said cow and jumps on the trees, before asking Jeremy for "some Lion King". Cue Jeremy and Trevor improvising new lyrics all about the cow's creation in Sky Factory to the tune of "Circle of Life".
    • Somehow Gavin managed to obtain a miniature statue of himself in-between episodes, but everyone but him and Trevor sees it as either of the default skins, Alex or Steve. Even more baffling, not even Gavin himself knows how he got it.
  • Make a Pig Axe - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 4)
    • As Jeremy is swimming up a waterfall, he notices Ryan and Gavin are at the top and plead they not destroy the source block. Gavin beats Ryan to it only to get bunsed off to join Jeremy's plight.
    • After Trevor crafts their first Resource Hog who they name "Dwayne", the guys once again break out into a rendition of "Circle of Pig" as an increasing amount of filter nearly blots out the screen. Then things take a dark turn when they try to "anoint" the pig in the smelter while Trevor is standing by the windows.
      Trevor: [after his Hog is reduced to "pig stew"] Oh, you made me watch! Dude!
      Gavin: Jeremy, that was the worst thing I've ever seen in Minecraft. He's just a pool of blood now!
    • The guys spot some falling stars and decide they must be Dwayne's soul returning to the world. And then Jeremy ruins the moment.
      Jeremy: Trevor, I got you something. [gives Trevor a Coagulated Blood]
      Trevor: [small voice] No.
      Ryan: Is it a commemorative pig piece?
      Trevor: [faint] Yeah, a little bit.
    • Gavin is more than a little weirded out when handed a Pig Iron ingot - a pink ingot with a pig's eyes and snout. The rest immediately start asking if it's possible to make a Pig Axe.
    • Trevor brings Dwayne back to life by converting an adult pig and immediately has to warn a lurking Jeremy that he will kill him if Dwayne dies.
    • Trevor is holding a chicken and falls through a hole in the platform in what Gavin terms a murder-suicide, landing on the very edge of the smelter. After showing how close he came to falling in, he immediately does fall in and tries "to create molten player".
      Jeremy: Take his Coagulated Blood and add it to my collection!
      • The guys conclude that Jeremy is "going loopy" without any actual Blood Magic to perform and is using the smelter as a blood pit to fulfill his needs.
    • Gavin continues his paperwork by labeling the smelter as "Jeremy's Animal Sacrifice Chamber of Hot Blood Sludge."
  • Into the Naga's Lair - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 5) | Let's Play
    • The end of the previous episode saw the guys leave on a Cliffhanger, with Ryan opening up the Twilight Forest. It takes them almost fifteen minutes to resume the cliffhanger.
      Trevor: Well, we ended on a cliffhanger, and then we didn't do the cliffhanger.
    • Like Gavin before him, Michael gets a named weapon of his own. The name? Gavin-Slayer.
      Lindsay: If it's a Gavin-Slaying sword, was it forged in the fires of Mount Dumb?
      (beat as some of the guys begin to snicker)
      Jack: ...damnit, I don't want to laugh at that!
    • One of the crew lets out a fairly loud belch, much to the disgust of the group. Jack jokingly chastises Lindsay for the belch. Turns out she was the one who did it, much to the gang's shock and slight amazement.
      Lindsay: It's all that choir background!
    • Lindsay proclaims that because of Peppa Pig the word "popsicles" is dead to her; they are "ice lollies". Everyone immediately tries to dissuade her as she stands her ground, with a British flag flying over the screen and "God Save the Queen" playing as the exchange goes down.
      Jeremy: That's enough. That's enough out of you.
      Lindsay: Ice lollies.
      Ryan: You've gone too far!
      Lindsay: Oh, I'm sorry, does the garbage man come to you house? I think not, I see the bin man.
      Jeremy: Stop.
      Ryan: You've gone down the rabbit hole, you need- you need to get out!
      Lindsay: That's right. Do you fill your car with gas? No sir, I fill my car with petrol.
      Michael: (doing an exaggerated Cockney accent) Petrol! We've run out of petrol!
      Jack: Lindsay's lost her goddamn mind.
    • When Michael asks where he can find a crafting table Ryan nearly has a breakdown pointing out the countless crafting tables scattered around all edges of the platform and in the floor.
    • Jack inquires about the Jones' houselife:
      Jack: Lindsay, when are you getting a cat?!
    • Jack is baffled at the idea that the other Hunters have had their cats throw up on them in the past and starts demanding what in the hell they were doing to the poor things.
    • Jeremy places down a bunch of fireflies, which causes Lindsay to start singing "Fireflies" by Owl City. Jack, unamused, vein mines all of the fireflies (as they're actually blocks, not mobs), which causes Jeremy to yell upset as he thinks they all died. Just like in the first episode of Sky Factory 3, it's the fact that they all vanished into nothing that really makes it.
    • Michael is distracted talking about how an actress's dog died, mangling his explanation so badly the others conclude the dog died while driving drunk.
    • Talking about the Optimus Prime enemies in the Nether, Lindsay notices certain themes with the original character and concludes that's why she's always thinking about Transformers in Church.
      Michael: Transform and repent!
  • Altar of Pimps X
    • The video starts with the players discovering that someone (nobody knows who) has dumped a bucket of lava on the floor of Jeremy's house and burnt most of the building down.
      • In the background, Jeremy can be heard first giving an incredulous "What!?" and then screaming in dismay. It then cuts to live video of Jeremy mourning his loss and getting a very awkward shoulder pat.
      • Because it's been so long since they've been in Achiveland, Gavin legitimately forgot where Jeremy's house is or what it looked like. He was in the process of confusing Jack's farm for it before Michael makes him turn around.
        Gavin: Wait, which one was Jeremy's?
        Jack: *Staring at a giant, burning, purple and orange house shining a dozen beacons into the sky* Really?
      • "No lives were rost- lost, but mine was ruined."
        Michael: Was it rost?
        Jeremy: It wa- Damnit.
    • It's Matt's Maps Month, or Mattember. Nobody is quite sure who came up with the idea but Matt thinks it was a bad one.
    • The Altar's location is marked by obsidian obelisks with a yellow beacon at their top. The rest of the team immediately deems them dicks with a piss beam.
    • As they're waiting to start, Jack stares at a creeper standing in the middle of a field during a lightning storm, hoping to see it struck by lightning for the supercharged creeper Golden Snitch. Gavin brings up that Geoff once did the same thing with a marching band.
      Geoff: I wanted to see a tuba take it.
    • Matt has no idea how hard the maze is going to be; some testers finished it in four minutes, others didn't finish it after 20 minutes, and Geoff, ever the pessimist, declares "see you in four minutes" as he enters the maze. Exactly four minutes later Geoff has met up with Gavin and Michael has won the round.
    • Gavin makes the mistake of announcing when he reaches the waterfall and is subsequently repeatedly sniped out of the water by other players until the fall damage kills him.
    • Gavin decides to cheat. He grabs wood, digs his way outside, and goes in through the maze's exit. Then, in an attempt to get to the bottom so he could climb the water tower again, he falls to his death.
    • Geoff reaches the waterfall and is almost at the top when Gavin destroys the water source, sending Geoff to his death.
  • Anime Swords and Thunder Gods - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 6):
    • Gavin has missed two parts so Trevor decides to bring him along in spirit by wearing a tiny statue of Gavin's character on his head.
    • Michael and Jeremy go to the Nether to look for materials, and Michael, for whatever reason, decides to attack a Pigman. Jeremy is fearful, but Michael brushes it off, thinking he could handle it. As if on cue, a horde of not just Pigman, but Cyborgs and Blazes come in and attack the both of them, killing Michael.
    • Ryan spent a long time between episodes grinding out iron for use in their projects. Trevor fat fingers the shift button while making some gears and converts all of the stored iron into gears. Ryan is not happy.
    • Jeremy gives Jack an Ender Orb, basically an ender pearl with infinite uses. At one point Jack was trying to quick button something, but accidentally threw an ender pearl into the void. He spent a good while fearing that it could eventually land somewhere and kill him at any moment.
    • Jeremy discovers a staff that creates lightning strikes and once again declares himself a god. He eventually attempts to kill a group of Creepers with the staff and quickly remembers what happens when a Creeper is struck by lightning.
      Jeremy: This cave is full of Super Creepers!
    • Jeremy tracks down two additional scepters and gives the first one to Ryan so he too can be a god. As Ryan cackles while blasting mobs in the Nether the rest of the crew asks why Jeremy would give something like that to Ryan.
      Ryan: We are a new pantheon... I'll be the first to say it: Fuck Zeus. Right in his stupid goose ear.
    • By the end of the episode everyone has a lightning scepter... except for Trevor. When the idea of three of the "gods" casting lightning on something at the same time is suggested, all three choose Trevor.
  • Block Collection Challenge (Part 1):
    • Trevor accidentally turns most of his planks into sticks and then fumbles his complaint to Jack into "Ah, Jack me." The rest of the guys immediately decline.
    • Matt rules that Chests, being slightly smaller than standard blocks, are unacceptable for the challenge. He also doesn't like the idea of having chests within chests within a building that looks like a chest.
      Ryan: He doesn't like the Inception-ness of it.
      [dramatic music sting]
    • Thirteen minutes into the video Ryan abruptly realizes Alfredo isn't taking part or even in the video.
    • Jack de-mines Geoff whose pickaxe has run out. Geoff's response is measured and delivered in an even tone.
      Geoff: I was going to be a fair player but now I think I'll just try to kill Jack for the next hour. Pick up everything he's got.
      Jack: Could be exciting.
      Geoff: I've now given up on winning but my goal is to keep Jack from winning.
    • Jeremy slaughters a hillside of sheep to deny the other Hunters access to their wool, with one exception.
      Jeremy: This isn't a race thing, but I'll allow the white ones to live.
      Geoff: You say you'll allow the white ones to live? It sounds like a race thing.
    • While trekking through the jungle, Matt discovers El Dorado... which Jeremy had built some time ago, and (according to Geoff) had been wanting to build since before working for Rooster Teeth.
      Trickster Imp: 26:15 Imagine calling the entrance to Xibalba, the land of the Mayan death gods, a "pool".
    • Ryan winds up being accosted by a Verne while inside the Chest; he keeps opening the door, only to bat him away when he tries jumping up. Then Trevor enters the Chest, letting the Verne in.
  • Yo-Yo Spiderman - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 7)
    • Gavin returns and receives a Dumbass Yo-Yo; Jeremy's out so he isn't endowed with a godhead. He's also rather disappointed to see all of his sign work was undone while he was gone.
      • To Gavin's delight, he discovers he can use his yo-yo to kill the firefly Trevor was wearing on his head.
      • In addition, Gavin discovers that if he "hooks" the underside of the world-platform, he can swing around like Spiderman, hence the video title. Trevor casually whacks the string Gavin is hanging from, sending him plummeting into the abyss.
    • Michael lets rip with a fart so horrid that Gavin begins coughing and complains he may not be able to focus on the game.
      Gavin: [voice muffled by his shirt] I feel like I can see the fart.
      • It is later declared a "deep State bowel".
    • Gavin begins losing his ability to speak in coherent languages and wonders if he needs to go home so he can get the fart out of his brain.
    • Jack points out the contrast between the current status of the crew.
  • Tour of Achievement Cove - VR180 Minecraft (Part 1)
    • The premise is Geoff and Jack give a tour of Achievement Cove to an unnamed viewer, so it opens with Jack shooting arrows at an apple in Geoff's hand.
    • Throughout the tour, Ryan is seen lurking in the background at certain angles.
    • Jeremy can be seen wandering through the cove and jumps into his pool, waving at the viewer.
    • Geoff describes Matt as "a walking illness" who sweats "granules of sugar."
    • Jack jumps into the water from Geoff's house and apparently has trouble surfacing, so Geoff jumps in to help him, leaving the viewer alone. Ryan proceeds to kidnap the viewer.
      Ryan: You don't belong here. I'm gonna take you somewhere special and have a little conversation.
  • Tiny Tower of Pimps - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 8)
    • Upon discovering that it's a thing, Gavin decrees that he wants a chocolate helmet. Jeremy volunteers... and quickly discovers that making a chocolate helmet involves a ludicrously long and complex chain of rare elements and complicated machines; he spends the better part of the entire video working toward it and ''still' isn't there by the time the episode ends.
  • The Interrogation Room - VR180 Minecraft (Part 2)
    • Apparently, this is the third time in a week that Ryan caught someone sneaking into the Cove. He apparently deals with the matter by throwing them into the hole with Edgar.
    • Matt is seen crouching behind the doors, shakes his head, and flees.
    • Jeremy tries to be the Good Cop, but bumbles through it, even offering a flower to the viewer.
      Jeremy: You, uh, smell like apples!
    • Ryan and Jeremy leave the viewer to be burned by the flames with Jeremy making apologies the entire time. Alfredo then pops up to free them.
  • Invisible Pig Maze - Minecraft
    • The concept is a one-block-high maze that can be traversed while riding on a pig, meaning the rider is unable to see the maze. To aid them, Matt has a bunker underneath the maze, so the rider's teammates can plot the rider's route from below... but the bunker only covers half of the maze. Both halves of the maze are identical, but rather than use the map on one side to work out where the rider is on the other, Matt expects the rider to have learned the route through the maze so they can essentally get back to the start. Five minutes in, just after Ryan reaches the other side, Geoff has a hysterical breakdown.
    • For Round 2, to help speed things along, Matt allows each team to have one guide for each half of the maze. Ryan takes the opportunity to grief Lindsay while she's acting as guide - shoving against her while going "bully-bully-bully", jumping into her field of view and tossing steaks at her, mining the ground out from beneath her, boxing her in with cobblestone... Jack, meanwhile, has a carrot-on-a-stick out, and he is performing his role of underground guide while surrounded by a entire pack of pigs.
  • We Open a Cookie Stand! - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 9)
    • Ryan opens the video by asking Lindsay to make a Culinary Construct Sandwich Station. Lindsay notes that, while he asked her nicely, at base level he just asked her to make him a sandwich.
      • He then hurriedly backpedals and clarifies that he also told her to build the kitchen first, and then she can make the sandwich for herself.
      • Later on, Gavin's "room of truth" claims that Ryan has an entire "hareem" of women who make him sandwiches.
    • The video jumps to Lindsay... except her recording has gone walk-about, leaving a technicolor Technical Difficulties sign.
    • Gavin creates a projector which writes out how he found the above incident funny. Ryan throws the projector into the abyss and Gavin doesn't find out for a good while.
    • Michael's armor and weapon have made him into a supersoldier who kills on demand and he jumps at the opportunity to become a cyborg so he can give up the inconveniences of eating and drinking.
    • Mid-video Geoff can't resist adding some comments on the audio. Since he isn't actually playing, his avatar pops up on screen and bounces about while speaking.
  • The Grand Escape! - VR180 Minecraft
    • The viewer escapes the Cove by boating down the river and narrowly avoid Ryan's arrows and skirts by Lindsay and her bridge of cats.
    • Despite the slow pace of the boat, Ryan and Jeremy fail to hit the viewer with any of their weapons. Jeremy's arrow machine runs out before the viewer approaches him
    • Ryan subsequently turns on Jack and chases after him while Jeremy chases after the viewer.
    • The viewer escapes the Cove...but soon turns up in a new area: a cannibal village, and Matt is there.
      Matt: Great to see you, hop up on here, it'll totally be fine, you just look...absolutely delicious.
  • What Fish CAN'T You Catch? - Minecraft
    • In the first ten seconds, Jack quotes Clue, and Michael sprays a liberal amount of cologne over Gavin. Gavin instantly goes from gagging to screaming.
    • Jeremy is in this video. Alfredo is not in this video.
      "Jeremy": I'm gonna play Spyro soon!
    • The rules are as follows: catch several varities of fish in a bucket, put them in the player's section of the aquarium, and name them with a name tag (so they don't despawn). Simple, right? ...As it turns out, not in the slightest.
      • The moment Matt says the word 'bucket' Jack repeats it as "buh-ket" and Geoff, who's not playing, has a laughing fit off-mic.
      • The game begins... and it transpires that neither Gavin nor Alfredo were listening to the instructions.
      • The anvils needed to name the fish are in the area at the front of the building, and access to the aquariums themselves is at the back.
      • Matt built the aquarium in Minecraft 1.12, but they're not playing in 1.12, because the fish variants hadn't been added at that point... but in the interim some other features got removed.
      • He also completely forgot that normally you need experience points to name things, since he normally does stuff on Creative.
      • All of this leads to Ryan angrily teleporting everybody back to the aquarium so they can 'fix Matt's broken game'. (Geoff is wheezing at this point.)
      • Neither Jack nor Alfredo know how to put their fish down so they can name them. Matt gives them the basic instructions... and they dump their fish on the floor.
      • Gavin drops his first fish in the tank, goes to grab a name tag... and returns to find that several other identical fish have spawned in the tank while he was away.
    • Geoff then steals the cologne, sprays it into Gavin's face, and takes over Gavin's computer complete with fake British accent while he's out of the room coughing.
    • Gavin makes his way into the Nether in search of materials, and while there he accidentally dumps his cod-in-a-bucket; the water immediately evaporates, leaving the poor cod to flop around and die.
    • Alfredo accidentally washed one of his aquarium door levers off the wall, so he steals someone else's.
    • It's also worth noting that all of the above items for this episode have happened in the first fifteen minutes.
    • The last several minutes of the video involve Ryan & Jack trying to use their fishing lines to drag a Guardian into a pen - first Jack's, then anyone's. The others get involved, trying to help wrestle the recalcitrant fish-monster in (as well as trying to keep Alfredo from killing the thing to make it all stop). They even remove a set of doors as well as the wall surrounding it, creating a big gaping hole that should be easier to drag the Guardian through. They get it in, resulting much cheering, and then hurriedly try to close the hole up... and, right when they're about to finish, the Guardian escapes again through a 1-by-1 hole that the gang was just about to fill in, swimming off into the sunset as our heroes scream in outrage and bring the video to a close.
      • They named the Guardian before bringing it to the exhibit so there were plenty of notifications about how somebody got killed by "Guardian Matt Stupid".
        Ryan: He's fundamentally angry and wants to kill!
        Michael: You talking about me or the fish?
        Ryan: Yes.
  • One with the Machine - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 10)
    • Trevor doesn't consider how to phrase a question.
      Trevor: So what does an "elevator" do in this?
      Gavin: Goes up and down.
    • Ryan makes it rain sugar cane and turns the entire game into a near slideshow.
    • Lindsay wants to get milk on her own rather than using the infinite supply from their jarred cow.
      Lindsay: I'm an independent woman, Ryan.
      Michael: Yeah, you're an independent woman. Now get back to making the damn kitchen.
      Lindsay: Yeah, I'm back in the kitchen where Ryan wants me.
    • Trevor makes an interweb connection so they can watch their own videos in the video and make copyright claims on their own video.
    • The conversation about Gavin potentially playing for "multiple teams" gets away from Ryan at one point.
      Gavin: You saying I've got one of those woman's vaginas, Ryan?
      Ryan: I'm just asking questions.
      Lindsay: Welcome to the club, Gavin, shout out!
      Gavin: What up, let's flap the labes!
      [sputtering laughter all around]
    • Ryan continues his weirdness with animals, inviting everyone to come over and watch as he makes a chicken explode.
    • Gavin informs Lindsay of the Tiny Cube of Truth and offers to let her enter; she's delighted because she has so many potentially truthful stories to add.
    • Lindsay calls an impromptu meeting but cancels it when Michael refuses to come... at which point he agrees to come and the meeting is immediately uncancelled. The point of the meeting? They missed Lindsay's birthday so she has a cake!
      • A cake whose icon and model are invisible on her screen, so she starts accusing Trevor of stealing and eating it.
      • The guys make it about halfway through the song before they just get bored with singing and stop.
    • Michael decides to undergo the full cyborg transformation and Ryan decides to get in the mood by going full Mad Scientist as epic music plays over Michael's transformation.
      Lindsay: You sick bastard, Ryan, you question the will of god!
      Ryan: Who needs god when you have science!?
      • Gavin laments that with Michael now a robot they can no longer get married in this series.
    • Trevor posts a projector sign declaring he saw Gavin humping a donkey. Gavin protests, saying there is no evidence it ever happened but not actually denying it.
    • When Michael learns he dies if his battery runs out, he starts having some buyer's remorse over opting in early and getting the shit robot parts. This only gets worse when Ryan realizes they have no way to recharge Michael's batteries and the station is going to take a lot of material.
    • Michael gets increasingly irritated that whenever he tries to open the menu by hitting 'J' he gets some random info instead. It turns out Gavin had gone around the room switching the 'J' and 'K' keys and Michael is the only person who fell for it.
  • Full Chocolate Armor - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 11)
    • Ryan makes a charging station for Michael... in a hole at the bottom of the world. Michael is now the Edgar of Sky Factory.
    • Jeremy resumes work on making Gavin's chocolate helmet. Soon enough he calls over Gavin to tell him, between chuckles, that the massive factory he has built is solely to make him chocolate.
    • Lindsay is delighted when she reveals to Ryan she just made bacon. When he notes they have a tree for that, she tells him to shut up and let her have this.
    • Gavin needs to grow an Acacia tree which results in a very prolonged humping session with porn music, exaggerated moans from Gavin, and the rest of the team egging him on.
      Gavin: I feel extra bad because the door's open right now. All the people who actually have real jobs outside can hear me. "Just shagging a tree! Don't mind me!" [groan]
      • Why does Gavin need an Acacia tree? He wants to melt wood so he can make Amber. Cue jokes about him using machinery to create a stripper.
    • The title of the episode comes about when Gavin successfully crafts a full suit of Chocolate Armor and calls the others to witness. He also created the Duskflame staff and wants to show it off... by nearly burning down the world.
      Ryan: You look like a walking turd.
      Jeremy: It looks... not great, dude.
      • On top of all this, the armor gives him a half point of armor and his sword will probably break on its first swing.
    • Gavin decides to transform the Lost Cities world in the Dusk World by setting the entire forest inside aflame with duskflame. Jeremy comes to witness and demonstrates his new snow staff by literally burying Gavin in snow. And then murders him with a lightning bolt.
      • Unfortunately Gavin's inventory was full and his Duskflame staff went flying off the orb into the void. Except he hadn't lost it and only realized after he made a second staff.
  • Bad Astral Sorcery - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 12):
    • Ryan and Gavin end up in a standoff - Ryan in his advanced armor with a phaser versus Gavin in his broken chocolate armor with a Duskflame staff. Gavin fires first, setting himself on fire, before Ryan puts him down.
    • Lindsay eats a cheeseburger in front of Ryan, while he wails in anguish because he's now a cyborg and can't eat anything.
      Lindsay: The tastiest part of that burger was your tears, Ryan!
      Ryan: NOOO!
      • In light of this, Lindsay asks why she's making a sandwich station for somebody who can't eat. Michael asks why she's talking to other men instead of being in the kitchen.
    • Jack starts saying mathematics out loud as he works on the logistics for his pig farm. This is accompanied by a video overlay of numbers and mathematical signs flying towards the screen and some generic computer calculating noises.
    • Jack asks Ryan a question:
      Jack: Hey Ryan, do we have an osmium compressor?
      Ryan: I think you've asked me that before.
      Jack: Do you remember what your answer was?
    • Midway through the video, Jack gets a Slack from Adam Baird, informing them that the Hunters' collective Doom download is tanking internet bandwidth for the entire office.
    • Lindsay finally completes her sandwich station... and promptly makes an extra nineteen stations despite Ryan's pleas.
      Michael: Move over, Jersey Mike's! Welcome to Lindsay's Loafs! She's making some sandwiches for you and your eight hundred friends.
      Lindsay: Slap some meat in these loaves, baby.
    • Gavin asks what it looks like he's doing.
      Ryan: Usually that question is followed by something that HR needs to hear about.
    • Gavin makes an item called a 'Chair Wand'... which places invisible chairs. He summons everyone else to an invisible chair meeting. After some delay caused by Jack being busy, everyone is finally sat, Jeremy waves his lightning rod to call the meeting to order, and promptly annihilates Gavin.
      • Then Michael asks a serious question: where the controller on his desk disappeared to. Gavin then tries to set Michael on fire using the Duskflame staff but only manages to set fire to himself.
      • The Lads realize they can use multiple invisible chairs to shuffle around their platform, making it look like they're all dogs dragging their butts on the ground.
    • Jeremy notes there's a disparity between the Lads. One's a cyborg, one's a starlight wizard, and one's made of chocolate.
    • Gavin calls for the end of the video and it cuts to a logo scene before Jack yells for them to come back so he can show off the final achievement pig.
  • Will It Break the Server? - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 13)
    • The video opens with Jeremy for some reason reading off the details of sperm maturation, causing Michael to start doing baby sperm impressions. Ryan pleads to just end everything.
    • Trevor is baffled at all the changes that have occurred while he was gone, including the fact that Michael is now apparently a Cyber-Man.
      • Lacking flight, Trevor repeatedly falls off the platform and dies on landing despite the fact he "deserves" a free landing.
    • Ryan delegates the math of determining how much sugar cane they need to Trevor. Trevor doesn't want to do the math so he distracts himself by staring at achievements and messing with Jeremy's sorcery.
      • Trevor complains the guys haven't made any progress on some of the achieves only for them to reply they finished the one he's pointing out. He claims they must have removed him from the team and traded him to the Mets.
    • Jeremy's sorcery encounters an unexpected stumbling block: His platform is littered with Gavin's invisible chairs and he keeps getting stuck in them while working.
      • Jeremy finally gets his altar ready and realizes he has no end goal for his creation. When Ryan proposes he could start working on the related achievements, Jeremy gives a flat no.
    • Trevor, still thinking like it's episode 3, decides to help with mining operations by crafting a drill. The reaction of the rest of the team is a simultaneous "What the fuck?"
  • The Twilight Lich - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 14)
  • Ninja vs. Snow Queen - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 16)
    • Gavin returns from his journey with a pet raven. He puts it down and it promptly starts flying around as Trevor and Gavin chase after it to twangy country music.
    • Trevor eventually catches the raven and asks Ryan to look after it. Ryan takes one look and... does as Ryan does. Gavin arrives asking in confusion what just happened while tragic music swells. Trevor gives Gavin his bird: A feather.
      Gavin: [heartbroken] Can you make this a bird again?
      • A heartwarming moment follows after though as Ryan's dad mode kicks in, comforting Gavin and telling him he'll get him a new Raven. More heartwarming music swells later when Jeremy presents Gavin with a bat-turned-raven.
    • Gavin finds some balloons but accidentally lets go of them, which causes them to start flying up into the air. The scenario plays out exactly like a little kid who just lost his balloon.
    • Trevor notices what Gavin was searching for on his in-game computer.
    • Ryan's latest is a reactor which turns out to be a massive, ugly grey cube.
      Jack: Weren't we gonna have an episode where we cleaned up and made everything look pretty?
      Ryan: Well I've done the opposite of that.
      • After Ryan comments on how it ruins the feng shui of the base, Gavin asks what the feng is like at his house. Ryan replies his feng is shui.
    • Trevor decides to pretty the furnace up by putting a massive smiley face on one side. He then starts adding on some roof tiling, causing Ryan to ask if it's being turned into a condo.
    • Gavin reveals his "Fuck-Stick", a wand that randomly swaps block positions. And the volume it can effect is big.
      Ryan: You're the worst person to hand that to.
  • Minecraft, but with Random Tasing - Sky Factory 4 (Part 17)
    • Ryan tasks Michael with an achievement and tries to show him in the menu. Michael is literally silent for four whole seconds as he tries to figure out what Ryan is talking about, causing everyone to crack up.
      Gavin: That's the quietest it's ever been in this room.
      • In fact, it was so quiet that Lindsay turned around to look at Trevor in panic because she thought the audio had died.
    • Trevor got the bright idea to strap a pet shock collar to his arm and gives the controller to Gavin. He gets randomly shocked throughout the video and at one point, Gavin gets Matt and Geoff to press the button.
      Gavin: I have a button that can makes Trevor make a noise.
  • More Pokemon than Sword & Shield? - Minecraft - Pixelmon (Part 1)
    • Professor Ryan attempts to do an introduction, but gets attacked by a Bidoof before he can get anywhere. The Bidoof then hangs around the spawn and harasses everybody while they try to get things started.
      Ryan: Oh my God, what's a Bidoof and why does it want to fuck me up?!
    • When Michael criticizes Ryan for being such a shitty professor he doesn't even have a lab, Ryan bashfully claims he's between labs at the moment.
      Ryan: That's Professor Haywood, thank you.
      Michael: I think you probably made that up. Did you kill a professor and take his coat?
      Ryan: And his skin! I mean no.
    • It's suggested that Ryan will be the first professor to go traitor and join Team Rocket. Sure enough, later in the episode he steals the Luxio that Jeremy, the Electric trainer, was getting ready to capture.
  • Our Favorite Minecraft Moments! - Episode 400
    • It's another centenary, but this time rather than a competition, it's a Clip Show - Matt asked the core Hunters for three of their favorite moments from past Minecraft episodes, and then went and built them all into a museum. The whole episode is a combination of Crowning Moments of Funny, Awesome and Heartwarming. Each moment is accompanied by a flashback, complete with Ryan making the transition noise.
      • Geoff picked Enter the Negatower, Hot Hoof, and Plan G (which explodes at the end of the episode, annihilates Michael, and destroys most of the museum).
      • Jeremy picked Gavin's reaction to his "Woolly Jumper" over the Achievement Rail, the first instance of what would later become the "buh-ket" Running Gag, and Geoff flubbing his words for several seconds in a row.
        Gavin: (in realization) Oh, it's Porky Pig!
      • Gavin picked his Trophy Room of Victory, Dig Down (and his Non Sequitur about the name Henry Dilmund), and "this tree has bad news written all over it".
      • Michael picked the moment in The Walls in which Team Nice Dynamite was created (complete with an original, unused audio clip from before the recording of that episode in which Gavin coined the term), the moment in which Mogar was created, and a successful attack on Jack from the subsequent episode which led to Jack ragequitting and going to build a house for the first time.
      • Jack picked the idiot compass moment from the Voyage of the Dumb Treaders episode, his win in episode 100, and a fail from Find the Tower where he tried to attack Gavin but fell in a hole instead.
      • Finally Ryan was kind of vague with his answers, so his picks ended up being the inception of Edgar, his numerous wins of the King throne, and the Russian Roulette challenge he built for one of his King stints.
    • To finish off with Geoff's final moment, Michael gets invited to push the button, just as he did the first time it was activated... but he's in creative mode so he just destroys the button instead.
  • Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree VIII - Episode 401
    • Geoff keeps mispronouncing Gyarados ("gear-a-dorse", "gare-a-dorse", etc.), even right after multiple people have been saying it correctly. Jeremy doesn't let him hear the end of it.
    • When Matt tries to ride his Gyarados, his character appears sitting on thin air a couple feet in front of his sea serpent's chest.
    • At great effort, Jeremy chases down and catches Mr. Pringles.

    Let's Play Minecraft — 2020 episodes (402-452) 
  • Mega Evolutions & Legendaries! - Minecraft - Pixelmon (Part 4)
    • Ryan claimed that he went ahead and found more Gyms for everyone to battle in, though he says he has no idea what the level gap is. When Matt finds out that the first trainer in the Gym Ryan found has a level 86 pokemon, the sheer disgust in everyone's voice against Ryan is a sight to behold. Keep in mind, everyone is no where near that level and it was a long travel to said Gym to being with, he basically led everyone to their deaths.
    • Someone on Reddit pointed out that a Gym's Pokemon levels are set to the highest level Pokemon of whoever finds the Gym, which means that Ryan and his overpowered team are responsible for making it so nobody else stands a chance against the Gyms!
    • Jeremy and Alfredo have a battle. Alfredo keeps on healing/restoring his Feraligator over and over and over again, making the battle drag on and on. Eventually, they're both stuck with eternal "Waiting..." loading messages, forcing them to cancel the battle and render all the time and healing items wasted.
  • Pokemon Catching Challenge - Minecraft - Pixelmon (Part 6)
    • In addition to his shiny Shellder, Alfredo somehow managed to Magoo himself a shiny Magikarp off-screen. Ryan tries to take pity on the helplessly-flopping fish by burying it in a hole.
    • Jack tracks down a Nosepass, leading to immediate comparisons of it with Gavin.
  • Try to Eat EVERYTHING in Minecraft - Feed Jack (Part 1)
    • The episode starts with Jack sitting on a giant scuplture of a fat man demanding that the other players collect every item that can be eaten in Minecraft, all while his voice is an artificially deepened which makes him sound like he's being anonymously interviewed on the news.
      Ryan: Oh, Jack, you've really let yourself go.
      Jack: Hey, guys. I'm hungry.
      Michael: How is that possible?
    • Trevor, who's not in the video, made some additions to Jack's list.
      Jack: Trevor has added to the list of foods: lobster mac and cheese, squid sashimi, BBQ bacon burger, and gun. Do not feed me a gun.
    • Alfredo sends Jack random items rather than the ones he specifically demands. In return he is sent a leather helmet he must wear to indicate his shame. It doesn't bother him at all.
      Jack: Fredo, I'm sending you something you must wear... you dumbass.
      • After Alfredo errs again, he's forced to wear a gold helmet. While Jack thinks it's a punishment since it looks stupid, Fredo likes it. The other Hunters start debating whether they can should start sending Jack random shit to get their own "punishments".
    • Ryan contemplates staging a coup due to a lack of suitable rewards for their efforts and advises everyone to refuse the king's gifts.
      Ryan: I didn't sign up to be a serf.
    • Ryan finds a ship wreck floating over a hill.
      Ryan: Alright king, I'm burying the beef here. Look at my screen.
      Jack: That is weird.
  • We Look for Beehives in Minecraft! - Feed Jack (Part 2):
    • Jack calls it quits on the voice modulator early on. He compensates by adopting an inconsistent posh accent which the others, aside from Ryan, periodically imitate.
    • Ryan's unsuccessful attempts at overthrowing King Jack:
      • Ryan attempts to send a TNT minecart to Jack's throne. It gets stuck on the track and Ryan has to start pushing it manually. Jack catches him and destroys the minecart while Ryan wails that it didn't even blow up.
      • Ryan sneaks in underneath Jack's throne and tries to build his way up to detonate a block of TNT underneath it. Jack catches him in the act again, kills Ryan by knocking him off his scaffolding, and seizes the TNT.
  • We Play The Witcher but in Minecraft:
    • Two meta funny moments:
      • After his failed bid to usurp Jack, Ryan has finally seized control of a Let's Play and seeming done a better job of it.
      • Geoff wasn't able to make it so Ryan has to take over as shopkeeper. At long last, Ryan has taken over Geoff's Mercantile.
    • To help the crew's monster hunting, Ryan stocked a pen with horses out front of their base. While Jack is trying to tame one, a Creeper targets and explodes on him killing all but four of the horses.
      • After this Jack begins the slow process of taming one of the surviving horses. Five seconds after taming the horse another Creeper walks right past Ryan and blows up the horse to Lindsay's delight.
    • Discussing Geralt's habit of calling all his horses Roach, Jeremy reasons it's from "cockroach" and decides to name his horse Cock.
      Lindsay: I feel like you should make it Old English, like cock with an "e" at the end. Cocke.
      Jeremy: Alright, that's my horse. Editors, splash screen. Cock with an "e".
      [a splash screen introduces Jeremy's horse as 'Cock with an "e"']
      Jeremy: [jumps on Cock with an "e"] Love me!
      Michael: Finish it, Jeremy. Finish the sentence.
      Jeremy and Michael: Love me, Cocke!
    • Matt is exploring the Catacombs when suddenly it gets a lot brighter. Turning around, a Scare Chord plays as he finds himself face-to-face with an Enderman that opened the way to the surface.
      Matt: [awkward] Hi.
    • Michael explains he got a sponge from killing a Guardian. Immediately after finishing that sentence Lindsay asks where Michael got a sponge. Ryan compares it to watching a dog shit on the floor and then demanding where the shit came from.
    • Lindsay calls Michael over to save her from an angry Ghast, all the while explaining her plan to kill snipe and take the drop for herself. When they finally do get a Ghast drop, it's Lindsay who gets the kill and Michael who steals the drop.
      Lindsay: Do you drop something? 'cause I'm gonna murder you right now.
  • Witchin' Ain't Easy - Minecraft - Witcher Challenge (Part 2)
    • Once again Jack tries to tame a horse and gets blown up by a Creeper.
    • When Matt asks Ryan to teleport him to a mansion to hunt the mobs there, he teleports Matt right onto an exploding Creeper.
  • Social Distancing in Minecraft - Ya Dead, Ya Dead 3
    • The gang starts a new season of YDYD on the day before the city of Austin made a shelter in place order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, so they decide to enforce social distancing rules for the series.
      • Every one must have their own house and no one is allowed in anyone else's home. Jack in particular is thrilled by this rule.
      • Every one must keep at least 6 feet away from each other.
      • No handing items directly to another player. Anytime someone wants to give someone else something, they must put it into a chest for the other person to take out themselves.
    • Alfredo immediately breaks rule one and two by digging his way into Jeremy's home and foregoing the 6 feet distance, annoying the hell out of Jeremy and leading to many thinking he will end up killing him.
      • Doesn't help that Alfredo also leads a creeper into Jeremy's home while attempting to leave.
    • Not even before the second day, to the shock of no one, Lindsay was killed due to being more concerned with her chicken than the Zombie in front of her. To be specific, she's caught off-guard and killed while stuck in the item menu, just like what happened in the first YDYD.
      • To make clear just how avoidable this death was: It occurred just before dawn when Lindsay decided to cook a chicken at an outside furnace to restore her health. Had she waited just a few minutes, the zombies would have been gone.
    • Alfredo's sorry excuse of a house is mocked for the sheer fact that he used logs that could have easily been turned into more planks. Jack questioned how on earth Alfredo won the last two YDYD. note 
      • To make matters worse, his use of logs meant Alfredo didn't have enough material to build a roof. He was taken by surprise when he learned spiders could climb walls and had to seal himself in a tiny windowless cell to survive the night.
    • Michael asked Jeremy and Alfredo if they built their houses out of wood, with them both assuming he's gonna burn them down. He quickly denies it while holding and stashing his flint.
    • Ryan mines a cave in the mountain overlooking the other players for his own home. When the others suggest he's banging a hole in the mountain, Ryan insists he's not that desperate yet. Maybe next episode.
  • Stealing from the Traders in Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 2)
    • Jack's mixer resets on him so nobody can hear him talking, leading to a brief panic that a drop Creeper got him again.
    • Alfredo gets jumped by monsters and set on fire. Michael pleads for him to not die, because Michael wants to do the deed.
    • Jack and Alfredo discover a Desert Temple and the guys barely resist the temptation to let him dig through the trap block.
      • Worryingly, Jack lets Alfredo take the TNT. He proceeds to place it randomly around houses, threaten Jeremy with it, and line the front of his own house with five blocks.
    • Michael and the crew finally find each other, hilariously, they find that Michael's home is right around the corner, instead of far away as they thought.
    • Alfredo's tunnel comes back to haunt him by spawning zombies, one of which invades his house. He proceeds to blame Jeremy, claiming the zombie was hired to kill him. He then lurks outside Jeremy's house threateningly with a diamond sword and TNT... and gets clipped by a Creeper explosion, taking out a chunk of Jeremy's house.
      • All the while, Jeremy sadly says he's been nothing but helpful to Alfredo, finally just giving a tired sigh as his house blows up.
  • Are We a Cult Now? - Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 3)
    • Gavin joins and is two episodes of progress behind. Michael promises to set aside a bed in his house for Gavin to use, eliciting a breathy squeal of delight to Alfredo's confusion.
      • The YouTube comment section had a laugh at the thought of Michael refusing to live with Lindsay, his wife, but making a bed for Gavin to stay with him.
    • Ryan mounts a horse and pleads with it to love him. He's later accused of doing more than riding the horse with Gavin outright declaring he sucked it off.
      • This leads to Jeremy chatting about the alleged origin of the word "gingerly" referring to how people would shove ginger up a horse's ass to befriend it... right as he falls into a pit of lava. While he survives, the guys agree it would have been some weird last words.
    • When Ryan first launched his Tik Tok account, his entire recommendation list was full of right wingers to his confusion. He can only assume his kids were researching fringe conspiracies.
    • Jeremy opens his mailbox to discover Trevor has the done the equivalent of lighting a bag of dog poop out front and just dumped random crap in it.
  • Quest for the Enchanted Sword - Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 4)
    • Gavin proudly shows off his house to Michael, but given the size and how minimalistic it looks, Michael says it's nothing more than a prison cell.
    • This episode sees two more deaths, both times caused by antagonizing the Zombie Pigmen. Only made worse by how Michael himself said they've gone two episodes deathless.
      • Alfredo dies within seven minutes when he attacks the Pigmen as soon as he enters the Nether, only to get cornered and beaten to death by three Pigmen at once.
        Trevor: There goes the two time.
      • Just as the others are ready to cut their losses and leave the Nether, Michael notices a Pigman with an enchanted sword. Against everyone's better judgement, he insists on killing it to obtain the sword. Unfortunately the Pigman doesn't drop the sword on death, leaving them with no reward and a horde descending on them. Michael ends up getting stuck in the portal and dies to the Pigmen, screaming that Ryan killed him. To make matters worse, the survivors are left fighting the angry mob as they come swarming out of the portal into the overworld, forcing Ryan to build a barrier around the portal to try and slow down the mob.
    • With Alfredo's death, the guys lament that he was planning to flip his house but now they have to burn it down due to it being contaminated. Ryan sets Alfredo's stock of temple TNT to destroy the house and nearly blows himself up in the process.
    • Gavin is gifted a cat that looks his actual cat Smee, and devolves into incoherent squeeing. He then decides to feed it Alfredo's remains.
    • In response to the Pigman invasion, Trevor opts to seal off the portal with cobblestone, forgetting that Ryan had gone back in to collect Michael's inventory.
    • Matt joins in at the dead of night.
      • If you listen close, when the camera cuts to him, there's an oh-so-familiar hissing sound partially drowned out by Matt & the others talking as he gets moving. In other words, he likely spawned into the world right next to a Creeper, without even noticing that it was behind him. Matt's participation in this YDYD was almost ended within seconds of it starting!
    • Ryan really feels down, feeling that Michael cursed his name. Everyone bluntly says that he sure as hell did and he should feel bad.
      Jack: No he did, there's no "feel", he did. He said "Ryan, you killed me", and then he died.
      Gavin: Yeah, I feel like he said it a little bit after he was dead just to get the words out.
      Trevor: With his dying breath.
    • While the others are building a symbolic graveyard for their fallen players, the newly-spawned Matt gets chased by a Verne. Rather than help him, Gavin preemptively digs a grave for him.
      • Matt runs home to hide, opens the door, and finds that due to not lighting his house he now has a house guest: An Enderman. He ends up huddling in a corner and making awkward small talk until the others come evict the vagrant.
        Matt: Hello. Enjoy the hot tub.
  • "Hunting" Enderman in Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 5)
    • The episode opens with Trevor in mourning for those they've lost... and because Ryan accidentally blew up his house with a Creeper just before the recording started.
    • The surviving crew remembers that they must follow their quarantine rules now. Gavin finds an Enderman in his cave and Ryan offers to kill it. While the unwritten rule of entering someone else's house leads to infection, Ryan decides to simply hold his breath and run down Gavin's house and cave and fight the Enderman, only to bolt back outside to catch his breath. He does this numerous times until the job is done, last time he got lost and had to ask Gavin for the way out.
      • The whole time, Jeremy thought he was underwater.
    • At some point after asking Jack if he is willing to kill 20 cows to save his family with his bare hands, Gavin is entirely convinced he could kill one with his own hands. Everyone spends a good minute trying to convince him otherwise, all the while giving him more ideas how, like sending his fingers through a cow's throat and pulling out its veins or simply choke it out, like it's the easiest thing ever.
      • Gavin also goes on to say that a cow ramming at another cow at high speed wouldn't kill it, only for Jeremy to address the fact that he believes that another cow can't kill it's own, but Gavin sure as hell can with his hands.
      • A viewer on YouTube who has experience with large animals, mainly cattle, decided to run the numbers.
        Nullsparta2: So I am pretty sure gavin was taking the piss here but I am gonna put down some anecdotal stats for him.

        Gavin: 5'9, 14 stone (150lbs pretty sure)

        Me: 6'1 230lbs

        My job for 4 years was to help a large animal veterinarian mainly dealing with cattle. The average cow is between 1000 and 1200lbs when it came to giving cows medicine we literally had to put them in what's called a "squeeze chute" which is designed to hold large animals in place by basically being a giant clamp that goes around their body.

        The only cattle we wouldn't use a squeeze chute on were the calves which at about 160lbs or so took multiple people to hold them down

        So how the fuck are you gonna choke out a cow by yourself
    • Gavin nearly meets his end when he foolishly destroys a hive with two bees in it and proceeds to let them sting him.
  • Everything Is out to Get Us - Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 6)
    • Gavin declares his hatred of the phrase "in and of itself" and offers up the alternative word "blinj".
      Jack: Did you just say something racist in European?
      Ryan: Don't tell us until we put it on a shirt.
    • The guys open the "Dead Inside" door and return to the Nether. Looking at Ryan's wooden barrier, they claim they can see the marks where Michael clawed at it trying to reach safety.
    • During a discussion about whether the female Doctor could screw her male self and get pregnant, Matt claims identical twins can be different sexes based on Phil and Lil Deville.
      Jeremy: Matt. I need you to base your scientific questions off of not Rugrats.
    • Gavin complains about a scene in Moonraker where a pigeon was edited to do a double take, but because his pop filter was still in the mail, the plosive in "pigeon" keeps cutting out the audio, and no one has any idea what he's saying.
    • With Phantoms attacking them, the Hunters have to quickly steal beds in a village for the night. Things get complicated when Trevor decides to use the same house as Jeremy in direct violation of the quarantine. He ends up playing musical houses while dealing with zombies.
    • A raid on a Pillager Tower ends with Ryan, despite all warnings, killing the Captain and then triggering a raid on the nearby village. He ends up nearly killed by a crossbow wielding Pillager during the first round and the guys decide to bug out.
      Gavin: We just killed that whole village.
      Ryan: Look, we can't be held responsible for what other people did to them.
      • Trevor proposes that the Pillagers and Villagers had lived in peace until the "idiots" showed up.
    • Jack is in the Fortress when a Creeper walks underneath him and starts hissing.
      Jack: Ah ah ah! That sound, that sound! PTSD! PTSD!
  • Upping Our Diamond Game - Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 7)
    • Fiona joins and quickly shows how unfamiliar she is with the game as a whole.
      • Her own house ends up being as dilapidated as Alfredo's first model except she's isolated without anyone around.
      • For a short while she accidentally placed her sword in the off-hand, and as such when fighting simply punches them without realizing.
      • When trying to eat to restore hunger, she tries to have her avatar eat food in the inventory.
    • Due to it being her first language, Fiona alone plays with French on which leads to many amusing moments as she speaks it out loud. The editor also inserts French flags and accordion music whenever Fiona speaks French.
      Trevor: Is it le français?
      Fiona: It's le français. Cheval qui galope. Bruits de pas.
      • Gavin's personal opinion on how the French language makes no sense.
      Gavin: French is a funny language, 'cause you read what's read what's in English or I guess standard European letters, but then somehow the words sound like liquid.
    • Trevor and Gavin call out to each other, but the former accidentally calls the latter "Gay Boy".
  • More Like Totems of Crying - Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 8)
    • Fiona is lost and spots a "devil house" with an inverted cross on top and a sign reading "Killer?" Ryan is initially baffled as everyone else points out that's his house.
    • Trevor gets into a fight with a horde of Endermen. Just as he gets into cover, a Creeper enters the fight and blows him up. Ryan accidentally hitting the Creeper towards him didn't help him.
    • Fiona gives a heartfelt eulogy at Trevor's funeral, complete with "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes.
      Fiona: Oh, Treh... Y'know, it was sad. It was a sad and short life, but I- I thank you for helping me adjust to this living, um, in Minecraft World, uhhh... and... I thank you for your service and I hope, uh... you are watching Spongebob up there.
      Jeremy: Sorry, I just got a tear in my eye...
      Matt: [as everyone else panics] Dude, this is why I don't go to funerals.
      • After discussing just how disrespectful the Phantoms were, they realize they were actually the spirits of their four fallen comrades.
    • The guys have to teach Fiona how to eat and discover her house, much like Alfredo's, is a ramshackle pile of logs and dirt with no roof. As they point out, this is episode eight.
    • While organising his inventory, Gavin fumbles his keyboard and throws his sword away. A zombie immediately picks it up and chases after him with it.
    • In an effort to obtain Totems of Undying, the group initiate a raid, despite Jack and Matt's misgivings. Unfortunately, Gavin gets cornered in a house by a Vindicator and is killed instantly.
      Jack: YOU IDIOTS! You've gotta be kidding me! They hit so hard! We were gonna go fight the dragon and you lost Gavin to a raid that you could've ignored!
    • Early in the video, the group make jokes about the episode's supposed "script", with Trevor claiming that there's a twist ending where Ryan dies at the end. Sure enough, fresh off the disastrous raid, Ryan picks a fight with an Enderman and gets killed, much to Jack's frustration.
      Jeremy: Don't look directly at them.
      Ryan: I'll look at him! Fight me!
      Jeremy: Ooh, Ryan...
      Ryan: I'm okay... Oh, I'm not okay! [dies]
  • The End - Minecraft - YDYD 3 (Part 9)
    • After burying their dead, the guys decide to prep their own graves in the event the battle with the Ender Dragon goes bad.
      Fiona: This is so depressing!
    • When Jack notes that social distancing is no longer as important at this point, Jeremy proceeds to raid Ryan's house for supplies.
    • The guys decide to play a record they recovered from Gavin's body in memory of him... only to turn the jukebox off and declare his taste in music sucked.
      <GavinoFree>: no it don't
      • And then Jeremy puts in another record.
        Fiona: Please turn off this godawful music.
        Matt: It's terrible, dude. Like, if I'd known Gavin had that I would have killed him.
    • The group needs to sleep before heading out and Jack decides to borrow Gavin's house rather than heading back to his own... only to find out it was Matt's house he invaded. Jeremy just tells them to cuddle up.
      Matt: I would rather die.
    • Dramatic music plays as the final adventure party sets out... only to continue playing as Matt and Jeremy stop to say goodbye to their cats. Jeremy promises to be back while Matt notes he probably won't be. Coincidentally Jeremy is one of the survivors whereas Matt died in the battle.
    • Matt's goodbye to his cat.
    Matt: Arya, I probably won't be back, but here's the four emeralds. Order a pizza in my honor.
    • Fiona spends most of the fight huddling in the shelters, with her one contribution being to shoot one of the crystals... which Jack was standing right next to, taking a chunk out of his health.
    • After successfully slaying the dragon, the surviving Jack and Jeremy return and say they can feel the ghosts of their dead friends watching over them.
      <GavinoFree>: i feel u
      <AxialMatt>: gross
      • The two returned to bury the fallen Matt and Fiona, then Jack handed Jeremy some dirt to fill in his own now-unneeded grave, which along with Jack's now-just-as-useless grave spot was covered in End Stone to serve as a pedestal for their newly-won Ender Dragon egg.

  • Minecraft BUT Every 2 Minutes we Explode!
    • As the title suggests, Matt made it so that every two minutes, everyone explodes. The explosion doesn't immediately hurt anyone, but it makes their jobs a hell of a lot harder because it will wreck anything around each player, as well as launching them into the air to take fall damage, with a mere 3-second warning to get away from whatever they're working on lest it be blown to bits. The AH crew is tasked with making homes, farms, and such, and the fact they're constantly exploding leads to plenty of anguish.
    • Jack gets the worst of it. He decides to stay on the opening island and make food for people, but lack of sufficient lighting means that every night, he gets swamped by hostile mobs, especially Creepers. To make things worse, everyone decides to troll him by making his work much harder. The worst things to happen to him come from Trevor and Gavin, who were genuinely trying to help him.
      • Trevor tried to help Jack by helping Jack with his chicken farm, and at one point he went in the pen to play with the chickens. Unfortunately, he didn't notice the countdown on the bottom-left of the screen screen, exploding and killing all but one chicken. Cue enraged screaming from Jack, berating Trevor for his lack of situational awareness.
        Trevor: (singing to the chickens) Get on in here, make yourselves bang...
      • Trevor's response to this? "I'm literally t- I'm genuinely trying here."
      • Gavin came to Jack to offer his help, but mere moments later, the countdown clock started ticking and everyone ran for cover. Gavin ran towards what he believed was the side of a dirt cliff, only for it to actually be Jack's dirt-built house, which gets a sizable chunk blown out of it. As Jack starts going off on him, Gavin protests that the dirt house was so ugly, he couldn't tell it was a house.
    • Jeremy decides to scare everyone by typing in a phony countdown warning. As soon as it pops up, several people let out gasps of alarm before they catch on.
    • Michael wants to accomplish an explosion-aided double-jump from the tallest tower he created, and used up plenty of wood for ladders (something the others really needed for other construction projects). The first time, he jumps while timing for the explosion, only for his plummeting body to outpace his own explosion, leaving him to splat unceremoniously into the ground. The second time, while building a narrow path out from the top of his impromptu tower, he runs out of dirt and goes to start with another building block. Unfortunately, he picks sand, sending himself plummeting to his doom again. At least he's able to laugh at his own stupid mistake...
    • Gavin declares the he's going to live censor the foul language of this episode, but he is constantly late in his attempts to bleep out words.
  • How to be a Hero? - Minecraft Explosion Mod - Part 2
    • After the difficult time the guys had with monsters in the last session, Ryan declares he was the hero and reset difficulty to normal... except it's still hard because once Hardcore Mode is enabled it can't really be turned off. The guys end up mocking him for his premature claims to being a hero.
      • At the end of the episode, Michael asks if Ryan can't turn the difficulty up even more. Somewhat ominously, Ryan says he has some ideas.
    • Jeremy and Matt are in the Nether Fortress when the explosion goes off. Jeremy watches in bewilderment as Matt is launched through a 1x1 hole in the ceiling in an arc that drops him into a tiny pit where he dies from falling damage.
      Jeremy: Damn it, Matt. There was one Blaze and I was like "Matt, I need your help fighting this." Matt: Ejected through the fortress.
      Trevor: "My people need me."
    • During a conversation of having the Jelly Shoes in the game, Michael started making references to the Gummi Bear cartoon theme, how you can bounce around with them. Jeremy, however, starts singing the infamous "Gummy Bear" song and drowning Michael out before he had the chance. Jeremy and Trevor both agree the fans will get that reference more.
      Jeremy: I know which one our fans prefer.
      • Moments later, Michael tried singing the Gummi Bear show theme, but only knows half of it.
    • After Jeremy dies in the Fortress against Blazes, he asks Matt to help him retrieve his items. What follows is a long chain of failure as they alternate dying and having to sprint back to retrieve their items before they're lost. Ryan declares they ended up accomplishing nothing this episode, though Jack does have a nice farm now.
      Michael: You guys sounded like you were doing something exciting that failed miserably.
    • Ryan states he's going to turn off the server in an attempt to preserve Matt's dropped items. Matt insists he wait as he's almost reached the grave even as Jeremy skeptically says he won't make it. Matt manages to grab his items... and is one-shot by a Wither Skeleton.
      Matt: Turn the server off! Preserve my things!
  • Racing to Make The Tower of Pimps - Minecraft Explosion Mod - Part 3
    • The episode opens with the crew recalling that their goal for "success" with this mod was getting to the End. In light of the problems with Hardmode, exploding, and murderous Blazes, the end goal is significantly scaled back to building the Tower of Pimps.
    • Over the course of the episode the guys become increasingly worried about the number of mobs with armor and enchanted items, accusing Ryan of increasing the difficulty to "Super Hard". As Ryan notes, it kind of is his fault since those are all items he lost.
    • Trevor says that he likes to be next to a group of fish, also known as a "school", when he explodes. Jeremy sardonically thanks him for using the right terminology to freak him out.
    • Lindsay joins the server and her first act is to nearly explode on top of Jack's farm. At his pleading, she sets up her work station away from the farm... by about one block, constantly endangering the animals.
      • At one point Jack is away and Lindsay blows up part of his garden. When he asks why she sounded distressed, she replies it's nothing while quietly repairing the lot.
    • Ryan realizes he's about to explode and runs away from Jack's farm... and right into his house.
    • Jack steps away from the game for less than a minute. He comes back to find Jeremy has "fallen" into the chicken pen "sword first".
    • As the end of the episode approaches, Jack shoos a lurking Jeremy away from the well-stocked farm only for Ryan to dive in from the nearby roof, sword swinging, followed by Trevor... just as the explosion counter starts. To Jack's horror, his healthy herd is reduced to two cows (one after Ryan murders the other) and a handful of chickens.
  • King Jack Takes Us to Disney World's Magic Kingdom
    • It's King Jack and he's decided to bring the gang to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in the MCParks server to compete for the Tower of Pimps. Everyone is amazed at the recreation and immediately devolves into childlike glee.
    • The first challenge is to find Space Mountain. Gavin is immediately confused and lost while Alfredo is the last one to arrive. Everyone then rides the coaster much to their delight and go wild at the gift shop.
    • Matt, Alfredo, and Jeremy get into a lightsaber fight, and Gavin steals Lindsay's lightsaber and she childishly asks "Papa Jack" for more money because Gavin won't give it back to her.
      Jeremy: I'm Adam Driver, you fuck!
      Lindsay: I was showing off my lightsaber because it was cool and Gavin stole it.
      Gavin: [holding Lindsay's lightsaber] I don't have it.
    • Jack challenges the gang to climb Space Mountain for the next block, and Ryan immediately gets lost in the bathroom trying to find the entrance. Gavin is lost again and stumbles across a porta-potty with Alfredo.
    • Gavin wonders if the people on the server will notice that Achievement Hunter are at Disney World, and immediately after Jack challenges them to find a barbershop, one of the visitors notices them.
      Gavin: [reading the chat] Is that the rooster teeth people?
    • Jack challenges them to find Goofy's Barn Stormer, and once again, Gavin get lost trying to find the attraction and after finding it, he finds himself on the ride's tracks.
    • Jack reveals that in order to make the episode, he became friends with the owners of the server so that they can allow the Tower and the challenges to be built. The game then crashes and before the textures can load, Gavin discovers that all the placeholders are hoes.
      Gavin: I don't think you're friends with them anymore.
    • Alfredo trolls around by whacking at random people, with Gavin and Jeremy occasionally joining in. They also find a random duck to strike at, much to Gavin's dismay.
    • The gang are tasked to find the next block at the Pirates of the Caribbean, and when they get onto the ride, Ryan ends up in the back row by himself.
      Matt: Where's the rum gone? It went to Amber Heard.
    • Gavin and Lindsay relate the story of the time Michael passed out at Busch Gardens.
      Gavin: I've never seen him so pale.
      Lindsay: What a dumbass, he didn't eat any food.
    • Gavin presents another disgusting hypothetical.
      Gavin: Jack, you get a thousand dollars, but you have to have a fax machine at your house plugged in. And every day you get a fax, but it's from someone who shat into their fax machine.
    • Once again, the gang go wild in the gift shop, with Jeremy getting Jack to buy him a Jack Sparrow head and Lindsay buying Gavin a hook and Matt the Jack Sparrow ears. Everyone immediately then gets into a lightsaber fight once they leave the shop.
      Ryan: Yarr, I'm a Jedi pirate!
    • The last challenge of the video is to climb Splash Mountain and Alfredo gets his first block, while Lindsay and Ryan keep falling into the water.
  • Riding Disney Rides in Minecraft! - Magic King Jack (Part 2)
    • Fiona's joining the fun and her excitement is adorable. As soon as she joins the group and gets her ears from Jack, everyone excitedly shows her the goodies they bought.
    • Jack mentions that since the last episode came out, visitors to the server that day are watching them compete. Throughout the video, the chat greets them and cheers them on. Lindsay, in return, writes 'DO YOU WANT TO WORSHIP A SNOWMAN?' in the chat. She then gets asked to ease up on the capslock by one of the server mods.
      Lindsay: Someone in chat: "IS THAT FIONA?" in all caps. You bet your ass it is.
    • Fiona claims to know the park layout by heart, but as soon as Jack announces the first challenge to find The Haunted Mansion, she immediately gets lost, stumbling into Fantasyland instead. Lindsay goes into "Mom" mode and guides her back to the group. Jeremy then asks Fiona if she wants to ride it after most of the gang regroups at it.
      Fiona: YES I DO!! Absolutely, I do!
      Alfredo: Fiona's excitement is the best right now.
    • Once again, Gavin is lost trying to find the ride and somehow along the way, he obtained a Perry the Platypus to put on his head when he finds Ryan.
    • As the gang enjoy the ride, Lindsay comments that she's sitting next to a ghost while staring at Ryan.
      Lindsay: There's a ghost in my car, he's a 40-year-old man who has two children.
      Ryan: Hey hey, I am not 40 yet! I got like, a few more months where Laurie is 40 and I am not, and I need to have that to lord over her.
    • The ride also has mirrors that reflect their skins. Alfredo pretends to be shocked that he's been the default Steve skin the whole time.
    • The next challenge to find the chest on Tom Sawyer Island, and before Jack can finish, Alfredo immediately jumps into the water and heads for it, followed by the others. Gavin gets stuck in the water under the docks.
    • The next challenge is to buy a Dole Whip, but Gavin finds the Starbucks instead and Jeremy asks if he can buy some Monster. As he's returning to the castle, Gavin is seen wearing an extremely bright purple tie-dye shirt and rainbow ears and somehow obtained a strawberry Dole Whip.
      Jeremy: Gavin, you're the brightest thing I've seen.
    • As the gang ride the carousel, Jeremy runs around in it, and Lindsay tries to take a picture. Alfredo went to buy Starbucks instead and switched his hat to donut ears.
    • Jack challenges the gang to find Big Top Souvenirs and Fiona declares she found it, only for Jeremy to run into her and he figures out that she found it on the map they have instead. The gang then discover that the store is empty. Jack then changes it to riding the Dumbo ride, but Matt and Ryan discover that they got on the malfunctioning one while the others ride it. They warp back to the castle and Ryan almost ends up on the Main Street Trolley by accident. They then attempt to block the others from returning to the castle.
    • The next challenge is to buy Jack some popcorn and a hot dog, which Alfredo successfully completes.
      Alfredo: Jack, popcorn. Jack, hot dog. Jack, popcorn, hot dog, LAMP!
    • The last challenge is to find a block on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Fiona gets lost again and Ryan confuses it with Splash Mountain. Matt successfully acquires his fourth block.
    • As they prepare to ride it, Matt comments that his grandfather got sick from the motion sickness after riding it a lot with him as a child. He also comments that his mom also rode a rollercoaster with him at Six Flags and was sick for a week afterwards.
      Jeremy: Matt, you need to stop injuring your family members at amusement park rides.
      • Of course Jeremy has little room to criticize as he recounts the time he and his sister lied to their dad that the Tower of Terror only dropped once.
        Jeremy: All he did during the ride was scream me and my sister's name in anger.
    • Jack declares that it's time to wrap up after Matt stacks his final block, but a sad Fiona wants to go longer.
      Fiona: [sadly] Wait Jack, this is it? No...
      Matt: Fiona, I'm the king, we live here now.
    • Ryan warps over to Busch Gardens because he wants to ride Sheikra, only to learn that it's not yet open.
    • The video ends with Lindsay leading a very bad singalong of "When You Wish Upon A Star".
  • We Try to Make the PERFECT Village in Minecraft
    • Lindsay joins in late, and doesn't get the memo that they're playing in survival mode. She ends up digging out a large floor and filling it in with wood from the nether before being informed of this. Once she is put into survival, she starts digging the wood out with a pickaxe.
      • Later, Matt tasks her with crafting fences for a farm. Not only does she fail to do this until Matt has a dozen animals following him, she fails to use either the crafting table still in her inventory, or the one they had placed there, until Ryan steps in to make the fences.
    • The group come across the village that they used for cannibal Matt in the 360 videos, and lightning strikes when they say “Cannibal Matt”.
      Matt: Shut up, God! Don’t let them know!
    • Ryan creates a new Edgar in the sheep pen, much to Alfredo’s horror.
      Alfredo: Oh no, there’s a sheep in the ground, and we get to look at it?!
    • The gang start leading zombies and other monsters into the village to get them to move in.
    • Jeremy's summary of the career of Cody Rhodes:
      Jeremy: So there's a wrestler named Cody Rhodes - he almost came in as part of the A.W. thing - super talented guy. And WWE was like, "We're gonna turn you into a guy called Stardust, who has a star painted on his face, and is just kind of a freak." And he was like, "I don't like that." And they were like, "Well... too bad, Stardust!"
    • When they go back into the nether, they are extremely confused by the large number of ocelots around. Lindsay then realizes that she put them there at some point.
      • Alfredo comes upon a kitten when it wanders into the overworld, and attempts to kill it, with the others rushing to its defense. Although they are unable to prevent him from killing it, Jack and Ryan are able to kill him in retaliation.
  • Our Villagers Move Out - Building the Perfect Minecraft Village (#2)
    • The group notice that one of the villagers are missing, and after some searching, determine that it wandered into the nether. They then proceed to point out that they must not be doing a good job with the village if the villagers think the Nether is better. After several failed attempts to get him back through the portal, Jeremy gives up and kills him. While discussing this, Lindsay has an accident.
      Jeremy: I was nothing but a tool of Darwinism.
      Lindsay: We are all but tools of Darwinism-(falls into lava) Oh! Speaking of which...(dies)
    • While trying to make an iron sword, Lindsay grabs the group's supply, and shift clicks a dozen swords into existence. She then takes them on several trips into the Nether, during which she dies several times and loses them.
    • Matt thinks that sheep can't escape through a one block wide gate, and tests it out on the group's farm. Within seconds, a sheep escapes. After several attempts to lead it back, he gives up, and kills it.
      Jack: You can't just kill your mistakes, Matt!!
      Matt: Ryan has taught me that's not true!
      Ryan: I only know one fix...
  • Raising Kids in Minecraft - Building the Perfect Minecraft Village (#3)
    • Jeremy goes into the nether to get some rotten flesh. This goes about as well as you'd expect, and he gets quickly swarmed by pigmen.
    • The group discuss symbols that Nazis have ruined, and a frustrated Alfredo asks for a list of symbols they can't use anymore.
    • Alfredo comes across some iron left behind by Lindsay, who suggests that he chooses how much he wants to give back to her in order to prevent a repeat of the previous episode.
    • Ryan ends up trapped in a house with villagers breeding nearby, while a horrified Lindsay watches.
    • The episode ends with Jeremy and Alfredo getting into a game of tag after Jeremy punched Alfredo in the mines.
  • Buffing Up Security! - Building the Perfect Minecraft Village (#4)
    • Ryan describes the villager breeding incident from the previous episode in a way that horrifies the others.
      Ryan: That was me, trapped in a room with horny men and melons.
      Matt: All right, that is a thing you have said today, Ryan.
      Jeremy: Let today be known as the day Ryan said that.
      • Lindsay then decides to try her hand at describing the incident.
      Lindsay: [with music playing as her words are written out on screen in a fancy font] On Tuesday, August 25th, in the year 2020, during the COVID pandemic, in the United States Of America, in which we are still stuck inside creating content for the entertainment of an online audience, Ryan said that. [the others laugh] Is that accurate enough?
      Ryan: That's a little too accurate, that's like a deposition!
      Lindsay: I think that's the most clarity I've ever had in my life!
    • Lindsay continues to decimate the group's iron supply and shift clicks another six iron pickaxes into existence. She once again dies, and loses them again before the end of the video. Notably, this is after she spent most of her time in both this video and the previous one breaking iron ore with her wooden pickaxes.
    • Ryan declares that the thing they need to complete the village is a McDonald's, and starts building one.
  • Defending Our Utopia - Building the Perfect Minecraft Village (#5)
    • Alfredo gets confused at the local wildlife.
      Alfredo: Is that a dragon?! Oh, that's a parrot.
    • Ryan finishes his McDonald's, and Jack notices something off about the menu.
      Jack: "Little Mac: Lawsuit"?
      Ryan: Nintendo is very litigious.
    • Jeremy and Alfredo's game of tag escalates, especially after Alfredo finds the recipe for TNT.
      • After Jeremy notices the TNT, he watches Alfredo tunneling around beneath the village, only vaguely commenting about how concerned he is to the others. Alfredo pops his head out twice and sees Jeremy watching him.
      • Alfredo places the TNT beneath the town square, leading the others to declare that he's become a supervillain, which they dub “The Questionnaire”. He then writes a threatening sign to the villagers under that alias.
      Alfredo's signs: Dear Gotham Village Bring me the one you call Jeremy if my demand is not met I will blow up a piece of village Signed, The Questionnaire. I'm LOVING IT.
      • Jeremy then goes on the run, successfully evading Alfredo.
      Jack: Jeremy, what are you doing?
      Jeremy: There are few things that give me as much joy as confusing Alfredo.
      • After the raid, Alfredo returns to the TNT under the town square, threatening to blow it up the next time they return to this world if Jeremy is not given to him.
    • Lindsay and Matt spend most of the episode building a wall that only covers one side of the village. She also shift-clicks 20 stone shovels into existence, which she then uses as a weapon for the rest of the video. Ironically, since her wall is made of stone, she is wasting a material only she is using.
  • We Can't Be Trusted With Dinosaurs - Minecraft Jurassic World
    • Everyone except Ryan and Alfredo got new skins, most notable that Jeremy's skin actually does look like him and Trevor's skin is a screaming child in a T-rex hoodie and actually shorter than Jeremy. Plus, thanks to a Bedrock Edition feature, all of their skins blink except Ryan's.
    • Alfredo makes his entrance on an all-terrain vehicle that he somehow obtained. He also finds a disturbing amount of weapons, and armour along the way, culminating in him jumping into Rexy's pen when the group visits her exhibit. After he gets killed, Trevor decides to jump in as well and gets himself killed as well.
      Ryan: Guys, Alfredo's about to sacrifice himself to the T-rex!
      Jeremy: Wait, is he in there with that thing?
      Trevor: [bursts into hysterics]
    • The gang comes upon an NPC who they can use to build pre-made buildings full of NPCs. While Ryan is talking to one of these NPCs, Alfredo changes the building, causing the one Ryan was standing in to be destroyed, killing the NPC.
    • After the park is opened, they are hit with a disaster. Rather than solving it, the gang simply close it again, resulting in their park having lasted about one minute.
  • Our Science Babies! - Minecraft Jurassic World
    • Alfredo continues to suit up, surprising Jeremy when he turns up to the helipad in full ACU getup.
    • Lindsay spends half of the video separated from the group, only finding them again as they’re preparing to leave.
  • Digging into Stoneblock 2!
    • The gang play a new modpack which is similar to Sky Factory, except that it spawns them in a small cave surrounded entirely by stone. Unlike Sky Factory however, everyone gets their own cave, separated by thousands of blocks.
    • Another thing that returns from Sky Factory is chance cubes, which make quite the splash.
      • When Jack opens one, it spawns a dozen Nether Jellyfish in his base, resulting in him spending the next few minutes fighting them in between deaths. He still manages to give advice to the others, however.
      • Matt spends most of the episode breaking chance cubes, whose effects include spawning a bunch of water, and squids, spawning diamond (with TNT), giving him diamond boots with amazing enchantments and two durability, and dropping him into a pit to the bottom of the world, before instantly teleporting him back to his cave, leaving him spluttering in confusion.
    • Gavin and Trevor are the first to reach each other, using a Party Pickaxe which Gavin obtained by completing quests. The pickaxe mines things at extraordinary speeds, and also puts down cake which destroys large parts of the item's durability.
    • Since they don't have a Party Pickaxe, Jack and Jeremy are forced to reach each other using the regular means. When they finally meet, Jeremy tries to show off his torch launcher, only to discover that Jack had already acquired one of his own.
    • The group attempt to reach the mining dimension which Jack says requires you to mine all the way to the bottom of the world. When they reach the bottom, and discover nothing, Jack finally realizes that they actually had to dig up to the ceiling of the world instead.
  • We Become the Mobs! - Stoneblock Part 2
    • Matt gives his pet rock a “god” which is actually a large face carved in the wall of his cave.
      • Later, after Jeremy gets annoyed at his pet, Matt suggests he “give it a god” like he did, but Jeremy mishears it as “gives him to god” meaning that Matt just killed it.
    • After making some good progress alone in the previous episode, Alfredo’s progress stalls after reaching the mining dimension, only taking a brief trip there before begging the others to save him.
    • Gavin claims that he can hold back from saying Flynt Coal, but it gets harder every time. The others helpfully respond by saying “Flint” and “Coal” as many times as possible, which Jeremy compares to walking into an AA meeting with a bottle of whiskey.
      • Not helping matters, is that Alfredo is trying to get coal for torches, resulting in him continually saying the word even when not teasing Gavin.
    • Gavin and Matt argue about the status of Achievement City, leading to Gavin telling Matt to give him the bricked Xbox so he can have a go at it.
      Gavin: Was that before or after you broke Achievement City?
      Matt: Well, in my narrative you broke it.
      Gavin: We had it running for years, until we gave it to you!
    • The musical stylings of Hap Tap Pah and Scoodela Boo.
      Trevor: (singing) "Deck the something give it hoo yeah!"
    • Matt gets a party pickaxe, and digs a tunnel towards some coordinates, only to realize that he had been digging towards the wrong ones this whole time.
      • He then blames the others, while Gavin blames him for mishearing, calling for a flashback to clear everything up. Said flashback proves that he is at fault.
    • Jeremy digs his own tunnel to the mining dimension, but the ladder gets blocked when Trevor and Gavin die on it, resulting in their graves getting stacked.
    • Gavin attempts to vein mine some gravel, but accidentally hits escape while his cursor was on the disconnect button resulting in him accidentally leaving the game.
      Jeremy: (as Gavin returns) Welcome back, moron.
    • By the end of the episode, the group declare that they have all reunited, conveniently forgetting Alfredo, who will remain isolated for a further two episodes
  • "Automating" in Stoneblock 2 (Part 3)
    • A chance cube spawns a villager named Dr. Trayaurus. Later, Matt finds the doctor standing next to a bucket of witch water, and attempts to warn him.
      Matt: I'm not going to tell you that's bad, you're the doctor; you know already, but that's bad. You're the doctor, you know already.
      Trevor: Did you just repeat that two times exactly?
      • Jeremy then excitedly pours the witch water onto the doctor, transforming him into an Evoker, and getting himself killed.
    • Alfredo's continuing solo adventures leads him to start digging up through the mining dimension to get to a new dimension. Once he gets there, it turns out to be more or less the same as the mining dimension.
      Alfredo: I'm back from my adventure, there is no god.
      • The tunnel to the end is a straight tunnel up which Alfredo intends to climb by using climbing gloves. He doesn't realise that said climbing gloves run out, and they do so while he's climbing sending him hurtling to the ground.
    • The group is surprised to find that one of their chests has a bunch of pickaxes in it. They initially assume it's Gavin's work, but a flashback reveals it to be Matt's.
    • Jeremy and Trevor exit the mining dimension, but end up getting stuck in a small hole. After spending some time trying to figure out where they need to go to get back to base, they discover that they were only one block away.
    • Matt returns to his original cave to gather the last of his things, and say goodbye to his pet. After a solemn farewell, Jeremy comments that he just murdered his pet.
    • Jeremy attempts to make bread, but soon discovers that the usual recipe doesn't work anymore and that it's been replaced with a complicated multi-step process.
    • Matt opens a mega chance cube which spawns about a hundred Creepers, forcing them to block off the tunnel.
  • What's in the Chance Cube? - Stoneblock 2 (Part 4)
    • After four episodes, everyone finally figures out why the others left Alfredo alone for so long: they had completely forgotten that they hadn't rescued him yet. Despite this revelation, they still wait towards the end of the episode to send Gavin to rescue him.
    • Gavin gets into woodworking, and creates a wooden sphere, leading Matt to call it a travesty. He then creates a large area surrounded by bannisters, which is dubbed his play pen for all his woodworking needs. Matt then approaches him and offers a doll for him to play with. Gavin is suspicious, especially after Matt tells him it summons a monster, so he throws it out of his play pen.
      Matt: Hey, I'm gonna warn you cause he's freaking out about chickens, but if you play with that doll too hard, it's gonna come to life and kill us all. [he turns around and walks away, and Gavin throws the doll out]
    • Matt obtains a set of crystals which gives him a book that sets him on a magical quest. He doesn't get started, although he manages to confuse the others when he starts reading from the quest book out loud.
    • Jeremy attempts to tell a joke, regardless if the proper set up is there for it.
      Jeremy: Where are we gonna get a chicken?
      Jack: I dont know, I-
      Jeremy: Eggs! Where are we gonna get eggs?
      Jack: We have to get to the end first-
      Jeremy: What came first?
      Jack:... The end did.
      Trevor: Were you just saying his words?
      Jeremy: I wasnt relying on him to say the things I hoped he was going to say.
    • Trevor's ongoing quest for gray dye so he can help Alfredo make cow pens:
      • Matt remembers killing the squids from the first episode and directs Trevor to his cavern for ink sacs, which is several thousand blocks away. Not only does he fail to find them, he also accidentally kills Rockbert, Matt's pet rock, and absorbs it into his syringe along the way. He deliberately fails to tell Matt this until he shows up and morphs into him.
      • A chance cube gives him some grey wool, which he puts into a machine that supposedly makes gray dye out of it. He goes on a long, inspirational speech about how everything he's done was building up to this moment but the machine spits out string instead. After checking his sources again, he realizes that the machine only has a 5% chance of giving him gray dye.
        Trevor: [puts the wool in] Trying it...[deep breath] The culmination of everything I've ever hoped for, the reason I took this job, the reason I threw my engineering degree in the tr-[he gets string, causing the others laugh]
        Alfredo: Did it explode?
        Jack: I don't think he got what he wanted.
        Trevor: [puts more in] I'm gonna keep testing... because that's what we do here! Take that engineering degree, and throw it right in the shredder because- [the machine spits more string]
      • After a long journey following Gavin, Alfredo is reunited with the others and remembers that he had gray dye in his base all along. Trevor attempts to block him to make him turn back, and eventually threatens to kill him to make him respawn back at his base.
        Trevor: Have you just not been listening in your own little hole alone this whole time?!
        Alfredo: Nope, not at all!
        Trevor: Fredo, I've literally talked to you about getting the gray dye from you for you’re thing!
  • Fighting Over Vis Crystals - Stoneblock 2 (Part 5)
    • The group learn that the crystals Matt had gotten in the previous episode is part of a mod called Thaumcraft, which Jeremy immediately gets obsessed with, and spends most of the episode begging Matt for the crystals.
    • Lindsay joins the group, and her cave spawns at the other end of the tunnel Matt was digging when he had the wrong coordinates, allowing Matt to come get her easily. She also spawns with a new rock pet, to his excitement.
      Matt: You have another Rockbert?!
      Lindsay: Oh, is this one yours?
      Trevor: No, but it will be!
    • Alfredo somehow acquires a large number of Jack heads which he places on the a wall, and nobody notices until the end of the episode.
    • Trevor finally makes gray dye, and crafts a cow pen for him. The two then proceed to make a large area for it, which they dub the cowthedral. It gets cult-like really fast, slowly devolving into old-timey English, and cow puns as the episode goes on.
    • Trevor attempts to coronate Alfredo as the cow god, but the coronation is interrupted by late arrivals, other people picking up the cow stick, and Jack's general confusion as to what's going on.
      Jack : What is going on with this fucking hole?!
      Alfredo: Jack, how dare you mock what will be! A glorious place full of cows!
      Matt: A barn. A barn is what you’re thinking of.
    • Lindsay decides to set up shop for a kitchen, and does so right next to the mob spawn.
    • The group continue to fuck around with the morph mod, leading to the glorious resurrection of Jonk, after Matt kills Jack to transform into him.
  • Dreams of Thaumcraft - Stoneblock 2 (Part 6)
    • The mechanic of having dreams to advance in Thaumaturgy leads to a discussion of real-life dreams. Jeremy recounts a dream he had the previous night where he had married Michael and was raising Iris and Luna.
      Lindsay: You stole my family! You dream-stole my family!
      Jeremy: I was like, "I don't know how to take care of kids!" Literally, it got to the point where I went, "Why did I do this?! This isn't the life I wanted!"
    • After spending much of the last few episodes working on chickens, Jack officially completes his transformation into Simple Geoff by smashing several eggs onto the ground.
    • Matt and Jeremy put their differences aside and begin working on Thaumcraft together. This is complicated however, when they discover that they can only advance through the mod separately, forcing them to do everything twice.
    • Lindsay goes into the mining dimension to expand the cowthedral, and ends up getting lost, dropping back into the overworld when she digs too deep. Unfortunately, miscommunication with Trevor leads her to assume that the only way to get back to the others is to dig all the way back down to them, rather than just re-entering the mining dimension, and she wastes quite some time doing so. Once she makes her way back, she keeps making the same mistake, and her only appearances in the last half of the video consist of her dropping out of holes in the ceiling.
    • As the episode goes on, the conflict between the mages and the cow worshippers begins to grow, with Jack the simple farmer caught in the middle.
      Matt: (scans Jack) My thaummometer says you are a fool! (Him and Jeremy cackle for a few seconds)
    • Matt crafts a new rock pet, and accidentally traps it within a spawner changer after a few minutes. After a few minutes of trying to free him, he suggests that he should just make a new one, claiming that he just found him again.
      • He discovers that the spawner changer works by changing a mob spawner, and tries to craft one, only to learn that it requires a dragon egg.
  • We Accidentally Made a Death Laser - Stoneblock 2 (Part 7)
    • While experimenting with the Atomic Reconstructor, Trevor stumbles upon a Lens of Detonation and eagerly tries it out, ignoring Jeremy's warnings ("That one's super dangerous!"). He fires his newly created death-ray with an enormous explosion, decimating Jack's chicken farm.
      • This is the second time Trevor has destroyed Jack's chicken project. Ironically, he's been the most helpful with Jack's chickens.
      • While Jack is desperately working to put out as many fires as possible, Matt decides to “profit” off the disaster.
        Matt: (Eating the cooked chicken off the floor) What a shame... A delicious delicious shame.
    • Matt and Jeremy continue their meddling with Magic, and Matt made something called a "Knawledge". When he opens it up, he finds that he basically just made an encyclopedia. Both Wizards hate it.
    • Matt is incredibly disturbed by Log Chickens and demands that Jack apologize "to Life" for breeding them.
    • Jeremy's difficulty in acquiring brass:
      • He tries dumping a bunch of ingots into the smelter but accidentally makes bronze.
      • He begs Jack to breed a Brass Chicken, but discovers that chicken breeding is incredibly slow.
      • Matt offers to head to the Mining Dimension to mine some brass; everyone immediately protests that that's not how brass works, since it's an alloy and doesn't occur naturally.
      • When they find a machine capable of making brass, Jack accidentally teaches Jeremy how to make bronze instead.
      • Jeremy looks through his magic book again and discovers another way:
        Jeremy: Throw an iron ingot into a crucible! But we need Instru...Instrumentum!
        Matt: Instrumentium!
        Jeremy: What is that?
        Matt: Fuck if I know!
    • Matt watches Lindsay emerge from her latest tunnel from the mining dimension, and shows her how he is able to transform into Jack, before suggesting he could do the same with her, promptly killing, and morphing into her.
  • A Cow Named Pickles - Stoneblock 2 (Part 8) - Minecraft
    • While Matt and Jeremy are experimenting experimenting with the cauldron, Matt morphs as Jeremy places something inside, all while making an overly dramatic "oh no".
    • At some point, in order to get materials, Matt kindly asked Jack to make him a couple of hundred lapis to make some chance cubes. Jack, understandably, denied such a request. Matt then proceeds to "Tax" Jack for Magic (something Jack doesn't even use) by taking two of his Lapis Blue Chickens.
    • During one of the Chance Cubes, a Mooshroom named Pickles appeared. With the Cowthedral in need of cows, Trevor and Matt do their best to take it there, all the while Jeremy is impatiently demanding for his Pumpkin and orders another Cube to be used.
    • Another Chance Cube goes off and the entire room filled with Bat-riding Skeleton archers, shooting some magic arrows that add status effect to their living targets. Matt gets hit by one and is stuck levitating to the ceiling. When he finds out he could be stuck like that for 3 minutes, he orders the crew to get him Milk, which even then was an annoying challenge due to being unable to get the milk due to his height.
    • Another chance cube spawns a wither, which sends them into a brief panic before it disappears.
    • Lindsay and Trevor are completing the walls of the Cowthedral, and come upon a zombie trapped behind one of them and decide to keep it there.
  • This Could Destroy the Base - Stoneblock 2 (Part 9)
    • Lindsay notes that their habit of digging death shafts in the base had been discussed by the comments section who were eagerly awaiting for somebody to fall into one. They mention this because after loading in, they immediately fell in a shaft to their death.
    • Left with stacks of Chance cubes after mass producing them last episode, Matt, Jeremy, Alfredo, and Trevor begin opening them en masse.
      • The first mega chance cube seemingly does nothing, until Jack hears the distinct sound of something being built. The cube ends up spawning a village, albeit one mostly stuck in the walls.
      • Before Trevor breaks one, Jeremy jokes that it would kill all of Jack's chickens. It ends up spawning a massive mansion which digs out a large part of the world around it, sending them into a panic, until they find out it stops just before hitting Jack's farm. However, true to Jeremy’s prediction, it ends up destroying a couple of Jack's chicken coops that were just a few blocks longer than the farm.
      • At the end of the episode, they spawn another village under the mansion, essentially cutting the thing in two.
    • Lindsay spends most of this part of the video trying to get their stuff after they died prior to the video, and thus is obviously confused when they return to base and catch sight of the mansion.
    • Trevor attempts to show Alfredo the Lens of Certain Death by killing him with it. Unfortunately, Jack also happens to wander in front of the lens at the same time, getting killed alongside Alfredo.
    • Matt attempts to add Alfredo to his “collection” of morphs, sending him fleeing into the mansion, and getting cornered by Matt and Jeremy.
      Matt: [morphs into a rock pet] Me and Rockbert are one now, Fredo!
      Alfredo: What are you fucks?!
      Jeremy: [morphs into Jack] What do you mean what are we?? Fredo, don’t you recognize me?! It’s me, Jack!
    • Michael pops in for a hello and apparently, one of the neighborhood kids thought he was from Ready Player One.
      Lindsay : [baby crying noises are heard] My child is upset, one moment.
      Michael : [makes crying noises]
      Lindsay : Michael's not happy too.
  • Can We Fly? - Stoneblock 2 (Part 10)
    • Jeremy sums up the series so far.
      Jeremy: We live in a constant state of “don’t worry about it.”
    • Alfredo spends most of the first half of the episode exploring the mansion, but doesn’t tell the others this, leading to lots of confusion and worrying, as they keep hearing faraway explosions with no explanation.
      Alfredo: The third floor... The final frontier! These are the voyages of Captain Diaz.
      Jeremy: What are you doing?!
    • Jeremy gets Alfredo to attempt to shoot him through fire, and lava in order to continue advancing through Thaumcraft. It fails, but Alfredo keeps shooting at him, and Matt when he shows up.
      • The two then leave said fire and lava in the highly flammable mansion, and are confused when they return later, and find it mostly burned down.
    • Lindsay and Trevor set off on a quest to gain wireless power for a ring that apparently gives you the power of flight, only to learn that the flight would be more accurately described as gliding.
    • Matt grows confused when he sees that their population of sheep has somehow dwindled, only to find that they had wandered into one of Lindsay’s death tunnels.
      • He tasks Lindsay with rescuing them, but they end up struggling to do so in the dark, and fall to their death several times.
    • After his exploration quest is completed, Alfredo begins sneaking around the base with TNT.
    • Jeremy is thrilled to discover that for the holiday season the Chance Cubes have been reskinned into Christmas presents, laying one down for Trevor to see in the middle of the village.
      Trevor: [breaking the Cube] Bling-a-ding-ding-
      [the area grows dark and a dozen regular and Super-Charged Creepers spawn around Trevor]
      Jeremy: Oh, why'd you break it, no!
      Trevor: Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! [dies]
      Lindsay: That's amazing! What a holiday treat!

    Let's Play Minecraft — 2021 episodes (453-present) 
  • We Put an End to 2020 - Stoneblock 2 (Part 11)
    • Jack isn't in the episode, so the gang immediately start plotting to destroy the world via Chance cubes.
      • To be more specific, the plan involves creating a mega Chance cube (27 regular chance cubes in a 3x3x3 cube) out of mega Chance cubes, with the hope of veinmining them once it's done.
      • Jeremy feels sure the crew has backups, but Trevor replies that is a very dangerous assumption to make. Trevor then verifies he can't use a /backup command, followed by the also nonfunctional /they'retryingtoendusallhelpplease.
      • When it comes time to open them, they find that they can't be veinmined, forcing them to fight through all of the effects to open all of them. During the ensuing chaos, the room is flooded by lava, TNT kills most of them, with fireworks, and potions thrown everywhere. Trevor's jet pack automatically goes into hover mode when his health drains, forcing him to fly for the rest of the episode, and a new mansion is created, only to be immediately set aflame by the aforementioned lava.
    • Lindsay successfully rescues the sheep from their tunnel, but is left struggling with where to leave them, initially digging up through the magic room, before Matt points them to an empty room to use. Even so, they then start digging the wrong way.
    • Alfredo once again goes on an adventure, humming Lord of the Rings music as he faces off against the monsters on the roof while dodging Creeper explosions.
    • Jeremy gets a spider transformation and immediately starts pursuing Alfredo so he can bite him and turn him into a superhero. In the midst of their chase, they guys wonder if it's obvious that Jack isn't present to keep them in line.
    • Matt creates an iron golem to watch over their building site, but Jeremy quickly kills him to use in further trolling Alfredo. Matt manages to not notice this until the end of the episode, when Jeremy reveals this by transforming into the golem.
  • Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree IX - Minecraft (Stoneblock 2)
    • This episode marks Gavin's glorious return to Stoneblock, after having been absent since episode 4. Matt recognizes him as a “rare breed” and murders him for his morph.
    • The episode also marks Michael's first official appearance in Stoneblock, but he and Lindsay are sharing their skin, so they are counted as one player.
    • Due to taking place in Stoneblock, the gang are trying to catch chickens rather than fish. It somehow takes Trevor over 26 minutes to notice this.
      • Late in the game, Jack goes to his farm to get a refill of chicken eggs, and finds Gavin randomly renaming his signs.
    • At the end of the game, the group notices that Alfredo has a strangely low amount of chickens in his basket, and Gavin reveals that he had quietly stolen some right in front of them.
  • Fighting the Ender Chicken! - Stoneblock 2 (Part 12) - Minecraft
    • Since Jack wasn't in the episode before the Jamboree, his reaction to the aftermath is priceless.
      Jack: WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO???
      Jeremy: Oh hey. What's up, Jack?
    • The entire Ender Chicken and Chaos Chicken fiasco:
      • Both Jeremy and Alfredo decide to face the Ender Chicken together and alone, thinking it would be a small chicken. To their shock and horror, the Chicken lives up to his "Ender" name and grows to a humongous size.
      • After defeating it, they receive a Dragon Egg. While everyone agrees they can do it at a later time, Alfredo just casually drops it in the platform where the Ender Chicken was born from, and thus summons the Chaos Chicken, much to Jeremy's shock and fear. Jeremy keeps asking Alfredo why he did that, and Alfredo can only really say "Oops".
    • Jack's dismayed that Lindsay managed to watch Frozen II six times in one weekend but couldn't find the time to watch Hamilton:
      Lindsay: My children call the shots, not me!
      Jack: Don't throw away your shot, Lindsay!
    • With the Chaos Chicken killing them and leaving their graves in his turf, Jeremy decides to make an invisibility potion, despite its annoying process. It leads up to Jeremy only needing a brown mushroom, so Lindsay tells him to check the chest in their unused Kitchen. Jeremy checks and doesn't find any, but many members of the audience sure as hell spotted five of them in the chest, with everyone agreeing it was such an Achievement Hunter move.
      • Jeremy decides to simply sift for a brown mushroom with sponges. It takes a while, but Trevor finally hears what Jeremy was looking for, and simply takes him to his "Mush-Room" and casually gives him like a handful of them.
      • We then learn Jeremy decided to make the potion as a way to get their stuff back from the grave where the Chaos Chicken is in. Alfredo simply walked in and got it all, rendering all of Jeremy's efforts meaningless.
      • Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t work. When Jeremy, Alfredo, and Lindsay use the potions to try and grab the remaining graves in the End (leaving the already rescued gear behind) they get killed just as quickly as all the other times
    • Jeremy's summary of the chicken situation:
      Jeremy: And in the End there's a three-story-tall chicken that shoots lasers, and it's fucking us up.
    • Jeremy decides to give killing the Chaos Chicken one last go before the episode ends.
      Jeremy: Have at thee, demon! I will kill you and wear your sk- he can fly!
      <Jerem6401 has been scrambled>
      Lindsay: [as everyone laughs] What a twist.
  • God Tier Mob Spawn?! - Stoneblock 2 (Part 13) - Minecraft
    • Alfredo continues his doomed quest of defeating the Chaos Chicken and is repeatedly killed for his efforts. It got to the point where the game rewards the Chaos Chicken with a kill streak announcement.
    • Trevor distributes Storage Tablets to the others and abruptly asks Jeremy to give his back, because "Papa's got some materials on that tablet that he doesn't want young Jeremy to see". The video cuts to Jeremy scrolling through the tablet's contents, with the names blurred out and porno music playing in the background.
    • Jeremy returns to his Chance Cubes shenanigans, and one of the cubes spawn "The Pig of Destiny". Alfredo decides to cut it down, only to die on contact; the Pig won't go down without its assailant. Jeremy sees that the Pig is at half health and ask Alfredo to finish the job. Alfredo complies and the Pig dies, alongside Alfredo. Jack laughs at Jeremy playing Alfredo like a fiddle.
    • Trevor shows off his secret hallway, the one that's so bright and flashy that it needs a photosensitivity warning. Alfredo also throws out a photosynthesis warning, for all of their plant viewers.
    • The episode ends with Matt and Jeremy retiring from magic, as they see no point in continuing due to a road block. Jeremy, crushed by this, states that he basically has nothing.
      Jeremy: I'm not magic anymore... I'm but a sheep (transforms into compressed jeb sheep).
      • Jeremy's sheep avatar looks down in self-pity, and Jack coins that he is now a "Depressed jeb".
    • Several commenters take the time to commend Lindsay after they successfully craft one sword instead of shift-clicking a dozen, only to rescind it a few moments later after they shift-click another dozen diamonds hammers into existence.
  • Invasion of the Dummy Swappers! - Stoneblock 2 (Part 14)
    • The titular invasion comes when Matt creates something called a dummy wand, which allows him to create motionless zombie like creatures around the base, quickly outnumbering them.
      • This problem only gets worse when they figure out how to put player heads on the dummies, resulting in Lindsay confusing the dummies for the real people several times, and Jack getting watched by an army of dummies with his head on.
      • To make up for the fact that they gave up on magic, Matt and Jeremy set up two dummies in the magic room with their heads and gear on. It’s only when Matt returns later that he realizes that leaving the dummies next to the cauldrons that constantly spit fire nearby probably wasn’t the best idea.
    • Matt then completes a device called the spawner locator (self explanatory). He tries it a couple of times, before realising that in order for it to work, they would need an actual mob spawner in their world.
    • After killing it in the previous episode, Alfredo has seemingly chosen the Pig of Destiny morph as his look for the rest of the series.
    • Jeremy begins work on a new weapon, tasking Alfredo with helping him find materials from Jack's farm for said mission. Alfredo proceeds to unnerve Jack by threatening to kill each of the chickens as Jeremy requests them.
    • When Lindsay mentions trying to warm up to their arachnophobia, Matt mentions that he also warms up spiders... as in, warms them up in the microwave.
      Jeremy: Why do you microwave spiders?
      Matt: I hate them.
    • Near the end of the video, their server crashes, so they spend the last few minutes of the video talking about Pokémon whilst Jack futilely tries to get the game back up and running.
      • Even funnier, the cause of the crash and subsequent server troubles is Matt’s latest attempt to revive Rockbert, leading many to joke that the server itself was telling Matt to move on.
  • We Find New Purposes - Stoneblock 2 (Part 15)
    • The group discuss the events of the previous episode.
      Jack: Rockbert destroyed our server!
      Matt: Well, then you shouldn’t have destroyed Rockbert!
      Jack: I didn’t destroy Rockbert!
      Trevor: It could have been a number of people...
    • Jack creates a super-powerful sword and uses it to kill Matt. Matt tells Jack not to kill him again, so naturally Jack kills him again. Matt then places a Chance Icosahedron to get Jack to stop, but before Matt can pop it, Jack instinctively creates a server backup.
      • Matt forgets to pop it, so Jeremy pops it instead. Anticlimactically, it creates an End Crystal, which explodes and does nothing.
      • Jack then starts killing the remaining Dummies, which Matt agrees with, only requesting that he doesn’t kill Gavin (a creeper headed dummy in the woodworking area).
    • Alfredo, still playing as the Pig of Destiny, trying to monopolize his cow business.
      • Alfredo tries milking one of his cows, not noticing that there was already milk in the bucket he was using.
      • These events also unfortunately happen at the same time Jeremy is looking for steak, leading to Jeremy skulking around the Cowthedral, while Alfredo begs for more time to make cows.
    • Trevor tries to place lava into a barrel, only to place it on top of the barrel and burn himself to death.
      Trevor: Goodbye. [dies]
    • At some point, Matt and Trevor begin fighting Shulkers. The first one Matt summons teleports Trevor into the furnace.
      • Matt asks Trevor not to kill it, since he wants to turn into it. Immediately afterward, Trevor kills it.
      • Matt summons a second Shulker and kills it. He turns into it, then joins Shulker!Trevor in the Cowthedral.
      Jeremy: You're askew.
      Trevor: You're askew! [hits him]
    • Lindsay finishes helping Jack, and declares their intention to start helping Jeremy work on his weapon. Jeremy agrees, and lists off the large, complicated process they have left to do. Lindsay decides to go back to making cakes.
    • At the end of the video, Matt tries to resurrect Rockbert a second time, only to crash the server again. Luckily, Jack had created another backup.
  • We Finally Have a Cow Farm! - Stoneblock 2 (Part 16)
    • Much of Jack's part of this episode is spent working on Draconic armor and weaponry with the hope that they would be powerful enough to withstand the Chaos Chicken. At the end, he, Jeremy, Matt, and Alfredo are suited up with them, and head into the end, to be instantly annihilated, losing the armor, with Jack never even getting to see the Chicken.
    • Trevor creates a short zip-line in the base which fails for two reasons:
      • Firstly, the server is set up so it kicks you for "flying" if you're in the air for more than a couple of seconds, meaning that you make it at most halfway down the line.
      • Secondly, Alfredo goes on it as the Pig of Destiny, but it glitches out, with his model flying everywhere, leading to a four minute long photosensitivity warning.
  • The Pig's Got a Railgun! - Stoneblock 2 (Part 17) - Minecraft
    • Trevor made the mistake of his life of giving a railgun to Alfredo, who proceeds to kill half the crew on the server with it.
      Alfredo: Look, he gave me a gun with a scope. What am I supposed to do, not let it rip?
      • The most egregious part is that, while Lindsay did a great job decorating their respawn room, a single line of pixels made their beds unable to respawn them there, and the game sends them back to where they originally started. This forces them to either walk back or ask Jack to teleport them back.
    • Lindsay shows off their new kitchen to the group. While explaining how they did it, Lindsay breaks out into song, complete with pre-recorded footage of the kitchen being built, and them hanging out with the Gavin Dummy which had randomly appeared in the kitchen.
    • Trevor and Alfredo, both disguised as the Pig of Destiny, having a railgun battle, which Trevor wins.
    • Thanks to the above mentioned incident with the Gavin Dummy, Matt and Lindsay are creeped out when they find that it had returned to the woodworking area without either of them having memory of moving it.
    • Jeremy continues his quest to get a rabbit from a chance cube and runs into some major problems:
      • His first problem was that he spawned an army of Endermen, a task he was woefully unprepared for, and sheepily asked Jack, who was decked out in excellent armor, to take them out. Jack proceeded to one shot the lot of them.
      • His second problem was causing a massive flood. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, except Jeremy didn't know where the source block was, much less a bucket to fix it. Jack, to his surprise, didn't have a Sponge Chicken to fix it either, and he already left to get his armor back from the Chaos Chicken. Jeremy simply went to each block one by one to fix it with Matt.
      • After cleaning up his mess, Jeremy decides to open a loot crate. His prize was, of all things, a couple of sponges.
    • Trevor continues his descent into mad science, creating a large engineering dungeon complete with ominous lighting, metal presses, and a Tesla coil.
  • The Law of Equivalent Exchange - Stoneblock 2 (Part 18) - Minecraft
    • Lindsay mourns the death of a parrot they found before the episode, which eventually flew into a cactus and died. Matt offers to spawn them a new one, but it’s not until they actually have one spawned that he reveals that he actually intends to murder said parrot for its morph.
      • Even better, because Matt didn’t wait for it to grow up, he doesn’t even get the morph.
    • Matt kills a donkey and turns into it. Donkey!Matt ends up with a pair of googly eyes on his ass.
      • Later, the same thing happens when he kills and turns into a horse.
      • And it happens for a third time when he kills and turns into a llama.
      Lindsay: You have eyes on your ass again. That's awesome.
      Matt: Do I again?
    • A Chance Cube puts Jeremy in a giant cube of bedrock with lit TNT, and the only way he can get out is by answering a math question. Unfortunately, he doesn't solve it in time and is blown up, giving us this death message:
      Jerem6401's mind exploded from the power of math
    • Trevor creates a crusher. While showing Lindsay how it works, he accidentally falls inside and is crushed to death.
    • Jack, Jeremy, and Alfredo venture into the End to face off against the Chaos Chicken once again. Jack's game crashes and Alfredo is killed, leaving Jeremy to kill the Chaos Chicken by himself.
      • With the End now free again, they begin pillaging the remaining graves, and Jeremy discovers that he had two pieces of rabbit sitting in there the whole time.
    • Since Lindsay has a staff that can create snow, they ask what powers everyone would have if Achievement Hunter were to form a superhero team. As they say this, a Marvel Studios-type crawl, reading "Minecraft" and featuring previous Let's Play Minecraft thumbnails in the background, plays over the footage.
      • Trevor declares himself "Ex-Man", the man who's dated everyone on Earth and is now their ex.
    • Wolf!Matt enters Trevor's dungeon, and has a railgun pointed at him for his efforts. The entire time, Matt simply says, "Ruff, ruff!"
    • This exchange:
      Jeremy: What's 17 times 9?
      Trevor: 170 minus 17. 153?
      Jeremy: You smart man, you.
    • While trying to show off his metal press to the audience, Trevor makes dramatic music with his mouth, which gets interrupted when he accidentally picks up the graphite ingots he's trying to press.
    • Matt traps an ocelot in a room, waiting for it to grow up so he can kill it and become it. He realizes how insanely fucked up this is, but only after doing the same to the aforementioned donkey, horse, and llama, as well as a polar bear.
    • While Jack explains how to use the transmutation table to Jeremy, Alfredo pelts them with eggs, which spawn a bunch of chickens. Jack tries unsuccessfully to kill Alfredo with a bow and arrow, only for Alfredo's Draconium armor (which he got from Jack) to keep him safe.
    • Now having acquired his needed rabbit meat, Jeremy starts advancing towards his weapon again, until he finds that the next step is to create Singularities wihich require tens of thousands of blocks.
    • In a post-credits scene, Matt finally kills and turns into the ocelot, complete with evil laughter.

    Things to Do in Minecraft 
  • Gavin demonstrating the three best ways to grief in Minecraft, seen here.
  • "Indoor Pool": Gavin manages to figure out how to completely flood Geoff's enormous Monolith house with a single lever.
    • This ended up being the gift that kept on giving as people kept accidentally pulling the flood lever while trying to exit Geoff's house for the next few years.
    • Also notable is that Gavin accidentally spoiled the winner of the next Let's Play (two weeks early, mind you) by following Geoff outside as he ran past Jack's house, which had the Tower of Pimps displayed.
  • Things to Do in Minecraft: "Slice of Hell": Gavin, Geoff, and Ryan create a repeating circuit that causes the back wall of Ray's house to empty its contents from 17 hidden dispensers. Each dispenser contains (what else?) 576 cakes (9,792 total). Ray's Freak Out is priceless. Makes people wonder if that was why Episode 46 started in Achievement City...
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Rock, Paper, Scissors":
    • The game works by each player standing on either side of a wall which is then pulled back to reveal what each player is holding. The first time they do this Michael is facing the wrong way.
    • The moment when Michael, Ray, Ryan and Jack (mainly Jack) discover the forfeit for the loser of each round: One hell of a long drop.
    • Ryan's 'answer for that' after his first tie with Gavin:
    Ryan: (holding a bit of beef) STEAK!
    • Ryan loses his second round against Michael but Jack falls instead because he was standing too close to Ryan when the block is pulled from underneath the Gent's platform.
    Jack: I was gonna go with him but he didn't go!
    • Gavin visits Ray's website in the stinger. It links to Meatspin.
      • Even better is that Gavin actually guessed it linked to Meatspin before checking it out, but Ray said it didn't. "What am I, an asshole?"
  • In Things to Do in Minecraft: "CreePlunk":
    • At one point, a Creeper lands in the small hole where Michael was trapped and on fire. Michael panics as its prepares to explode... exploding, not killing him and allowing him and Ryan to escape at the same time!
    • At another point, Jack becomes trapped with a Creeper, but the Creeper just keeps jumping up and down, as if it's humping his leg. As Jack tries to offer it a flower, a pile of sand crushes the Creeper... and another crushes Jack.
      • Thanks to the earlier incident, it comes down to just waiting for Ray to die. Ryan and Michael hop out and approach the little hole Ray is trapped in and start tossing in all of their items. Somehow, it's enough to save Ray as he suddenly pops out of the hole alive!
      • Though actually, the reason Ray got out was because he was jumping, and so was jumping on top of the sand blocks as they fell, letting him jump out.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Incredible Disappearing Creeper":
    • Everyone mocking the fact that bubbles surround the creepers making them pretty easy to spot, while Geoff and occasionally someone else will comment on how invisible the creepers are.
    • Gavin and Michael are bemused by how boring the game is, coming from a couple of Professional Minecraft builders.
      Gavin: So our Build Team's fired, right?
      Michael: Yeah. They're not- No, they're great at building! Look how nice it looks!
      Geoff: It is beautiful.
      Gavin: They're really good at building completely nonfunctional, beautiful-
      Michael: See, I thought the difference between hiring them and moving them here was that, after they built it, they could fucking play the thing before they give it to us! (Imitating one of the Build Team members) Guys, we built this. Uh, didn't load it, because we're that confident. It's gonna work great. Oh, God. Did you guys- did you guys try looking at the Creeper, because I forgot to!
    • At one point, the Creeper onslaught comes to a stop, at which point Ryan, Jack, and Michael wonder if they just "won" the game.
      Ryan: Did we survive Thunderdome?
      • Ryan then begins to mocking the Creepers locked up in captivity ("Look at me, Creepers! I'm eating potatoes!"), walking up to their cell while doing so. When Geoff subsequently releases a new group of Creepers, Ryan is standing so close to them that he gets doused in invisibility. He begins running around, asking the guys if they can spot him holding a potato.
        Michael: Ryan, you saved the video!
    • Gavin wonders whether it would be better if everyone was "invisible".
      Gavin: It would actually be difficult.
      Ryan: Why would that be difficult? You'd still-
      Gavin: 'Cause some of the bubbles are deadly and some are lovely! Now, there would be "question mark" bubbles.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Bumper Boats"
    • When Geoff comments that the Build Team made this Things to Do, Ray comments "So it's going to work great.". Ryan then falls out of the arena immediately.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Rug Burn"
    • When Geoff announces that everyone's task for the day is to ruin someone else's day, Lindsay ends the video by saying in a plotting voice "Ryan, you're here..."
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Thanksgiving"
    • The video opens with a live-action explanation of the task. They shoot an arrow at a giant turkey in Minecraft and then eat whatever food pops out in real-life. Trouble is, Matt and Jeremy constructed the game for six players and Jack and Michael are out of town. Geoff uses his boss-authority to rope the two new guys into the game as well.
    • During said live-action segment, after Kdin explains that they're about to do something for Thanksgiving:
    Gavin: (raises hand) I have a question!
    Kdin: Yeah, go for it.
    Gavin: What's... what's Thanksgiving? (starts walking back to his seat as the others laugh)
    Geoff: It's when all the Americans get together and are thankful we're not British anymore.
    • The food they have available to eat: cookies, carrots, cake, pumpkin pie, chicken, apples, bread, and rotten flesh (the real life equivalent being spicy Slim Jims). But here's the problem: the carrots, cookies, and apples are presumably the easiest to eat, but do very little for food in-game and nobody ever gets carrots anyway. Rotten flesh also does little, but the Slim Jims are extra spicy; the chicken is exceptionally greasy, as Ryan attests; the bread isn't bad, but you have to eat half a loaf (originally a full loaf), which takes a while; nobody in the office seems to like pumpkin pie; and the cake is good in-game (two cakes would be more than enough to win), but it's apparently very heavy in real life, and is one of the worst foods to get for it. The game is constantly flickering between "get enough food to fill your bar in-game" and "don't get enough food to make yourself sick". These guys discover it's very difficult to have one without the other.
    • The point of the game is to be the first to fill the foodbar in Minecraft. Difficult when you keep being attacked by mobs and falling into holes...
    • The look Gavin gives the camera when, being very close to winning, he gets a cookie.
    • Two people, Geoff and Jeremy, both have enough in-game food to win, so it just comes down to who can finish their real life food first. Jeremy just keeps sitting and scarfing food as quickly as he can, looking completely tortured in the process, while Geoff gets up and keeps walking around as he eats, getting increasingly frustrated (and even chewing so fast he hurts his jaw). Jeremy wins, barely.
  • Things to do in Minecraft: "Fly Fishing"
    • The game is broken in the first 60 seconds by Ryan apparently.
    • The game is chaotic with players falling off their stands constantly, Matt in the background shouting about how things are broken and how to fix it and Geoff trying to make it work.
    • Ryan steals one of Gavin's chickens. When Geoff says that's cheating Ryan uses his "You never said that was a rule" excuse and the others yell at him.
    • Towards the end they start singing "The Final Cluckdown" with Michael making chicken noises in time to the tune.
  • Things To Do in Minecraft - "Happy New Year":
    • "Max blood". An argument started due to Gavin's poor understanding of the concept of dilution.
    • They decide to have a fireworks display in Geoff's house, which is tall enough for the fireworks to explode with plenty of room above them.
    • Gavin asks if they're saving and when he finds out they're not, triggers Indoor Pool. Cue a furious dash and fight to get out of the front door. Of course, the only one to get stuck in the flooded house is... Gavin himself.
    • Michael and Gavin get into a screaming match over whether water is more refreshing when it's cold or room temperature, while Ryan sings Auld Lang Syne in the background.
      Michael: Didn't we sing this in the Christmas Let's Play?
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "Gerudo Shooting Gallery"
    • Ryan mounts a horse in the area of the gallery... and then can't get off it. He doesn't want anyone to kill it though...
    • Geoff has been assured that the arrows shot will not vanish. They do and make adding up the total that much harder.
    • At one point Jack is buried under the sand by Gavin. He then proceeds to start digging sideways, causing sand to collapse and confusing Ryan.
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "Angry Birds"
    • While the Gents are building their house Ray sets himself on fire and flies around being a shooting star.
    • Michael gets bored.
      Michael: "You ever been building a house and then, like, a bear flies through it?" (flies through the half-finished house)
    • The Lads take their turn firing the TNT cannons - none of the cannons get anywhere NEAR the house.
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "Neigh Slayers X"
    • Jack complains that Geoff hasn't learned that too high is no good. Geoff protests, saying that super-low is worse then dips Jack's horse into the lava.
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "End Game"
    • Gavin's odd noises when he makes tense jumps, such as "Bananas!" and "Penis!"
    • Everyone humming the theme to Mission: Impossible
  • Things to do in Minecraft - Barrel Race
    Geoff: "This is for all the marbles."
    Ryan: "We get marbles?"
    Geoff: "The winner does."
    Ryan: "I lost mine years ago."
  • Things to do in Minecraft - Mineokart Coin Runners
    • Ryan uses a collected fire charge to set his and Jack's intermingled sheep flock ablaze. He comes off worst but doesn't even care.
    • Geoff gets so carried away in competing he forgets to set his timer.
  • Let's Explore: Los Santos in Minecraft
  • Things to do in Minecraft - "Slippy Mountain"
    • Once players reach the checkpoint, they can just fly back up to it. As most of them just leave the boat midair and fly back up, a boat graveyard forms on the bottom level. Eventually they have to start clearing it because they hit the maximum number of boats in the world.
      • During one of the moments when boats can't be placed, Ryan places his last boat too close to the slime blocks which trigger erratically, breaking his boat.

    Let's Build 
  • Across many of the later videos is the use of dark suspenseful music whenever something goes wrong with a build, giving the scene a gravitas it doesn't deserve. The same applies to the previews and previously segments, which often include comments that are far more comical than the music would imply.
  • Let's Build: "Indoor Pool" is mostly uneventful, until near the end before the final test run. While doing last minute checks Geoff covers up the circuit under the floor, accidentally breaking it and setting off the Indoor Pool. Gavin's noises when he looks up and realises are a mixture of amusement, laughter, disbelief and sheer terror.
  • Let's Build: "Slice of Hell" contains a lot of references to previously-seen videos:
    • The cow in Ryan's house.
    • Dan Gruchy's "glass in the finger" injury from a The Slow Mo Guys video.
    • Geoff catches Gavin building his trophy room.
  • In Let's Build:"Dark Achievement City Part 3" Goeff and Gavin are trying to rebuild Jack's house in the nether, complete with lava trap. Goeff forgets to put the stopping block down, resulting in the whole thing burning down.
  • In Let's Build: "The Pit", one moment crosses over with CMOH when Michael mentions that he and Lindsay have bought the wedding dress.
    Lindsay and Michael: "Yeah."
    Geoff: "You're gonna look lovely in it, Michael."
    Michael: (at the exact same time) "Lindsay's almost got hers, too."
    Lindsay "Well, Michael's probably gonna marry Gavin and then immediately go over to our wedding."
  • Let's Build: "Snowbound Part 1". As Michael joins in, we learn that he is an OCD Builder.
    Michael: (referring to how the two sides of the river are not symmetrical) "Should I fill this area over here in?"
    Geoff: "Nah."
    Michael: "Can I fill it in?"
    Geoff: "Uh..."
    Michael: "Do you want me to buy the eraser on the way home and eat it or...? 'Cause I kinda want to eat the eraser."
  • Let's Build: "Geoff's Anatomy"
    • The naming of the Let's Play they're building:
    Ryan: "Is there a play on some shitty hospital show we can make?"
    Ray: "Well, the only hospital show I can think of is ER." (Beat)
    Ray: "Oh, there's Grey's Anatomy. 'Geoff's Anatomy!'" (Slams desk) "Boom!"
  • Let's Build: "Ice Cube Part 4"
    • Ryan gets bored and spawns a cow inside Ice Cube and then attempts to build up the ice around it so no one will notice.
      • Michael does. Then gives the cow a 'friend' (a creeper head).
  • Let's Build: "Ice Cube Part 5" ends with the guys pouring several buckets of lava on top of Ice Cube. Just to see what would happen.
  • Let's Build: "Golden Hoe Part 1"
    • Gavin's test on building an End Portal. After breaking the frame they realise the portal is still there and attempt to 'put it out' by pouring water over it. Doesn't work.
  • Let's Build: "Golden Hoe Part 2"
    • Gavin pours a bucket of lava on a cow that has been annoying him for most of the episode and in the distance we hear this:
    Ryan: "Noooooooooo!"
  • Let's Build: "Episode 100"
    • On-going confusion about how many items are needed and how many places the scavenger hunt will visit throughout the video eventually leads to Geoff and Gavin flying all over the map to make sure they've not placed too many gold blocks. They have.
    • Thinking up the clue to lead to the Sheep.
  • Let's Build: "The Credits Part 1"
    • Ryan forgets to hit the capture button before syncing the first time. Kdin gets to insert another 'lovely' message into the footage.
    On-screen text: Pro Tip: It helps if you hit the capture button first, Ryan. -Love, Kdin
    • Gavin gives Ryan a "Would you...?" question where he would get a million dollars but only be allowed to use each word once in that year. Ryan replies "Oh, I could make myself understood..."
    • The 'Next Time on Let's Build' is Gavin putting the sign up with Kdin's name.
  • Let's Build: "The Credits Part 2 "me
    • Geoff puts a capital H into the wall in iron ore without realising it. Ryan adds a capital I underneath it.
    • More footage problems, another Kdin on-screen message!
    On-screen text: At this point Gavin's footage committed seppuku. But here's what I assume the sign he's writing says: Caleb Denecour "Disc Golf" Enthusiast
  • Let's Build: "Dropping List"
    • At one point Geoff leaves the room and 'tags in' Ryan to help Gavin continue the build while he's gone. Instead the two of them talk about bad food, sex and what exactly makes a kitchen a kitchen while circling each other.
    • Geoff finds a column of dirt with a pumpkin on top and asks Gavin what it is. Gavin asks if it's the Negatower.
    • Geoff finds the site of where Ryan drowned Gavin in Shopping List:
    Geoff: See over here, this little thing? I dunno what this is from, somebody err... somebody's cave here.
    Gavin: Yeah, that's my dig-hole that Ryan drowned me.
    Geoff: Oh, really?
    Gavin: Yeah when we were doing Shopping List.
    Geoff: Should we cover it up? Or leave it?
    Gavin: Eh, it's a piece of history.
    Ryan: (off mic) Leave it!
    Gavin: Ryan says leave it.
    Geoff: Ryan says leave it...
    Gavin: The memories of my last breath...
    Ryan: (off mic) Otherwise I'll just have to do it again!
    (Geoff and Gavin laugh)
  • Let's Build: "Nega Tower Part 2"
    • During a discussion about how it was probably Kerry's fault that the Snowbound Let's Play was messed up, the text So cringeworthy is flashed on screen.
    • Gavin proposes one of the "You get... but..." questions that involves wiping the tip of his penis across the forehead of Geoff/Ryan as being the only way they can awaken but they get quarter of a million - but if Gavin is dead the wake-up call is no longer needed. Ryan remarks that Gavin is offering money for someone to murder him almost immediately.
    • While building the 'evil' door #4:
    Geoff: What's the most evil of the stones?
    Ryan: Kidney.
    • Geoff decides to show how the doors will work. He then runs through a situation where Jack is the contestant, and Ryan provides 'Jack's' voice. In the example 'Jack' gets a wooden sword.
    • "How excited are you for Xbox One worlds getting bigger?" "Me..."
  • Let's Build: "Halo CTF" teaches us that it's possible for Jack to get so confused and distracted by a backwards microphone that he can miss what's being said to him.
  • Let's Build: "Giant Creeper" - A 2 year old video showing the construction of the Creeper in the Field of Giants
    • The text at the start of the video before even the Let's Build title animation sums up the video's history well.
    Sometimes while building in minecraft, Geoff and Gav get drunk
    On one occasion they got REALLY drunk
    So drunk they debated whether the video was even usable
    The debate lasted almost 2 years
    Finally, they decided...
    Fuck it.
    • After the Let's Build title animation we see some live-action footage of Griffon, Geoff and Gavin making what they call a 'Creeper' cocktail. Just from their reactions, you can tell it's strong and thus the video is going to be amazing.
    • The video just gets funnier as it goes on and both men get drunker. Especially when drunk!Gavin accidentally sets off the Creeper while trying to find a place to put the lever. Thank god they'd just saved.
  • Let's Build: "Top Chef Part 1": has Lindsay, Kdin, Jeremy, and Matt building a future LP.
    • The story about Lindsay scamming kids out of their Pokémon cards at church.
    • They discover that you can turn a person invisible with a potion and spend a lot of time throwing the potions at each other.
  • Let's Build: "Top Chef Part 2": Continues the invisible potion fun.
    • At one point Matt finds a cat and tries to kill it leading to Lindsay and Jeremy trying to stop him (Jeremy accidentally hitting Lindsay with yet another invisibility potion in the process), and as soon as Matt kills the cat both Lindsay and Jeremy cry out.
  • Let's Build: "Top Chef Part 3": Extends the invisible potion fun.
    • At one point Lindsay gets up to get a drink and promptly falls on her face leading to one of the guys recording it and editing the video into the corner as she drags herself to the door.
  • Let's Build: "Legends of the Hidden Tower": Once again has fun with potions as Jeremy just starts throwing random potions at the others shouting, "I've got a potion for that!"
    • The following conversation happens as they attempt to level a village (using TNT naturally).
      Kdin: Shout out to Tumblr. Hey Tumblr, Meremy, there’s your shipping name.
      Jeremy: Don't do it. Don't do that please.
      Lindsay: It begins.
      Jeremy: Can I at least be on top?
      Kdin: No, you’re smaller than him.
      Jeremy: Dammit.
      Matt: (laughing at his explosions in the background)
      Kdin: However, you are a power bottom.
      Matt: (continues to laugh at the TNT)
      Jeremy: Thanks. What the hell just happened? Why did this blow up?
      Matt: Oh, are you guys fixing this?
  • Let's Build: "Legends of the Hidden Tower Part 2" has them coming up with team names. What do they settle on? The Brown Platypusses, The Magenta Mooshrooms, and The Cyan Squids
  • Let's Build: "Perfection Part 1" has the return of the potions.
    Kdin: Hey Jeremy it's a little dark over here.
    Kdin: Jeremy, Can you hook a brother up?
    Jeremy: (gasps) I have a potion for that!
    Kdin: Hit me!
    Jeremy: (throws a potion of Night Vision at Kdin while squealing with happiness) YAY!
  • In Let's Build: "Perfection Part 2", While timing a series of redstone they eventually discover that they wired it in a circle, meaning it will never end.
  • Let's Build: "Halloween Spooktacular" opens with Jeremy angry at Xbox Live because he cannot download the Halloween pack. This a recurring trend throughout the video as he continues to get messages from Xbox Live telling him he doesn't have the correct pack. Matt and Kdin say it's the xbox taunting him.
    • To add insult to injury, Jeremy can no longer make Matt and Kdin invisible thanks to a fan who told them that milk will reverse the effects (Matt claimed to know this but didn't say anything to let Jeremy have his fun)
    • Matt puts on a mask over the mask on his skin pack. Kdin puts on a mask too, only to have her dragon snout poking through.
    • During Part 3 we get this conversation
      Jeremy: Matt, what are you having for dinner tonight?
      Matt: ...
      Jeremy: What are you having for dinner?
      Matt: Bread sticks.
      Jeremy: How many?
      Matt: ...I ordered 48.
    • At the end of Part 3, Matt spawns an ocelot, which causes the other two to begin to throw potions of harming at said ocelot. Matt proceeds to hide inside a house to spawn another. However, Jeremy finds him on the map and kills it again, leading to Matt to hide in a second house and spawn a new ocelot. Right as he spawns it, the door opens and in flies a potion of harming, killing the ocelot.
  • In Let's Build Thanksgiving: After spending almost an hour building a Turkey made of wool in the middle of Achievement City Jeremy urges Matt to save the map, which he does, almost immediately Jeremy pours lava over the turkey. Unfortunately Matt saves right as he pours the lava leading to chaos.
    • Said chaos gets worse when Lindsay detonates some TNT on top of the turkey and the game autosaves...
    • Some Hilarious in Hindsight; it's funny just to see these guys (or Matt and Jeremy at least) building something that, later, they will have to be tormented by and participate in - Geoff basically volunteers them as replacements for Jack and Michael due to those two being gone.
  • In Let's Build Polar Express: Team Building Exercise has the task of building a village for the main group to deliver presents too. They make a sad depressed village full of orphans and a dumpster fire...
    • Jeremy discovers to his horror what happens when you put on a pumpkin with the texture pack they're using.
  • In Let's Build New Years: Jeremy is absent and later on is the one editing the video, so the other members of TBE talk smack about him as he inserts a face cam of himself on screen...
  • Let's Test - Wipeout X
    • Matt and Jeremy had just finished filming Off Topic #126, so they're still incredibly drunk. With pizza in hand, they proceed to yell at the very patient support crew to test out the Wipeout X course.
    • Ashley's the first to go, and she's amused by the fact that Matt has a clipboard and sloppily scribbling notes on it. She also kicks off the support crew's inability to get past the first set of ladders.
    • Sarah's never even played Minecraft and as she remains stuck at the ladders, Matt and Jeremy mention how much they lusted after Lara Croft and polygons.
    • Matt questions Neal on whether not stress is a factor in why he's doing poorly.
    • Jarren (who was an intern at the time) is the only one to actually complete the course and nail the final jump, with a time of twelve minutes, just slightly over Gavin's time. Matt writes "knows his worth" down under his name.
    • Before Kent could even start, Jeremy demands more drinks. Unfortunately for him, Sarah could only scrounge up ginger beer. (Steffie pops in later with Dr. Pepper.)
      Jeremy: Ginger beer? GO TO HELL!
      • Just before Kent starts, Larry tells Jeremy that the arrow dispenser ran out. As he goes to yell at Larry, Matt asks Kent about his cat. During the test, Jeremy tells Kent to turn right, so he looks at Matt.
    • Andy notices he looks shiny in the camera and mentions that he was once attacked by a goose. He also fails to complete the ladders and as he tries to go one more time, Jeremy forcibly pulls him away and chucks him out.
    • Jeremy and Matt try to get Steffie to spill who's the most difficult AH member, she diplomatically says it depends on the day...before mentioning that Jack has a very specific pizza order.
    • Matt slams the door after they call for Alec and Jeremy reminds him that they need him in the room. When Jeremy decides that Alec's turn is over, he shakes his hand...and Alec refuses to let go.
    • Larry's the last to go and gets the worst of their yelling, even accidentally doing two complete 360 turns trying to orient himself. As he gets kicked out of the stream room, he shoves pizza into Matt's mouth.

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