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Thanks For Watching <3 (Here's to another 100 episodes you magnificent bastards.)
All of Achievement Hunter's other heartwarming moments can be found here.

  • Michael's genuine enthusiasm over the reveal of Achievement City in Episode 3. He thanks Geoff and Gavin over and over again and seems to be very excited and awed.
    Michael: "Dude, that's- Thank you so much! This is— I don't know what to say. This is good! Ray, you're gonna have a home!"
  • Geoff and Michael getting along rather well in Episode 21; they give each other stuff, go mining together, talk about how fun it is to work together rather than trying to kill each other, and work together to burn down Gavin's town.
  • Gavin and Michael's joy in their growing melon in Episode 26, as well as Gavin taking a picture of the guys after they finally finished growing it.
    • In the same episode, Ray builds the Tower of Pimps and this exchange happens:
    Gavin: "Ray. Seriously, Ray."
    Ray: "Yeah, what's up?"
    Gavin: "Thanks, Ray."
    Ray: "You're welcome, man."
  • This exchange from Episode 27:
    Ray: (after annoying Gavin by taking his tower and putting it back wrong) "I'm sorry, Gavin. Best friends forever?"
    Gavin: "BFF's, Ray."
    Ray: "Best friends for life."
  • Although it was done in a very silly way, there's something heartwarming about Geoff and Gavin building a fire extinguisher for Jack's house, given it's tendency to catch fire.
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  • At the conclusion of Episode 37, Ray points to Geoff and then whispers to the camera:
    That guy right there's the best boss ever.
  • In Episode 39, the following bit is both funny and heartwarming:
    Michael: "Probably. It'd be funny though."
    Ray: "I'd call you 'The Dillster', but sure."
  • May qualify as Hypocritical Heartwarming, but in Episode 47, Geoff chides the guys to stop messing with Gavin... after they find out that Geoff filled Gavin's "Hall of Victory" with water to represent his tears.
  • Episode 49 has all the guys working together to get to The End and slay the Ender Dragon. While they do snark at each other at every available opportunity, it shows that when they all have a common goal, when they band together, nothing will stop them. Endermen, Creepers, whatever comes their way, they will prevail, for the first time, as a team.
  • In previous Let's Plays, the guys are adamant that Gavin never wins. This time, however, everyone cheers on Gavin when he wins the Tower of Pimps in the Shopping List Let's Play with no griping, except maybe Ryan.
    • Michael is particularly happy about it, possibly because he was the one that cost Gavin the Tower in the Wool Let's Play.
    • After Ryan kills Gavin, who was doing very well up to this point, Gavin nearly gives up completely on the win. For a long time he sounds convinced he's going to lose, and genuinely disappointed. Then Michael and Geoff step in, tired of his whining. They start saying that he should be happy because he's still doing really well anyway. That "diamond is so hard to find," and this is barely a setback for him. It's a subtle change, but after this, the fight is back in Gavin. He starts trying again, and he even jokes around with Ryan, his killer! They cheer Gavin up without realizing it.
  • Michael freeing Edgar, which becomes a Tear Jerker when Geoff unwittingly and unceremoniously kills him.
  • In the Let's Build for Creeper Fishing, early on, Gavin complains a bit because Michael is eating a Rice Krispies treat, but didn't get him one like he said he would. Michael replies that the reason he didn't was because when he went to the kitchen, Gavin came in shortly after, so Michael just got one for himself and left, assuming Gavin would get his own. A little later in the video, Michael leaves and comes back, bringing Gavin one after all. (And another one for himself.)
  • Episode 63 has Gavin's reinstatement into Team Lads. (As Michael says in the video, the ban was temporary.)
  • The discovery of the Tower of Pimps inside the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Tutorial stage. They just sound so happy.
  • Episode 69 reveals to the audience that Ryan's wife is pregnant with a girl.
  • In their race to create potions in Minecraft, Geoff tells the group that they're free to team up if they wish. Gavin asks Michael if he wants to pair up. At the time the video came out, Michael was best known for getting annoyed at Gavin's antics, so you'd expect his response to be "hell no". Turns out, it was actually "hell yes".
  • In "Let's Build The Pit", Michael and Lindsay excitedly tell Geoff that they've just bought Lindsay's wedding dress.
  • In the Let's Build episode for Actual Petting Zoo, near the beginning, Gavin and Lindsay start sort-of-arguing about how Lindsay prefers to use "technical terms". It leads to Gavin jokingly saying something random that could be construed as either a threat or a flirt; either way, Michael's response is pretty heartwarming.
    Lindsay: "I like to use the right nomenclature when I build."
    Gavin: "I'll nome on your clature..."
    Lindsay: "Ohh... Michael's right there..."
    (There's a slamming sound in the background.)
    Lindsay: "He... he has leapt up from his desk. He's in Gavin's face!"
  • In episode 76, Actual Petting Zoo, Ryan and Geoff's reaction at seeing Ray's kitty, a baby tuxedo cat. Geoff even leaves his filming position above the map, because he wants to see it.
    Geoff: I wanna see it, I wanna see the kitty!
    (A few minutes later)
    Geoff: Aw, he's got the cutest little kitten I've ever seen
    Ryan: Awww, you do have a little kitten, look at that!
  • Achievement Hunter Christmas. The boys celebrate Christmas in Minecraft, with sledding, snowball fights, a massive Christmas tree, and presents. For once, there's no sign of the usual destructive trolling and griefing; they're just having fun together in Minecraft without killing each other or destroying anything (aside from a few snow golems). You'd expect the presents to be the best opportunity for them to mess with each other, but you'd be wrong. They're surprisingly heartfelt, and they give each other things they'd actually want.
    • Ray: Blaze rods and roses.
    • Gavin: A portrait of his Creeper parents.
    • Michael: An enchanted diamond sword.
    • Jack: A load of pork.
    • Ryan: Lots and lots of animal eggs.
    • Geoff: All the supplies he would need for a bar.
  • A minor one, crossed with CMOF: "UnMonuments Men", Episode 94 of Let's Play Minecraft, ends with Achievement City itself being declared the winner... only because they couldn't place any of the paintings they collected because of the server limit.
  • In "Let's Build Team Nice Dynamite's Secret Room Part 1": Has Michael and Gavin building their Team Nice Dynamite Secret Room and its as heartwarming as you can expect.
  • In Episode 95, Ryan's voice is completely shot. The fact that others (while still laughing at how he sounds) keep telling him to go home and rest even after he tells them he feels fine is very sweet.
    • Also Michael, who apparently gave him the illness, apologizing over and over again to Ryan.
  • Episode 100:
    • It starts with a flashback to Gavin and Geoff building Achievement City, discussing their plan to Griffon, then following up after the "Plan G" Let's Play (Episode 3).
    • At the end, after Jack erects the tower under the Altar, Geoff sincerely thanks "almost all the fans who watched".
    Ray: "Not you. You suck."
    • Finally, the episode concludes with a credits sequence, accompanied by slow music (Specifically, a song from the normal Minecraft game), thanking everyone who played, built, and watched their episodes. The credits end with a shot of the six main Achievement Hunters jumping in front of a Tower of Pimps (pictured above), with their Minecraft characters close enough to give the illusion of holding hands.
    • Also, this means absolutely everyone who has shown up in the game. As comical as Edgar the Cow and Ghost Ray, to the people who helped like Matt "AxialMatt" Bragg (who has since been hired), even going as far as accidental players that showed up like COBRAxGUNneRz.
  • As of Episode 102, the sign over Michael's Achievement City house reads "The Jones' Residence" as he was getting married to Lindsay on the day the video came out. Awww!
  • The support Gavin got from his two fellow Lads before the final battle for the Tower of Pimps at the end of "Enter the Negatower". And their joy when he won.
  • During King Gavin's reign, his subjects will often genuinely compliment his rather clever challenge ideas. Especially heartwarming considering that, leading up to his reign, they had joked about how his would be the worst and/or most boring.
    • While it crosses over with Tear Jerker, during part 2 of the aforementioned reign, Geoff mentions Joan Rivers dying, and everyone is clearly upset. When Ray jokingly asks if she was "funnier than Dane Cook", Geoff snaps that Dane Cook couldn't hold a candle to Joan Rivers' used tampons in terms of comedy. (Well, he eventually said that, but he stumbled over his words a bit first.) May double as a Take That! to Dane Cook.
  • Episode 134 sees Ryan and Gavin deciding to work together and when Gavin asks the question "Well what do we do if we find gold?" Ryan asks who they'd want to win and Michael brings up that Ryan just won King Gavin so Ryan says that he'll let Gavin win as a "going away present" because at the time Gavin and Michael were about to be semi-absent due to filming Lazer Team.
  • Episode 151: An entire LP dedicated to Ray since it's his final LP as a part of Rooster Teeth. Especially to the AH fans who disliked Ray becoming bored of Minecraft and trying to distance himself from his catchphrases. In contrast, just blaze, going cakeless and YOLO are brought back in style, and the episode ends with Ray showering his former co-workers in (what else?) roses.
    • The Let's Play ends with Ray departing Achievement City through the tunnel between Gavin & Michael's houses. The one that no one knew where it led because Geoff wouldn't let anyone go through it. Now we know.
      BrownMan has left the game.
  • 152 is a follow-up, with the rest of the AH team now deciding to renovate what was once Ray's house, hoping to 'flip' it. They spend the entire episode working together on a big construction project, playing Minecraft the way it was intended to be played, and coming up with different ideas on what to put in. Rather than the usual teasing, however, they spend most of their time complimenting each others ideas, and while they butt heads over certain points, they let each other finish what they're doing before judging them.
    • Also, a much smaller point, but the fact that they still keep calling it 'Ray's house', despite the fact he's leaving.
    • Similarly, blink-and-you'll miss it, but its nice to see Geoff include a little shrine to Ray in his home, as a way to remember the lad.
  • The group's sheer adoration and general adorkableness over their dinosaurs in the dinosaur episodes is both funny and heartwarming.
  • Blocking List part 2 ends with Jeremy officially moving in to the new house in Achievement City to commemorate his first Tower victory. Even more? To commemorate this victory, Geoff gives him the Tower of Pimps block and officially makes him a member of the main six.
  • Geoff, partly from laziness, hands Jeremy a free 'run the let's play' card in episode 198. He responds by saying he wants everybody to be happy, with Jack building their beach house, Michael and Ryan getting swords to go kill things, Gavin burning everything to the ground, and Geoff getting drunk on "thick potions".
  • As with the dinosaur episodes, the gang (with Matt in place of the absent Geoff) are generally quite adorkable during the Pixelmons episodes, from the older fans (Michael and Matt), to the newer fans (Jack) and the uninitiated (Ryan).
    • And when Geoff finally does join them (subbing for the absent Ryan) although he still finds it dumb, he does start to get into it a tiny bit and admits that he will at least come back for a second one just to see his Prinplup evolve into an Empoleon.
  • In Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree V, the guys say what their favorite parts about 2016 were. Gavin says his favorite part of 2016 is the fact that it's Jeremy's first full year as a member of the main crew.
  • Michael giving Gavin a Spurs jacket for his birthday in Sky Factory Part 4.
  • Geoff really got attached to the chicken aspect of Sky Factory. The others (jokingly) state that this is the first time in a while Geoff loved something.
  • Easily missable, but late in Sky King Ryan, Gavin and Geoff complete a challenge at virtually the same time - but Geoff panics and doesn't call out his win while accidentally switching his control input, freezing his game, and Gavin is declared the winner. As Geoff hasn't won anything yet, Gavin offers the gold block to him.
  • In the last episode of Sky Factory, Jack, Michael and Jeremy's first instincts upon realising that the world is fucked is to try to save the dragons. Ryan points out that there's no reason to ride them because the Hunters can fly anyway and the dragons will just slow them down, but they still try.
  • Starting with Achieveland in episode 307, they are building a new hub world for Achievement Hunter. For the new start, the main six have brought Lindsay, Trevor, Matt, and Alfredo as official residents. Matt and Jeremy are rooming together since Jeremy is busy building them a new logo (and roaming the world over for cactus for it) and Lindsay and Michael are living together. Gavin and Trevor are too, but it's entirely by accident and neither one of them is too happy about it.
  • Episode 314, Wipeout X Part 2, has the guys coach Lindsay along the course as she tries to cross it. They cheer when she completed each obstacle, especially since she ended two minutes faster than Geoff's time.
  • In Episode 344, Christmas King Part 1, Michael is the first hunter to win two challenges. He decides in the spirit of goodwill to give his second block to Jack, who at that point was the only player without a block.
  • The Galacticraft Mini-Mes, whom the Hunters immediately adore and declare to be their children, with Mini-Michael and Mini-Lindsay being declared the children of both Joneses. In particular, Geoff is skeptical of them until he creates Mini-Geoff and decides he loves him. Shame Ryan accidentally fired that missile...
  • Ya Dead, Ya Dead 2019 has a new rule introduced: building a Tower of Pimps will allow the surviving players to bring back one dead player, but It Only Works Once. While they're divided on who to bring back, the each have pretty sweet reasons why: Jeremy misses Michael and wants to talk to him again, Alfredo wants Gavin back so they can have a snowball fight, and Trevor wants Matt back because of his expertise and for his Heroic Sacrifice trying to save Ryan.

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