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    Let's Play Minecraft — 2012 episodes (1-31) 
  • Jack gets confused on the title screen.
  • Their very first episode in which Ray, Geoff, Michael, and Jack have never played it before, so they spend twenty minutes building a house, learning the mechanics, dying a lot, etc. Funny stuff. Meanwhile, Gavin, who logged in a lot of time on Minecraft on PC spends most of that time mining deep down and building a cavern for himself. Then he finds lava. Then, he makes a bucket. Then, two minutes later, without saying a word, and with his screen visible to Ray, Gavin sets their house on fire. Their reactions are incredible.
    Michael: (falls in lava) AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! OOOOHHH!!!! (Respawns) AHHH, I SPAWNED IN THE HOUSE!! I'M IN THE FUCKING HOUSE!!! (screams)
  • Episode 2 has the guys building a gigantic railroad track in order to get an achievement. To do this, they need gold ingots to make powered rails. Gavin steals Ray's stash of 36 gold ingots, turns them into four gold blocks, and stacks them on top of each other...
    Gavin: "I've created the Tower of Pimps... I've stood atop the Tower of Pimps; kneel down, bitches!"
    • Then he does it again:
      Gavin: "Tower of Pimps, bitches!"
      • Ray kills him shortly afterward.
    • Their first attempt after placing all the torches results in Geoff getting screwed over by Jack twice, but the third time... the cart goes off on its own.
    Ray: Do you think the minecart got the achievement?
    • Michael is riding down the track and is almost back at the base when Geoff decides to jump over the moving cart. Instead, Michael rams into Geoff and rebounds backward... right into a powered rail, sending him all the way back down the track. Michael is not pleased.
      Michael (as Geoff): "I'm gonna do a stunt and send you all the way back to the end of the world, and there's nothing you can do about it!"
    • A small moment happens when Geoff and Jack are fighting a monster, Geoff hits Jack then says "Ohh sorry, I thought you were a skeleton" then kills him while saying "I still think you're a skeleton"
    • The guys do everything in their power to prevent Gavin getting the achievement. Eventually, Gavin gets in the minecart and heads down the track, and Michael tackles Gavin to try and stop him. Doesn't work, but for a moment, it looks like Gavin hasn't gotten the achievement. The guys cheer... until the notification shows up.
    • Ray's subtle reference to the Internet Box podcast after a mistake followed by Michael's immediate laughter from his comment can be worth a few chuckles.
      Ray: Can we edit that out? Dylon, edit that out.
  • In Episode 3, Geoff and Gavin made an incredibly detailed Achievement City over the Memorial Day weekend and made everyone a sweet house, except Ray, whose house is made out of dirt and only has a single torch and no furniture inside. Then Gavin tours Geoff's house right next door, and in stark contrast to Ray's house, Geoff's looks like the Monolith. And there's nothing inside it except a bed and some torches. And a cloud that Geoff claims to be renting. He claims owning the building is enough for him.
    • After showing off Achievement City, Geoff tells the others to come in and take a look around... as Gavin plunges off the top of Geoff's house and onto a chest.
    Gavin: "ACHIEVEMENT, HOOOOOOOOH... shit."
    • The best part was that Geoff and Gavin did all this to trick Jack into destroying his house with a hidden lava trap. When Jack manages to save his house, Gavin just pours a bucket of lava over it to destroy it.
    • Afterward Jack decides to destroy everything with lava and turns Achievement City into a fiery inferno.
      Ray: "Let's be honest, I realistically didn't lose anything."
      • Something viewers might notice on a second viewing is Geoff and Gavin trying real hard not to panic when Jack starts pouring lava on the logo since it would have set off the TNT.
    • Then they reload to before the area got covered in lava, and Michael finds a button... which causes a massive amount of TNT under the city to detonate (Plan G, according to Gavin, a "failsafe"), destroying most of the houses... except Jack's, which Gavin promptly plants more TNT on to destroy.
    • Michael's attempt at stealing Gavin's art from his house.
      Michael: "Nooooo! I want nice things!"
      • After Plan G has been activated and everyone else is basically running around screaming, the screen briefly switches to someone standing on top of the Monolith. The subtitle? Notch. Nothing is made of this.note 
    • At one point, Gavin keeps glitching back into his house. This leads to him glitching into some lava that Jack placed and dying.
  • Episode 4 has Geoff being suffocated by falling sand that Gavin keeps dropping onto him. Later, it gets worse as Ray runs into three Creepers—Gavin detonates one and fails to kill a spider when he tries holding it off with a map.
    • This is then followed by Gavin essentially suicide bombing Ray by luring a Creeper down a hole that he is in. They both die from the explosion. The same happens again when he gets shot into a hole that he's used to trap a Creeper and dies from yet another exploding Creeper.
      • The dialogue from the former event is pretty good.
    (Gavin falls into Ray's pit.)
    Ray: "What the fuck are you doing in my hole?"
    (The Creeper that Gavin baited falls into Ray's pit and promptly explodes, killing both of them.)
    • Ray winds up winning the first round - cue Geoff realizing that he'd rigged the game in his favor, but then forgot to actually make tools.
    • During the second round, Ray is digging down, and accidentally opens up Gavin's hole. After he had dug quite a long way down. Ray's OH SHIT! seals it.
    • At the end of the first part of the episode, when Ray wins the event, Geoff wants to know where all of his wood went. It takes him a few seconds to realize he turned all of his wood into sticks, preventing him from making the tools he needed to dig. The others don't let him live it down.
  • Gavin banging his head on some cobblestone and falling into lava in Episode 5.
  • Episode 8 begins with a Take That, Audience! to the people bitching about a lack of Gavin - then a Creeper blows up the entire starting area.
  • Gavin going One-Man Army on Ray, Michael and Geoff in Episode 9... and then Geoff starts beating the crap out of him in real life.
    Jack: I've seen Geoff angry before, but I've never seen Geoff punch anyone before.
    • There's also the nice little moment where Michael complains about how he can't find iron while staring straight at a block of iron.
    • A few minutes after the fact, Michael reveals he doesn't know what iron looks like, so he turns to Ray and asks "Is this iron?" Ray says yes and Michael does the audio equivalent of a facepalm.
    • Geoff's wheezing - the best comparison is to a motor failing to start.
    • And then a Call-Back to the MLB 2K13 session in which Geoff nearly shat himself.
  • Episode 10 is the first round of their Wipeout course. During Michael's first run, Gavin accidentally pushes him into a lava trap while filming; after everyone makes fun of the idiot Brit, Michael gets to start over and ends up winning the round.
  • Episode 11 of Let's Play Minecraft starts off rather normally, until a Creeper manages to enter their house by triggering the Pressure Plate doors. The subsequent reactions are priceless.
    • What makes it even more hilarious is how it leads up to it:
    Geoff: "Alright, so, Michael? (...) So, you've enjoyed having the Tower of Pimps in front of your house for the last few days?"
    Michael: "Dude, it looks fucking... it looks nice, (Stares at a creeper) though, I will say that it attracts an unwanted element."
  • Episode 12 is a Last Man Standing game, where the guys leave their underground homebase and try to survive an underground cavern filled with mobs. At one point, Michael can't leave the room because a mob is outside his door, so he fights it from inside the room (which Gavin yells at him for). Right after killing the mob, a Creeper comes into the homebase and blows up their beds.
  • Episodes 13 and 14 feature Jack, Gavin, Ray, and Michael looking for the Tower of Pimps, which Geoff stole from Michael and hid somewhere in the world. The winner would be the person to reclaim the Tower and return it to the pedestal outside their house in Achievement City. After much hilarity involving decoy towers that Geoff placed around the world, Gavin managed to find and mine the tower. Due to his low health, rather than risk running straight back to Achievement City, he hid it in a small cave he made; but got killed, costing him the tools needed to knock down the tower. Ray found the hiding spot and claimed the tower, making it back to Achievement City. He assembled the tower, which lead to Gavin activating the TNT still underneath the city... which ended up doing no damage to either Ray or his tower.
    • Jack, in full iron armor and carrying an iron sword, turned a corner to pounce on an undefended and oblivious Gavin but immediately fell down a hole he didn't see. His delivery of "Surprise, Motherfucker! Oh goddammit, I fell," really sells it.
      • You might want to keep watching the video from there, 'cause it gets better. A Creeper sneaks up on Gavin while Michael was chasing him. Michael kept his distance to let the Creeper chase Gavin, so as Gavin turns around near where the Tower of Pimps was originally, you can guess what happens next.
  • Episode 15, Geoff has once again absconded with the tower of pimps and is hiding somewhere with it. Gavin builds a boat and sets sail... then cut to Geoff, who's in the goddamn sky, while watching a clueless Gavin sail under him.
    • Gavin has an absolutely glorious gem here:
      Gavin: "It was basically the pilot. We pitched it to a few networks and they liked it so...
      Geoff: "That Let's Play in the future will be Gavin and I against you guys."
      Gavin: "Sadly, we were canceled by Fox."
    • At one point, Gavin, in his attempt to find food to restore his health, finds what he calls "the Tetris block of Pimps"
    • The end of Episode 15 and all of 16 and 17 are the gang's attempt to assault Geoff's "sky fortress". Geoff literally begins dumping massive amounts of lava off the sides, and Gavin, despite having no backup and far inferior equipment, decides to tunnel under the fortress to get at Geoff... only to find out that Geoff made a "sub basement" also filled with lava.
      • As the gang continually fails to get up the fortress, Geoff accidentally falls off his fortress, giving Ray an opening to build up and grab the Tower. Geoff manages to reclaim the tower then return to his fortress.
      • When Ray had the tower it was hilarious the entire time:
      Ray: (As Ray is swimming with the Tower of Pimps and everyone bearing down on him) "So... Guys... Listen..."
      Michael: "If we attack Geoff now we can take Geoff out now and then turn on Ray or we can turn on Ray-"
      Ray: "Here's what we're looking at here, kill me, Geoff is just going to destroy you and win..."
      Michael: "What do we do Gavin what do we do who do we kill!?"
      Ray: "Can't kill me underwater, glub, glub, glub."
      Michael: "Do we go after Ray or Geoff?"
      Ray: (Still getting chased by everyone) "MAKE A DECISION!"
  • Episode 18 is a Mineball game. Before the game starts, Gavin is messing around with map creator Axialmatt... who hits him with a diamond pickaxe.
  • Episode 19 is filled with these during the third round. There's Gavin's armor looking like he's wearing a shower cap and a towel, there's Geoff getting knocked out just before he finished stacking the Tower, there's Geoff hauling ass to get to the top of the altar while everyone chases him, there's Michael accidentally throwing his sword....
  • Episode 20: The guys have to play through a maze, with the winner receiving the Tower of Pimps. Ray wins... and Gavin immediately files a cheating complaint.
  • Episode 21 has Michael chase Gavin with a block of dirt across the land after Gavin traps Geoff in their well, allowing him to drown and Michael failing to put Gavin through the same thing. Gavin then falls off a cliff and dies.
    • Also, their freakouts after discovering the Endermen in their village.
    • And the Running Gag of the others mistaking (sometimes deliberately) Gavin for an actual Creeper due to having their names toggled off.
    • Ray accidentally planting a stair block when farming.
      Ray: "Oh, wow. Good job Ray, I just planted some stairs."
      Michael: "Ray that's... Not a good job you suck."
      Ray: "I'm still new at this whole farming thing. Sorry, grandpa."
    • Ray falls into a deep ravine and dies, with Gavin who was at the bottom of said ravine catching the whole thing.
      • Even funnier in that this is pre-emptive Karma, as Ray was fully intent on murdering Gavin.
    • At the end of the video, after Geoff and Michael burn down Slo-Mo Village, Gavin sprints off again trying to get away from them... and runs into a cactus without looking, thus slowly killing himself with Geoff dealing the final blow.
  • Episode 22 shows the creation of a Grifball court. During the demonstration, Jack sets the TNT which explodes and kills Michael. Michael freaks out because he hadn't set his spawn point in the court yet.note 
    • Gavin, being the troll he is, proceeds to try to burn the court down and does a lot of damage. Even after they reset he break the glass over the lava burning the entrance-way to the arena.
    • The pre-battle quotes are hilarious. First, we have a dramatic scene as everyone rushes at each other and then we cut to Ray who's charging while armed with roses.
    • Then there's the parts where Caleb is "getting rid of crap"
      Ray: "NO! MY HOE!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!"
      • Also, when Caleb does the unthinkable.
      Ray: (sees Caleb approach the lava with his roses) "If you throw ro-don't you fuckin-I will mur-" (Caleb throws them in.) "Your family is dead tonight."
    • The anti-climatic victory celebration for Geoff, Michael, and Ray
      Michael: "Shower me, guys. I'll stand in between. You guys shoot roses back and forth over me" (everyone stands in position and gets ready)
      Ray: (throws out one lone flower and belatedly points it out) "I only have one."
  • Episode 23 has everybody freaking out as Gavin wins the Tower of Pimps for the first time.
  • Episode 24, which is Ryan Haywood's first episode, has a Capture the Tower Match. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Episode 25: The guys search for a stronghold. Gavin finds one, but everyone else has died or gotten lost, and because they don't have a map he has to use his own to direct them towards him. Hilarity Ensues.
    • "East? I thought you said WEAST!"
    • At one point, Jack is extremely close to finding Gavin, and Gavin says that Jack is "right on top of him". Jack digs down... and finds bedrock. So he digs up, deducing that he's actually below Gavin. He misses Gavin and ends up getting to the surface instead.
    • Not to mention how Gavin originally finds the stronghold. While mining around in a self-made passage connected to the bottom of the underground ravine, he decides to dig upward into the roof, and happens to uncover a stone tile. Climbing up and breaking through it, he opens a hole into a room above... with two Creepers right there, looking down into the hole at him. Cue Gavin's panicked screaming as he hurriedly re-plugs the hole he just made and scampers back down to wait for backup.
    • Later, when Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Jack finally meet up and go to where Gavin directs them, they start digging straight down to get to him...
      Jack: "How big of a drop is it, Gavin?" (breaks through and starts falling) "OH, IT'S A BIG ONE!" (hits ground and dies; everyone bursts into laughter)
      Gavin: (amidst laughter) "That was everything I'd hoped it would be!"
      • Even better, the diamonds Jack was carrying fall into lava.
    • After Geoff dies and finds himself in the middle of nowhere:
      Geoff: "Is there not a goddamn tree on this planet?!"
      Ray: "No, there's no trees anywhere." (cuts to him strolling through a forest)
  • Episode 26: After finding a stronghold, the guys make their next mission: find the library Gavin and Michael are at. Both before and after they do, we get several moments, such as:
    • Gavin being Gavin and nearly burning down the library. Twice.
      • The first time, to punish himself, he throws himself in jail. And then digs his way out of his own jail. Then Michael finds and kills him - not for burning the library, but for breaking out of jail.
    • Ray builds Gavin two compasses. Then this exchange happens:
      Ray: "Gavin there are compie behind you."
      Gavin: "Thanks for the compie, Ray." (The two start cracking up like two 12 year olds.)
    • Ray revealing he had four gold blocks and building a Tower of Pimps in the library.
    • Michael having a door slam right in his face when he tries to walk through it. Repeatedly.
    • The guys and their mostly futile attempts to grow a melon.
    • Geoff, while looking through a chest, gets suddenly killed by an Enderman. Later on, Ray finds the same Enderman and kills him, only to be chastised for killing their "roommate".
    • Everyone working on the main room, not noticing that the bookstands and the walls are on fire.
      • Then when Geoff notices, he starts freaking out. Ray notices as well and... ignores it, focusing more on their melon seed.
  • Episode 27: The guys go on a hunt to round up some pigs to have some mounted combat. It takes them forever to get six pigs in one area.
    • The Running Gag of Ray trying to steal Gavin's Tower of Pimps is also funny, especially when he successfully steals it... only for Gavin to then walk up and steal all of Ray's roses in retaliation, somehow not being caught.
      • Ray also got away with dismantling Gavin's bed.
      • In revenge, Gavin blocks up Ray's house so that he couldn't out. Every time he breaks a piece, he puts one back in.
      • Gavin's reactions are so hilarious, such as when Ray brings up Gavin's nose.
        Ray: "Speaking of noses..."
        Gavin: "Ray! Why would you say that?"
        Ray: "Well, you stole my roses. What did you expect?"
    • Before the battle begins...
      Ray: "Wait, what're your pigs' names?"
      Ryan: "Gout!"
      Gavin: "Gammon!"
      Michael: "Springy!"
      Ray: "Richard Phist!"
      Jack: "Taco!"
      Geoff: "Pig."
    • When the first battle is over, Michael's head becomes glitched and spins around crazily, causing extreme hilarity.
  • In Episode 28, Michael finally notices the Kung Fu picture in front of Ryan's house. Back in episode 15, the picture appeared for the first time and Ray started making Kung Fu noises. Michael yelled at him to stop. 13 episodes later, Michael finally understands why Ray was making those noises.
    • When Gavin found out Ryan was winning, without any hesitation, he immediately sets everything around Ryan on fire.
    • Caleb, Gavin, and Ray quickly lose interest in the fishing battle and eventually found ways to amuse themselves. This ranges from bobbing into other player's screens, trying to catch a pig, setting things on fire, stealing fish, and plunging other players into the water.
      Ryan: (as Ray and Gavin fight over the pig) "I'm getting the impression that they're playing a different game."
    • Caleb being such a Troll at the end that he single-handedly destroys the game and manages to piss off even Gavin at the end.
  • While Episode 29 devolves into a lagging mess at the end, the team of Ray and Geoff is hilarious. Ray is the Only Sane Man and Geoff is a combination of a Troll, and What an Idiot!. Watching the two of them be an absolute trainwreck of a team is great.
  • Episode 30: Gavin uses bonemeal to grow a giant red mushroom. He gets trapped in it and actually takes damage.
    • Upon finding a village, the AH guys promptly start looting the place...
    • Michael's name tag randomly changes to Swag in the middle.
    • Another one had Ray encounter a Enderman and attempt to attack it. When it looks at him and teleports away, he utters "Aw, shit," walks out of the house, closes the door and declares that he's going to pretend that nothing happened.
  • Episode 31 has the boys getting all 16 colors of wool in the game. Before it starts, though, this gem pops up:
    Michael: "I'll sleep between my two favorite boys."
    Ray: "Heh, heh, nice. I want a Fan Fic of us blowing each other."
    Michael: "Ray, ask, and ye shall receive."
    • While Gavin's trying to figure out how to make dye for the wool, he looks up and lets out a Girly Scream when he sees a Creeper on the other side of the fence... then recovers, going "Oh, a Creeper."

    Let's Play Minecraft — 2013 episodes (32-83) 
  • Episode 32 continues with the wool gathering. Jack thinks he's going to starve to death, so he throws his valuable items into a hole, and looks at the sunrise, waiting to die. Then he's told that they're playing on Normal, so he can't actually starve to death.
    Jack: (while looking at the sun rising in-game) "It's so beautiful... It's so..." (exhales) "Die, fucker."
    • Michael snoops on Gavin who is nearly complete, so when Gavin finds out, he goes over to investigate. Michael pulls out an Iron Sword, and beats him to death with it. Later, when Michael is told by Gavin to look for him, he looks the wrong way TWICE. When he finally knows where to look, he sees Gavin with a sword... and Ray sneaking up behind him.
    • When Geoff wins the Tower of Pimps, takes it from Michael and puts it up in his spot, Ray runs around the tower, tossing flowers in victory. Jack cries out "I'll toss you my fish!" and does so!
  • Episode 33 gives us the Achievement Racetrack. And right from the word go, we have Caleb flying (or well, running in the air) over the others, with Geoff telling him that that wasn't fair and Michael being unable to control his boat.
    • After the first race, Ryan reveals he still has eggs and starts throwing them around, declaring "Eggs! Eggs for everybody!" then pulls out a cake and throws it, too.
    • Midway through the third race, Michael's in the lead and it looks very neck and neck... until he lags out, causing him to be booted from the game.
  • Episode 34 has a motherlode. Gavin's pig pulling him off the course on the final step; Gavin being teleported into the air, causing him to immediately fall to his death; Gavin as the personification of Mark Nutt... all culminating in one CMOA as Jack finally wins the Tower of Pimps.
    • There's another where Gavin accidentally fires an arrow at Ray and it sticks right where Ray's nose would be, giving him a ridiculous look.
      • Followed by Ray's wonderful retort that he's cosplaying "Gavin and his enormous nose"
  • Episode 35 starts off hilarious with Ray crouching behind the fence in the mushroom house in Achievement Ville saying "Glide behind the fence." multiple times before being punched off by Ryan killing him. Jack soon does the same to Gavin, then while Geoff is giving the instructions for the let's play Ray falls off again surviving with half a heart. Then Gavin crouches over the side in front of Jack only to un-crouch and fall off again.
    Gavin: "Good luck finding the bloody Nether Fortress."
    (Jack and Geoff materialize inside the Nether Fortress.)
    Geoff: "Uh, holy shit, Jack."
    Jack: (ecstatic)
    Gavin: "What?! WHAT?!"
    Michael: "Did they really appear at the-?"
    • Hoping for a similar result as Jack and Geoff, Ray sets up his portal not long after and ends up... right near a pair of Ghasts.
    • But wait, it doesn't end there. Gavin and Michael both set up their own portal and Ryan does this as well, and they all end up in the fortress. Ray can't believe it "Everyone spawned in the fortress but me?"
    • After that, Gavin and Michael are exploring and come to an open bridge. Michael sees something, Gavin thinks it's a Zombie Pigman.
    Michael sees the something, and legs it back in the fortress.
    Michael: "D'oh! Don'tgothatway,don'tgothatway."
    Gavin: "No, it's okay, it's just [a Zombie Pigman]."
    Michael: "No, it's a giant flying thing!"
    (Said giant flying thing is shown to be a Ghast, and it shoots a fireball at Gavin.)
    Gavin: "WHOA! WHOA! You weren't kidding!"
  • Episode 36. The sheer insanity of the Ryan announcing his victory, leaving Team Nice Dynamite broken down.
    Michael: "WE WERE 10 SECONDS AWAY!"
    Gavin: "How could we play a four hour Let's Play and lose in the last 5 seconds!"
    • Ray's sneak attack on Gavin. Despite Gavin having a diamond sword, Ray's skills and lagging game led him to victory which left Gavin completely nonplussed.
    Gavin: "I can't believe I lost to Ray."
    Michael: "I CAN!"
    • Also, his delightful cheer when Ray got exploded by a Creeper. Then his Oh, Crap! moment when it turns out he survived.
    • In general, Ray's invincibility was hilarious.
    Michael: "Why won't you die?! RAY IS IMMORTAL!"
    • After Gavin was killed, Michael "broke up" with Gavin. Gavin comes whimpering back with Michael just sighing in exasperation.
      • What was even more hilarious was Michael's silent battle with the potion stand. He's all alone and he didn't want to alert anyone that he found the blaze rod so he couldn't ask for help. But he had no idea what he was doing.
  • Episode 37: Geoff creates an obstacle course in the sky, with the Tower of Pimps at the end. The winner is the person who mines and erects the tower on the right side of their respective sign twice. By the last round Jack, Ray, and Ryan have each done this once successfully. In the last round Ray mines the tower again but Gavin kills him, takes the blocks and triumphantly erects the tower... right next to Ray's sign, so he unintentionally handed Ray the final victory.
    Geoff: "Quite possibly the dumbest person on the planet! Gavin has just given Ray the victory! YOU MORON!"
    • What makes this even more hilarious is that while Geoff was telling everyone the rules, Gavin announces "I wasn't listening!" Geoff had just finished explaining where to place the tower.
      • As well as it being Laser-Guided Karma for grabbing Ray's controller and sending him falling when Ray was mining the tower earlier, which would have given him the win.
      • It was definitely RAYvenge since he took Gavin's batteries just as he was approaching the obsidian block. If Ray had not interrupted, Geoff might've clued Gavin in (he was actually just about to mention how Gavin's next step would be to dismantle the obsidian). By stalling a few minutes, Gavin felt rushed and quickly erected the towers before there were any other interference.
    • Ray did not like having victory ripped away from him like that. For the second half of the Let's Play, he got a lot snarkier. It was hilarious how everyone alluded to Ray's "unexplained reason for not being happy with Gavin".
      Geoff: "Ray is PISSED. He is just rinsing through the course. He might just make it in Minecraft's history!"
      Ray: "Yeah, unless I 'accidentally sidestep again'."
      • And emotions still run high:
        Ray: "I WON!"
    • Over the course of the entire thing, Geoff's commentary about how close people are to erections. And the Erection Counter.
      • Geoff being the cameraman was in itself hilarious. He would randomly swoop into the leading contestant's screen and scare the crap out of them.
    • Ray knocking off Michael right at the end of the course to grab his first win. Geoff's reaction really sells the entire thing.
    • Jack's Say My Name moment when Ray knocked him out of the sky just when he was in the lead.
    • Gavin does not have a good episode. He struggles the entire time and falls to his death the most. Often, he gets attacked from behind by others causing him to fall to his death. What makes his experience in the video so funny is that every time he falls, he has a Freak Out.
      Gavin: "WATCH OUT, SHEEP!"
    • Jack's Freak Out.
      Jack: "Agh, no! Fuck you, cloud!" (spazzes his controller)
    • After Michael falls numerous times, he ends up slamming his controller into the desk in rage. In a delightfully subtle bit of hilarity, the screen shakes with each smash.
  • The "Zombie Apocalypse" special has Ray getting stuck in a room for over eleven minutes. While he is in there, he gradually stops talking and starts typing messages to Gavin which are pretty funny since the two keep snarking at one another.
  • Episode 38 has them playing a heaping round of Pac-Man... Minecraft-style!
    • At one point, Jack (one of the ghosts) spots Ray and starts chasing him... and watches as Gavin rounds a corner and completely misses him. Gavin does it again when Ryan's playing.
    • Setting up for the next round, Gavin makes a hole and starts dumping his stuff out... only for Jack to push him down it and into the water. When they wake up, Gavin ends up falling down it after getting a diamond sword.
    • Michael's inability to open the door.
    • Spontaneously bursting out into song, ranging from the underground theme from Super Mario Bros., to the opening to X-Men, to the The Legend of Zelda theme.
    • The ending which shows Ray humping the Tower of Pimps, which he holds onto for the second week straight.
  • Episode 39. The episode starts with them having played for an hour. Then a blackout forces them to start again. They are all understandably annoyed.
    • The guys all start on top of separate glass-enclosed towers. Gavin takes a rose and throws it off the tower into the water below. Ray jumps off his tower to go get it.
    • Speaking of roses, Gavin finds a chest with 64 roses. He breaks a glass block on his wall and throws them all into the water, just to mess with Ray.
    • Jack seemed to take losing his lead because of the blackout pretty hard. The others hilariously commented that "[Jack] has lost it." He starts randomly breaking into song and talking to himself.
    "Wheee, BUTTERFLY."
    • Ray mines through some stone, and gets flooded. He quickly deals with it, and starts mining again. He gets flooded again.
    Geoff: "Ray got flooded."
    Ray: Ah, you know, I got it under control.
    (He places a cobblestone block to stop the water. He breaks the stone block next to the cobblestone, and water floods in again.)
    Ray: "Oh, fuck you."
    • Ray's reaction at the end of the video is pretty funny.
    Ray: [after seeing the lava that was underneath the gold ore blocks] "Oh... wait, what?!"
  • Episode 40: The guys are still digging in their cubes to make a Tower of Pimps. After not finding anything useful, Gavin gets the idea to go to the Nether and kill some Zombie Pigmen for gold nuggets. Makes the portal, activates it... then realises that they're playing on Peaceful, which has no enemies.
  • Episode 41: Geoff attempts to reveal the next event, capturing monsters in obsidian "cages" (a "No petting zoo"), but can't because those monsters are killing everyone on top of everyone talking over Geoff (including Ray's usual "LLLLLLLLET'S PLAY!" cry)
    Gavin: "He trapped ME!"
    • As Gavin inspects Jack's setup, Jack seals the cage on him and declares that he just caught a Creeper! Geoff is halfway tempted to allow it, too.
  • Episode 42: A continuation of the monster-catching contest from episode 41, so the monster mayhem only increases.
    Ray: "Oh, I got a Creeper!"
    (Creeper blows up)
    Ray: "NO, CREEPER! NOOOO!"
    • Gavin's growing frustration at catching a wolf. Which he had to do three times.
    • In the endgame, Ray has a wolf chasing him and successfully traps it... in Ryan's cage.
    • The ending shot. Ray keeps yelling to Gavin to end the shot on him. Gavin complies and... well, there are no words to do it justice. Let's just say that Ray did not disappoint.
    • Ryan, trying to get out of Geoff's house, activates the indoor pool, and is completely oblivious to what is happening.
  • Episode 43 starts with just utter chaos. Ray is doing parkour on the chests, Jack is singing along to his cursor moving, and Geoff sounds suicidal as he tried to rein everyone in, saying he's gonna start firing employees and just generally sounding like he needs a drink.
    Geoff: Alright, this is... (flatly) Thunderdome. You guys have taken the thunder out of it. I don't give a fuck anymore. Ryan's gonna be running it, who gives a fuck? You're trying to get the Tower of Pimps, who gives a fuck.
    • The episode then is going along fine until Ray and Michael manage to kill each other. After respawning, Michael turns around and suddenly notices that there are now two Rays on his screen. All attention is then stolen from the actual match, as Ray's doppelganger would alternate between standing relatively still and floating around the map, fazing through the objects and terrain of a world in which it clearly did not belong.
    • It's even better than that. First, Michael bows to the wrong Ray in a rare moment of respect. After laughing at Ray for not noticing that he's right in front of him, you can see the his screen pan out to the two Rays and Michael does a double-take and just stares dumbfounded. Ghost Ray then flies off and starts punching Ryan.
      • Gavin then gets completely spooked by the Ghost Ray.
        Gavin: "Which one is the real Ray?!"
        Michael: "Probably the one that's not flying."
      • Different players see Ghost Ray in different spots, causing delirium among the crew.
    • Various creatures just hop in to the arena. The best was the wolf. The minute Gavin jokes that it is the next contestant, it walks over to the standing block! Ray then proceeds to hump it.
    • Guess which item was one of Ray's prizes? A cake; which he promptly destroys.
    • Jack keeps going on about how he won a fight without taking damage. Then takes damage exiting the ring.
      (lands on the ground, doing one heart of damage.)
      Jack: "I just hurt myself."
    • Also one of Geoff and Jack's fights. Geoff descends into the ring via Creative Mode flying. The fight begins, Jack charges, and Geoff flies away. Jack's dialogue sells it.
      (Geoff flies away)
      Jack: "Oh, come on!"
      • Geoff may have actually lost another match due to accidentally triggering flight mode, allowing Jack to propel him out of the ring. It was never mentioned (possibly because everyone had just discovered Ray's ghost), but Geoff appeared to fly much farther than normal.
    • Ray's snowball fight.
      • Also when Ray begins a round with half a heart left. He just bends over and turns his back to Geoff.
    • Ray: "I wonder if this is what Michael Vick's backyard looks like."
    • At the end, the corner of Michael's house catches fire, and Gavin hurriedly puts it out... and then everyone notices that Jack's house is burning, too. While everyone else is hovering around it and chattering about the burning house, we cut to Ray's POV as he hits the button for Plan G. The camera cuts to black and the Achievement Hunter logo just as the explosions start, along with everyone's panicked screaming as the video ends.
    • There is something strangely funny about Geoff descending from the sky to show up for his next match.
  • Episode 44: Not even ten seconds in and Jack points out that the positioning of their bed and trunks look like a pair of balls. Michael's response? "LLLLLET'S COCK!"
    • Then, forty seconds later, an Enderman shows up in front of Ray, prompting him to tell Geoff to hurry up! He tries to give the Enderman a flower, prompting it to attack him.
    • Using the Ender Pearls turns into a massive case of Tempting Fate, as using one ends up damaging you in some way. note  Hilarious cases include Gavin slamming into his house's wall and Geoff diving into a pool of lava. After getting the Tower of Pimps.
    • Just before this, Geoff states that the race is going to be too short, so they'll do best 2 out of 3.
    • The insanity of trying to gather all of the pieces of the Tower of Pimps. Ray races in with all four pieces after snatching it from Ryan, Jack kills Ray when he attempts to build it, only for Geoff to kill him and everyone taking a piece. It becomes a clusterfuck of who has what and making sure they didn't lose it to the water.
      • Of course, Gavin acting like the Troll he is, taunts everyone by quickly teleporting away from everyone, hiding behind the picture of Dan the Man when they get near him.
    • Gavin and Jack arguing over where Fishing Jamboree is, using Dan the Man as a landmark. Gavin's Freak Out causes Geoff to laugh.
      Gavin: "Funnily enough, Jack, when you go south from Dan, YOU GO SOUTH!"
    • Gavin switching his and Jack's names at the tower area. When Jack plants the tower, Gavin declares the victory, and scares the shit out of Jack before everybody figures out what happened.
    • Ryan disappears for half the game because he couldn't set his spawn so he spawned in a completely random location. He finally makes it back to the arena... and immediately gets killed.
  • Episode 45 had some gems. Just over a minute into the video, we have this exchange:
    Jack: "Do we have to jump in that circle?"
    Ray: "That's a square, Jack."
    Jack: [Beat, lowers his head, then jumps into the lava in shame]
  • Episode 46: it's still funny even after seeing it earlier, but the cake trap in Ray's house.
    • During the first round, Ray finds a sponge in a chest (instead of throwing it away, Gavin had randomly placed it there after helping set up the game); after winning the round, he places the sponge next to the Tower of Pimps. Just over halfway through the Let's Play, Ray is knocked out of the pit where the Tower is, and breaks an ice block to get back in, accidentally releasing a waterfall into the pit. To plug up the hole, Geoff uses the convenient, no-longer-pointless sponge.
    • Around the time Ray finds the sponge, Michael experiences one of his first deaths, and he lets out a truly tremendous scream.
    • A moment the fans cheered. The return of the glitch, "Ghost Ray" from the Thunderdome episode.
    • At the end of the episode, Gavin and Geoff tells the viewer to watch the next AHWU about episode 47 and when Gavin tries to speak, Geoff nails him quickly and runs.
      Gavin: "I would tell you which specific bit you hit, but you hit the entire front of all my genitals."
  • Episode 47:
    • The guys find Gavin's hidden trophy room, ripping on him mercilessly.
      Jack: "Wow, do you have note from your mom in here too?"
      Jack: (as Gavin's mom) "I love you Gavy-wavy, you'll always be mine."
      Gavin: (Tearfully) I hate you guys. You guys are rubbish!
      • A bit later:
      Michael: "Your one tower win, you loser. Ray's chamber room would be bigger than his house. I don't believe that, you had a hidden room. Did you go in there and cry after every time you lost?"
    • When searching for a map in Ryan's house, Geoff reveals that a cow has trapped him inside by blocking the door. Ryan reveals, for the first time, that the cow is named Edgar and that he wouldn't leave. Jack chimes in by noting that Edgar isn't a cow but a shitty roommate. Meanwhile, everybody is surprised Ryan has given the cow a name.
    • Michael's "ghetto" imitation of Gavin's "FISH!!", drawing much mockery.
      Michael: Yeah, well, you're not catching any farish.
      Gavin: "What was that?"
      Ryan: "Michael may have just had a stroke."
      Gavin: "Should we give you an MRI?"
      Michael: "I threw some twang on it."
    • The game is to enchant a bow with a 30-level enchantment. Early on, Ray is mining and has almost reached level 16, well ahead of the other guys. Then he falls into lava.
      Michael: "Ray, you never dig down in Minecraft."
      Ray: "Uh, there was redstone. I was greedy."
    • Geoff, the game master, turns himself invisible and acts as the Troll for the game, by throwing eggs & flint at and dropping gravel around Jack, Ray, and Michael. Jack's sheer obliviousness sells it. At one point he spawns a chicken right next to Jack:
      Jack: "Ah! Ahh! Ahhh! There's a fuckin' baby chicken in here! Where did that come from?"
      Geoff: "Probably from a mommy chicken."
      Gavin: "You've got an underground chicken."
      Jack: "I've got an underground baby chicken!"
    • Ray on previous issues.
      Ray: "I seem to have made the same mistake Gavin did. I did not urinate." (Beat) "It has just been resolved."
    • More on said previous issues.
      Ray: (returning from the bathroom) "Man, that was a good pee. Gavin, you should really do it."
      Gavin: "Yeah, I would, but I didn't want to leave in the middle of a video because it's incredibly unprofessional."
    • Gavin making a... weird comment about dicks.
      Gavin: "Have you ever made your penis fight a vagina?"
      Michael: "I have not...?"
      Jack: "Ladies and gentlemen, Gavin Free."
    • "Gavin, you should win, so you could have the other tower in your trophy room."
    • Gavin speaking gibberish again. (Although if you think about it, he was meaning to say "I haven't found anything." right as he found coal which he quickly mixed with saying "There we go.")
      Gavin: "I haven't, eigh, wurr gurry."
      Jack: "Wow. That wasn't even close to words."
      Michael: "Do you ever feel bad about the way you sound?"
    • Ryan tried to make a snarky joke about his kid, but he unintentionally makes a scene over it.
      Ryan: "What music my kid listens to? He's less than two. He can listen to whatever the fuck he can hear."
      Gavin: "What an aggressive answer."
      Ray (mockingly): "WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS, ASSHOLE!"
      Michael (mockingly): "DON'T EVER ASK AGAIN, YOU FUCKING FOREIGNER!"
      Michael (normally): "That was, like, violent."
      Gavin: "I will not be asking Ryan anymore questions about his kid."
      Ray: "Lesson learned."
    • When Ray reveals what's been going on:
      Jack: "Oh, I get it. You were throwing eggs at me, you asshole." (everyone laughs) "I got so fucking confused by that. Goddamn!"
      Gavin: "It's just one of those underground chickens. What?" (everyone laughs again)
      Ray: "Oh yeah, you did say that!"
      Jack: "Yeah."
      Michael: "Asshole."
      Ray: "Did somebody give Geoff the Wii U tablet again, or...?" (everyone laughs once more)
    • Michael got into a fight with Ryan (in the game, mind you). Michael fell onto the ground and ran for the hills, with Ryan giving chase. Gavin chose to add some color to it.
      Gavin: "Mogar is running away like the coward he really is! Why don't we call him Rungar?"
  • Episode 48:
    • Early on:
      Jack: "Well, I just fell in lava and managed to save myself with a bucket of water I had."
      Gavin: "Really? Why'd you have a bucket of water, you weirdo?"
      Jack: "For shit like that!"
    • A bit later, Gavin blunders into some lava as well;
      Gavin: "I'm on fire! I've got no water!"
      Michael: "Put yourself out!"
      Jack: "Yeah, it sucks, doesn't it? Make fun of my ass."
    • Partway through, Geoff continues his trolling, making a bucket, filling it with water and invading Gavin's trophy room and filling it with water.
      • Becomes a Brick Joke when Gavin finally returns and finds the flooded trophy room, everyone proclaiming that they're "swimming in his tears". Note that this was already a Brick Joke, as Ray had suggested when the trophy room was initially discovered in Episode 47 that "You [Gavin] should put a water block in there for your tears."
    • Michael and Gavin make a makeshift Netherworld portal and Michael hops in it, learning that he arrived in the air. It becomes a race to get out as Gavin starts mining a piece of the portal.
    • Near the end, Gavin uses the spell book and creates a Fire 1 bow. He promptly aims and shoots it at Michael.
    • Gavin gets out of the Obsidian Dungeon... only to see Jack running to the safe zone. Possibly Gavin's biggest Oh, Crap! ever.
    • Ryan is at Level 29, so he is nearly ready get the level 30 enchantment for his bow. Going into the Nether, a Ghast ambushes him, and destroys the platform he's standing on. BM Vagabond hit the ground too hard, sending him back to LEVEL 1.
      • By that point, however, Jack had already won the Tower, so it was irrelevant.
    • At the end when Jack is getting ready to set up the Tower of Pimps, Gavin runs over and sets Jack's house on fire. As he's setting up the Tower, Geoff proclaims that "he's on fire!" as his house burns. Gavin, then, shoots him with his bow, truly setting him on fire.
  • Episode 49 begins THE END adventure, in which they start preparing to find and defeat the Ender Dragon!
    • The team spots the brown sheep and go after it.
    • Michael falling into lava, soundly ignoring his own advice to Ray in episode 47.
    • Jack still attracting chickens.
    • Ryan attempting to get the chickens to breed and accidentally opening the gate and setting them all free in the process. And then...
    Ryan: "Okay, the chickens are having some kind of festival dance around the baby. I think they're gonna sacrifice it to the Chicken Lord."
    • Gavin trying to lure a zombie into lava. It isn't fooled.
    • Gavin's... unique curse words.
      Gavin: [as a creeper explodes in front of him] "BREAKFAST!"
  • Episode 50 picks up where we left off... with Gavin becoming Ghast bait as they build a wall to protect themselves.
    • The wall gets converted into a new base, which Ryan dubs "The Fortress of Sex".
    • Michael gets pissed off after a Creeper killed him again and temporarily Rage Quit, saying "I'm gonna help Jack with the house. Make an expansion or something."
    • Geoff starts to go down a hole Jack was making... not realizing Jack dug straight down. Geoff tumbles a few stories and lands on Jack, proclaiming that he was down there "sucking dicks with Jack."
    • The wily Enderman, which was really a case of the crew repeatedly looking directly at the Enderman causing it to teleport.
    • Ray notices a wolf coming into the house, and kills it, prompting this:
      Gavin: "Ah, that's my wolf!"
      Ray: "Oh..."
      Gavin: "Ray!"
      Ray: "Whelp, close the door. Well, good night everybody. Man, what-what a night."
      Gavin: "That was Wesley Wolfenheimer."
      Ray: "Well, he deserved to be killed. I did him a favor." (to himself) "I was wondering why he had the red collar on..."
    • Later, Ryan irritated by how the numerous trees cause them to lose sight of an Enderman:
      Michael: (feigning shock) "No, Ryan!"
      Ryan: "Then they won't have anywhere to hide."
      Geoff: "Fucking just scorch the earth, Ryan?"
      Ryan: "Yeah, exactly!"
      Geoff: "What we gonna do, glass the planet?"
      Ryan: "Exactly."
      Jack: "Ryan just wants to watch the world burn."
      Geoff: "Fastest way to kill all the Endermen is to blow up the fucking planet like Alderaan. Then we just-"
      Ryan: "There'll be nothing left but ender rocks."
      Geoff: "-pick up the ender pearls as they're floating around in space."
    • Michael and Gavin bickering over to circumstances by which Michael missed the Eye of Ender being used lead to a rather impressive diss.
      Michael: "I raced back up and I missed it!"
      Gavin: "Michael, you've never raced to do anything in your life. You were born at a leisurely pace."
    • There's also something hilarious about how Ray trades looks with Michael and just watches as the rest of the gang furiously digs toward the stronghold in a very ineffective manner.
  • Episode 51:
  • Episode 52 returns us to Achievement City and hilarity as the gang heads for Achievement Station and zoom off... only for a wolf to show up on the tracks, stopping everyone. When it's finally pushed off, Ray and Ryan end up "fusing" together, showing the insides of Ryan's character. According to Ray, this means the R and R Connection has finally connected.
    • When the gang sees the shopping list, Ray notices that one of the items is cake and he automatically declares he loses.
    • Speaking of Ray, his barely audible grumbling to himself while everybody is commenting on Jack's "Fire extinguisher."
      Ray: (Referring to the cake wall trap) "Not falling for that one again. Fucking put cake in my house, 'oh, it's so funny, let's fill it with cake.' Fucking assholes."
    • One of Gavin's comments late in the video explains so much about him.
      Gavin: "Do you actually control what your brain says?"
    • One of the items is a bucket of lava. Geoff successfully gets one early on and makes to put it in the frame... and placed it instead, covering his wall in lava. His reaction is understated, but priceless - especially since Gavin wastes no time in informing everyone else and allowing them to mock him.
  • After Gavin wins the Tower of Pimps in Episode 53, he checks to make sure he didn't place it on someone else's frame.
    • Geoff and Ray work together to find cocoa beans and they come across several dungeons, two of them actually being side by side. Except absolutely none of them actually had cocoa beans.
    • Ryan trapping and drowning Gavin after he managed to find cocoa beans. Gavin lost everything he was carrying, including his diamond sword, except for his armor. Ryan felt so bad about it that he wouldn't stop apologizing.
      Gavin: "Ryan, why would you do that?!"
      Ryan: "I'm sorry! I really feel bad about this. Want a porkchop?"
    • Another great moment was when Ryan revealed that he found cocoa beans. Gavin and the others were laughing at something and the Mood Whiplash needs to be seen. Gavin's reaction and ensuing panic was hilarious, especially since all Ryan needed to win was one egg.
    • After Gavin notes that the only chickens he's seen all game were underground:
    • Ryan, not being able to find a chicken, decides to make an altar and call on the chicken gods to help him find a chicken.
      • Ryan searching for a full half of the Let's Play and not being able to find a single chicken while everyone else finds one. Gavin finds at least seven.
      • At the end of the Let's Play Gavin wins and proceeds to throw his remaining egg at Ryan's empty cake frame in victory.
  • Episode 54: Gavin spazzes out for one moment and a Creeper explodes. It was in Achievement City. In the courtyard.
    • The reveal of Edgar's accommodations.
      Ray: (walking into Ryan's house) "Uh, Edgar's not in there."
      Ryan: "No, Edgar's in there."
      Ray: (glances down at the new glass floor) "Oh, you put... you p— what?!"
      Ryan: (As they're leaving the house) It puts the milk in the basket.
    • While Jack's erecting the tower, Gavin sets Jack's house on fire. Jack tries to use the water dispenser to put it out, except it turns out that Gavin replaced the water with lava. The episode then ends with everybody just watching Jack's house get destroyed.
      • It all leads to this exchange:
      Geoff: "Seriously, practice safe sex. Let's Play over."
      Ray: "Nah, Puerto Rican pullout. Don't be a bitch."
    • At the beginning of the episode, it's discovered that Ryan kidnapped a chicken and a cow in case he needs to make a cake. Everyone is shocked.
      • The fandom took it a step further with a fictional campaign called #FreeEdgar2013, with several fictional accounts based on fictional characters, running for president with that as a platform.
    • Everyone's constant boredom and Gavin's predictions of rain never coming true.
    • After Gavin's encounter with a creeper blows up Achievement City and Ray's house is filled with cake. Ray is upset of course, but later we see Geoff and a couple of the others walking around with cake in their hands having apparently raided his house.
    • The funniest moment, however, has to go to Ryan with his line:
      Ryan: "Jack, I am rooting for you. If my body cannot win then at least my voice can."
      • Also alluded to in the first 10 minutes, when Gavin mentions that Jack went a full half-hour without talking during their last video.
      Ryan: Well, is it Jack who's not talking, or me that's not talking?
  • Episode 55 starts with Geoff trying to lead the gang to the Creeper Soccer field. Takes ten minutes to get there because everyone got lost trying to find it, leading to Gavin dying, heading back to his home, grabbing his map and finding out everyone's on opposite ends of the map!
    • The hilarity of Lindsay working as the camerawoman from a platform in the sky. She kept having to build her way up to the platform, then she falls off and Michael picks all her stuff up, getting the equivalent of "life insurance". Then after Gavin gives up on the game, he goes up to her platform and knocks her off.
    • The game wasn't very planned out, so it went Off the Rails a lot of times. A couple of times, the dispenser giving out the creeper eggs got blown up, so they picked up the eggs and began to spawn them themselves. You can tell how this ends.
  • Episode 56 begins with a sheep staring at Ryan as he sleeps.
    Ryan: "The sheep is watching me sleep. It's creepy."
    • When Ryan gets to the Nether, he takes care of a Zombie Pigman and goes to leave, only to Double Take as he spots Gavin's house.
    Ryan: (upon seeing Gavin's house in the Nether) "What the fuck???"
    • Ryan then enters Gavin's house to check if his Trophy Room of Victory also exists in the "Dark World."
    • When Michael arrives, they both realize that they're in the Nether version of Achievement City.
    Reading is knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.
  • Episode 57:
    Gavin: "Ah, I found some C-O-L. A-L."
    (Geoff laughs.)
    Michael: "You're fuckin' stupid."
    • When Geoff gives the command to start fighting to the death, Jack's action? Run outside the gates and hide. It takes awhile for people to notice and when they do, they make Jack come back.
    • After Geoff gives the command to find a fish, Ryan heads out before the King says 'Go.' Ray takes offense to this.
      • It's probably safe to say that everyone attempts to start the command before Geoff says go with each one.
    • While discussing what two things could be best combined into a horror movie monster, Gavin suggests a movie called "Tornadoe" about "A windy female deer." Geoff almost loses his mind with laughter. He then says that he hopes somebody creates a mock poster for Tornadoe, which the community delivered on- several times over- in less than an hour.
  • Episode 58:
    • Partway through the episode, the sound goes out again (it happened in the first part, too) and after they get back, we Gavin gives a recap about how he hid behind a tree with Jack closing in. A few moments later, Jack suffers spontaneous combustion! Or a Creeper got him, it's hard to tell.
    • Near the end of the round, Gavin has been playing smart after Ryan killed him, hiding his bones in a treasure chest. When he has enough, he takes what he needs and attempts to sneak back, only to be ambushed by everyone.
    • Ryan's favorite bestiality film.
    Ryan: "Man Gobbler; it's about a man fucking a turkey."
    (Everyone else dies in laughter.)
    • Later on, Jack spots a sheared sheep in the water.
    Geoff: I like that, when something weird has been done to an animal, everyone looks at Ryan.
  • Episode 59, "Wolf Spa", requires the guys to get a wolf to chase them across the map and back without killing them. Gavin manages to die in seemingly every way possible: blown up by a Creeper, burning in lava, getting trapped under ice and drowning, falling down a pit, then getting eaten by a wolf. During the second round, he manages to kill two of his wolves in spectacularly idiotic ways: first leading one to fall down the Felix Baumgartner pit, then causing one to get trapped under ice and drown.
    • After returning to Achievement City to erect the Tower of Pimps, Jack goes into Gavin's Secret Room and finds a second tower has been added to Gavin's trophy room. Later while everyone else is outside, Jack puts up a sign saying "Mummy wuvs Gavvy Wavvy."
    • The ending deserves special mention for a few reasons:
      • The Lads, led by the winner Michael, run off to Ryan's desk in order to snag the tower while Geoff and Jack are out of the room. As they exit the room, the cameraman turns to make sure they're all there and runs right into the third lad. Immediately, the cameraman hits the floor from the minor collision.
      • On their return, Ray does a powerslide before getting back to the room.
      • After Michael sets his desk up in order and places the tower on it, Geoff immediately knocks it over. Gavin then kicks over Banjo, knocking his head off. This sends Michael into a Heroic Breakdown.
  • Episode 60, "King Ryan" begins with Ryan... not at the throne, as he's still halfway across the field.
    • Looking up the royal kilt.
    • During the first round (get a piece of yellow wool at the very bottom of Felix Baumgartener), Geoff builds a dirt staircase, which Ray, Gavin and Michael follow down. Geoff kills Ray, then Gavin kills Geoff. He digs a way out of the pit to get back home... without the yellow wool. When Gavin admits that he's forgotten the wool, Michael (who had been tracking him via his nametag and was crouching to dull his own) gleefully breaks into his hidey-hole and kills him.
    • During the third round, we have:
      • Michael breaking into Ryan's home and breaking Edgar free, spending five minutes getting the cow out and hiding it in the cactus garden. A few minutes later, Geoff comes up and kills Edgar. And no one knows.
      • Just after Michael's jailbreaking, Ryan had respawned next to his house. He didn't notice any of the damage, despite exiting his house through a hole Michael made that was never there before.
      • Except he did, and surreptitiously patched it up and replaced Edgar when nobody was looking.
      • Near the end of the round, Gavin is making his gear when Geoff walks up. He takes the iron ore in Gavin's stove.
    • Gavin kills Geoff at one point, prompting this exchange:
      Geoff: "You're a bitch, Gavin! You're a bitch and a dumb bitch!"
      Gavin: "Why am I dumb?"
      Geoff: "'Cause you're a bitch!"
  • Episode 61: "King Ryan, Part II":
    • Ryan challenges the rest of the crew to build up to the top of the skybox and come back down without dying or de-mining their stacks. Gavin wins the challenge and places a gold block on his pedestal until Jack notices Gavin never reached the sky when he builds a much higher stack. Cue a quick meltdown from Gavin who ultimately makes it back to the top to complete his stack. Meanwhile a low on health Jack hops down a few feet and dies.
    • Conversely, the challenge to dig to bedrock first has Ray lure a Creeper into someone's hole, mentioning he'd done so and isn't sure whose hole it was. Ray and Gavin meet face to face, prompting Ray to quickly kill Gavin, having honestly mistaken him for the Creeper.
    • Also, another moment, the challenge is to commit suicide in the courtyard. Everyone begins to climb up the throne to jump off. Michael, meanwhile, builds a cobblestone column, jumps off of it... and survives with one heart.
    • The Tower has been won by Ray, and they all head back to Achievement City. Ryan notices that someone knocked off the picture on his house, goes in... and Edgar is back in his cage. Turns out that, in the middle of the Let's Play, Ryan noticed that someone freed Edgar, remade the hole in his floor, and replaced him with another cow without saying a thing. Michael is livid - but only after a solid 15 seconds of Stunned Silence.
      • Even funnier is when they keep saying the cow in the hole may not be the original Edgar, Ryan responds with this:
      Ryan: "You don't understand; Edgar is the one in the hole."
      • Complete with a shaking camera and red-tinted border of evil!
      • Now in Animated Adventure form!
      • However, no one has realized Geoff killed the original Edgar. At least until Gavin edits the video.
    • A more subtle one is when Ryan reveals that Edgar 3.0 is, in fact, a chicken. Ray, the resident Deadpan Snarker of Achievement Hunter who always has something to say, is completely speechless.
  • Episode 62: "Creeper Census":
    • In the very beginning, when the "Let's Play" logo shows up, you usually hear either Ray's "LLLLLLLET'S PLAY!" or the gang going "Yaaaay". This time around?
    • On the way to the Let's Play:
    Ray: Gavin, why are you getting damaged?
    Gavin: I'm starving to—
    • Gavin gets on Ryan's case for his usage of "arable", because everyone always makes fun of Gavin for using made-up words. Ryan attempts to defend himself — and immediately starts tripping over his words. Twice.
    • Ryan manages to find a way to be hilarious and terrifyingly creepy at the same time.
    Ryan: "What is your problem with shivving spiders?"
    Ray: "He said 'swording', not 'shivving'. You're taking it to a new level."
    Michael: "Don't make it dark."
    Gavin: "Yeah, we're not in prison, Ryan."
    • All the times Michael ends up dying before he can get a Creeper.
    • The two times that Ray finds Creepers... who immediately blow up.
    • Ray's Freak Out at an Enderman attacking him.
    • Michael and Ray stumble upon a giant Obsidian N. Geoff and Gavin planned to put markers at each corner of the map but stopped before they finished the first one because they couldn't agree on how to make a W.
    • Jack growing a bunch of trees around Gavin's Creeper hole, and Gavin manually removing each of the blocks, while Jack makes more.
    • Gavin kept lambasting Jack for using tools other than a fishing rod. When Ryan traps Gavin underground, Jack says "You're not allowed to use tools."
    • The time Ryan makes a shield around Gavin's Creeper hole.
    • Geoff creating a house made of wood and red wool. Hey, it was the best he had.
    • Ray falling into a Creeper hole, getting out... and falling into another hole.
    • Gavin accidentally triggering a flood inside Geoff's house. Geoff responds by spawning an army of Creepers on top of the Achievement Hunter logo, where there's a shitton of TNT underneath.
    • Michael accidentally falls into Geoff's Creeper hole, where he promptly screams at the top of his lungs as he tries to escape. It's so loud that there's an EARDRUM WARNING annotation at the top of the screen.
      • Michael does quite a bit of memorable screaming in this episode. As he is far behind in the Creeper-catching, when Geoff takes his hooked Creeper in the middle of him bringing it back to his hole, he has a Freak Out. And then he gets killed by a spider. And then the Creeper blows up anyway.
        Michael: "No! NO, GEOFF! DON'T TAKE THIS FROM ME I NEED THIS!" (He is killed.) "DAMN IT!" (The Creeper blows.) "DAMN IT! It's all fucked!"
  • Episode 63: "Lava Wall":
    • Jack beatboxing and dancing.
    • As Gavin leads Team Lads to their starting position, Michael muses "Hey, remember the time we threw Gavin out of Team Lads?"... just before a Creeper drops out of nowhere and into the water.
    • Near the end of the event, Gavin decides to initiate "Project X" - the TNT Cannon. However, Team Gents' assault causes Gavin to wholly mess up and, when Gavin asks Ray to hit the switch, they're both forced to run as the cannon blows itself up.
      Michael: (calmly, while turning around) "What'd you guys do?" (Sees the humongous water filled crater for the first time.) "OH MY GOD, you guys are fucking idiots."
      • The irony of this is that Gavin is apparently the only person on either team who knows how to make a TNT cannon...
    • The end of the match. Thanks to the TNT Cannon exploding, Ray's stuck in the water, Gavin gets killed and loses his stuff in the water and Michael is the only one left to defend the wool Tower of Pimps. As Geoff commands the rest of Team Gents to press on the assault, Jack looks back and realizes in their excitement, they lost their Tower.
  • Episode 64: "Dark Petting Zoo"
    • Gavin's attempts to capture a Magma Cube leads to both him and Jack getting killed by the thing. It gets to the point where everyone's ready to take it.
    • Partway through, two Creepers stands outside of their little house, paralyzing most of the gang into thinking it's going to take them out. When they don't and even watch them go off into the Nether, Jack and Michael declare that Gavin's parents have come to pick him up.
      • Turns into a Brick Joke when Ray returns to the surface and causes the Creepers to blow up note  leading to him to ask "I thought you said they were friendly!"
  • Episode 65: "King Ray"
    • King Ray's comment regarding the first challenge: "Royal servants: I am a fan of blazing it up and smoking that herb."
    • More activity on the "Free Edgar 2013" front, including Gavin killing the current Edgar and spawning a Mooshroom to replace him, and Michael trying to write "We won't be stopped", running into a character limit, and settling for a simple insult. And neither of them seem to notice Ryan's recent house additions.
    • The "duel" between Ryan and Gavin on the bridge outside of Achievement City. Ryan sneaks up behind Gavin after asking "Is there any compelling reason that you should live?" and starts to attack him with a sword, only for Gavin to spin around and throw lava at him. At first, Ryan is simply confused about why he is on fire. Upon figuring out what happened, Ryan mutters "Clever girl," and then simply jumps into some nearby water. Gavin moves in to press the attack and runs into his own lava, catches on fire, and dies instantly.
  • Episode 66: "King Ray Part 2"
    • Gavin respawns in the throne area after falling into a lava pit, only to find a Skeleton archer waiting for him in a hole carved into the wall. Ray overhears Gavin's panicked screams and runs to save him... only to find Gavin in the hole facing the skeleton in a very compromising position. Ray even turns around to give Gavin some private time, while audiences can hear the sounds of bone against flesh as Gavin finishes killing it.
    • When King Ray tasks the guys to make a cake and destroy it in front of him, Ryan decides to FINALLY make use of Edgar and his chicken. Upon seeing Edgar the Mooshroom immediately asks if you can milk one leading Jack to joke you might end up with strawberry milk. Ryan succeeds in milking Edgar and starts waving a sword in front of him until Gavin mentions that Edgar now has a unique look.
    • Easy to miss, but when Ray begins one task with "You can kill each other..." all of the boys immediately take out their swords without a word.
    • At one point, during a challenge where the guys are allowed to kill each other, Gavin and Ryan are at the exit to the safe zone. Gavin is holding a sword, and Ryan is clearly worried that Gavin will try to kill him as soon as they leave. He gets an idea:
    Ryan: (clears his throat) "Stone!" (places a cobblestone block to block himself from Gavin...and therefore preventing them BOTH from leaving)
    • At the end, when Michael is erecting his newly-won Tower of Pimps, he starts saying Yu-Gi-Oh! card names with Joey's Brooklyn accent. When Gavin triggers Plan G and everything & everyone starts getting blown up, as the video fades to AH's logo you can hear Michael cry "I'm in the Shadow Realm!"
  • Episode 67: "Mass Effect Mash-Up Edition":
    • The guys refer to everything as a Space "X" (space spiders, space mushrooms, space rain, the Tower of Space Pimps, etc.), which eventually leads to this exchange:
    Gavin: "Michael, it's night-time in the space woods and I'm space scared."
    Michael: "I'll space find you."
    Gavin: ""
    Michael: "Dude, I have an iron space sword to fight away the baddies."
    Ray: "Space."
    Gavin: "Ah, I can see you, sp- Michael! Space Michael! Space."
    • In the middle of the video, Ray gets up to go the bathroom. Throughout the video, it occasionally cuts back to Ray's screen to remind the audience that Ray is still pooping. Eventually, the guys themselves start expressing disbelief at how long he has been gone for. By the time he finally gets back, Michael and Gavin had already finished mining and smelting pieces of gold.
  • Episode 68, "Quest for Horses":
    • The Lets Play is in the PC edition, while only Gavin has any experience there. They run into little difficulties, such as crafting basic items.note 
    • The gang being wholly unprepared for just how many more enemies spawn at night in the PC version compared to console.
    • Ryan using console commands to teleport himself and others around.
      • At one point, Ryan gets killed, and decides to use console commands to teleport to Geoff to pick up where he left off. Geoff is busily mining away in a cave, and suddenly his entire screen is occupied by Ryan's face.
      • Ray and Michael's reactions to being teleported to where the gang is. Ray realistically stammers for a second before cheering "Hey, I'm here!". Then, when Michael is teleported, he screams at the top of his lungs before simply stating "I'm here."
      • Everyone bashing on Ryan for using the console to teleport everyone, including Gavin, who sees it as a form of cheating (which he's against).
    • The equator of seasons.
    Michael: "Fascinating, fascinating..."
    • Everyone commenting on Gavin's pants and oddly hair-shaped helmet, comparing him to The Incredible Hulk and a Creeper going in for a job interview.
    Michael: "Mr. Creeper, what would you say is your strongest suit?"
    Gavin: *gurgle*
    • One point, Michael notices that Ryan's new armor lacks boots, and suggests he murder Jack to get the matching boots. Jack quickly offers to simply give him the boots.
  • Episode 69, we have Michael singing a Hilary Duff song in the rain while messing with the camera angles while Gavin reacts incredulously.
    • Gavin attempts to play a joke on Michael by building a snow golem behind him. When Michael turns around, he walks past it without the slightest reaction. Gavin, in frustration, points this out to Michael, who says he doesn't give a shit about the snow golem. He then requests a "retake" and fakes a hilariously over the top Freak Out over the golem.
    • Michael getting stuck in the horse pen at the end of the episode and no one bothering to let him out.
    Gavin: "That's where you sleep, Michael. You are a bear after all."
  • Episode 70: Despite several videos leading up to it, the horse joust was disappointingly short, with the horses easily dying in the process. By the end of it, only Michael's horse is left alive. Then everyone suddenly becomes Ax-Crazy due to the deaths of the other horses and starts killing each other and burning down the village, and the baby horse that was born during the episode gets trapped in a hole by Ryan.
    • Ray crashing his Minecraft by hitting shift too many times.
    • Gavin's "mess of English language [sic]", which eventually leads to everyone just telling him to give up trying to speak.
    Gavin: "I plugged one hole and more hole came out!"
    Gavin: "I plugged one hole of f- uff— ..."
    Michael: "Oh my god. Just stop. Just quit."
    Ryan: "Abort! Abort!"
    • The team talks about what the horse joust runway should be made up of, and someone suggests brick. During the follow conversation, every time someone says the word "clay", Ray can be heard quietly saying "Aiken?"
  • Episode 71: Jack going to Gavin's trophy room and finding another tower, courtesy of Shopping List (Jack seems to have forgotten that he already saw the second tower in Episode 59). Also, Ray and Caleb fooling around inside Ray's house(with Michael spectating), then Geoff reactivates the switch for the "Cake Wall".
    • Ray is thrilled to find the ocelots, making his horrified screams and subsequent deadpan shock when they run into lava and burn to death quite amusing.
    • The ending takes the cake. As Geoff builds the tower, Ryan makes it rain cows which, coupled with his maniacal laughter, is terrifying. The massive Freak Out afterwards needs to be seen.
    • When Lindsay smacks Gavin (in-game) for "touching butts" with her fiance:
    Michael: "There is a Creeper fighting a penguin in Buckingham Palace right now!"
  • In Episode 72, the Lads and Gents begin their voyage to the moon. Gavin starts out by making ladders to climb there.
    • Ray delivers a memorable snark at one point.
    Michael: "We need more than three [tin ore]?"
    Ryan: "Well, if we're building six spaceships..."
    Michael: "...We can't all take one?"
    Ryan: "No."
    Ray: "That would make too much sense."
    • The ending, which goes on much longer than it should. Gavin says "Let's stop. We're going to the moon, guys!" and then we get to hear the lads and gents banter pointlessly for a few more seconds. Geoff finally, unsurely, says, "A-alright, well... Let's stop...?" and everyone laughs. We can hear Michael say that they'll probably end it before that, and even Jack saying "Killing audio!"
  • By the end of Episode 73, Gavin is well on his way to the moon, having taken off in spectacular fashion. He then proceeds to explode the moment he gets there because he doesn't slow down on approach... and then respawns on the moon anyway, with his crash site (and thus his equipment, including his oxygen tank) nowhere to be found, leaving him in a perpetual cycle of respawning and suffocating to death, cold and alone without his boys.
    • The amount of Hilarious in Hindsight this brings is off the charts. From Gavin lamenting that they will die on the moon, him being put in charge of oxygen and so much more... it's practically Rewatch Bonus.
    • Michael's job is to go out and kill everything he sees for food. Ryan then requests that Michael also whisper Ryan's name in the animal's ear just before they die. Michael, hilariously, follows this request.
      Michael: The Mad King sends his regards. (kills)
  • Episode 74: At a certain point, a Blaze set the whole place on fire. Cue frantic attempts at putting out the fire while Ray asks despairingly why on Earth would they make the dungeon out of wood.
    • At another point, a Creeper blows up the entrance and monster mobs start pouring in. Everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs and trying to fight back but no one has any decent weapons.
    Gavin: "What are you guys doing? CLOSE THE DOOR!"
    Michael: "THERE IS NO DOOR! The Creeper blew it up!"
  • Episode 75: Early on when trying to get to the moon, everyone get on their own rockets and proceed to launch at the same time. This works out pretty well for everyone except Ray, who crashes into a tree and gets stuck.
    • Near the end, everyone except Ryan, Geoff, and Ray are running out of air. Ryan, who's been feeling a bit irritated due to all the technical difficulties, takes sadistic pleasure in their predicament.
    • When Jack and Michael are out of air, they have to stay in the air bubble produced by an oxygen distributor. However, since the oxygen station was never built properly, Ryan has to rush and try to set it up. Then the solar panels powering the oxygen distributors suddenly stop producing power because the sun is setting...which Ryan insisted couldn't happen, because the moon is not supposed to have a day-night cycle. Everyone starts rapidly running out of air:
    Michael: "Hey, let's break all this down and then haul ass towards the sun and rebuild it. Can we do that?"
    Ryan: "I don't think we can outrun the spin of a celestial body."
    Michael: "Are you sure? It looks like the sun's right there if we sprint towards it. 'Cause the alternative is we all stand here and we choke to death."
    (panic ensues)
    Ryan: (changes the time of day with an admin command) "Oh look, the sun came again! Hooray!"
    Michael: "Oh, that was a close call! We barely made it through the night!"
    • Any time their Java server crashed.
      • The first time had Ryan leave the room to find out what the problem is. Gavin then follows him through with a camera for real-life footage of the error-fixing process.
      • The first two server crashes use the normal Technical Difficulties screen and music, the third has an anguished groan from Michael, and in the fourth & fifth the music becomes increasingly distorted and slowed.
    Gavin: Ryan is doing a computer right now...
    • The first time they blasted off in the rockets, Ray got his rocket caught in a tree and couldn't make it out. When he did make it out, his rocket broke. Then once the others made it to the moon, a few of them crashed and the server suddenly crashed as well.
    • The second time they made it to the moon, a few of them crashed... again. And the server broke... again...
    Geoff: "Woah...OH GOD! Run away! It's incredibly scary!"
  • Episode 76: Ryan's creeping madness has progressed in a disturbing, yet entertaining way, when presented with the idea that there were "too many breeding animals" active on the field for the actual petting zoo. Ryan's reaction? Kill 'Em All! Special note goes to his Crosses the Line Twice dialogue regarding killing Jack's kitten; channeling Emperor Palpatine to the extent that an animated adaption has him in a black cloak and using a red lightsaber to kill the kitten. Ryan later claims without any remorse that he's wearing the kitten as a sock.
    Jack: I just murdered this bacon's parent in front of him. Sorry.
    Ryan: Jack, Jack - you kill the kids first.
    Jack: Jesus Christ, Ryan!
    • The full conversation, for those interested:
    Jack: (reluctantly killing his kitten's parents) "Aw-aw, he makes a scared cat noise. Oh, that's terrible."
    Gavin: "That was awful, Jack."
    Jack: "Oh God, I feel so terrible."
    Ryan: "Now the kitten."
    Jack: "Oh, the kitty's scared!"
    Ryan: "Now the kitten."
    Geoff: (The Hyena)
    Jack: "Oh, he's sitting on the chest."
    Ray: "Terrified, actually."
    Ryan: "Do it, Jack."
    Geoff: (in hysterics again)
    Ryan: "Strike it down!"
    Jack: "No, he's looking at me!"
    Ryan: "Complete your training!"
    Geoff: "If you kill that..."
    Jack: "I can't do it."
    Geoff: "If you kill that kitten Jack, you'll make it more powerful than you'll know."
    Jack: "I can't do it. Cat; you're fine, you get to live. If someone wants to kill the kitten they can, but I'm not going to."
    Michael: (exasperated) "Oh my God."
    Gavin: "Ryan?"
    Ryan: "Yeah, I'm on it."
    Geoff: starts laughing again
Jack: "All right, so what do I need - Ryan, what are you doing in here?"
Ryan: "Well, I came to kill your kitten, where'd he go?"
Jack: "He's hiding from you! Oh no, kitty, hide, wait, don't go through my shit!"
Ryan: "I'm looking for the cat!"
Jack: "He's not in the chest!"
Ryan: "Oh, I found him."
Jack: "Oh no, I can't look! Oh Goddddd...!"
Ryan: "Ooh, he's a wily little one."
Gavin: "Oh, what am I watching in the distance?"
Ryan: "There we go."
Jack: (crying)
Michael: "Fuckin' Christ, Jack."
Ryan: "You're weak, Jack."
(Later still, as Ryan is culling his animals)
Gavin: "Oh no. Oh, I can't look. I can't look. I can't believe Ryan murdered that tiny little kitten."
Ryan: "Oh yeah. Murdered the shit out of it. I'm actually wearing it on my left foot. As a sock!"
Jack: "Jesus Christ."
Geoff: (laughs) "Goddamn. You're like C. Montgomery Burns."
Jack: "Kitty, kitty, kitty, keeeeeeeeeee-teeeeeeee."
  • Jack is also shocked when taming the ocelot transformed it into a Siamese cat. He lets out a small "Oh!" and doesn't speak for a minute. When Jack finally tells everyone his ocelot turned Siamese, Michael and Ray sarcastically accuse him of racism.
  • Gavin trying to set Dan on fire, only for the rain to put the fire out.
  • Episode 77: Gavin tries to hide in a hole when he spots Michael approaching, and remains there for a full minute, dead silent, until Michael gets the jump on him. Gavin squawks, accidentally switches to reverse-third-person view, and flails about impotently for a moment before being horribly murdered.
    • Later, the guys are discussing dog piling on Ryan to kill him and remove his massive advantage of armor and weapons. As they discuss that, Gavin and Ray meet up over some loot that had yet to despawn from someone's last death. Cue Gavin screaming like a loon and killing Ray.
    • Ryan, facing a three-man team-up, builds a tower underneath himself, and tries to goad people into attacking him, especially when they decide to try shooting him down with arrows and deduce that if he were to jump off to deny them the kill, he would lose all his stuff and be defenseless.
    Ryan: "Don't be a wuss, come up here and fight!"
    Michael: "BE A WUSS- you fucking built a fucking BITCH LADDER TO THE SKY!"
    Ryan: "Whatever!"
    Michael: "You fucking coward!"
    Ryan: "Coward?! You came at me with a fucking army!"
    Geoff: "You-you-you are an army! You've got all the fucking armor!"
    Ray: "Three- three people is hardly an army. It's barely a militia."
    Ryan: "It's one on three!"
    Geoff: "Tower of fucking cowards! Yeah, a bunch of- it's a bunch of fucking cavemen with stone swords fighting a goddamned Lancelot!"
    Michael: "It's three villagers coming after Frankenstein."
    • As the others prepare to attack him, Ryan continues his taunting which is nicely accessorized with his maniacal laughing. Everyone can't help but mutter that he is a lunatic.
    Ryan: "Let's go, pussy squad!"
    • Ryan's snarking in general is hilarious. Attributed to apparently being sleep-deprived from his new kid.
    Ryan: "You know, it kinda seems like this is getting a little lopsided here." (In reference to everyone teaming up against him.)
    Gavin: "Your face is lopsided."
    Ryan: "That's true. I can't pretend to compete with your perfectly symmetrical three-mile long nose. It's like Long Island."
    • The end, when Ryan only needs to kill Gavin. Geoff and Michael had devoted themselves to protecting Gavin to prevent Ryan from winning. Michael tried to warn Gavin that Ryan was right behind him, but Gavin, not listening, decides to try to kill Geoff. With his attention on Geoff, Ryan dispatches him easily, winning the game, while Gavin asks why nobody warned him.
    • Gavin, while starving and near death, spots a chicken on a nearby tree:
    (everyone laughs)
    Ryan: "Did the chicken kill you? The chicken won!"
  • Episode 78: "The Most Dangerous Game" for all the wrong reasons.
    • Ryan starts the episode off by killing a cow. Ray follows up by humping a sheep.
    • When the gang is trying to find the baby chick to determine who starts, no one can find it... until Ryan tosses his last egg.
      • Actually, Ryan threw a steak, calling out "Steak!", and Geoff declared him the first "prey".
    • Ryan's first thought was to climb to the top of Geoff's Tower, but since he's in the same room as the hunters, he gets to listen to them (specifically Jack) to the hunters plan on looking there first.
    • Ryan's attempt to hide leads him to the Lava Wall arena. Where he promptly can't get his boat to move. Then he hops on the boat and can't get out. Then, he loses his map and can't find anyone to just kill him.
      • It gets worse when load failing leads to everyone but Michael dying or getting stuck trying to get to Ryan.
    • In the second round, with Michael as the prey, Ryan ends up getting him, declaring that he got his power back.
    • After the competition, they have some fun after somebody realizes that they had not been shifting the physical Tower of Pimps to the winner's desks in a while, so they run around the office putting it on the various winner's desks for a few seconds before going down the list.
  • Episode 79: Michael as Pimp King is as wonderful as you would expect.
    • Gavin as the jester. Not only is his dance routine amusing, he also manages to fall off the throne when he got too eager.
    • The return of the Mad King.
    Ryan: (upon winning) "You guys are fucked."
    • One of the events had Michael declare that they should try to survive a swarm of zombies. At the end, after the winner is chosen, Michael accidentally falls into the hole and is killed by the zombies. Ryan takes the opportunity to seize the throne.
  • Episode 80: During their second fishing Jamboree, Ryan quickly becomes bored and starts messing with everyone. Gavin has been repeatedly trying to get Ryan off his dock by hitting him with his fishing rod, with no effect. Ryan slaps Gavin once with a blue fish and Gavin goes flying into the water.
    • Later, when Jack wins the Tower of Pimps, to prevent him from taking the Tower from Ryan, who has had the Tower for four weeks, Ryan stands on top of the Tower, pouring lava over it so Jack can't take it down. He gets it down anyway.
    • Because his screen had stopped working during the erection of the Tower in game, during the rel life placing of the Tower Jack is blindfolded on his way to get the Tower from Ryan's desk.
  • Episode 81: "Geoff's House Part 1":
    • While talking about the upcoming/recent release of Xbox One, everyone discusses what they do with their Xbox One. Jack says he talks to his.
    Jack: "I talk to mine! 'Hello, Xbox One! How are you?'"
    Ray: "Shut up, Jack."
    Ryan: (at the exact same time) "Fuck you, Jack."
    (Everyone starts laughing)
    Michael: "Stop talking to me. Leave me alone."
    Geoff: (in robot voice) "I-am-not-your-friend."
  • Episode 82: "Skyrim Mashup Edition": Ryan completely failing to make a Nether Portal despite having Gavin tell him how to do it.
    • Ryan witnesses two villagers making love, and watches them make a baby. Then...
    Michael: "Kill his parents and raise him as your own!"
    Ryan: "Done!" (begins hitting the parents... with a pickaxe) "Unfortunately, I only have a pickaxe, so it's gonna take a while."
    Michael: "I thought you were gonna say, 'Unfortunately, I killed the child too, whoops.'"
  • Episode 83: "Geoff's House Part 2":
    • The moment is made better by the leadup. After mocking him about it, Micheal dares Gavin to Google "Pubert" and see what comes up so he does. A few seconds later while the rest of the team is mocking him Gavin starts laughing to himself before the sound of him getting off his chair can be heard and he seems to walk over to Micheal. What follows is one hell of a Wham Exchange that results in Gavin being proven right.
    Micheal: (laughing slightly) What is this?
    Gavin: Micheal, read it!
    Micheal: (Losing his shit) In the 1993 film, "Addam's Family Values", which I think is a shitty Straight-to-VHS film (Geoff corrects him) Fucking... Fucking Adda- Gomez and Morticia have a third child... A son they lovingly name Pubert.
    • The Pubert debate is not the only argument in this video. Upon discovering that there are now "media achievements" (0-point achievements for watching Netflix, Hulu, etc.), Ryan goes on a tirade against the idea.
    Ryan: I mean, really, if you can get one for media, though,, shouldn't there just be one "Hey, you turned on your Xbox! Good for you!
    Gavin: Sure. I'll take it.
    Jack: Well, it wouldn't have to be condescending about that...
    Ryan: It is already condescending! "Yeah, you watch TV! Good for you, you used functions!"
    Michael: You're still the only person that finds anything wrong with that.
    Ryan: That's stupid! That's not an achievement! You have achieved NOTHING.
    Jack: 2013 has been the year that Ryan lost his fucking mind.
    • Michael nearly activating Plan G again by accident.

     Let's Play Minecraft — 2014 episodes (84-135) 
  • Episode 84, "Capture the Tower X", is quite "top":
    • Before they even get there, there are technical difficulties, which frustrates Ryan.
    Jack: Ryan is mumbling bad words under his breath.
    Gavin: Ryan, if you're going to mumble away from the mic, do it loud.
    Ryan (off-camera): Motherfucker!
    • The first two attempts at a round fail due to the guys being dropped from Xbox live. The next two both fail when the player carrying the Tower blocks is killed, and the blocks drop into the cacti (the guys don't know that cacti can also destroy building materials).
    • Each team has six Ender Pearls to use per round; since Ender Pearls are prone to misfire and take two hearts of damage upon teleportation, this leads to a number of laughs. Three examples are Jack teleporting into the Lads' base, Gavin throwing a pearl then realizing he doesn't have enough health to survive it as he waits for it to land, and Jack hitting the side of a platform and falling to his death.
      • The Let's Build episode revealed that if someone threw the Ender Pearl out of the arena, they were out for the round.
    • Early on in the first round they play, we get this bit of dark humor:
    Ray: "Ryan's chasing me! I need help! He's in his prison outfit, it's even more scary."
    Ryan: "Don't drop the soap!"
    • Ryan is the Gents' most consistent player, frequently sniping players from across the map. However, those players not infrequently included his own teammates. His funniest moment with a bow, though, comes when Gavin shoots Geoff, dropping him off a platform... right in front of Ryan's arrow, which kills him in mid-air.
    • Jack accidentally tries to kill Gavin with a cactus block. Doesn't work.
    • Right after the final Tower is erected, a creeper appears right next to it. Ryan is able to kill it before it can explode.
    • At the end, when the victorious Team Lads are standing on top of the Tower for a picture, Jack throws a splash potion of damage at Ray, but hits Geoff on top of the Lads' base.
  • Episode 85: "Geoff's House Part 3":
    • Geoff ends up walking off the same corner multiple times and falls screaming to his death. And each death gets louder and funnier.
      • The first time this episode, Ray points out to the audience that there is a 'death count' up in the corner, and that first death this episode was 19.
    • While waiting for Michael and Ryan to get to the top of the house, Geoff, Jack, Ray and Gavin jump over the last hole to be filled in to finish the roof. Geoff then says this:
    Geoff (to Gavin): "Try jumping backwards."
    Gavin: "OK." (Faces away from the hole, takes a few steps back and jumps, going straight into the hole.)
    (Hysterical Laughter)
    • Hilarious was Gavin trying to bunce Michael from the ledge entering Geoff's original roof and fails. Michael's wordless Tranquil Fury along with Gavin's Oh, Crap! whimpering for forgiveness completely sells it.
    Gavin: "Michael."
    • After Gavin restores his trophy room, Ray walks in, dismantles it, and drops the gold blocks into lava. A minute later, Michael walks in to do the same thing and says, "Goddamn it, Ray."
    • After completing the build, the suggestion is made that they celebrate by jumping off the top of Geoff's house straight down onto the logo of Achievement City. They jump and the video ends on Ray's POV as he's looking back on himself, having not jumped. He simply comments "Idiots."
  • Episode 86: "The Twelve Towers":
    • At the end of the episode, after Geoff puts his tower up, Ray, with Creative privileges, begins spawning loads and loads of cows. Gavin takes this opportunity to activate the lava in Jack's house while nobody is paying attention. Geoff asks if they should save and quit, and Gavin says, "Yeah." A second after Geoff saves, Gavin realizes his mistake.
      • After this, the episode fades out on the entire group yelling at Gavin and bickering with each other, complete with a stinger at the end.
      • Gavin's explanation of what sounds like Insane Troll Logic to Michael:
      Gavin: "Jack's house is on fire."
      Geoff: "Why?"
      Gavin: "'Cause there was cows everywhere."
    • Gavin had nearly secured the victory, having assembled everything for the ten overworld towers and made a successful trip into and out of the Nether to gather Netherrack and soul sand. He doesn't realize his mistake until he reaches the base: HE ONLY MINED ONE BLOCK OF EACH. His ensuing Heroic BSoD is priceless.
      • Yet, he manages to not reveal his gaffe to the others until the end:
      Gavin: "Geoff, come and look at mine. I want to see if you can see my blocks."
      Geoff: "Alright."
      Gavin: "Can you see what I did?"
      Geoff: "Are you Gavin?"
      Gavin: "Yeah."
      Geoff: "Uh, yeah, let's see... You've got snow, iron, dirt, sandstone, then sand, then cobblestone, smooth stone, glass, then you have wood, and you have, uh, fuckin', uh... furnaces. And then you have one of each of the Nether. Why? Did you go all the way there and then get one of e-" (cue The Hyena)
    • Geoff using the portal in Portal House, forgetting that the other end of that portal was suspended mid-air above a lava lake.
  • Episode 87: "Geoff's Anatomy"
    • At the beginning of the episode, Gavin is explaining the Let's Play to everyone:
    Gavin: "Guys, I've got some sad news."
    Jack: "Gavin, what's wrong?"
    Gavin: "Geoff is sick." (cue panicked reactions) "He's in need of our healing abilities."
    Ryan: "Oh, he's fucked."
  • Episode 88 : "Snowbound" is full of them.
    • Michael's playing with skins while waiting to be found, including the creeper skin Gavin uses and a chicken in a suit that causes him to start giggling like a child.
    • As Ray is searching desperately for Gavin he finds a creeper...
    Ray: "That's not Gavin!"
    • Michael and Gavin twice looking for Kerry to have him take responsibility for accidentally placing the gold blocks inside chests instead of placed normally, and because Michael thinks they forgot to place the iron pickax for their team.
    Michael: "If I were Kerry... how short would I be?"
    • The whole "Shark-Ray" conversation.
    • Geoff spending several minutes not winning the game for Gents because he couldn't make the jump. That Ryan could in one try and didn't think to pass it to him.
  • Episode 89: Mad King Ryan is back and Ryan steals the show.
    Ryan: "I'm the Mad King, I can do whatever the fuck I want."
    • The concept of many of the rounds are hilarious
      • Round 1 has Ryan seeking each of the competitors and killing them - last man standing wins. As a bonus, he can fly.
      • Round 3 has dispensers dropping animals from a fatal height and the competitors trying to collect their remains in a competition for the most raw beef.
      • Round 4 has him ordering the breaking of True Companions by ordering them to kill people they have named teams with.
    • Michael wins round 4 because he's the only one who really took to the challenge, viciously murdering Gavin several times.
    • After Round 2, Jack and Gavin are running back to the throne room. On the way, Gavin jumps right into lava.
      Jack: "Gavin, those bootsnote  look good on you."
      Gavin: "Thanks. OAAAAAAAHAAAAHHHHH!" (cue everyone laughing)
      Jack: "They will not protect you from that though."
      Michael: "Gavin, that was fucking funny, you stupid fucking knob."
      • This whole situation doubles as a bit of a Brick Joke, seeing as how that is the SAME EXACT lava that Gavin dumped during the very FIRST King Ryan to kill a cow. Pay attention to the area he dumps the lava here in "King Ryan Part 2".
    • There's a "Super Dump Hole" within the house. Gavin tries to push Michael into it (after just dying in it) and ends up getting pushed into it himself. He then respawns and tries to push Michael into it again only for Michael to simply sidestep and watch Gavin run into the hole.
    • When asked whether they can kill each other, Ryan fully deadpans:
      Ryan: "When did you think that rule would not apply in my kingdom?"
  • Just all of Episode 90. It crosses into Momentof Awesome territory since he spent about a week building and preparing everything which turned out to be just a prelude and serves no purpose other than to entertain King Ryan.
    • Jack getting stuck in a hole he can't get out of, then Ryan gives him the egg making him completely helpless as Gavin starts whaling on him, so Jack offers to give him the egg in exchange for his life; but after Gavin accepts Ryan pours water so he is able to get out.
      Jack: You're back on Gavin, come here.
      *Cue surprised screaming from Gavin*
    • Ray being beat on by Geoff as he's just trying to find a safe way down.
      Ray: "Geoff, Geoff please! I'm just trying to find a safe way down!" (Accidentally falls down.) "Not that way! Not that way! Oh shit."
    • As Gavin is being chased by Michael, he accidentally places the egg, spawning a cow. His "Oh shit" giggling is priceless.
    • The Russian Roulette part. The panicked screaming every time someone dies is hilarious and also quite terrifying.
    • The 1v1 tournament where competitors have to switch controllers and thus kill themselves using the other player's character while using their own character's screen which is being controlled by their opponent. Head hurt much? Just wait until you see them actually do it. Expect lots of looking at the ceiling and looking at the floor.
      Ryan: "You guys have to work together to kill each other."
      • Before the third match, a zombie walks into the arena without paying attention to anyone, gets killed, and another zombie walks in and picks up the spare diamond sword, to the bemusement of everyone. Both zombies were Gavin.
    • The final battle against "Edgar". Since it's Ryan, we know it's not going to be easy or simple. But I think it's safe to say that no one expected a friggin' boss battle in a two-part labyrinth
      Geoff: "Why does Jack get a sword?" (referring to loot from previous match)
      Michael: "Yeah, why does Jack get a diamond sword?"
      Ryan: (in the most hilariously serene and carefree tone ever) "It won't matter." (Cue lots of worried looks and muttering.)
    • Ryan's serene tone is what makes the build up to the challenge.
      Geoff: "Will we need full health?" (right before Ryan gives them the challenge)
      Ryan: "It won't matter for long."
      • Everyone getting stuck in the obsidian and iron block hole.
      Michael: "Wait a minute! We're Edgar! We're all in the hole!"
  • Episode 91: "Darwin Awards" has one at the end when Ryan attempts to kill himself with a piston. It doesn't work very well.
    Ryan: (After Michael helped him activate the piston, making it come down and clip through his body.) "The fuck?!" (playfully) "I've been cut in half! Aaaaaaagh!"
  • Episode 92: "Iron Golem"
    • The night before Gavin was having trouble falling asleep, so he decided to play Titanfall from 4:00 to 5:00.
    Michael: "What the fuck were you doing up 'til four AM?"
    Gavin: "I was tossing...a-and turning!"
  • Episode 93: "Spring Harvest" is a mostly quiet Let's Play, except that Ryan twice attempts to break into the store that Geoff has set up in order to steal his stuff. The first try he builds a skybridge to it, only to fall off over Gavin's plot of land. The kicker is that no one noticed him building it until he fell off and died ten feet from the store. Then the next time (accompanied by him humming the Mission: Impossible theme) he tries to dig underneath to steal Geoff's money chest, only to pop up next to it, with Geoff right in front of him looking down because he was looking inside the chest at the time.
    Ray: "I also got three wheat seeds, are those usable?"
    Ryan: "Oh no!" (falls to his death)'
    Jack: "I think I just saw Ryan fall out of the sky!"
    Geoff: "Well that was the strangest thing I've ever seen. I was just talking to you, and then suddenly a guy fell out of the sky."
    Ryan: "Oops!" (quickly blocks up hole and runs away)
    Ryan: "I was off by one block." Missed it by that much.
    • Because of those antics, Geoff was more surprised when Ryan came up as a customer.
      • Even funnier when you consider what Ryan sees during his underground attempt when he breaks the floor block of the store; Geoff, looking directly at him, holding a sword.
    • Geoff (unintentionally) choosing to go on break right as Ray approaches the counter.
  • Episode 94: "UnMonuments Men" is based around a limitation in Minecraft which results in a unique Twist Ending. In order to build another Let's Play, the guys are assigned to remove as many paintings from the world as possible, which they then must erect outside their houses after the 30-minute time period is up. Ryan has five paintings, and places them outside his house early, resulting in a disqualification. Jack has taken a huge lead from the start, and ends with a massive sixty-four paintings. However, when the guys try to put up the paintings, the game won't let them due to reaching the maximum number allowed in the world. After an initial push to declare Ryan the winner, they decide that the winner is Achievement City itself, and erect the Tower on the center of the logo on the city's floor.
    • There's also the minor touch of Geoff taking Ryan's obsidian block to make this possible.
    • Gavin and Ryan have a contest to see who can hold their breath for the longest in-game. Given that the health bar mechanics apply to all of them, you can see where this is going... They both drown.
      • The best part is that everyone else is having their own conversations, but they all get quiet as the "contest" gets close to the end, then burst out laughing at the ending.
  • Episode 95: "Monopoly":
    • Even before arriving at the game board, jokes are made about Ryan's dying voice.
      Gavin: "Can you sing your favorite song, Ryan?"
      Ryan: "Uh... no."
      (Everyone laughs.)
      Gavin: "Sing the song you were singing earlier."
      Ryan: "Which song was that?"
      Michael: "From the SNL skit."
      Geoff: (singing Five Stairsteps) "O-o-h child..."
      Ryan: (voice cracking) "Things are gonna get easier..."
      (Everyone laughs.)
    • When Ray arrives at the game board and realizes what they were playing, followed by Michael and Ryan's realizations after Ray says what it is.
      Ray: (Sees the board.) "You gotta be kidding me."
      (Gavin laughs.)
      Michael: "Alright."
      Michael: "What is this, boys?"
      Ray (flatly): "This is Monopoly."
      (Geoff goes "Eh!" and Gavin laughs again.)
      Michael: "Ah, Goddamn it."
      Ryan: "Oh no."
      Geoff (cheery): "Achievement Hunter Monopoly!"
    • Ryan has completely lost his voice, so cue the guys talking about how he's dying. At one point, Ryan makes a sign that ends up censored.
      Jack: "Why's this censored?"
    • Ryan's deadpan "Yaaaaaaaay"s whenever something good happens to him. Plus this bit, done when Jack forgets where he was on the board before he rolled:
    Ryan: "We've only gone one turn."
    Jack: "What?"
    Ryan: "We've only gone... ah, fuck it."
    • Ryan claims he's feeling fine. Nobody believes him. They remark that that'll be on his tombstone: "He felt fine."
    • This continues in a later dialogue where Ryan shows us just how fine he is:
    Michael: "I feel so bad for [Ryan]."
    Geoff: "He doesn't feel bad at all!"
    Michael: "He's full of shit!"
    Geoff: "He just sounds bad."
    Ryan: "Uh, I don't even remember where I was."
    Michael: (everybody laughs) "His brain is going!"
    Ryan: "Didn't I just buy something?"
    Michael: "You were off the board building a house somewhere."
    Ryan: "Oh, here it is. I marked it. I'm smart."
    Ryan: "What was my number again?"
    • Because of Ray's House and Kerry's Corner fucking up the economy of the game, Geoff states that you can't get permits to purchase property on either square.
    • Michael loses two turns for "blazing too hard". In response, he pretends to start smoking weed, and his screen fills up with smoke.
      • On his second turn, he is seen spinning in a circle as graphic flash appear in front of him.
    • Jack comes up and puts a cake down in front of Ray. There's a beat, then...
    Ray: (completely deadpan) "Die."
    • Ray's Community Chest card 48 minutes into the video.
    Ray: "'Digging up dirt, Flynt Coal discovered your dad is secretly Mr. Diddlez. Pay him one iron.' Daddy, no."
    Michael: "So your dad was in both Let's Plays?"
    Ray: "Yeah, I told you if you take off the paper bag of Mr. Diddlez, it's my dad from the previous Let's Play."
    Michael: "Fuck."
    Gavin: "More like Mr. Daddlez."
  • Episode 96: "Tallest Tower"
    • Partway through, Ryan massively messes up and decides to Rage Quit. As he does, he decides to pull a "moral victory": he steals all of the gold in King Michael's gold room and makes a massive tower.
      Ryan: "Suck it, Achievement City!"
      • He actually has to go back to the gold room because the first time around he fell through a hole that went down to bedrock that was in the middle of the floor.
      • His choice of words when he decides to do this make the others have a minor Oh, Crap! moment that's hilarious:
      Ryan: "So... what's the new game I'm going to play?"
      (Cue nervous laughter from the others.)
    • At one point, Ryan pulls out the map and finds out everyone's near each other except for Geoff, whose on the other side of the world.
      • Cut to Jack, who's digging down to Gavin, digs downward and falls into lava, crying out "Hello~!" as he zips into the pool.
    • Ryan the delivery guy.
    Ryan: "Crafting table."
    Geoff: "Thanks man!"
    Ryan: "Wooood."
    Geoff: "Aw Ryan, you're the best."
    Ryan: "Sticks."
    Geoff: "You're my favorite employee."
    Ryan: "And away!" (builds a dirt tower up out of Geoff's mining shaft)
    Geoff: "You leaving?" (laughs)
    • Halfway through the video, Gavin walks into Achievement City to see Ryan looking up and spinning in circles. After laughing at Ryan, he goes back to his house and comes face-to-face with a Creeper.
      • Then Ryan has a peek too.
    • Ray places a block of bedrock on top of Gavin's tower to keep him from adding any more gold blocks. Everyone immediately assumes that Ryan did it.
    • Gavin creates an Iron Golem and then pushes it into the lava pool by Caleb's hole with the help of Michael and Ryan.
    • At one point, the cake wall in Ray's house is triggered. Gavin and Michael then spend several minutes absolutely covering every surface of the house with cakes.
    • No one is able to build a single tower tall enough to count as the Tower of Pimps so Achievement City ends up winning the Tower again.
    • Ryan ending the video with Plan G.
  • Episode 97: "Title Update 14 Part 1"
    • Even before delving into the update stuff, the guys showcase how utterly terrible they are when playing vanilla Minecraft in an unfamiliar world.
    • At one point, Gavin makes a portal into the Nether and suddenly falls out onto the ground there. He's absolutely confused as to how he got down there before looking up and noticing it. When he utters that it's in the air, Geoff makes a Call-Back to "Achievement Knievel" by saying "It's still in the air!" before Michael responds, "See if you can see Ryan's shirt up there."note 
  • Episode 98: "Title Update 14 Part 2"
    • The guys successfully locate a Desert Temple and Ryan starts to hint that there's a secret inside it. Gavin immediately digs into the hidden treasure chamber, falls straight onto the TNT trap, and destroys the six treasure chests that were inside it.
  • Episode 99: "Golden Hoe"
    • When the gang reaches the "White House", Ryan finds an empty picture frame and slaps a piece of meat on it. When Ray finds it, he cries out "MEATSPIN!" and rotates the meat.
    • Ray constantly humming part of The Terminator's theme while humping.
    • Early in the Let's Play, Gavin finds an Enderman and tries to kill it to get a pearl for an Ender Chest. Eventually, while running from him, the Enderman teleports on top of a tree, leaving Gavin wandering around confused and Geoff (who has Host Privileges enabled and thus can fly) cracking up.
    • Ryan's suggestion that he, Jack and Ray form an 'anti-Dynamite league' to oppose Michael and Gavin's Team Nice Dynamite. Geoff suggests the team name of 'Team Solo' and when Ray comments that that's an oxymoron and Michael laughs, "Team Oxymoron!" Geoff replies, "That works too."
    • Ryan loses some footage. It's replaced with a section of child-like stick figure drawings.
    • Jack attempts to kill an Enderman in The End with only 3 and a half hearts. It ends poorly, but mostly, it ends almost instantaneously.
    • Ryan builds a Nether Portal inside his house. Right at the end of the video, a Zombie Pigman passes through the portal. Everyone immediately panics and nearly destroys Ryan's house in their attempts to kill the Pigman, although they eventually seem to use the panic as an excuse to just break everything they can.
      Ryan: That's it, everyone dies. (Gets one shot by the Zombie Pigman) Especially me.
    • At the end, when they go back to Achievement City to erect The Tower of Pimps, Geoff teleports them back, but just high enough in the air that they take damage.
      Ray: I was here already!
  • Episode 100:
    • The intro video of Geoff, Gavin, and Griffon planning out the original building of Achievement City specifically to screw with Jack.
      • It's also revealed that, during filming, Gavin accidentally set off Plan G trying to hide the button, forcing Geoff to Rage Quit and shut off people's Xboxes to preserve the surprise.
    • All of the gang's attempts to deal with the problem of Invisible Ghost Jack, which at one point leads to him accidentally discovering a clue early. Geoff immediately yells at Jack to drop his controller and close his eyes, a command that 33-year-old Jack immediately complies with like a young child. Incredibly, Jack is actually already invisible at the beginning of the video. The rest of the Hunters fail to notice this for a good while.
    • Ray getting lost in the wrong field of cacti. The only "wrong" field of cacti in the entire world.
    • Ray's Sequence Breaking, where he discovers one of the later clues while aimlessly wandering around the world.
    • Michael misinterprets the clue at Thunderdome, actually leading to No Glory Hole, as pointing towards Raining Butts. When he mentions this to Geoff... well, cue The Hyena.
    • The clue about fisting a sheep, and Jack's reaction to it.
    • In the credits, the special thanks include Ghost Ray, Mogar, Pubert Addams, "the dude or lady who put in the Tower of Pimps", "Almost everyone who watched these videos", <censored>, Captain America and Iron Man.
    • Gavin asking Michael if he's "ever laid back and smoked a ton of mushrooms".
  • Episode 101, the long-awaited "Ice Cube":
    • Geoff makes a Freudian Slip explaining the instructions. After explaining the only way to break ice without it melting is with a "silk touch" pickaxe:
    Ryan: Sounds like a condom brand.
    Geoff: Yeah, Silk Touch Pickaxes and Condoms. Alright, so, if you have either of those, you can either dick, or ice p-
    Ryan: "Dick"? (everyone laughs)
    Geoff: If you've got the condom brand, you can dick away the ice.
    • Just before the game starts, Geoff tries to prevent Ryan from applying Loophole Abuse:
    Ryan: Hypothetically-
    Geoff: Ryan, you- before you hypothetical anything, you understand that the only way to kill another player is with... shooting them with an arrow from a bow.
    Ryan: Only if you're not creative.
    Michael: Unless he kills us in real life, 'cause you didn't say he couldn't do that.
    Geoff: I got news for you Ryan: this is not Creative Mode, you're not allowed to be creative.
    Ryan: You said that we could break blocks with our hands, which would cause water, which could potentially drown someone.
    Geoff: ...Don't do that.
    • Ryan wonders if the cow he entrapped inside Ice Cube during the Let's Build is still there. It is and he's very happy about it.
    • The first time Gavin tries firing a bow, he hits an ice block directly in front of him.
    • This conversation:
    Ryan: I'm a little worried that my son is being abducted by aliens.
    Geoff: Why's that?
    Ryan: 'Cause, you know, every night before bed, I get him, y- all into his pajamas and everything, get him- get him dressed, uh... you know, rub his back, tell him a story, that kind of thing... But right before bed, the last thing he says before going to sleep every night is, uh... "I don't want to go up into the sky, Daddy; I want to stay on the ground."
    • Right after that dialogue, Jack finds a trap and falls to his death. Once again, Hilarity Ensues.
      • Then a little later both Michael and Ryan take extremely long falls to their deaths at almost exactly the same moment. Geoff catches it on his viewpoint.
    • Ray celebrates the end of his dry streak by pouring water on his pants zipper, complete with camera closeup. In Achievement Hunter, There Is No Radar.
  • Episode 102: "Grounded"
    • Ryan is at one end of the starting blocks at the beginning and there is a piece of flaming Netherrack behind him. Gavin's POV of this leads to this exchange.
    Gavin: Ryan! Your head's on fire!
    Ryan: (sounding rather startled) What?!
    • Ryan burns to death at one point after encountering lava. When he respawns he breaks a block to allow the ocean water to flood the vertical shaft he dug down. Because the block was at the edge of the world, the water doesn't flow through the gap even when he breaks a lower block as well.
      Ryan: I... I think I might be Moses.
      • It continues with Gavin confusing Moses and Jesus Christ because "they both do water tricks". It becomes a Running Gag where every time someone says "Jesus Christ", they'll ask if they see his buddy Moses there too.
      • And to add another layer of the funny, Gavin makes fun of Ryan and calls him stupid. And then he immediately gets himself killed by lava.
        Gavin: Have you become stupid, Ryan, or something? (falls into lava screaming at the top of his lungs)
        Ryan: I like it when you say things like that and it's followed by you burning to death.
        Geoff: 'Ahhhhhh'...
    • Gavin, Ryan and Ray's tunnels all eventually intersect with one another. They all get rather turned around and confused.
      • The first time Gavin and Ryan come in contact, Gavin makes his escape by blocking the tunnel with cobble when Ryan accidentally throws his bow on the floor.
      • The second time, Ryan's lost his bow. Gavin just says "Okay, bye." and blocks the tunnel with cobble again.
      • The absolute best moment is when the tables are turned and it's now Gavin who is at Ryan's mercy. Gavin opens negotiations and Ryan feels enough pity that he decides help Gavin out and call it a truce. He uses up half of his remaining wood to make him a iron pickaxe so that Gavin can continue playing. Gavin starts to leave and the first block he mines revealed a lava flow which immediately kills him and everything he just gained. Cue Gavin's Big "NO!" moment.
      Ryan: That might be the fastest something has ever gone bad.
      Geoff: (Quoting) "I'll just be on my way- Oh god."
    • At one point, Jack loses his gear after dying and, after getting it back, he's lit on fire. He quickly starts blowing to try to put it out before screaming "Stop, drop and roll! Stop drop and roll!"
    • Gavin is ambushed by a zombie, causing him to cry out "Jesus Christ!" Michael retorts "Where? Did you see him?"
    • Near the beginning, when everyone was concerned about how they were going to see (due to Geoff not giving them torches):
    Ray: "Ah, fuck it, I'm going straight down again."
    On-Screen Text: Ray has no footage. But I imagine it looks something like this.
    (cut to a black screen with Ray's name in the upper left corner)
  • Episode 103: "Dropping List"
    • This is another one that features a huge item frame list of drops from the world. Gavin looks at it and suddenly realises he forgot to put a bow on there.
    • When they go to sleep in the 'Nap Cove' for some reason Ray's POV shows his head spinning round and round on his neck while he's sleeping.
    • Jack enters the Nether to go hunting for rarer drops. Ryan follows soon after and encounters a Ghast almost instantly. One fire charge later, both of them are stuck in the Nether. Jack is not impressed.
      • Then much later Jack murders Prince Oinkens the first (Ryan's new pig housemate) for the porkchops. Ryan is equally not impressed.
    • Ray decides to play the entire game wearing a pumpkin. He also has other moments.
      • He finds Silverfish House and circles the cake in the middle muttering "Fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou" under his breath for a while.
      • Nightmare Before Skitmas and 'Boogie Woogie'
    • A Gavin-driven conversation about body-swapping and gay sex. Needs to be heard to be believed.
      • Especially these two quotes from Ryan "My body may have gotten up to a lot of things when I'm not aware of it" and "You can occupy the meat, but you'll never have the mind."
  • Episode 104: "Enter the Negatower Part 1"
    • There's a new skin pack and Ray has some fun with it. Becoming a Wither (which freaks Gavin out for a second before he realises), an updated version of Michael's Banjo skin and then Kazooie ("I've escaped the backpack!")
    • The gameshow voices for the Let's Play.
    • Gavin tells Ray to 'trim his hedges' (the leaf blocks above Ray's tower platforms) lest (as Jack says) he flies a spaceship into it. Also:
    Gavin: "Oh! Don't go too much!"
    Ray: "Why?"
    Gavin: (in a lowered voice) "People might see us in here..."
    (beat, Michael and Ryan snort and laugh)
    • Jack picks a wooden sword (meaning fight to the death) every single first pick. He only gets an obsidian block because he got a retry second pick by winning the second fight to the death round!
  • Episode 105: "Enter the Negatower Part 2"
    • Gavin constantly messing with Ryan's sign.
      • Including onenote  that Geoff actually asks "That's not true is it?" when he sees it. It actually is... sort of.
      Ryan: Now, look... you do have to kinda wipe in there, though...
      • The train analogy to explain Ryan's weirdness.
    Michael: Ryan, you almost never bring up the topic. But you just fucking- you hop on the train and you just, like, bust it.
    Gavin: We didn't have to bleep the first part when someone said *bleep* but once you started speaking, there were bleeps left and right. There were four bleeps.
    Ryan: Look man, I don't put the train on the tracks but I'm gonna drive it.
    Michael: I think we all agree with that.
    Gavin: What does that mean? You're not just going to drive it, Ryan, you're going to absolutely floor it.
    Ryan: It Goes To Eleven.
    • Michael and Ray have a fight to the death. They all start humming a tune which somehow morphs into Duel of the Fates by the time the battle is over.
    • Gavin starts a duel with Ryan by accidentally throwing his sword away; Ryan picks it up and curb-stomps him.
      • Highlighted with Gavin running around shouting, "Has it started?! Is it real?!" This promptly sends the others into hysterics, and Michal repeats the line in disbelief.
    • Ray becomes invisible, leading to the startling conclusion that Ray has finally become Ghost Ray. Gavin suggests he run over to Thunderdome to see if somehow their past selves are there playing Episode 43.
  • Episode 106: "Bodyguards"
    • While trying to explain the concept of the Let's Play, Geoff absent-mindedly tells everyone when they're read to "walk out into the lava... arena"
    • Upon entering the Lava Wall arena there's already a Villager loose on the Gents' side. Ryan hovers in front of it, resisting the urge to act on the temptation... then punches it into the lava. Jack's reaction makes it.
    • Ryan's 'codename' for the TNT cannon keeps changing - Project Y, Project Not X and finally... Project X. Of course.
    • Once again, Gavin's attempt at "Project X" is scuppered by a Fire Charge from the Gents' side. This time, it hits the TNT block in front. Gavin barely escapes being blown up with the TNT cannon.
      • Ryan's attempt didn't go too well either - he lit the firing charges but forgot to light the actual ammo block so the firing charges explode but the block in front stays put. He's confused and disappointed at this.
      • After the game Michael lights himself on fire and stands on top of this TNT block to see if it'll light.
    • The Gents hit the Lads' sole surviving Villager, leading Michael to quickly splash it with a Healing Potion before buncing it back into cover... then Gavin dumps a bucket of water on top of the Villager.
  • Episode 107: "Halo Mashup"
    • Geoff opening the video while wearing a Mister Chief skin.
    • Ray changing his skin to Santa. For the entire video.
      Ray: You played Halo 5: Guardians yet? Final boss is Santa!
      • Later on, when Ray fights a skeleton with low health.
        Ray: You can't do this to Santa, are you kidding me right now? I'm Santa! Alright, one more hit, and Santa's dead. Don't do it again. You've been a bad boy.
    • After spending a long time trying to find Blood Gulch, they do look at building the Tower of Pimps. The problem, at least in Geoff's opinion, is that they are at Blue Base, and he insists it must be done at Red Base, but they ignore him.
      • Soon, the guys wind up finding Achievement Citynote .
      • While trying to check out the giant animals after Plan G was activated, the server crashes. This prompts Geoff to end the episode on the spot.
  • Episode 108: "Title Update 14 Appreciation Day"
    • At the start, Geoff is explaining how the challenge is going to involve lots of quartz, only for Gavin to explain that their nether doesn't have quartz since had already been generated within a reasonable travel distance. This gets a Stunned Silence from Geoff, who doesn't speak for about ten seconds before muttering "dammit" in a quiet, defeated voice.
    • Gavin punches Ryan while only having half a heart of health left. Ryan attacks him back and kills Gavin, causing him to start apologising profusely.
    • Ryan makes a furnace and announces that it's free for everyone's use:
    Ryan: There's a furnace over here if anyone likes to use it.
    Geoff:: Oh, that's sweet.
    Gavin: Thanks, Ryan.
    Michael: Is it poisoned?
    • Jack spends ages looking for clay, even when Geoff is pointing him towards it. Turns out he has no idea what clay looks like in game...
    • Gavin is fighting a Ghast and calls it a "tentacled bitch". Ryan... finds it an interesting insult.
    Ryan: Tentacled bitch. You... tentacled bitch. You bitch with tentacles...
  • Episode 109: "Title Update 14 Appreciation Part 2"
    • Ray manages to fall off the top of a Nether Fortress into a load of lava.
      • And later on Jack exits the portal... straight off the same side.
    • There's something funny about the irony of Ryan asking why all the animals of Achievement City seem to be in a pit. Jack even comments on it sort of.
      • And this later on.
      Ryan: "Finding cows in holes. Pretty sure I'm not responsible... unless I've been sleep-imprisoning cows..."
    • A conversation about spiders being good for company gives Ryan a chance to make a terrible joke. Jack notes that his fellow Gent is officially a dad now that he's moved onto the bad jokes.
    • Walking past Jack's house, Gavin encounters 'Ghost Zombie' who falls from the sky, doesn't burn in the sun or react to him and vanishes when he hits it with his sword.
      Gavin: "He didn't exist very much."
  • Episode 110: "Monopoly Part 2"
    • Ray gets sent to the Hole. Ryan leads the way over there.
    • Gavin goes to the Hole and says he's going to learn to juggle to pass the time. The next time Jack looks over there Gavin has his head looking straight up and he's throwing the contents of his hotbar into the air.
    • Ryan gets bored and surrounds Michael's head marker at Field of Giants with four of his own zombie head markers. Michael adds more of his markers to stare at Ryan's. It quickly gets out of hand.
    • They make note of the fact that the bank's sign is in all caps, then Michael adds a sign next to it that says "sorry for yelling".
    • After Jack achieves his first monopoly and builds hotels on the properties(represented by a Tower of Pimps), Ryan takes a jab at him by capping one of the towers with a cake!
  • Episode 111: "Jack's Nightmare"
    • The episode is named because Jack apparently hates fruit and veg. The task is to make and frame a golden carrot and golden apple.
    • When Geoff is showing off the example, Ray gets behind him and starts spinning the golden carrot startling Geoff.
    • While explaining the Let's Play the others get distracted rotating the golden apple and carrot. Upon calling go, Geoff says that the positions they're both in now are locked in. Ray convinces him of a different position because it was funnier.
    • Ray quietly and quickly gathers the items required to win and when he's framed them announces his win in a subdued tone, "Hey, I won." The others are silent for a second before asking how and then laughing at how calm Ray sounded.
      Ray: Was that supposed to be hard?
      Gavin: That was the best victory we've ever had.
  • Episode 112: "The Great Pig Race":
    • Ryan and Gavin's mature debate about whether or not the saddle drops separately if the pig is killed.
    • At one point Gavin can't spawn another pig because the world limit has been reached. Michael and Geoff immediately kill another nearby riderless pig to try to help him. Geoff kills Jack's because the game is bugging out and he honestly can't see his fellow Gent on the pig.
    • After Jack narrowly beats Michael and wins the second round, Ryan and Ray basically yell at him for extending the episode to a third round.
    • Michael wins the Tower, breaking a 46-week (22-event) dry streak, and states how absurd it is that he ended up breaking his losing streak with this.
    • Gavin and Michael both lose their pigs and are trying to spawn new ones:
    Gavin: Alright, how about this, Michael? I'll turn my skin to a pig and you can ride me home.
    • Ray's pigs wandering aimlessly causing him to be stuck at the starting area for half of a race, trapping him in underground lakes and almost suffocating him with dirt blocks.
  • Episode 113: "Megatower":
    • Geoff starts his explanation of how the game is going to work with "Before you go...", Jack turns round to race Gavin as they're swimming round to an entrance and whispers "I'm still going!"
    • Ryan discusses how it was never stated that they couldn't burn down the mega tower to find the blocks hidden inside. Even if he doesn't have a flint and steel, he'll find a way!
      • He later suggests Geoff should do it to "inspire them to look faster". Gavin suggests that they could even make it a "Things To Do" called 'Hide and Seek from fire'
    • Gavin discusses how comfortable sleeping inside a tower of wool would be. When the others disagree and point out raw wool is kind of itchy he says "Okay, I'd bring a sheet."
    • The on-going Galactic Alliance (Gavin and Michael) vs the Intergalactic Alliance (Ryan and Jack) thing.
      • First Ryan uses it as an excuse to kill Gavin.
      • Then later Jack encounters Gavin and asks if they're friendly. Gavin says yes but pulls a raspberry at the Gent. Cue Ryan emerging from nearby pointing a bow and arrow at the Brit who is standing on the edge of a large opening in the side of the mega tower... then Ryan shoots him off but claims that he changed his mind and tried to shoot the ceiling and still got Gavin. He sounds sheepish so he might not be entirely lying.
      • Gavin later gets his revenge and claims it was an accident. Geoff says he witnessed the accident.
    • The game crashes halfway through the video. Extra points on the funny because there's an obsidian hidden in the floor just in front of Jack's door. Who was the only person to find obsidian before the crash and so doesn't need it... not that he clues the others in either. Turns out to be an accidental place and not in play.
      Gavin: "NOOOOOOOO!!"
    • Gavin getting a message from a fan, saying "I want you inside me."
  • Episode 114: "Megatower Part 2":
    • Their solution to speeding the game up? Setting the tower on fire.
    • Geoff teleporting people and then setting fire to the blocks beside them.
    • Gavin gets killed and asks for Geoff to teleport him. Geoff teleports him into mid-air, and Gavin falls to his death.
    • At the end it comes down to Jack and Michael, with Jack holding the final gold block and Michael chasing him. To get down they decide to leap off the top, the other four chasing to watch. Ryan leaps off and smacks into an overhanging wool ledge, respawning at the bottom just as his items rain down around him.
  • Episode 115: "Storm The Tower: Lads Attack"
    • At the beginning of the episode, the crew is screwing around Achievement City. Ray decides to visit Edgar and join the latter in his hole, assuming that Geoff will eventually just teleport them to the tower. Geoff teleports Ray... to about twenty squares away from Kung-Fu House
    • At the base of the tower, Gavin suggests using of the Lads as a battering ram. Ray volunteers and runs into the iron bars. It does nothing
    • The Gents manage to break all their traps in about four minutes.
      • They turn the waterfall on and off constantly while turning the pistons on and off, this breaks the arrow trap and turns the whole tower into a soggy mess, making it near impossible to get through the front door. They also run out of water.
      • Plus, the Gents trigger the Super Power TNT attack, and it lands directly into the water, neutralizing the explosive charge.
        Gavin: "Watch out, Ray... oh wait, the TNT landed in the water, we're fine."
    • Before the first round has even started Geoff manages to open a trapdoor in the floor and fall through it.
    • Ryan makes wonderful cartoonish use of many, many anvils. Including lining some up on the floor just in case they dig under, a tactic that makes Geoff go into hysterical laughter when he sees it.
      Ryan: "Nobody's died like that since the coyote stopped makin' cartoons!"
    • Gavin tries to imitate what Blazes sound like. The results are... interesting
    • Geoff basically sums up the entire episode with one sentence:
      Geoff: "I think Gavin and Ryan are going to break me this episode...!"
      • Two great examples of dialogue involving Team Lads and Ryan
        Gavin: "Ray, what are you doing?"
        Ray: "What? I'm on the second floor!"
        Gavin: "Well, don't tell 'em."
        Michael: (mockingly) "Ray! Where are you? Shut uuuuup. Shut the fuck uuup."
      • Moments Later
        Ryan: "Gavin's going for his little hidey hole."
        Gavin: "SHUT UP!"
        Ryan: "No, I'm not on your team. I can tell you where you are."
    • Throughout the entire episode, about 90% of Gavin's dialogue consists of completely denying whatever observation the Gents make regarding his position
  • Episode 116: "Storm the Tower: Gents Attack"
    • Just as they're preparing to get going, Ryan is so antsy to get running that he's semi-orbiting the other Gents in their bunker.
    • During their first run towards the tower, Ryan sees a tripwire lying across the ground and being the smart guy he is, cuts it. BM Vagabond blew up.
      Ryan: "I thought I was clever but I wasn't!"
    • Later on, at the bottom of the tower's interior, Jack and Ryan notice a tripwire by the stairs. Instead of cutting the tripwire itself, Jack destroys the block holding a hook. The result? The whole floor falls out from under them, dropping them into a GIGANTIC pool of lava!
    • Jack does a Gavin:
      Michael: "Jack, I think is on the tower somewhere..."
      Gavin: "Are they really?"
      Jack: "Shh, you don't know where I am!"
      Michael: "Jack is on the left, probably climbing..."
      Jack: "You don't know where I am."
      • Then later on Ryan:
        Ray: "Oh, Ryan's here, Ryan's here, Ryan's here!"
        Ryan: "No I'm not!"
    • Ryan spends a sizeable amount of time digging out the floor underneath the ladders up to the top of the tower, hoping that one of the Lads will fall down into his 'trap'. Gavin spots it first.
      Gavin: "Oh my god, what happened to the room?!"
      Ryan: (laughs like the Mad King he is)
    • Ryan gets to the top and is knocked back off the top but grabs some vines to stop himself. He then decides to mock the Lads:
      Ryan: (in a flat, slightly sarcastic tone) "Oh no, you knocked me off. Ahhhhhhhh... splat."
    • Gavin is out for revenge after the previous episode, trying to crush Ryan with an anvil a few times. He's not as adept as Ryan.
      Ryan: "You're not as good!"
      (Everyone else bursts out laughing)
    • After a brief debate about where the Defenders are allowed to go and Michael invoking Loophole Abuse, Geoff decides to mess around and uses his admin powers to fly over and mine (but not steal) a piece of the Tower of Pimps.
    • Ryan as "1940s Man".
  • Episode 118: "Galacticraft Part 4":
    • Gavin doing "donuts" in a rocket. Eventually he starts to run low on fuel and starts pleading for someone to rescue him before he crashes. Then he crashes anyway.
    • Geoff is not hosting this Let's Play. He takes full advantage of it.
    • Ryan's attempts to keep everyone on track and help everyone when they get lost/lose rockets/break their moon buggies...
  • Episode 119: "The Pit X"
    • The odd match is hindered slightly by the enemies aggro'ing on the Hunters watching in the balcony or even Geoff who is playing the flying GM as usual. This especially becomes an issue during one of Michael's rounds involving an invisible Blaze...
    • Jack hits one of the weapon buttons for a weapon and a Ghast spawns instead to the surprise and horror of everyone.
      • Later Ray hits another button and gets a flood of water. That washes the buttons to spawn the enemies off the wall and there's a bit of confusion as to where they actually need to be put back on. Geoff asks several times what Jeremy and Matt had been thinking. note 
    • Once again the fact that they are sometimes spawning Blazes inside a building built mostly of wood means that some fires break out and some maintenance needs to be done to keep the outside out.
    • Ryan has an Enderman as part of his Round Four. He fights with it a little bit, but then it teleports outside and Geoff declares that he has passed. It comes back and kills him, much to the glee of the others, and Geoff promptly takes his block back. Then it comes back again during a later round, just to harass him..
    • Gavin spends a good part of the video teasing Ryan. It ends up with Ryan actually making like he's going to go for Gavin in real life, which leads the Brit to hide outside the office. When he comes back, Ryan chases Gavin outside of the Pit arena and across the world, with Michael following as a cameraman.
  • Episode 119.5: "Xbox One Achievement Race"
    • Ryan's delight at seeing pigs running around on the surface:
      Ryan: "PIGS! Things have spawned! There's things to murder! Murder murder murder! C'mere, pig! Let me put my axe in ya!"
    • They're all amazed and delighted at being in a world full of ore again.
      Jack: Enjoy this and then we're gonna go back to Achievement City and it's going to be miserable...
      Ryan: (in a slightly distressed voice) I don't wanna go!! You can't make me!!
    • Ryan touches some lava and starts to burn. Gavin looks at him for a bit, then dumps additional lava onto him:
      Ryan: Gavin, why? We were frenemies!
      • Then:
        Gavin: Ryan, truce? Truce Ryan?
        Ryan: Why would I truce you?
        Michael: 'Truce' because he's scared!
        Gavin: ... Fear truce?
        Ryan: Okay, I will truce you on one occasion.
        Gavin: One occasion?
        Ryan: One occasion.
        Gavin: How about now?
        Ryan: The only way you can garner trush... trush? Truth...
        Michael: Goddammit Ryan...
        Ryan: Trush! ... I can't do it...
    • Geoff gets killed by cave spiders a lot.
      Geoff: I hate these fucking cave spiders.
      Jack: They love you, Geoff! They're trying to give you hugs!
    • Michael accidentally throws his diamond pickaxe into a pool of lava. Gavin suggests adding a slow-motion replay with a Lonely Piano Piece. Which they do.
      • The conversation immediately preceding it and Michael's reaction to his mistake sell it:
      Michael: "I got a diamond pickaxe, I'm happy about that."
      Geoff: "I never found diamond."
      Michael: "I found ffffoouur pieces?" throws axe as he continues speaking "Five... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! I just threw my diamond pickaxe in the lava!"
      Everyone else: laughter
      Geoff: "Why would you do that?"
      Ray: "Geoff, he's just rubbin' it in. 'Oh, you can't find diamond? I don't even need it.'"
    • Michael telling his wolf companion to not follow him because "daddy's doing some dangerous things out here on lava".
    • After the lava incident, Ryan asks Gavin where he is. Gavin responds that he's just hanging around. Then Geoff quickly chimes in with "eating a meat pie" right before Gavin is able to say it.
    • At the halfway point of the challenge, Jack encounters another cave chicken.
  • Episode 120: Monopoly Part 3:
    • Jack asks Ryan if he put arrows in the dice dispensers:
      Ryan: (in his hoarse sick voice) "Where would I get the feathers?"
      Jack: "From all these fucking chickens?"
      Ryan: "... Fine, you've caught me."
    • Gavin lands on a community chest, and draws a card which tells him to flip a coin three times, and pay one iron for each heads. He gets heads all three times, proving Ryan right.
      Gavin: "What are the chances that I would pull that, and that I would flip heads all three times? What are the chances of that?!"
      Jack: "Fifty percent." note 
    • Ryan keeps lighting Gavin on fire. The best time is when Gavin is in the hole, and frantically tries to escape.
    • Gavin winds up mistakenly selling all of his properties.
    • Gavin also keeps dropping frames.
    • Gavin lands on Michael's property, Geoff's House (equivalent of Boardwalk/Mayfair). He can't afford to pay for it, and has no property of his own to trade. Not wanting to be eliminated, he runs away.
    • Ryan is so exhausted at the end that he trades all of his properties to Ray for half his money, and then gives all of his money to Gavin to kill everybody.
      • Gav proceeds to craft diamond armor and tools, and chases Michael around the board. Geoff starts chasing him from the air, going after Gav with a diamond sword. Ray even gets in a few whacks with a golden hoe he got from a Community Chest card, before Geoff takes out the assassin-for-hire.
    • In general, every player's exhaustion towards the end. The whole game wound up taking an entire day to film.
    • At the end, only Ray and Michael remain. Geoff suggests one more trip around the board, but given the already-long length of the episode, Ryan proposes a fight to the death. With just a few seconds to craft armor and weapons, Michael builds a diamond helmet and sword, while Ray, after saying he would just charge with his golden hoe, changes his weapon as he charges:
      Ray "I bet you thought I was gonna use my golden hoe... but I have shears! I'm gonna trim you!" (gets slaughtered) "Drats."
    • Ray, after getting back to his house in Achievement City
      Ray: (to his ocelot) "Man Percival, do I have a story for you."
  • Episode 121 - King Gavin Part 1:
    • Gavin forgot to give himself gold blocks, so he has to mine out parts of his throne and give those away whenever someone wins a challenge.
    • To make it even better, if you look in the bunker you can see a wall made of gold blocks from a previous King LP.
    • One of the challenges involves jumping from a platform at the new height limit and landing in a 1x1 pool of water located at bedrock level. Ray does it on his first try.
    • The first challenge involves using an Ender Pearl to get into a box by the throne room, claiming the golden helmet within, and then getting out and showing King Gavin the helmet. After much fighting INSIDE the box, Michael ends up with the helmet. Ray teleports in and kills him, but at the last second Michael throws a Pearl out and lands a little way outside the throne room before dying. Unfortunately, he's not sure where he died, leading to everyone getting out and looking for the helmet. Ryan manages to find it without alerting anyone, picks it up, sneaks back to the throne room and sits on Gavin's throne, wearing the helmet, while everyone else searches fruitlessly.
      • The best part is that, if you watch carefully, Michael was the first one to get close to where his stuff dropped (about 4 minutes in). He was literally two steps away but missed it completely and went haring off into another direction!
    • At several points in the episode, Geoff and Michael die and spawn in the chamber beneath the throne room. They then immediately turn and fall into the Super Dump Hole to their deaths, thinking it's an exit.
      • At one stage, King Gavin almost falls in.
    • During a challenge where Gavin is hiding invisible on one of a set of tall pillars and the others need to try and guess where he is and hit him with an arrow, Ryan takes a turn and employs a strategy of moving his bow across all the pillars hoping Gavin will give himself away by squeaking. He doesn't.
      • Another easily-missed detail is that nobody actually hits Gavin. Ray was announced the winner when he claimed to have shot the pillar that was fourth on the left, but he miscounted, and actually shot the fifth. Gavin simply never noticed, and took him at his word.
    • During a challenge to craft a bookcase, all the Hunters rush to a nearby crafting table except Ryan, who simply stands around wondering where he can get paper.
  • Episode 122: King Gavin Part 2
    • Ryan's excitement out the tree floating in the air.
    • Ryan hides behind Gavin.
      Ryan: "Hey Gavin. Hey Gavin... (Gavin turns to see Ryan looming over him) Aaaaahhhh!"
      Gavin: "...Hi Ryan."
      Ryan: "Hi."
    • During a challenge to build a TNT cannon, Michael accidentally sets his off. Not only does it fire off the TNT block, but it hits Gavin midair, killing him!
      • The best part? Since nobody else could make the cannon work, Gavin declares that Michael wins, on the basis that his cannon managed to hit a moving target!
      Michael: My pity block. The best failure. Mine failed the best.
    • Geoff drowning himself during the boat race, allowing Jack to win. Although Geoff was outside of the water enough for the oxygen bar not to be visible, it wasn't enough to cancel the drowning effect.
      Jack: Geoff, are you drowning?
      Geoff: I don't think so.
      Jack: Yup.
      Geoff: HOW'D I DIE!?
    • One of the challenges is to dye a full set of leather armor four different colors. Michael misremembered the directions and showed up in full yellow armor:
    Michael: "Hey, Gavin."
    Gavin: "You did it already?"
    Michael: "Yeah!"
    Gavin: "You got four different colors?"
    Michael: "OH FUCK!"
    • King Gavin orders everyone to kill themselves for the next challenge by jumping into the lava pit:
      Ryan: Everybody hold hands. Do you have your burning buddy? Everybody got a burning buddy? Alright, three, two, one, cannonball!
      (Everyone dives into the lava)
      Gavin: (Evil Laugh)
      Ryan: What's the evil laugh for?
    • One of Gavin's on the spot challenges is being the first person to eat an entire cake. Cue everyone else running around in circles taking bites.
      • Ryan jumps in lava on accident. As soon as he comes back up, he falls into it again.
    • Gavin's last challenge is to kill a saddled pig without killing yourself. Ryan falls into the giant pit from the Wipeout challenge.
    • Due to everyone winning Gavin's challenges, the Kingship is decided by building up 64 blocks and shooting each other off with bows. Ryan wins after watching Geoff and Michael shoot each other off.
    • As Ryan celebrate his win, it begins to rain, complete with Dramatic Thunder. Cue him laughing manically as lightning flashes around him.
      • The lightning is accompanied by camera shake that was added in post. It really really does set the tone for Ryan's third reign.
  • Episode 123: On A Rail 2
    • In order to emulate the original On A Rail video, the guys get drunk (as Gavin was drunk during the original video). The name of the Minecraft world is even "Drink up Gavin"!
    • This:
      Gavin: "Jack, what do you sound like when you arrive?"
      Jack: "I'm like 'Hello, I'm here!'"
    • Early in the video, Ryan finds a spider underground and has this brief interaction with it:
      Ryan: Are we friends? Are we friends?
      Spider: [nods]
      Ryan: Ok, we're friends.
  • Episode 124 - On A Rail 2 Part 2
    • Gavin Squees when he notices the sapling he planted underground grew into a tree...then panics when he notices he planted it next to a lava flow and the tree has caught fire.
    • Afterwards:
      Jack: Gavin's gonna be an awesome parent.
      Gavin: Why am I going to be an empty parent?
      Jack: Empty? I said awesome!
      Ray: Son, fill me up!
    • While testing the minecart rail with Michael, Gavin dumps some lava on the ground near the track just as Michael pushes him back to the beginning of the track. On his way back, the minecart and Gavin both go up in flames, as Gavin didn't realize the lava had covered part of the track.
    • Ryan tries to ride a cart back to the house.
      Geoff: "Oh yeah, that's not going to work for you. (as Ryan approaches in him in static cart) Hey, what's up?"
      (Ryan reaches the bit of the track Geoff is sitting on and is pushed back the way he came)
      Geoff and Ryan: "Bonk."
      Michael and Jack: "Bye Ryan!"
    • Gavin earns the achievement first, so Geoff kicks him from the game to keep him from interfering with the others and/or burning things down. The video cuts to live footage of the guys in their office where Geoff has to physically restrain Gavin, who is attempting to unplug Geoff's Xbox.
      Gavin: "There's a difference between being like a real prick, and like a cheeky little bastard."
      Michael: "And one day you'll learn."
      • Funny when you consider that it's somewhat of a role-reversal from the last On A Rail in which they were trying to stop him getting the achievement and now Gavin is trying to stop THEM getting it.
  • Episode 125 - Battleship
    • The Gents build their ships fairly quickly. The Lads... take a long time. Mostly because Gavin tries to put as much detail as possible onto one boat by writing words, such as "ANUS" and "BANG", and Michael builds a multicolored ship that has a blue penis.
      • While waiting, the Gents pass the time by building a sign saying "LADS SUCK", and Geoff builds a (very rough) pixel art of Gavin's face with a penis ejaculating onto it.
      • And this bit from Ray, when (we're led to believe) Gavin and Michael are done their one boat each:
    • At one point in the building process (around the twelve minute mark), they start talking about Ron Perlman.
      Gavin: "[Ron Perlman's face] looks like someone sat on a leather chair with a comb in their pocket, and that's the imprint it left."
      • And soon after:
        Gavin: "I can do a really good Ron Perlman."
        Michael: "Oh here we go."
        Gavin: [Sounding absolutely nothing like Ron Perlman] "'Oh hello.'"
        Ryan: "Sounded like Kermit the Frog."
    • In each team there's one person manning the board to check off where they've tried, one person flipping the bomb switches on top and one person checking for hits/misses. Gavin fills the last position for the Lads and at one point almost gets bombed with the part of the ship he's standing on, resulting in a wonderful scream.
      • And next time he actually does get bombed.
    • At one point, one of the Lads' ships is transformed into a shoe. Gavin hopes that, while he doesn't want the Gents to sink that ship, they'll get a hit in and the TNT will fall in through the hole. They do, and it does. His reaction is a strange mixture of Oh, Crap! and Squee! (also known as "a run of the mill Gavin sound").
    • The various times the Lads suggest they may be cheating. Including but not limited to these paraphrased gems:
    • When the Gents miss their shots, Gavin will often fake a reaction to suggest they hit before informing them that they missed; for example, gasping or getting dramatic. When Geoff does this at one point late in the game, Gavin proceeds to forget he started that trick earlier and immediately thinks they shot near one of the Gents' ships. They did, kind of, but Geoff was still trolling them.
    • Jack finds a zombie and a Creeper hugging.
  • Episode 126 - Halloween Spooktacular Part 1
    • Everyone is wearing a costume, with everyone but Geoff changing their skin. Ryan goes as a cow with a crown. For Fanservice.
    • The rules of the first game state "this game will last from 2 minutes to 5 minutes depending on how Geoff feels."
    • When exploring the graveyard, Gavin sounds legitimately disturbed to discover that the graves are marked with the names of Caleb's family.
    • Ray's answer to Geoff question about what he'd say his pumpkin carving was? "Ten minutes of wasted time..."
    • Presented without context:
      Gavin: "Oh look! There's my nob!"
  • Episode 127 - Halloween Spooktacular Part 2
    • Everyone but Geoff changes their skins again. Ray's is an anthropomorphic Christmas tree, and Gavin's not sure which part of it is his face.
    • Jack dresses up in a Police Officer skin and spends the first five minutes of the Let's Play yelling "Under arrest!"
    • Ryan's 'spooky door'.
    • Again, presented without context:
      Gavin: "Ah, what a view. Where's my penis? I can't see it from this angle."
    • One of the puzzles involves a switch puzzle with four of the five inside cells. Gavin arrives into the room to find some of the others fighting and asks what would happen if all the switches were done at the same time. Michael and Ryan enter into two of the cells. Cue Gavin locking them in and making to leave.
      • The switch in the center opens/closes the doors to the other four switches and spawns enemies, so it is a really bad idea to flip it more than once. Guess who keeps forgetting this.
    • Gavin talking about the first floor is priceless.
      Gavin: When you say "the first floor", do you mean the first floor, or the second floor? note 
    • To get to the last block, the boys have to go through ice which has been melted by lava. As they're stepping into it, Gavin gets caught in the current and is carried into the lava. Gavin's terrified confusion is priceless.
  • Episode 128 - Zombie Doctor
    • They split up to find a village. Along the way Gavin stops to do a 'ritual' to give them good luck, but Michael mishears and thinks he's doing it for a small rickshaw.
    • Gavin discusses how needing to pee really badly sometimes feels as if his bladder and penis have disconnected from each other. Ryan and Ray have no idea what he's on about but the others seem for once to understand exactly what he means.
      • The story behind the discussion is just as funny as Gavin explained that he and Geoff went on a long trip and Geoff refused to make any pit stops, making Gavin hold it for so long that, when they got to his house, Gavin was forced to waddle to the bathroom so that he didn't piss on himself!
    • Jack finds a mountain in which a vast flat top is supported by one block.
      Jack: "It's like a giant floating mountain supported by one brick... everything's floating in the air."
      Ryan: "Structurally impossible..."
      Jack: "I'm looking for Ryan."
      Ryan: (confused) "Looking for me? Why're you looking for me?"
      Jack: "Cause it's in the air."
      Ryan: (mutters) "Oh, goddammit..."
    • At one point the others ask Geoff if he remembered to actually turn on villages. Geoff doesn't answer and the reactions to this include an actual frustrated yell from Ryan and Michael stopping in place and refusing to move for a good two minutes.
    • They finally find zombie villagers, with two spawning in (one with Team OG and one with Team Nice Dynamite). What follows is some awkward kiting around with both groups trying to box in their catches. The one with Jack and Geoff kills Jack and then kills Geoff and Geoff flips out much to the amusement of the other five.
      Geoff: "Stop touching me! Nodon'tkillme! (dies) AHHH! AHH! DAMMIT!"
      Michael: (laughing) "I have never... I have never heard Geoff fucking flip out like that!"
  • Episode 129 - Zombie Doctor Part Two
    • On their way to Michael and Gavin, Ryan and Ray find a village. After no one having had any luck for about 90 minutes finding one and having had to resort to trapping a spawned zombie villager.
    • While waiting for everybody to arrive, Gavin decides to decorate the cave with their villager in it, and promptly covers the entire cave with railtracks.
      Gavin: (showing Geoff the 'cure cave') "... These are my Love Loops."
    • After a while, everybody arrives at the cave... Only for Ray to fall into a pit and die of fall damage before he could sleep there. Michael is furious.
      Michael: GOD. DAMMIT. RAY.
    • From the top of the cave's ravine, Jack knocks a Creeper down. It lands behind Michael and Geoff and blows up. Then Jack gets blown up by another one and calls it 'karma'.
    • Michael is leading the others to a village that Ray found:
      Michael: (falls off a ledge) Don't follow me down that hole.
      Geoff: (falls off same ledge) Oh, I followed you down the hole! Fuck!
    • After collecting the ingredients for the Potion, they return back from the Nether and find out that the Zombie Villager is gone. Ray, who long ago gave up on the Let's Play and was screwing around with a Village, suddenly becomes the savior of the Let's Play.
    • Near the end of the video, the group discovers the village Ray is at is within walking distance of where they set up On a Rail.
    • Geoff's freak-out in part 1 is matched by Gavin after he and Ray trap a Zombie Villager in a house, only for a Creeper to blow up behind Gavin and kill him.
    • And then the final straw: After nearly two hours of hard work, traveling several thousand blocks multiple times, gathering supplies, fighting monsters, trapping zombies, freaking out, falling down ravines, searching for villages... it doesn't work. They get the achievement, but the Zombie doesn't change back to a villager and they have to put him down.
    • Gavin gets blown up a lot in this episode.
    Random YouTube Commenter: "Video should have been titled 'Gavin's Family Reunion'."
  • Episode 130 - Top Chef
    • Geoff is asked what episode it is and responds with 123, an asterisk and 130 appears in text in the top right corner just as he says it.
    • When Geoff reveals that there will be a branch of Geoff's Farming and Merchantile (or Cooking and Merchantile this time) Ryan responds with "Really...?" in a tone of voice that suggests mischief. Then asks if the Build Team are "familiar with the way I like to shop"
    Geoff: "I will also say that I have two diamond swords."
    Ryan: "Is that a threat?"
    Geoff: "Yes."
    • While listing what things he sells, Geoff is being 'consumed' by Ryan, Lindsay and Gavin who are all trying to stand inside of him.
    • When Geoff needs to reboot Ryan starts hinting that he might take a chance to steal from the store. The others say that they'll defend it if he tries.
    • A creeper enters the restaurant area. Ryan calls it a 'critic' with an 'explosive opinion'.
    • They start talking about a suicide bomber who blew up the school where they were teaching bombers. Ray proposes it'd be like "If Geoff blew up this off-" then there is an explosion noise and graphic, and the endcard starts playing before they cut back to the video.
    • When joking about elementary school spelling jokes ("spell icup", "look down your shirt and spell attic"), Gavin gets extremely confused about the second joke, as he apparently doesn't know how to spell attic.
    Lindsay: You worked on blockbuster movies!
    Gavin: Yeah, I'll bust blocks. Doesn't mean I can figure out some kind of chest tits puzzle!
    • Geoff screaming for Kdin (repeatedly) when he can't figure out the prices of items in the shop.
  • Episode 131 - Top Chef Part 2
    • Ryan starts off the episode filling Ray's area with dirt blocks and saying "Dirty! Don't eat Ray's food, it's dirty!". Michael observes that Ryan has (once again) lost his mind this Let's Play.
    • Thanks to a two week gap between filming of the parts, they spend a good five to ten minutes just trying to remember what it is they were doing last time.
    • They get onto the topic of human breast milk. Geoff claims to have tasted his wife's and calls it 'gross', even texting her to get her to say what she thought it tasted like, while Lindsay and Michael have a back and forth debate over whether Michael can get to taste her milk. Lindsay asks Ryan if he would milk his wife by wife if he was given the chance. Geoff then asks Gavin the same question of milking Ryan's wife. Gavin does the smart thing and doesn't answer.
      Lindsay: "Don't milk me bro."
      Gavin: "When are we gonna stop talking about Ryan's wife's tits?"
      Ray: "Why, are you erect?"
    • Ryan knocks out bits of the wall at the back of Le Geoffs to get up to his old cat-burglar tricks, maybe. Geoff doesn't notice at first but notices one of the holes a little later.
    • A Gavin quote for the ages.
      Gavin: "It's not right to cook things!"
    • Gavin, continuing to be weird.
      Gavin: "Ray when your life goes wrong..."
      Ray: "Never does."
      Gavin: "... And you're out of a job..."
      Ray: "Will never be out of a job."
      Gavin: "... And you start drinking...'''
      Ray: "Won't happen.'''
      Gavin: "... You call me and let me know, 'cause I want to watch."
      Ray: "Okay."
      Michael: (laughs)
      Ryan: "He just wants to be there for the end of days."
      Michael: "What a prick."
      Ray: "When I get fired or like quit this job, I'm going to be like they need a third Slow Mo Guy. That's my go to."
      Gavin: "Just murder Dan, you look kinda like him."
      Lindsay: "What?"
      Michael: "WHAT?!"
      Ray: "Alright... What's it like being legally blind?"
      Michael: "He doesn't look anything like Dan."
      Lindsay: "What the fuck, are you talking about?"
      Michael: "RAY?!"
      Gavin: "He... he... has... black... hair..."
      Michael: "They both have dicks I guess."
      Ray: "Are you black and play the piano? 'Cause please."
      Geoff: (laughs)
      Gavin: "He has dark hair and kinda dark skin."
      Lindsay: "Go on..."
      Ryan: "He has dark hair and dark skin..."
      Michael: "You're a fucking idiot."
      Ryan: "Do you ever wonder what the world looks like through Gavin's eyes?"
    • Lindsay spends a good bit of the video trying to tame ocelots.
    • The gang spends a good few minutes discussing what food they would have sex with and debating the merits of said food. This includes cats, cows, dicks, and asses (that is, the one you're using while sitting).
    • When the conversation descends into how to cook dicks, Ryan asks how you would put it on a menu. Lindsay thinks you gotta make it sound cooler than it is. Her bright idea was to name it "Elongated fellatio."
      Gavin: The elongated blowjob?
      Lindsay: Phallus!
      Ryan: No, no, you were in a good spot there.
      Gavin: And for desert, I have a bowl of cunnilingus.
    • Michael and Lindsay showing why they are perfect for each other:
      Ryan: Okay, I have one shot to make chicken.
      Michael and Lindsay [in unison]: One opportunity.
    • The ending.
      Is there any gold left in achievement city?
      Will Lindsay ever tame an ocelot?
      What asinine question will Gavin ask next?
      Will Ray ever make it back to Top Chef or will he die of hunger?
      All of these questions could be answered... In the thrilling conclusion!
  • Episode 132 - Fishing Rodeo And Jamboree III
    • They begin proceedings by (attempting) to blow up Caleb's pier. After a few tries and a bit of fire they finally manage it.
    • They begin reflecting on where they were this time last year. Meg comes up as a subject and they remember that last year Gavin was going on about wanting to meet her, and Geoff jokes that Meg just told Gavin they were dating one day. Gavin replies that actually it was her brother who told him.
    • They're using shaders and the first night time is really dark. Ryan using his op powers to skip the night. Then the second night comes...
      Geoff: "Aw, is already almost night already?"
      Ryan: "No. Funny you should mention that..." (skips the night again)
    • Ryan's comment on the article he was in when he was younger.
      Ryan: "They took what I said and basically translated it into 12-year-old girl."
    • Ryan poses a question to Gavin that involves wet bread. Michael just makes it worse.
    • While counting up the points Gavin asks that the other double-check his just in case. Michael immediately looks at the wrong chest.
    • Ray discovers the Super Secret Settings note , flipping his POV upside down, then inverting the colours. He comments that Ryan looks 'more Satanic than usual'.
    • While Gavin is raising the Tower of Pimps, Michael sneaks into his house with a TNT block and a flint and steel. It triggers Plan G. And it is amazing with the shaders on.
  • Episode 133 - Top Chef Part 3
    • Geoff gets bored waiting for people to come buy stuff and starts running into the side of the glass pen for this cow, making 'Dunk, dunk, dunk' noises.
    • Gavin accidentally uses a raw fish to pay Geoff and runs off to cook it. When he comes back he comments "A Free always pays back his debts!" which causes the others to laugh about the 'House of Free' and ask what animal would be on the crest. Gavin asks if it has to be an animal and couldn't it be a sausage or something? They eventually agree on a pig that has its back-end turned into a link of sausages.
    • Gavin dies and respawns to see Lindsay in his area.
      Gavin: "Lindsay, what are you doing?"
      Lindsay: "I'm just borrowing your crafting table."
      Gavin: "Well borrow it elsewhere!"
      (Beat, then everyone starts laughing)
    • Gavin steals Geoff's melons and starts stacking them on the counter.
    • Geoff advertises two grab bags which are quickly forgotten about, when he reminds the others about them:
      Ryan: "Cool for you."
      Michael: (laughs) "Solid 'Fuck you' for Ryan."
    • Ryan, true to his word, attempts to steal from Geoff's store. He does it while Geoff's back is turned, crouched and in his original albino prisoner skin. Geoff catches him, and his attempts to play it off make it even more hilarious (not mention that his voice changer didn't work either).
    • Ryan buys eleven eggs. Everyone in the area gathers to watch him attempt to hatch a chicken. He gets six, which means there's one for everyone.
      Ryan: "Yes, I've given you murder as a gift!"
    • Michael is spawning from Lindsay's bed. Ryan later tells him not to complain about the baby chickens on his bed because he's been "Catching the crazy turkey." with Lindsay.
    • When Geoff teleports everyone back to Achievement City, he does so in mid-air. For some reason everyone stays suspended in the air for a few seconds before slamming to the ground.
  • Episode 134: Mega Dig
    • Gavin is in a mineshaft that borders the glass and Geoff is hovering outside to peer in at him. Geoff then tries to get Gavin to dig straight down from the edge into lava. And Gavin almost falls for it.
    • Gavin is complaining that his food has a fishy aftertaste. The second time in the video he talks about it Ray goes "FIIIIISH!" and at that very second Jack hits a silverfish block and a handful of them spawn.
    • Late in the video, Gavin goes to his house and gets royally confused as it doesn't look right to him. A few of the others come over and think he's crazy unable to spot the problem before Gavin slowly pieces together one note:
      Gavin: "I can see the back of Michael's grin through the back of his head."
  • Episode 135: Expanded Achievement City
    • Within the first few minutes they have the game crash because a creeper snuck up behind them and exploded, taking Achievement City with it thanks to Plan G and sending the Hunters plummeting into the hole below them.
    • Geoff remembers something.
      Geoff: "Oh, do you know what I just remembered Gavin?"
      Ryan: "What?"
      Geoff: "I- You're not Gavin."
      (the others laugh)
      Gavin: "What's that?"
      Ryan: "Just trying to move the conversation along!"
    • Geoff and Gavin have built a fence around the old world boundary, then constructed a giant door so they can lead the others through into the new world. Strangely nearby there's enough items about to suggest someone burst on the ice... oh, and somehow the giant door's on fire when they get there...
      • And on the other side a tall wall of dirt's generated so their door opens onto it.
    • Once again Ryan gets excited over the thought of an untouched world.
      Ryan: "Sheep! Coal!! A cave!!"
      Jack: (laughing) "Jesus Ryan..."
      Ryan: "Cave full of shit! Look, Iron! Ah, deeper into the earth I go!"
      (the others laugh)
    • Team Lads has a debate regarding dicks and mustard. Geoff asks Ryan to name the island it happened near 'Mustard Island' in tribute but Ryan adds 'Dick Cheese' to the end of it. When the Lads protest and knock the sign down to do it themselves, Ryan invisibility potion-bombs them, confusing Gavin.
    • There's a lake at one side of the mountain they choose to build the outpost on. Most of it isn't very deep. Naturally the Hunters fall prey to the shallows many, many times.

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