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    Let's Play Minecraft — 2015 episodes (136-187) 
  • Episode 136- Mega Dig Part 2
    • Fun with silverfish. Apparently whoever built the map decided to put way too many in there, resulting in a multitude of screams of frustration at the large numbers of deaths they cause.
    • Ryan is above Gavin and next to a lava pool. He spends a good few minutes digging out the blocks between Gavin and the pool to attempt to dump lava on the Brit. Made even better in-video by the facecams that are on the guys as they're playing because you can see Ryan is trying his hardest not to give away the game by laughing.
      • Later on, Laser-Guided Karma kicks in when Gavin accidentally mines a lava block directly under Ryan and kills him.
    • Due to the mechanics of the Let's Play, Mega Dig ended up taking six hours to finish. Michael and Geoff reference this later on as they stare off into the distance holding hands as the sun rises.
      • At one point Ryan finds some broken glass and escapes into the world to get away from the monotony. A few seconds later, Geoff simply teleports him back into the middle of the area.
      • Gavin escapes later on as well and starts to compete in the Wipeout course before Geoff teleports him back... several feet into the air. Then when Geoff tries to give Gavin the two pieces of gold he rightfully found, Gavin gets knocked off the Let's Play by a zombie.
      Geoff: Don't think you can LEAVE!
    • As Gavin does his wipe out run, Michael swears about penises which leads to Ryan and Jack breaking into what can be described as an ad for a dildo emporium in the style of a car clearance sale.
    • Michael dug out the area around Gavin's bed so that he'd fall out of the area and into the ocean when he next died and respawned. Gavin died not fifteen seconds after he finished and walks right off, causing Michael to go into hysterics at how fast it was.
    • About 20 minutes in, the game crashes and they have to reboot, Michael and Gavin come back in and Gavin is immediately mauled by a silverfish and forced against a wall by a flow of lava as Michael goes to rescue him. As he does and they go about their business, Michael gets blown up by a creeper and Gavin gets mauled by yet more silverfish and dies, and on respawning falls out of his bed and into the ocean a second time. It gets better; Geoff teleports him back onto the map... several feet in the air over the lake, which is too shallow and kills him. When he respawns he walks off a third time as Ryan is repairing his floor. Geoff teleports him up, he fails to even land in the lake and dies, and despite now being safe, Geoff teleports him one final time to prove the lake is deep enough to survive a fall into, once again killing him.
    • At one point, the audio capture dies. Nobody notices for fifteen minutes.
    • After the video cuts back, Geoff gives everyone a gold pickaxe. The first person to break their pickaxe gets 5 gold ingots. Gavin, being Gavin, mines straight down into a lava pit.
    • Jack mines out a giant area and finds one block of gold ore. And while Jack's lamenting that he mined "All of this for that", Ryan runs up and steals the gold.
    • Jon Risinger wanders into the room at one point, and Gavin hands him his controller for a moment while he goes to use the bathroom. Within the three minutes he had Gavin's controller, he found the fourth piece of the Nega-tower, eliminating him from the game. Gavin arrives just in time to see it sitting on his bar and freaks out. Then the game crashes. When they boot up, the others stick up for him that since it was undone, he should be let back in, only for Gavin himself to say that he wants to stay out because fuck this let's play.
      • Michael stating that the comments section is gonna love Jon for losing Gavin the game.
      • Speaking of Michael, he begs for Gavin to be let back into the game so someone will win. Geoff refuses to believe anyone will win.
        Geoff: This is our No Exit. This is our Sartre. Hell is- Hell is "Mega Dig".
      • The kicker? Jack finds his last block of gold under a tree... near Gavin's house. He could've won earlier.
  • Episode 137 - "Bingo"
    • When Gavin is trying to say he's a good person, Ryan asks him when the last time he did a charitable act out of the goodness of his heart without any possible benefit to himself.
      Gavin: "Well I can't say it on the video..."
      Geoff: "Why?"
      Jack: "So it's not true."
      (the others laugh)
    • Gavin and Ryan make a bet that Ryan can't make it to the end of the video without messing up a single word. Ryan doesn't even last 10 minutes.
    • Two of the bingo spaces are for a player to starve to death, and for one player to kill another. At one point, Jack attacks and kills Geoff from behind, but Geoff doesn't even realize it and thought he had starved to death. He's not impressed when he reads the on screen death message.
      • Even funnier is when Gavin comments that "I think if you were starving to death in real-life then your back opened you'd know" which leads to jokes about starving feeling like stabbing and getting a 'draft down my spine' from the others.
    • Ryan and Gavin briefly sum up an earlier conversation they'd had about Engineers being full of gas and whether they deflate slightly after having sex.
    • When Geoff gets close to winning, Ryan tells the others that they either need to dye a sheep or kill another player - so everyone needs to stay away from Geoff to stop him winning. A few minutes later after dyeing a sheep Geoff walks up to Ryan and kills him, taking the win. Ryan laments that he was the subject of the Bingo winner's final point again, having been the victim of the winning score in the GTA Bingo as well.
  • Episode 138 - "I Spy 2"
    • The "Ryan flubbing his sentences" saga continues.
  • Episode 139 - Ice Cube X
    • The team has to play the game twice, and Geoff has to modify the cube in the interim because Ray won the Tower so quickly. Their first game is dubbed a trial run by Geoff.
    • For some reasonReason  the beds aren't working unless broken and re-placed. At first Geoff acts like its just Ryan causing him problems but then Jack dies and has the same problem. Ryan is happy to see that it's not just him.
    • Before starting the second round, Geoff starts explaining the changes he made to the Ice Cube, but while he's giving instructions, the screen randomly cuts to Michael, who changed his skin to a Chewbacca skin, and badly doing the Wookie noise.
    • Within seconds of starting both rounds, Gavin falls to his death. The second game even includes a counter for the number of falls overall by the whole team.
      • Add to the fact that the second time round Geoff added a LOT more falls into the Ice Cube while doing his modifications. There's a reason he asks for the fall counter to be put up!
    • Remember that bet? Ryan got his money back. How? By throwing a knife into the wall.
      • It's implied that nobody else even noticed the knife stuck in the wall until it's pointed out during this video
      • And then goes into a long tangent from everyone about what a psychopath-in-waiting Ryan is.
  • Episode 140 - Wither Hunt
    • As Geoff tells the rest what's going on, he breaks into singing his version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    We're off the slay the Wither.
    • Everyone begins singing "Closing Time" for no real reason.
    • Michael brings back the Meatwad voice saying "Rise Chicken. Arise."
    • After getting killed in the Nether, Ryan decides to check on his chicken farm. Gavin, also in the overworld, tries to warn Ryan of a Creeper following him. He doesn't listen...
    • Michael decides to build a bridge over to another part of the Nether Fortress and Gavin gives another unheard warning.
      Michael: "Let me build a little pathway..."
      Gavin: (spotting the block in Michael's hand) "Not with gravel."
      Michael: (having placed and stepped onto the block, which is taken by gravity) "OH!"
    • "Eff-word hell!"
    • Gavin finds a line of lava that's somehow glitched out and hanging in mid-air without falling, making a comment about how dangerous it could be if it fell on someone's head. It later does. On him. His first comment is "The curtain came down!"
    • The end of the video has Gavin trying to lure back a chicken who had wandered into the Nether ("This is the most epic shot of a chicken in Minecraft ever! He's just nobly staring into the lava!"), only to be killed by a Ghast out of nowhere, with the chicken turning to look at him just before he gets hit (Ryan: "He was fronting for the Ghast").
  • Episode 141 - Wither Hunt Part 2:
    • After "ten thousand years of fucking grinding", Michael manages to collect the third Wither skull. There's no footage of him actually getting it; according to a message from the editor, Michael's footage was "taken to a farm where it would have more space to run and play".
      • Cut to Gavin asking Michael where the footage is(which is shot as if Gavin is interrogating Michael in a police serial). Michael slowly gets angrier and angrier before Gavin suddenly asks Michael if he's been working out and squeezes Michael's bicep, completely forgetting what it was they were talking about. The look on Michael's face when this happens is priceless.
      Michael: "...And then I stopped the video, and the fucking file was gone! I think you did it, or he did it! Where is it Kerry? Where's the fucking file?
      Gavin: "...He left his shoes."
    • Ryan joins the others to search out the last skull... and falls off the bridge into the lava below. His glee when he realises that he's just had a fire resistance potion and thus isn't burning to death is great.
    • At one point, a creeper explodes part of the chicken pen under Jack's watch and Ryan berates him, telling him to stop letting the chickens out! And Ray...
      Ray: [to the tune of Who Let the Dogs Out] Who let the chickens out?! Jack! Jack, it was Jack. It was Jack.
  • Episode 142 - Legends of the Hidden Tower
    • Remember kids, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is comedy.
    • The episode starts out with a rather cinematic opening with Olmec explaining the let's play. Who's Olmec's voice? Why Jack of course.
      • Jack's inability to say "Platypusses"
    • Gavin not remembering the name of Olmec and referring to him as different things.
    • The entire inability of the build team in hosting the event. It starts at the Trivia challenge where Lindsay, the host, continues to read the question after someone has buzzed in and also not allowing other teams to answer if incorrect by giving the answer outright. It gets so bad that both Michael and Geoff start yelling at her and reiterating the rules. On top of this, they burn through all the premade questions leading to Matt having to think of new questions on the spot. This includes a question about Jeremy's height which Geoff guesses to be five foot four but Lindsay states is five foot three.
      • The "How fat is Jack?" question. Ray thinks it has to be a joke and then Ryan suggests as an answer "as dense as a black hole."
      • According to the rules, the game had been won a round before the "How fat is Jack" question. The goal was to correctly answer three questions, which Ryan and Michael had already done. This went unnoticed by both the contestants and the build team, who all seemed to think that the win-state is four correct answers, despite not having a fourth buzzer. As such, Jack and Gavin won the round.
    • It then carries over into the Jack-Off challenge when after declaring Gavin and Jack the winners, Geoff points out that he and Ray's platform to build on was one block shallower than the others. After reviewing the results stand, leading to a Geoff meltdown where he starts trying to fire the build team. Ray rage quits in disgust.
    • Following the end there is an in office spot where everyone goes to take a break, Geoff takes out his frustration by throwing water on Gavin.
      • Followed by a stinger where Geoff is still in a rage because he was ultimately correct about Jeremy's height.
  • Episode 143 - Legends of the Hidden Tower Part 2
    • The Tunnel of Blaze challenge gets a little intense when the Blazes escape the tunnels. So much so that at first when Lindsay calls that someone's won, no one actually knows who is the victor until they go check.
    • During the Pit of Mogar, there are two ring outs. Gavin, who was knocked out by Michael, and Ray, who simply ran away after he had to face Michael and Ryan.
    • One of the challenges involved killing a villager with splash potions. It starts out with a ton of villagers that were spawned, prompting an invisible Kdin to kill them. Michael and Ryan try to protect some villagers, but to little success, as they are killed quite easily by a diamond sword.
      • There's also the question as to who actually spawned them because Team Building Exercise didn't. It was Geoff. And he spawns more after Kdin clears the first group.
    • During the same challenge, Gavin tries to put things in his team's favor by throwing a splash potion of strength onto Michael and Ryan's villager. Michael returns the favor by killing Gavin and Jack.
  • Episode 144 - Temple Run
    • During the pre-game explanation, Olmec almost accidentally says 'Silver Monkey' instead of 'Silverfish' once.
    • Geoff and Ray's team go first. When trying to set up an iron golem, a temple guardian appears in front of Geoff. Geoff reaction is to start yelling at him to get out of the way.
    • When Geoff crosses the Ender Moat in one throw, the others start asking why there's a middle platform at all. For once in this Let's Play, Lindsay has an answer.
    • Geoff dies after getting three gold pieces, so Ray has to get the fourth piece and erect the Tower of Pimps, while doing so, he is attacked by silverfish and tries to put down the gold. He places one gold block on a piece of black wool on accident, before rushing over to put the remaining three on the obsidian.
    • Gavin starts out by charging...right outside the temple instead of inside it.
      • Then he interprets the "go straight" instruction literally and charges off the platform to land in the Ender Moat instead of teleporting across.
    • Gavin doesn't do that much better, as he misses the obsidian four times in a row because he kept being assaulted by silverfish.
    • After Michael and Ryan are declared winners, the group returns to erect the tower, with Geoff saying the team MVP gets the Tower while the other gets a magenta tower. This kicks off a massive argument between Gavin and Michael over whether they get the Tower or not. Ryan, sick of it, activates Plan G.
      • For bonus hilarity Ryan briefly pauses while deliberating if he should push the button or not before saying "Yep" and detonating Achievement City
    • For the post video Olmec tells you to try and grab his tongue.
  • Episode 145 - Feels Fishy
    • Ryan has a moment.
      Ryan: (jumping into the Lake of Pimps) "I'm going to join my brethren!"
      Gavin and Jack: "You're not a squid Ryan..."
      Ryan: "Shut up! I'm a squid now!"
    • The entire dress conversation, with each of them vehemently arguing which color it was note .
      • For Geoff, the dress looked gold and blue, which threw EVERYBODY off!
    • The let's play takes place on the PC version of Achievement City, and apparently they had installed some mods for "future use" specifically, the one that interferes is the Tornado mod, which spawns a funnel cloud that immediately sucks all of them up - getting them all kicked from the server for "cheat flying"- and when they come back in, the tornado had taken most of the dock and the tower of pimps. They then have to finish the rest of the competition standing on what few footholds remain.
      • And then someone asks what colour the tornado was.
      • On that note, there's the magical timing of the tornado: everyone was still arguing about the dress when Gavin pointed out the sky looking weird.
    • Followed by Ryan spawning another tornado on Achievement City, accidentally making Plan G and the Team Nice Dynamite secret room explode. What little not blown up had been taken and thrown to another area, or on the side of Geoff's monolith of a house. He takes it further by wrecking the large wool animals and spawning multiple tornadoes.
      Ryan: ''So that was an F1."
    • Ultimately, Ray wins the Let's Play, which the goal was to fish out nine non fish items out of the water, by the most convoluted way possible. He fishes out 10 ink sacs in one cast. Before this, he had one non fish item and was losing to Jack by quite a bit.
  • Episode 146 - Tornado Alley
    • After the team finishes building all their houses, Geoff remarks that he panicked as soon as he started and just built the absolute ugliest house he could come up with.
    • When Ryan spawns the first tornado, Gavin and Michael are unable to get into their houses because the wind is too strong.
    • During the second tornado, Michael gets caught up in the tornado itself. Seeing horses around himself, he tries, and actually manages, to mount one of the horses caught up with him.
    • Before heading back to Achievement City, Ryan decides to spawn multiple tornadoes at once. The result is that a few merge into a super tornado, some become invisible and Ryan overloads the memory.
    • After Ray is declared winner, he erects the Tower in Achievement City just as a tornado is spawned. This causes him to panic and erect a massive gold tower on top of the usual Tower.
    • The video ends with the crew just going to various earlier builds and running tornadoes through them. Highlights include spawning a tornado in Geoff's House, Monopoly, which delighted Ray, and Dan the Man, culminating in the coincidental destruction of the Twelve Towers.
      Gavin: "It was, by accident, the ugliest thing we've ever built."
      • The destruction of Dan the Man is one part funny, one part freaky, as one tornado tears through the picture's shoulder and takes out the left eye, a second tornado pulls out the other eye and the last one (which goes on to destroy Twelve Towers) takes everything else, leaving just a frame of the man's face left.
  • Episode 147 - Cloud Down X
    • Jack keeps jumping off during the explanation.
    • There's a jump with water halfway down. Everyone starts aiming for it and Geoff builds up the sides to make it harder to land safely... the first time while Jack is aiming for it.
    • Michael jumps across to a block Jack's on.
      Geoff: "Michael and Jack, sittin' in a tree."
      Michael: "No, standing on an ice block."
      Ray: "F, U, C..."
      Ryan: "B, U, T, T, F, U, C, K, I, N, G, G."
      Gavin and Jack: (at the same time) "G, G?"
      Ryan: "That's how much they're doin' it."
    • Gavin finds a good way to express his surprise at Jack having so many cookies still.
    Gavin: "How do you have 50 cookies still? You're Jack!"
    • When Gavin is out of cookies and says that the game is broken now, Kdin (part of the Build Team who have been accused of not testing the games they've made in the past) has the chance to snipe back.
      On-screen text: Maybe you
      Should have
      Tested it, Gavin.
      -Love, Kdin. <3
      • Gavin wants a reset because of this, but Ryan says no because he's most of the way down already. So Gavin leaps at Ryan and punches him off and says "Now you're not!". Even better Ryan is confused as to who did it despite it saying on screen "BM Vagabond was doomed to fall by GavinoFree".
      • Geoff then does reset, and a conversation/argument takes place between Michael and Gavin with still photos appearing on screen for everyone talking.
      Gavin: You build something you fat Jersey bitch.
      (Geoff, Jack, and Ryan laugh uncontrollably)
    • The reset at first has Geoff teleporting people back after dying because it wasn't yet nighttime. One time Michael and Ray were left were they spawned for a long time and begin looking through chests. Michael grabs a diamond sword that he brings with him back to the game. Ray? He grabs a bucket of lava.
      • Then he places it against one of the ice walls, leading Geoff to have to get rid of the lava source block then follow the rest of the lava all the way down patching up the melted holes.
    • Jack just needs one more safe landing to win, and he's right in position to do so... but misses.note 
    • Gavin and Jack both die by jumping onto the Tower with too few hearts to survive. The latter does this right before the game is won.
    • Ryan ends up winning and they all go back to Achievement City to erect the Tower. Gavin and Jack climb onto Ryan's block and this happens.
      Ryan: (to Jack and Gavin) "In the dark night of the rain I erect my tower!"
      Jack: "... No."
      • Then when Ryan uses his pickaxe to make them leave, the others keep punching him off before he can get to 4 blocks. He ends up making a Tetris block.
  • Episode 148 - Chutes and Ladders
    • Ryan spends the game wearing one of his Wither Skull tokens, just so he can resemble his GTA V persona.
    • Gavin tells us of his weekend he spent playing Halo Master Chief collection, and talks of how the Xbox One sometimes crashed/exited the game for no reason halfway through a round. Guess what happens to the Minecraft game at that exact moment?
    • Due to the way the board is constructed (climbing tiers going back and forth) everyone goes the wrong way at least once and Ray spends a few turns going backwards in a row.
  • Episode 149 - Darwin Awards X
    • Ends with a creeper blowing up in achievement city, detonating the TNT underneath, which causes the game to crash.
      Gavin: We should really take that TNT out.
  • Episode 150 - Darwin X Pt. 2
    • Given how the last video ends there's a number of times that the Hunters have to flee Achievement City due to the presence of a spawned Creeper, including one time that leads to this Gavin quote:
      Gavin: "Run from the city!"
      • Then Jack gets snuck up upon and everything goes to hell anyway.
    • Jack and Michael ties for first place. To break the tie Geoff tells them to be the first to die, something that the others mock him for due to its uninspired nature. Geoff claims to have been saving them from another 45 minutes of gameplay.
      • Because of this, Jack and Michael try to jump at the same time to place the tower on Jack's block (as he technically won). Doesn't quite work.
      • Then Jack looks at his house and asks why it's not on fire yet as he won.
    • The Technical Difficulties music becomes increasingly demented as the game continues to crash.
  • Episode 151 - Brown Out. Despite this being Ray's farewell video, there are some funny parts to it.
    • During one part, Ryan falls into the water and has a problem getting his horse out. At one point, Gavin notices and sees Ryan fall in and a horse come out. Ryan quickly pulls out a Ranma ½ ref.
      • Pretty much everyone has problems with horses and water.
    • The end: After everyone's said their goodbyes, Ray goes through the tunnel and disappears... then Geoff grabs a diamond pickaxe and a gold helmet, turns around with everyone else having done the same and they go to dismantle Ray's house.
      • Followed by the last line of the Let's Play:
    Michael: He was never that brown.
    • It wouldn't be a Goodbye Ray episode without the festive technical difficulties music. This one had Ray's face with it.
    • This exchange:
      Gavin: I'm gonna miss Ray.
      • Gavin quickly fires back, "I'M NEVER GOING TO SEE YOU AGAIN, YOU BASTARD!"
  • Episode 152 - Flip This House
    • They finish completely gutting Ray's old house and as part of the new build Gavin and Michael decide to put in 'under-floor heating'. This is done by having a layer of flaming netherrack, and then a one block high gap before the floor. Ryan wonders how it's going to work...
      Ryan: "Man, that's a lot of fire... but uh, here's a question: if we cover that over with a floor won't it go out?"
      Michael: "He said, leave a gap."
      Ryan: "But... how does oxygen get in?"
      Michael: (immediately) "It's a fucking video game."
      (the others laugh)
    • They get to talking about Jack's collection of video games and Gavin notes that the office's arcade machine has surfaced again after 5 years. He then recounts a story of a time when he found Joe the Cat wandering the office without his collar and later found it hanging off the machine's joystick. They decide Joe'd hung his collar there during a wild night or it was flung there by the 'lady cat'.
    • Ryan's capture doesn't start recording when he tells it to. He doesn't notice until well into the video.
      Ryan: (as Geoff is summing up what has been achieved so far at the end of video) "I've got seven minutes of footage!"
  • Episode 153 - Flip This House Part 2
    • Geoff tries to use bonemeal to make grass grow on a dirt block, then starts blowing on it. He doesn't know why.
    • Ryan notices Geoff's shrine to Ray in his giant stone monolith of a house. Gavin and Michael then go to see it too, and as Michael goes to leave he forgets which thing to hit to open the door. Cue the Indoor Pool.
    • Gavin admires their efforts and gets confused.
      Gavin: "Between us, we're decent designers. but we're not as good as like... not as good as one person."
      (there is a second of silence while the others process that)
      Geoff: "What?"
      Jack and Ryan: "Alright..."
      Gavin: "What do I mean?! No..."
      (Geoff bursts into laughter)
    • Michael makes a secret room that Ryan insists on calling a sex dungeon:
      Ryan: It’s a tiny room with a bed in the corner.
      Michael: I’m makin’ it look nice.
      Ryan: As soon as the chains go in, it’s a sex dungeon.
    • Ryan and Jack get into a debate about which way the door to the side garden opens.
    • Ryan the Gardener Guy. Context 
  • Episode 154 - Finish This House!
    • Michael names the room he's been working on the "Pleasure Chamber", and Ryan continues to insist on calling it a sex dungeon.
    • Ryan, Gavin, and Michael have an impromptu ASMR session in the middle of the build involving Ryan role playing as a naughty chef. Gavin almost instantly regrets it, while Jack and Geoff (Geoff in particular) try not to lose their minds.
    • Jack forgets what obsidian is called and fishes around for a word before settling on 'oblivion stone'.
  • Episode 155 - Shopping List X
    • Geoff threatens Gavin that he'll 'slap him silly', leading Gavin to wonder who says that. They then joke that Geoff just 'coined the phrase' then which leads to Gavin wondering who coined 'coined the phrase'.
      • Then Geoff does actually slap Gavin... and proceeds to walk into the wrong Let's Play area.
    • Kdin's on-screen snarkage is particularly strong this episode.
    • The conversation over what noises Spiderman makes.
      • Hero Sound.
    • During a conversation about Geoff being Gavin's best man at his wedding, Gavin is stood in flowing water mining. He uncovers some lava at foot height right in front of him and switches to third person in a panic as he fights the flow, screaming loudly the whole time.
    • Michael jumps from the top of the list board, onto Geoff's frame and then goes to jump down to land in front of Geoff. He hits the ground and explodes everywhere.
    • Gavin gets killed by Cave Spiders in an abandoned mineshaft when he thought he was safe. All he seems able to do in reply to the others' questions is scream.
  • Episode 156 - Shopping List X Part 2
    • Michael gets slaughtered every time he sets foot in the Nether. Eventually he starts pleading with the monsters to just let him have a piece of Nether Quartz.
    • Geoff finds a desert temple and is really careful of setting off the explosive trap. So careful he starts watching his steps on the floor above the one with the trigger plate.
    • At one point, Jack is fishing in search of an item of the list. He excitedly exclaims "Fiiiiish!", looks up, and is immediately blasted by a creeper, destroying a good chunk of his board and sending him back to where he last slept- a loooooong ways away. His screaming is downright hilarious.
      • Geoff's reaction to it is pretty funny too.
        Geoff: (in disbelief) "Oh fuck..."
        Jack: "Yeah..."
        Geoff: "... That's awesome."
        (Michael dies laughing)
    • Geoff very nearly falls into lava. Again.
  • Episode 157 - Shopping List X Finale
    • Geoff is continuously interrupted by a troublesome skeleton.
      Geoff: "So you- you're talking about that, uh... that- *Gets shot* Oh fuck, where'd that come from? *Shot again* (In the exact same tone of voice) Fuck, where'd that come from?"
      Michael: "I dunno. What were we talking about?"
      Jack: "Alright, we're losing Geoff."
      Ryan: "I think he's hearing things."
      Michael: "Oh fuck!"
      Geoff: "I was getting shot."
      Ryan: "He's hearing moans..."
      Geoff: "I dunno by what."
      Ryan: "Suggestions..."
      Geoff: "So you're talking about, uh... *Skeleton appears* like- Oh fuck, there you are."
      Michael: "Geoff!!"
      Gavin: "Finish the sentence!"
      Michael: "Come on, fuckface!"
      Geoff: "Sorry, I just had to fight for my life here."
      Michael: "Fucking annoying..."
      Gavin: "Infuriating."
      Everyone: *Laughing*
      Geoff: "So Ryan, you're here, then?"
      Michael: "God."
      Geoff: "Somewhere in this vicinity..."
      Ryan: (Unsure) "I..."
      Michael: "That- that's what that led up to?"
      Ryan: "Yeeeah, I think so."
      Gavin: "Wow."
      Jack: (Laughing) "Well, that was a huge disappointment."
    • Ryan uses 'prodigious' in a sentence which leads Michael into mentioning Digimon and seems to stick the US Digimon theme into Ryan's head.
    • While attempting to find a hole that Ryan went down, Gavin is asking him for directions. When Ryan flubs 'jungle' Gavin makes fun of him and is met with silence; only to find out that Ryan was so busy mining he completely missed being made fun of.
    • Extreme Humming with Gavin and Ryan
    • Gavin somehow glitches into the side of a hill and gets stuck. Probably because the game was about to very shortly crash on them.
    • Jack suddenly getting stuck in a wall while boating. He is completely bewildered as he mines out around him. When he sees that he's still in the boat, the game warps him back to the water with no boat. He's so confused about what happened, he thought Geoff had teleported him.
    • Geoff finds an emerald, which is the last item Ryan needs to win. A Chase Scene ensues, complete with Ryan humming Ride of the Valkyries while frantically trying to catch up to Geoff's boat.
  • Episode 158 - Againderman
    • Gavin tells Ryan that he's a librarian, which Ryan takes as a signal to start doing another ASMR piece. When he asks to 'check out [Gavin's] books' Gavin cries "No, no! We're not doing that again!"
      • This then leads onto a conversation about if it 'works' for them. Geoff comments that his wife and daughter are "fucking weirdos". Gavin responds "...Can you re-phrase that?"
    • Geoff's sex dream story. It involves him getting permission, in dream, from his wife!
      • Even better, dream!Griffon is totally aware that Geoff is dreaming and tells him so.
      • At one point, Geoff loses his ID (since the bartender, who he already conversed with and got drinks from earlier, suddenly demands to see it), and after running around trying to look for it, it turns out that the bartender had it all along (Geoff left it at the counter and walked away).
      • And then you get to the end. Long story short, Geoff cockblocked himself.
  • Episode 159 - Dino Dads
    • While mining fossils Gavin finds a Broken Ancient Sword, Ryan asks to see it and Gavin in typical Gavin fashion somehow smacks Ryan with it instead leading Ryan to cry "It still works!"
    • The panic when Ryan accidentally places their first dinosaur egg in the doorway of their house. First they panic about the fact that it's there, then they notice it's shaking and try to decide whether to push it in or outside, then they realise it needs water to survive and then a creeper appears and explodes, destroying the front of the house. Fortunately the egg survives.
      • And then when they eventually manage to hatch the egg their new Mosasaur tries to eat them while they plead for it to stop eating Daddy.
    • The guys create a Tyrannosaurus Rex and name it Cinnabon.
      • Ryan sees on his scanner that the T. Rex egg is 92% close to hatching and walks away from it while telling the others that there was still a lot of time. Naturally, Ryan was hoping the dinosaur would hatch and start eating the others.
    • Ryan and Gavin attempting to pronounce "Pachycephalosaurus".
    • Jack falls into the Mosasaur's pool while trying to give it more water. The Mosasaur starts eating him, and as he tries to escape he yells, "I was just trying to build you a house!"
  • Episode 160 - Againderman Part Two
    • The very first thing Ryan does is set fire to the inside of Jack's house (which is the biggest while Ryan was stuck in a small hut).
      • Even funnier is that Gavin just silently watches him doing this as the video starts and doesn't tell anyone until the house is well and truly on fire.
    • Gavin riding a horse riding a minecart.
    • Later on, Jack and Ryan both see a wolf riding around.
  • Episode 161 - Jurassic Dorks
    • They still can't say "Pachycephalosaurus".
      • The panic when the Pachycephalosaurus actually hatches and almost immediately manages to fall into Cinnabon the T-Rex's pen.
    • Ryan tries to implant a mammoth embryo into Gavin.
  • Episode 162: Cretaceous Park
    • The gang finds out that essence of chicken will make dinosaurs grow faster. To test they try it on the Compsognathus. It grows to 2 days old and dies because no one fed him.
    • Ryan secretly grows another Triceratops and speeds up the aging process to try and fight Michael's Pachycephalosaurus which had just drowned
    • Jack hits the drums by the house and the Smilodon sitting on them warps out to Gavin who is far away from camp looking for the Spinosaurus.
    • Limbo under the Pterosaur's beak
    • While trying to remove some of the other creatures from the T-Rex's pen, Geoff accidentally hits it. Ryan tears down the wall to let him out. Then Michael hit him and gets eaten for his troubles.
    • Gavin and Ryan race the Ankylosaurus and Triceratops. Gavin wins after Ryan and his Triceratops get stuck going up the hill.
    • Everyone waiting for the Tyrannosaurus to grow leading Geoff to whip it out of Frustration.
    • The guys attempt to make Gavin's veloceraptor grow using essence of chicken, only for Gavin to punch it. Jack then punches him right back for being a bad father, causing the veloceraptor to give chase and drown in the mossasaurus pool.
    • Gavin discovers that their dodo has laid an egg, and, in true Gavin Free fashion, immediately smashes it.
    • Jack throws an egg at his saber tooth tiger and causes it to randomly disappear. Ryan comes over and starts whipping him as punishment for losing them another "attraction".
  • Episode 163: Ender DrAgain
    • Disclaimer: Geoff was drunk.
    • Geoff and Jack start the Let's Play by singing different songs VERY loudly, followed with Michael and Gavin screaming at them to shut up.
    • The gang finally have an active end portal and save ahead of their rematch with the Ender Dragon. Everything that follows is arguing and incompetence.
      Michael: It's like we got to Mordor at the end and we don't know how to drop the ring in. "So we just drop it?" "No, no, no. Back at the Shire, on my nightstand, there's an obsidian block. Can you bring that back here to me now? I need that in order to drop it in." We're so fucking stupid.
      • It's a good thing they did save. They decide to make a big show of putting in the last Ender Eye and Ryan has it. He somehow manages to throw the Eye instead and then is attacked with Silverfish to compound the situation. Next time he makes Jack check his screen too before he tries again.
      • Gavin immediately leaps into the portal when its active, despite the others wanting to wait so they can craft bows. Somehow this drags in Geoff, Jack and Ryan too, with Ryan especially holding an awful lot of items they don't want to lose. Michael has to grab a crafting table and the things to make the bow while the items are stowed in a chest Gavin happened to have with him.
      • Geoff goes to get an Enchanting Table, but mistakes a brewing stand for one and breaks it with his fists, causing it to not drop. Then, he dies while carrying 61 iron. So he ends up finishing his errand by getting books.
      • Geoff returns with books and immediately throws them down Ryan's hole. Gavin and Michael freak out. (Although Michael's freak out was more due to a communication breakdown resulting in him thinking Geoff tossed all the books down the hole.)
        Gavin: "Hey, I'm Geoff! BOOK DELIVERY!"
    • There's now a pig riding the minecart. It doesn't stop being funny.
    • Gavin's attempt at speaking as deeply as possible. First attempt, he cheats by covering his mouth. Second attempt, he weirdly ends up sounding like a Southern black guy.
  • Episode 164: July Update
    • Every time the others ask Geoff to clarify what an item they need is, he answers "Dunno."
    • Gavin scours the world for red flowers, and as soon as he finds one he asks if he needs a red flower.
  • Episode 168: Revenge
    • Jack and Gavin are absent, so Geoff decides to troll them. Jack's house (and Giant Jack) are encased in obsidian while a multitude of waterfalls are placed around Gavin's.
    • During the Let's Play Geoff comments about a booth Griffon had run at RTX, and Max Kreumcke was helping out.
      • Geoff discovered Max had several pairs of high heels (apparantly so he had "options"), and Lindsay comments that Max is better at walking in them than she is.
  • Episode 169: Re-Find the Tower
    • The episode opens up to find that, with Gavin and Jack missing one episode, the others buried their houses in a waterfall and obsidian, respectively. Jack has to dig out and Gavin decides to swim up to the top.
    • Geoff reveals that he hid 36-41 fake towers in the new land. The others rib on him for such a strange number.
    • Gavin has a bad cough and mutters at one point "Please mute all of my coughs. It's annoying." To which the message "For now on, I will mute Gavin whenever he's annoying. Which is always."
    • Geoff tells the story about how Griffin, Millie and Ben tried to go swimming while Geoff worked on this Let's Play. The first place they went to, everyone was tossed out of the pool mere seconds after they hopped in because some kid pooed in the water. The second place they went to wouldn't accept the vouchers the first place gave them and they were kicked out again because some woman had a heart attack.
    • Gavin reveals that he convinced his body to just give in to his sickness.
    • Ryan finds an L-shaped Tower of Pimps. They call it the Tower of El.
    • Ryan discovers a tower in the sky. He gets annoyed as he just can't get to it and has to keep getting material to just see it It was only three gold blocks.
      • Every time Ryan decided that it had to be the fake, Geoff would drop a little hint that it might be, causing Ryan to redouble his efforts. For the rest of the video, anytime Ryan found another, Geoff would do it again, with Ryan trying to say no, but doing it anyway.
    • At one point, Gavin steals Ryan's cooked porkchops from his furnace. Ryan accuses him, and after a moment (and a Geoff story), we get this exchange:
    Ryan: Seriously though, who took my porkchops?
    Michael: Uh, I think it was Gavin.
    Gavin: Jack, you are riddled [with arrows]!
    Ryan: Gavin, did you eat my porkchops?
    Gavin: See how I changed the subject onto Jack there?
    Ryan: Yeah, you did! ...did Jack eat my porkchops?! Everyone keeps changing the topic!
    Gavin: Jack, why did you eat Jack's porkchops?
    Ryan: What?!
    Geoff: Ryan stole Jack's porkchops?
    Michael: Wait, Ryan took Ryan's porkchops?
    Ryan: Even I'm confused!
    Gavin: Ryan's a thief!
  • Episode 170: Re-Find the Tower, Part 2
    • With almost two hours having passed, with nobody having found the tower, Geoff decides to offer a clue: one map coordinate, Z = -126. This proves slightly less helpful to Jack than he expected...
    Jack: Alright, so one of the coordinates is -126.
    Gavin: Jack, have you ever used a map before?
    Jack: I thought he said Z was -126.
    Geoff: I did!
    Everyone else: He did!
    Ryan: How is this hard?
    Gavin: Why are you so dumb?
    Jack: Then why are you saying "one"? Then say "Z"!
    Geoff: That's the only coordinate you have, Z. It's the one coordinate I gave you.
    Gavin: There's no "one" coordinate anyway, Jack. What you need is X, Y, and Z.
    Jack: Yeah, that's three coordinates!
    Ryan: Yeah, and he gave you one.
    Gavin and Michael: He gave you one of them!
    Jack: Just say "Z"!
    Geoff: I did say "Z"!
    Everyone else: He did!
    Jack: I know, but then you guys were saying "oh, he just said one".
    Gavin and Ryan: WHAT?!
    Ryan: The hell are you talking about?
    Michael: You're not making any sense, man.
    Gavin: Jack, this might be the lowest level of smartness you've ever had in a video.
    Geoff: (slowly recovering from his laughing fit) You guys are the best.
    • And the exchange immediately following:
    Michael: Okay, so...
    Jack: Queso.
    Gavin: (snickering) If you had said that the Z coordinate was "beef burrito", he would have figured it out.
    Jack: It would have been mine!
  • Episode 171: Mogataur
    • Why wasn't the gang in Achievement City? Achievement City's broken right now.
    • How did Matt come up with this? Caleb gave them the name, then left at around noon to leave him to build it.
    • When getting armor, Gavin questions what color he is before he and everyone else points out that he's obviously green. Then a message points up to his name on the video going "And this is green!"
    • The gang tells the story of how Geoff pulled a Gavin and spilt a bunch of lotion meant to keep his new tattoo from getting infected all over the carpet and Ryan catching him looking like he was cleaning up... something else.
    • Ryan randomly discovers the Minotaur's lair. He then, declares that he's shitting in his bed. He accidentally finds the lair a second time, then proceeds to shit on the bed again.
    • Gavin and Ryan start jumping up and down just as Michael finds Ryan. He hits Ryan in midair, flinging him over the wall and into safety.
    • Just as the team is preparing to storm the Minotaur's lair, Gavin glitches into a wall, and he makes a series of Gavin-esque noises. Jack, who is with him, just sees Gavin staring at a wall.
    • Gavin accidentally performs a Rocket Jump (and survives!) when a Creeper catches up to him and explodes. When he tells everyone what happened, Michael calls Gavin out for bringing his family to help.
  • Episode 172 - Colosseum Clash
    • During one round, Ryan runs around the arena yelling "WHEEEEE!" before suddenly charging at Gavin. Gavin calmly sets him on fire.
    • At two separate points, Michael prepares to fight Jack. In both cases, Jack sets himself on fire and Michael simply watches as Jack burns to death.
    • At one point, a block of TNT is set in the field of battle. A while later, it is finally detonated, resulting in a lot of the non-obsidian blocks of the floor being destroyed, allowing the lava pits to spread, resulting in a large area of the field being obsidian islands in a lake of lava, resulting in a lot of amusing play. This includes at least one case where one of the combatants managed to jump blindly backwards though the area successfully, stunning everyone.
  • Episode 173 - Thief Town
    • The entire game is the gang trying to find each other in a mass of zombies in a town. Their methods of finding each other is completely nuts.
    • Ryan's entire method of playing is dashing around like a madman. He gets caught at least once this game.
    • At one point, Gavin asks if that there was a version of his that only had half his intellegence, would they take him in. Geoff immediately says yes and everyone agrees, mostly because he'd still be funny.
    • Whenever zombies get into the beacon room, there's always a chance for the lights to keep flashing on and off as they do so.
    • Near the end of the game, Ryan drops out of nowhere in front of Michael, then takes off back into the sky.
    Michael: BONK. Wheeeeee!!!
  • Episode 176 - Blocking List
    • Geoff leads them to where he's built the new Let's Play, which is behind to Shopping List and walks them down a narrow strip of coast to get there. When he goes "Tada!" everyone else turns around to see what he's done, thinking Shopping List got an upgrade.
    • Geoff gets lost halfway through the video. He's not happy about it.
    • Matt enters the room about ten minutes from the end of the video to warn the guys that Xbox Live is down. When he sees everyone playing he decides that it must not be affecting them and instead sits down in the room. At the end of the video Xbox Live kicks them out of the game, erasing half of the progress made in the video.
    • The gang finally returns to Achievement City. Turns out the waterfall over Gavin's house from 169 broke the area, so they removed it. Jack's house is still covered in obsidian.
    • Michael and Jeremy have a hard time getting to where the event is because of too many carts on the track.
    • Gavin notices Ryan's character has an arrow stabbed where his penis is. Ryan declares he has a "dick-row".
    • Geoff goes to introduce the area... only to find out everyone is far behind him.
    • As everyone splits up for the game, Michael runs past one of the other Let's Play areas and discovers that Gavin built a doorway awkwardly so that one could just slip between the doors without opening it.
  • Episode 177 - Blocking List: Part 2
    • While wandering lost Geoff remarks on a curious landmark, and Jeremy takes the chance to show off how predictable Jack is.
    Geoff: Oh fuck I found a tower of trees.
    Jack + Jeremy: A tower of trees? You mean a tree?
    Jack: Goddamnit!
    • Upon winning the game and the Tower, Jeremy is kicked from the game by Gavin.
    • In The Stinger: after he is given the rebuilt house, Jeremy is killed by Ryan. However, instead of disappearing, his character is still there, twitching up a storm, freaking everyone out. Ryan is quick to admit that it wasn't his cleanest kill.
  • Episode 178 - Minecraft: Story Mode
    • Gavin is confused by the virtually similar male and female models in the game's choosing a character mode.
    • When Ryan picks up the shears, he tries to shear the pig. When he gets the flint and steel, he quickly goes into Mad King mode and wants to burn the house down.
    • Michael wishes the Achievement Hunter team would make a cameo... by burning down houses and putting up the Tower of Pimps somewhere.
  • Episode 179 - Halloween Mashup Pack
    • Jeremy's costume is a Ghast, which gives him the illusion that he's floating around. They get a lot of milage out of this.
    • The gang finds a switch and Ryan gets Michael to open it, spooking him when he sees an eye behind the door it opened.
    • Upon reaching a switch, Gavin hits it with Michael watching. It's a trap, which dynamite explodes... and kicks them out of the game.
    • The gang get into a discussion over who was now the one who had been in the most Let's Play Minecraft episodes.
  • Episode 181 - Hit List X
    • They start inside Geoff's house and while watching Ryan attempt to switch his skin back to his normal Scottish Steve Michael absent-mindedly flips the Indoor Pool switch again. Even worse, trying to turn off auto-saving make Geoff save the game with his house flooded. Thank goodness for backups.
    • The video ends with a Creeper triggering Plan G again. The earlier incident makes Geoff panic enough to force shutdown the game so it wouldn't save with half Achievement City missing.
  • Episode 182 - Hit List X Part 2
    • You know how last video ended with Geoff trying to avert Plan G's detonation on the backup world, because the main world had Indoor Swimming Pool triggered? Well.... it didn't work. Sadistic Choice indeed.
    • Most of Achievement City is wrecked due to Plan G, but Jack's obsidian-coated house survived.
  • Episode 183 - Black Friday
    • The game itself is quite hectic, but the real fun begins once the winner is crowned: Geoff hosts a bonus round to win the inaugural (but slightly-less-coveted) Block of Pimps. The objective? Obtain soap and paper towel from the bathroom at the back of the supermarket. Of course, this being Geoff, he bombards the restrooms with hostile mobs and bottlenecks the others inside several times, laughing hysterically all the while.
      • While all of this is going on, Gavin gives up and starts wandering about outside, messing about with Ender Pearls and eventually ending up on the roof of Achieve-mart, met with bewilderment and frustration from Matt offscreen. He spends the rest of the round trying to find charged creepers outside in the pouring rain.
  • Episode 184 - Hit List X Part 3
    • The saga of Geoff having to get permission from his wife continues to get even more nonsensical, Geoff dreamed he was in LA when Jenny Slate propositioned him and Griffon and Millie went home without him. Geoff called Griffon to ask her for permission, using the fact he was dreaming as justification. Dream!Griffon's response?
      Dream!Griffon: I don't care if it's a dream. I will wake up in the real word and remember this if you have sex with her in this dream. I will know!
    • Even better, actual Griffon's response to Geoff is "Dude, I don't fucking care who you bang in your dreams! Don't blame me that you don't get laid!'
  • Episode 185 - Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree IV
    • Michael notices that Caleb's dock is still there, so he goes to blow it up. This time, he over does it and obliterates half of the dock, very much to Geoff's displeasure.
    • Once they fix everything, Geoff describes what they have to do. When he mentions one change, Gavin goes "No conversations!"
      • They also tease Geoff when they notice his character is looking down at the ground.
    • The Guardians prove to be quite the Demonic Spiders, killing everyone in their sight.
    • Jack gets a prismarine shard and wonders what they're worth. He's told to just ignore the rare item.
    • Gavin is far in the lead, having caught a rare Pufferfish. Ryan and Jack also both have quite a few fish. And of course, all three of them forget to put the fish in their chests, meaning that all three of them end the game with a grand total of zero, despite Geoff having repeated the only-fish-in-chests rule at least twice in the video, and in every other Fishing Jamboree to date.
  • Episode 187 -­ The Krampus
    • They travel through a village to reach their big Christmas tree and happen upon a green skinned 'villager' in a Santa suit. It's not a villager, it's a witch.
    • Geoff explains the 'lore' behind the Krampus and what the Let's Play is about. Ryan gives a good ending.
      Geoff: "... And punishes people in Achievement Cities around the world by taking their Tower of Pimps and spreading it around the four corn- quarters of the world."
    • No one seems to bother trying to pronounce 'Krampus' correctly until they all decide to say it the right way. Geoff persists in saying 'Krompus'.
    • They debate the possibility that Gavin has the ability to go invisible in real-life.
    • Gavin talks about intuition.
      Gavin: "You've got to trust your gut Ryan."
      Ryan: "Yeah. What's your gut saying?"
      Gavin: "'Elo!"
    • Gavin suggests all putting down their controllers and then storming the other room to "choke [Matt] out" and make him tell them where the other gold blocks are. Michael's all for it while Geoff finds Gavin's choice of words hilarious.
    • Jeremy calls Matt halfway through the video.
      Jeremy: "You better pick up you Christmas-ruining piece of shit..."
      • He doesn't, and Jeremy screams at him to tell them where the gold is once he's able to leave a message.
    • The second half of the video is essentially trying to find the last piece of gold, wandering around the village annoyed... until Geoff discovers the last piece and wants to kick himself because he kept passing by the area over and over.

    Let's Play Minecraft — 2016 episodes (188-240) 
  • Episode 188 - Flower Picking
    • Geoff reveals that the idea for the Let's Play came from a big fan of theirs — a Ray Narvaez Jr..
      • Jeremy responds by growling in his microphone "I TOOK YOUR SPOT."
  • Episode 189 - Cleaning House
    Jack: "Sent invite. You fucking idiot. ...2016 is gonna be the Year of Indiscriminate Cursing."
    Jack: "FUCK YOU, RYAN."
    Jeremy: "That's how!"
    Ryan: (uncertain) "...suck my cock?"
    • The Cold Opening has Ryan trying to put back Karate Man on his house, only for Jack to knock it off. He recovers Jack's house in obsidian.
    • This Let's Play is essentially everyone making Achievement City and their houses look a little better. Jack is just busy digging his house out of the obsidian. At one point, Gavin follows him and replaces the obsidian.
    • Geoff reveals that he's gotten so tired of Jeremy's penchant for attracting Creepers that he's went and disabled Plan G. Jeremy later discovers where Plan G is and learns that it's become the Plan G Memorial. Complete with Plan G gift shop!
      • Geoff realizes that the Crafting Table used to make all of their TNT for Plan G was still there, so he puts a sign up marking it. They couldn't believe a piece of history was still there.
      • Geoff builds a glass box around the Plan G button.
    • Gavin is convinced that Ryan has expanded his house, but he can't prove it.note 
    • Gavin decides to tidy up his trophy room, only to discover a piston mechanism was built in his absence by Jeremy. After Jeremy admits to it, this conversation happens:
      Jeremy: Yeah, I didn't have enough time to finish it, though...
      Gavin: What was it gonna be?
      Jeremy: Where is it... *steps on Pressure Plate*
      Gavin: I just... smashed it out...
      Jeremy: Oh... really? It was supposed to break that, and then... I'm just gonna leave...
      *Beat, lava starts pouring from the ceiling*
    • Geoff reveals that he built a second floor to his house. It's just a platform overlooking the floor.
      • He bursts out laughing when he goes to replace the rose at his little memorial for Ray with a rose bush and it ends up being humongous.
      • Geoff finally figures out how to safely enter and exit his house after three years of playing Minecraft.
    • Jeremy, given that his house has no damage to repair and few improvements to make, spends most of the video building random things throughout the map, from a giant emerald and stained glass "LIL-J" sign, to Rainbow Road over Achievement Railway (this becomes a clue later), and a propeller beanie for the giant wool Jack (Jack enjoys this one). He also builds a room under his house with chests containing diamond swords and a sign reading "If you need to kill them all."
    • The debate about how much Michael will notice when he gets back, with Gavin asserting how unobservant Michael is.
    • Jack builds a "W" to complete the ObsidiN's original purpose of marking the NW corner. After a lot of argument and fixing the alignment, Jack declares he's satisfied and leaves. Gavin, aggravated from their argument, arrives to reposition the W to the opposite fence and after tearing the W down asks Jack how to build it. Without a pattern to follow, Gavin ends up building an absolutely pathetic replacement.
  • Episode 190 - Tower of Gav
    • We begin the episode with Jack's home STILL covered in obsidian.
    • When trying to describe the original "Tower of Geoff" saga, Geoff and Gavin misremember it as Episodes 7-9. As if to mock the guys, links pop up for the original episodes (13-15)
    • Ryan tells the others that Gavin can't keep moving the tower like it's Howl's Moving Castle, leading the others to tease Jeremy over how uncomfortable he looks with the name drop.
    • The return of Technical Difficulties!
    • Michael discovers a random Tower of Pimps and is confused if its the one or not.
    • Gavin makes a Incredibly Lame Pun:
      Gavin: I will say that everyone is pretty cold.
      Jeremy: He's in the tundra! It's a snow joke.
      Gavin: That's snow joke.
      Others: Ohhhhhhhh...!
      Jeremy: WHERE ARE YOU?!
    • They finally discover where Gavin is: on top of the gigantic door that marks the map's original southern border.
      Gavin Knock knock, bitches.
    • During their ascent, they find a hole growing in the door. Gavin laid out some traps to drop TNT blocks on the guys far below, but misjudged the fuse time of the boxes which ended up detonating while only about halfway down.
  • Episode 191 - Tower of Gav Part 2
    • One of the guys suggested just lighting the door on fire, but Geoff informs everybody that a damaged door is acceptable, but a gone door wasn't.
    • Early in the episode, Jack is able to get the drop on Gavin and knocks him off, only to discover he doesn't have the tower with him. It takes them a little while to realize that he's taken the trap door underwater and attempting to tunnel back to Achievement City.
      • During the chase, Ryan trolls Gavin by blocking his passageway back when he chases him.
    • Gavin enthusiastically eating during his harried escape.
      Gavin: yum yum yum yum yum yum yum, YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!
    • Technical Difficulties strike as the gang being to realize that Gavin might be tunneling the wrong way back to Achievement City. They, then, start talking about how Technical Difficulties seem to get more purchases in the store. The Youtube video even as a link to buy one!
    • Jeremy causes Plan G to explode. Again. This is what causes Plan G's deactivation.
    • Geoff spots Gavin, leading to a chase in which Gavin's finally struck down. During the confusion of who has the pieces, Geoff steals the gold pieces and convinces everyone that Jack and later Jeremy had it, allowing him to take the tower and the win.
  • Episode 192 - 1.8.8 Adventure
    • Discovering coal gets Geoff talking about how he helped create (in some manner) the Flynt Coals that showed up in X-Ray & Vav and in RWBY before grumbling that he never gets royalty pay from them.
    • Gavin discovers a rabbit and happily chases after it. He gets sad when a wolf eats it.
    • Michael traps Jeremy underground, unsure if Ryan or Michael had trapped him.
    • Everyone's so confused about the new materials.
    • At one point, Jack discovers Jeremy covered in arrows. He laughs when it looks like an arrow got stuck in his name tag.
    • Geoff and Jeremy get "haunted" by a guardian causing Geoff to scream incredibly loud startling everyone in the room.
  • Episode 196 - 1.8.8 Appreciation Part 3
    • Michael talks about how he met two teenagers during the screenings of Lazer Team and how they tried to be cool and yet were so insecure. One asked Michael (who is Happily Married) if he's been getting more "pussy" since the movie came out.
    • Gavin gets lost trying to get out of the starting gate. This leads to the team wanting to strand the perpetually lost Michael and Gavin in the middle of Austin and see if they can find their way home.
    • Gavin hits a chicken in the water and breaks his boat.
    • Gavin surrounds Jeremy's area with signs covered in short jokes. In retaliation, Jeremy buries Gavin's area underneath a giant tower of stone and gravel. Jeremy eventually finds himself trapped in a hole in the middle of the tower, frantically hopping up and down as he begs for someone to let him out.
      • The best part is that prior to building the tower, Jeremy was in the best position to win. He had found packed ice before anyone else (and had even found it in an actual ice plains spikes biome, which Geoff and Gavin had failed to do while flying around in creative), and only needed to find enough slime for a block, but Gavin's sign shenanigans drove him to Revenge Before Reason.
    • The minor Humiliation Conga that occurs to Geoff at the end of the video. First he scours the world for enough slimeballs to make a slime block. Then Ryan steals the completed slime block before Geoff can place it on his wall. Ryan eventually returns the slime block, but Geoff's wall is destroyed by a Creeper before he can claim victory. Geoff then places the slime block on Ryan's wall and declares Ryan the winner.
  • Episode 197 - There Is No Learning Curve 2
    • Geoff, Michael, and Ryan are replaced by Jack, Jeremy, and Gavin.
    • Gavin's footage includes a box from the capturing program so the editor decides to have fun with it by asking the audience questions like "Do you want to go out with me?"
      • The kicker to that question? You can actually answer it! Clicking yes will take you to Achievement Hunter's page to subscribe to them. Clicking no takes you to Funhaus.
  • Episode 198 - Mr. J
    • Geoff and Gavin decide to give Jeremy the reigns to the Let's Play this go-round, leaving Jeremy dumb-founded. Their vague wording makes everyone else, including Jeremy, think the goal is to kill Jeremy.
    • Michael decides to refer to Jeremy as "Mr. J"... then starts hounding him like a certain jester-themeed villainess.
    • They ask Jeremy what he thought was his favorite pre-hiring Let's Play was and he mentions "Clouds". When Michael asks about "Creeper Soccer", Jeremy quickly changes the subject.
    • Ryan finds a tiny village in his explorations. He proceeds to murder the villagers to steal the houses and sell it to Geoff. His pitch is interrupted by needing to eliminate the ones he missed the first go-around.
    • Gavin asks where he can find some sand, while standing on sand.
    • While discussing how various relationships would change if Gavin were to suddenly become gay, Michael points out that if Gav went for Geoff, it would become very abusive. ("Geoff would beat the shit out of you!") That leads to:
    Ryan: "I mean, I can't see him beating up Griffon."
    (The guys all laugh)
    Geoff: "The day I hit Griffon, is the day I wake up in the hospital six weeks later."
    • The entire exchange between Gavin and Michael after Gavin's surprise encounter with a slime.
    Gavin: (holding up a slime ball) "Shlim?"
    Michael: (holding up a sword) "Rah?"
    Gavin: "Would you like a—?" (realizes Michael is going to kill him)
    (Several back and forth cuts ensue as Gavin backs up, and Michael keeps advancing, until Michael kills Gavin)
    • Gavin's inner fire bug is on full display here, starting with Jack's house and expanding to include the village Ryan massacred Ryan's housing development and a forest of extra-tall trees. His attempts to smoke a 'shroom with Michael fail as it's not flammable.
    • Jeremy assigned tasks to the rest of the crew and ended up doing half of the work for Geoff and all of the work for Michael. Realizing this, Michael cracks up when he receives his diamond sword.
    • Ryan starts cooking up raw meat from all the animals he's slaughtered...
    Michael: "Is this enough to feed your blood lust, Ryan?"
    Ryan: "Never."
    • As Geoff cooks up some Thick Potions to finish his task everyone starts cracking up at "thick".
    Geoff: "Mmm, goes down slow."
    • Gavin decides to jump from the world roof onto their slime trampoline and plant TNT on their house's roof. As he's building his tower Michael comments on missing the slime blocks and Gavin agrees it would suck. Immediately Geoff looks at the slime blocks and a silent agreement is made between him and Jeremy. Gavin's screams when he discovers they blocked over the slime are matched only by the laughter of everyone else.
      • To add insult to injury, Gavin's spawn glitches out and he's stuck in the ocean staring at the intact house, which pisses him off. The other guys take a while to enjoy his misery before mercy-killing.
      • Jack and Ryan's reactions are worth a chuckle too. Jack immediately realizes what Jeremy and Geoff have planned while Ryan is busy legging it to the house so he can do the same thing.
    Ryan: I ran over here just to do that.
    • Ryan's specific wording setup later returns in a Let's Roll of Coup, when Larry admits to buying five added copies of it just to play an all-Duke prank.
    • The whole thing becomes even more hilarious (and ironic) when you realize that earlier Ryan wanted to turn on the option to keep items after death, only for Gavin to shoot it down. After his aforementioned plummet Jack immediately picked up the dynamite that Gavin would have otherwise been able to keep if they had turned on the keep items after death option.
  • Episode 199 - 1.9.0 Update
    • Everyone is shocked that Episode 200 is just the very next week.
      Geoff: Future Geoff really got fucked by Past Geoff...
      • Michael brings up how he and Geoff were watching episode 100:
        Michael: Geoff actually played the clip of us, uh, of Jack winning and him saying "H-hold on to those items, Jack, you gotta hold on to those for a hundred episodes!", and I look at Geoff and said "That's now... You fucked up..."
    • Gavin tries to get Ryan to talk about his dream car, but is disappointed when he just mentions just a car with four doors so he can take his kids around. It ends up seguing into another Geoff sex dream.
    • While everyone is in awe over dual-wielding, Gavin types up the message "i'm 5'4 from boston -". Jeremy fires back with "Want to look more like Gavin?", which sends Geoff and Jack into hysterics.
    • Gavin got a new phone... and broke it three days later, leaving Michael flabbergasted.
    • Michael leaves his desk to get some donuts that he brought into the office, but comes back empty-handed because Ryan ate the rest after Geoff and Jeremy got theirs.
    Geoff: I had one, Jeremy had one, and Ryan had four.
    Michael: Holy shit, Ryan!
    Gavin: You had four?!
    Ryan: There's no proof of that.
    Gavin: It came from Geoff's mouth; he's never told a lie in his life.
    Michael: Nobody else ate any; there was three glazed and three chocolate covered. I know 'cause I bought them.
    Jeremy: There were chocolate covered?!
    Ryan: Sure were.
    Jeremy: RYAN!
    • Ryan tests out the new healing arrows he found on Jack, killing him.
    Ryan: I healed you to death!
    • And it's actually a repeat of an earlier stunt, with Geoff and a jumping arrow.
    • Ryan tried to warn Geoff of an incoming Creeper... only to accidentally shoot him with an arrow the exact same moment the Creeper blew up. The game gave Ryan the kill.
      Ryan: ...alright, I saved you from one problem.
  • Episode 200 - Super Sleuths
    • The video starts with the crew 'playing' Minecraft in 'Real Life'. Jack is just leaning on his shovel, Jeremy is tring to dig with the shovel handle, Michael tries with a (sheathed) katana, Ryan is swatting a tree with a fishing rod, and Gavin is hitting a rock with a pickaxe only to have a chip hit him in the face.
    • When the group approaches the Altar of Pimps, Jack is already inside. Apparently, he has been living there for the past 100 episodes. Geoff then informs Jack that he needs to move out.
      Geoff: Your time is up, bitch, you don't live here anymore!
      • Afterwards, Geoff makes him give back the items he held on to... only for him to give it back, and half-assedly explain how Jack may use them.
        Gavin: (as Jack complains about having to give the items back) [Geoff] said they might give you a slight advantage.
    • Jeremy has the terrible misfortune of having most of his early clues being sky high.
    • While hunting for clues, Jeremy realizes that he forgot to get the items out of each chest, which would be required for the final puzzle, meaning he has to go back and get them.
    • The clues themselves are amusing as well, considering that they were written by Geoff and Gavin. For example:
      • "This sport was met with groans and moans, must be the work of Lindsay Jones" Creeper Soccer
      • "Like the opposite of Wheaties, you'll get diabetes on your feeties" Cakewalk
    • After one death respawns Jeremy back into his house, he steps out just as Jack finds a clue in Geoff's house, confusing him when he sees the firework go off. He thought that it went off because he respawned.
      Jack: Yay, you died!
  • Episode 201 - Golden Gumshoes
    • The repeated Technical Difficulties, leading to a sped-up version that spins and flashes colors!
    • While Jack is trying to assemble the final puzzle, he breaks a glass block required to assemble the Beacon of Truth. Gavin gives him a new one while laughing to himself.
    • After Jack wins episode 200, Michael falls into the Beacon of Truth and gets stuck. Gavin then flies above, telling Michael to grab onto his bum.
      Michael: Your bum is the end of the tunnel!
      Gavin: Follow the light!
  • Episode 206 – Mo'Chievements: Wither Away
    • The debate over whether or not performing fellatio on someone who's upside down would be "going up" on them:
      Ryan: Down is always ballward!
    • They fight the Wither. The first time Geoff and Gavin both are too far away to get the achievement. The second time, Gavin is still too far away.
    • Gavin tries to put insulting signs on the soulsand they use to build the Wither. The second and third time the others don't wait for him to finish before they place the last skull.
  • Episode 208 - Mo'Chievements: Beaconator
    • Ryan complains about how messy their chest has become. They don't let him live it down.
    • Gavin mentions that he's been playing Stardew Valley on a Mac and proclaims it a "destroyer of flights" because of how much time he spends on it. The others warn him to NOT call it that on an actual airplane.
    • They talk about their eerie ability to kill someone after talking about them in their Let's Plays, mentioning that they might have done that to Robin Williams. Using Jack's attempt in a Worms Let's Play to invoke this, they've come to the agreement that it only works when they don't mean to.
    • Gavin talks about how he can draw air into his rear to be able to fart when he wants to. He's shocked that no one else just seems to be unable to.
    • Jeremy gets stuck in the Nether, so Gavin goes to rescue him. As he does, he spots a baby Zombie Pigman and goes following it. Jeremy follows and tries to troll him by attacking the older one, only for the two to turn on him instead. When Jeremy hides behind the portal, the two go through it and Gavin follows, where they both kill him instead. Then the baby Pigman kills Gavin again after he respawns.
    • While deciding to color glass red for their Beacon of Lies/Hate, they all start singing Seal's Kiss From A Rose. The editing from everyone sell it.
  • Episode 209 - Most Dangerous Game X
    • Geoff introduces Ryan for the Let's Play.note 
      Geoff: On the other side of that bridge is a crazy madman.
      Geoff: They call him the Mad King.
      Ryan: (examining his fleet of diamond-armoured horses) MUHAHAHAHAH!
    • The gang gives Gavin a hard time because of his other duties.
    • Gavin discovers that Michael changed his gamertag from "MLPMichael" to "MJones". He's flabbergasted that he would do such a thing.
    • Spawned mobs begin complicating things.
      Ryan: "Come on! Stop letting nature kill you before I can!"
    • When it's down to just Jack, Ryan lags just enough that, when he returns to normal, he throws himself out into the water.
    • Gavin: "Jack, how do you feel?"
      Jack: "I feel great-"
      Gavin: "Follow the sound of his voice!"
    • Gavin and Michael tea up to defeat an armored Jeremy. "Through the Power of Friendship!" Then...
    Ryan: (Clad in diamond armor charging towards them) My minions!
    Michael: RUUUUUUUN!!
    • After Ryan kills Gavin, Michael starts stalling for time by asking him for food to eat so that he could sprint.
    • And just before Ryan is about to kill Michael (or have Gavin kill him), Michael then requests to fight Gavin to the death. Then after killing Gavin, Michael kneels down ready to fi-
    Michael: (Strikes Ryan and runs) FuckyouImnotgonnafight!
    Ryan: You're gonna run or- Yeah, okay. That what makes it more fun for me. Hahahahaha!
    • Jeremy begins digging straight down to find Jack, and Ryan in his enthusiasm jumps in too, trapping them both. Then Gavin follows them both.
    • During the second game, it's Jack's turn to lag, getting himself stuck in a tree. When he leaves and returns to the game, he falls out of where he was, making it look like he was pooped out.
    • When Jack accidentally dies by getting stuck on a wall, he ends up spawning near Gavin, who had a brain fart and thought it was over, leading to him getting killed.
    • Jeremy keeps building humongous towers to hide from Jack. He falls off and dies on his last one.
    • Geoff hides inside a tree. He laughs so hard over how badly Ryan keeps missing him.
  • Episode 211 - Achievelantis
    • Most of this episode can be summed up by one quote:
      Gavin: Five morons following an idiot.
    • In their search for Achievelantis, Gavin spots a tree and exclaims "Oh, it's a tree!", causing the camera to zoom in dramatically and spin at it.
    • When Ryan finds Achievelantis, he peeks in and spots a giant Jack. They all chew out Jack, thinking he got there first.
    • Jeremy discovers a portion of the water that just... stops.
    • As they explore Achievelantis, Jeremy spots his house and where it... just stops.
    • Upon discovering the map on the back of the bulletin board is corrupted:
      Jeremy: Geoff, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that some of this is wrong.
    • Michael and Gavin find the button similiar to what would set off Plan G. Thankfully, nothing happens until Jeremy finds and places a Red Stone Torch next to the Nice Dynamite TNT, blowing up a portion of Achievelantis.
    • At one point Gavin breaks the glass dome of Achievelantis causing water to wash away the carpet logo and reveal a sign left by the ancient crafters of the legendary city. What does the sign say? "Well shit"
    • Jeremy discovers that the builders of Achievelantis included the lava in the roof of Jack's house. Unfortunately, he discovers this a few minutes before Jack is killed by an Enderman, thus leading to him spawning in lava over and over since Jack had slept in the underwater bed.
    • Geoff goes a bit mad with power, flying up to the top of Achivelantis and teleporting everyone else to him. Cue mass death. Bonus points for Jeremy's little trick occurring in the middle of this and chaos ensuing.
  • Episode 213 - Frostburn
    • They're running a PC server, so Technical Difficulties abound, complete with accelerated play tracks.
    • While discussing whether he'd play Superman if asked, Ryan declares he would do so for the money and burn the franchise down in the process.
    • As the guys gush over the polar bears and try to feed them meat (only to get mauled), Gavin begins a David Attenborough-style commentary on their interactions.
      • After finishing his documentary Gavin asks if it would be wrong to follow Attenborough around and keep up a running commentary on his life.
    • The guys get a good laugh when Gavin's death message indicates he died swimming through lava to escape a polar bear.
      Geoff: Those are two precarious positions.
  • Episode 215 - Battle Mode
    • The entire video is a mad dash to see who can grab stuff and kill them all.
    • The gang, especially Mica and Gavin, gush over the bats and the stages.
    • During an early match, Geoff is bouncing away, only to bounce off into the lava below.
    • Mica discovers a sword in a chest and accidentally tosses it. She jumps after it only to realize she threw herself into lava.
  • Episode 216 - Triathalon
    • Early in the race, Ryan screws up and falls into last when he goes to attack a chicken.
    • When Gavin's game crashes and he comes back, he opts to just teleport to Jeremy.
    • Gavin states that he's scared to leave his house to play Pokémon GO because someone would recognize him.
    • Geoff gets stuck in some trees and cries out "LET ME GO!", prompting everyone to sing "Let me go" in the tune of "Let It Go".
    • As Jeremy gets close to the end, Gavin brings up the menu with the trolling idea to teleport Jeremy back to him. However, he notices a strange name called "BIG JOHNY 64" and Jeremy, still trying to stop him, swipes at Gavin's controller, making him teleport Jeremy instead.
    • The ending: Jeremy gets revenge on Gavin by blowing up his house and taking out part of Achievement City with it.
  • Episode 217 - Ryan is the One in the Hole
    • For some odd reason, Michael is too preoccupied with talking with people on the Funhaus subreddit than actually helping.
      • At one point, Gavin points out the Ironynote , only for Michael to say that he doesn't care anymore, upsetting Jeremy.
        Jeremy: Michael, you were one of the last who cared!
    • Geoff keeps getting unintentionally hit.
    • Server lag causes some awesome "explosions" as people and material go flying.
    • During their dig, Geoff accidentally discovers a future Let's Play and is flabbergasted by it.
      Matt: (to Geoff) Oh, hey... Don't worry about what this is.
      • The only hints as to what are that Geoff calls it "horrible", and Jeremy (who is the only one who knows what it is) is horrified that Matt actually decided to make it. Take that for what it's worth.
    • While Gavin's talking about expensive knick-knacks, Jeremy ends up falling into a pit by accident, dug by Geoff earlier in the video, and dies. Gavin finds that same hole later on.
    • Michael offers to use TNT to help blow out the hole, mentioning that he heard that Jeremy had fun with TNT the previous week. Jeremy denies such a thing happened. He continues to do so after Michael suggests turning autosave on, "so Jeremy can trash the world".
      • Michael then decides to check up on Jeremy's progress on rebuilding the Team Nice Dynamite tunnel. He didn't get far.
    • Michael starts dropping stuff on them, like splash potions of invisibility. Gavin tries to pick up an invisible person because he thinks they're actually a floating pickaxe.
  • Episode 218 - Hole Lot of Renovating
    • Michael asks how they're going to get the horse down the hole.
      Gavin: (nonchalant) "Oh, it'll survive."
      Matt: (splutters) "Gavin shut up."
    • Gavin forces Michael into the hole early and Timmy can't get out due to the overhaning roof. Jeremy is whimpering Timmy's name throughout until Michael finally lands in front of him, Timmy exploding on impact.
    • After seeing Gavin help to kill one horse that session, Matt emerges from the hole to find Gavin on another horse.
      Matt: "Where the fuck you'd get another horse?"
      Gavin: "Yeah."
    • Edgar III is successfully air-dropped from his original pen to his new one. A similar method is used to drop Edgar into a puddle of water only for him to die while the water is being removed from the hole. Matt gets a lot of hell for freeing Edgar from years of solitary confinement to apparently drown him immediately after.
    • Gavin posts yet another rude sign on Jeremy's house, whose response is to plant TNT in Gavin's Trophy Room and detonate it. Due to server lag Gavin has time to get back and stare at the glowing block, knowing he can do nothing to save his house.
      Gavin: Oh, Jeremy there's some T- oh. Um... guys. There's some TNT that's very white.
      Michael: Oh that's not good.
      Gavin: Can you, can you quit before it blows up?
      Matt: No, I just did something really cool here!
      Gavin: Well something really uncool is about to happen in this room!
    • Jeremy then refuses to rebuild, saying that he did it in the past because he'd dirtied up Achievement City in the process; this time the damage is all interior.
      • Jeremy eventually gives in and proves to be Achievement City's worst contractor. The missing smooth stone is replaced with a random mishmash of cobblestone and planks with pictures haphazardly slapped on, leaving multiple gaps.
    • Gavin proposes a million dollars in exchange for your jizz being a rope that needs to be snipped off. Everyone's interested with Jeremy comparing it to the dick being a spider, which Gavin finds weird. Then Geoff weirds out everyone by proposing what if you jizzed spiders.
    • Once again, someone (this time Gavin) accidentally discovers a future Let's Play, except this time we actually get to see it... albiet extremely pixelatednote . Jeremy is, yet again, shocked that Matt made {BLEEEEP}.
      • Gavin's reaction starts with stupefied awe until the moment he finally realizes what it is. At that moment it abruptly transitions into horror.
  • Episode 219 - Hole in Three
    • Gavin is eating a sandwich for most of the video, resulting in him periodically freezing looking down the hole. As expected the other guys take advantage, constantly knocking him to his death.
      • He also spends a while complaining about how American sandwiches have too much meat, which Jeremy finds offensive and the others dismiss. Gavin describes his sandwich as "meat with inconvenience around it".
    • The Oinkens are air-dropped successfully... kind of. Matt gets the first one down safely but Jack, wanting to save it from drowning, removes water before the second lands.
    • Server lag hits frequently, at one point resulting in an explosion of cows.
    • They decide to roof over the hole and put in a glass window so they can all come and stare down at him.
    • Much like his issues with iron ore years ago, Michael can't find the Smooth Stone in creative despite it being the very first block in the menu.
    • After several episodes of admiring the 6 / 9 in the snow, Jeremy decides to add a second number, creating a 69 in the snow. Matt and Geoff approve.
    • Jack's monument gets a red smile compliments of Gavin; Jeremy then adds pink blush marks. Jack is bemused that even in a series of episodes focused on trolling Ryan, they still get in blows against him.
    • Matt spawns several Creepers in Gavin's Trophy Room and a Zombie in the living room. Michael guesses Gavin has family over to visit he didn't know about. It's on Easy so everything's fine... until it switches to Survival, the Trophy Room immediately explodes, and all of Gavin's art pops off the walls.
    • Michael thinks a sign reading "Ryan's dumb fucking hole" may be a bit on-the-nose.
  • Episode 221 - Creeper Soccer X
    • Ryan begins to put on his 1940s guy voice again, which rapidly degrades back in time to 1920s, then starts slipping into all sorts of accents and noises that sound vaguely like words. Everyone else joins in.
      Michael: It's like, five different accents at once.
    • One of the Creepers manages to knock some redstone loose. Except for Ryan they decide the best way to solve this is to stare up at Matt hovering above them until he fixes it.
    • After the game they decide to celebrate by beating Ryan to death. Ryan gets cornered and seems to be trying to use his rod as a grappling hook to escape... or so they thought. He was actually flipping the spawn switch over and over again - cue big explosions to end the video.
  • Episode 222 - Dark Monopoly
    • The video opens with Gavin being told to take off his old shirt and Michael trying to hurt him with snowballs.
    • Ryan tosses meat through the Nether Portal, curious as to if it goes through. Jack finds them when he hops through.
    • The Reveal:
      Gavin: (Stepping through and seeing everything) What the hell...? (Beat) OH NO!
      Jack: Tower of Pimps, Question Mark...
      Jeremy: What is it?
      Gavin: OH, NO!
      Jack: Ohhhhh...
      Ryan: NO! NO! NOT THAT!
      Jack: YES! YES!
      Geoff: (Evil Laughter)
      Jack: YESSSSS!!
      Geoff: Welcome, everybody, to Dark Monopoly!
      Michael: Jesus Christ...
    • They quickly joke about the fact that Ryan can actually speak this time.
      Jeremy: Quick, punch him in the larynx!
    • After learning that there's an actual bank vault on the board:
      Jeremy: "The Royal Bank of Matt. Please do not rob."
      Ryan: Somebody- somebody disable Geoff's earphones for a second? (quietly) Guys. It's time for a Minecraft heist.
      Michael: Oh shit. So you mean just, like, rob the-
      Geoff: Not only did you not disable my earphones, I'm sitting next to you!
    • As they get through with their first turn, they start discussing about if Ray would have regretted quitting Rooster Teeth if he saw this. They all agree he'd probably be glad he wasn't here.
    • During an autosave moment, Ryan starts talking like he's in an old radio commercial. This leads into Geoff playing around with this:
  • Episode 223 - Tumble
    • During one early round, Gavin digs an island out for himself that no one can get to while the other guys fight it out. In the end, Geoff and Gavin have a staredown before Michael (who, like Matt, Ryan and Jeremy is dead and thus a bat by this point) gets the idea of "Squeak at Gavin until we knock him off!" This results in Gavin freaking out and jumping off his own island in a desperate attempt to get away, giving Geoff the round.
  • Episode 224 - Pixelmon
  • Episode 225 - Pixelmon Part 2
    • Gavin's tiny Squirtle evolves into a tiny Wartortle.
    • Michael's Charmeleon evolves into Charizard, and Michael, in addition to looking hilarious while straddling its neck, manages to accidentally dismount while flying it, thus resulting him falling to his death. Twice.
  • Episode 227 – Pixelmon Part 3: The King of Karp
    • Geoff finally joins them, but he's not shy about voicing how dumb he finds the entire thing. This is not helped by the fact that his Piplup? Also tiny.
      • What makes it funnier is once he gets up a few levels, he begins to actually kind of get into it...
    • Gavin gets excited.
      Gavin: "Guys, I found a potato!"
    • Because Ryan is absent for this Let's Play, the server 'god' duties fall instead to Matt... who is surprised at first that he can execute commands then gets flustered when the others start demanding things of him when he's trying to get other stuff done like levelling his Staravia.
      • At one point Jeremy, lost in another biome, asks for a teleport back to the others. When Matt can finally get to it he puts in the command backwards and teleports to Jeremy instead. He later does the same thing with Gavin.
    • Geoff finds an Arbok.
    • The titular King of Karp - Matt's Lv. 19 Magikarp who evolves into a HUGE Gyrados.
  • Episode 229: Chinese Mythology
    Gavin: Oh. My. Gawd.
    Ryan: [starts singing the beat of "Baby Got Back"]
    Michael and Jeremy simultaneously: What's up, Gav?
    Gavin: It's a little turquoise bunny!! [Squees]
  • Episode 231 – Slender
    • They all have costumes. Matt is Slenderman, Jack is an anatomical model, Jeremy a ghost, Michael is the Grim Reaper... and Ryan is Bozo, the forth of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
    • Playing Matt's version of Slender involves him running around and killing the others. Jeremy decides it'd be more fun to haunt Matt instead.
    • After Jeremy mistakes Michael at a distance for Matt as Slender and Michael asks if he's saying that all white skinned monsters look the same.
      Jeremy: "All ghosts are racist, oooooooh~!"
  • Episode 232 - Dark Monopoly Part 2
    • Gavin gets sent to jail for speeding and notices the sign inside that says Loser. He then starts piling up his Creeper head tokens around the entrance to the jail.
      Jack: "Gavin's putting his faces everywhere..."
      Gavin: "I'm spreading like a fungus!"
      Ryan: *a few seconds later after rolling* "Ahh, Gavin! Get your SHIT off my property!"
      Michael: "Do we have to come in there?"
    • Later on, Gavin lands on Shag Tent and proceeds to pay Michael before being suddenly interrupted by Geoff accidentally attempting to use the beds inside. The group's reactions are hysterical:
      Michael: "Goddammit, I need change..."
      Geoff: *walks into Shag Tent, uses one of the beds, Shag Tent instantly blows up* "OH SHIT!"
      Gavin: "OHHHHH!"
      Jack: "What happened?!"
      Ryan: "What did you DO?!"
      Gavin: "Geoff slept in the Shag Tent!"
      Jack: "Geoff, you DUMBASS!" *him, Gavin and Jeremy start laughing hysterically*
      Michael: "Geoff... you're fuckin' STUPID."
      Michael: "COME ON, GEOFF!!"
  • Episode 233 - The World is Lava
    • Everyone is in complete disbelief that the entire Minecraft world is covered in lava. Matt admits it took him about a month to do so. Gavin and Geoff start discussing ways they could cut his check for this.
    • Most of the video consists of everyone trying their damnedest not to fall into the lava on their little wooden bridges. Gavin, in particular, walks backwards into higher lava a few times.
    • Ryan, at one point, decides to hop onto a railcart to get to another location. He drives right into a pile of lava.
    • Gavin suffers a Mondegreen moment, thinking Matt called him "Granite Gavin". Jeremy describes him as a "smoother Thing."
    • Matt put a flag in the Capture the Tower X on the roof over a jagged ice path. Jeremy just builds a tower up to it.
    • Jack discovers the old Wipeout obstacle course and has trouble remembering its name, while everyone else is screaming the name at him. After he and Gavin point out how odd it was to see that the original max height of Minecraft is so small compared to now, Gavin turns around and punches Jack for his ineptitude.
      • The guys also learn that the pistons have been going ever since the original video. They point out how it probably contributed to the numerous crashes that Achievement City has experienced.
    • It doesn't take long for everyone to realize the magnitude of the task before them. It says something that they almost immediately start working together instead of trying to screw each other over as they usually do.
  • Episode 234 - The World is Lava Part 2
    Gavin: [literally starts squeaking]
    Ryan: What is that noise??
  • Episode 235 - The World is Lava Part 3
    • Gavin climbs up the wrong ladder for the banner at Ice Cube, so he builds a wooden bridge around the outside of it to the right one, grabs the banner, and then continues the bridge to the next platform around to climb down. Michael arrives a few minutes later, climbs up the wrong ladder, and follows Gavin's bridge - only he completely misses the banner, follows the bridge to the end, and then spends the next several minutes stacking up to the very top of Ice Cube.
    • Jeremy decides to look in the Secret Tunnel for a banner. The others immediately tell him not to, after a few seconds, Jeremy yells and immediately gets cut off as he exits the game.
      • Jeremy also asks the editor to cover his screen as he enters the tunnel. Multiple pictures then cover his screen, including SQUEEEEEPS.
    • After Jack wins, Gavin kicks him from the game. Everybody else immediately blames Matt.
  • Episode 236 - Voyage of the Dumb Treaders
    • "Did you know mansions were in Minecraft?"
    • After it's discovered that they need a crapton of emeralds in order to get the map, Geoff announces that they'll pause the video, and fast forward until they get the required amount... which is code for Ryan going into Creative Mode as they pretend they are speeding up the footage.
    • Having made a map, everybody sets off to try and find the mansion depicted on it. Ryan immediately walks into lava and dies.
    • As they're off the edge of said map, they have to work their way southwest to it. After a very long time in boats, trying to coordinate between the map, the direction that the sun's moving, and Jeremy's compass. Tensions ride high.
      Gavin: If we have the smegging compass, Jeremy, you don't need to look at the farting sun-
      Jeremy: (interrupts) Wha- I'm just trying to give Ryan an idea of where to turn!
      Gavin: (talks over Jeremy) Because you got the compass in your shitting hand, Jeremy!
      Jeremy: I'm trying t- you (pounds the table) retarded fuck- (everyone else loses it)
    • And then Geoff realizes something.
      Geoff: Can I ask maybe a stupid question?
      Ryan: What's up?
      Geoff: Doesn't the compass just point to your spawn?
      Jack: Yeah.
      Everybody: *sudden realization, mass Corpsing*
      Jeremy: Fuck!
    • A minute afterwards, Michael throws his sword into the ocean. He decides to jump in after it.
  • Episode 237 - Journey to the (South)West
    • As Jack and Jeremy find the Mansion, Gavin winds up being dumbfounded by the news of the Tom Cruise "Mummy" reboot.
    • After the gang finally finds the mansion, they try to figure out the best way to enter the place only for an Illiger to walk outside and murder Michael.
      • Basically all interactions with the Illigers, which results in lots of screaming from everyone as they die.
    • Most of the chests out in the open being completely empty.
    • Gavin locking Ryan in the prison room. Ryan escapes by building some stairs to hop out of a gap in the cell.
    • On the very last floor, Jeremy finds a ladder up to an 'attic' level and climbs up to an upper balcony with Gavin. They come face to face with a Creeper and then the viewpoint switches to Ryan just as Jeremy and Gavin's items land in front of everyone.
    • Ryan and Jeremy decide to destroy the place with TNT and Lava buckets, with people inside still. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Ryan's "Fast Forwarding" skills coming back into use.
      • One of the segments has the sped up minecraft footage replaced with sped up footage from the Gal*Gun Let's Watch.
  • Episode 238 – Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree V
    • Jeremy decorates Achievement City for the holidays by wrapping Geoff's house in ribbon and adding breasts to the giant wool statue of Jack. Michael then motorboats the giant wool Jack.
    • Before the jamboree starts, Gavin breaks the ice and goes into the water and is flabbergasted to see a massive underwater glass building that has the word "Kill" in giant block letters on the inside. Jeremy starts freaking out and admits that he had built that structure the first week he and Matt were brought in to do builds - which was BEFORE he was even officially hired at Achievement Hunter! The rest of the guys are stunned that it's been sitting there for over two years and no one has noticed...and then it's gone because Jeremy flips a switch to blow it up, which was hidden underneath a nearby tree. Now in animated form.
      • What makes this hilarious is that Jeremy is freaking out just as bad as Gavin did when his secret room was discovered. Even more so when he reveals of when he made it.
  • Episode 239 - Freezeezy Peak
  • Episode 240 - Pest Control

    Let's Play Minecraft — 2017 episodes (241-292) 
  • Episode 241 - Pixelmon Part 5: I'm a computer!
    • Michael tricks Gavin into pressing shift whilst flying, making him jump off his Fearow. Gavin saves himself by landing back on his Fearow moments before hitting the ground. Twelve seconds later, he presses shift to sprint, falls off, and dies.
      • And three minutes later than that, he casually tricks Ryan into doing the same thing.
    • Gavin evolves Worthless, his tiny Wartortle... into an equally tiny Blastoise, which he can ride around on. He renames it 'Blastard'.
      • For bonus points, while Blastard is roughly as tall as a cat, it still has the same movement speed as a normal-sized Blastoise. So when Gavin rides it, Blastard looks like it's hauling ass.
    • In an inversion of Dug Too Deep, Gavin hops on his Fearow and leaves his Xbox controller holding down the space bar for a few minutes. By the time he's realized his mistake, he's trapped far, far above the world height, so far that Ryan can't even teleport him back down again.
  • Episode 243 - Ender City
    • As Geoff is giving the lowdown on today's episode, Gavin runs towards the secret tunnel and constantly run back and towards it.
    • In a similar incident to the Fearow mistake, Ryan goes to use the bathroom and sets his controller down, setting it in a way that it hits the trigger button, causing him to punch a nearby treasure chest and the wall behind it.
    • Gavin and Jeremy are the last two to hop into The End. Before Jeremy does, he eats a steak in front of him, then boasts that he took it from his house as he jumps in.
    • As they're fighting the Ender Dragon, Jeremy notices its attacks leave a lingering effect, which Gavin compares to cum. They spend the entire battle telling people to watch out for its cum puddles.
    • When Geoff, Jack and Ryan are killed and respawn back outside, Ryan's shocked to find out he's flying. Even more so when Matt futzes with the time cycle.
    • Once the Ender Dragon is dead, the gang needs to throw an Ender Pearl into a portal nestled in a beacon. Geoff just builds a tower up to it to throw it in.
    • Jeremy steals the Elytra and makes his escape. Right off the side of the End. He makes it back to land.
    • Gavin challenges Jeremy to rap the Tower of Pimps song using only his signature "hap" and "tpap" sounds. Jeremy immediately takes him up on it.
      Michael: Funny story, Gavin, he's been waiting two years for somebody to ask that question.
    • Jeremy remarks while looking at the crafting menu how you can make a purpur pillar, leaving everyone confused because it sounds like Jeremy just said some gibberish. Notably it gets a reaction out of Gavin, but it sounds like he forgot what he was saying halfway through responding.
      Gavin: Are you havin'... my arse?
    • The discovery that eating a chorus fruit will teleport the player a short distance, but in a random direction. Gavin proposes a teleport-only race from their spawn point back to Achievement City. It... doesn't go very well.
    • Jeremy nearly drowns himself by attempting to use the Elytra to fly in water two blocks deep.
    • The episode ends with someone summoning The Wither in the basement of Jeremy's house (in his "pleasure chamber", to be specific)
  • Episode 244 - The Glass Tower
    • At the beginning of the episode, Gavin types in fake advertisements in chat that are... quite a sight to behold.
      Gavin message 1: welcoming the magician duo of a deaf women and a chicken?
      Gavin message 2: A Larger version of the the Village People hit by a lot of radiation?
  • Episode 245 - Clouds X
    • The episode starts with Gavin somehow gaining an Ender Dragon head. It turns out that it was a decoration on the Ender Boat, Gavin grabbed it and everyone was shocked that he could equip it. He keeps it on throughout the video.
    • Jack is just about ready to reach the first island when the lava underneath his platform causes him to miss the jump and get Ryan Mis-blamed for hitting him. While Ryan's proclaiming his innocence, Jeremy jumps, misses his jump but punches Ryan on the way down, taking him with him.
    • Partway through, Gavin wonders if completing this is possible. Geoff says it was because Andrew beta-tested it. The others mock him because of course he can do it.
    Ryan: Well, we wanted to see if these weights were too heavy, so we asked Superman to carry them.
    Michael: Yeah! (others burst out laughing) He actually threw them out to space.
    Gavin: Well, Jesus can walk across this water...
    • Jeremy finds an ender pearl, and decides to use it to get to the end of the section he's on. He misses. By a long shot.
    • Ryan nails a 1x1 block of water landing to get a chest... which contains three creeper spawning eggs. Once he's had time to think about it, Geoff goes on a rant.
    Ryan: ...but I did the one to get a chest, and it just had some creeper eggs in it.
    Geoff: You know what that means? You can fuck up some people.
    Ryan: I'm gonna, but...
    Geoff: Why would you- why would he give us creeper eggs, you can't blow this shit up! You can't use that- (chokes) Just choked on my anger. You can't, uh, you can't use those, dude.
    Ryan: Well... can I have something else?
    Geoff: No! Just you can't use those.
    Ryan: I mean I made a one by one water block landing!
    Geoff: I know! It's awesome! Make it again, and fucking that's all you gotta do, just do the same thing you already did, to pass the thing. But don't put a fucking creep- what the fuck? What's the point of that?!
  • Episode 247 - Sky Factory
    • The setup for this is that all of Achievement Hunter has to build a world from one tree and one block of dirt. That's it. The six of them standing on a tree surrounded by nothing but a straight plunge to death.
      • They need to start by carefully collecting the leaves and saplings. The game has to be restarted twice due to their compulsive need to demolish the tree.
    • When Jeremy first spawns in, he ends up with a pair of googly eyes. When they have to restart, it's Geoff who has them, leading to everyone to want to see Halo do with the Master Chief wearing googly eyes.
    • Ryan turns off Sticky Keys but ends up switching on the narrator, who continues to talk randomly throughout the video.
    • After they appear to be making progress, setting up a large platform with some fences to keep them from falling, Jeremy comes across something in the manual called "Vein Mining", which is meant to be used on wood and leaves. Gavin tries it out, but the action causes almost the entire platform to be vaporized, sending Ryan, Geoff, Gavin, and Michael to their deaths.
  • Episode 249 – Mo'Chievements: FUPA
    • After several years, Gavin reveals why he was so pissed off at the end of "Wool Collecting": since Gavin helped Geoff make the Let's Play, he had an advantage. As such, he technically won 25 minutes in, but since it was too short of a video, Gavin "just hung out with [his] squid ink", with Geoff telling him he'd let him know when he can actually win. In case you forgot, Geoff won that let's play.
    • Ryan's attempts to decipher the acronym "FUPA".note  He works out the first three words but gets stuck on the "A". He guesses various A words while the others use the word "area" as much as humanly possible. At the very end of the end of the video Ryan says "Oh, area", provoking raucous laughter from the others. Now in animated and Animated & Source form.
    • Jack asks Ryan if he has a "buttfor", but Ryan doesn't understand that either:
    Jack: Ryan, do you have a buttfor?
    Ryan: ...Wh-what?
    Jack: A buttfor.
    Ryan: Butt for what?
    • Also:
    Gavin: What do you do don't know what something is?
    Ryan: Ask for someone to explain it and hope that they do that instead of saying 'What's a buttfor?'
    Cue cheers and laughter and Ryan finally getting it.
    It's worth noting that Ryan knew what game Jack was playing the whole time. He constantly avoids taking the bait for the entire length of the gag, refusing to ask the intended question for half the video until the very end when he finally hangs a lampshade on it and lets Jack have his punchline.
  • Episode 251 - Deluxe Apartment in the Sky
    • Geoff is finally away, so Gavin leads a bunch of the others into building a secret apartment at the top of his monolith.
    • The summarization of how Let's Build went, according to Matt:
      Michael: Lindsay's already building, what are you building?!
      Lindsay: Uh, whatever the fuck I want!
      Michael: Stop!
    • Matt is asked to make a window. So he does. With TNT. Cue the Freak Out!.
      • And then the size of the window. For what is meant to be a secret spyhole.
    • Gavin suggests making the floor out of golden pressure plates because the ticking noise of them being activated will piss Geoff off.
    • Matt's fight to keep the spyhole in the floor uncovered.
    • At one point Ryan punches a hole in the ceiling to make an entry way. The view then switches to Michael's camera as Ryan plummets through the ceiling and down the spyhole in the floor.
    • A Meta one: Gavin manages to use the Elytra to fly from Cloud Down into the hole in the window. Everyone in the comments pointed out that, since Gavin had "Flying" on in his permissions, he wasn't actually using the Elytra. Meaning it won't actually work in Survival.
      • To be fair, though, they realised this in the following episode and corrected for it, making it work anyway, though that lead to the below hijinks.
  • Episode 252 – The Classy Way In
    • Ryan, Gavin and Michael spend a lot of time trying to get the 'flying in entrance' right. Gavin lowers the window hole to easier and Ryan makes it, sliding in on his stomach. Then Michael arrives, still aiming for where the hole used to be and goes splat behind him.
  • Episode 253 – Sky Factory Part 3
    • Part 3 and it's Michael's turn to have the googly eyes.
    • A little sing-song.
      Gavin: (walking past Michael, snorts) "Your eyes!"
      Michael: "What? What'd you say to me?"
      Gavin: "Your eyes. (singing) In your eyes~"
      Ryan: "(also singing) The light, the heat~"
      Gavin: "In your eyes~"
      Ryan: "I am complete~"
      Gavin: "In your eyes~"
      Ryan: "(big pause) ... something more!"
    • A rarely heard sentence.
    • Gavin makes a bedroom, and tries to put in a window. Jeremy decides to smash the window... and then punch Gavin out it, killing him. Gavin is pissed, Michael is mildly surprised, and Jeremy is shocked.
    • Jeremy makes some ropes down to the gravestones, as punishment for defenestrating Gavin. A little later, Gavin just jumps off, then goes down to collect his stuff... only it's nighttime, and the platform below is covered with monsters. He has just enough time to be worried before being blown up by a creeper with googly eyes.
  • Episode 254 - Glider Raceway
    • Poor Lindsay DNFs her first race round, both her and the others teasing her over it.
      • During the second round, after Michael completely bungles a cute voice, Gavin asks Lindsay to do her own (which fans have commented made it sound like a baby Ruby Rose). The others try to do their own throughout the video.
      • During the third round, Gavin smashes into a wall, leading him to grunt out "COCK!" in annoyance.
  • Episode 257 - Oceancraft
    • Jeremy comes up with his longest Incredibly Lame Pun website yet.
      <Jerem6401> Want your eggs benedict on a gold platter?
  • Episode 259 - Dark Monopoly Finale
    • Not five minutes into the 87-minute video, Ryan lands on one of Jeremy's hotels, making him go bankrupt. He kicks Jeremy in retaliation... and Jeremy can't get back in. Cue Ryanical Difficulties.
      • And five minutes later, Ryan realizes that Jeremy accidentally got Geoff to call out the hotel price for the wrong property and he's not actually bankrupt.
    • So many people commented on the previous video about Jack apparently cheating Michael out of some money, that for the duration of the game Michael gets free board and lodging whenever he lands on Jack's properties.
    • Jack is immediately bored and sets about building a giant portal wall.
    • The discussion about Gavin losing a flamethrower, a crossbow, and various other dangerous things to a thief. And not noticing they were gone for months.
    • They discover that since Geoff's accident in Part 2, Matt rebuilt the Shag Tent out of obsidian and bedrock so it couldn't be blown up again. Jeremy and Ryan immediately set about returning it to its wool and wood glory. The moment Jeremy's distracted by having to get paid by Jack, Ryan accidentally blows it up.
      Ryan: Oops!
    • As everyone becomes more and more bored and players start getting eliminated, Ryan attempts to prepare for a finale by planting TNT everywhere. Geoff dutifully follows him round and cleans it up. At the end, Ryan sets up a huge redstone circuit for the sole purpose of dropping TNT and cows onto the board. Moments after he activates it the TNT gets stuck in the drop holes and blows the dispensers up.
  • Episode 260 - Achievement Highlands
    • As the goal is explained - simultaneously possessing all six flags - the other guys become increasingly angry at how impossible that is when nobody is ever removed from the game. They dismiss the estimate of two episodes, expecting it will last the entire year.
    • While everyone is getting acclimated to the layout of their towers, Ryan is inspecting the TNT blocks only to find out that the pressure plate near them is live and hooked to the blocks. He ends up starting with his TNT supplies depleted, and a rather large hole in his tower.
    • Once the match gets going, the sheer amount of TNT that is detonated all around the game as the guys decimate each other's towers. As Michael notes, the game at this point is less about getting the flags more about wrecking one another's houses.
    • Geoff running around with buckets of water, depositing it in different places, giggling like a madman. Gavin even dubs him The Wet Bandit due to this.
    • It transpires that one of the build team "accidentally" made Gavin's floors out of silverfish blocks.
    • Near the end, Gavin is in Ryan's place and he knocks out one of Ryan's armor stands, puts on the armor himself, then crouches in the spot (hiding his player tag) when Ryan walks through the room. Ryan completely does not notice him.
      • Earlier, Gavin tried the same trick with Michael... only for it to fall apart because Michael saw him.
  • Episode 261 - Achievement Highlands: Grippin' and Rippin'
    • The irony of the dismissal of this game being two parts last episode comes in when, due to chance timing and Michael, Geoff and Gavin not really playing anymore, Ryan beats Jack in a duel for the flags and wins the game.
    • Jack builds a rail in the first half of the video from his tower to Geoff's tower for convenience. He invites Gavin over to his tower to let him take a spin and almost immediately after Gavin blows up the rail by placing TNT next to some of the live redstone rail tracks.
    • Most of the first half of the video is spent with Michael trying to find Geoff's flag, which is located on the outside of his house, by building around his house. Like with withe rail incident above, this is immediately undone when he tries to show Gavin once he does find it, but not by Gavin. Instead, Ryan accidentally mines it when trying to build up Geoff's tower.
      • This is made even more hilarious by the fact that Ryan believes Michael has it and doesn't discover he has it until Michael mentions he took it. Bonus point for him not opening his inventory at all until Michael brings it up.
      • Bonus points for happening in the middle of one of Geoff's long, rambling stories, to the point where a lot of viewers commented that even they'd stopped paying attention to what the Hunters were doing and had to go back and check.
    • Near the end, Ryan and Jack both exchange flags after Jack steals Jeremy's flag. This alone wouldn't be funny, but they manage to find each other's hiding places almost simultaneously. Everyone reacts with either laughter or yelling when it's reveal they essentially just gave each other the flags they had.
    • The Reveal of Jeremy's button, which sends zombies into Gavin's house and Gavin's reaction to finding zombies coming out of his paintings. To elaborate, Gavin opts to follow the redstone to Jeremy's house and fill it with zombies with the spawn eggs he found from the dispenser behind his paintings, leading to everyone else who picked up some of the spawn eggs to also spawn zombies. Ryan is forced to erect his tower quick before the zombies reach his house.
  • Episode 266 - Sky Factory Part 8. First, a conversation about America's tastiest children's medicine leads to Jeremy accidentally saying Poison Control as "Poison Patrol"; Geoff proceeds to say it excitedly while "POISON PATROL" appears on the screen with big multicolored flashing letters.
    • Later on, about 22 minutes into the video, there's a blink-and-miss-it moment when Gavin sneezes, and the editor has a small screen of Gavin's HUD go flying across the screen for a split-second, as if it had been sneezed out.
    • Geoff had spent the entire previous video griping about needing an Ender Pearl. This continues until the end of this one, where he reacts as though he had been reunited with a lost pet.
      • And before that, there's Gavin and Jeremy's charge into the mob spawn room to GET that Ender Pearl. It starts when they decide to advance on the room to stab at the legs of an Enderman they can see in the door. Jeremy gets there first, only to be met with a wave of mobs including four creepers and a few skeletons who succeed in knocking Jeremy off. The three remaining Creepers then advance on Gavin, exploding and taking out part of the bridge and the door, and this kicks off a massive chain reaction inside the room. Then they spy an Ender Pearl in the chaos, so they both charge in again to retrieve it which ends with Jeremy leaving with the item and Gavin dying. This is happening while simultaneously Geoff and Ryan are trying to deal with an Enderman that escaped, which quickly gets worse the moment the chain reaction is kicked off by the two Lads and leads to some very mad Endermen teleporting around.
  • Episode 267 - Sky Factory Part 9 sees Ryan asking who wants to work on the objective in the book that calls for a 'Cow in a Jar'. Everyone immediately says that sounds like Ryan's thing and even he agrees that he's rather typecast himself in such a role.
    • Right around the 9:30 mark Geoff is working on a crafting table while Ryan is next to him tinkering with the machines. The in-game Minecraft animation however makes it look like Ryan is twerking at Geoff.
    • Gavin discovers there is compression beyond the double.
      Gavin: "No way!"
      Ryan: "What?"
      Gavin: "No way!!"
      Ryan: "What?!"
      Gavin: "Quadruple compressed cobblestone!"
      Ryan: "Stop compressing shit!"
  • Episode 268 - Sky Factory Part 10. After spending a large part of the episode figuring out how to breed special chickens, Geoff is very eager to show off but nobody is interested. He ends up offering in a rather forlorn tone until Lindsay finally decides to humor him.
    • One of the hurdles that the crew faces is a bottleneck in their iron production. This is not helped when Lindsay decides to make a FULL SET of iron armor; wasting 27 pieces of a precious resource. It's unclear if she knew at the time of the group's iron-deficiency, but when pressed on the matter later, she denied making it and claimed that she had found it. Only later, when Geoff hatched an iron chicken, did she fess up.
  • Episode 268.5 - Sky Factory 10.5. Jack, Geoff, and Ryan decide to use a down day to clean up and organize their Factory. Except less than five minutes into the video a random Creeper shows up and destroys Ryan's beloved storage drawers, making even more work. Ryan had tried to lead it to the kill zone only for Geoff to try and hide behind the drawers. Geoff absolutely refuses any responsibility for what happened.
    • At the same time Geoff's death to the Creeper means that rather than working on the base he ends up having to go on an odyssey into the graveyard. As a result, Jack is the only person actually doing anything constructive for a few minutes.
    • Ryan declares he's finally found the bottleneck in their iron production line. Geoff asks if it was Lindsay.
    • Ryan continues his creepy actions towards animals as he makes a windsock by tying up a horse in front of a fan, his lead keeping it just blocks from lethal spikes.
  • Episode 269 - Sky Factory Part 11
    • The editors continue to have fun synching camera cuts to Gavin's sneezes and coughs.
    • Gavin gets an item, and doesn't know what it is or does. Instead of going to Google, he just opts to ask Ryan — Ryan had spawned with googly eyes. Much later everybody goes on about Google Ryan.
    • Michael hides in the hemp farm getting high.
    • Jeremy is tasked with sitting on a Cactus Green chicken egg, only he misreads it as Cactus chicken...
      Michael: I bet it's going to be a real big prick.
      Ryan: Are you sure you wanna be sitting on that?
    • Jeremy, having struggled to catch up with all the changes since he's been gone, finally goes mad and taunts Gavin by hurling sand into the void. When he learns it's being collected by the item catcher, he goes out of his way to build a lava pit and then calls Gavin over to watch as he hurls the sand into it.
  • Episode 270 - Sky Factory Part 12
    • Gavin is apparently allergic to playing Sky Factory.
    • Michael finally visits Geoff's chicken battery/laboratory/inbreeding facility and is horrified. Given the reactions of the others, Geoff casually compares himself to Dr. Moreau.
      Michael: [regarding the Glass chicken] I just want to scream at it like "How are you alive!? Where are your organs!?"
      Geoff: You're a crime against nature!
      • At the very end of the episode Jeremy finally comes over to witness the birth of another Glass Chicken.
      Jeremy: [horrified] Oh my god! Holy shi- Oh, look at it!
      Michael: It's another freak. Another two-block freak.
    • Gavin and Jeremy accidentally manage to make Restonia. And by the time they manage to produce it they've already forgotten they needed the Crusher for Steel.
      Gavin: I can't believe I figured that out! I don't know how to make a clock but I can make atomic-crushing-Restonia Crystal!
  • Episode 271 - Sky Factory Part 13
    • Jeremy and Gavin build a Lens of Instant Death to put in the Atomic Reconstructor. Three guesses as to what it does. They immediately start plotting on how to get Ryan to stand in front of it when he returns.
    • This is then followed up with a Lens of Destruction, with which Jeremy snipes the platform Gavin's standing on.
      • They demonstrate this for the others, and are informed they have achieved Evil Genius status. As the rest of the crew leaves the demonstration area, they wall it off to protect themselves.
    • Jeremy pulls a Lindsay and uses up ALL of the diamantine to make armor.
    • Gavin discovers the joy of chiseling blocks, meaning that for a while everyone's picking up little chiseled bits of floor, tree and the Tower of Pimps. Gavin collects some of the gold bits and starts writing his name on the Tower. The G has either a penis or a replica of his nose on the bottom. It isn't until he's written G A Y that he realizes that the V hasn't turned out the way he wanted it.
      • Gavin then makes a baby Tower of Pimps!
  • Episode 272 - Sky Factory Part 14
    • Gavin's condition is seemingly infectious. After a loud sneeze by him early on (which knocks Jack's camera offscreen), and a disjointed sneeze in the middle of the video which cracks his recording in half, Ryan sneezes. His camera pops up for a brief second in the top-right corner.
    • Jeremy goes on a quest into the nether to get blaze powder. He spends so long in there looking for a fortress that he gets lost, and Ryan heads in to rescue him. Eventually, they meet! Jeremy immediately walks into the hole Ryan dug up using his jetpack and falls to his death.
    • Ryan builds himself a throne suspended high above the main platform.
    • Gavin finds an Ender Lily, and immediately begins pestering Jack on how to grow it. Since it's a lily, he goes on about making a pond, which confuses everyone because they don't understand exactly what he's trying to do. Jack gets so pissed off with him that he builds a stone platform specifically for Gavin to do whatever he wants to on it. Gavin then builds a pond... only to discover that the Ender Lily grows in dirt like every other plant.
      • During his quest to even try and figure out how to plant the Ender Lily, Gavin starts messing with Jack's garden and makes an eyesore of a glass aquarium, making Jack angry for him ruining his stuff. Jeremy sums it up nicely.
      Jeremy: You've made a powerful enemy, Gavin.
  • Episode 273 - Sky Factory Part 15
    • Jeremy continues his quest to make elaborate materials for reasons he immediately forgets on completing.
      • He also takes up Satanism, crafting a demonic smelter and blood altar which he feeds with his and Gavin's blood.
    • At the end of the video Gavin discovers a method for creating chiseled blocks of water which are subsequently scattered across every walking surface, slowing down and pissing off everyone. And Michael decides to litter the pathway to Geoff's farm just to piss him off next time.
      • As they approach the end of the episode, the guys realize they don't know how to remove those blocks. They figure out that Gavin can use the chisel to do it - but he'd have to pick every single bit up one at a time.
      Jeremy: What have we done?
      Gavin: You see, without Ryan, nobody contains us. We've started, in one episode, we've flooded the whole place and started blood magic.
      Michael: This is worse than flooding, to be fair. This is a whole new level of flood. And blood magic.
      Jeremy: There absolutely was blood magic.
  • Episode 274 - Sky Factory Part 16
    • The path to Geoff's chicken battery is still littered with water, but the man in question is too occupied with his project to leave. Jeremy lures him out by spawning chickens on the outside platform only for him to completely miss at first that he's slowed while wrangling them.
      Geoff: Hey, what's this blue shit and why does it make you go slow?
      Jack: That would be the great tragedy that is now our life.
      • Geoff's first idea is to burn the water bits, just like Gavin. And then a pig starts drowning in a bit.
    • Later in the episode Geoff's experiments take an even more depraved turn as he arranges breeding pens so the chickens are forced to face each other while they fuck, their beaks merging in a disturbing kiss.
      Jeremy: I thought I was gonna see love and I didn't.
    • Near the end of the episode Geoff is facing overpopulation and needs to cull some of the younger chickens. On killing one chick the video goes greyscale and slow-motion as sad music plays.
      In Loving Memory, Mr. Clucky. Part 16 - Part 16.
    • Ryan builds a nuclear reactor. What's he say after explaining it?
      Ryan: *evil laughter* Suck it, North Korea!
  • Episode 275 - Sky Factory Part 17
    • Gavin keeps sneezing.
    • Everybody continues running through Geoff's chicken battery with no regard for closing the gates behind them. Gavin in particular is very bad at this, constantly opening and walking through them immediately after the others have closed them. Ten minutes into the video, a creeper spawns behind the chicken battery and blows up, making everybody freak out. They unanimously agree that it's Geoff's fault for starting to build a new platform and then not lighting it before leaving.
      • Michael worries that Geoff may note the patch job - a giant patch of cobblestone surrounded by grass. This is on top of their concerns that the Creeper destroyed some of the chickens, the only thing Geoff has loved in a long time.
      • Michael also points out that Geoff is going to wind up finding out even if they keep it a secret, since "[t]he audience is a bunch of fuckin' rats".
    • Jeremy declares himself a god and floods part of the base with his new magical Rod of the Seas, mildly annoying Jack. The general agreement is that he's similar to classical gods in that he's an ass.
    • Gavin once again nags at Ryan about his solar panels and how much better they are than the massive reactor... until he learns said reactor supplies ten times the amount of energy.
      Gavin: (sad) You know, Ryan, maybe I'll just take my solar and chuck it off.
    • Jeremy continues to delve into the magical arts and grows increasingly hyped about erecting a portal. When he finds out Ryan has more than enough coal to fuel his project, he reacts with glee as predictions of doom are made.
      Michael: That coal is going to be the end of the world.
      Jeremy: The coal is the beginning of the end.
      Michael: Ryan said "I have eleven blocks" and then it began. The first wave came and no one expected it.
    • Another one of Jeremy's magic rods sets all entities within a radius of its' activation point on fire. More often than not, this includes Jeremy.
  • Episode 276 - Sky Factory Part 18
    • Pretty much half of the episode can be summed up like this:
      Jeremy: Gavin! Gavin!
      Gavin: What's up?
      Jeremy: Need more blood!
      • Jeremy is ecstatic on reading that rituals can do everything from create water to summon meteors. Gavin says it's too much power for one person to wield, so they absolutely need to do it. Ryan asks that they do it somewhere not important, like Geoff's farm. Geoff wasn't listening but feels vaguely worried.
    • Jeremy and Gavin head into the Nether to roll some chance cubes (since there's the very real chance of Stuff Blowing Up). The first one just prints a message that says "Wait for it...", but it takes so long, it prompts the others to assume it gave Jeremy cancer. The second one turns all of Jeremy's food into rotten meat. Just as they're investigating this, the first chance cube fires - and spawns a freaking supercharged creeper. Gavin declares that he's won Minecraft.
      • However, the others decide that that honor belongs to Jeremy, since he spawned it. Gavin, having been killed by it, is declared to have lost Minecraft.
    • Suddenly there's a new bottleneck caused by a lack of wood, so Gavin starts humping some saplings. A short while into his growing, Ryan and Geoff head back from the Nether, causing some server lag. Gavin becomes very concerned.
      Gavin: My dick's not working!
      • Gavin's recording was crapped out at the time, so his humping is depicted with a crude MS Paint drawing of a Creeper humping a shrub.
    • Michael makes a Tiny Potato mask. It looks nothing like a potato.
  • Episode 277 - Sky Factory Part 19
    • Gavin runs out of corn to regen his health as Jeremy's still committed to draining him of every drop of blood he has. A brief 'Cornical Difficulties' screen pops up.
    • Geoff's Big "NO!" when Jeremy destroys the Forest of Mystery again. To summarize: Geoff is extremely protective of two trees called the "Forest of Mystery". Jeremy and Michael create a Munchdew, a magical plant that eats tree leaves and converts them into mana. Geoff spent some of the last episode and half of this episode attempting to build a glass shield around his trees to protect them from the Munchdew and is very displeased when he learns his shield didn't work. Now in Animated form.
      • Even better than the NO was the moments just before. Geoff voices his concerns, but both Jeremy and Michael think it'll be far enough away. Geoff even builds a dirt platform away from the trees for Michael to put it on.
        Michael: I'm not walking out there to feed the thing.
        Geoff: I'll even make it two wide! Oops.
        Michael: (places the Munchdew; instantly all of the leaf blocks begin disappearing one by one) Ohhhhhhh.
        Geoff: What was that?
        Michael: (continues exhaling)
        Jack: (starts laughing)
        Geoff: (looks at the leaves disappearing, Beat) NO!!!!!
      • While he was trying to smelt all the sand into glass for said shield, he got ribbed on by the others for using one of the normal furnaces, rather than the big fancy ones that get a lot done a lot faster. Geoff's response?
        Geoff: I'm just a simple farmer.
    • Having just put his new jetpack on charge, Ryan jumps off the edge of the platform to his death.
    • Ryan heads into the Nether to find a Fortress using his newly-upgraded jetpack. He dies. He borrows Jack's jetpack, and dies again. He has to build a third to go and get all of his stuff back.
      • A little later, Jack gets temporarily stuck on the platform underneath his farming machines because he doesn't have his jetpack any more.
  • Episode 278 - Sky Factory Part 20
    • Geoff is convinced to start work on some higher tier chickens, resulting in Gavin spending more time in the "super chicken farm". Geoff approves of the name and notes that Gavin has caught the ranching bug as well.
    • Jeremy earns laughs when he mentions his next project is a Ritual of Regeneration and a Well of Suffering. He tries to make it sound better by explaining that while the Well may be bleeding them, the Ritual heals them... so they can suffer for eternity.
      Michael: The true hallmark of a psychopath.
      • The editor makes parody Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for the Ritual of Regeneration and the Well of Suffering:
      During your turn, you may sacrifice 200 life points to give Well of Suffering +100 attack. No, I don't understand how a Well can attack monsters. Yu Gi Oh is a weird game.
      • The guys note that Jeremy is starting to be more evil than Ryan. Ryan petulantly counters that even if he's been constructive lately, he's still evil and will happily out-evil Jeremy.
    • Gavin asks if Jeremy has any preference on type of blood, as he's currently corn-fed. Jeremy's fine, as it gives the blood a nice, buttery flavor.
    • Jeremy lays a Chance Cube in the Nether, which immediately turns to eight. Highlights include: Encasing him in silverfish stone; a tiny man riding a chicken which Jeremy immediately nets and finds to be named Cluckington; a massive swarm of squids in water, which means they now have water in the Nether; a gaggle of Endermen; a mound of TNT that destroys the water and launches an Enderman into lava; and five blocks of diamond surrounding/hiding an active TNT block (a trap that Jeremy, of course, falls for and almost gets killed by).
  • Episode 279 - Sky Factory Part 21
    • The episode starts with a possible food shortage... because Jeremy and Gavin are eating too much food to feed their satanic rituals.
    • Apparently, not even the editors are immune to repeating "Buh-cket" whenever someone mentions a bucket.
    • Gavin's wireless power has a new name: GavyWavyWifi.
    • Ryan has a mishap with the new spawner, and he turns back around to it in time for a creeper to explode and send an enderman flying out the back of it.
    • Gavin discovers that he can use the same method he used for the chiselled bits of water to make chiselled bits of lava.
    • Gavin gets so used to his jetpack he forgets it needs refuelling and plummets to his death.
    • For a while, Geoff has been trying to get his chickens to breed a Terrasteel chicken egg, which will assist Michael and Jeremy with their mana portal. He finally gets one... and smashes it into the ground while trying to put it in the nest.
    • Jeremy continues his slow descent into madness with his blood magic.
      Jeremy: (whispering) Gavin? Gavin! BLOOD.
      Gavin: (seeing Jeremy's increasingly elaborate altar) I don't know what's going on! It's all green!
      Jeremy: (whispering) BLOOD!
    • Geoff sings his own version of "Private Eyes," which leads to the following:
      Geoff: (singing) "Private Geoff. I'm so private..."
      Ryan: "You were a private, weren't you, Geoff?"
      Geoff: "I was. For a period of time."
      Jeremy: (imitating Sarge) "Damn it, Private Geoff!"
      Geoff: "Don't ever do that again."
    • Geoff describes his work at the farm. (The following dialogue is accompanied by subtitles and a picture of Geoff wearing a cartoon farmer hat.)
      Geoff: Yeah, I make chickens. I take two- I take two different kinds of chickens, and then I make 'em fuck, and then they make a different new chicken that's different than that was before, and then a lot of times that chicken will poop stuff out that you guys want, then I'll give it if I if you ask for it, and then it did it then I'll give it to ya, I'll say "Here's the thing the thing you asked for", and then, uh, then sometimes you guys will say "I need this" and then but I don't that doesn't that's not a chicken yet, so I'll take two other chickens and I'll make them fuck and then that'll make a thing, and then, uh, then, uh, when that chicken grows up to to be, uh, big mom chicken, uh, it'll fluh- it'll shit out what the thing you need it'll give it to you.
    • Right after Geoff finishes explaining the farm Gavin discovers the final blaze rod he needs for Solar VI, and gets very excited. He's so desperate to finish making it that for a brief period of time he stops using English entirely.
  • Episode 281 - Sky Factory Part 22
    • After watching Jeremy and Ryan conducting shenanigans with Chance Cubes in The Nether, we cut back to Michael... and see that he has used some elementium to make himself a ridiculous-looking armor outfit - hot pink and covered in spiky bits.
      Ryan: You are kind of like, uh, Optimus Prime got frisky with a Barbie doll.
      • One of Jeremy's cubes creates a potion sprinkler. Aside from crashing Jeremy's game, it also pisses off about ten zombie pigmen who all go after Jeremy while Ryan watches from the sky.
      Ryan: If I help him, he won't learn.
      Jeremy: I don't want to learn!
    • Ryan begins building in Geoff's farm - much to Geoff's concern - to demonstrate his latest method of wanton animal cruelty: Storing them in jars.
      Jeremy: He's gonna drop a fucking anvil on a cow.
      Ryan: Yeah I am. Come watch. Come watch! I made bleachers!
  • Episode 282 - Sky Factory Part 23
    • Michael was out of the room as they start recording, so Lindsay decides to pretend to be Michael. This leads to a discussion on how he laughs, with Lindsay's imitation prompting the editor to paste screenshots of his character bouncing across the screen.
    • While Ryan is talking, Geoff finds a snowball and erupts into delighted giggles after chucking it at a horse. Jeremy asks what Geoff did only for Ryan to get pissed at Geoff for interrupting him. This leads to a sullen Geoff declaring later on that he doesn't know if he's allowed to talk this episode.
      • Said comment comes after Geoff gets a Gray Chicken egg and throws it while trying to place it in a nest. And then he throws another egg after promising himself not to and then discovers he's putting chickens in the wrong place.
      Geoff: I don't know why I threw it! I threw it because I'm stupid!
    • Ryan gets excited about leading a Wither Skeleton expedition into the Nether with the whole team... until Jack gets six Skulls from their loot bags.
    • Jack needs to get mob chunks with a Soulium Dagger, and asks Geoff if he can kill some of the chickens. He is not happy.
      Geoff: (Geoff's screen pops in from the bottom left corner of Jack's screen, tinted red) EXCUSE ME?!
    • Geoff spends about fifteen minutes breeding for a purple slime chicken egg.
      Geoff: DAH!!! I DID IT AGAIN! Why do I keep throwing these important eggs? God, fuck, damn it I'm sorry. Fuck me, I just threw a purple slime egg. [starts smacking himself]
    • Jeremy built an extension right next to his magic portal and intentionally didn't light it. Michael compares the result to Hell and a horde from the Walking Dead.
    • Ryan finally launches his expedition for the final needed skull, and it doesn't go well.
      Ryan: Why will none of you give me head!?
    • At one point, Ryan loses track of his pants trying to enchant them. Much later, Lindsay finds said pants in her inventory. It's immediately attributed to her Ring of Magnetism.
      Lindsay: Man, this ring is powerful!
      Ryan: ...did you suck my pants off?!?
    • Geoff's wonderful day continues as he reveals during his trip to the bathroom he very nearly shit his pants. And as soon as he sits down he throws another egg onto the ground. Ryan refuses to believe he could really be doing this badly.
      • Lindsay goes to the bathroom and the guys start worrying she'll shit herself. She didn't, but she did throw up twice. Jeremy's a bit afraid to go to the bathroom himself.
  • Episode 283 - Sky Factory Part 24
    • Gavin's game initially refuses to load and his screen displays a giant list of mods instead.
      Gavin: Every mod starts with "FML", and I'm feeling it.
    • Gavin builds a teleporter to the Beneath and accidentally goes through it before he's ready. For reference, the Beneath is a series of pitch-black caves filled with monsters and creepy growling noises.
      Ryan: Now, Gavin, how does it feel to be in the Beneath?
      Gavin: (terrified whimpering)
      • Not long after arriving, Ryan asks why they even bothered coming there. As Gavin recalls, Ryan ordered him to build the teleporter and then asked why Gavin was doing something so pointless a few parts later.
    • The Nether fortress portal causing fall damage bites Gavin in a big way: his first time using it, he dies.
    • Gavin builds a Death Generator and accidentally curses himself with the Specter of Death, which insta-kills him every so often. No one else is particularly surprised that the Death Generator had horrific side effects.
      • Ryan unknowingly gets cursed soon after Gavin does, prompting him to wonder why he can see how long Gavin has left to live. He still doesn't get it when Gavin tells him the countdown he's reading off is different from the one Gavin has, and only gets it when he is killed.
      • Later, Gavin sneaks the Death Generator into other parts of the base and manages to curse Michael and Jack before the latter gets mad enough to throw it into the void.
      • Jeremy declares he's very proud of Gavin for figuring out how to control a demon of death... until he gets cursed, at which point he gets pissed at Gavin.
    • Geoff drops a lava egg in the middle of the farm, spawning a lava source block. Jeremy swoops in to the rescue to put dirt over it, Gavin coughs Michael's cam on-screen - and then Michael starts reporting on it as if he was watching from a news helicopter, complete with overlay.
      News Crawl: A simple farmer has fucked up again. "This guy can't keep poop out of his pants," said a local blood mage. "He shouldn't have lava."
    • "We're fighting a dragon and Geoff is naming chickens."
    • In the climax of the episode, Jack's fusion crafter steals all the energy in the power grid, causing Ryan's storage computer to short out and flash like a broken computer. Michael tries turning this into a cliffhanger for the next episode, but Ryan fixes it, mostly (the power grid is still having issues, but the computer is working again). While Michael is complaining about the lack of a cliffhanger, Jack leaps to his death, having forgotten he wasn't wearing a jetpack.
  • Episode 284 - Sky Factory Part 25
    • Ryan spills coolant everywhere while upgrading his nuclear reactor and has to spend much of the episode cleaning it up. And the coolant is made of liquified Ender Pearls, so it randomly teleports him every time he touches it.
    • While crafting, Michael discovers a "Fabulous Mana Pool" and asks Jeremy what it is. The camera zooms in on the icon and begins flashing pink with glitter while metro music plays.
      Jeremy: [in a Camp Gay voice] Fabulous?
    • Geoff declares that today is the day he won't break any chicken eggs.
      [literally twenty seconds later]
      Geoff: Alright, today is not the day I don't throw a chicken egg.
    • Geoff at one point hurls unwanted eggs towards Jeremy's altar, and apparently one hatches into a snow chicken that proceeds to shit all over the place. After much hemming and hawing, Geoff claims he has no idea how it happened.
    • Jeremy lays an alchemy array with no idea what it does. Then he makes it bigger. He has to plead with Gavin to not bleed on something which they don't understand.
  • Episode 285 - Sky Factory Part 26
    • Near the start of the video, Ryan makes a Dragonball Z reference about Jacks' fusion process. The video editors added in a graphic depicting Ryan performing the Fusion Dance with a salt shaker. The end result? Their Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid finale thumbnail.
    • Michael makes a comment about how Gavin is 'halfway there' to Solar Seven. Gavin then goes 'oh-oh!' and things go downhill from there.
      Ryan: Was that Living on a Prayer?
      Michael: It was. It was Madonna.
      Geoff: Madonna was Living on a Prayer?
      Gavin: No, it was Evaneference.
      Ryan: Eveneferin?
      Jack: Heprin.
      Geoff: Effer-fedrin?
      Ryan: [belches]
    • Michael reads about how killing the Pig of Destiny can result in some rare loot. This instantly attracts Ryan, who strikes the Pig... and gets killed for it.
    • Gavin calls for a favour. Unfortunately he does so in half Cockney rhyming slang, so...
      Gavin: Can someone do me a lemon jim-jam?
    • Ryan pops in and out of the End, and becomes invisible. He uses this to troll the others, dropping buckets of coolant that teleports them - then he dumps it on top of Geoff, who doesn't have a jetpack and plummets to his death. Geoff loses it and goes on an angry rant about how he's a simple farmer who never hurt anyone, he's lost all his stuff including the obsidian chicken he spent all episode breeding, and someone left his door open. Now in animated format.
      • Gavin refers to it as an "Ender jizz shower".
    • Jack recruits Geoff to help him twerk a gargantuan redwood tree into existence. Geoff activates his Sticky Keys in the process. When the tree spawns, Gavin suffocates inside it. And when Michael sees the giant tree looming over the skyline, he yells at Jeremy to bring over the Munchdew.
  • Episode 286 - Sky Factory Part 27
    • Gaia is summoned and (after an initial failure), an epic battle commences complete with in-game rock music... for everyone except Geoff. Every time it cuts to his camera there's no music and he's continuing his mundane activities, like muttering why there's a block of dirt missing.
      Geoff: [as the fight reaches its climax] Why did I just get rock music?
    • Jeremy and Michael figure out how to feed the Munchdew on the redwood and proceed to do just that. They are not at all subtle in their discussing the process but it takes a long time for the rest to figure out what they're doing.
      • Geoff in particular gets upset at the redwood being destroyed and goes to check on it... by looking around at ground level. Michael and Jeremy assure him it's a different redwood and he calms down... until it's pointed out they only have the one. Simple Geoff just wants them to stop messing around in the farm.
    • Michael spends most of the episode complaining his hangover left him feeling sick to the stomach. It eventually cuts to a live camera of him trying to make himself vomit by sniffing at vodka.
      Jeremy: [bewildered] So we had Geoff shit himself in Sky Factory, and Michael vomiting on live camera... You're, you're ruining my thoughts of ribeye later!
      • Poor Gavin can't concentrate due to Michael just leaving the vomit-filled trash can next to his desk.
    • Michael gets annoyed by the random (actual) crap on the mana altar and tries to break the altar to remove it... only for the altar to steal his tool.
    • The time comes once again for the Chance Cube Nether trip. Jeremy tries to create a giant cube again but puts one in the wrong spot. He removes it only for all his food to turn rotten, but the giant cube doesn't appear. He tries to remove a corner cube... and it's replaced with bedrock, so they need to mine the entire side and finish it on the opposite side. Highlights include:
      • Jeremy getting surrounded by a lava moat and unknowingly stepping backwards into it. This happens again later, but he learned from the experience.
      • A slimeman - three slimes stacked on top of each other like a snowman.
      • Gavin getting called in for "Russian Roulette" and his first cube surrounds him a cage of inward-facing iron spikes. And somehow he turns invisible to Jeremy.
      • A short path of cobblestone with a sign reading "The broken path to succeed".
      • Inverting the entire chunk in real time.
      • "Heads or tails". Jeremy types in "tails"; it was heads and a lit block of TNT is his punishment.
      • Another gaggle of Endermen, including at least one Compressed. Gavin runs for the portal, only to be followed and die just inside the portal.
      • A triple cube break spawns a giant wool rainbow behind a disco floor with partying "jeb_" sheep.
  • Episode 287 - Sky Factory Part 28
    • Not three minutes into the video Geoff's already thrown an egg.
    • Jeremy discovers that the cat coughs up hairballs, and shows them to Gavin; Gavin's squee is almost cut off by him coughing up a hairball of his own.
    • Jeremy spends WAY too long not noticing his blood altar, which he stopped working on due to capacity problems, doesn't actually have runes to increase its capacity.
    • Jeremy's cat decides to teleport to him at the blood altar and start yelling at him. Ryan then decides to exercise his Ax-Crazy streak and captures the cat in a summoning pendulum before tossing said pendulum off the world. Jeremy retaliates by springing several leaks in the nuclear reactor, one of which almost sends Gavin to his doom.
      • The reason why the cat teleported to Jeremy in the first place? Michael had flooded the house Jeremy had made for the cat as a form of silent protest.
      • Then Gavin makes a discovery: Since he turned on magnetism a while ago, when Ryan dropped the pendulum, it appeared in Gavin's inventory without him noticing. Everyone accuses Ryan of bringing back a different cat before the truth comes out.
    • Michael removes the glass around the Forest of Mystery one block at a time. Jeremy reminds him that he can just vein-mine it and take out all of the glass at once. Michael goes completely silent for a moment before vein-mining the rest of the glass. He then asks for, and is granted, a replay with a Record Needle Scratch.
  • Episode 288 - Sky Factory Part 29
    • Michael gets all festive this episode and does some more decorating, including hanging up red lights around the blood altar. And then he discovers the enormously varied Christmas-specific decorations.
      • Jeremy gushes over the lights and then immediately points out how stupid this game is becoming. Michael agrees, as does Simple Geoff from where he's currently brooding a chicken egg.
    • Gavin, Jack and Ryan all go in search of ender cities to get Shulker Pearls so Gavin can make Solar VIII. It turns out that going out like that was entirely pointless, as Shulker Pearls have to be sifted out of crushed end stone.
      • The next step after Solar VIII is a Draconium Solar Panel, which Gavin predicts will be very hard to make because of the unique items it requires. Jack immediately makes the central component, and the other unique parts aren't actually that hard to get, which means that for Gavin the hard is part is actually making Solar VIII again, which means making Solar VII, Solar VI, Solar V... all over again.
    • A block called the Marketplace gets discovered by Jeremy; you place it down and it summons a shopkeeper NPC that falls from the sky to trade with you. First Ryan starts shooting the NPCs, then Jeremy gets the idea to have them 'contribute' to his blood altar...
    • Michael grabs a load of redwood saplings and grow a new tree on top of the old one. Then a little later he grows a third one directly underneath the first one, which repairs much of the damage caused by the munchdew.
      • Jeremy then decides to grow one in Geoff's farm. A couple of minutes later Jeremy and Ryan both get the idea to light the tree on fire, turning it into a giant inferno. Geoff, meanwhile, is standing next to it trying to get rid of it, but given he's dwarfed by how much bigger the tree is it just looks like he's trying in vain to save it.
      • Also, as is typical for Geoff, he failed to spot the others growing the tree until it was already complete.
    • Geoff is fed up with the guys fucking up his farm, so he fences off the chicken breeding area and plants a sign reading "ABSOLUTELY NO ASSHOLES".
    • Ryan puts a cow in a hole.
  • Episode 289 - Jamboree Prep Day (Sky Factory 30)
    • Achievement City is still broken.
    • Geoff gets freaked out by the technology Jack uses to transport over to the newly-designated Jamboree area, and falls into the void. He refers to Jack's portal as a "devil hole". Geoff is eventually given a jetpack, but he makes terrified noises whenever he uses it.
    • Gavin lines his pond with solar panels. Then he gets bored and starts trolling Geoff by putting chiselled water bits all over his part of the platform. As he's busy fishing, Geoff doesn't realize anything wrong until Gavin mentions it. Even then, in true Geoff fashion, it takes him well over a minute to spot what Gavin's done even while he's standing in it. Gavin also puts a block under Geoff's platform called a Terrain Absorber. Unfortunately, nothing happens, since all it does is save what current biome it's in for creating new worlds à la Mist.
      • Geoff also activates troll mode this episode. He puts a block of dirt in Gavin's pool, then puts a sign underwater in Jeremy's - and then does the weirdest snuffly-giggling noise that he's ever made.
    • Gavin makes himself a rainbow jetpack.
    • As Michael and Ryan are not present for the construction their fishing spots have to be made for them. Jeremy makes a botany themed one for Michael, Jack on the other hand makes Ryan a tiny pool out of obsidian that's shaped like a saucepan.
      Jack: You like Ryan's fishing hole? It seems appropriate for his black fuckin' soul.
      • They figure Ryan would make the same thing if present, but since they made it he'll probably complain and wreck everyone else's. Between episodes they beautified it with some reactor components; still ugly, though.
    • Jeremy makes his own fishing spot out of bloodstone and blue veiny netherrack, with arcane symbols on top and little fountains of blood in the corners. He states that "Blood is pretty".
  • Episode 290 - Fishing Rodeo and Jamboree VI (Sky Factory 31)
    • Geoff leaves Tanisha the Gunpowder Chicken in charge of the farm. If she's unable to fulfill her duties then Daddy and The Boy, his leather chickens, are in charge.
    • The scoring method's been changed for this year's Jamboree, so each participant gets a point for each different fish they have at the end - and this includes cooked and dried fish, making for over a hundred possibilities. This very quickly goes downhill as it gets discovered that only a few fish cook into something other than the generic Cooked Fish item, and only a couple of the fish can be dried on the rack. Putting a Cooked Fish on the drying rack turns it into leather.
    • Jeremy wins and goes to collect the Tower only to realize he doesn't really want the piece of shit that Gavin vandalized and wrote "GAY" on. He leaves it in place and builds a new one next to his altar.
    • After the end of the Jamboree Ryan gets bored and starts taking potshots at everyone, including the chickens. Geoff tells him to stop only for Ryan to shoot directly at the farm and kill a random chicken. And he keeps shooting afterward even as Geoff freaks out.
      Jack: Mom, Ryan's 300'ing the chickens.
  • Episode 292 - Sky Factory Part 32
    • The official reveal of Mini Achievement City, down to the asymmetrical AH logo and Geoff's penthouse.
      • Gavin points out that it would be quicker to veinmine the cobblestone cover. He then takes it a bit too far and veinmines some of the wooden platform as well, sending Lindsay plummeting to her death.
    • Gavin then promptly gets a phonecall and disappears for half the video, during which Michael borrows Gavin's keyboard to make his character say "I like dick" in the chat. Later, after his return but as he's planning to leave for the podcast, Michael and Jeremy subtly bring this to his attention.
      Gavin: "I like dick"? No I don't! <after some comments from the others> I'm gonna correct that right now.
      <GavinoFree> I LOVE DICK
      Gavin: Aw, that didn't help!
    • Jack's Wither spawner breaks. Unfortunately he doesn't notice this until he's activated it, resulting in the release of half a dozen withers. Fortunately, there are only two casualties: Lindsay falls to her death again and one of the withers removes Geoff's flint chickens with pinpoint accuracy.
      • The latter casualty can be seen happening during one of the mid-air battles as they pass over Geoff's farm.

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