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  • In the second episode, Gavin breaks an entire shelf of the game bookcase while scrambling to grab a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.
    Ray: "I put those in alphabetical order, you fuck!"
    • What makes this even better is that there was already a copy of the game on his desk, meaning that he had broken the shelf for nothing.
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    • There's also the lampshading of Ray's Memetic Badass status:
    Jack: "So Ray says, 'I got it,' but that doesn't actually mean he got it."
    Ryan: "Just like when Ray says, 'I'm about to die' it actually means, 'I'm about to kill everyone.'"
    Michael: "That is true. That's classic Ray."
    • Geoff misleads the entire group by falsely hinting that the swingset where the famous swingset glitch is usually done on is found on "the main island". Cue everyone else driving around Algonquin for a few minutes not finding any swings.
  • In episode 3, about 2 minutes into the race for first to get an Achievement, the video points out that Gavin already got an achievement that day but Gavin doesn't notice - and instead spends the rest of the video assuming he must've played the game at some point in the past. It was later discovered that he had disabled notifications but even then, he still didn't know. In the end it doesn't matter, because he got another achievement in the same game before anyone caught up.
    • Ray's meltdown (thanks in part to Geoff telling him to use the "BrownMan" account) thanks to the fact that "[he had] achievements in everything!"
      • Speaking of the Geoff part, Ray has the best Oh, Crap! face after being told this.
  • In episode 9, Jack is close to catching a fish in Sega Bass Fishing to win this week, but then his screen switches from his Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. He initially thinks that the 360 crashed, but then he realizes that he's looking at the wrong console's dashboard. Gavin is smiling at the camera during the whole moment holding the remote control for Jack's monitor. After switching back to the right console's screen, it's revealed that Jack managed to catch his fish anyway.
  • In episode 11, the goal is to unlock an achievement in any game using a non-standard controller. Gavin flails and runs about for quite some time before returning with a Guitar Hero controller...and using it to play Mortal Kombat.
    • At one point, Jack plays the Technical Difficulties music over the painfully slow tutorial for Guitar Hero.
  • After Gavin wins episode 12 and places his sticker on the board, Michael points out that since the scores are so close together now (3,3,2,2,2), Geoff could potentially be paying for pizza party after pizza party as they each reach 5 stickers one after the other. "It's gonna be a Pizzapalooza!" As he says this, Geoff just pauses awkwardly next to him, adopting a look that just screams "Did Not Think This Through".
    Geoff: "...Huh. Maybe after someone gets a pizza party-"
    Michael: "No, shut up."
  • In episode 14, Ray screws over Ryan by saying that Ryan could just skip the Xbox Live update because he's only playing single player. Ryan is then brought back to the dashboard. Ray's next line makes it utterly hilarious:
    Ryan: "I cancelled and it kicked me back to the dashboard!"
    Ray: "Ha ha! It was all a ruse!"
    Ryan: "You son of a bitch!"
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  • Episode 17, Ray wins the challenge and gets a pizza party. Geoff states that Ray can bring one friend. We cut to the pizza and learn he picked Kerry. Lindsay swings her camera to show the "Loser Table" where everyone else is eating pizza and shooting daggers at the winner (except Ryan, who is licking his plate for reasons that presumably made sense to him).
  • Episode 20 sees Ryan deciding to have little fun with Jack after stealing Gavin's remote from Episode 9.
    Ryan: (reaches over his equipment, takes aim at Jack's set-up and switches the channel)
    Jack: "What the-? Gavin!"
    Gavin: (turns around, confused) "What?"
    (Geoff starts laughing.)
    Jack: "Stop using your bullshit remote!"
    (Geoff sees Ryan's face and laughs harder.)
    Jack: "Who did?" (switches back to the game) "Oh, and now I've sunk the fucking boat! Goddammit, who the fuck was that?"
    (At this point, Geoff's laughing is quickly getting into hysterical territory.)
    Jack: (finally catching on) "Ryan, you son of a bitch!"
    Geoff: "That was awesome..."
    Ryan: "Everything about that was worth it."
  • Episode 24 requires the Hunters to open three chests in three different games.
    • This quote when the conversation turns to Caleb and Michael asks if Geoff has apologised to him yet.
    Geoff: "You don't apologise to a doormat!"
    • Then he whispers to the camera that he loves Caleb and winks at it, causing Lindsay to comment how weird it is for her behind the camera.
    • Ray leaves the office at one point and on his way back to the office feels the need to do a powerslide before entering.
    • Gavin and Ryan downloading their free Hitman download halfway through the round.
    • Ryan suggests opening a 'chest' in Surgeon Simulator 2013. Geoff speculates that his week off was probably spent going on a murder spree instead of the beach like a 'normal person'.
      Geoff: "I'm gonna head to Thailand. Watch the news guys. 32 people stabbed in China..."
    • Gavin produces a novelty Minecraft chest in real life. Geoff allows it... for a second.
      • Then, Ryan tries to steal it.
  • Episode 28:
    • The challenge is to kill a Hunter and a Brute with only one of those coming from a Halo game. Ryan, Ray, and Michael knock off a brute in Halo before, erm, hunting for Hunters in Left 4 Dead (or in Michael's case: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City), while Jack and Gav dive straight into Left 4 Dead. It takes so long for anyone not in Halo to find and kill a Hunter that when Jack manages to shoot one, Michael thinks he's won the episode, when in fact he still has to get the Brute in Halo. His exasperation is priceless.
    • After winning, Gavin runs around the room in circles a few times before putting his sticker on the wall.
  • Episode 29 is won by Gavin simply because everyone else chose South Park: The Stick of Truth and got hit by a game update.
  • Episode 31 opens on a slightly blurry shot of Ryan spinning around in his chair and making a 'ta-da!' motion with his hands.
    • Later Geoff tells them they can 'Google' for games with what they're looking for in them... then changes his mind. So Ryan uses AltaVista instead.
    • Not a good session for the tech as first Geoff's mic dies (leaving him only audible over everyone else's background noise) and then... Ryan loses his footage. Again.
    • At the end, Ray won again and received his second pizza party, becoming a back-to-back champion. The following end clip shows Geoff in the office throwing Ray an ice-cold slice of pizza on Ray's desk.
    • This is where we'd put Ryan's footage, IF WE HAD ANY!
  • Episode 33's challenge: killing the Village People's characters from the "YMCA" video.
    • Ray's attempt at Loophole Abuse: "Hey, Geoff, if I play 'Toy Story 3' and I'm Woody and I kill myself, does that count?"
      • And then we get a series of lines that can only happen in this type of video: "What if I'm Buzz Lightyear and I kill Woody?" "Yeah, that'd count." "Kill that bitch dead!"
      • "Tim Allen doesn't fuck around."
    • During Gavin's attempt to kill a cowboy, the cowboy falls over for no real reason before Gavin shoots him.
  • Episode 34 has the crew trying to take the best selfie in GTA V.
    • The mystery of Gavin's eternally open mouth is solved! His mood is set to 'Stressed'.
    • Ray climbs on top of a structure at the docks, looks out across the horizon and asks himself:
    Ray: ... Why did I climb up here?
    • Ryan's attempt to blow up a pile-up of cars hits a snag when he runs out of gasoline/petrol. He then decides to try and use a grenade...
    Ryan: Okay, let's see if I can do it with a grenade... (pulls the pin)
    Geoff: You're going to have to be fast.
    Ryan: Yeah, I... oh shit, I'm still holding it!
    (throws the grenade from him, it explodes and still kills him)
    Jack: Aaand Ryan's dead.
  • Episode 35 has Geoff asking the others for the best campaign score in Halo 3.
    • There are only four copies of the game, so someone will not be able to take part. The final copy is thrown between Michael and Ray. Michael doesn't even try to go for it.
    • Ryan discovers that friendly fire is on when he manages to melee Ray in the back of the head when he gets too close.
    • Ryan on reloading:
    Ryan: "I finally found how to reload. It was right bumper like everyone was saying, but I didn't believe them."
  • Episode 37 puts each of the guys in different corners of the map on GTA V, first one to get three kills wins.
    • Michael decides to steal a jet from Fort Zancudo, but gets caught on the wing of a jet when he tries to board one and gets blown up by a tank. Then he spawns on the highway and gets run over by a truck. He attempts to steal it... without realizing that it was a military truck. He then gets flattened again, tries to hijack another car to get away, and gets shot to death. This is before anyone even gets their first kill, mind you.
    • Later on, Gavin suicide-bombs Michael with a crop duster, except the game registers it as Michael killing Gavin, giving Michael an early lead.
  • Episode 38 has a sudden random camera switch to Jack making an overly happy face while Geoff is setting up to tell them what their task is. Funny because of how totally random it is.
  • Episode 39 has Gavin rushing to change games, reaching up to pull the CD tray open faster, and breaks the tray, keeping him from being able to load another game.
  • Episode 43's task is to win $1000 gambling/betting.
    • Gavin asks if he can shoot a slot machine and collect the money.
      Geoff: "No, that's not gambling that's adrenaline."
    • Ryan brings out the schemer and ropes in Jack and Gavin to do an online race so Ray won't win this round.
  • Episode 48's challenge is to get scores using 2 golfing games from double bogey to a hole-in-one in that order. Halfway through, Gavin gives up and decides to go for "the distraction technique." He then takes a golf club and starts hitting bean bags and other assorted junk at everyone in the room. And hits Kdin.
  • Episode 49's build up has Geoff trying to get the others to say Keith David's name. As soon as they do he calls "GO!" and Michael has to actually ask him what the challenge is meant to be.
  • Episode 50 has 5 different challenges but only one is real.
    • Gavin loses his footage and captions are substituted.
      (after talking about using Elgatos to catch console footage) "Gavin lost his footage. I assume he's watching men's figure skating."
      (Gavin starts getting excited) "The rink is heating up!"
      (Random cut back to Gavin's pov) "Gavin sucks"
    • At the end Ray does a leaping roll onto the sofa and his momentum cracks the wall behind it.
  • Episode 52 - One Year Go-niversary!
    • Jack's turn to lose footage.
      (initial on-screen caption) "Guess who lost their footage?"
      (as Jack comments on GTA updating) "Is it Jack? Is it?"
      (Jack assures Geoff that he's in GTA IV despite it looking like he's in Destiny) "It looks like you're doing Jack shit"
      (Jack is looking for the swingset) "Footage? Where are you?"
      (Jack finds the swingset) "Are you serious? You're the one who found it... Sigh"
      (Jack wins) "I hate you"
    • Ray has to download updates for a Dorito game. He guesses he's downloading the Cool Ranch DLC.
    • Gavin steals and hides all the copies of GTA IV. He later confesses he 'had an accident' with them. Ryan turns his Xbox off in retaliation.
    • Ryan starts bouncing in his chair for "something to do" while he's waiting for GTA IV to load.
      • Then he persuades Kdin to film him close up before he lunges at him like a dog.
      • Gavin also screams at the camera once. The cameraperson does a pratfall and we see all of that POV.
    • Michael leaves the room to ask Kerry which island he should check for the playpark. Kerry doesn't remember either.
      • He puts in on-screen text in the video to apologise for it.
    • Guess what? Geoff still doesn't know where the swingset is and looks it up after setting them the Go! task. He even runs across the video of him looking for it the last time
      Geoff: This is very Meta
  • Episode 53 - Geoff gives in and lets them play Destiny and look for a Legendary Engram.
    • Jack has no footage again. The captions are very snarky.
      (initial on-screen caption) "Sigh. Guess what?"
      (when Jack tells Gavin in's in the cave of joy) "Are you?"
    • Michael and Gavin have a conversation about Gavin attempting to put a spanner into the works by multiplayering with Ryan and Jack. Michael says Gavin will never win this one but he's wrong.
  • Episode 54 asks them to get a kill on Earth, Venus, Mercury and the Moon in Destiny.
    • It begins with a talk about 'global wobble' and how the moon is not a planet.
    • When Ryan wins he places his sticker then does a little bouncy celebration that Geoff misses.
      Ryan: "The best part of winning is knowing that you all lost!"
  • Episode 55 is to make the scariest character they can in a character creation.
    • The winner decided by a secret vote, so Ryan tries to appeal to the others.
      Ryan: (in an undertone) "Guys, if you vote for me right now, we don't need to play anything!"
      Geoff: "Oh shut up."
      Jack: "Or me."
      Ryan: (in the same undertone) "I had the idea first!"
    • They're all having far too much fun with this challenge. At one point Geoff says he's scared to look at what Ryan doing, Ryan says that means he's doing it right.
    • Gavin spends a lot of time on the face of his and turns his character round for a dramatic reveal. The reveal causes Geoff to laugh quite hard.
  • Episode 56's winner is the first to complete the last level of Halo 3.
    • When Geoff says he thinks Jack might in first place Gavin asks if they took the shortcut. Cue an instant chorus of "There's a shortcut?!" from the others.
    • Ryan's tired because he was up until 2:30am waiting for his wife to get home the previous night. When he's asked why he didn't just go to bed he shows how tired he is.
      Ryan: "Because I actually like my sibling... err, I mean my spouse."
      (the others laugh)
      Geoff: "Ryan, I know you're from Georgia but come on buddy."
    • Jack wins and gets his 'pizza party' - a print-out of a black and white picture of a pizza which he proceeds to crumple up and chew on. Ryan asks for a bit, is given a bit of the paper and takes a bite, with someone off-camera dabbing at his mouth corner with a tissue afterwards.
  • Episode 58 sees Geoff ask them to be the first to kill a whale in GTA V.
    • This takes place in the new-gen versions of GTA V, so all of them are playing with characters that lack a vast range of weaponry. This makes it much more difficult a task then Geoff had guessed it would be, as seen in the video description:
      "Geoff wants the gang to kill a whale in GTAV. Geoff thought it wouldn't take long. Geoff was wrong."
    • On the way to the ocean Ryan gets distracted chasing one of the new animals in game, which may or may not be a horse.
    • Lindsay makes a fat joke at Jack's expense early on in the video. Later on Gavin tells Jack that he's not fat; "you just have fat bones".
    • Jeremy is on cam as Lindsay is taking part, and Gavin gets him to make a whale noise into the mic at one point. Jeremy just goes "Oooooohhhhh...!" into the mic and this leads to them all making 'whale noises' that are just them sounding like ghosts.
    • Jack wins in the funniest manner possible. He manages to run over an orca/killer whale with his speedboat.
  • Episode 60 celebrates the Master Chief Collection... by seeing who can survive longest in Lone Wolf on Reach.
    • The first round ends when Geoff calls a reset because they didn't all put their timers on screen and Michael doesn't jump in the game right away.
      • Then Michael somehow loads up the first mission instead of Lone Wolf.
    • Having died first in the first round, Ryan finds a building and just stays put somehow avoiding all the Elites roaming around. Not quite enough to win though.
    • Michael is doing well and they joke about him not playing on Legendary like the others. Michael actually has to double-check at the end to be sure he was before he claims his sticker.
  • Episode 62 has the gang rushing to get drunk in a video game in celebration for New Years Eve.
  • Episode 64 has them racing to see who can get on top of a blimp in flight in GTAV; easy, right? Nope. It takes them such a long time to get it done that they all declare Jack the winner- not because he got it, but because he came closest to getting it. The last quarter of the video involves Gavin and Michael hunting down Geoff, who left to do other stuff after realizing how long this was going to take and left Andrew as host. Once they do find him, and explain what's been going on since he left (that "Jack won three times, but it wasn't good enough"), Geoff just says "Jack won." and shuts the door in their faces, Burnie smirking in the background.
    • Micheal and Gavin's hunt for Geoff, with them searching the parking lot to make sure he didn't just leave, and asking people around the office. Finally, they confirm he is in Burnie's office, and the normally overconfident Michael starts hesitating, asking if they should knock, and making himself more presentable.
    • What's amazing is that Jack succeeds in landing a helicopter on the blimp in the first few minutes of the video. However Geoff overrules the win because Jack was already in the chopper when he called "Go!" So the guys spend the next hour or more attempting to land on the blimp.
    • At the beginning of the video Geoff says that they can't land on a blimp on the ground. Halfway through Jack does this and Geoff forgets the 'not the one on the ground' rule and calls Jack winner. Only Gavin protests that it isn't a good end to the video so Jack refuses to the take the win and insists that he'll do it again.
    • When Geoff finally gets bored and leaves, passing host duties onto Andy, the first thing Andy does is he makes a rather... interesting sound effect.
      Geoff: Hey Andy, you're the host for the next 2 minutes.
      *hands mic to Andy*
      Andy: RI-DIT-DIT DIDOO!
    • After Geoff leaves Ryan gets so very, very close. He lands but takes forever to get out, lands on the blimp wing... and rolls off so achingly slowly. What makes it funny is that because they'd been at it so long everyone else was watching this attempt and their disappointment is extremely audible.
    • Just before the Quest for Geoff, Michael declares he was going to make one more attempt. As he is taxing out to the runway, he's cut off by a jumbo jet and both explode.
    • The edited in title cards denoting the places they cut out with the increasingly silly version of 'more time passes' and such.
  • Episode 65 sees them challenged to kill a red, a green and a blue enemy in three different games.
    • Ryan talks about his "rule policy" again.
    • Ray starts a game in Minecraft creative and tries to spawn a Creeper. Too bad he's in Peaceful Mode.
    • Michael and Ray start singing YMCA.
  • Episode 66 - Be the first to see a rainbow.
    • When Michael suggests that they should all fight to get out their anger, Ryan immediately stands up and walks over to Gavin, holding a pair of pliers. He only wanted to fix Gavin's headphones but...
  • Episode 68 - Ray vs The Crew
    • The entire premise of the Go plays up Ray's Memetic Badass status among the group, putting him in a 4-on-1 match in a game of his choosing. Ray wins 20 to 8 in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.
    • Michael and Gavin spend half the video just talking about going on picnics while the others grow increasingly frustrated about waiting for the game to start.
    • At one point, Ray spots Gavin and Gavin starts running... off the ship and into the ocean.
      Geoff: It's alright, he was wearin' floaties!
    • One of Ray's kills? Finding Jack staring at a washing machine as it runs. Ray just hovers over him for a few seconds before he makes his move and stabs him.
    • Ray scores his final kill by stalking Jack and slashing his throat, and this is moments after Ryan calls Ray cruel.
  • Episode 69 - How do you spell Geoff?
    • They need to get a kill in five games starting with the letters G, E, O, F, and F. Michael only has one game that starts with E and he doesn't remember getting it at all.
    • Gavin finds an indie game called "Oh Noes" that has you play as a giant chicken running down a road and squashing fleeing people. It's strange.
    • Gavin gets his Live account locked from making purchases halfway through the game.
  • Episode 72 - Safari
    • Ryan attempts to convince the entire office that a clip used in the last Fails of the Weak showed a deer, not a cow. No one else is very convinced.
  • Episode 73 - Stop and... Pick the Flowers?
    • Jack falls off a bridge and drowns mere seconds after opening up a game of Red Dead Redemption.
      Geoff: Jack's apparently playing Dead Dead.
    • Ray gets so bored waiting for Far Cry 4 to update that he starts cuddling with the fish plush on the couch, and later, he gets up and writes Kerry an apology note about his footage for the episode.
  • Episode 74 - Don't Look!
    • The challenge has the group seeing who can survive longest while flying around in jets without actually looking at their screens. Naturally, jokes about Ryan's infamous meme pop up. Ryan claims it's a chance to break the stereotype by being the first to lose.
    • Ryan is initially excited to learn he won until Michael yells RYAN'S STILL IN THE AIR!
  • Episode 77 - Last One Standing in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    • Before they GO! Gavin's mic has some technical difficulties and stops working. His weak attempts at getting it working again sends loud feedback through everyone's headphones, which he keeps doing to wind the others up. Ryan then grabs an electric drill from a table of power tools and threatens the Brit with it, even turning it on.
      • Then he starts trying to tape a knife to it, scaring the others a little.
    • Geoff has his avatar in game to lead the others to the room they'll be fighting in. They take his instruction to 'face me' literally in both real-life (which Geoff meant it in) and in the game. When he calls GO!, Geoff's avatar is the first to die.
    • Both Michael and Gavin wander out of the room they're fighting in due to not being able to watch their screens as part of the challenge. Both times Geoff has to take their controller and lead them back into the room.
    • It comes down to just Michael and Gavin, with Geoff, Jack and Ryan all wandering around observing and trying to drop minor hints to speed up the result. Then Ryan gets a bit too close to the action and ends up killing Michael with a grenade.
      Ryan: (dodges Gavin's wild knife thrusts, hits his grenade button by mistake and watches it roll towards Michael) "Whoops..."
      Michael: "... I don't think I have grenades in this loadout!"
      Ryan: "Apparently I do..."
      (The grenade goes off)
      Jack: "Michael's dead! Oh, Ryan just killed Michael!"
      Ryan: "That may have been my bad..."
      Michael: "Why is he still in the goddamn room?! What is he doing?!"
      Ryan: "I may have hit the wrong button."
  • Episode 79 - Marvel Week
    • Geoff talking into his beer bottle.
      • He tells a story of how when he went back to Alabama for Christmas he only went one day before he was itching to talk into a mic and make a dumb joke, despite having sworn not to spend the holiday talking a lot.
    • Geoff also spoils Avengers: Age of Ultron! The Avengers win. Also Batman doesn't die.
    • The episode has two "intros" and takes 2 and a half minutes to actually start.
    • While Geoff is explaining the Go! Gavin, Michael and Lindsay are all in varying degrees of half-crouch in their seats waiting for Go! to be called.
  • Go #81 - Episode 2X
    • Possibly the least well-planned episode to date. Geoff hides a sticker in one of the game cases on the bookshelf. The gang proceeds to tear through all of the games on the shelf and throw them on the floor. As the mess piles up, Geoff's commentary makes it clear he did not think this through.
      • The episode takes its name from Gavin's bookcase mishap in episode 2. It is unclear if recreating that moment was Geoff's intention, or if the name was applied retroactively.
    • At one point Gavin jumps on top of the pile of plastic game disks.
    • It turns out that Michael had actually opened the case with the sticker without noticing it, and tossed it on the floor. Everyone then had to start searching inside the pile.
  • Episode 82 - Three Kills
    • Geoff explains that they'll need to play three games they've never played before and get a kill in each of them. Gavin immediately asks how they'd know they've never played a game before.
    • Gavin writes the word "KILL" on the whiteboard in Duke Nukem Forever and asks if that counts.
  • Episode 83 - The Worst at Video Games
    • This challenge involved getting into PvP matches in a list of games, and deliberately getting an 0-20 score. The result being the various Achievement Hunters running around trying to draw the attention of enemy players without killing them, and sometimes getting frustrated when they won't oblige.
  • Episode 88 - Kill a Spider
    • Ryan kills the spider from Limbo:
      Ryan: (jumping up and down on top of the dead spider) It's super-dead! I can't kill him any more!
  • Episode 90 - Swimmies
    • Geoff starts the episode talking about what you do during the summer and pokes fun at Ryan for going to Florida the previous week. Then we get this:
      Gavin: You were in Florida the same time as Meg?
      Ryan: Meg was in Florida?
      [cue collective "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" from the others as Gavin hits his desk]
      • That conversation then somehow leads into Ryan cosplaying as a hotel keycard and a Chive photographer.
  • Episode 91 - Gavin Dousing
    • The challenge is to dump a glass of water on Gavin. Gavin immediately flees out of the Achievement Hunter office and across the parking lot. Michael is the only one to give chase.
    • An on-screen caption after the chase goes on for a bit remarks on how Kdin had lost everybody for a while and on how out of shape everybody is.
    • Michael and Gavin taking a break from their chase by resting in some chairs they just found behind a building.
  • Episode 96 - Assassination
    • Michael comes within inches of pulling off an assassination and accidentally charge-melees his opponent to death by accident. Not even a minute later, Jack does the exact same thing.
    • Jeremy picks up the win, but pan over to the scoreboard and the only space he can put his sticker on is the one labelled 'Other.'
    • Michael suggests to Jeremy that he throw a chair to celebrate his victory. He calmly sets it down on the ground and sits in a suave pose. Then Michael flips him over and he faceplants onto the floor.
  • Episode 97 - Radroach Exterminator
    • Gavin spends the entire episode attempting to sync his save data. He eventually decides that his location is the problem, so he starts trying to sync it from out in the hallway or on top of the couch. Geoff offers to give him a sticker if he succeeds: he does not.
    • Ryan "punishing" himself with chocolate every time he dies.

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