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  • The very first VS episode, with Gavin challenging Michael to a Halo: Combat Evolved match, has some pretty hilarious moments:
    • Gavin gets stuck on a jump, and Michael kills him with ease.
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    • Both guys yell out "How did that grenade not kill you?" multiple times.
    • The bad spawns.
      • Best one is when Gavin just killed Michael and is bouncing off to another hiding spot. Michael spawns right behind him and immediately executes him at the back of the head.
    • Geoff calling out Gavin for the "strategy" of telling Michael everything he's doing.
    • "Every peek I little pook!"
    • This exchange:
    Geoff: [referring to the score] So what are we at? 19-19?
    Ray: Yeah, it's 19-19. Good year.
    [Geoff and Gavin laugh]
    Geoff: Name one thing that happened in 1919.
    Geoff: that true? I thought it was 1911.
  • The second VS episode ends up a Curb-Stomp Battle for Ryan, the challenger, with 20 kills in Quake 3. His opponent, Michael, has... negative 4.
    Michael: Gavin, this is how a game that you choose should go.
    • The whole opening
      • Michael decides to come "costumed" in preparation for the match. Then he does lunges to warm up. For a PC game.
      Michael: Ryan, you'll be at a disadvantage if you don't stretch.
      Ryan: *gestures at all the crap on top of him since he doesn't have a desk * It'd take me too long to get out of here.
      • Ryan stretches by "grabbing air tits"
      "knead the bread"
    • The ending:
      Ryan: One thing is for certain, no one will know who's talking.
      • To clarify, this is after the announcement of the following match, Ryan VS Jack.
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  • On the third VS match, Jack and Ryan you know Ryan is done for as soon as Jack announces what they're going to play... Geometry Wars. The look of surprise and apprehension is hilarious. For what it's worth, he does spectacular for his first time playing the game, but, well, Jack was the one who picked the game, so...
  • VS episode 4 (Sega Bass Fishing): Geoff ends up the first challenger to lose... spectacularly.
    • Except for Gavin, due to Early Installment Weirdness.
    • Every time Gavin shouts "FISH!!"
    • The aim is to catch the largest fish. At one point, Jack, who's already caught an 11-pound fish, gets a small fish on his line and tries to shake it off his line. It doesn't work:
      Ryan: Jack just caught a fish against his will.
    • Every subsequent episode (until 10), Geoff mentions that Jack "barely eked out a victory".
  • VS episode 5: Ray challenges Jack to a match of Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion. It goes hilariously:
    • Ray's introduction of his game of choice. Michael declares that "he's a showman!" As well, the look on Jack's face when he realizes what he's playing.
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    • Ray has Bubbles summon Fuzzy Lumpkins, who starts shooting at Jack's character, Captain Planet. When he gets his, Jack exclaims "Welp, I'm steak. This seems unfair."
    • Gavin: "It's Dee Dee!" For every Dexter's Laboratory character but Dee Dee.
      • And then, when it actually is Dee Dee: "No, that's Mandark!"
    • Throughout the game, pits will open up in the floor that the player must avoid. At one point, Jack uses a special move to summon massive tornadoes, pillars of fire, etc. Ray moves out of the way, and the floor opens up right below Jack, who slowly descends to his death while happy rainbows and hearts mark where he dies like a tombstone.
      • This was the second time that Jack had attempted that special move. The first time, when Ray moved out of the way, Jack killed himself on principle.
    • The game ends as another Curb-Stomp Battle. Jack dies 16 times; Ray, zero.
  • VS episode 6 has Ray defend his title from Michael, while Michael is setting up the match Ray checks his Xbox message.
    Ray: "IT5aTrAP AckBAR" says penis.
  • VS episode 7 has Gavin once again proving Too Dumb to Live by challenging Ray to Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Which Ray has Prestiged six times in. And Gavin has never played. It ends closer than expected, but predictably.
    • When Gavin starts killing Ray, he proceeds to teabag his dead body, telling him to "suck his balls", "suck his butt" and, at one point, "suck my... back."
    • Gavin is almost in disbelief that he is losing, the others ridicule him for it.
      Ray: Why'd you pick this?
      Geoff: He's Prestiged six times in this game!
      Michael: He's the Black Ops guy! It's like, he's great at everything but that's Bla- it's like, everyone knows he's Black Ops!
    • Immediately followed by:
      Gavin: But who's good at throwing a bloody axe in a shooting game?
      Ray: Puerto Ricans!
  • VS episode 9 has Jack vs. Ray on Mortal Kombat II. Loser has to use the brand new Pizza Hut app to order everyone pizza. Ray loses.
    • In the second match, Gavin and Michael keep pointing out the Liu Kang (Jack) keeps shooting Jax (Ray) in the balls.
      • And at the end of that match, Jack apparently blocks Ray for his "Finish Him" move.
    • At the end, when Ray is ordering the pizza, they put in, for a special request, to either draw on the box the Rooster Teeth logo or a wizard casting a spell. They didn't do it. Based on the delivery time and the conversation about the requested box art this episode was filmed before they filmed Fuel.
  • VS episode 13: Gavin challenges Ray to London 2012 Olympics. They start off with archery where Gavin desecrates MARK NUTT's reputation, then Ray gets three straight tens.
    Gavin: After the Olympics Mark Nutt went to the booze.
    • Then they compete in triple jump. In six attempts, Gavin fails all six times.
    • As they're waiting for the first event to load, Gavin gets a big Oh, Crap! moment.
      Ray: Y'know, after we played this game, I got all the achievements.
      Gavin: You got all the achievements?
      Ray: I got all the achievements in this game.
      Michael: You're going to get your ass—
  • VS episode 14 and the comedy of errors Ryan pulls off while playing Worms Ultimate Mayhem, including falling off a building, accidentally firing his sniper rifle while jumping to get a better shot and his poor aim with the Sheep.
    • What makes this funnier is that Ray doesn't know how to control the game with a mouse and keyboard and it was the first time he played the game!
  • VS episode 15: Jack challenges the local arcade's crane game. Ray wins two with one claw.
  • VS episode 16: Geoff challenging Ray to Gorilla Flash that alone is hilarious.
    • At the end, when Geoff beats Ray, he tells Ray to take the belt off, but Ray had it off the entire time. Geoff ends up getting up, grabbing the belt and 'giving it to Ray just so he can take it off!
  • VS episode 18: Michael and Gavin play Marble Blast Ultra, and aside from talking about balls throughout the video, they find that they can customize them - and pick the exact same coloration out of 35 options.
  • VS episode 19: Ryan, in his game reveal, slaps a game case of Soul Calibur V on his chest and asks him to open it. He does and reveals that it's actually Top Spin 2.
  • VS episode 20: When Jack unveils Doom 2, Team Lads start jumping around for joy. Then, Gavin smashes his knee on the desk and he drops to the ground in pain.
  • VS episode 24: Gavin gets so into unveiling Guitar Hero 2 that he ends up spiking the case on the floor, breaking it.
  • VS episode 25: Ryan ambushes Gavin in the intro by having the rest of the AH crew call him into the office, then throwing the belt at his head ("VERSUS!") the second he opens the door.
    • The actual gameplay itself counts as well, if only for the team's bafflement at a game with only two buttons (Divekick) being so surprisingly strategic.
  • VS episode 29: Michael challenges Ray to a game of Hole in the Wall. As Ray puts it:
    Ray: It's a Behind the Scenes. It's like a two for one... and a GameFail note 
    • Geoff's sign off.
    Geoff: Tune in next week when we don't play Kinect!
  • VS episode 30: Gavin challenges Michael to GTA 4 Chopper vs. Chopper where we have a hilarious moment where Gavin ditches his motorcycle and just starts running from Michael on foot and manages to avoid him and find a car.
    • Gavin eventually gives up on all strategy while chasing Michael and literally flies into Michael, sliding along the ground and killing him.
  • VS episode 31: Ryan challenges Michael to a dogfight in GTA V. This, however, proves easier said than done: every time the guys try to steal jets from the military base, they either fail to make the jump in, get blown up in the base, or escape with the jet but get blown up later. In the end, they decide to decide the winner by one match of arm wrestling, which challenger Ryan wins.
    • The intro, in which Gavin squeezes Ray's water bottle while he's drinking from it, spraying the contents all over Ray. He remains stoically professional.
    • Halfway through, Geoff decides to join in, making the jump and just driving around. As he does, Michael makes another attempt to steal the jet and, in his panic, flips his plane around and dumps out his character. The scene flips to Geoff, who watches Michael's character hit the ground.
  • VS episode 35 starts with Michael declaring they were going to play Pokémon X and Y and it looked like Ray was following through and as the title comes up, Michael declares that it's boring and showing off the real game, Starwhal.
  • VS episode 39 gets Down to the Last Play between Gavin and Geoff in, with them each winning one of the first two rounds. The third and final round has them neck-and-neck the entire time, the entire thing getting tense as hell, with Geoff being focused and silent while Gavin is freaking out. What makes this so funny is that they're playing QWOP of all games.
    • At the end, Geoff barely wins by about a meter, and his reaction as he yells at Gavin almost sounds like he's having flashbacks to being in the military.
    Geoff: " GIVE ME MY BELT!"
    • Even more hilarious is the fact that his yelling causes his voice to sound all cracked when he mentions the challenger for the next episode and the episode ending with Gavin sounding just the same as Geoff.
  • VS episode 42 has Gavin challenge Michael to Hidden in Plain Sight where you don't know who you are or who your opponent is. While Gavin is able to sniff out Michael fairly frequently, he also pulled off such brilliant stunts as
    • Round 2: Gavin hovers over a character and says "Who's this next to me?" Cue a dead Gavin.
    • Round 4: Shoots a random opponent 2 seconds into the match with his only bullet. Michael just runs across the screen.
    • Round 6: Gets about 2/3 of the way across the screen stealthily and starts sprinting the remaining distance with enough time for Michael to gun him down.
      Michael: I feel like you bested me almost every round and you gave me every round I won.note 
    • A minor but still very amusing scene is at the beginning. Normally, the game reveal is accompanied by lots of cheering and screaming. When Gavin announced Hidden in Plain Sight, everyone is just puzzled and looking at each other as if to ask "What the hell is that?"
  • VS episode 45, rather than challenging Gavin to a video game, Geoff happens to have a pair of Nerf pistols, and challenges Gavin to an old fashioned duel. 5 paces, first to three. It gets cut down to first to one because the two are such poor shots.
  • VS episode 49, Gavin has an Oh, Crap! look on his face when Lindsay challenges him to a game of "Catlateral Damage". And still wins.
    • Not only does Gavin win, he crushes Lindsay, beating her by over 100,000 points!
  • VS episode 51, during the Jack Attack, Gavin manages to fool Ryan into buzzing in on a wrong answer by yelling out the name of the incorrect answer.
    Ray: Oh I know what a Chia Head is. Ch-ch-ch-chia!
    Michael: Okay...
    *"Astroturf" appears on the screen*
    Gavin: ASTROTURF!
    *Ryan accidentally buzzes in, losing money*
    Ryan: Aw, dammit!
    *Everyone bursts out laughing*
    Michael: You got fuckin' owned by Gavin!
    Ryan: You fucked me up!
    Gavin: Ha ha ha!
  • VS episode 52 (Reset) takes the AH crew out go-karting. During the race proper, Gavin manages to dislodge his helmet-cam, causing it to point downwards into his lap for the entirety of the video. Every time Gavin's footage is shown, the text in the upper-right of the screen denoting the racer's position simply reads "?/7".
    • At the very start of the race, as the team waits for the flag, a few words are exchanged between Jack (winner of the qualifier round) and Team Nice Dynamite:
      Gavin: "Hey, Jack!"
      Jack: "Hey, what?"
      Gavin: "You suck!"
      Jack: "YOU suck!"
      Michael: "Jack, if you win, I'm quitting."
      Jack (cheerfully): "Alright!"
  • VS episode 55 has Michael and Gavin play UNO on Xbox Live Arcade. The winner of the match? Yellow Player, due to the fact that an Xbox Live player randomly pops up in the middle of one match, which ends up allowing the CPU to win and give Michael the win due to the fact that he had more points than Gavin!
  • VS episode 57 has Michael and Lindsay fight in Dead Or Alive 4. After Lindsay comes from behind and wins her first championship, she makes Michael remove his shirt (which was a "wife beater") and replace it with a Pink Ranger t-shirt.
  • VS episode 58 has Lindsay retaining the belt for the second week. However she's left it at her desk and has to leave to go get it. For some reason Ryan tries to get everyone else to be quiet until she comes back.
  • VS episode 59 has Jack making his first round in "Cat-A-Pault" and somehow causing the computer's recording program to pull an EXTREME CLOSE UP!, forcing "Technical Difficulties" to happen again.
  • VS episode 61 has a face-off in Conker: Live & Reloaded. Unfortunately the map they choose mean that Ryan and Michael are stuck on opposite ends of the map, unable to come into contact with each other.
  • VS episode 62 has their first match involving the PlayStation 4. Ray can't help but to gaze at the PS4 controller in total awe.
    • As Ryan and Gavin are fighting in Super Pole Fighters, they start referring to their poles as dildos and they start singing "Everyone was Dildo Fighting~!"
  • VS episode 64 - Ray's face as the champion is a picture when Lindsay as challenge reveals her game choice: JEOPARDY!
  • VS episode 65 - Ray vs Geoff in Speedrunner!
    • Ryan's countdown before the first round.
    Ryan: (3) Ready, (2) set, (1) ...almost... (GO!) go!
  • VS episode 68 - Michael vs Ryan!
    • During the game reveal the Clouds incident is brought up again, which results in the same "The rule was never stated!" argument from Ryan. Geoff holds up his hand in an attempt to cut off the bickering before it continues further, Ray high-fives him.
    • The game (Don't Break the Ice!) heats up so much that after one of his later moves actually works, Ryan throws his little plastic hammer across the room in excitement.
  • VS episode 69 is Ray vs. Ryan. Problem is, this completely skips over Gavin vs. Ryan, next in the sequence. To remedy this, VS #70 is the Gavin/Ryan episode, with Geoff providing black-and-white opening narration explaining the error as the result of a time paradox.
  • VS episode 71 is played in a browser-based game called Apple Shooter. Lindsay and Ray tie twice, so it goes to a tierbreaker-break: using the Nerf pistols to be the first to shoot the orange balanced on Gavin's head.
  • VS episode 73 returns them to where Achievement Hunter all started with Burnout Paradise with Jack cremating Geoff by quadruple the points.
    • During the video, Gavin bets $10,000 that Geoff can overtake Jack. When it looks like Geoff just MIGHT, Gavin actually has a major Oh, Crap! look on his face from it.
      • Geoff tries to implement Loophole Abuse:
        Geoff: Jack, I will give you $2000 to take my run.
        Jack: You got it.
        (Everyone Laughs)
  • VS episode 75: Michael vs Ryan
    • The game is basically Fruit Ninja with Mutant Turtles skins on top using the Kinect. It is glorious to behold.
    • Ryan alternates between not really giving much of a damn and really getting into it when it's his turn.
    • Part of Michael's special outfit for the game includes a reversible vest that is white on one side and red on the other. Towards the end Ryan discovers when he tries to rip it off in victory that it's actually two vests to his slight bafflement.
  • VS episode 77: Gavin vs. Ray
    • At the very end, as Geoff is ready to reveal that Ray's opponent is Lindsay, things get really awkward as Gavin shows himself to be a poor sport after losing.
  • VS episode 88: Lindsay vs. Ryan
    • Just the premise of this vs is ridiculous. Lindsay is Blindfolded and tasked with eating 3 broken chips and determine which is a mix of Pringles and Stax.
      • Keep in mind, this was based off a conversation that Lindsay was never involved in!
  • VS episode 89: Ryan vs. Michael
    • Ryan comments on how he didn't think he was going to win last week because he could tell the difference.
  • VS episode 90: Ryan vs. Gavin
    • Gavin challenges Ryan to a game of Doggie Doo. It takes all 7 Achievement Hunters almost 10 minutes just to figure out how to play!
    • Michael assaulting Gavin with the "Dog treats" (which is yellow putty). The pure look of terror on his face is priceless.
      • Michael attacks him again after beating Ryan by hitting him in the eye. As Gavin tries to regain himself, Michael hits him in the other eye.
    • Due to the way Geoff put the stickers on the dice, Ryan can roll everything but numbers.
  • VS episode 91: Gavin and Geoff vs. Ryan and Jack as a Thanksgiving special
    • Geoff's nostalgia dissolves into rage by the end of the video.
    Geoff: Why did we ever stop playing this game every day?
    At the end of the video
    Geoff: Let's stop and never play this again.
  • VS episode 92: Ray vs Lindsay
    • As Gavin's gone and disappeared, Ray ends up winning the belt by default. They all start wondering where Gavin went.
    • Geoff's utter confusion when Lindsay shows off the game for the match - Digimon All-Star Arena - and asks "What's... a 'Digimon'?"
    • When Ryan reveals he has a little familiarity with the franchise, Geoff ribs him for it.
      Geoff: Dude, stop knowing about this shit!
  • VS 96: Michael vs Ryan!
    • Ryan starts off standing in the corner at the back of the room. It's not addressed until about a minute and ten seconds into the video. (He was told to stand there while the VS game was set up)
    • Michael is declared the winner! Then they read the instructions and find out that he didn't win...
  • VS Episode 97: Gavin vs Michael... vs Ryan!
    • The episode is a three-way vs because of the controversy of last week's result. They can't de-belt the current champion but neither is it fair to the other person because they should have won... so instead all three people compete this week.
    • Just after Gavin wins Millie shows up in the office.
      Geoff: "What do you think about who won Millie?"
      Millie: "... I don't know who won."
  • VS Episode 98: Ray vs. Gavin... in a race around the Rooster Teeth studios on chairs!
    • The numbers they put on their backs? 69 and 420.
    • At the very end, Ray runs into Gavin, pushing him to victory, causing the two to crash at the finish line and knock over Jeremy. Ray claims it was Worth It, Michael doesn't care about the fallen Jeremy (whose fine, BTW), and Gavin's so exhausted, they drape an AH shirt over him like he's dead.
  • VS Episode 99: Lindsay vs Gavin
    • Gavin completely forgets that he is the current champion.
    • A good portion of the video is spent discussing what a hopper is, leading to talking about the hopper from dish.
    • After Lindsay demolishes Gavin, he kicks all the belts and the Rooster trophy over to her. Michael grabs the rooster and becomes Lindsay's Trophy Husband.
  • VS Episode 100: Geoff vs Lindsay
    • The sudden realization that it is episode 100.
    • Lindsay starts off the episode without the belts. Gavin slings them to her
    • Geoff talks about how he's failed to defeat Lindsay the past few times. So what does he do? He challenges Lindsay to Dead or Alive 5, the same game, Lindsay has beaten Geoff at multiple times.
    • The video ends with Geoff throwing a piece of the Tower of Pimps plush at the camera.
  • VS Episode 102: Ryan vs Jack
    • Ryan decides to ramp it up from last episode, going from Donkey Kong Jenga to a "Real Man's Jenga". Then, he messes it up and calls it "Jingle".
      Ray: You had ten minutes to think about it!
      • For once though, he really doesn't care that he messed up. The others lose it and he just points at the tower with a "Yeah!" expression, and that's just as funny. He's embracing his screw-ups!
    • Every time Jack removes a piece, he just slaps it away, complete with Batman (1966) sound effects.
      • Amongst all the typical 'Bam!' and 'Wham!' sound effects? 'Guitar!' and 'Fat!'
    • Everyone questioning if that Jenga tower was to fall down, would it send someone to the hospital.
    • When Jack causes the tower to tumble, it goes into slow-motion with Ray racing out to try to catch it.
    • At the end when the winner is declared, Geoff tells everyone to get the hell out of his house.
  • VS Episode 103: Ryan vs. Michael.
    • In the beginning Jack accused Ryan of cheating at 'Jingle' by catching it with his face. Ryan's response?
      Ryan: Look it was either catch it with my face or die under it.
    • For whatever reason, the person who made the map included clown NPCs in the helicopter.
    • During the second round, Ryan and Lindsay start singing a very strange rendition of "A Whole New World" as he's being chased and having rockets fired at him.
      • Ryan and Michael's repeated killings of each other.
      • Michael repeatedly runs into a power line with his helicopter, killing himself.
    • During the third round, Michael gets hit with a rocket just as a notice comes up that Gus has signed on to his Xbox. Geoff declares that it killed him so hard, it made Gus's Xbox come online.
    • The very nature of the game. The objective for one person? "Get the puddin' pops to Mr. Cosby." The objective for the other? "Get them puddin' pops!"
    • Ryan gains a new catchphrase when he screams "Yikes!" a lot during the game as Michael and cars do their best to kill him.
  • VS episode 104 (reset) has the crew heading out to play Putt Putt Golf with Matt and Jeremy taking Geoff's place.
    • While Geoff introduces the competitors, when he gets to Michael and Lindsay everyone notices that they're gone. Geoff jokes that they're banging behind a dumpster somewhere.
    • One hole has you shoot into a shark's mouth. Ray sits atop it hoping it leads him to victory.
    • Mostly everyone's inability to putt. Shout out goes to Gavin who took three stroke to try and get his ball under a shoe.
      • Ryan ends up getting his ball stuck under the same shoe. He has to shoot it out billiards style.
    • Jeremy, in his first VS competition places dead last. When Geoff gets to his spot in the rotation, Kdin decides to hold the camera above Jeremy's head.
    • The opening of the video:
    Geoff: (swishes paper) Versus! (grabs forehead) Ahhh, I just gave myself a paper-cut on my forehead.
    (everybody laughs)
  • VS Episode 105: Ryan vs. Gavin
    • Gavin went and mounted Go Pros on RC cars so he and Ryan could have a race. The race itself goes as well as you'd expect, with the two crashing into obstacles, the other Hunters stepping in the way of (or on) the cars, and the numerous times the cars flip.
    • What makes it even better is that as the AH guys race, there is an interview being conducted just off screen.
    • It comes to a head at the very end: Ryan has a commanding lead, and starts showboating, taking his sweet time to finish. Just long enough for Gavin to squeak by him and cross the finish line first.
  • VS Episode 106: Gavin vs. Matt
    • Jack keeps calling Matt's chosen game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse as "Dragonball Fifteen". Matt stops, bewildered before he decides to run with it.
      • Gavin's utter confusion as to what the hell he's even talking about.
    • Gavin picks a character named "Appule", who, as Ray describes him as, looks like "a testicle with cancer". Gavin immediately pulls a Rage Quit and demands a character switch.
      • Gavin decides that the best way to keep away from Matt is to just run away. He calls himself a "green Sonic".
      • Everyone teasing Gavin because his character, Perfect Cell, keeps missing with the Spirit Bomb, saying he's throwing the Earth at him and missing.
  • VS Episode 111: Ray vs. Jeremy, in the other member of Team Building Exercise's debut.
    • Jeremy's intro picture: he's so short, it only shows his head up to his eyes!
  • VS Episode 112: Jeremy vs. Ryan.
    • The intro picture is in reverse this time - Ryan is tiny and Jeremy is huge!
    • All the vague references to Ray, almost treating him as a non-person.
  • VS Episode 113: Ryan vs. Gavin
    • The amount of time it takes to reveal the game, after Gavin has revealed what it is and despite Ryan having already seen what it was before that on Jack's screen. When it finally pops up they all feign complete and total shock.
    • During one of the questions, Jack and Geoff get in a heated argument about whether or not A.I.: Artificial Intelligence was a film adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? After Jack puts money down on his answer being right, the actual VS. match is paused, accompanied by a Jack vs. Geoff title card. It lasts for all of about a minute as Jack finds out that Geoff was indeed telling the truth.
    • Ryan throws the cock statue at Gavin and it get stuck in the mesh of Michael's chair.
    • After the VS Geoff is announcing the next challenger, and Gavin leans over his empty mic stand to talk. Then Jack and Geoff point out that there's no microphone and he loses it.
  • VS Episode 114: Gavin vs. Matt
    • They're playing in Brutal Legend and decide to use the matchmaking function because they're likely to be the only two online searching. The two set up and then wait for the match-up to be made... and wait... turns out it's been so long since Matt played the game he forgot that the game doesn't auto-search for a matchup. Kdin interfers from behind the camera so that the game can finally start.
  • VS Episode 118 Geoff vs Lindsay
    • Geoff takes over the actual match, Jeremy vs. Lindsay, for a one-time match against the champion... in a beer-guzzling contest. Geoff finally beats Lindsay in something!
  • VS Episode 120: Ryan vs. Jeremy
    • Millie introduces this episode. Or tries to at least...
    • The amount of drawn rounds in the game with everyone watching getting more and more hyped with each one.
  • Rocket League - Achievement Hunter Vs. The World
    • Team Gents do very poorly in their first match, to the point where Geoff declared that the footage wouldn't be used. It was.
      • At one point, Ryan rockets towards the ball and ends up jumping and spinning past it. Ryan attempts to justify it by saying he was hoping to intimidate his opponent by presenting.
  • VS Episode 128 - Jeremy vs. Gavin
    • As Jack announces "VS!", he attempts to throw a Styrofoam cup at the camera and accidentally hits the cameraman (Lindsay) in the breasts. Michael snaps at Jack, then goes "Where's Caitinote ? I gotta throw a cup at her breasts."
    • The entire bit where Gavin attempts to throw his weapon down as a trap. Boy oh boy, where to start with this one...
      • Gavin struggles to figure out how to set the trap, leading to him pitching the weapon into an overt corner of the room, rendering it almost innocuous.
      • Afterwards, Gavin stands there and watches to see if Jeremy will trigger the explosion... as Jeremy pops out of a door right behind him and mows him down in an instant.
      • Knowing the trap is nearby, Jeremy scans the room for the dropped gun, and finally finds it... just in time to see Gavin rush headlong into the room, detonating the trap and killing himself, with Jeremy none the worse for wear. Jeremy then effortlessly guns down an unarmed, freshly-respawned Gavin to retain the belt.
  • VS Episode 130: Michael vs. Jeremy
    • The game is a battle of Chubby Pumpkin ("Chubby Bunny" with jack-o-lantern Peeps for Halloween), and as the contestants' mouths get fuller, the subtitles get crazier, culminating in "Jesse Pinkman!"
  • VS Episode 131: Jeremy vs. Jack.
    • It's not actually a proper Versus episode, but the second installment of Shenanigans as the title card suddenly reveals it. The prank this time is set up as a blind eating contest, only for Jack to take off the blindfold and eat casually while the others freak out the still blindfolded Jeremy by saying Jack's destroying him and making him eat like an absolute pig.
    • All of the "spectators" calmly chomping away on Jack's food while watching Jeremy gobble down his own.
    • At one point, Jack starts taking selfies, with Eater J oblivious in the background. The group selfie is The Stinger.
  • VS Episode 131 (for real) - Jeremy vs. Lindsay
    • After the intro, Geoff beckons for the challenger, Lindsay, to come out. Cut to the doorway and suddenly the bell-end of an inflated Gag Penis pops out, sending Geoff and Jeremy into hysterics.
    • The challenge for this episode? A (literal) cockfight. The goal is to remove the opponent's detachable Gag Penis. To make things interesting, Geoff blindfolds both contestants.
    • Cue the first round, the music builds up dramatically, and both penises immediately fall off instantly when Jeremy and Lindsay attempt to swing them.
      Matt: You swung your own dicks off!
      Ryan: This is why you need domestic cocks.
  • VS Episode 134: Ryan vs. Matt in a (toy) bow & arrow shoot-off.
    • The video opens with challenger Matt's parody take on the opening of Arrow.
    • Ryan dons the duck mask. It only hinders his sight.
    • Ryan takes two of his three shots at one target, then suddenly swings round towards Jack to fire the third at another target.
  • Playing Giant Jenga While Getting Shocked - VS
    • Achievement Hunter and RT Core compete in a game of Jenga while Geoff shocks the contestants with Achievement Hunter's muscle stimulant device.
    • First, Mariel and Ryan are hooked up to it together, and Mariel spends the whole round in agony and is furious that Ryan is No Selling the shocks.
    • During Trevor and Barbara's round, Trevor tries to put his block on top of the tower, but his twitching arm almost makes him punch himself in the face several times.
  • Playing Super Nut Ball with Moon Balls - VS
    • Achievement Hunter and RT Core face off in a challenge to hit the other team's guys in the nuts with a Moon Ball. The RT Core guys are mad that Barbara knew about the contest but didn't warn any of them.
    • Gus hits Michael in the face so many times that Michael begs him to just hit his nuts so that it can be over with.
    • Chris gets hit in the nuts and doubles over in pain just in time to get hit in the face by Gus's Moon Ball.
  • Lava Chicken: We Break Someone Else's Office - VS
    • In between his two attempts, Michael eats a banana and shoves the peel into his back pocket. During his second run, pieces of the peel break off and get spread throughout the course.
      Chad: What is this Mario Kart shit?
    • During Blaine's second run, he tries to step on a chair with wheels that rolls out from under him spilling him onto the floor and pinning Alec to the wall.
    • Alfredo finishes his first run only to find that no one reset the chicken from Chris' first run.
    • Alfredo's second run ends prematurely when RT Core's coffee table collapses out from under him. If you slow the video down enough you'll see he took a Moon Ball directly to the face in the seconds before the table went, too.

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