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Nightmare Fuel / Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series

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  • The saga of Edgar the Cow, and Michael's quest to free him, ended with Ryan replacing Edgar without anyone else noticing. When Michael pointed out that it might not be the original Edgar, he said this.
    Ryan: You don't understand. Edgar is the one in the hole.
    • Also, his insistence in Creeper Census that the reason Edgar is in the hole is to protect the others.
    • This proves to be foreshadowing for the final challenge of the Mad King Ryan game, which is to kill Edgar... Ryan then reveals that he's created a huge maze under his house, with Kerry hiding in a cow's skin and completely geared in diamond equipment, playing the role of both Edgar and a minotaur. To protect the others, indeed.
    • Going off of the Mad King Ryan saga, the entire Russian Roulette round. Basically, you look up, and hit a button. If a light blinks, you're safe. If not, a hail of arrows and Fire Charges kill you. It's like something out of Saw.
    • And again, Mad King Ryan, now in animated form.
  • At 20:40 in "Darwin Awards X", Jack stumbles across a Zombie Pigman. A Zombie Pigman with a glitched out skin, as seen on this page. Of note is the appearance of an "IA" on the side of its face (which comes from the "THX XAPHOBIA" hidden in the texture file).
    • What makes this all the more unnerving is the fact that only that Pigman had the fucked up skin.
  • Geoff's meltdown in "Build a Tower". Geoff was already in a foul mood during this Let's Play due to having just recovered from a nasty head cold, but then Gavin takes his trademark trolling too far and kills Geoff just as he had gathered three gold blocks. Geoff proceeds to completely lose his shit and gives Gavin a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown in real life, then proceeds to threaten to actually murder him if he stole his gold blocks, and he actually sounded like he meant it. Geoff spends literally the entire rest of the video in Tranquil Fury, barely speaking above an enraged whisper, and everyone, especially Gavin, is scared out of their minds.
    • Even before that was his reaction to learning that Michael was destroying his torches (which would allow monsters to spawn). Geoff imediately does a complete 180 from jovial to completely enraged and hunts down Michael like a dog, all while the latter is crying and whimpering in fear. When he finally catches up, Geoff tells Michael in a calm, but obviously enraged tone that he can mess with the others all he wants, but under no circumstances will he be allowed to mess with him.
    • Later in the same video, Gavin is foolish enough to attack Geoff again. Geoff manages to defeat him with only one heart left. If Gavin had won that fight, it probably would have resulted in something no one would want to see.
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  • Part 247, Sky Factory. After they appear to be making progress, setting up a large platform with some fences to keep them from falling, Jeremy comes across something in the manual called "Vein Mining", which is meant to be used on wood and leaves. Gavin tries it out, but the action causes almost the entire platform to be vaporized, sending Ryan, Geoff, Gavin, and Michael to their deaths.
  • Episode 294: Jeremy has spent almost all of Sky Factory working on his Dark Magic, which requires both himself and Gavin to bleed into the Altar of Blood and figures he can build some additions (known as the Well of Suffering and the Ritual of Regeneration) and place mobs on top of the altar to bleed forever and be healed faster than the well can kill them. As Jack puts it, Jeremy "made Hell". Jeremy doesn't even attempt to correct him.
  • The finale of Sky Factory ends with Jeremy and Gavin accidentally fucking up the Draconic Reactor, creating a nuclear explosion that destroys the entire world, Geoff included. Everyone is straight-up panicking as it happens. Ryan's desperately trying to fix it, Jack tries fleeing on a dragon, Gavin tries getting to what he thinks is a safe distance away from it, Michael and Lindsay accept their ultimate fate, Jeremy visits his blood altar one last time, and Geoff having no idea of how dangerous the situation truly is. Once the timer hits zero, we're given a view of the explosion from everyone's POV before cutting back to Geoff, who's sitting with Millie, appreciating his new life, before he too is wiped out by the explosion. The credits roll over the only thing remaining, Geoff's tombstone. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.note 
  • For Michael, at least, episode 3 of Ya Dead, Ya Dead. After having witnessed his best friend die at another one's hand, he eventually loses Jeremy and spends the entire episode lost in a jungle, having several near-misses with creepers, all while he can hear the rest of his friends dying one by one and there's nothing he can do about it.
    • There's also Alfredo's death by an exploding Creeper. The initial explosion doesn't kill him, but leaves him lingering in pain before he dies. And when Trevor speaks to him via his Twin Telepathy powers, Alfredo's still in agonizing pain even after death.
    • Episode 4 ends with Michael finding himself in Hell, having died of old age. He's stuck permanently in his old, pain-ridden body and now has to deal with non-fatal cancer and a stifling heat he'll never adjust to. All while surrounded by a bunch of young, healthy assholes and his wife who's moved on. And he can't even kill her husband because nobody can die in hell.
  • While the conversation is Played for Laughs, the conversation in "Achieveland #2" about Lindsay potentially having a stroke in the future (due to that running in her family) proposes the hypothetical situation of Lindsay having a stroke at work, and no one noticing the issue due to them mistaking it for a bit.
    Lindsay: See, I'm fucked, 'cause everyone here's just gonna be like "Lindsay's being weird again," [and] I'll be like "(violent stroke noises)"
  • Episode 315. Ryan locates an underground lake of lava, digs a hole to it for relatively easy access, and pours a bucket of water over the top as an elevator. This results in a 1x1 pit, full of water, that leads straight down into absolute pitch darkness. Geoff jumps in screaming and almost drowns before he reaches the bottom. Then everyone realizes that they're probably not going to survive the trip back up.
  • In Galacticraft part 11, the entire team gets trapped on the Moon. They have no protection from the pressure, radiation or lack of oxygen, and the teleporter isn't working because they accidentally unloaded the Earth chunk so the other end doesn't exist so they can't get home. They're left dying over and over again with no way out. Until Matt logs in and loads the Earth chunk, letting the teleporter work.


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