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  • Gavin gets one in the first Let's Play Minecraft. After the others take the piss out of him for a long time and steal the cobblestone from his house, he makes an iron bucket, gets some lava, and pours it on top of the house the other four are sharing. This gets Michael killed twice and Geoff dies a few times too. Then he beats a creeper to death with a torch.
  • In episode 2 of Let's Play Minecraft, where they were attempting an achievement wherein you must ride 500m on a mine cart, everyone made a pact to make sure Gavin wouldn't get the achievement. This led to Gavin attempting to get it multiple times despite being killed and interrupted by the others; this happened until the end of the half an hour long video where Gavin made a final attempt- wherein he (not his character, Gavin himself) was tackled by Michael in an attempt to stop him. And yet Michael couldn't stop Gavin's character and Gavin got the achievement.
  • Achievement City in episode 3 of Let's Play Minecraft is quite a sight to behold.
    • Particularly when you consider it was made in at least a day, over the course of twenty hours... all for the purposes of pranking Jack.
      • Also, this was all before creative mode was available for the Xbox 360. Imagine how long it must have taken to make all the TNT in "Plan G", which would require them to collect over 16,000 pieces of gunpowder.
      • They have said in subsequent Let's Build videos that they used a lot of clone tricks to build the original Achievement City. Though still, that's a crapload of smooth stone.
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    • The Let's Build series shows that it's becoming even better now. It now has glowstone and stone bridges, as well as the presence of the Tower of Pimps.
    • The expansion of the city is pretty cool too, now with obstacle courses and arenas, a giant sheep, a giant pig and a giant Creeper loaded with TNT.
    • Let's Play Minecraft episode 28 shows that they've added a small fishing camp, complete with makeshift tents and pier. Small, but it still looks cool. Episode 31 adds a house with five frames for wool that is located after a long mine cart ride to the other side of the map; again, small but it goes to show just how much building they've got done in the few months of the city's existence.
  • A race to the bedrock in episode 4 of Let's Play Minecraft ends with Ray winning. He searched for wood, meaning he ended up an hour behind them (all the trees had been removed by Geoff), made some tools and managed to race down to the bedrock, thus winning despite the handicap.
  • In episode 5 of Let's Play Minecraft, Gavin finds Geoff in his mine and seals him back in there, forcing him to Rage Quit. It didn't deter him for long, but points for effort.
    • The major moment of awesome for the LP went to Ray though, who managed to not dick around as much as the rest, die the least, and eventually craft his own diamond pickaxe.
  • In episode 9 of Let's Play Minecraft, Gavin manages to go all One-Man Army on Michael, Ray and Geoff with an iron sword and stone pickaxe.
    • Geoff immediately gets one afterwards when he tackles Gavin off the chair and starts kicking the crap out of him. This was so crazy that the microphones all disconnected for a few seconds.
    • This ultimately helps Geoff win the round, as Gavin ends up being Too Clever by Half and ends up giving Geoff more gold to win, another awesome moment for him.
  • We present to you Gavin's TNT Cannon in Minecraft.
  • Episodes 10 and 11 demonstrate a Wipeout-style course which Geoff and Gavin built. It is amazing to behold, much like Achievement City.
    • Michael wins episode 10 and the Tower of Pimps, in the first runthrough when he has no idea how it is going to go.
    • Ray wins episode 11, in which people are doing their second attempt.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 12 where Geoff and Gavin invent a new game, Last Man Standing. It is a complete Curb-Stomp Battle with Michael winning 7 out of 10 rounds and personally demolishing the Tower of Pimps outside of Ray's house afterwards and putting it up outside of his house afterwards.
    • Also, though it's pretty early on, one of his cries of victory is pretty cool, as well as hilarious:
    "RACE AGAINST THE ZOMBIES! (shoves past them into the safe house) SCUSE ME! HE'S IN IT!"
    • The moment is so awesome that the winner essentially becomes both The Dreaded (when being the target of his wrath) and a Memetic Badass for Let's Play Minecraft videos from then on.
  • After Gavin and Michael spend the majority of episodes 13 and 14 of Let's Play Minecraft fighting for control of the tower, Gavin eventually hides it under a somewhat inconspicuous pile of dirt while he leaves to make food and armour. Not too long after, Michael finds it, but he didn't have iron tools to mine it. Neither did Gavin, for that matter, so at this point, anyone could've taken it. That is, until Ray, kitted out in full diamond, actually manages to happen upon it. He proceeds to harvest it, replace the dirt hiding it, and hotfoot it back to Achievement City. Wonderfully enough, as this is happening, Gavin is trying to campaign for Geoff to announce when someone has the tower. He succeeds, and:
    Geoff: "Ray has it. He just found it."
    Michael (a bit incredulously): "He just found it as the debate started?"
    Geoff (clarifying): "While Gavin was asking, he was mining it."
    • Cue the mad dash to the City as they desperately and futilely try to stop him.
    • Including Michael's last-ditch attempt to stop Ray by throwing down wood in front of him. It didn't work at all, but props for the creativity.
    • Better yet? Gavin decides to detonate the TNT under Achievement City after Ray assembles his tower. Despite literally having the ground blasted out from beneath him, Ray and his Tower both survive undamaged.
    • A subtle one but Ray was also quietly watching Gavin and Michael at least around the time Michael found it, so it didn't take him long to find it at all.
  • Episode 19 of Let's Play Minecraft is Ray cementing his status as a badass. The competition is that everyone has a piece of the Tower of Pimps. A person must gain each piece and build the Tower of Pimps on the top of a pyramid. Ray quickly wins. Then, a bonus round is played where Ray manages to win yet again, albeit with some difficulty. They play one more round and despite throwing everything they had at Ray, he manages to just barely put the final piece on the tower. At the end everyone is shocked that Ray managed to win three times. In Geoff's words:
    Geoff: "He won the bonus, bonus round!"
  • Episode 22 of Let's Play Minecraft involves an absolute Curb-Stomp Battle on the part of Geoff, Ray, and Michael, beating the other team of Caleb, Jack, and Gavin in a Minecraft-replicated Grifball game.
  • Episode 23 is an entire episode of awesome for Gavin, while also solidifying him as a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass. Not only does he take out almost half of the other combatants (all of them by sneaking up on and hacking away at their backsides), but he also wins the whole thing, despite pretty much everyone else working against him. Doubly so because the creator of the Tower of Pimps finally owns it.
    • Especially when you consider how, after being killed, Ray, Jack, and Caleb began giving things to Geoff and Michael to help them and trying to dump lava on Gavin - the only help he gets is when Ray gives him a bucket of water and a boat, which don't help at all.
  • Episode 24 of Let's Play Minecraft is loaded with these. It ultimately ended in a 3-0 win for Gavin, Michael and Ray (known today as the Lads), but damned if Geoff, Ryan and Jack (known today as the Gents) didn't make it competitive.
    • There was the time Jack fired an arrow at Michael right as he was jumping through the air, dropping him into the pit of cacti.
    • When Ray was mining Ryan's Tower of Pimps, Ryan suddenly appears, with an iron sword in hand, and immediately kills Ray.
  • Episodes 25 and 26 of Minecraft feature the guys in their Achievementburg world, searching for a stronghold. Gavin ends up becoming The Hero, as he discovers a stronghold and guides the others to it (though he makes sure to deliberately kill Jack, the new Butt-Monkey, in the process). While searching with Michael, his Lancer, they discover a library to dub their new home. Then later, they grow a melon.
    • Ray gets a few moments as well, such as actually creating a Tower of Pimps using gold blocks he had been carrying around for a while.
  • Episode 29 of Let's Play Minecraft had the six guys divide up into three teams of two. The teams consisted of Ray and Geoff, Gavin and Michael, and Caleb and Jack. Surprisingly, the most effective team is Caleb and Jack who quickly build a fortress in the sky to rain down arrows upon their enemies. Their fortress is so effective that even Gavin's efforts to destroy their fortress are in vain. What makes this awesome is the fact that Caleb and Jack were the only two people to never win the Tower of Pimps in the Achievement Hunter office.
    • Despite losing, Michael and Gavin get in a few good moments, blowing up the TNT that Geoff and Ray had put at the front of the cave that they were in, using it to kill Ray before killing Geoff. Also, when fighting Jack and Caleb, Gavin manages to use TNT to blow a massive hole in the bottom of their fortress and use saplings and bonemeal to make makeshift cover against their arrows in the form of trees.
  • Recreating most of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.
  • Jack finally winning the Tower of Pimps in Let's Play Minecraft episode 34.
    • Points to Michael and Gavin for actually finishing it too, and Gavin almost got it on his first attempt, only failing owing to Artificial Stupidity on behalf of his pig.
    • Extra points to Gavin for shooting Ray (without a pig) off the course in one shot.
  • Michael and Gavin being completely unstoppable in Let's Play Minecraft episode 35, going the whole episode killing Jack, Geoff and Ryan multiple times, even managing to kill Ray, without dying once the entire Let's Play.
  • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 36, Ryan manages to beat Team Nice Dynamite by mere seconds. He spends the entire episode quietly by himself, not getting involved with everyone else. Despite the fact that a Ghast blew up one of his potion stands and set him back, he is able to recover and snatch the victory away from Michael and Gavin. Considering that Ryan was the underdog, the win is incredibly satisfying.
    • YMMV but Ray becoming a Spanner in the Works for the Dynamic Duo. When Gavin grabs the blaze-rod, he and Michael quickly leave to secure their victory. Ray wastes no time and follows them into the portal before they can destroy it. He arrives and it seems that he is quickly going to be killed by the two since they have diamond swords and Ray only has iron armor. But then Ray's game starts lagging again. Only this time, it actually helps him. No matter how many times Gavin and Michael hit him, Ray just wont die. It gets to the point where the two of them start saying Why Won't You Die?. He is able to survive for at least three minutes, waiting for Jack to show up and help him. When Jack finally shows up, Jack holds off Michael so Ray can kill Gavin. Ray is killed but he does succeed in killing Gavin and manages to delay the Dynamic Duo long enough that Ryan is able to win.
    • The best thing about it, though, is that Ray was the only one who never came close to winning. The Dynamic Duo were able to dominate most of the game and just barely lost, Geoff and Jack consistently challenged Michael and Gavin and lost because Geoff was unable to make the portal in the end, and Ryan Took a Level in Badass and managed to pull a come from behind win. Ray, on the other hand, was the only one who never spawned in the fortress, was attacked by Ghasts, killed by Michael twice, forced to give up materials in exchange for his life, and spent the rest of the game stuck in the nether with no weapons. He was essentially the Butt-Monkey of the two parts. So the fact that he proves to ultimately be Gavin and Michael's downfall and the fact that he is helped by lag which typical screws him over in these Let's Plays is awesome.
      • Despite a lot of setbacks, Ray was effective when it counted. The minute Michael and Gavin went quiet, he immediately retreated and unearthed his hidden nether portal. He was also careful to not let himself get cornered by the duo and proceeded in guerilla warfare.
    • Ultimately, it's Gavin and Michael's own bickering that lead to the duo's defeat, even though Ray does prove a timely distraction: after the two deal with him in a fashion where they still have a massive advantage, Gavin and Michael waste ten minutes trying to make a potion with the wrong items. Ryan actually would have beat them ten minutes earlier if not for a stray Ghast blasting his first potion stand and forcing him to start over from scratch.
  • Episode 37 of Let's Play Minecraft. Ray has made it to the tower for the second time but before he can mine it, Gavin, in real life, runs over to his controller and messes with it causing Ray to fall to his death. Despite cheating, the game continues and Gavin is given no punishment. Then, at the end of the video, Ray manages to get to the end again with Gavin right behind him. Ray puts his obsidian block down at his spot. Before Ray can erect the tower, though, Gavin kills him and it seems that it will be an easy win for him, but then Gavin forgets to mine Ray's obsidian block and he erects the tower on Ray's spot, thus giving Ray the win.
  • A very subtle one occurs in Let's Play Minecraft Apocalypse. Ray spends most of the Let's Play goofing off with Gavin, avoiding the objectives completely, and getting stuck in a house for eleven minutes and a half minutes. At the end of the game, pay attention to everyone's levels. Jack is the lowest around 28. Geoff, Gavin, and Michael are around 32. Ryan is The Leader for the Let's Play and his level is an impressive 39. Ray's, on the other hand, is 44! Despite being stuck in a house for at least a fifth of the Let's Play and not trying at all, he still ends up getting the highest level by an impressive margin.
  • Episode 38 of Let's Play Minecraft is a Curb-Stomp Battle for Ray. The Let's Play has one person being Pac-Man collecting blocks as the others play the part of ghosts trying to kill Pac-Man. Ray is the first person to go and he is given three tries. In his first attempt, Ray manages to get 94 blocks. Michael, who comes in second place for the Let's Play, managed to only get 92 and that was the total of his three attempts.
    • The episode also really shows how smart Ray is. When he goes, he immediately grabs the power ups near him and does not waste time killing anyone giving him the chance to collect a lot of blocks. He also uses the fact that he goes first to his advantage. He immediately charges to the starting point ensuring that the person trying to mine the blocks has to move quickly and be intelligent to get past him.
  • Michael's neck-and-neck victory in Let's Play Minecraft episode 42 when trapping a wolf. There are two wolves in the arena; several people are going after one, and he traps the other for the win.
  • In Let's Play Minecraft 43, a Thunderdome battle, Michael, tied for second with one gold block found, finds a stone sword. He does not lose again: at one point, he finds two gold blocks in a row, and completes his Tower of Pimps with half a heart left.
  • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 44, the whole situation quickly devolves into a free-for-all as everyone tries to grab the pieces of the tower from everybody else, and then hide them. During this stage of the game, Gavin is seen constantly escaping from near-certain death using the Ender Pearls, often right before someone else is about to kill him. He dies once, and then his piece gets lost in the big, dark ocean... until he finds it and takes it back.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 45: The crew is attempting the previously-seen "Thread the Needle" game, a four-room Ender Pearl race. The first person to make it to the third room is Jack; he makes it out of that room in one throw. Then, to win the Tower of Pimps, he must hit the front of a one-by-one block and survive the drop onto the Tower, a feat that took Gavin and Geoff 30 minutes. Jack? One shot.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 46: The guys have to drop their way down a set of ice blocks onto the Tower of Pimps; first to three wins. At one point, Michael is the only one without a Tower (Jack, Gavin, and Ray each have one, while Ryan has two). Ryan decides to help Michael get a Tower in the next round; he does so successfully. How can Michael top the thrill of getting his first Tower of the game? By winning the next two rounds and thus the Tower of Pimps for the week in a come-from-behind victory.
    • His last Tower deserves a bonus. The final jump in the Clouds Down map - from a cross of ice blocks to the top of the Tower - takes away 9 hearts of health, so you need a full health bar to survive. Michael dodges three people trying to knock him off while he waits for his health to regenerate. With 9 hearts exactly, Michael jumps for the Tower, dodging another attempt to knock him off-course... and in mid-air, half a heart regenerates, a split second before he lands on the Tower, knocking him down to half a heart but allowing him to win the game.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 47 ends on an epic Cliffhanger. The game is to enchant a bow with a 30-level enchantment. Michael (Level 24) and Ryan (Level 17) come across each other while mining. Michael gets the first blow, but Ryan knocks him down to two hearts. Michael, seeing that Ryan has iron armor, starts running away. Coming across a dead end, he starts bricking himself into a room... and the episode concludes.
    Ryan: "Remember that Potions Let's Play?"
  • In episode 48 of Let's Play Minecraft, Michael makes the mistake of attacking Ryan... who promptly chases him down and flogs him to death with a diamond sword.
  • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 49, the AH Crew begins their journey to The End.
    • After nearly fifty episodes of them fighting each other, it's pretty awesome to see what they can do when they actually work together.
    • Jack builds a massive, multi-story house for the team, complete with a "porch".
    • Michael reflecting on how much better they've gotten since episode 1.
    • Ryan digging Gavin out after he broke his last pickaxe deep underground.
    • Ryan, Ray, and Gavin decking out in full Iron Armor to go into the Nether.
  • Episode 50, THE END Part 2:
    • Though accidental, them discovering that they happened to build their house within spitting distance of an End Portal.
    • Their encounter with the Enderman counts as one for the Enderman, if you can believe it. Instead of fighting right off the bat, the Enderman seems to recognize that he can't beat a group; he teleports erratically and suddenly all around the map whenever they get near, forcing the crew to scramble while trying to find him.
      • It's actually because it was in sunlight, so it teleported away whenever looked at.
    • When a Creeper winds up right on the doorstep of their house, the gang completely averts the way their encounters with Creepers usually go, all working together to kite it a safe distance away and then killing it.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 51 features the gang versus the Enderdragon. They win handily.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 53 is the finale of the "Shopping List" challenge. It ends up going Down to the Last Play, with everyone either one or two items from completion... and the winner ends up being Gavin, who had had a decent-lead earlier, lost it, and came back for the victory.
    • To elaborate: Ryan is only missing an egg, Geoff and Michael are only missing cocoa beans (with the former being right next to a cave with some), and Gavin is only missing sugar. Jack and Ray are missing more than one item each. Gavin finds sugarcane growing on a beach, boards the train back to the Let's Play, and silently hauls ass right past Michael into the safe zone as he finishes his cake. The way he trolls Ryan would be mean if Ryan hadn't drowned him at the beginning of this part. Also notable because this is Gavin's first victory in 30 weeks' worth of Let's Plays.
      Gavin: "Hey Ryan, this is your thing, right? Have an egg, you bitch!"
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 56 — Hit List. Three words. DARK ACHIEVEMENT CITY. It is glorious.
    • Another one is Ray winning for the first time since Pac-Man - 19 weeks before.
    • Also a minor moment when Gavin scores a rather impressive long-range arrow kill on a moving target (complete with "MARK NUTT!!")
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 58, Ryan wins the Tower of Pimps for the first time since Potions which was 23 weeks prior.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 59 is a game called "Wolf Spa", where the guys need to get a wolf to chase them across the map and back without dying. Michael wins the first round quickly, prompting Geoff to extend the game so that the first to win two rounds would take the Tower. Michael wins the second round too, and does not die once throughout the game.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 60: Michael has freed Edgar.
    • Possibly negated when Geoff runs across a cow in the same area that Michael left Edgar and kills it for leather.
  • Lets's Play Minecraft episode 61 is the second part of King Ryan and it easily ranks as one of the best Minecraft Let's Plays that Achievement Hunter has ever done. Just about everyone has at least one crowning moment of awesome. It is so good that is deserves a summary.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 63: "Lava Wall" is a match between Team Lads and Team Gents. The two teams are separated by a wall of lava. The goal of the game is too burn the other team's wool Tower of Pimps. The entire match is pretty close between the two. Gavin, looking to get an edge over Team Gents, tries to build a TNT cannon. He nearly completes it however, Team Gents manage to hit the cannon, damaging it and forcing Gavin and Ray to try to fire it manually. It promptly blows up in their face and creates a massive hole in the ground. Ray gets stuck in the water, Gavin is killed, and Michael is trying to protect their tower so Geoff says that Team Gents should wage an all out assault. However, Jack realizes that their Tower is already burnt down, giving Team Lads the win.
  • Another video game Shout-Out: the Tower of Pimps is now hidden away in the Tutorial Map in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 66: "King Ray Pt. 2" has an understated moment for Geoff. During the final round, everyone is looking for diamond in order to make a jukebox. Geoff and Michael are in the same mine, so Geoff proposes that whoever finds what they are looking for tells the other and they have a duel to the death to get it. Geoff finds it first, and he knows that he will more than likely lose the duel, yet he still tells Michael he has found it. Michael kills him, takes the diamond to make a jukebox, and wins the Tower of Pimps.
  • Let's Play Minecraft episode 68: "Quest for Horses" showcases how much of a Band of Brothers the AH team has become. In an epic quest across the PC version of Minecraft in search of the newly introduced horses, the team, despite still being goofy and having to adapt to the differences from the Xbox 360 Edition, manage to fight off most of the mobs, set up secure camps, and, eventually, find the horses.
  • In Episode 69: Quest for Horses part 2 Geoff gets an early lead in collecting the items they need, having obtained slime balls. He later falls into lava and dies, destroying his progress. Gavin finds an abandoned mine and obtains several diamonds, and then he falls to his death via lava, losing everything. The two make a comeback, with Geoff and Gavin finding several dungeons containing saddles and horse armor.
    • Michael's discovery of the cave the led to all of the above; a creeper explodes, revealing coal and a skeleton. After killing the skeleton Michael explores the hole, discovering not only a cave, but a dungeon right next to it.
  • Episode 71: Lindsay has recreated Buckingham Palace in Minecraft. To scale.
  • Episode 73: The Lads finally build a rocket and send it to the Moon (in Galacticraft). Unfortunately, at that point, Gavin ruins the moment by crashing his rocket and exploding.
  • Episode 75: The team all gets to the moon this time, and down the boss in the dungeon in pretty much no time at all.
  • Episodes 76-79 are all won by Ryan, making him not only the first to win four Towers in a row, but the first to take three straight as well.
  • Episode 80: Jack wins (finally ending Ryan's winning streak) and after being blindfolded and guided from the main office to Ryan's desk to retrieve the tower, makes it back to the office from memory without instructions or any major screw ups.
  • Achievement Hunter Christmas. They have covered the entire area with snow, and built a massive Christmas tree in the center of Achievement City.
  • Episode 84 is a revamped version of Capture the Tower, and it manages to outdo the original. It's Lads vs. Gents first-to-win-3 again, and the Gents manage to jump out to a quick 2-0 lead. However, the Lads fight back to win the next two, leaving it down to the final round. The Gents bring constant pressure with Geoff and Jack (and Ryan providing archery backup), but Gavin, Michael, and Ray hold their fortress down. The winner ends up being Team Lads.
    • How the winning team ends up on top is impressive too. After Geoff gets stuck underground, Michael (with a pickaxe) and Gavin (with a sword) make a beeline for the enemy stronghold. Jack and Ryan die, respawning back at their fort, but Gavin attacks them as they come out the door, providing cover for Michael to dismantle the half-tower there and run back to the Lads' base. Once Gavin and Ray successfully kill the two Gents, victory is all but assured for Team Lads.
    • Ryan and Ray's general skill with a bow and arrow is impressive throughout all five rounds.
    • Round 2: Jack sneaks up to the Lads' base unnoticed, mines the half-tower, and earns the Gents their second point a moment later. The round takes about a minute from start to finish.
    • The ending to Round 4. Michael mines the Tower and makes it back to his base when he is killed by Ryan. Ray quickly grabs the tower while Ryan kills Gavin. Geoff arrives and kills Michael. Ray now has a serious problem because he is outnumbered at his own base. What does he do? He runs up his base's own stairs and jumps off them to land on his team's two pieces of the tower. Then, he just places the two additional blocks, before Ryan and Geoff can kill him or mine the other blocks.
    • Round 3 also has an intense conclusion. Gavin runs back with the two gold blocks, but as he mines his own team's blocks (so he can get onto the obsidian and erect the Tower), the chasing Gents kill him. A battle ensues at the Lads' base, and while the Gents seem to have the advantage as Jack kills Michael (who hits lag) and Gavin, Ray kills Jack, sending the Gents all the way back to respawn at their base. Ray is able to collect the gold and put up the Tower just before Geoff and Ryan make it back.
  • In Episode 89, the first part of Mad King Ryan, we get a good look at Ryan's elaborately designed challenges. They said it was the first time they'd made a copy of Achievement City and given it to someone so that Ryan could properly prepare.
  • Part two of the Mad King's second reign goes even farther with his awesome madness themed challenges. Gems include a body snatching arena tournament and full on Russian Roulette room. This all reaches its peak when Ryan reveals the true final challenge. Killing Edgar, of whom Kerry has taken the identity of in Ryan's maze. That's right, Kerry is Ryan's minotaur.
    • And at the very end Gavin swoops in on Kerry with possibly his greatest Combat Pragmatist moment, ever. Having a diamond sword, diamond armor, and one swiftness potion, he waits at the other end of the corridor while Kerry gets worn down by Ray. When Ray is struck down, he downs the potion quick and executes the diamond clad Kerry with brutal precision. In the words of Gavin "Some may call it bullshit! I call it awesome!"
  • The crowning of King Gavin. We've had mad kings and idiot kings, but Achievement City has never before experienced a mad idiot on the wool throne.
  • The sheer fact that Geoff and Gavin managed to create Monopoly in Minecraft, with the board themed around Achievement City and Let's Play Minecraft in general. Some of their other videos were even incorporated into the game via Shout Outs on Chance and Community Chest cards,note  such as the infamous "Let's Play Fuel" video and GO!
  • A small one maybe, but the way that Ryan, Michael, Ray and Gavin work together to remove the creeper from Gavin's house during the Tallest Tower Let's Play and then make sure to kill it without it exploding and triggering Plan G is another example of how well these guys work together when united by a common cause.
  • In Episode 99, Ryan is stranded on the obsidian platform in The End with no blocks to build a bridge with. Team Nice Dynamite decides he's ripe for the picking and goes to kill him. Ryan calmly strikes both Michael and Gavin off the platform from behind with little difficulty.
  • Episode 100:
    • Jack leads the scavenger hunt the entire time, being the first to find every clue and the eventual winner.
      • Driven home when you realize the intro to the video is Foreshadowing: Achievement City was built for Jack (specifically, to screw with him), and he ended up winning the ultimate challenge in it.
    • Geoff describes the clue at Thunderdome as the hardest clue. Jack figures it out instantly, as does Ryan, who is set back by not knowing where No Glory Hole is.
    • And the second-biggest Brick Joke / Chekhov's Gun of allnote : We finally learn what's underneath the Altar of Pimps, and why no one had been allowed in - Gavin and Geoff had spent over a year preparing that room with hundreds of gold blocks for the final challenge of the scavenger hunt.
  • Episode 101: Ice Cube finally appears, in all its glory. That it took over a year to build is itself a CMOA.
    • Gavin channels MARK NUTT!, showing once again that he is a Combat Pragmatist with a bow and arrow. He mines the ice under Jack's feet, then shoots him point-blank when he falls down for the kill. Didn't net him any gold though.
    • Ray breaks his losing streak, winning for the first time in 40 episodes (19 competitions).
  • Episode 105: Gavin ties with Ryan for first place, and to decide they have to fight it out. So far Gavin lost their two previous fights due to messing up, but after preparing, and with the support of the Lads, he manages to beat Ryan and claim his fourth Tower of Pimps.
  • Episode 109: After another close game, Gavin wins another Tower; that means he's won two in a row for the first time!
  • Michael's last turn in Episode 110 (Monopoly Part 2). After collecting Geoff's House (equivalent of Boardwalk) about halfway through, Michael has been gunning for the Altar of Plimps (equivalent of Park Place). His turn is threefold:
    • First, he rolls doubles and lands on the Community Chest between the green properties. The card sends him to Dark Achievement City, two spaces behind him - so he collects 4 gold for passing GO (but has to pay Ray one).
    • Then, he rolls snake-eyes, putting him back on Community Chest. This time, he pulls a card that allows him to collect 1 gold from every other player.
    • Finally, he rolls a four, and lands on the Altar, giving him the dark blue monopoly.
  • The round of Capture the Tower played at RTX 2014 is as intense as the other two CTT Let's Plays. With the usual sides plus Lindsay (Lads) and Kerry (Gents), the game is fiercely fought, ending in a 3-2 victory for the Lads.
    • The game is usually characterized by a lot of swordplay and fighting through defenses to get to the other team's base, but the final round is won thanks to two moments of impressive sneakiness. First, Jack collects three gold blocks but is killed, dropping the blocks into the cactus maze. While he tells the other players that the blocks have likely disappeared due to the cacti, Michael traverses the cactus maze and picks up the blocks, not telling anyone he's got them until they're erected on the Lads' obsidian block. Finally, with weapons running low at the end of the game, Michael gives Gavin a sword and pickaxe. While running to the opponent's base, newly-weaponized Gavin falls into the cactus maze. He's forgotten about until Jack notices he's made off with the Gents' block, having broken through cacti to get to the opposing base. He brings back the block for the victory.
    • And then there's Ray's little moment in the final round near the end: "I have nothing! I'M A DISTRACTION! TAKE ME AS THE MARTYR!"note 
  • Matt and Jeremy's keep for "Storm the Tower" not only looks nice (that AH logo "flag" looks so lovely), but it's also hard as Hell to beat, with tripwire traps, a hidden lava pit, a mass arrow-firing mechanism, and then some.
    • The lava pit needs special mention. You can only really run into it by trying to avoid a different trap, and it appears to go down to bedrock. Not only that, but it makes the earliest part of the course even harder if you set it off - because now there's a giant hole in the first level of the tower...
  • In the first part of "King Gavin", Gav sets a challenge to jump from a small platform at the top of the world into a 1x1 hole of water. Ray nails it on the first try.
    • Even more awesome when you recall the nearly identical challenge way back in the Wipeout episode—it was the only part of the obstacle course he couldn't overcome.
  • In "Things to Do - Mark Nutt Training", Gavin finally redeems the legacy of Mark Nutt after losing out to Ray in the Olympics VS., handily taking first place. Ray, ironically enough, ended up finishing in last place.
  • Jack, Michael, and Geoff all storm back from being down in King Gavin pt 2, to make it a 5-way tie! Special mention goes to Jack who won back-to-back challenges to win his first two blocks.
    • Michael accidentally firing his TNT cannon prematurely, shooting Gavin out of the air.
    • The final challenge ends up being won by Ryan, who takes his unprecedented third kingship.
    New King: I'm not gonna lie, it's all gonna be murder.
  • When they play Battleship, Gavin frequently correctly guesses where the Gents' ships are, correctly guessing three in a row before he finally messes up. In fact, he is the only one on Team Lads to ever find any of the Gents' ships; Michael and Ray's guesses only hit ships they've located.
  • Episode 135: Thanks to Xbox One's Minecraft having much larger maps (25 maps across!), they leave the recently walled Achievement City for the first time to explore the untamed wild beyond.
    • They get to see the back of Dan The Man!
    • Geoff and the build crew built four large doors that are the only way you're supposed to be able to exit Achievement City.
  • Episode 136 was suffering technical issues when being edited. Kdin, determined to get it out on time, stayed after work for several hours to re-edit, render, and upload it before leaving, because she would rather stay after work to put out a late episode than to leave the fans with none at all.
  • The let's play "Mega Dig" was unbelievable. Matt, Jeremy and Lindsay built a replica of Minecraft's underground as a larger replica of past let's play "Dig Down" complete with artificial cave systems, ravines, abandoned mineshafts, dungeons and a stronghold.
  • The showdown with The Wither in Episode 141. Unlike the Ender Dragon, The Wither puts up a tremendous fight and kills each player multiple times before finally biting the dust, causing tremendous collateral damage in the process.
  • The performance of the Magenta Mooshrooms (aka Team Crazy Mad, aka Michael & Ryan) in the three-part "Legends of the Hidden Tower" LP. They are the only team to receive a medallion or half-medallion in each of the first eight events, winning three out of the last four outright, giving them first place leading up to the Temple Run. Not only do they win, but Ryan solos the Temple Run in just under five minutes.
  • The winner of Chutes and Ladders wins by landing on a ladder that takes him to the finishing square.
  • Episode 172 - Colosseum Clash
    • Late in the Thunderdome-style matches, some TNT explodes in the arena, causing lava to cover a large area of the battlefield with obsidian blocks as stepping stones. Ryan somehow manages to jump from block to block backwards while fighting Michael.
    • In an act of déjà vu, Mogar once again dominates once he gets his hands on a Stone Sword. Jack may have been able to defeat him, but Michael managed to get a Golden Apple just before their match, ensuring Michael's eventual Tower victory.
  • Episode 191-192 - Tower of Gav Parts 1 and 2
    • You have to give props to Gavin for this event - unlike Geoff's Invincible Villain during the original three episodes this sort of thing happened in, Gavin gave the gang a run for their money while still being credible. Even more exciting is the chase after Jack ambushes and knocks him off, which Gavin's attempts to escape were genuinely exciting.
    • The fact that Geoff won. He won the original Tower of Geoff (though as stated above it was because he was an Invincible Villain) and this proved he could still do it when the situation was reversed. A highlight is how he won, managing to trick the others into believing that he didn't have the tower and that someone else did.
  • Episode 215 - Battle Mode
    • Michael starts off weak, but in the second round discovers that the chests in the middle will occasionally get new items. He gets a fire aspect sword twice in a row and immediately starts carving up his competition. The others take the realisation that Mogar has a fire sword predictably badly.
  • Episode 233-234 - The World is Lava Parts 1 and 2
    • Just for the setup alone, Matt spent a month painstakingly covering all of the main map's landmass with lava.
    • One for Gavin and Geoff's constructions: Wipeout, episodes 10 and 11, was released in August 2012, where one of its obstacles was a series of pistons that rapidly shunted the contestants back and forth. In this episode, 223 episodes and over 4 years later, Jack and Gavin return to that part of the map to discover that the pistons are still going.
  • Episode 258 - 2 Glide 2 Furious
    • Despite never having played the gamemode before, and only using two rounds before as practice, Geoff one-shots the second map without dying.
  • The Sky Factory series can be considered a CMOA for all of the hunters. 32 parts and counting that all began with a single tree and a block of dirt.
    • Sky Factory part 32: Jeremy reveals a miniature recreation of Downtown Achievement City using chiseled block pieces, right down to the asymmetric Achievement Hunter logo, Geoff's new penthouse and even Jack's fire suppression system.
    • Also, from the same part, Jack's Wither Automating Machine malfunctions and ends up spawning a multitude of withers. Genuine panic and tension begin to settle in as the withers start flying upward towards their world. Jack, Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and Gavin, who is actually trying to go to the End, all start firing off commands and tactics as they start battling the withers. They actually manage to eliminate all of the withers without too much collateral damage (except for a couple of Geoff's chickens and Lindsay dying twice).
    • Ryan manages to successfully steal dragons multiple times in such a way that the others assume the dragons are just despawning. By the time he's caught, he's managed to set up a dragon shop named Ryan's Premium Unpurloined Dragons.
    • Sky Factory Part 41 is the finale, culminating in the construction of a Draconic Reactor. Which turns into a simultaneous Awesome Moment and Tear Jerker when a reactor snafu ends up nuking the world.
  • Finally, after more than 3 years and over 150 episodes, there's going to be another King, namely Sky King Ryan. And what's more, it's using mods as part of Sky Factory, and is taking place on Episode 300, making it the milestone celebration as well.
    • And when it's over, King Jack takes the throne for the first time, and goes three-for-three on winning the centennial episodes to boot.
    • In one task, Gavin and Geoff get caught in a photo finish, with Ryan being unable to tell who to give the block to. He declares that they should have a fight to the death to determine the winner. Gavin wins, because he's finally worked out how the combat system works, dealing a small amount of devastating blows instead of wildly flailing his sword. Yes, Gavin won a one-on-one fight by being smart.
  • Ryan's victory in episode 310, Chomping List, marks the first time the Tower of Pimps is awarded in Achieveland, and the first since Jeremy's victory in Dark Monopoly in episode 259, 51 episodes previously.
  • Episode 313 sees the glorious return of Wipeout, five and a half years after the original was built.
    • Jack goes first in part two. After a few false starts, he breezes straight through the Gloves of Biff, and comes home to score the winning time.
    • After the main runs in part two, they convince Jeremy and Matt to run their own course (for fun, not for the Tower). While Jeremy goes through quickly, Matt goes through even quicker, being the only person to nail all three bounces on Jeremy's Big Balls, and the only person to slam dunk the 1x1 water drop at the end.
  • A small one for Lindsay. Galacticraft Part 8 (#332) has her getting jumped by a spider. She exits to get her gravestone and finds it still nearby, so she lays into it with nothing but her bare hand. The perspective then switches over to Ryan's POV, and under his crafting display you can see the message "Jones Life got revenge on Spider".
    • Another small Galacticraft one comes in part 10 for Ryan. The others suggest that he console command in the missing teleporter block, but he refuses, wanting to do things legitimately despite the terrible situation. In the next episode, he keeps his cool and directs the others through the disasterous "rescue mission".
  • For episode 336 (and presumably the next one or two), which was released right on Halloween 2018, Matt converted the mansion near Achieveland into a playable replica of the Cluedo Mansion - and it's glorious to behold.
  • For the last challenge seen in part 1 of 2018's Christmas King, Santa (Matt) asked everyone to reproduce the reindeer he'd constructed above the walls of the Kingdom. Everybody sets about trying to be as accurate as possible, with the exception of Michael. Michael takes one look at what Matt had made, decides he'd never be able to copy it accurately enough, and so chooses to do something different. Instead he builds a chibi reindeer, which everyone is shocked to see is actually really good, good enough for Matt to actually give him a bonus gold block.
  • Serious props need to be given for Alfredo in Ya Dead, Ya Dead 2019. After dying to a creeper in the first season, he's now managed to become a Badass Unintentional. He wanders away from the group without telling them, both in the Overworld and the Nether. But rather than being Too Dumb to Live, it's thanks to his adventures that the group found a supply of animals to farm and huge amounts of gold. He's fallen into holes, been set on fire, poisoned, mined on the edge of lava pools, fought whole hordes of mobs, and has still yet to exhaust his resurrection while Michael, Ryan, Jack, and Geoff are all Deader Than Dead as of episode six. Half the time, he doesn't even seem to realize how close he is to danger.
    • In the end, Alfredo is actually the last man alive out of all the Hunters.
    Alfredo: What's up, danger?!
    Jeremy: Stop Magooing around this game!
  • Fiona's performance during Wipeout suffers due to her lack of experience with the game. Despite this, she somehow manages to get through the piston shunts on her first try, something Jeremy predicted nobody would manage.
    • Then in the second part, the last Hunter to run the course is Matt... who despite being drunk, smashes Ray's time from 2012 and nails the pistons and the 1x1 water drop on the first attempts.
  • The ending of Galacticraft is one big moment of awesome on many levels. Ryan casually killing Withers with thermobaric missiles. Matt managing to keep Sugarcube and Mini-Matt safe in an alternate dimension that nobody else can access. Ryan very nearly managing to kill them anyway despite the aforementioned spoiler. The gigantic crater left by the antimatter missile after it hits NASA. The fact that the gang subsequently manage to plow through bedrock. The fact that the server kept running for far, far longer than anyone expected. And, of course, the fact that SUGARCUBE SURVIVED!

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