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Dark Achievement City, and the Nether by extension, are Achievement City's Bad Future.
Namely, a bad future that would have been caused by the Ryan's second reign (Mad King Ryan), as in the original timeline no-one succeeded in killing Edgar, resulting in a snowball effect leading to a world ending apocalypse.

That said, this timeline has been averted. How can we tell? Simple. Dark Achievement City still has Ray's house, rather than Jeremy's (which also confirms the divergence point was before he left). The only reason that the Dark timeline world still exists is because the current versions of the Lads and Gents have visited it, and therefore it needs to still be present to prevent a paradox.


To be honest, I came up with this theory to explain why Dark Achievement City still had Ray's house, but i've grown fond of it.

  • On the plus side, coming back to this, now that Achievement City is apparently deader than dead as far as world saves go, there's nothing exactly contradicting or disproving this either way, so... plausible?

Predictions for King Jack
Exactly what it says on the tin:
  • There will be some kind of challenge related to either building a house or a farm.
  • The crew will have a new court area built in the Achieveland world. Kind of a given, but there's the very tiny possibility that they could decide to load up Sky Factory again in a non-destroyed version of that world, and reuse the court area that Ryan built there.
  • Ryan will either win again or, after winning so many Kingships, will go out of his way to try and not win.

Galacticraft will end in a similar manner to Sky Factory.
That is to say, a giant explosion. Ryan has been messing around with the ICBM mod, which will ultimately allow him to create Red Matter and antimatter missiles. Either of these could destroy NASA in dramatic fashion. The Galacticraft mod has less reward the further you go in it, so it's likely that either someone will get bored and launch one of the overpowered missiles, or they'll wrap the series up with a semi-scripted episode revolving around the missiles.
  • Confirmed. Ryan's obsession with killing Matt's horse Sugarcube led him to create those very missiles—and he hit NASA with an antimatter missile by accident. Afterwards he and the gang go into Creative Mode and spam them everywhere until the server crashes.

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