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Tear Jerker / Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series

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"Take care, buddy."

  • Despite the situation having a complete and hilarious Mood Whiplash, Ray's final send off in Episode 151 is pretty sad, especially to long-time fans. After a grand tour of Ray's best moments in Achievement City he plants a rose in front of the Do Not Enter Tunnel, walks down it and out of sight and Achievement Hunter.
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    • Then, it turns into Crosses the Line Twice when the team dons diamond pickaxes and gold helmets and proceed to tear apart Ray's house. Though it becomes a true Heartwarmer once they release episodes showing them making it one of, it not THE, most glamorous house.
  • "Sky Factory Part 41", the finale of "Sky Factory", ends with Gavin and Jeremy accidentally fucking up the Draconic Reactor, causing it to go nuclear and blow up the world, killing everyone (even Geoff and Chicken!Millie several thousand blocks away). The credits even roll over a shot of the void, with Geoff's gravestone being the only remaining thing.
  • "YDYD Part 3": Michael spends the episode miserable because Ryan shot Gavin, causing him to fall to his death, meaning Michael lost both his wife and his best friend in quick succession. He's even more miserable after a rapid series of deaths: Alfredo is blown up by a Creeper, Geoff is killed by a baby zombie literally five seconds later, Jack was collateral damage from a Creeper blowing up, Ryan is killed by Jeremy as revenge for Gavin, and Trevor and Jeremy jumped to their deaths, leaving him the only survivor. And he's lost in the jungle, unable to get back to the base and having heard everyone die.
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  • "YDYD Part 4": Michael abandons the base and all of his inventory, and spends the next 50 years wandering the map alone . An old and weakened Michael finally dies in a small castle he built for himself, and finally joins the gang in Hell. Unfortunately, he learns that he doesn't return to his youthful state, Trevor and Alfredo have been kicked out of it, and in the years that have passed, Lindsay moved on and remarried a zombie pigman named Gary...and he's more popular with the gang.
  • There's a meta example in the fact that Achievement City's reduced appearances is the direct result of the map's age making each new update another trial to keep it working, to the point where the Hunters barely even use it anymore. It's like seeing an old dog who you've had and loved for years starting to slow down with age knowing it's only a matter of time before he won't get back up again.
  • "YDYD 2019 Part 1": The first casualty is Michael, who ends up brutally impaled after trying to defend the base from a trident-throwing Drowned. The shock and heartbreak in everyone's voices is palpable.
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  • "YDYD 2019 Part 2": Alfredo mourning Gavin's death, wishing he was back so the two of them could have a snowball fight together. He even throws snowballs on Gavin's grave and says "I got you."
  • While it's still Played for Laughs and full of Jeremy laughing in the background, "YDYD 2019" ends with Alfredo as the sole survivor. Somber piano begins playing as he walks back to the house, joking about how he'll wake up and all his friends dying will just be a bad dream. Once he returns though, he finds most of the house has been blown up courtesy of Trevor. Alfredo ultimately decides to cut himself off from the rest of the world by blowing up the bridge, contemplating how he has no idea how to farm or take care of the animals on the island. He ultimately bids his farewells to the graves of his friends as the series ends.

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