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  • Old Shame: A couple of the older Let's Plays have fallen under this, for varying reasons. Most prominent were Creeper Soccer, because of just how annoying it was to play and have to constantly reload the save, and the Twelve Towers, which Geoff and Gavin frequently lament was the ugliest thing they ever built.
  • Prop Recycling: Sets are sometimes re-used for different episodes for various reasons, partially because Gavin and Geoff have admitted that they felt too lazy to build another one that week.
    • The same map usually gets reused whenever they do "[Episode Name] X", a re-visit of the old challenge with changed rules. This has extended to their Grand Theft Auto ideas.
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    • The "King" Episodes recycle the same throne area though with modifications as each king sees fit.
    • Finally, of course, there's the Tower of Pimps (both the in-game one and the real life mini-prop), which is never going away for obvious reasons.
  • Saved from Development Hell: "Storm the Tower" was planned by Plan G (Geoff and Gavin) for the longest time, but they could never be able to finish it. It wasn't until after they got the newly-hired Matt and Jeremy (the former of which contributed to Let's Play Minecraft in its early days) that it was eventually completed. The MegaCraft duo completely redid the game and structure from scratch, changing "Storm the Tower" from Plan G versus the rest of the Hunters fighting against one another to a traditional Team Lads versus Team Gents game.
  • Troubled Production: Episode 39 starts off revealing that a very brief power outage killed an hour of gaming and filming. They weren't happy about it.
    • Some of the Let's Build videos suffer from impeded progress or decision-making problems between Gavin and Geoff. One of the most problematic jobs was Dark Achievement City since most of the original Achievement City's construction material (wood and wool, primarily) is flammable and kept getting blown up or set alight by Ghasts and Blazes, as well as other complications from building in the Nether.
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    • Given that Ice Cube's build started over a year ago and still isn't done... it probably suffers majorly from this trope. Justified since the building requires spending several hours just filling a gigantic cube completely with ice, and since they're using the Xbox version of the game, they can't just use MCEdit or some other tool to spawn it in.
      • Not to mention that Geoff already lost one save where the cube was 'about 75% filled in' AND towards the end of the Let's Build episodes showing all of the main Achievement Hunters (minus Gavin) working to finish it, Xbox Live disconnects everyone from the game. Including Geoff. Michael even comments when they get back in that Geoff was making a bunch of distressed noises and pushed himself fully back from the desk at the thought of losing another almost-finished save of the thing. Thankfully he didn't. After they finished, Ice Cube was finally played in Episode 101.
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    • The "Megatower" two-parter was plagued with game crashes. That, combined with how most of the crashes happened without any saving, led to Geoff burning down the Megatower to speed things along.
    • Galacticraft suffered from numerous crashes due to Java playing up. Having one person on the Moon and the others on Earth, or vice versa, caused it.
    • Mega Dig had numerous crashes, audio fails, and forced resets, leading to six hours of recording before it was finally over. And as if the let's play was further taunting them, while editing it weeks or months later, the let's play gets delayed by technical issues and Kdin ends up staying several hours after work (by choice, mind you) to get it out on time. And even then, for most people on the east coast, it technically came out on Saturday, so that should give you an idea of how long it took.
    • Achievement City, due to being created in a much older version of Minecraft, often suffered glitches and crashes that limited its use in videos. It was unavailable for the majority of 2017 and was declared dead in 2018 as it can no longer load. The most likely suspect is Geoff's House, which has caused the issues suffered before.

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