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Trivia / Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series

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  • Approval of God: Michael tweeted a video someone did that used the heist scene from The Dark Knight, but instead dubbed over the crooks' dialogue with that of the Fake AH Crew.
  • Colbert Bump: The popularity of the "Cops 'n Crooks" videos let to a marked increase of interest in the Grand Theft Auto IV online game mode in the months before GTA V's release.
  • Lying Creator: Geoff does this with Ten Little Roosters in "Things We Played", off-handedly mentioning that Ryan would be the one to die in Episode 6. Fake-Out Fade-Out ensued there.
  • We Interrupt This Program:
    • The news of Monty Oum's death on February 2, 2015 lead to it being the first Monday to not have a Let's Play Grand Theft Auto episode since the last Let's Play Red Dead Redemption video in August 2013, as well as the first Monday lost in the Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V era.
    • The Achievement Hunter team became so engrossed by Until Dawn that they decided to dedicate an entire week to it on the week of September 7th, 2015, thus displacing all other Let's Plays except for Minecraft.
    • They did it again on October 12, 2015, spending an episode playing Star Wars: Battlefront beta.
  • What Could Have Been: Given the Heists' usual demeanor, most of the plans had a lot of events and outcomes that ended up not happening. Examples Include:
    • (Geoff's) Heist: If the police chopper didn't come in and cause everyone to scatter and panic, Michael, Ray, Jack, and Gavin would've tried to lose the cops and approach Mt. Chiliad. Meanwhile, if Ryan hadn't killed Geoff, they would've found an escape vehicle on land and drive to Mt. Chiliad from there.
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    • Gavin's Heist: If Gavin hadn't rammed the firetruck in the gas station, the Fake AH Crew would've had to drive 4 other firetrucks around the gas station in order to pose as firemen spraying water everywhere, giving Michael a chance to rob the store. Also, if everyone except Geoff, hadn't died, they all (excluding Ryan) would've rode the RWBY jet skis to a specific spot where Ryan would've had a cargobob waiting to carry the jet skis to the top of the maze bank.
    • Ryan's Heist: If Jack, Gavin, and Michael hadn't crashed, they would've been able to fly the armored truck to Ray, who would've been able to shoot the van, causing the money to fall down on him. Michael and Gavin would've then had to parachute down next to Ray, where they would drive off of the building via motorcycles and a ramp. The team then would split up in the subway, allowing Ray to join with Jack. The two teams would then meet up after the subway and steal from a convenience store. Meanwhile, Ryan and Geoff would've met up at the RWBY jet skis and wait for everyone to finish robbing the stores.
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    • Michael's Heist: If the banks were open, Michael and Gavin would've been able to rob one instead of robbing a convenience store, which they had to do instead. Another more minor example is that Geoff and Kerry were meant to die via an explosive boat. Instead, they took the wrong boat, and Michael had to kill them himself. Aside from that, the heist went exactly as planned.
      • Ryan apparently realized that Michael planned to kill him and Ray off and planned to blow up their getaway vehicle himself just in case it was rigged to explode... which it was.
    • Jack's Heist: If Ryan hadn't jumped out of the plane, the remaining survivors would've been able to fly to Fort Zancudo and receive jets. Also, if Michael and Gavin didn't die everyone would've gone to the air strip, ending the heist.
    • Ray's Heist: If Geoff and Gavin were able to get into the armored truck, the Crew would then lift the truck and a limo via a cargobob and put it on a train. The Crew would then rob the truck and take the limo all the way to the docks, where they would blow it up. They would then find a plane, and drive it to the top of the "Wrecking Ball" building, where they would then skydive off into different directions, ending the heist.
    • The Grand Heist: If Gavin hadn't flown the Titan so high up, causing it to crash, the heist would've ended with the Crew on Mt. Chiliad.
    • The Prison Job: If Geoff hadn't died, the Crew would've then drove off through the ocean, finishing the escape.
      • If Ray hadn't gotten into the getaway boat, giving everyone else a five-star wanted level, they would have gotten away easily.
    • Lindsay's Heist: If Michael hadn't fallen out of the train, and if Ryan hadn't jumped off to save him, the heist could've had a no death run, since Ryan and Gavin died trying to save Michael. Aside from that, the heist was still very successful.
    • The Trojan Bar Heist: If Michael had received a multi-seat seaplane, like he ordered, instead of the one-seater he got, the crew would have been able to flee the cops in Jack's and his planes.

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