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Aug 25th 2017 at 2:59:11 AM •••

The page is too long apparently.

Any ideas on how we'd prefer it to be split? I'm almost tempted to do it in a 'WR' and 'AR' split (With Ray, After Ray) but I assume doing something like start-2016, 2017-onwards would make more sense. ^^;

And should we make two new pages (one for the earlier stuff, one for the later to ongoing stuff) and turn the one that exists now into a 'contents' page? It'd be good for future (if indeed this series goes on that long)

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Aug 26th 2017 at 12:59:12 PM •••

I think a five-year split for the main episodes would be good if we go by the years route. Or should we go with 200 episode splits?

Sep 8th 2017 at 12:58:06 AM •••

Well 200 kind of happened mid-2016 and was a two-parter with 201 so it might be best to go years-wise.

Also, do we make the page that all of the other Funny AH pages connect to a portal to both pages or just add in an extra link to all pages?

EDIT: New thought that occurs - the Things To Do. Do we keep them on the earlier years page because that's when they occurred?

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Sep 8th 2017 at 6:01:27 PM •••

I think keep the page as is, but put the subpage links on it for the episode pages, like a character page arrangement if that makes sense. There aren't really new Things to Do or Let's Builds coming out, so they should be fine as is.

Jul 29th 2016 at 7:21:48 PM •••

Is there a reason the Pubert discussion was deleted from here? I just don't want to re-add it incase there was a reason

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