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The oxygen generating machine and several solar energy panels for a lunar colony has become damaged in a meteor shower. A team of astronauts are sent to fix the damage done as fast as possible, or else the colony's air supply will run out. However, maintaining control of the situation proves difficult at first, as several of the components crucial to the operation of the colony's life support systems are heavily damaged, and some are outright broken. It will take all their training to fix this mess before the colony runs out of air and time.

Moonbase Alpha, a game developed by the makers of America's Army and published by NASA, intends to be a simulation of what the normal missions of an astronaut would be in a rather dire futuristic situation and to give people a chance to stomp about on the moon in the boots of an astronaut. Reactions were mixed, although the game does seem to provide its dual purpose of amusement and slight education (or wish fulfillment). The game is also infamous for an option to turn on a Stephen Hawking-esque voice synthesizer program, the abuse of which became wildly popular (and, unintentionally, the game's biggest attraction).

The game was released on July 6th, 2010 for PCs, and can be downloaded from Steam for free. It is notable for being one of the first free games on Steam that wasn't a Game Mod.

There was also an update to the game, allowing for nighttime missions. Things can become... very interesting.


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