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Muffin Time is a card game based on TomSka's ASDF Movie animations.

The objective of the game is to have 10 cards in hand at the start of your turn. This is a lot harder than it sounds as each of the cards has its own unique and often strange effect when played.

The three types of cards are:

  • Action Cards: The basic card type. During each player's turn, they can decide to play one action card or draw a new card from the deck. They have a blue border.
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  • Trap Cards: In addition to drawing or playing an action card, players can place down a trap card with a maximum of three. Whenever a triggering action happens, regardless of turn, the player can then activate its effect. They have a red border.
  • Counter Cards: Counter cards are reactionary cards that can be played whenever the effects are triggered. Some counter action cards, some counter trap cards and some even counter other Counter cards. They have a green border.


This game provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Context Change: Several cards are based off quotes from skits, but the image is different from the animation.
    • "Got Your Nose": Instead of getting gunned down by a trigger happy cop, it instead has one guy grabbing another's actual nose.
    • "Got It Back In": Instead of a reverse child-birth, the image is now of a chicken eating a fried egg.
    • "We Failed": Instead of parents deciding to kill their kid for liking The Annoying Orange, the image is of two people impaled on the same sword.
  • Attack Reflector: Some trap and counter cards can cause a player to take the effects of their own action, trap or even counter cards.
  • Instant-Win Condition: Certain cards can invoke an early victory.
    • "Happy Birthday" allows the person who plays it to win instantly, as long as it's their birthday.
    • "1 Year to Live" causes the player with the most cards by the user's next turn to win instantly. "The End" has the same effect but in reverse.
  • Joke Item: Some cards have intentionally bad effects, all in the name of zaniness.
    • "Pointless" is an action card that does... well, nothing.
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    • "New Camera" is a mini-game action card that requires whoever played it to... take a photo with everyone else.
  • No-Sell: Some counter cards nullify the effects of other cards— for example, "Nope" stops another player from stealing your cards.
  • Rage Quit: "I wanna die" is an action card (which means the player has to chose to activate it) makes the player discard their entire hand and quit the game if they want.
  • Reference Overdosed: It would be easier to list cards that aren't a direct or oblique reference to an ASDF skit. Even skits from the deleted scenes videos get referenced.
  • Reset Button: The "I'm Crazy" card. When played, all cards are put back into the deck and the game starts over again.
  • Shout-Out: The Kickstarter cards reference some of TomSka's non-asdf skits, such as "The Hole" and "Baby With a Gun".
  • Situational Sword: Some counter cards only work against specific action cards, such as "Bomb Squad" against "Mine Turtle" or "Shoot It Down" against "Magical Pony".
  • Splash of Color: Like the series it's based on almost everything is in black and white besides blood, rainbows and one card referencing the time color was introduced to the world of asdf.

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