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  • There are some of his quips throughout Pokémon Mystery Dungeon's sequel.
    • All he wants from Zapdos is a piece of cheese.
  • During the credits for his LP of Star Fox 64 3D (which are separate from the game's credits), some special thanks are directed at Slippy, Mother Nature, Canada, Ghandi, Printers, and The Game.
  • In the outtakes of a video for Super Mario 3D Land, him and majorasfan start doing evil laugh, then after a bit kyoushiro's voice pops in with a comment, then the video instantly cuts to the video question.
    "You guys are scaring me."
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  • Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Walkthrough Part 16 - Cuccos are the Way in its entirety.
    "Why do people drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?"
  • In part 58 of his LoZOoT walkthrough he says something comical.
    "But, wait. If you stick around and play the song of Time, you can get a free, walking, talking rock!... For $19.99
  • He gets sixth place in Maka Wuhu in Mario Kart 7 at the very last second. Still manages to win the Star Cup. By one point.
  • The first episode of Black 2:
    Rival's sister: Be nice to your Pokémon!

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