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Many of these are compiled together in the channel's 1000 Subscriber Special, Best of Year 2013, Best of 2014, Best of 2015, Best of 2016, and Best of Let's Race With RPGM videos.

  • Donkey Kong Country
    • Ixzion saying "What the haystack?" after going through an enemy.
    • Lantis and Dray both believe they died by shooting themselves out of a barrel in the wrong direction in Snow Barrel Blast, only to land in a life-saving barrel that took them to the end of the stage. What's even funnier is that all four racers ended up using that barrel at one point or another.
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    • Ixzion declares himself a sorcerer after jumping through a flaming barrel and taking no damage.
  • Donkey Kong Country 2
    • ShadowFox, Ixzion and Lantis all dying within seconds of each other.
    • ShadowFox's epic 13-minute struggle against Rattle Battle.
    • When playing a minecart level the group wonders how a roller coaster can't kill a bee.
    • When discussing how much harder Kaptain K. Rool is than King K. Rool, Lantis says that he went "Y'know, maybe throwing a crown isn't a very good form of attack. Maybe I should get, like, a gun!"
  • Super Mario Land 2
    • ShadowFox coming in dead last due to messing up at the beginning and never regaining momentum.
    • Everyone but Lantis goes to the Tree Zone first.
    • Lantis fails to the two Wario Heads right before Wario, losing his lead and allowing Draygone to win.
    • When Ixzion encounters Wario, he says "So, Wario! We meet!"
  • Donkey Kong Country 3
    • The entire Alternative Character Interpretation discussion about Winnie-the-Pooh in Donkey Kong Country 3, especially the impressions.
    • Ixzion and Shadow Fox's hatred of Kiddy Kong.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
    • Lantis trying (and failing) to not get eaten by Boss Bass.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
    • After cursing out a key level, Ixzion realizes that if he threw the key away he can stop Phanto. The others don't let him forget it.
    • Lantis gets out one of his best Big "NO!" moments after dying to Birdo right after beating her.
    • ShadowFox has a Take a Moment to Catch Your Death moment and dies to Wart right after beating him in Super Mario Bros 2. This is also the first race where everyone could see everyone else's screen, allowing them to see just what happened.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Lantis getting killed by reverse Ratchet Scrolling before the camera could catch up.
    • The "I'm not you, DAD!" joke. Gets a Call-Back in Sonic 2 too.
  • The Little Mermaid
    • Lantis realizing he forgot to configure his controller, making him fall very behind.
    • Fay's reaction to seeing Ursula: "Ah! Boobs!"
  • Super Mario World
    • The start of the "You're goin' UP!" Running Gag.
    • Draygone getting killed by a harmless block.
    • Lantis failing to run over a long platform sinking into lava.
    • Draygone waited for Ixzion to catch up to his position in order to make the final battle more interesting. Ix beat him.
  • Bubble Bobble
    • Lantis has a very close call against Baron von Blubba. The other racers say it's his best commentary so far.
    Lantis: Don't make me hurry! Please, come here enemy! Enemy come here! You're the last one! Please! Please, please!
    [The Monsta heads to the top, but goes back down right as Baron von Blubba appears on top of it]
    Lantis: No! Cthulhu, leave me alone! No, I don't wanna... NO! Not now! Cthulhu, please no!
    [Lantis jumps over the Baron and traps the Monsta in a bubble, but fails to pop it]
    Lantis: The enemy's right there! All I gotta do is touch it! All I gotta do is touch it. AND CTHULHU'S GUARDING HIM! No! No!
    [Lantis kills the enemy and can move on to the next stage]
    Lantis: YESSSSSS! I got a personal victory!
  • Gunstar Heroes
    • Ixzion's infamous "I wanna see my ending!" rant at the end of the race and Lantis being as calm as Ix is angry about it while Fay is just laughing uncontrollably.
    Ixzion: Now hold on, Lantis! I wanna see my ending, and I wanna see it on the race! .... And when I go back to this video, I wanna see my ending!
    Lantis: Wow, are you three?
    • After seeing the ending, Ixzion demands to see the credits because he earned them.
  • Chrono Trigger
    • Lantis goes to the Dactyl Nest before triggering the event flag that lets him ride the Dactyls, wasting a lot of time.
    • Lantis skips recovering everyone's stolen equipment in the Blackbird and heads straight for the boss, but game overs. It turns out he had not saved his game even once during the whole race, sending him back to the beginning and instantly placing him in last place. He forfeits.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    • Everyone sings the Yoshi's Story theme off-key and asks the viewers what the Yoshis are actually saying. They unofficially settle on "Be careful!"
    • Orange Gamer gets pushed through the floor and dies.
    • Lantis and Ix get hit by the same seahorse in Oil Ocean Zone at the same time and complain about it.
    • One of the enemy crabs in Metropolis Zone makes Lantis take a hit at the very end of part 1. Fast-forward to part 2 (released a week later) and he gets hit by it again!
  • Super Mario RPG
    • Lantis accidentally going through the tutorial.
    Lantis: I MADE A MISTAKE!
    • Lantis telling Mario to just get the Star Pieces as the long cutscene makes him fall behind.
    • Ixzion wonders what armor Bowser has and asks if it's pants. (Ironically the Work Pants are the best armor Bowser can have for quite a while in that game.)
    Lantis: Shell. What do you think!?
    Ixzion: He can have pants, I don't-
    Lantis: Bows-Have you ever seen Bowser in pants?
    • Ixzion meets a formidable enemy in Booster's tower:
    Ixzion: "Oh God! Floor!"
    • The end of one part has Ixzion counting down from 10 as he tries to beat Bundt and Raspberry, culminating when he reaches decimal points. Even funnier is that as soon as the video starts to end, Orange Gamer defeats Raspberry.
    • Ixzion calls Lantis a loser for his own good, and adds that if he wasn't a loser Ix wouldn't be such a good winner like he is.
    • Lantis successfully messing up Draygone's counting barrels during a puzzle section in Bowser's Keep by spouting out random numbers.
    • Lantis hits the turbo button for the credits and claims he beat it first.
      • Followed up by Dray's suggestion that Lantis use that as the video screenshot to fake out the viewers into thinking Lantis actually won.
    • Ixzion says he's had so many happy endings he should be like a Disney musical.
    • The discussion about the yaoi fan fiction series Let's Race With Lantis High, featuring Lantis-senpai, Ixzion, and Kiddy Kong.
  • Earthworm Jim
    • Ixzion makes the following claim.
    Ixzion: The problem is... I used to be a god but then when I came to Earth I lost my powers... It-I'm sorta like Hercules except with games. They call me Gamecules.
    • This exchange occurs.
    Ixzion: I guess somebody didn't pass English Lit.
    Orange Gamer: I was in AP English. Where were you, hoodlum?
    Ixzion: I was in AP Shut Up!
    • Kajak loses his lead because he was too drunk to button mash.
  • Super Mario Land
    • Ixzion's "singing" at the beginning.
    Draygone: And there goes half of our viewers.
    • Ixzion deciding that Tatanga strapped bombs to the Koopas to make them explode.
    • Everyone messing each other up by praising their gaming skills.
    • Ixzion congratulating himself on winning, saying that everyone can get T-Shirts saying he just served them.
  • Castlevania Dracula X
    Ixzion: This is the story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend. When the ancient gaming gods were petty and cruel, and they plagued mankind with horrible games like Silver Surfer. Only one man dared to challenge their power – Gamecules. Gamecules possessed a strength in video games the world had never seen, a strength surpassed only by the power of his heart. He journeyed the Earth, battling the video game minions of his evil wicked stepmother, Hera, the all-powerful queen of the gaming gods. But wherever there was a new game, wherever there was a noob left, there would be Gamecules!
  • Star Fox 64
    • Ixzion beats the game just as Andross is eating the Arwing. He comments that he needs a cigarette afterward.
    • When viewing the ending, Draygone and Ixzion comment on how the soldiers aren't really there and are just painted on a wall, saying that that must be why Corneria kept losing its battles.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
    • The Foe Yay moment between Kajak's character and an enemy Mook at the end of Part 1.
    • The end of the race is a Trauma Conga Line for Ixzion, but funny for everyone else.
  • Aladdin (Genesis)
    • Part 1 is full of them as the game frustrates everyone equally.
  • Aladdin (SNES)
    • Kajak rewinding to see Jafar spin in fast forward.
  • Kirby Super Star Kirbytacular
    • Both teams going down the same dead-end path and getting completely lost as a result during The Great Cave Offensive.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • The custom stages are full of hilarity, especially Ixzion's Gamecules stage, which spells out "IX!"
    • Orange Gamer traps Lantis in a one-square area and brings him to 410 damage before he can break free. He dies soon after at 427 damage.
    Lantis: "I regret everything!"
    • What makes it even funnier is Ixzion nearly does the same to Lantis on the opposite side of the stage on his next life.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    • Everyone running into and having to avoid the Special Stage rings.
    • Draygone glitches into the wall in Carnival Night Zone and waits out the timer.
  • Super Mario 64
    • Lantis and Draygone exploiting the co-op mechanics to beat Koopa the Quick in 7.5 seconds.
    • Ixzion and Fay's "bro-spin," where Luigi spins on top of the pole while Mario spins just below him and in the opposite direction. They later spin in the same space in opposite directions.
    • Fay's Call-Back of weaponizing Tempting Fate from Super Mario Land.
    • Lantis making sure Luigi gets proper credits during the ending.
    • Ixzion being a Sore Loser. Draygone lampshades this by asking how many times this has happened, and Lantis says "Several."
  • Earthworm Jim 2
    • The many false starts thanks to the title screen.
    • The first "Puppy Love" stage is full of hilarious discussion and quotable lines.
    • The series of cow puns followed by Kajak shouting, "None of you are even originally from Texas!"
  • Little Samson
  • DuckTales Remastered
    • The group takes great delight in Ixzion being in dead last during the race and they hope is it will give him some much-needed humble pie. He ends up placing second and Lantis chokes at the end.
    • Lantis is in first for much of the race... and chokes at the end, placing last, and is unable to defeat the final boss in time.
    • At the end of the race, the racers sing their own version of the DuckTales theme song about Let's Race.
    • Both Duck Tales: Remastered and Babs' Big Break have winners who had very little experience with the game while those who had much more (and bragged about it) did much worse.
  • Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels
    • Ixzion saying he wants to have, "Dirty, animal sex," with Lantis's wife. Lantis is utterly dumbfounded while Fay absolutely loses it.
      • Ixzion blames his evil "Gamecules with a beard" side for crude comments about Lantis's wife.
    • Lantis isn't gonna give up the fire flower!
    • Lantis thinking he missed a jump and loading his save state when he actually made the jump. Twice!
    • Lantis's reaction to accidentally saving state instead of loading when dying to Bowser in 8-4.
    Lantis: ... NOOOOOOOO!
    • And he does it again midway through the level on the next attempt.
    Lantis: .... I DID IT AGAIN!
    • The pole-dancing Mario discussion.
    • Dray gets an epic moment of trolling at the end when he remained completely silent about reaching D-4 in order for him and Ix to race it together. Had Ix not started early, Dray would have beaten him.
  • Mega Man 2
    • Lantis's going berserk within the first 10 seconds of Mega Man 2 before he's even done with the intro.
    • The many new robot masters the group thinks up. Especially Fay's, "I'd rather be... Gets-a-Lot-of-Boobie... Woman."
  • Pocky and Rocky
    • Ixzion's complaining about his Mega Man 2 result at the start, so Lantis added a flashing "WARNING: BUTTHURT" sign over Ix's video.
    • Lantis defeats the final boss after the 30-minute mark in Pocky and Rocky but still declares himself the 2nd-place winner.
    • Fayorei gets demoted to "Speical Apperance By" in the results screen after Pocky and Rocky.
  • Punky Skunk
    • Everyone's Sanity Slippage as they can't deal with the annoying sound effects, hard platforming, and cutesy graphics.
    • Draygone mentions that he wanted to defend Punky Skunk, but after playing it, he can't.
  • Uniracers
    • Lantis's Sanity Slippage as Ixzion remains just barely ahead of him in Part 2 despite Lantis getting better times on those same levels.
    • The Instant Replay showing Lantis winning by 2 frames and the video itself being a Large Ham about it thanks to Lantis being the editor.
    • The extended "waifu" conversation that has half the team laughing uncontrollably.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
    • Myoky's "I did it, I knocked his pants off!" after defeating Burt the Bashful.
    • The "dookie" discussion in Part 3. Made even funnier with Draygone missing it completely due to concentrating.
    • Fay's "Hit it!" moment in 2-8.
  • EarthBound
    • Ixzion flips out when the Ants keep calling for help, going from Ants A and B to Ant F.
    • Lantis becoming more and more unhinged when failing to defeat the Titanic Ant.
  • Donkey Kong '94
    • Ixzion's reaction to running out of time in 2-7.
    • The Ohio discussion.
    • Lantis screwing up placing a ladder in 3-7. Twice in a row.
    • The dookie discussion returns.
    • The players' struggles with DK Jr. Especially Lantis.
    • Ixzion dies on 4-4 at the same time as Myoky beats the same level, putting him in last.
    • Ixzion claims he didn't believe in abortion until he met DK Jr.
    • Lantis' attempts to save Pauline in 4-12 by reaching her platform instead of fighting DK costs him two lives.
    • Myoky throws the key over the top of the screen in 4-10, causing it to despawn.
    • Ixzion's reaction to losing a hammer in 5-2.
    • Kajak getting mad at Lantis for beating 6-6 just as he was starting it.
  • Super Mario Bros.
    • Kajak vs. Lantis at the end.
    • Dray once again being a troll by starting the second quest after winning and defeating Bowser in World 1 again before the group decides to end it there.
  • Mega Man X3
    • While fighting Neon Tiger, Fay tells him to, "Quit... purrin' at me!"
    • Dray telling an enemy to "take acid" when using Acid Burst, and everyone's reactions.
    • Everybody getting salty throughout the game. Special mention goes to Lantis wasting ten minutes on an unnecessary Vile section and Myoky spending seventeen minutes dealing with Byte.
  • Gunman Clive 2
    • Myoky wasn't present for the race of the first game, so he gives the group a What the Hell, Hero? for not explaining power-ups and health refills.
    • Ix thinking the kangaroos in the Australia level are bunnies.
    • "How do you panda?" and everyone knows what Myoky means.
    • The game trolls Lantis a bit by despawning a cake offscreen while Dray gets a cake from the same enemy and it doesn't despawn.
  • Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)
    • Lantis gets swallowed by Boss Bass... again!
  • Rocket League
    • Drunk Lantis.
      Lantis: You goalie! Why you gotta be such a goalie, man!

      Lantis: No! Not overtime! Not overtime! *Opposing team scores* Never mind, I want overtime! I changed my decision!
  • Mario Party 2
    • The first turn of the first board has the first player (Fay) get a hidden block containing a star.
  • Mario Party 3
    • Fay's Epic Fail performance at Bowser Tossnote 
    • Ixzion gets a hidden star, causing Lantis to go absolutely ballistic. Even funnier, neither one of them wins.
  • Pokemon Red/Blue
    • Lantis's increasingly-progressive Sanity Slippage culminating with his reaction to Ix saying, "Hey look, a Sandshrew." Making it funnier is that he was the only one playing Red, which doesn't have Sandshrew. It takes him forever to realize this.
  • Beauty and the Beast
    • Ixzion is utterly exuberant when he beats the game, joyfully shouting "I'M A MAN!" over and over as the Beast turns back into the prince.


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