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Come for videos of these young British lads playing games, stay for their crazy challenges and Witty Banter.

The following members of the group have their own pages for funny moments without the other Sidemen:

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There was just too much banter in their gameplay videos for this page to contain them, so they have been moved over to their own page.


    General Real Life Videos 
  • "Sidemen Secret Santa", Simon's 2014 Christmas special video, featuring Josh, Vik, and Ethan:
    • Early in the video, Ethan decides to give Josh a present inside a box. Inside the box, is a West Ham jersey with the name says "I Hate Millwall". Josh's reaction is priceless.
    Josh: (upon opening the box) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (cue the others laughing hard)
    • Several seconds later:
    Josh: He give me a West Ham shirt! NOOOOOOO!!! It says "I Hate Millwall" as well!
    • Vik's present to Simon was so badly wrapped, it ended up being bent when Simon opened it.
    • Josh's present to Vik, when he gave it, it was wrapped in a huge sack. Turns out, inside it, is an Indian/Native American chief's hat. Vik looked absolutely ridiculous when he wore it.
    Simon: Please do the rain dance!
    • Vik's present to Ethan was a toy, which in the cover says "Electronic Don't Laugh!", taking fun of Ethan's status as The Hyena of the group.
    Ethan: You just taken my only asset, mate!
    • Simon's present to Josh was a book which titled "The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil", taking fun of Josh's large beard. Moments later though, they say that the book was taking fun of Ethan's Santa beard he wore in that video.
    • Simon's present to Ethan is an inflatable love doll. Cue Simon fell from his chair after Ethan opened it.
    • The last present given, this time to Vik, was a black bicycle helmet, referencing his catchphrase, "Fuckin' Helmet Boy, mate!" He even says that after putting the helmet on!
  • "Who is most likely to" with Josh, Ethan, and Simon:
    Ethan: You know it's bad if you're going for yourself.
  • Harry, JJ, Vik, Ethan and Simon sit down and watch some very old videos of Harry's:
    • The first video is a mock commercial for spray cleaner, complete with Bad "Bad Acting" by Harry.
    Simon: Should have been an ad for chromosomes!
    • A clip of Harry in front of two blue towels:
    Harry: I made my own bluescreen! But it didn't work because my top was green!
    • Harry's very odd behavior in the old videos, such as bouncing on a yoga ball.
    Simon: You blatantly want dick.
    Harry: I think I might have been gay up until I was 16.
    • One of the videos is Harry acting out and lip-syncing to the Old Lady parody of Tik Tok. While wearing a rainbow clown wig.
    Simon: I literally want to express so many feelings.
    JJ: I just don't know what to...
    Ethan: I kind of feel gay.
    • The videos are ultimately so bad they "kill" JJ.
  • Vik's SIDEMEN YOUTUBER IMPRESSIONS gave us Ethan's hilarious dead-on impression of Keemstar, even parodying his tendency of mispronouncing things.
    Ethan: Let's get RIGHT into the news!
    (Simon starts laughing)
    Simon: Do more! Do more! Go on.
    Vik: Who is it?
    Ethan: Today, Mini-mine-ter said..
    (Simon and Vik laugh)
    Ethan: .."Nice dick"..
    (Simon, Vik, and Josh laugh)
    Ethan: ZerkAH.
    (Ethan breaks down laughing among the others)
    Simon: And? What else happened?
    Ethan: And...Zerkaa replied, "Huh?"
    (everyone laughs)
    • Made funnier if one notes that Keemstar actually has mispronounced "Miniminter" (as "Miniminer").

  • From JJ's crossbar challenge:
    • During the intro and JJ's first shot, a crudely drawn penis appers, first going into Ethan's open mouth, and then when JJ misses his first shot.
    • This:
    Calfreezy: Calfreezy. I suck—
    JJ (voiceover): BIG JUICY DICK.
    • When Calfreezy hits the crossbar on his second shot, only to have JJ come running into him.
    • "Callux...[beat]...the Pussy Destroyer."
    • Some footage of Ethan on his phone at one of the goalposts, overlaid with some heavy metal with the lyrics being, "I DON'T CARE! I DO WHAT I WANT!"
    • Harry dedicating his shot to his boys in Cameroon...and then horribly overshooting. "You've let them down!"
    • "Do it for the unpaid workers!"
    • Josh overshooting so bad that JJ felt that it was necessary to play "I Believe I Can Fly" over footage of the airborne ball.
    "Every Brazilian hates you now!"
    • After his amazing smash shot from the previous crossbar challenge, Simon comes and does a ground pass that bounces off the post. And then Simon tries to act like he's done it.
    Simon: That counts!
    JJ (voiceover): No, it does not, Simon.
    • The subsequent montage of Simon trying and failing to hit the crossbar again.
  • In Calfreezy's blindfolded PK challenge with the Sidemen, the guys decided to play a little joke on JJ in the name of banter. As he prepared to shoot, everyone joined Freezy in goal, and JME ran by and replaced the ball with a duffel bag. JJ goes up to hit the ball, and as his foot connects with the bag he launches into the air rather clumsily.
  • Ethan's quickfire crossbar challenge:
    • KSI is pictured with the caption "I run like a fairy", which we then see as he runs up to the ball. The footage is then replayed over a song with the lyrics being, "I'm gay, I'm really gay, I'm super duper gay..."
    • What does Harry say before going up to the ball? "New mixtape coming soon!"
      • Followed by his caption: "I'm never dropping a mixtape."
    • When Josh goes up for his second kick, his ankle sorta fucks up, causing Josh to stumble. Of course, the footage is then replayed to — what else? — the "Stanky Leg" song. Josh then makes a kick that barely lifts the ball off the ground, and his third shot doesn't even get in the goal.
    • After JJ hits the crossbar, a couple of the guys form a "dude mountain" on top of him, with Simon awkwardly trying to get on top.
    • All of the strange captions Ethan adds to the people going up to kick:
      • Behzinga: "Best FIFA Youtuber"
      • KSIOlajideBT: "I run like a fairy"
      • Zerkaa': "I support Millwall"note 
      • Calsqueezy: "I hate this name"
      • Vikkstar: "Still unpaid"
      • Miniminter: "Still a red hair lesbian..."
      • Wroetoshaw: "I'm never dropping a mixtape"
      • Lewis (Redman): "Vikk's brother"
      • FIFAMonstah (FIFAManny): "I'm playing FIF...oh wait"
      • OnePiece: "Thank you Based God"
      • Skepta: "That's not him"note 
      • Unknown: "Donations welcome"
  • In Harry's death run vlog (a challenge where two people must run blindfolded while others try to kick balls at them), Ethan starts his run, and JJ comes out and lays down in front of him to purposely trip him, causing everyone to howl in laughter.
  • JJ's freekick challenge:
    • JJ's third shot has everyone drop down to the ground when he kicked the ball. For the fifth shot, everyone decided to do what he did to Ethan in Freezy's blindfolded penalty challenge, only for them to stopped when JJ kicked the ball.
    • Tobi misses his last shot by going over the goalpost. Cue JJ decided to add a footage of a Japanese anime video of a ball going across the world, and then decides to add a footage of someone being hit by a ball and knocking over his ice cream.
      • Not to mention that the goal is guarded by everyone...
    • The fact that Vik actually outscored JJ, Manny, and Lewis; although it is noted that Vik gets a special treatment compared to the others.
    • All of Vik's attempts:
      • Attempt 1: Everyone decides not to form a wall for this shot... Only for Vik to missed the goal completely.
      • Attempt 2: Everyone lies down on the pitch and Vik kicked the ball directly to Josh's path.
      • Attempt 3: Everyone was kneeling; with JJ, Simon, and Tobi doing a dab. Vik then did a ground pass to Josh's leg.
      • Attempt 4: Vik seemingly doing a hilariously bad shot... Only for Simon to pass the ball to Vik's path, and he ends up scoring (with Josh decided not to defend the goal).
      • Attempt 5: Everyone spreads out... Only for Vik to do a proper free kick this time, and he scores.
    • All of the Indian music that played during Vik's turn.
    • All of the captions JJ adds to the everyone:
      • Josh: "Daddy Af"
      • JJ: "The Nig"
      • Lewis (Redman): "Fence Basher"
      • Manny: "FIFAMonstah"note 
      • Tobi: "The Other Nig (With a Smaller Dick)"
      • Simon: "The Milkbottle"
      • Vik: "The Curry Muncher"

Sidemen Sunday (not the later series)

  • JJ's crossing challenge:
    • JJ's promo video for the charity event, which is hammy as all living shit.
    • Josh not scoring a single one of JJ's crosses. The two do so badly that in the end all of the Sidemen end up helping them by standing in the area where JJ crosses. Even more ironic is that JJ's second cross goes to Josh, and he still misses. After that, JJ tries kicking the ball and misses that one, as well! While "Keep Up" is playing in the background, no less!
    JJ: Evidently, me and Josh are just shit.
    • The video ends with Vik pushing the giant ball onto the pitch... only for JJ to run up and shove it, causing Vik to fall to the ground and be run over by the ball. The footage is slowed down and made monochrome while Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" plays.
  • Vik's giant football challenge:
    • The video opens with the same "JJ trucking Vik with the ball" footage from the end of JJ's video. A GTA-style "Wasted" icon appears, along with the hashtag "#StopVikAbuse".
    • Josh throws something at Vik's head while he's in the middle of introducing the video, causing him to look around in confusion.
    • As Ethan prepares for his first go, the ball is blown away, causing him to chase it.
    • JJ as the goalie. On Vik's go he doesn't even bother to try stop the ball until it's in the goal, on Ethan's go he jumps out of the way of the ball, and on Tobi's go he holds the ball while Tobi hits it, knocking him into the goal.
    • In Ethan's second go, the ball ends up going up and over the goal.
    JJ: No mate, you're just shit.
    (Ethan walks off as the screen goes monochrome and sad music plays)
    • On JJ's go, he kicks the ball when it's right up against Vik (the goalie), and it doesn't go in...but, however, does start rolling towards the camera. JJ is barely able to grab the tripod and save the camera before it hit the ground.
    • The video comes to an end when JJ, by complete accident, kicks a hole in the ball.
    JJ: Um, I mean, we can still use it, I think?
    Simon: Get in!
    Vik: You are the football!
    (JJ gets into the remainder of the ball)
    Simon: Everyone kick him!
    (Harry drags the ball as Vik kicks it, until JJ falls out)
    Simon: Guys, this is racial behaviour.
  • Ethan's bin shot challenge, which went over relatively badly since no one got a single ball into a single bin (except for Josh), which leads to a Gainax Ending where the rules are thrown out of the window and essentially everyone handles the ball however they want, and this footage is intercut fairly badly with footage of balls being thrown into the bins.
    • The very end, where a bunch of balls are thrown into bins, and Harry clumsily falls and knocks a few bins over.
  • Josh's one-legged penalty challenge:
    • Ethan's cringey intro line: "I'm ahead of my time; call me Kanye".
    • When Simon makes his pen, he dives onto the ground in celebration, only to quickly start rolling away when JJ hops towards him and eventually pounces on him.
    • When JJ makes his pen, Harry and Simon start ganging up on him as he futilely tries to object to the situation, and it ends with Simon pushing JJ to trip over Harry.
  • Simon's penalty challenge with 3 types of balls (regular, foam, inflatable):
    • When Simon goes up to kick the inflatable ball, it starts rolling away from the wind.
    • When Vik kicks the inflatable ball, he narrowly misses and falls to the ground so dramatically that Simon puts in an edit to make it look like Vik was taken out by a sniper.
  • Tobi's sumo suit death run:
    • At the start of the video, a sumo suit-wearing Harry tackles Tobi as he's trying to introduce the video.
    • If you look in the background of some shots, you can actually see that a small crowd gathered to watch.
    • When Simon makes it through unscathed, JJ begins charging at him and jumps onto him...while narrowly missing a ball that flies by right in front of him.
    • Josh's victory "twerking".
  • Harry's crossbar challenge:
    • JJ's intro bit, which consists of him dabbing.
    • Ethan's feeble whip dance.
    • After Harry kicks and the ball taps the crossbar, he jumps dramatically, and a particularly fitting song is used in the background.
    "You raise me uuuupp..."
    • Simon saying "Time to smash it", and smashing the ball..directly into the net. He then falls to the ground, holding his foot.
    • The weird noise Tobi makes before he kicks, which is repeated and overlapped as the footage is cut repeatedly in different ways.
    • The insane buildup Vik gets, with footage of several footballers apparently showering him with praise as we see footage from past videos of Vik fucking up with the ball.
    • When the rules change to having four balls that have to be kicked in different ways (right foot, skill shot, weak foot), JJ's first skill shot ends with him slipping onto the ground right as he kicks.

    Real Life Games 

  • The end of Vik's Thorpe Park vlog. As he is closing up the video, we see Harry running up behind him and preparing to jump on his shoulders. He does so, causing both of them to fall over and for Vik to drop the camera.

  • In Simon's Q&A with Tobi, he introduces Tobi as "Deji". An off-screen Tobi says that he refuses to enter the camera frame, having to be physically forced in by Simon.
  • Simon also had a similar Q&A race with Vik, except the finish line was within arm's reach and marked by a long strip of toilet paper. As soon as the race commenced, the two straight-up dove onto the toilet paper.
  • Highlights from Simon's Q&A with JJ:
    • JJ jokingly saying that he'd fuck Simon if they were the last two people on Earth.
    • When JJ and Simon have a Lambo race, JJ uses his Lambo while Simon uses a small toy version of a red Aventador. JJ gets out of his car and starts stomping on it, even when Simon tries pulling him away, only for JJ to pick the Aventador up and throw it.
    • JJ and Simon happily wanking to turtle sex.
    • When JJ and Simon wrestle, JJ immediately takes out Simon, but when he pins his leg he starts shaking it while giving a rape face to the camera. Josh as the ref tries to give JJ his beltnote , to which JJ replies "Fuck the belt!" before corpsing.
  • The Ultimate Sidemen Q&A, as part of Sidemen Saturday:
    • The first question was "Have you ever tried wearing a tampon before?". Cue everyone (except JJ) looking straight at Ethan.
    • The next question: "Describe each Sidemen with one word." Hilarity Ensues when it's Simon's turn, as everyone proceed to bully him, prompting him to do his own version of #StopVikkAbuse, unsurprisingly named #StopSimonAbuse.
    • In the next question, Harry challenges Tobi in an egg-in-a-spoon race in a very childish way.
    • The next question asks who will JJ marry among the Sidemen if he's gay. Cue he chose Harry, prompting Harry to hold him on his back as if they were just married, much to the embarrasment of the others.
    • The next question asks who will most likely to score an own goal on the Sidemen football match at Southampton. Vik immediately hold his hands up.
      • This also puts an revelation that Vik, the one Sidemen who doesn't know how to play football properly, is playing as the striker on the match.
    • The next question was what would they do if there's 10 minutes left in the world. JJ said that he will fist Vik.
    • When they showed the goal celebrations they created, during the first one, they simulate bowling pins. Everyone fell down when Simon hit them with a football... except JJ. Cue Simon "shotguns" JJ so he fell down.
    • JJ's extremely over the top way to fell down during their third celebration.

  • The Sidemen Helium Challenge:
    • At one point, Simon and Ethan do everything in their power to make JJ laugh, and this happens:
    Ethan (on helium): You love big fat dick in your throat?
  • The entirety of the Sidemen Try Not to Laugh Challenge, as Simon and Ethan do endless Spit Takes.
    Ethan: I normally make girls this wet. (Aside Glance that gets freeze-framed while sexy music plays in background)
  • From the basketball challenge with JJ, both Cals, Harry, and Caspar Lee:
    • Equal parts CMOF and CMOA: out of all of the boys, no one is able to sink a behind-the-back shot. Alexa Losey (a female YouTuber), who is offscreen as the cameraman, volunteers herself to go, and she makes it. All of the boys immediately go into a state of crippling denial.
      • "You know what? Everybody on the wall." Cue a long and glorious shot of Alexa pelting the boys with water balloons.
    • Freezy sabotaging Callux's one-handed shot two times in a row — the first time he pushes him right when he shoots, and the second time he pulls down on the ball. Callux responds by doing a fakeout and making Freezy think he's going to hit him in the face with the ball. Hell, even JJ gets shocked.
    • After Harry makes his one-handed shot, he decides to hit the whip. The result is hilarious, and has even been seen by some as something worthy of Brain Bleach.
    Calfreezy comment: That whip from harry, can't unsee.
    • At the end of the video, Harry takes off his shirt and drapes it over Alexa's face.
    "You said I'd get a hug!"
  • Tobi's water balloon quickfire Q&A:
    • Tobi's visible displeasure with having to wear a visor and a bunch of fake leis.
    • When Tobi gets his first question wrong (he had to do an Australian accent and did a pretty lame one while using the generic "G'day mate"), the water balloon intended to be thrown at him bursts in the thrower's hand.
    • Tobi spotting a fly and getting noticeably shocked by it.
    Offscreen person: If I was a watermelon...
    • Tobi's shock at receiving the question "If I was a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seeds?" This leads to him getting nailed with not one but five balloons, the fourth one being able to knock Tobi's visor clean off.
    • Tobi gets asked if he'd punish his little brother Manny if he broke in and stole one of his swegways. Tobi says no, since he's his brother, but tells him not to get any ideas. He is then informed that Manny was the one who tweeted that question.
    • Tobi getting a balloon straight to the nads.
    • Tobi getting nailed in the chest while someone's asking him a question, and then when he's trying to deliver the outro, he gets nailed right to his left ear.
  • Ethan's "guess who" challenge:
    • Harry:
      • Told a girl that he loved her, but just as a friend.
      • Accidentally pantsed a girl that he thought was a guy.
      • "There's no such thing as a wrong hole." After he said that, he was coaxed by Ethan to make that his Twitter bio, although as of this writing he's just opted for making a tweet with it.
    • Ethan:
      • Had his pants and boxers fall in front of his class.
      • Somehow managed to shit his pants when he was 9 years old, ironically while dancing to "Drop It Like It's Hot". When Tobi reads that, everyone just loses it, with special note going to Harry's weird bird laugh. At the end of it all, Tobi shows the slip to the camera saying, "You can't make it up. You just can't make it up."
    • Simon:
      • Masturbated on his swegway. When that fact gets read, everyone immediately targets Harry, but when he says it wasn't him, Simon's all-too-suspicious look gives it away. Everyone immediately goes apeshit, and Zingu running in the background is hilarious.
      • Has been proposed to 3 times.
    • Tobi (we might have to call him Tobspittle now):
    • Freezy:
      • Walked in on his parents having sex.
      • Had his mom "accidentally" hit his head on the kitchen floor, chipping his tooth.
    • Manny:
    • It's especially funny when people read their own embarrassing facts and have to play it off.
  • Simon's first "YouTube whispers" challenge:
    "These four are embarrassing."
    • Harry's cringeworthy amounts of fail in this challenge.
    • When Freezy accuses Harry of screwing everything up on round 1, Harry complains that Freezy wasn't enunciating well enough, and it was like trying to lip-read a "butthole talking".
    • Simon freely calling Tobi a dickhead with him not knowing since he's getting loud music blasting through headphones.
    • Round 1: "I don't know how people get us confused, because you are ugly as fuck." —> "I don't know why people choose you, because you're ugly as fuck." —> "I don't know why, but I keep getting a tingling feeling downstairs." —> "I don't know why, but I keep getting a tickle feel downstairs."
    • Round 2: "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams." —> "She thought that I was going to link her." —> "See-through girls always look the best." —> "See-through girls cook it the best." —> "G3 girls cook the best." —> "It takes three times to have a piss."
    • Round 3: "A panda had sex on the bamboo." —> "It's bath time boys, bamboo." —> "Handjobs are best from odd balls." —> "Antelopes are only good for orange balls." —> "Astronauts have orange bollocks." —> "AstroGeorge has orange bollocks."
    • Round 4: "I like to move it, move it." —> "I can't move Polish builders." —> "I can't move porridge boots." —> "I can't move Puss in Boots." —> "I do pushups in poon-tang."
    • Round 5: "KSI and Seana are back together," which manages to stick until Ethan's go, where he fucks it up and says, "KSI gave Seana a black dildo." Even funnier is how Cal slowly removes his headphones, confused as all hell.
    • Round 6: "Fun fact: Simon is still a virgin." —> "Fuck the fence, Simon gave them his virginity." —> "Fuck the fence, they gave me syphilis." —> "Fuck the face that gave me syphilis." —> "Fuck the fez, they gave me syphilis." —> "Fuckface has eight teeth."
  • Simon's second "YouTube whispers" challenge:
    "Basically, Vik's a dick, and JJ is also a prick."
    Simon (to JJ): You leave.
    JJ: Am I leaving?
    Simon: Yeah, after I have sex with your mum.
    JJ: What?
    • Vik's very awkward response after hearing what Simon said in the first round.
    • JJ somehow forgot what he said in the first round immediately after he said those words. What listed below is JJ's actual word when he spoke for the first time.
    • JJ still trying to promote the Keep Up EP in round 3. So much so, Simon want him to change his line for that round.
    • JJ's fourth round line caused Josh to laugh so hard, he promptly fell from his chair. Later, once the round ends, Simon and Vik does the same once they realized what JJ had said on that round.
    • Round 1note : "Illuminate is out next week. If it's not, I will get a tattoo on JJ's face." —> "You heard a sound last week. If not, you're get kicked in the face." —> "Right now, if you stay down, you'll get dick in your coon." —> "Right now, if you sat down, you'll get dick in front of you."
    • Round 2note : "Not all Minecraft Youtubers are pedophiles." —> "Your tortoise is in my garage." —> (still Josh) "Your tortoise is in my garage. Minecraft Youtubers like eating blocks." —> "Your sources are my crush. Most Minecrafters hate Smosh." —> "You're so shit and my crust, and everyone in Minecraft hates Smosh."
    • Round 3note : "Put tuna up my ass. Yeah, I love it." —> "If you ate ass, you'll love it." —> "If you had to dance, you'll be hairy." —> "If your name is Josh, you would be hairy."
    • Round 4note : "Ethan just stepped on a cornflake. He's a cereal-killer." —> "Ethan is a fat tamagotchi, you know it's true." —> "I think you're full of bullshit, you know it's true" —> "You're full of bullshit, you dirty scrub."
  • The Sidemen Olympics video as part of Sidemen Saturday (although this video is released on Sunday because Harry's MacBook broke down in the process of editing):
    • The nationalities they presented:
      • Harry: Francenote 
      • Tobi: Nigeria
      • Josh: Brazilnote 
      • Simon: Canadanote , complete with Drake in the background
      • JJ: North Korea, for some unknown reasons
      • Ethan: LGBT Rainbow, complete with "I'm gay, I'm really gay..." playing in the background
      • Vik: India
    • During the events, the Sidemen put their flags around their back... except for JJ, who put it in front of his dick.
    • Harry's constant difficulties of introducing the events because the others keep blocking the events from the camera.
    • Everytime JJ salutes and says "All hail the Great Leader, Kim Jong-Un!"
      • This eventually led Simon and Tobi to hold JJ's arms before JJ did the keepy-ups so he did not hail Kim Jong-Un.
    JJ (with his arms held): I must hail Kim Jong-Un!
  • Tobi's THE SIDEMEN ARE LIARS challenge:
    • When Josh goes, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is "When I was in primary school..." Tobi, Simon, and JJ all simultaneously slump to the floor and pretend to fall asleep (Ethan tries to do it, too). He even edited in three "bruh" sound clips, no less.
    • The category is "things you carry". Simon says "Josh's channel." After he and Tobi have a good laugh, Josh gets in on it by saying "Behzinga's channel."
    • The category is "things you can buy at a chemist's (a drugstore or pharmacy, essentially)". Tobi has nothing, so Josh tries to encourage him by saying random things, and one of those things happens to be "fried chicken". Both Tobi and Simon are offended, even with Josh trying to defend himself, saying that he's hungry.
    • The category is "something soft". Josh and Simon immediately start saying stuff about penises over and over, while Tobi is the Only Sane Man trying to steer the situation.
    • On the "things that need batteries" cateogry, Simon tries to get away with "blow-up dolls", and changes it to the even more audacious "batteries".
    Tobi: Batteries don't need batteries.
    Simon: They do. They are batteries.
    • Dildos being brought up repeatedly.
    • The "things in your bedroom" category, which started normal but quickly descended into hilarity and insanity.
      Tobi: Kinky shit. (submits answer and slides off the camera view laughing)
      Simon: Hot shit. (submits)
      Josh: Elaborate. (submits)
      Tobi: Latex. (submits)
      Simon: There you go. (laughs)
      Josh: Twats. (submits)
      Tobi: 'Ey, don't take this one, yeah? Incest. (submits)
      Simon: Gays. (submits) You said gays can't have bedrooms, Josh. Don't argue with me.
      Josh: Arses. (submits)
      Tobi: Ladies. (submits)
      Simon: Penis. (submits)
      Josh: Cock rings. (submits)
      (Simon and Tobi break down laughing)
      • The claims that JJ has a towel and sheets that he uses for cum.
      • Josh claims that there's rice in the bedroom...or Vik's, at least.
      • Tobi outright submitting "Kill me now" and being surprised when it's accepted.
      • Simon saying "dead people", which makes Tobi want to quit, only to get him to laugh when he says that they're also in Vik's room.
  • From Simon's quickfire questions challenge:
    • As Simon introduces a video, JJ just randomly throws an egg on the ground to scare him.
    • The repeated instances of JJ randomly egging Simon for next to no reason, even before he gets the next question asked.
    • This exchange:
    Vik: Can you do a split on the dick?
    Simon: No.
    (dramatic gradual close-up on JJ's face)
    JJ: Okay.
    Vik: What's brown and sticky?note 
    Simon: You.
    (Beat as Vik and JJ exchange looks of surprise and shock before JJ eggs Simon)
    • JJ's reaction to Simon saying "all of them" when asked what his favorite porn type is.
    JJ: Even granny?
    Simon: Especially granny!
    • When asked to pick between being Obama or the Queen's pussy for a week, Simon opts for the Queen's pussy. JJ, who believes that Simon didn't choose Obama because he's black, eggs him.
    • Simon asking halfway through the video whether it's eggs that's hitting his head or just JJ's fist.
    • When asked to choose between KFC or Nandos, Simon chooses KFC just to pander to JJ. Although JJ is happy, Vik states how implausible that is. JJ asks Simon to state the last time he went to KFC. Simon is silent, and JJ goes in with the egg.
    Vik: He knew he messed up as well. As soon as he said "KFC"—
    Simon: I DID IT FOR YOU!
    Vik: You can't win in this game.
    Vik: What are we punishing him for?
    JJ: I have no idea.
    • When JJ eggs Simon for choosing a foot fetish over an ear fetish, he claims that there's some pretty good ear sex. Simon rebuts by saying "Your dick is tiny", which JJ takes offense to, leading him to egg Simon once more.
    Vik: You can't talk shit in that position!
    Simon: Give me a hug.
    JJ: (screams and runs away)
  • A few moments from Simon's crossbar challenge:
    • Out of all of the people to be the first to hit the crossbar, it's Ethan. (Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.)
      • Everyone losing their shit immediately afterwards is pretty hilarious to watch as well.
    • When Josh takes his first shot while wearing his mask, he hears the ball hitting the post and thinks that he's done it. Some fellow sidemen are quick to correct him.
    • Calfreezy's second shot, which sailed over the goal, only to come down and hit JJ right in the bicep.
    • JJ going up for a second shot and saying nothing but "Nigga."
      • He then completely overshoots. Well, "overshoots" is a bit of an understatement.
      • Made more amusing by Ethan's laughter in the background.

    Sidemen Sunday 
  • JJ is the spelling bee proctor and the punishment is that whoever doesn't the word correctly gets slapped with a wooden spoon at their butt. He deliberately made Ethan spell the hard words first before Vik asked if he could get the harder words. JJ then made the decision to swap out Ethan with Vik and made sure he was gonna spell hard words and N-Word Privileges. Let's just say Vik gets abused by JJ as usual.
    • It gets to the quickfire round and JJ asks Vik to spell a word only for him to be wrong because JJ's asking for the homonym of the word e.g. JJ asking for the word "won" where Vik spells it as "one". More Vik Abuse ensues.
  • The Sidemen play their own version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with Tobi as the host. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The first pair is Josh and JJ so a lot of people thought that JJ was going to bring the team down. No one expected it to be Josh of all people after he decided not to use their last lifeline. JJ wasn't happy to say the least.
    • The second pair ends up being Harry and Ethan who must be noted are both Book Dumb about the subject matter so people expected them to hilariously fail. In fact, they had to use their first lifeline in the first question (how many colors in a rainbow). Ironically enough, they actually managed to cash out all of the money when they reached the 16,000 pound question after not knowing what the next question was (though Harry actually guessed it right the first time) which doubles as an awesome moment for the two.
    • Simon and Vik uses their final lifeline (their version of call a friend) and wastes it on calling Tobi (who would never give away the answer) and Ethan (who really screwed them hilariously) making Simon and Vik wonder why they didn't just call their relatives just like the previous pairs.
      • It ends with Simon pushing Tobi's chair in rage and Tobi falling down the ground in pain. Simon looks apologetic and gives him a Bridal Carry to make him sit down on the chair.
  • KSI VS Sidemen Featuring Racka Racka is pretty much one hell of a roasting session towards JJ that ends in a carnage, just like anything from Racka Racka really.
  • The Extreme Forfeit Sidemen Quiz with JME as their guest host. By the end of the video, all of them have dipped in the pool.
    • Ethan's asked as to who would win between JJ and Harry in an all out brawl. Ethan Takes a Third Option and jumps in the pool instead. Doubles as a heartwarming moment for Ethan.
  • "Sidemen React to Teens React to Sidemen"
    • The guys' complete and utter bewilderment at the interviewer's mispronunciation of Wroetoshaw as "Wret-to-shaw".
      Vik: "Wret-to-shaw?" (he and Josh laugh) Sounds like a Pokémon! (laughs) "I just captured a Wretoshaw!"
      (cut to KSI and Simon hearing "Wret-to-shaw"; Simon turns to JJ, pauses the video, and laughs, while KSI gives a stunned expression)
      Simon (faking an American accent): "Wret-to-shar!"
      (cut to Ethan, Tobi, and "Wret-to-shaw" hearing the mispronunciation; Ethan and Tobi turn to each other and try to pause the video while Harry blows a raspberry)
      Tobi: BRAAAAA-HA-HA! (he and Ethan laugh so hard they could hardly breathe)
      Harry: "Wret-to-shaw?" What is the- What?
  • The Sidemen try to put on make-up to imitate James Charles with JJ putting make-up on Simon, Ethan to Tobi, Josh to Harry, and the Click Crew to Vik (because he was at Australia at the time of filming). Hilarity Ensues.
    • Harry keeps on interrupting Josh with Josh getting frustrated at Harry even though Josh did really well.
    • JJ at some point didn't even want to take it seriously anymore and decides to act like he's a painter using Simon's face as canvas. As Simon comments, JJ made Simon go from looking like Joker to looking like a superhero.
    • The Click Crew couldn't do any better to Vik as they try to pool their resources only to end up telling Vik that he shouldn't even be near children.
    • Tobi comments that Ethan made him look like he's from a tribe.
  • Josh organises the Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 holiday and separates the rest of the group into two teams randomly: Blue Teamnote  and Red Team,note  where one team would stay at a $100 hotel, and the other at a $10,000 mansion. Of course, the Blue Team got the hotel, while the Red Team got the mansion. And the result was an hour long video FILLED with so many funny moments. Just to name a few:

  • On March 29, 2015, Harry sent out a tweet of a short song he made using the Ditty app, taking Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 and having a female computerized voice sing lyrics from "Lamborghini" over it. It fits perfectly.
  • This picture, which more than sums up the "Lamborghini" video in one hilarious still. Special note goes to Callux going ham in the back.
  • After JJ went blonde for a Twitter darenote , Tobi tweet-replied saying "Yeah, uh huh you know what it is...". For those who don't see the joke, those are lyrics from Wiz Khalifa's song "Black and Yellow".
  • The Hurricane of Puns based around Harry's ass (see Hurricane of Puns on main page) that even Konami UK got involved in.
  • The Sidemen have pointed out how several strange things that they've said would be made into soundbites by fans. Well, they're right.
  • In PewDiePie's video "WHY I GOT UNVERIFIED", he calls out two verified people on Twitter with bios trying to belittle their of them being Tobi (whose description read "That tick doesn't mean I'm important, it just means I'm me"). After tweeting about it, Tobi then changed that sentence of his bio to "I LOVE PEWDIEPIE."

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