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From random discussions to in-game moments and screwing each other over, these two have a lot of funny moments.

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    Snowboard Kids 2 
  • Snowboard Kids 2 Part 3 has Jay getting parachuted off a ramp and spending 20 seconds of the video getting back down and their reaction to one of the characters' costumes looking too much like Hello Kitty.
    • Part 4 has Spike getting blown up by a bomb, then landing right in front of a pendulum and getting knocked back three or four times, Spike making some bad puns of his own.
    • Part 5 has Spike saying "We're on an adventure, Charlie" and then smacking into a wall and falling, Spike doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression... then tripping on a rock.
      • Near the end of the video, Spike references Ghostbusters and Jay twists it. Spike doesn't take it that well.
    • Part 9 has Jay and Spike both getting screwed but two moments come to mind. Once, Jay gets parachuted over a gap and gets panned right after he activates his boost. Spike gets glove-slapped and tornadoed right before the finish line which allows Jay to cross before him.
    • Part 10 has Spike getting ganged up on by the A.I. and Jay. Since the track was fairly short, Spike calls for a rematch.
    • Part 11 has Jay hitting Spike with the glove weapon, then getting arrogant and falling off the side, Spike chastising Jay for riding a dolphin, and Jay using a spam of the pan weapon. The way he sets some of them up, though, adds to the funniness:
    Jay: It's (Big Boo's Haunt) this one level that has... pans.
    Jay: If you look off to your right, you will see pans!

    Beetle Adventure Racing 
  • Beetle Adventure Racing has both of them getting equally screwed by the game but Part 4 features both of them jumping the track and ending up falling into the water.
    • Part 6 has Jay and Spike engaging in a random discussion about pie, Spike using a combination Jamaican/Italian accent, and the "baby Chinese" thing.

    Super Mario 64 
  • Part 1, Jay kept headbutting above doors attempting to go in them and after the second time, Spike says "You know what, I bet Bowser has secret cameras set up and Peach is watching you do this, and she's like "Aw shit, I'm boned"
    • The end of the episode, as featured on the Epic Fail page, has Jay dying to a rolling ball, not even attempting to get out of the way, to the incredulous reaction of Spike
    Spike: So pro.
    • Both the AAAAAAAAAAAAH! moments.
    • Any time that the duo go into fast-forwarding mode is bound to have something like this. When they faced the hand boss in Shifting Sand Land, they went into fast-forwarding and found out you can't long jump down the platform. When Spike gets thrown out of the level for that, he decides to just start saying "Really" a lot, which due to the fast-forwarding nature of the game, had him saying it a lot.
    • Episode 38 has Jay attempting to make a dolphin noise, only to sound more like a dog.
    • Episode 45, the entire episode.
    • The beginning of episode 50.
    • Episode 56 has the "worst camera angle ever" where it even has Spike questioning whether the game is out to kill him

     Let's Randomly Play 
  • WWF No Mercy has the Running Gag of every time they randomly select their opponents, they have one diva. One match in particular had Val Venis (Jay) & Albert (Spike) vs Grand Master Sexay & The Kat. The Kat just whooped them really good.
    • Another Running Gag was Jay kept hitting Spike from behind with one of his moves. After it happened in episode 4, Undertaker attacked Jay's character, and Spike just let it happen.
  • Tonic Trouble has Spike entering the file name and he named it "XYZ" as in "Examine Your Zipper"
    • Their many encounters with the "seizure screen" which shows up during the load screens due to glitches with the emulator.
    • While reading the bios for the characters, they get to Grogh and Spike shouts "Groghdor".
  • Donald Duck: Going Quackers part 1 has the weird glitch where after Spike spoke to an NPC, the game never loaded the next part of the sentence, meaning Spike got stuck on that screen until they restarted. When they did in part 2, Spike said "We're not going to talk to him. He's stupid, go away"
  • Megaman 64 has them randomly deciding to read the intro dialogue. Halfway through, Jay declares it "the audiobook version" and Spike starts randomly whistling along to the background music.
    • Three minutes in, Megaman is attempting to lift a wall, and Spike goes "It's like his arm falls off, "Damn you, cheap equipment"

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