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Drinking Game / Let's Play

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The most appropriate beverage for this Let's Play would, of course, be some sort of Pepsi (or at least a PepsiCo product), but you could also go with the major competitor and drink Coca-Cola. Or drink some other company's cola. Or a non-cola soda that has nothing else to do with any of it.

Of course, if you like the Pepsi (or whatever cola) idea, but want to retain the original idea of drinking alcohol, you could use the cola as a mixer...

  • Take a drink every time one of the Freelance Astronauts says "Pepsi".

    Nerd Cubed 
  • Take a drink every time Dan goes Essex.
  • Take one for every "Hello Procrastinators!"
    • One for every "Ta-ra, procrastinators!"
  • Take one every time he makes up a fact. Take two if he then says "true story".
  • Take one for each time he starts singing.
  • If you can stand up by the halfway point of his videos with the previous rules, try taking one every time he messes anything up. Take two if he then says "thanks Brain", or variations.
  • For good measure, take two each time he actually does something right.
  • Take half the bottle if Dan misses an important item/lore-piece/action/character-point, etc. considering he ignores the commentary until a few days later, get a liver transplant STAT!

    The Beercake 
TheBeercake is a Youtube User who primarily does let's plays of Amnesia: The Dark Descent custom stories, this applies only to his horror let's plays. Notice: Do not drink every time a naked guy causes a Jump Scare, you will do yourself lots of harm if you try that.

  • Take a drink every time TheBeercake says he loves the game he is playing.
    • If this isn't mentioned throughout the whole video, finish your drink.
  • Take a drink every time TheBeercake brings something useless with him.
    • Take another drink if the object is actually useful.
    • Take another drink when he abandons it.
  • Take a drink every time Steve shows up.
  • Take a sip every time he avoids a monster's attack.
  • Finish your drink if someone in the comments accuses him of stealing from PewDiePie.

    HC Bailly 

  • Take a drink every time he uses one of his catchphrases.
  • Take a drink every time cats are mentioned.
    • Take two if the cats are specifically his cats.
      • Take three if it's because Lenny is interrupting the LP.
  • Take a shot whenever he inserts an outside video clip into an LP.
  • Take a shot every time Legendsofthe Hidden Temple is referred to in the Illusionof Gaia Let's Play.
  • Take a shot whenever he says "AND WE LIKED IT"!
  • Take a shot every time he says "there".
  • Finish your beverage whenever he uses a strong curse word.
     Jesse Cox 

  • Take a drink every time Jesse addresses his brain,or vice versa.
    • Take two if it's for the purpose of compliment.
  • Take a drink whenever Jesse renames a character.
  • Finish the drink if someone else is in the episode who isn't specifically named in the video title.
  • Take a drink whenever he says "Simon Lane everyone." or any variant thereof.
  • Take a drink whenever he references his own videos.
  • Take a drink whenever he says/mentions any of the following: #Chan, Frankenstein Joe, "For only 14.99" and its variants, "[X], I can use that for crafting!", "UNLIMITED POWAAAAH!", "Oooh! My butthole is so clenched with anger!" and its variants, anything to do with gold while speaking in the old man voice, anything in the 'Nordic Dracula' voice, "IN YO FACE!" or Shaboozey.
    • If you feel like dying, finish your drink instead of taking a drink when he says Shaboozey or "In your face"

    The Legend of Zelda (series) 

  • For anybody's Let's Play of a Zelda game (insert action here) if the fact that Rupees are a real-world currency comes up.
    • (Insert action here) if somebody gets it confused with rublesnote .
    • (Insert action here) if somebody gets one of the correct countriesnote .