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This is for the funny sub-page for Team Four Star's playthrough of Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

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    Dragonball Xenoverse ("The Adventures of Dumplin") 

  • At the start of the game, when "Cha-La Head Cha-La" is playing:
  • The character they make in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. A short Majin with a pompadour, a constant Kubrick Stare, the most eye-searingly-80s outfit imaginable, and Custom Male Voice #8 (aka Taka's Nappa voice). And his name? Dumplin.
    • They also decided to give him the voice of Danny DeVito.
    • Starting from Episode 2, nearly every episode begins with Lanipator (and occasionally the others) shouting, "Welcome back to the Adventures of Dumplin!" and ends with him saying, "Next time, on the Adventures of Dumplin!"
    • Later, they encounter another short Majin in Toki Toki City.
      Kirran: It's a fellow Dumplin!
      Kaiser: Oh, my God, it is.
      Kirran: It's a fellow Dumplin!
      GeneralIvan: Kill him.
      Lani: There Can Be Only One!
    • The guys' disbelieving laughter when they discover that Male Voice #8's greeting isn't "Hi!" or "What's up?" but rather "Vegeta?" in the Ghost Nappa voice. They admit that the line was a literal instance of Throw It In! (the Funimation staff told them to go ahead and record it) and they never expected it to actually be used.
    • When they beat Nappa the first time:
      Kaiser: Now beat Vegeta!
      Lani: FUCK!
    • Referring to Vegeta as the prince of all bitches after Dumplin finally beats him.
    • Goku - securing the kill since 1988.
      • To the point where they imitate John Cena's theme when he arrives
      • When Goku gets all the glory in an animated cutscene (which does not include the player's created character), Lani screams, "BUT WHAT ABOUT DUMPLIN?!"
    • The fact that not only does Krillin gets to cut off Ape-Vegeta's tail with the Destructo Disk, he's also the one to finish off Vegeta with another throw to the ground by his tail.
      Lani: (As Krillin) One up for the Krill-dog! Woop woop!
    • When explaining how Great Ape battles work, Kirran says "You have to break him first."note ; the guys immediately start saying things like "Your family doesn't love you" and "You and Goku are the only members of your race". Immediately after saying this last one, Vegeta's stamina meter breaks and he falls down into a stunned pose that that looks like the Troubled Fetal Position, which makes TFS die laughing.
    • When Dumplin prevents Krillin from killing Vegeta.
      GeneralIvan: No!
      Kirran: No.
      Kaiser: (as Dumplin) You wanna hug?
      (Everyone breaks out laughing)
      Lani: (as Dumplin) Shove something in my ear hole. I bet it feels good.
      Kaiser: Can we stop talking about his ear hole?!
      Lani: (as Dumplin) No!
    • When discussing the antagonists:
      Trunks: A time-traveling duo? Who could that be?
      TFS: Bill & Ted!
    • While fighting Captain Ginyu they rush at him at full speed...only to get KOed .
    • Later during the Ginyu fight they switch to the scouter only to be greeted by the sight of Ginyu appearing right next to them.
    • When fighting Recoome, they take off most of his HP by backing him into a corner, knocking him flat and juggling him.
    • Ginyu tries to switch bodies with Goku - only for Dumplin to be knocked in the way of the beam. "No, Dumplin! We created you!" "We created a monster!"
    • They mix up the Mentor system with the NPC quests, and after accepting and doing a quest from Raditz, they come to the conclusion that Raditz is the worst teacher ever.
    • When they take on Nappa's request, their reactions to Kid Gohan's "Waaaaaaaaaah!"
    • During a fight against Goku, Kaiser gets hit by his Kamehameha leading Lani to tell him to try to avoid that, right as he says it Dumplin gets hit by another blast and everyone bursts out laughing.
      Lani: Yeah, no, don't get caught in that again.
      (Cue instant Kamehameha to the face)
      Kaiser: What were you saying? What was that? I didn't hear you.
    • Lani saying that if he had kids, he'd hire Captain Ginyu as the babysitter. Then they lose twice in a row when Gohan and Krillin die during the escort mission.
    • The third attempt in the Freeza spaceship break-in, and mocking Krillin's reaction, followed by "voicing a mook" saying "Hey, get them! They're being stealthy!!"
    • And during that mission, it goes with Lani beating up Appule, and Appule flies away from him, causing Lani to shout "Don't you ignore me!!"
    • Lani's "rivalry" with Raspberry. The first time he faces Raspberry, "I'm tired of you Raspberry!! I'm tired of you!! Fuck you Raspberry!!" and later on "I was ready for you this time, Raspberry! IT's over, RASPBERRY!!!"
    • After beating the mission when Krillin and Gohan gather the Dragon Balls, a scene shows a closeup to Ginyu!Dumplin's face, to Lani's horror. Immediately after appearing Ginyu begins talking to the player in his normal voice while smiling deviously, which is enough to get Lani to unleash several shrieks of horror in quick succession.
    • After getting a parallel quest note  from Nappa, they imagine Nappa introducing Dumplin to Vegeta. Just the idea is hilarious in itself, but hearing one of the guys try to imitate Taka's Nappa voice is AMAZING.
    • Lani yelling at Vegeta to shut up when the latter dares Freeza to transform.
    • Lani repeatedly mocking Trunks' voice by yelling "HEY!" note  every time he sees him. And the part where Lani shouts "Hey! this is a stealth mission!! Hey!!"
      • Also when Trunks is put under Demigra's spell. "Hey! Fight me! I hate you now!"
  • This:
(conversation trails off)
(everyone goes "Hm" for a while)
(everyone cracks up)
  • And immediately afterwards:
(screen displays "Final Battle! My Full Power!")
Kaiser: Final Power! - (everyone cracks up again)
Lani: FINAL POWER! MY FULL BATTLE! My fully operational battle!
  • What ultimate technique does Kirran use to help the others get through their fight against Freeza? He spams throws!
    "I'm trying to picture what's going on in Freeza's mind right now. 'OK, OK, I'm losing control here, I'm not sure what's going on - AGH!'"
    "This physically hurts to watch."
    • When Dumplin interferes in the Cell Games, saving Mr. Satan from death at Cell's hands, he does so by kicking him into a pillar. Lani loses it.
      • The setup is what sells it, as they're sorely disappointed that it skips straight to the Cell saga, but as soon as they see Hercule glow purple, it's the best thing ever.
      • Shortly after, the guys go over the character's aliases (Mr. Satan, Hercule, Mark), leading to "Markiplier Satan."
        Lani: "Welcome to Five Nights at Cell's."
        Kaiser: "No, Five Nights at Freeza's!"
        Lani: "Five Night's at Freeza's…" *laughs*
        Kaiser: "Freeza Fazbear!"
        Lani: "Freeza Fazbear!GOLDEN FREEZA!" note 
        Kirran: "Oh SHIT! This is too real for me. It's too real."
      • The jokes about Hercule's additional names get even more hilarious later on: Under the villanous power up, Hercule lives up to his SATAN name.
    • The references to Tubthumping.
    • In episode 15 they Z rank Mr. Satan before he even finishes his opening dialogue
    • Before starting the training session with him, they joke that Hercule is the pinnacle of all mentors in the game.
      Dumplin': (seeing Hercule) MASTER!
  • Talking about the process of Taka recording the Ghost Nappa voice for the game, Lani says the rest of TFS was in the studio pretty much re-writing lines constantly. The specific example he gives is that their original line for the Volleyball Fist was "Dead or alive -- XTREME!", but the Funimation staff told them they couldn't use it for legal reasons.
  • "Satan compels my foot up your ass!" (after having gotten Dynamite Kick from Mr. Satan)
    • And a lot of "Hail Satan" jokes in general anytime they're talking about him or using his moves.
  • Dumplin's first action after defeating Mira? Turning to Towa and asking "So... you're single now, right?" Followed by a hurricane of "dump" euphemisms.
  • After saving Trunks from the Androids in History of Trunks, they speculate that meeting Dumplin in the past is what caused Trunks to wish for Shenron to bring him there.
    • Lani calling out Kirran on being a liar. note 
    • Freaking out when it looks like Android 18 was taken out by one of Hercule's moves.
  • Their reaction to Eric Vale's oddly out of character delivery of "guys?"
    • To the point that people have begun spamming Eric Vale's twitter with it, and he asked TFS for an explanation.
  • The guys trying to determine how much more powerful Super Saiyan 3 is compared to normal Super Saiyan.note 
    Kirran: "First of all, who aren't we considering here?"
    Lani and Kaiser, in unison: "Broly."
    everyone cracks up
  • "I hate you. Like, for new reasons."
  • During the battle with Buu, Lani talks about Goku getting "dragged back to the, I dunno." Which prompts the guys to imagine Drag Me to HFIL, directed by Sam Raimi and starring Christopher Sabat as everyone, including Kirsten Dunst.
    • With Vic Mignogna as the old lady who throws up into the punch bowl.
  • Before they start the Buu Saga, Lani does Trunks' line "Demon God Demigra... I didn't think others were changing history" extremely fast.
  • While Kaiser is fighting Super Buu alongside Gotenks, Lani and Kirran begin speaking in unison as though they had just fused.
  • The guys singing the Dragon Ball GT English version's infamous rap theme in Episode 18.
  • Chastising Lani for giggling immaturely every time a character says "crack of time."
  • Hercule: People of Earth! Majin Buu has just died!
    Lani!Hercule: Except for the fat one which is gonna be livin' with me forever and you better fuckin' love him!
  • Capsule Corp's surprising lack of security:
    Lani: I love that they just have a white picket fence.
    Kirran: We're just the biggest company in all of the city and potentially the whole planet.
    Kaiser: Nah, they have a defense system that literally vaporizes intruders.
    Lani: It's called Vegeta!
    (Everyone cracks up)
    • Really, the entire opening sequence of the Battle of Gods saga repeatedly causes them to crack up and imitate either Vegeta or Beerus.
      Imitation!Vegeta: (Hiding behind the picket fence) "If you pretend you're not there, they won't see you..."
      Imitation!Beerus: (Upon being told there is pudding) "PUDDING?! YES! I MUST FUCKING HAVE IT! I don't know what it is, but it sounds amazing." (Buu repeatedly refuses to give him some pudding) "I'LL FUCKING END YOU!"
      Imitation!Vegeta: (When Goten apologizes for the ball) "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! I SHOULD VAPORIZE YOU!"
  • The guys discuss the possibility of making Dumplin merchandise. When Lani mentions the possibility of an animated series, Kaiser suggests ripping the character models from the game and rigging them with DAZ Studio.
  • The hypothesis that Goten, Trunks, and Bra are stronger because their father's got kicked in the nuts before they were conceived.
    Lani!Vegeta: Woman, I need strong children. Kick me in the dick.
    • And bear in mind that this started with Lani joking that Saiyan sperm get stronger when they survive a near-death experience, and the guys declaring it canon after remembering how Goku got punched in the nuts by Super Android 13, which happened around the time Goten was conceived.
  • Comparing Demigra to Rita Repulsa.
  • "Dumplin doesn't take prisoners. He just takes out the trash!"
  • When Demigra tries to mind-control Dumplin, Trunks and the Supreme Kai break him out...prompting the guys to joke that Dumplin probably wanted to be controlled because of the power-up it entailed.
    • And then afterwards they suggest that Dumplin absorbed the power into himself, like Goku did with Super Saiyan God.
  • In the first part of the cutscene against Demigra where he shoots his spears, as Dumplin gets hit, the guys shout a Big "NO!". When Goku gets hit, they have an under-reaction.
    • Despite having an advantage against Demigra in the final battle, Goku appears in the final fight anyway, to the negative reaction to the guys.
      Lani: I don't need you!! I am Demon God Dumplin!!
  • TFS becoming horrified upon learning that GT is canon in Xenoverse. note 
  • While Trunks and Supreme Kai of Time are talking about the wormholes, the guys are commenting in how Dumplin is staring straight at the camera.
    • Their reaction to a shadow falling across Dumplin's face, saying he looks like Mr. Popo.
    • Berating Trunks for not knowing what wormholes are.
    • Their reaction to Dumplin's new outfit.
      Lani: And then we bought Dumpin' new clothes.
      Kirran (voice about 2 octaves higher than normal): Look at his little jingley-dingles! He looks like a little elf!
    • During the Bardock mission, Dumplin (or rather, Lani) once again comes across his arch nemesis, Raspberry!
    • The guys going over just how useless Shocking Death Ball is when they gained the Ultimate from Shenron.
      Kaiser: Also known as Shenlong.
      Lani: Also known as shut your mouth!
      • Shenron's impatience while they scrolled through the list of options.
      • And the guys telling him to shut up while they debate which wish they want to make. Particularly the way they just keep calling him "Sabat" rather than Shenron.
      Shenron: What's the matter?
      Shenron: Hurry up and wish!
      Kirran: Look, I know we could have summoned you later when we had things in order out, but—
      Lani: Listen, you kind of popped this on us with this multiple choice question here. The Demon God Dumplin is not taking your shit.
      Shenron: (Singsong) Wishes. Get your wishes here.
      Lani: Did he just sing?
  • The team's frustration over the poor ally AI, particularly in Freeza's ship segment when Krillin and Gohan would separate themselves from Dumplin and keep getting killed by the Freeza troops.
    Gohan: I wanna be just like daddy! He dies all the time!
  • In the cutscene after the Bardock mission, the middle portion of Dumplin's Fun Suit cape gets glitched, making the little bauble poke through his chest, prompting the guys to remark that he looks like a Moogle.
    Lani (in Dumplin's Danny Devito voice): Kupo!
    • At the very end of the episode, the guys go into the next mission and see that it's based off of Broly – Second Coming, which makes all three of them scream just like Broly.
      Kirran: It's your favorite character!
      Kaiser: Shut the fuck up!
  • This dialogue:note 
    Trunks: It's... Somewhere...
    Lani: Well thank you Trunks. That is so descriptive.
    Kirran: Why do they capitalize it like a proper noun?
    Lani: Everywhere is somewhere, Trunks, when you think about it.
    Kaiser: No, don't you understand? It's like Kingdom Hearts. "Somewhere" is actually a place.
    Kirran: I thought Nowhere was a place.
    Lani: I thought Sniper Island was in your heart.
    Kaiser: Look, if Nowhere's a place, then Somewhere is a place too.
    Kirran: No, Somewhere is a-
    Kaiser: FOR EVERY ACTION, there is an-
    Kirran: -an equal and opposite reaction, fine.
    Lani: For every action, there is an equal but opposite Dumplin.
    (everybody starts laughing)
  • Out of nowhere is part 28 Kaiser begins singing "On the twelfth point of Dumplin, Shenlong gave to me..."
    Lani: Another useless fucking ultimate!
    • Vegeta's title is now "prince of all you fuckers".
      • Or "prince of all Brolies"
    • Dumplin has adopted Great Ape Bardock as his familiar.
      • During that battle, Kirran asks if Broly has a Great Ape form; when Kaiser starts to say "Well, in Heroes...", Kirran interrupts with "In Heroes, everyone has everything!" The best part is, he's not wrong.
    • When Trunks suggest that Demigra, the deceased at this point Big Bad, set up the plot of the postgame story, the guys decide that Dumplin, who stole his power and title, set up the current scenario (Broly vs. Bardock on dying Namek) as his fanfiction wish fulfillment.
    • The guys mention that they recently had dinner with Eric Vale (Future Trunks' VA), who told them that people on Twitter are giving him crap over the "...Guys." moment. Lani admitted that TFS might have something to do with it...
  • Dumplin's new heart motif, which causes Kaiser to redub him the Demon God of Love. He's especially adorable while standing next to Broly.
    • ...who is now the "bitch of all Saiyans." And a tsundere.
    • Upon seeing the "defeat Broly" win condition, they say this:
      Kirran: "Defeat Brorory"
      Kaiser: "Defeat Barary"
      Kirran: "Defeat the Braro"
      • They do a variant of this every time they have to defeat Broly.
  • Lani and Kirran try pulling the "If your hand is as big as your head, you have cancer" tricknote  on Kaiser, but he's too savvy. Instead he counters with this:
    Kaiser: How about you check me for prostate cancer?
    Kirran: Fuck you! That was a good one.
  • Their reaction to the Neo Ginyu Force, with Nappa as leader since Ginyu's a frog.
  • During the fight with Super 17, the guys are going over how they do in fact like the Super Saiyan 4 design, except Kaiser. Why? Because he does not like how the form goes with Goku's yellow pants.
    • Following the above, the guys discuss Dumplin's "ensemblé":
    Kirran: A true Demon God is here to spread the love! Spread the gospel!
    Kaiser: Spread the love all over his FACE. ...Oh wow, that...
    Kirran: Oh God.
    (Kaiser and Kirran make awkward "Hmm" noises for a couple of seconds.)
    Lani: I'm gonna DUMP!
    Kirran (laughing): Open wide, I'm gonna dump!
    • Just as Dumplin is about to finish off Super 17, Goku once again "Secures the kill" with the guys reacting "FUCK YOU, GOKU!!!"
      • The fact that they all cursed a Goku in sync.
    • They contemplate where Dumplin might be from, either hell or a dimension that he'd absorbed before being summoned. If it's hell, they imagine the villains having been in his house rifling through his shit.
  • As Goku and Vegeta use the Fusion Dance to become Gogeta:
    Kirran and Lani: We are Lirran!
    Kaiser: Oh goddamn it.
  • "This conversation started off stupid, then got... also stupid."
  • Finding it laughable that Trunks "had to" sit on the sidelines for the entire game
    • Lani almost ruins the handshake between Trunks and SS4 Vegeta
      Lani: (as Vegeta) Give me your hand.... (Normal voice) Throws him to the moon.
    • They joke that Omega Shenron doesn't care about Gogeta, and considers Dumplin to be the real threat. This is quickly vindicated by the fact that Gogeta spends all of the fight doing nothing but occasionally firing a few energy blasts, and eventually gets knocked out while Dumplin was focusing on Baby and Super 17. Shortly before getting knocked out, KaiserNeko suggested that Gogeta was actually kicking Omega Shenron's ass offscreen, only to be quickly disproven when they find Gogeta has done almost no damage to Omega Shenron at all, and is "napping" instead.
  • After beating the GT story, the guys jab at the hackneyed "bad at cooking" joke by doing the Tidus laugh. After learning the Supreme Kai of Time is bad at cooking, Dumplin has an Oh, Crap! face. The guys go hysterical at it with genuine laughter, with Lani dubbing it the ultimate "I'm gonna dump!" face.
    Lani: (Hysterically) THE FACE! THE FACE!
  • In part 33, Lani attempts to tackle one of the Parallel Quests. It goes well enough at first, with him defeating the characters like Yamcha and Tien with ease without even looking at the screen. But then he reaches the final stage where he has to take on Goku, Gohan, and Goten, all in their Super Saiyan forms. It starts with Gohan unleashing his super as soon as the screen loads. The three continually spam their Supers and Lani ends up losing in seconds.
    • During the first stage of another Parallel Quest, Lani is bewildered by Yamcha's presence after defeating Tien and Krillin, having completely failed to notice him until he was the only opponent remaining.
  • Episode 34:
    • Dumplin struggling to learn Tien's Ultimate Ki Blast skill, Advanced Geometry(Neo Tri Beam).
    Lani:C'mon c'mon, come at me master!
    Tien blasts Dumplin back with an evasive skill.
    Lani: Oh fuck off!
    Kaiser: Oh wow! Master's taking you to school!
    • The team then discuss Dumplin's extreme omnisexuality , conclude that the "F" in Revival of "F" stands for "Fuckbox", and desire to use Neo Tri-Beam towards everyone except GT Pan.
  • Episode 37:
    • At the end of the fight against Goku and Gohan (Goten was already defeated) they get caught in an endless Kamehameha loop, which burns straight through the revival Z-Soul they equipped at the beginning. Then it goes to the ending bumper, which is unusually silent. Cue the bumper:
    Lani: This is depressing.
    (They all crack up)
    • Earlier:
    (Vegeta performs his throw on Dumplin, which involves putting his hands on his opponent's chest and blasting them away)
    Lani: Stop touchin' mah nips! You asshole!
    (Vegeta immediately throws Dumplin again)
    Lani (while Kirran cracks up in the background): YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION!
  • Anytime Lani mentions Dumplin's sexuality, in the exact same tone every time.
    Lani: OMNI. SEXUAL.
  • Episode 38:
    • Lani and Kirran play a mission where you have to collect the Dragon Balls while fighting Freeza, Cell and Kid Buu. Easy, right? Cue their reaction when Super Saiyan God Goku, Beerus and Whis (In-Game Physical Gods join the battle.
    • Also, Lani singing immediately afterwards while flying away.
    • In one Parallel Quest they are trying to defeat Vegito before he kills them all. They get ready for a Final Flash only to target... the gate out of the world.
    • The guys mocking all the comments about how if they just used Tien's Z-Soul they could easily beat a mission that gave them a ton of problems. This later extends other playthroughs.
  • Episode 39 has Kirran trying to reconcile the Multiverse theory of Dragon Ball with Terminator Genisys. It leads to a horrifying realization:
    Kirran: And then Dumplin is going to become a Terminator. Then he's going to come into the future kill his Mom. Which is… Oh God.
    Lani: He's going to kill us.
    • At the end of the episode Dumplin kills Kirran and Lani.
    • That episode also has this thing with Great Ape Nappa:
      Dumplin: Last Blast!
      (The blast breaks through Nappa's Stamina bar entirely and deals quite a lot of damage)
      Kirran: Holy -
      Lani: What the balls?!
      Kirran: Are we supp- I mean, it is Great Ape Nappa...
      Lani: Okay, uh...
      Kirran: GRAB IT!
      Lani: Going for it!
      Kirran: ONE HIT KILL!
      Lani: ONE HIT KO!
      (Dumplin grabs Nappa's tail and slams him to the ground, killing him instantly)
      Lani: This is the greatest festival of all time!
      • They did the same exact thing with Vegeta, only Vegeta lived.
  • The beginning of episode 40, when Takahata101 has gathered the Dragon Balls, summons Shenron, and wishes back Lirran. They've been spending time in the fuckbox.
    Taka: Hey, guys, it's your boy Takahata101 here. I came over to Lani's house, and uh… there's two charred corpses entangled on the ground here. I've gathered the Dragon Balls though.
    Kaiser: I helped!
    • The reason Taka has missed all of the Xenoverse playthrough? He was training in the woods.
    • Lani and Kirran going full Large Ham for their resurrection scene:
    WE! ARE! LIRRAN!!! WE! LIVE!!!
    • Taka's attempts to draw Lani and Kirran's interest away from their corpses.
    • Taka brought something to help:
    Taka: By the way, guys, I also found this thing here. I think it's Tien's Z-Soul.
    Kirran: Fuck you!
    Lani: Fuck that! Breaking it!
    (Sound of breaking glass)
    Kaiser: NO! THE Z-SOUL!
    Taka: Oh, man. That took a lot of adventuring to get that.
  • The Dumplin Strut sequence in episode 42.
    Lani: Everybody do the Dumplin Strut.
    Taka: (beatboxing)
    Lani: Do the Dumplin Strut. Do the Dumplin Strut. Everybody do the Dumplin Strut - dump dump dump Dumplin Strut.
    Taka: (in Nappa voice) Last Blast!
    Lani: Dumplin Strut.
    Taka: (in Nappa voice) Advanced Geometry!
    Lani: Everybody do the Dumplin Strut. Dumplin Strut.
    Taka: (still in Nappa voice) I have no idea what I'm doing.
    Lina: Dumplin Strut. Everybody do the Dumplin Strut. (sees another player called tetuya) Hey Tetuya.
    (everybody starts laughing)
  • From Episode 47:
    Lani: When you [Kirran] fused with my wife, that was awkwardly hot.
    • This leads into a discussion about how many penises Vegeta has.
    • Which then leads to them claiming that Akira Toriyama is one of their viewers, and is confirming or jossing their headcanons somewhere in the comments under the username "Vegeta's Dad's Dicks".
  • Episode 50:
    • The gang discover that some of the outfits (like one of Bulma's outfits) can be worn by either gender. The first thing they do is try to see if Dumplin can wear Towa's outfit.
    • After finding out that no, Dumplin can't wear Towa's clothes, they commentate on some of the clothing options for Dumplin. Then they choose… Mr. Popo's outfit. And sure enough, Dumplin looks like a paler Mr. Popo.
    • The Sudden Downer Ending of Dumplin's last (onscreen) mission. Dumplin gets knocked out and is barely healed by Towa with very little time left. He attempts to finish the mission by firing the Last Blast, one final time, only to find that he lacks the necessary ki. At the moment time runs out, Gokū knocks Dumplin out again with a Kamehameha.
    Lanipator: This is the way the world ends.
    Lanipator, Kirran, & KaiserNeko: Not with a bang, but with a LAST— (fails to fire)
    Lanipator: Oh. (Dumplin gets hit by a Kamehameha and is knocked out)
    Kirran: With a whimper.
    Lanipator: This has been The Adventures of Dumplin. *Beat* Fuck it.

    Dragonball Xenoverse 2 ("The Adventures of Puddin") 
Closed Beta version
  • The guys are invited to play the closed beta of Xenoverse 2. They are advised by the developers themselves not to create Dumplin again, on the grounds that your Xenoverse character can appear in the game, so they create a new character (not canon with their eventual full playthrough): Puddin, a female Majin said to be the offspring of Dumplin, Towa, and a cat.
    • However, Lani reconsiders making Puddin canon to their Xenoverse 2 playthrough due to the overwhelming positive response from the viewers, with over a dozen pieces of fanart showing up in this one stream.
      • And now Grant, Kiran, and Lani have all confirmed that Puddin will be their character for the full game.
  • Lani's curious what the female Earthling voices sound like so he begins rapidly scrolling through them, the rapid sequence of grunts and shouts resulting in a rather... interesting audio experience.
    Grant: I swear to god, mom, it's a video game! ...Don't take this away from me!
    Lani: Don't come in, mom, knock!
  • The guys laughs their asses off due to how off-sync the dialogue is to the animated cutscene.
  • When the guys transferred Dumplin, as soon as the game finishes transferring, they were lucky enough to have the very first image of him being a squat.
  • The guys' disappointment that the Majin race's transformation just turns them into a recolored Kid Buu.
  • Lani going Overprotective Dad mode when he clarifies that Puddin should never be a waifu nor there should be any Rule 34 images of her.
    • And of course, by the end of the stream one shows upnote .
  • The cutscene where Dumplin appears in the Time Chamber is chock full of great moments.
    • After the reveal, Dumplin has an angry-looking expression. The guys assume he's pissed at Tokitoki.
    • Upon the reveal that the distortions are once again being caused by Towa:
    Dumplin: That BITCH! My Ex-Wife! ... Don't you talk about my wife like that!
    • Ignoring the Supreme Kai to greet his daughter:
    Dumplin: Also hey kid good to see you it's been a while. Daddy's missed ya.
    Dumplin: My wife was a brilliant scientist!
  • Lani trying to see if Trunks retains his "HEY!!!" shout from the first game. Sadly, and to Lani's frustration, he didn't. Lani declares it the first aspect of Xenoverse 2 that is inferior to the original game.
  • Lani trying to beat a boss using Final Flash, missing by a mile, and saying cheerfully, "Ah, it's just as accurate as it always was!"
  • During the play through the guys are amused when some people in the chat miss a bit of "Common Knowledge" for DBZ fans by wondering how Kami died and confusing Turles with Goku Black leading Grant to ask if the chat had actually seen Dragon Ball before.
  • During the battle with Lord Slug the camera pans upwards over Slug's body giving the gang a brief shot of the Namekians... package. This leads to the guys joking that Lord Slug got his name for a very specific reason.
    • Once they finish the fight and Trunks arrives Slug says "Lucky you" before vanishing. This is in spite of the fact that, as the guys noted, Puddin was very clearly kicking Slugs ass. This leads to the guys joking that Slug meant it as in being lucky that Puddin doesn't have to live with the horror of killing him.
    Lani!Slug: Hmph lucky you, you don't get to kill me today! You don't have to life with that horror on your conscience!
    Grant!Slug: You don't live with blood on your hands! It's what made me who I am.
    Lani!Slug: It's what made me the Lord Slug, that and what I'm packing in my trousers!

The full release

  • During the cutscene before the first mission, when the player falls out of the sky and pushes themself off the ground, between the posture and the lines on Puddin's outfit...
    Grant: ...That's a crazy cameltoe.
    Lani: Yes, it is.
    Kirran: Oh my GOD!
    Lani: Why do you make us think that way?! This is our daughter!
    Kirran: She's not going out lookin' like that!
    • Grant protests that he was the only one who complained about the "inappropriate" Puddin picture that appeared during the livestream and says he's just pointing out facts, Kirran clarifies that he doesn't condone such art but he's not opposed to it either.
    • Unfortunately, Puddin didn't inherit her father's Fuckbox combo - Dumplin knew it was too dangerous for mere mortals to have.
    • They keep gushing over how adorable Puddin is even when she's beating the snot out of bad guys.
    • Some Fridge Logic when the Elder Kai claims to be a millennium older than the Supreme Kai of Time.
      Lani: That's impossible!
      Kirran: ...My brain hurts.
    • At the end of the first episode, the guys prepare to announce Dumplin's existence as the Hero of Toki Toki City with an exclamation of "This. Very. Hero!" Unfortunately, they get hit with Loads and Loads of Loading, during which they continually held the "e" of "hero" throughout, eventually deflating into gasping and wheezing before the eventual conclusion. They also tried to time it to have Dumplin appear when they finish "hero". Unfortunately, they kept getting stymied by the menu screens that popped up.
      Kirran: Let's time that out in post, see what it was.
      Editor's Note: 38 seconds. Very impressive.
  • The Running Gag of the guys referring to the Masked Saiyan with names like "Future Goten" and "Turles Black", to mock how the game's story seems to act like his true identity being Bardock is some shocking twist.
  • They think the other Time Patrollers encountered in Part Two showed up to help defeat some Saibamen, but Puddin thought they wanted to spar, so...
  • In Part Three they're indignant when they see that the AI-controlled Goku has gotten his ass handed to him by Vegeta, leaving them to beat down the Prince of all Saiyans themselves. Which Puddin does, with gusto.
    Lani: Just imagine Vegeta - "Haha, I beat Kakarot! Your world's strongest champion! Oh who's this - ohgodno! W-what are you?"
    Kirran: "Oh god, a highlighter threw up over some crayons!"
    Lani: (slurred) "Help me... w-why is this so difficult? I can destroy planets..." Poor Vegeta. He just never gets a break.
    Kirran: He just comes to Earth to get shat on.
    Puddin: Final Flash!
    Lani!Vegeta: AAAAAAAHHH should use that move later!
    • More fun with the "breaking the Great Ape" mechanic, when the giant enemies drop to a knee and grab their face.
      Lani!Great Ape Nappa: Oh God! I need to rethink things again...
      Kirran: He's like "I can't believe it, I'm an ape, and I'm losing-"
      Lani!Great Ape Nappa: What am I doing wrong?! I don't understand!
      Lanipator: Have they hit either of you yet? Even Vegeta is facepalming now!
    • Puddin stops Krillin from killing Vegeta because she needs to learn Big Bang Attack from him later.
    • The guys Squee! at the little smile Dumplin has for Puddin.
    • Turles is an average fighter but a brilliant botanist!
  • Near the mid-point of Part 4, Lani chides Kirran for dumping all of their attribute points into Strike Supers by saying that he's "raising our granddaughter poorly". Cue the Like an Old Married Couple / Ho Yay levels going of the charts.
    Kirran: WHHHHAT?
    Grant: You're spoiling her!
    Kirran: I giv- I make her sandwiches every morning, you're busy doing whatever the fuck every night! I don't even know where you go! You show up half drunk every night. What're you doin'?
    Lani: Drinking.
    • Earlier, the guys burst into tears when Vegeta-senpai refuses to train them, before reminding themselves that due to time travel shenanigans, he only knows his best moves because he's seen Puddin use them.
    • When helping Vegeta fight Dodoria on Namek, they guys point out the Fridge Logic of how the last Vegeta saw Puddin she beat his ass, so why is he so blase about accepting her help?
    • Lani's so used to DBZA canon that he keeps referring to Dodoria as "her."
  • When Puddin is fighting Guldo in Part 5, the team speculates how Guldo's powers would affect the Time Patrol, how effective he'd be as a Time Patroller, and wonders why nobody else tries to learn his time-freezing technique, and so forth in that fashion.
  • Things get tense in Part 6 when Towa empowers Turles and Lord Slug, who push Puddin to her limits. The boys are overjoyed when Dumplin's portrait appears on screen, but...
    Lani: Dumplin's gonna come and save us...
    Kirran: Please, daddy, mom's here...
    (Trunks joins the battle)
    Lani: No, no-no-no-no-no the other one naaaaah- god dammit you left us with the fuck-up!
    • They reason that only Dumplin stands a chance of prevailing against Towa and talking her down, but they're still waiting for Trunks to screw things up.
      Kirran: Trunks is gonna get absorbed, he's gonna die, something-
      Lani: Captain Ginyu's gonna come back, and the frog is gonna change bodies with him, he's gonna go fuck his own mom...
  • In Part 7, the guys go up against Freeza again, and Puddin defeats him by spamming throws. She truly is her father's daughter.
    • Lani suggests they try out a new name for the Big Bang Attack - Puddin Pop. Cooler doesn't approve.
      Kirran: ...Puddin Pop didn't test well with the audience.
      • It was already funny when Cooler interrupted Puddin's Puddin Pop and cut off the guys announcing her move the first time, but the fact he kept doing it and cutting them off again and again just makes it more hysterical.
    • Any point during the episode where the guys make fun of Freeza's rivalry with Cooler.
      Freeza: This is my full power!
      Lani!Cooler: And this is my full power! Mine's better! I look like the Super Shredder!
    • After deciding to attack Freeza instead after their disastrous first turn against Cooler.
      Lani!Freeza: Shut up!
  • A training session with Vegeta in Part 8 ends with Puddin's instructor sent flying over the horizon.
    Lani!Vegeta: Fair enouuuuuuuuughhh...
  • In one of Part 9's rematches with Freeza and Cooler, Lani manages to take down Freeza but uses up all his healing items and loses half his health, so for about a minute Puddin gets to hang back and spam low-power energy blasts from a distance while Goku tanks Cooler, slowly but steadily wearing down the bullshit boss' health. Victory seems imminent, Lani rushes in to finish Cooler off with a Final Flash... and then he activates The Savior Has Come by mistake, getting Cooler's attention and prompting him to absolutely wreck poor Puddin.
    • Before that, their strategy for defeating Cooler was to kick him in the dick.
    • Even Kirran thinks Puddin getting the crap kicked out of her every time she tries her signature move is hilarious.
      Grant: She may have learned her dad's move but she did not master it.
      Kirran: "I'm doing it, daddy! PUDDIN-" blorp!
  • After several episodes making no progress against the Freeza & Cooler Dual Boss, Part 10 starts with them seeking out a trainer who knows all about losing: Yamcha.
    • Kirran suggests Puddin change out of her weighted training clothes to unlock her full potential.
      Lani: Great, now we're gonna get that art.
      Kirran: Yeeeaaaah, buddy- I mean don't do it, it's my granddaughter, please.
    • Lani reluctantly confirms that yes, Puddin is omnisexual like her father.
    • Any fight with Vegeta is better when you have his DBZA voice actor on the couch.
      Puddin: Kaioken!
      Lani!Vegeta: Kaio-what- GAH!
      Grant: Oh, he said the thing!
  • In Part 11, Kirran bites the bullet and asks the important question: has Puddin "been with" anyone? This leads to them remarking that Puddin is technically only one-and-a-half years old without ever actually answering the question.
    • After encountering a Saibaman questgiver, the boys are confronted with the fact that all those Saibamen they'd been wiping out in training exercises were thinking, feeling beings. Then they get a quest from the Great Saiyaman...
    • They love Puddin' new superhero costume, but when they fly with it on...
      Lani: A little too much of an upskirt for my comfort, gentlemen, but you know what, the people at home, they get something out of-
      Kirran: Oh my god!
      Grant: (audibly Squicked)
    • They decide that aliens like Captain Ginyu know to yell "Jesus!" when they're getting the crap kicked out of them because every planet has a Jesus.
      Grant: Oh, so they saw a Freeza Jesus-
      Kirran: Yeah, Freezus.
      Lani: On Jeice's planet it was Jeisus.
      Grant: Freezus Iced, he's here!
    • They decide all of Dodoria's little nub things are nipples.
      Grant: "I'm lactating!" And it's like a volcano erupting...
    • When they're doing a PQ that involves fighting many Metal Coolers, something goes... screwy with the camera when Puddin uses Giant Storm, resulting in her head tilted sideways into her shoulder. Not only does it look like something out of Jojos Bizarre Adventure, but it plunges her cutesy face into the Uncanny Valley. Understandably, they all freak out over this and reason that it must be Dumplin's genetics coming up.
      Kirran: Our daughter has tapped into the darkness.
      Grant: Pud-mara, why?!
      Lani: Never forget who her father is... that's terrifying!
    • Related to the Metal Cooler PQ. Metal Cooler only has two lines on death, and since they go down like flies, they end up hearing it a lot. The line also suffers some bad translation, and they ruthlessly mock it to no end.
      Metal Cooler: The Big Gete Star enabled me to cheat death...How could this be?!note 
  • During the two-hour Parallel Quests livestream, Grant and Kirran are asked about who they ship Puddin with. They both feel that Puddin x Dodoria is the "actual one," but Kirran prefers Puddin x Cooler.
    • By the end of the stream, Puddin's fighting alongside color-coordinated players in matching superhero outfits, as part of the Puddin Patrol. And Puddin's wearing Android 13's trucker hat.
  • In Part 12, during Trunks' Traumatic Superpower Awakening cutscene, the guys notice that history is off-track - Gohan's corpse has both his arms attached.
    • At one point, Grant mentions "gobblin'" in reference to the noise Puddin makes when doing the Meteor Crash, and Kirran goes full Overprotective Dad on him.
      Lani: Happy Turkey Month!
      Grant: We're gonna be gobblin' aaaallll month here a-
      Kirran: NO SHE'S NOT!
      Lani: How dare you insinuate!
      Kirran: She's not doing ANY OF- ANY SUCH THING!
      Grant: What're you talking about? She's gobbling on screen right now! What kind of gobblin' did you think, you-
      Kirran: ...Oh.
      Grant: -dirty minded... human?
    • The fight with Mira is uncomfortable since he's Towa's creation and therefore Puddin's brother. They note that Thanksgiving dinner is going to be awkward.
    • Grant compares Time Patroller Trunks to a manager who insists on leaving the office to meddle in his workers' operations, which ends in a shared screaming rant with Lani about lousy bosses and Black Friday work experiences. While Puddin wails on Mira in the background.
    • They decide Android 16 is fighting Trunks because he's the closest thing to Goku left on the planet.
      Lani!Sixteen: Please use a Kamehameha, it doesn't feel right.
      Kirran!Sixteen: Please put this Goku mask on, it doesn't feel right.
      Lani!Sixteen: Don't look me in the eyes, just don't speak, I'll fight you from behind! Wear this wig!
  • In Part 13, when Burter mentions staying up late playing video games, they imagine that Burter must be a speedrunner and/or Sonic fan since he's obsessed with speed.
    Kirran: I want Burter to teach me about QPU's and half-A presses.
    "Burter:" What if I told you Mario's walking speed wasn't necessarily equal to his real speed...
    • By the end of the episode, Puddin is simultaneously Great Saiyaman 3 and a rising star in the Freeza Force.
      Kirran: We're a superhero moonlighting as a villain!
      Grant: Evil intern by day, superhero by night!
  • During a Dragon Ball collection mission in Part 14, Freeza keeps bringing the Trash Talk while Puddin ignores him to do her job.
    Freeza: Ha ha ha ha! So you choose to die rather than give up your Dragon Balls?
    Kirran: (exasperated) Freeza...
    Lani: You can't break into our time machine, it's locked. And we have the key.
    "Freeza:" What is this?!
    Kirran: They all walk up to it, hands on the glass, and they're like (muffled) "I see 'em, they're right there, I can't, I can't-" (muffled gibberish)
    • They're enthusiastic about Krillin's training mission, at least until they actually do it.
      Lani: Let's deliver some milk, sure. Puddin's the ultimate milk girl.
      Grant: Um...
      (awkward chuckles)
      Lani: Realized it as I said it...
  • In Part 15 it's just Lani and Grant, Kirran has disappeared in a flash of light. Again.
    Grant: So he was like "Check this out, I have this cool trick," and he acted like he was going to do Instant Transmission, and then he vanished. And I haven't seen him all day.
    Lani: Wow, that's fuckin' weird.
    Grant: Yeah, I don't know what's up, I think he got a new skill and wanted to show it off, and I don't think he had the ki to do it twice.
    • The boys are quite unnerved that the two authorities in charge of the timeline are so unconcerned with little changes to history slipping by, and posit that some substance in Gohan's un-amputated right arm will end up derailing the Buu saga or something.
    • Grant learns that not only did Towa create Mira, she also eventually marries him, making Mira both Puddin's half-brother and step-dad.
      Lani: The demons, I guess they live a different kind of life.
      Grant: They're, uh... different culture norms there, in the demon universe.
    • After the Kais bring up the latest changes to the timeline threatening Krillin's marriage to Android 18...
      Grant: We can avert this tragedy!
      Lani: We can get Krillin laid!
      Grant: No, we can keep Eighteen from settling for this bald little man!
    • Lani wasn't part of the two-hour stream, so he's looking forward to the famous Dragon Fist move Puddin unlocked during it.
    • After the mission with the Androids and Cell, Trunks tells Puddin to rest. Grant and Lanipator then spend a solid two minutes doing an impression of Trunks awkwardly trying to tell her what she can do in her down time, and later of Appule giving her a mission in the same awkward manner.
    • Parallel Quests like Puddin fighting alongside Freeza on Namek are just the cosmic authorities satisfying their curiosity.
      Grant: "You have to help the timeline because we want to see what happens if Freeza kills Goku."
      Lani: "We just need to see what happens, if you do it!"
      Grant: "It's For Science!"
    • Lani's annoyed when Gohan keeps sidestepping Puddin's Meteor Crash.
    • Puddin is beating Vegeta's ass for the nth time.
      Vegeta: Is this... my limit?
      Grant: "She just keeps coming at me and screaming and I don't know what to do, Kakarot!"
      Lani!Vegeta: (sobbing) Kakarot, help! I don't understand! She makes me feel weird! And pain. Makes me feel a lot of that.
  • Kirran still isn't back from another dimension at the start of Part 16 - Lani and Grant heard something about the Earth being destroyed if the Black Star Dragon Balls aren't recovered in time, but Kirran said he had it covered, so the other two are playing video games while he saves the universe.
    • The boys are utterly deflated when a mission forces them to use the Majin's transformation.
    • Lani and Grant take offense to the Supreme Kai of Time telling Trunks to "Show the newcomer how it's done." while on a mission to stop Mira from interfering in the Cell Games and even though Puddin has beaten the likes of Turles, Lord Slug, The Ginyu Force, Freeza and Cooler. In retaliation, they stand back and let Trunks get wailed on by Mira until Mira engages them directly.
      Lani!Mira: Wait a minute - SISTER!!
      Grant!Mira: Puddin, you didn't come to Mom's weekly brunch.
      Lani!Mira: (as Puddin uses Meteor Crash) OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-
      Grant!Mira: I hate it when my little sister beats me up. #FamilyGoals.
      Lani: (laughing) Just because she has all the genes from her dad...
      Grant!Mira: Dad always liked you best...
    • And in the background Trunks is trying to take credit for defeating Mira.
    • Lani greets Towa's appearance with a delighted "Mommy!" and thinks she's waving good-bye to Puddin before leaving. Grant brings up the fan theory that the Towa in this game isn't Puddin's mother, but one of the alternate timeline Towas that Dumplin brought along with him for parallel quests in the first game. Lani counters that just because Towa is a loving family woman doesn't mean she's given up on her demonic agenda.
    • After trying and failing for the past two episodes to successfully use Dragon Fist, Lani finally stuns an enemy to guarantee a hit... and the mission ends between the move starting and landing.
  • Kirran's finally back for Part 17, having been on various adventures across the galaxy. Lani is primarily interested in how to get the Super Dragon Fist to work.
    • Kirran reveals that he knows how to guarantee a Z-Rank for a mission, and guides Lani through the necessary steps. At the very end of the fight against Perfect Cell, Puddin finally lands the Super Dragon Fist, causing everyone to roar in triumph! ...And the game doesn't register it as an Ultimate Finish.
    • Also, Kirran's perfect ranking strategy launches its own Running Gag, because no matter how faithfully Lani or Grant execute it, it never works for them.
    • He also mentions that since Part 11 came out, everyone he knows has come up to him to say, "The Big Gete Star enabled me to cheat death, how could this be?!"
    • They decide Dumplin's absence during all this is because he's gone forward in time to prevent GT from happening.
    • By the end of the episode, somehow Dragon Fist has gone from completely useless to landing every time and doing incredible damage. At first they think the game got patched while they were playing it, before deciding Puddin heard their complaints and she fixed the move.
  • Lani starts out Part 18 trying to figure out what Puddin's wearing under her skirt to prevent pantyshots (they're bloomers) and he and Kirran are triumphant that there will be no upskirt shots of their granddaughter while she's flying.
    • They want a nickname or something shorter to call the Supreme Kai of Time, like Lisa. Or SKT. Or Scot.
    • They posit that Tokitoki may have laid the Time Egg, but Dumplin fertilized it.
    • The strangely solemn way Vegeta asks to "embrace" Trunks before his big moment makes them think he's telling his son to pray.
      Grant!Vegeta: Freezus Iced, who transformed for our sins! This wasn't even his final form...
    • They're still horrified by the work ethic of the Time Patrol.
      Lani: Hold on, "there's no time to stew over the past?!" THAT IS LITERALLY OUR JOB!
    • They stuff Buu with so much food that he pops out a veritable swarm of Majin. When they check on them later, cue a minute straight of cacophonic screaming from a dozen little blob monsters.
    • Lani makes, then embraces an Accidental Innuendo.
      Grant: We all know Puddin's a girl who gets her hands dirty, yeah!
      Lani: She knows how to fight. She gets in there and she punches, and kicks, and she puts fists and fingers everywhere!
      Grant: All over!
      Lani: Sometimes places that ya don't want, sometimes places that you thought you didn't want, but guess what? It's actually pretty good!
      Grant: Sometimes there's a whole thrill left there you didn't even know you had.
      Lani: Maybe up to the, like, first knuckle, second knuckle if you're comfortable.
      Grant: Yeah. If you're interested.
      Lani: Just sayin', the ear can take a lot of fingers.
  • At the beginning of the second "P.Qs with Puddin" stream, they come across and subsequently lose it laughing over a massive purple Majin with a creepy smile called The Grapest. Even better, after they finish the quest they set out on, The Grapest has joined the Puddin Patrol.
    • Lanipator and Kirran make a bet; Kirran must complete the God level license exam with a Z ranking using the method he so much advertised in every other video. If Kirran wins, he gets 3000 dollars of real money (Lani will even sign the cheque in front of the camera and show it to Kirran), if he loses, he has to do a hand stand. Kirran completes the bet with flying colors, but still does the handstand out of pity.
      Lani: ...That was probably the dumbest bet I've ever made.
      Grant: It was just so unprompted!
      Kirran: *Smug Grin*
    • By the end of the video, there's a flash mob of Puddin Patrol members in eye-searing green, pink and yellow, spinning around doing the Bingo Dance. The sound of dozens of characters shouting "Funtime Bingo!" in various voices must be heard to be believed.
  • Part 19 sees the break-up between Puddin and Dodoria, after the latter's response to a Z-ranked mission is "Keep gettin' stronger and I'll have to off ya!" They start training with Android 18 instead and can't get over her first super move's name, "Endless Shoot."
    • The chemistry between Krillin and Eighteen is palpable.
    • Grant criticizes Android 18 for going on a genocidal rampage after getting robot superpowers and says if the same happened to him, he'd just go back to his old life. Lani and Kirran counter that he can't know for sure how he'd react in the situation.
      Kirran: We're gonna open a GoFundMe to dump Grant in toxic waste-
      Grant: Ooh, okay.
      Kirran: (cracking up) -and see what superpowers he gets.
      Grant: Look man, sounds like it's for science, I'm down.
      Lani: Look, I just need to know, okay, am I like the kind of guy who's gonna learn how to fly, or am I gonna be that guy who gets cancer? 'Cause cancer's a really shitty superpower, I'll be honest.
  • In Part 20, Lani reveals which of Puddin's many admirers is her favorite - it's you! But don't tell anyone.
  • In Part 21 they reach a part in the main quest where they need 15 TP medals to proceed further. Lani assumes they've earned plenty from all the sidequests they've done, only for Kirran and Grant to reveal that they're down to four.
    Lani: What have you done?
    Kirran: Uh, we bought Dragon Fist is what happened.
    Lani: You assholes!
    Grant: (laughing) That cost us a fresh 200 TP.
    Lani: WHY?!
    Lani: Why would they charge so much for a broken fucking move?!
    • They pick Supervillain Broly as one of their partners for a quest and are stunned when the battle starts and they see that Puddin isn't even waist-high in compraison.
      Lani: Jesus... fucking god dammit Broly, eat a fucking salad.
    • What follows is a long and difficult fight against an enemy with an insane amount of health, but Puddin pulls through and manages to Z-rank the mission! Which earns them exactly one TP Medal.
  • They kick off Part 22 by turning in those fifteen medals after doing some off-screen grinding. Lani is not amused when the Elder Kai immediately refunds three of them.
    • Time Patroller Trunks is still recovering from his latest fuck-up.
      Grant: There's plenty of stuff I like about this game, but if there's one thing I'm thoroughly impressed by, it's making me think Trunks is not nearly as cool as the anime did.
      Lani: Yeah, that's Super's job, assholes!
    • Thanks to time travel, Vegeta's signature move is properly named the Puddin Pop - she used it first, and he copied it.
      Lani!Vegeta: Wow, that move sure did have a big bang to it...
    • More awkward family moments when Mira shows up to fight.
      Lani: Brother!
      Grant!Mira: You have ruined this Thanksgiving.
      Kirran!Puddin: Wha- Mira, no! (sobbing) I just want the family to get together this Thanksgiving...
      Lani: A true battle between siblings - one's a Momma's Boy, the other's a Daddy's Girl.
    • They're not happy about their mission ranking after the Mira fight.
      Lani: A D?! Who gave Puddin the D?
      Kirran: ...Her brother? WHAT?!
      (gagging and retching)
      Grant: Omni-sexual, we said it.
      Kirran: Oh, god...
      Lani: I mean, at least he's... ah god, he is made from his mother's DNA, isn't he?
      Grant: Ah, she ends up marrying him, apparently, so you know...
      Lani: Gah!
    • After the Supreme Kai of Time's pudding fails to calm a berserk Beerus, Whis says that Puddin will have to help subdue the God of Destruction. Cue a dramatic shot of Puddin's face with a musical sting... as Puddin stands there with her adorably cute kitty-face... and sloooooowly narrows her eyes. While maintaining her Cat Smile.
    • Their immediate impulse after defeating Beerus is to kill him and take his powers.
  • Puddin spends Part 23 on patrol with Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyawoman, but while the other superheroes are fighting for justice against evil and all that, Puddin as a Demon Demigoddess-in-training is working to maintain an acceptable amount of evil.
  • In Part 24, the guys find Beerus and begin studying under him, which leads to jokes that rather than martial arts he's training Puddin to be more cat-like ("Puddin, I like your catface, but you really got to work on your 'Nyaa~!'")
    • Lani thinks that Broly's biggest contribution to the series is the winter waterfall stage in the Xenoverse games.
    • Guru's house is in danger because Guru's off his meds again.
    • During a sparring match against Vegeta, the Prince of All Saiyans grabs Puddin for a moment before blasting her with a point-blank ki attack. Unfortunately since he's grabbing her from the front, it looks like...
    • Puddin doesn't breathe in space, she survives purely on cat videos.
    • Puddin's first attempt to use Beerus' ultimate attack is interrupted, but the second time she tries it, Beerus calls the match between the move starting and connecting.
      Lani: I think he just got upset that he got kicked in the dick.
      Kirran!Beerus: Alright you win, geez-
      Lani!Beerus: OW, fine, Jesus, ow my nuts! OW!
      Grant!Beerus: You stamina-broke, and you're using the move, it's gonna hit, we all know it...
  • Goku's main contribution to the fight against Golden Freeza and Metal Cooler in Part 25 is to knock enemies out of Puddin's Justice Combo.
    • The boys have fun with Vegeta's remark that Puddin probably isn't "some random friend of Bulma's."
      Lani: We're college friends. Those kind of college friends. If you know what I'm sayin'.
      Kirran: Didn't she tell you about her "experimental phase?"
      Grant: Where she created life?
    • God of Destruction Beerus has very exacting standards for "stress relief."
      Whis: I will assist with your stress relief, if it pleases you, Lord Beerus.
      Lani!Whis: C'mon Beerus, I'll jack you off.
      Grant!Beerus: Ooookay, Whis, if that's what it takes.
      Lani!Beerus: Only if you sing the song while you do it.
      Grant!Beerus Only if I get to blow up a planet.
      Lani!Whis: Fine, we'll find an uninhabited one-
      Grant!Beerus: Slightly inhabited!
      Lani!Whis: Fine, burgeoning life-
      Kirran!Beerus: I want to bathe in the warmth-
      Grant!Beerus: I want them to have discovered the wheel, Whis! They're the ones I want to destroy!
      Lani!Beerus: At least a small amount of technology.
      Grant!Beerus: They must have fire and wheels.
      Kirran!Beerus: We'll come in there and say, "This is God's judgment!" Really mess with 'em!
      Lani!Beerus: But you have to be jackin' me off the whole time we do it!
      Lani: (chuckling) Fuckin' god dammit, what is wrong with us?
      Kirran: We're coming up with an awesome mythology! You ever read Greek myths? They're pretty great!
  • In Part 26 they finally do enough Namek quests to be admitted to Guru's house to receive a power-up. Their immediate response is "Oh my GOD!" and as the conversation goes on he turns into Mr. Plinkett.
    Lani!Guru: (slurred) Eh, come give Uncle Guru a hug!
    Kirran: He is so large...
    Grant!Guru: Sit on my lap...
    Lani!Guru: Do you have my pills? I need my pills! Do you wanna go into my Creepy Puzzle Basement?
    Kirran: Oh my god that's right!
    Lani!Guru: Let me feel you.. ah, you feel like Play-doh.
  • Lani explains that Kirran's not around for Part 27, not because he's saving the universe or anything, "he just doesn't love you enough to be here right now."
    • A match against Dodoria is all the more bitter due to their break-up, especially since Puddin is no longer using the Dodoria Launcher.
    • Lani and Grant are skeptical that Pan has any moves worth learning, until they see her first training reward is the Parapara Dance.
    Lani: You're gonna teach me the pa...
    Grant: YES! The best move in GT!
    Lani: Oh my god. You know, I changed my mind.
  • Part 28 kicks off with the boys reminding viewers that if you think they're playing badly, make sure to Like the video, and if you absolutely despise this content to hit "Subscribe" so you can keep letting them know.
    • Towa trying to suck Puddin into a dimensional vortex proves that she's learned from her husband and is putting Puddin in the Fuckbox! Which in this family is the equivalent of Go to Your Room!
    • How is Bardock able to incapacitate Mira? "Haha, the Full Nelson runs strong in my family!"
    • Hell isn't so bad, actually, it's got Fuckbox Jeff, Gauntlet and Golden Axe.
    • The biggest Oh, Crap! moment so far comes when they see who their next opponent is: Time Breaker Dumplin! Which quickly breaks into Squee! when they see their enemy next to Towa.
      Lani: They got back together!
      Kirran: I'm so happy!
      • And the very first thing they do for this daddy-daughter dance off? Well, they said dance
      Lani: [as Dumplin does the Dancing Parapara] Yeah! Look at Dumplin work it!
      • Dumplin puts up a tough fight, though Kirran reminds everyone that he "was only weighed down by our ineptitude."
      • "This is gonna be a very awkward Thanksgiving."
    • Once Dumplin gets Retgoned, the boys suffer memory lapses and Psychic Nosebleeds until the characters in-game remember.
    • The climacitc fight against Towa has Puddin working out some issues with her mom.
      Kirran: When you've got a time-traveler as a mom, she's always on time, but SHE'S NEVER THERE FOR ANYTHING IMPORTANT!
      Lani: She missed our recitals!
      Grant: She may be able to travel through time, but that minivan is never there when you need it.
      Lani: You missed our soccer games!
      Kirran: Our baseball game!
      Grant: "The Joneses had to give me my orange slice, mom! That's supposed to be something your mom does!"
  • Part 29 sees Puddin and Mira's final(?) bout, where they work out their sibling rivalry.
    Grant: Go away. Just gimme a sec, bro!
    Lani: I'm trying to do my homework!
    Grant: This is why you and dad don't get along.
    Lani: God, you're so weird, you have a crush on all my friends-
    Grant: And our mom.
    Lani: Yeah, that's, you really need to deal with that.
    Grant: I've seen Dragonball Online, your fanfic about how you married mom! That's gross.
    Lani: You're gross, brother!
    • They burst into laughter at the sight of Mira's final form, calling it a yeti or the Abominable Time-Breaker.
    • The guys are outraged at the completely inappropriate appearance of Goku to save the day, culminating in Puddin using Kamehameha to finish the fight despite never using it.
    • Mira's final defeat.
    • Puddin's Kamehame-nya is a beam of energy with a cat face on the end.
    • The ending of the story mode:
    All: HA HA HA HA, HA HA HA HA!
    Lani: (as Dumplin) HA HA HA HA, My wife and son are dead! HA HA HA HA!
    Abrupt silence
    • Everyone's impressed when the credits give Lani higher billing than Ryan Reynoldsnote .
    • When the Supreme Kai of Time and Goku use the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron to make the Time Patrol a feast, TFS joke that this wish is what caused the Shadow Dragons to emerge.
  • Part 30 has them training with Vegeta and noticing his skintight suit.
    Lani!Vegeta: It's like I'm wearing nothin' at all. Nothin' at all! Nothin' at all!
    Lani: Stupid Sexy Vegeta...
    • Examining the outfit from the front leads them to conclude that male Saiyans have retractable genitalia.
      Grant: Him and Bulma have their first romantic night - "What, it's natural! All men do this!"
      Lani!Vegeta: Yes, it's prehensile!
      Kirran!Vegeta: How else do you think we protect our loins during combat?
    • When Puddin keeps getting new outfits for completing training mission with Vegeta, they guys assume he's starting a side business.
      Lani!Vegeta: What do you think about these? I feel like - look, I'm an average warrior but an excellent tailor.
      Kirran!Vegeta: I didn't tell you this, but I made the suits the kids had on Namek.
    • World Tournament attendance has been low lately, so the organizers have filled out the arena with a few cardboard cutouts. Just don't tell Mr. Satan.
  • The guys have some Fridge Logic in Part 31 after Goku gets defeated by a Spirit Bomb, which can supposedly only harm those with impure hearts. They conclude that the "hero" is coveting Puddin's demon-god powers.
  • After getting to deal with "the magical bullshit that is Goku," Puddin spends a chunk of Part 32 alternating between doing quests for Freeza's army and quests for Guru, which involves defending the Dragon Balls from Freeza's army. She ends up changing outfits between quests so no one catches on, supplemented by a fake nose, mustache and glasses.
    • At one point they slip up and fight against Freeza's forces in the wrong outfit, but it's fine - it's just Raditz.
    • The gang finally settled on a suitor for Puddin - Cooler, under the logic that he's the first mentor figure in the game to actually compliment her.
      Lani: Their child shall be known as Frozen Yogurt. Frogurt, for short. In fact that might be the full name.
    • During a sparring match against Cooler, he and Puddin actually get nostalgic over the trouble he gave her during that story mission. Then there's his reaction to a low blow.
      Grant!Cooler: (cough) You always knew how to hit 'em, honey...
      Lani!Cooler: I thought we agreed to not put anything down there unless I agreed it was okay - it's not that I didn't like it, it's that I wasn't ready.
      Grant!Cooler: I'm scared of how much I liked it.
      Kirran!Cooler: I don't want to learn the darker side of myself.
    • Puddin is a superheroine, but she does have demon blood, which occasionally manifests in a violent explosion.
    • The guys eventually forget to remove their disguise, resulting in Cooler realizing Puddin is the superhero who has been constantly thwarting his plans. He's a bit upset.
  • Part 33 has the couple having a "talk" that ends with Cooler smashing through a tree as he's sent sailing into the distance.
    Lani!Cooler: Okay, fine, we talked it over! ...We still good to see Fantastic Beasts?
    Puddin: Nya!
    • By this point they've dropped the facade and are blatantly two-timing the Freeza Force.
      Lani: They know now that they just have to be stronger, and if they aren't strong enough, they fucking deserve to lose. They can beat up Nail all they want, though.
    • Cooler's idea of a romantic getaway is a throw-down on a molten, exploding Namek. And after getting hit by two of Puddin's Justice Combos in a row, he needs a smoke.
    • At the end of the episode the game crashes and Lani decides to send an error report, what does he write? This whole game.
  • Part 34 has a Dragon Ball collection quest on Namek involving Dodoria, Puddin's ex, who is awfully persistent in attacking her. The gang decides this is basically Dodoria's drunk late-night call and (s)he's upset about getting dumped to the point of wanting to kill Puddin.
    Lani!Dodoria: (slurred) -come back to me! I swear to god I changed I will kill you!
    Grant!Dodoria: I love you so much I need you to die!
    • They're pretty disappointed when Cooler "upgrades" to Metal Cooler in an attempt to impress/imitate Puddin, comparing it to when a significant other gets a piercing or haircut that just doesn't work.
    • Guru found some items for Puddin in his folds.
    • They spot an NPC Time Patroller named Dragon Slayer, staring off into the distance... at Shenron, in the hub level's background.
    • During the final mentor level with Broly, Puddin fires off his ultimate attack and seemingly misses when Broly circles around behind her, only for him to suddenly die in the middle of sucker-punching her.
      Lani: Hey, it worked!
      Kirran: Wwwwwhat?!
  • They're still bugged about Future Gohan having two arms when they revisit that scenario in Part 35.
    Lani: Yeah, Puddin just - SHHNNK! Leaves.
    • Once again, the Powers That Be are terrible at their jobs.
      Supreme Kai of Time: This history is all wrong... But I'm sure a peaceful future awaits further down the line.
      SKoT: It's possible that this could be the future Trunks is so intent on reaching.
      Kirran: So we're just gonna let it slide—
      Lani: You're just gonna let that shit slide? No, that affects a lot of things, what is wrong with you?!
      Elder Kai: Maybe, but leaving changes in history is dangerous...
      Grant: I can't believe I'm agreeing with Elder Kai on this!
      Elder Kai: They could be the catalysts for further deviations.
      Grant!Elder Kai: They could forget how to breathe in that timeline, or something! Giraffes might go extinct!
    • When the game gives them the choice to fix Trunks' changes or let them slide, an irate Lani chooses to undo the changes under the argument that "Trunks doesn't deserve a happy future, he fucked up way too much!" The gang is then dumbstruck when the Supreme Kai of Time thanks them for their input but says the final decision is hers.
  • From Part 39:
    • When fighting Android 16, Puddin freezes him with the Para Para Dance, but Cooler interrupts by throwing a Supernova at them. It kills 16, but Puddin dances on unphased.
    Lani!Android 16: Up and right and left and left and AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
    • They get Cell's wings as an accessory... and it comes with the crest on his head.
    • A mission with Cooler and Towa as their party members has them pretending that Cooler has an awkward crush on Puddin's mom, which disturbs her.
      • Kirran then tells the guys how that was the reaction his classmates gave his mom at school events.
    • When discussing which character is The Rival to Puddin, they decide not on any of the villains, but on Trunks and Gokū. Trunks because he constantly makes mistakes that make things go From Bad to Worse throughout the story and acts like a total screwup in general, Gokū for inappropriately butting in on the familial conflict between Puddin and Mira, indirectly forcing her to kill her own family when she could have saved them otherwise, all because of his need to secure the kill.
  • In part 41, we have "Facebook would ruin Superman. I mean, logic ruins Superman, but Facebook specifically".
  • From Part 46:
    • Since Puddin can't unlock any other race exclusive moves, they have to create another character for that. In this case, they decided to make an Earthling. Who? Is it? Lirran. Bonus points for Lani and Kirran actually doing the fusion dance and speaking in sync with each other when they create him.
      • While watching the human intro scene of Lirran watching Gohan and Videl as Great Sayiaman and Great Sayiawoman, they joke that this is role playing to get Gohan in the mood to produce an heir for Mr. Satan.
    Grant: (as Gohan) We swore in front of our family and God that we would make a baby!
    Lani: (as Gohan) Literally, God showed up.
    Grant: (as Gohan) He was there! I invited Dende personally!
  • Lirran's design looks like something out of an 80's action movie, as noted by the guys. They even gave him a gun!
    • Speaking of that gun, they give him a move that allows him to supposedly use it. When he uses that move, he does finger guns instead.
      • Which leads to some hilarious What If? scenarios. Like Lirran getting stopped by the TSA.
    • The guys are overjoyed when they manage to put exactly 100 skill points in the Ki Blast Super attribute, claiming it gives Lirran one hundred guns, or "gun-hundred".
      • For most of "The Chronicles of Lirran", they devote nearly all skill points they earn into Lirran's Ki Blast Supers, leaving only one point for Maximum Ki (until they reach "gun-hundred") and absolutely nothing for every other attribute.
  • Part 49: Lani discovers that they can't attack while riding a Nimbus, leading him to demand how they can do a ride-by shooting.
    Lani: This is what happens when you take away my gun: I get pissed off.
    • Earlier in the episode, there's the fight with three female Patrollers, two of whom are named Johnny.
    • With Lirran's work done, it's time to say goodbye until they create their new character. "Find out later on the Chronicles of Whoever-The-Fuck-We-Make-Next!"
  • Part 50: They decide to make a Freeza Race member next, and who is it? Frogurt, Puddin and Cooler's Kid from the Future. They also make them as small as possible with the intent of them being a Kid Hero. They also give him a Cool Sword (and a move so he can actually use it) because he's from the future and that automatically means he needs a sword.
    • In a later episode, they decide that his sword and time machine originally belonged to Future Trunks until Frogurt murdered him in his attempt to escape some catastrophe. It turns out to be not such a bad decision, as Trunks in this game is such a monumental screwup that he's almost certainly to blame for Frogurt's Bad Future in some capacity, making it Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Part 52: When Frogurt helps fight the Ginyu Force, a battle that the heroes canonically lost until Gokū showed up, the guys begin to joke about Frogurt's Cooler side awakening and going full-on Knight Templar in his quest to Set Right What Once Went Wrong while going out of his way to prevent any harm from coming to the main characters. This is not helped by his lack of knowledge on both history and how human bodies heal.
    At some point in my timeline, Krillin dies! That might be the trigger!
    There's a dramatic battle that Gohan misses out on because of a broken finger! I don't know when it happens! He broke it as a child and it lasts forever for all I know!
    I will make sure they never have to labour for a moment in their lives!
    Where are you going, Krillin?! You stay in your box! Nothing bad happens at Kami House!
    You stay right in the Room of Spirit and Time and that is where you will stay for eternity!
  • During an unrelated stream, they find out that Paata, a character that also gets shipped with Puddin, is MasakoX's OC. Lani shoots down that pairing immediately.
  • The top rated comment in episode 53 is a Call-Back to DBZA's Thwartin' My Plans bit with Freeza and Frogurt instead.
    • Now it's a variant of Future Trunks and Bulma's meeting, with Puddin hitting on Frogurt and Frogurt screaming internally.
    • The guys are very impressed with Freeza's Supernova move, except for the time they try the attack only for Lord Slug and Turles to get behind Frogurt...
    • When Frogurt is fighting his dad and manages to get Cooler in an endless combo for about a minute, the boys delightedly exclaim that the Fuckbox must have skipped a generation.
    • The real reason Frogurt went back in time? To fight Raspberry.
    • "Do you think [Dodoria's] penis is also covered in spikes?"
  • After "The Fantastic Fjourney of Frogurt" comes to an end, they continue with a Namekian named Triangle, who was created and characterized by Lanipator as a whining, sniveling, Cowardly Lion that just wants to be left alone. To reinforce this characterization, all of his techniques are designed to keep enemies at bay, and training him to achieve his race's transformation (Giant Namek) goes as well for him as you'd expect.
    Triangle: [sobbing nasally] I'm a pacifist!
    Piccolo: You're a pussy!
    • Triangle just wants to go back to his job as a farmer, but they just yell at him to learn to become a Giant Namek so he can till the fields with one hand.
    • Growing into a giant hurts his brain.
  • Part 56: The group get Spirit Sword and decide to try it out. As they're talking about how to use it...then actually use it and are greeted to the sight of Puddin' impaling the back of a mook's head in a surprisingly brutal fashion. They go silent for a few moments in shock.
  • Part 57 suggests that the "Catastrophe" that Frogurt was/will be so obsessed with stopping is the inconvenience of Krillin and Yamcha not always offering their classes for Puddin to complete.
    • Later, they hit Dodoria literally right in the heart with the Spirit Sword, but he somehow escaped the area-of-effect damage it follows up with and survives it. Puddin wanted the opportunity to "break his heart again".
  • Part 57: Vegeta continues to get grabby with Puddin (in front of Cooler, no less), but the boys have to give him props for Matrix-dodging Puddin's Spirit Sword.
    Lani: My boy Vegeta, just grabbin' titties and dodgin' swords.
    (Vegeta gets stabbed in the back of the head with another Spirit Sword)
    Lani: Well, now he's dead. He gets what he deserves in the end.
  • Part 58:
    • Getting Golden Freeza trapped in the Parapara Dance.
    • They deliberately put Cooler and Dodoria on their team for a mission to induce awkwardness between Puddin's beau and ex.
    • Dodoria and Cooler are competing for Puddin's affection, even though she's obviously going to pick Cooler.
    • Dodoria getting his ass kicked by Vegeta in the background in desperate hopes of getting Puddin to notice him.
    • By the end, Cooler and Dodoria have hooked up, after Dodoria revives Cooler and they both realize that Puddin rarely bothers to revive them during missions.
      • Puddin has no hangups about Cooler leaving her, since she had exactly just as much emotional investment in those relationships as she does in any random bird or the grass. She basically has a weird variant of "Love You and Everything (except people who try to fight me)" mentality.
  • Part 59: Cooler moves to Namek so he and Puddin can take their relationship to the next level. But he also made sure he was set up near Dodoria as they are still having a secret love affair from the previous episode. Kirran disagrees.
    Kirran: No, you see the thing is Dodoria is, y’know, up here—
    Lani: —and he’s just looking up, all the time—
    • When they discover Cooler’s moves are better than Hit’s.
    Lani: Already confirmed; Cooler better than Hit.
    Kirran: There’s a reason—
    Lani: —yeah, we aren’t dating Hit! Nobody in their right mind would date Hit! He’s a one-in-gun kind of guy!
    Grant: He stops time just to make it feel like it lasts longer.
    • Their disappointment that Android 16's Hell Flash doesn't involve pulling your forearms off, which they'd really been looking forward to throughout the whole playthrough.
  • Part 60: Puddin goes to train with Future Gohan, but the guys still can't get past the fact that he has two arms, and in fact is standing with his arms crossed as if to emphasize that he has two arms.
    • When they see that his ultimate move is the "One-Handed Kamehameha, Mk. II", they pretend that involves Gohan doing the One-Handed Kamehameha and then looking into the camera as he declares, "Mark II!" and surprises the enemy by putting up his second hand.


  • Pack 6:
    • The Supreme Kai of Time is sealed in a fiery bubble until Puddin wins her fight, but thankfully it's not timed.
      Kai: The longer he lives, the more I burn, asshole!
      Lani: I'm fine with that.
    • On learning that Fu is a clone made by fusing the cells of Towa and Mira, they declare him Puddin's brother-cousin, or brousin.
    • Fu's in an experimental stage, like college. The guys are totally on-board with his desire to change history to improve timelines and point out that despite this making him the antagonist, it's the same exact thing Trunks did.
    • Chat informs them that for the special ending, Puddin needs to bring Goku as her backup. The guys are both not surprised and increasingly pissed at how he steals all the story events and boss kills.
    • When Trunks arrives with Dumplin and the Supreme Kai of Time flies towards him with a happy expression, the couch assumes they're fucking. Even when it's just about being comrades in arms, they assume the two are still fucking... Dumplin, at the same time.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 FIGLOCKE

After the Hero Colosseum update they turn the figure battles into a new Nuzlocke to make it more interesting. The names they give their figures are also amusing. For example, calling first form Freeza "Tyrannosaurus Sex" or calling final form Freeza "Amir", which is short for "A Myriad of Sex Toys".
  • The premise of the story mode revolves around Bulma's attempting to promote her Hero Colosseum invention and basically make Puddin advertise it to everyone. This quickly gets interpreted as her illegally running a massive drug empire throughout the multiverse and using the figure battles as a cover for it, with her sinisterly plotting as the corporate overlord of Conton City. They even compare her advertising broadcasts to Breencast.
  • Lani talking about ketchup.
    Lani: When you're a kid, you put ketchup on everything. I put it on my mac and cheese, I put it on bread...
    Grant: I... do not like the taste of ketchups.
  • To promote the figure battles to the Majin race, Trunks tries to convince Buu to play it, but Buu would rather play ball. After the guys joke about Buu calling bullshit on the high prices for figure deals with little utility, Buu actually turns Trunks into a ball. Puddin immediately takes the opportunity to kick Trunks as a ball.
  • Episode 4:
    • As Lani is announcing the name of the game they're playing like he always does, he stops himself and realizes that he was about to call it Pokémon.
    • Puddin takes Zamasu as a new mentor. Grant expresses his dislike of Zamasu by saying that he's "such a fucking Bleach villain." This is legitimately the worst insult he can think of.
    • Their reaction to earning the item titled "I'm thinking of becoming a GodTuber." must be heard to be believed. Kirran is infuriated by itnote  and immediately rescinds every good thing he's said about Xenoverse 2 except for the figure battles and Puddin.
  • Episode 5:
    • Getting the figure battles popular among Namekians requires getting Piccolo to endorse them. They quickly give Piccolo the characterization of a ruthless businessman who starts masterminding how to drive up the prices with artificial scarcity and other such tactics.
    • They joke that Trunks getting turned into a ball to be kicked should be a tradition in every business meeting, and that Trunks reluctantly accepts it.

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