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Team Four Star's various playthroughs of Dragon Ball games have been greatly successful and funny to the point that a separate page has been set up for them.

For funny moments specific to their Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 playthroughs, check out The Adventures of Dumplin/Puddin.

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     Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 
  • Lani, Taka, and Kaiser playing Budokai 3 as Krillin. What makes this extra hilarious is when Lani and Taka get into character as Krillin and Nappa respectively as they're playing through Krillin's story in Budokai 3.
    Taka: (As Nappa) Well, well! Alright, looks you're first little man!
    Lani: (Does wooping noise as Krillin)
    Taka: (As Nappa) Fight me! Wrassle!
    • There's this bit when Lani fails to defend against the Dragon Rush.
    Taka: (As Nappa) Get wrecked!!!
    • After Lani defeats Nappa:
    Kaiser: Krillin beats Nappa!
    Lani: (As Krillin) Krillin too stronk!
    Taka: (As Nappa) Curses! I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that small gentleman!
    Lani: Krillin strongest there is. This is Krillin's finest hour, surely.
    Kaiser: Kinda is.
    • Before that, Lani takes on a Saibaman, who prepares his Self-Destruct technique…
    Lani: You're not Yamcha-ing me… *gets grabbed* OH NO, HE'S YAMCHA-ING ME!
    • They put all of Krillin's skill points in "Attack" so he ends up being OP. "Krillin strongest there is!"
    • Taka's surprise that Launch was included in the game. Then, while playing as Krillin, they encounter Launch, who demands to know Tien's location.
    Taka: (as Launch) I want Tien's dick!
    Lani: (laughs) She does. She do—(dramatic voice) she do!
  • Then Kaiser plays through Tien's story, putting all of his skill points in ki. Which turns out to not be all that helpful, leading to an entire episode devoted to Kaiser trying - and failing - to beat Super Buu over and over and over again. Lani even puts a fight counter in the corner of the screen. In total, it takes Kaiser 28 attempts to finally beat Buu. When he finally pulls out a ridiculously lucky win, both Lani and Taka cheer for him as if he'd actually just saved the world from Buu.
    Lani: This isn't going to go to well. I just get the distinct feeling—
    Kaiser: We're going to be here for a while?
  • During the Tien vs Buu battles, Lani and Taka start to joke about needing so many attempts to beat Buu, that they run out of numbers and start saying things like "Fight Number Quetzalcoatl" and "Fight Number William H Macy."
  • Throughout the playthrough of Budokai 3, the group wonders aloud what could possibly happen in Yamcha's story, since Yamcha's only noteworthy battle in the entire series was with a Saibaman.
    • Budokai 3 gives the player extra points and unlockables for "reenacting the story." Lani wonders if "reenacting the story" in Yamcha's story means losing or getting blown up by a Saibaman.
    • If you actually play through Yamcha's story, there are three fights. One against the Saibaman, another against Dr Gero, and the final one is against Tien at the World Tournament (or Vegeta if you complete a sidequest.) That's it.
  • The geek-out when they get to enact Goku and Vegeta's classic Beam-O-War. Unfortunately, Vegeta still has a sliver of health afterwards, so they just blast him with one more Kamehameha.
    "Good enough!"
    "Not quite the same."
    • However, they do end the Freeza (or is it spelled "Frieza" since it's a licensed game?) fight with one, even shouting "You Fool!!" in the same fashion as Sean Schemmel's improved Goku performance in Kai.
  • The Goku/Buu battle conversations. From Lani yelling, "GET SHREKD BUU, IT'S ALL OGRE!" to reenacting how Fat Buu nearly caused the destruction of Earth in Battle of Gods by not sharing his pudding.
    • Earlier, during Goku vs. Cell, Taka says that Perfect Cell should be voiced by Strong Bad. This eventually leads to the guys discussing the idea of the entire DBZ cast as played by HSR characters — with Homsar as Krillin.
  • Part 10 has Lani and Taka finally play a match as Vegeta and Nappa, staying in-character the entire match. Both express bewilderment as Vegeta goes Super Saiyan 4, and the match ends with a Call-Back to the DBZ Abridged season 1 recap.
    Taka: (as Nappa) Vegeta, whyyyyyyyyyyy!? Bleh.
    Lani: (as Vegeta) Because I'm a monkey. Rawr. (normal voice) And that is what people want us to do!
  • The World Tournament episode, especially how Taka kept getting beaten in the first round by ring-out since he was the one who insisted they play World Tournament mode.
    • Also in that episode was Lani's fight (as Piccolo) against Videl, where she utterly stomps him for the first half of the fight.
      Kaiser: Right now, Gohan is sitting in the stands like "wooooooow..."
      Lani: "I am going to fuck her so hard tonight."
      • And the stinger at the end, when Lani realizes that he gets no money to buy skills for winning the tournament because it was multiplayer.
  • The second World Tournament episode. Lani gets his butt kicked by Videl again, this time playing as Vegeta (while the others rattle off v-words in the background). It ends up with Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta barely winning against a teenage girl who just learned how to fly.
    "It might look like Vegeta's getting his shit stomped in by a little girl - and that MIGHT, in fact, be the case. (trying to grapple) Let me touch you! (Vegeta voice) Let me punch you in the woman-parts!"
    • In the final round, Vegeta gets dominated by Android 16, only to somehow knock him out of the ring with hardly any health left.
    "I just see Nappa in the audience with a remote control, going "shit"."
    • Lani and Taka playing each other as Krillin and Nappa respectively is just hilarious
    Taka: (As Nappa) (As he is getting the shit kicked out of him) Oh no! Come on! Vegeta give me some advice, what do I do?!
    Lani: (As Vegeta) Don't die!
    Taka: (As Nappa) (Beat) No deal!
    • There's this bit when Krillin is about to hit Nappa with the Destructo Disc:
    Lani: (As Krillin) You're supposed to catch it!
    Taka: (As Nappa) I'm not gonna catch it with my teeth; I learn from my mistakes!
    • The whole ending of the Krillin v. Nappa fight where Lani, Taka, and Kaiser get absolutely hyped.

     Dragon Ball Z: For Kinect 
  • Lani, Taka, Kaiser, and Kirran playing through Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect. Damn it!
    • Right off the bat:
    Lani: Kaiser?
    Kaiser: (offscreen) Yeah?
    Lani: Care to explain why... (beat) why??
    • While Kaiser is playing as Krillin, he at one point circles completely around the Saibamen he's fighting, only to have it stand still.
    Lani: I'm just gonna say this - I'm gonna put this out there. I don't think the AI is great.
    • Their reaction to Krillin's unique Kienzan where he splits the single blade into five and dices his enemy with all of them is shock and awe... followed by lamentations that actual Krillin never did something that cool, and that this technique was only in this shitty Kinect game.note 
    • After Taka beats Nappa as Goku, we get this:
    Taka: (As Nappa) *As Nappa is being tossed into the air by Vegeta* I feel like we've been here before! *Vegeta prepares to kill Nappa* What's wrong with your neeeeeck?!

     Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 
  • In Budokai 1, everyone is unhappy with the fact that the game mostly only covers Goku's fights and poorly recaps all the other events (There are unlockable chapters starring the rest of the cast including the fan-beloved What Ifs that TFS sadly ignored.) The most egregious example being when the game basically skips over the events of the Android and Cell sagas almost entirely.
  • The various conversations they have about Dragon Ball over the course of the gameplay. Especially when they talk about Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and start theorizing that it might be about a more powerful Freeza from another universe, until they remember the movie's name. They declare their idea to be better.
    • Becomes Hilarous In Hindsight as of The Champa Arc in ''Super'', where one of Universe 6's fighters is a stronger (excluding the ultimate transformation) alternate universe version of Freeza. Maybe Akira was watching them?
  • When Vegeta kills Nappa, the poor animation makes it seem like the ki beam is coming out of his groin.
    Lani: (As Vegeta) Eat my crotch beam!
  • Mocking the spelling of Freeza's English name (Frieza) by calling him "Fry-za."
  • Lani's showing his dislike with Stephanie Nadolny's voice for Gohan by repeatedly shouting "Dad!" like a chain smoking Bobby Hill.
    • He also show his dislike of Linda Young's Freeza by shouting "How rude!" in a poor imitation of her. In the original playthrough Lani voiced him like he was Eric Cartman.
  • When Goku had finally healed and was coming for Freeza… all over him.
    Lani: (As Freeza) How rude!

     Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout 
  • In part 4, once Taka picks Super Saiyan 4 Goku, he starts using the same punch repeatedly to lock Lani into a loop, winning the match in a few seconds. He then spends the next few matches doing it again.

     Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 
  • Neizu vs Nail and Krillin (with one hit point) in Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2. AKA 'Tien vs Super Buu 2'. It takes the group forty four attempts before they do it.
    • Halfway through, Taka starts talking about random tangents, and while he's talking everybody does better than usual. This inspires them to command Taka to ramble about anything that comes to mind.
    • From part 11: You're a bitch now! You're a squid now!
    • Also from part 11, Nappa meets a fan:
    Kirran: Nappa! Nappa! Nappa! I'm your biggest fan! I'm your biggest fan!
    Taka: (as Nappa) Do your impression of me!
    Kirran: I flew from Uzbekistan just to see you at—
    Taka: (as Nappa) Do your impression of me. Give me your best Nappa voice.
    Kirran: (as Nappa) It's me, Nappa. (regular voice) Can you say—
    Taka: (as Nappa) Ah, you piece of shit!
    (Sounds of slapping in between Kirran crying)
    Kirran: Can yo sign my ass?!
    Taka: (as Nappa) Everyday as Nappa.
    (Everyone breaks out laughing)
    Taka: (as Nappa) Trunks, what are you looking at?!
    Kaiser: (as Trunks) I'm terrified. Why are you beating that foreigner?
    Lani: (as Vegeta) You were told to sit in the corner and not talk!
    Taka: (as Nappa) I'm having sex with him, not beating him! Those smacking sounds are my hips on his sweet, sweet buns.
    Lani: His sweet, sweet poon!
    Taka: (as Nappa) Buns!
    Kirran: I can't complain! This is what I came here for!
    • This leads to a discussion on Nappa's version of the Ginyu Force: it consists of a group of Saibamen dressed as a bunch of Moe girls pretending to be the Ginyu Force.
    • At one point in the series, Taka busts up laughing and says that Christopher Sabat replied to him on Twitter. Taka tweeted "Late-night drinking and recording DBZ games" and Sabat replied "Story of my life, bro. ;)".
  • A good amount from episode 14
    Taka: I used a slave name! Nick! Scott! Kirran!
    Kirran: I'm Kirran anyway...
    Taka: I know, I know...
    Lani: It's Kirran anyway we don't-
    Taka: My name is-
    Kaiser: LORDMOONSTONE!!!'
    Kirran: It was so dumb! So dumb!
    Lani: When was the last time we called him Moonstone-
    Kirran: It was-
    Kirran: We didn't leave!
    Lani: The last time I called you Moonstone it must've been during freakin'-
    (Gets Interrupted)
    Lani: It must've been Evolution or something...
    Kaiser: Evolution?
    Lani, Kirran and Taka: Evolve.
    • When they begin talking about Bardock it immediately devolves this.
    Taka!Bardock: But you can get better though, and you can fuck your own harem of weird frog people. To breed the saiyan race.
    Primitive Saiyan: Oh boy!
    (Primitve Saiyans Moaning)
    Primitive Saiyans: HIGH HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

     Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku 
  • The guys make up a subplot about the squirrels and snakes of the forest being at war and decide that the old man is the Squirrel King and one of the other NPC families are actually the Snake People leaders.
  • Said old man has in his house a giant lizard skeleton with no limbs, with the guys deciding that the Squirrel King slayed the Snake God in the ancient past and stands watch over its remains, which started the aforementioned war. And the objective of the snakes is to all combine with the bones to revive the Snake God, creating a Bloodborne-esque giant snake made out of smaller snakes.
    "Can we play that game?"
  • They randomly find a cat that begins following them, preventing them from doing another quest of leading a little girl home, so they're forced to go around and talk to everyone trying to find who it belongs to. "WHOSE CAT IS THIS!?"
  • The Running Gag of Goku getting his ass kicked by wolves and the wolves being faster than him.
  • About half of part 7 is spent discussing which would be the better superpower: being able to fly, but only laterally and for a handful of seconds at a time, or telekinesis, but can only manage enough force to lift something that weighs about a pound?
  • While on King Kai's planet and chasing Bubbles and Gregory, the group can't help but make silly jokes as Lani gets more and more frustrated. Topped with Grant making the "YOU CAN TUNE A PIANO BUT YOU CAN'T TUNA FISH!" joke from the English dub.
    • For a period during the Bubbles chase, Kirran is translating all of monkey's rapid fire trash talk.

     Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 
  • The very second chapter of Kulilin's What If? story is titled "Krillin Dies". The guys practically laugh themselves sick.
    • On nearly every subsequent chapter, they excitedly hope that the title will be "Krillin Dies Again".
  • The Running Gag of Krillin losing every battle, only to get bailed out by his various tag-team partners. This, combined with the wording of the narration, makes Krillin look like a coward who runs off and lets everyone else do the work for him in his own story.
  • After Krillin learns the Spirit Bomb in-game, the guys quickly begin spamming it, then joking about him being the last human left because he killed everyone else with his reckless usage. They also suggest that Goku's not happy with Krillin over-using it, likening it to a copyright violation.
  • In Piccolo's story, Cell is defeated the same way as Raditz; however, the way the game sprites are used to represent Goku grabbing Cell in a full nelson, combined with Cell's look of shock, seems to suggest something else...
    Lani (as Cell): Goku-chan, no! You're tearing my anus!
  • The guys' amusement at the fact that the portraits of non-playable characters like Kami, Android #17, and the Supreme Kai are so tiny and almost look like an afterthought.

     Dragon Power 
  • The Diffrent names everyone but Goku has(Yamcha was Lancer, Oolong was Pudgey, Muten Roshi was Hermit etc.) The group then decided to call Puar Jerry and Chi-Chi Susan/Laura since they appear but unnamed.
  • The gang's reaction to Dragon Power changing "Hermit" (Roshi) from trying to look at "Nora's" (Bulma) panties to instead asking for a "sandwich" from her.
    • It's even better when they see how the game Bowdlerized Roshi's perverted antics by having him be hungry instead, and editing the sprites for Bulma's panties into sandwiches. What really slays them is how the game tries to gloss over the part where Bulma has Oolong turn into a copy of herself so Roshi can motorboat "her" instead.

     Dragon Ball Evolution 
  • In preparation for DBcember, the guys play Dragon Ball Evolution for the PlayStation Portable. You KNOW this is gonna be fun.
    • The character portraits crack the guys up, whether it's Goku's default face (where he seems to be suffering lazy both eyes) or the picture of him with the Four-Star Ball (where he's holding it in his palm and squinting weirdly).
    • Making fun of the fact that one of the Jerk Jocks who bullies Goku is named "Agundes". After Goku shows him up at Chi-Chi's party, the guys joke that he befriends Goku after this, reveals that his last name is "Krillin", and shaves his head.
    • Bringing back a gag from their iRiff, Lani wonders about the existence of Ox King in this film's universe. Even moreso when the game gives Chi-Chi's surname as "McRoberts".
      • In Episode 2, Bulma states that her last name is "Enchanto", leading to a barrage of jokes about how her family is magicians-turned-scientists, and imagining Vegeta taking up her name when they get married down the line.
      • As a commenter phrases it in the Youtube video for part 2, "Bulma's father was a mediocre scientist but a brilliant magician!"
    • During the fight between Grandpa Gohan and Mai, the guys stop short because they think they hear Sean Schemmel's voice. Then they realize that Gohan has Goku's battle foley and crack upnote .
    • At one point they start speculating on which characters in this game are build on movesets from Shin Budokai; as they're doing so for Yamcha, he pulls out a giant drill and hits Goku with it, leading to a Big "WHAT?!" from the whole group.
    • The game's UMD get's the honor of being the third copy of a game to be flipped off by TFS in the finale's thumbnail.
      • Even moreso, the video ends by showing the UMD getting nailed into the Wall of Shame along with Phantom Menace and Dragon Blade Chronicles.

     Dragon Ball Z Sagas 
  • The guys decide to play DBZ Sagas, a game considered by some to be the worst Dragon Ball Z game made.
    • Partway into the series Lani is shocked when Kirran declares they're playing the whole game. He thought they were just going to go until they finally Rage Quit over how much it sucked.
    • They quickly discover and proceed to constantly abuse this game's version of the fuckbox: The two player characters spamming quick melee attacks on the same target to lock them into a hit stun.
  • Part 4 is just wonderful, from Jeice majestically flying right through a boulder in a cutscene, to Lani and Kirran panicking and fleeing from Captain Ginyu's Dig Attack while Grant blares the Jaws theme.
  • At the beginning of part 5, Lani admits that he's actually having a lot of fun with the game... only to immediately find out that the next level is an Escort Mission.
  • Lani decides to improvise a song during the first battle with Freeza.
    It was cold at night when Freeza walked in
    I said, "Hey, could I get you a drink?"
    He looked me in the eye with a steely-cold gaze and said
    "I'm going to destroy your planet; you have five minutes"
    It was then that I knew I was in trouble
    The planet was gonna go away
    He had sent his Death Ball deep into the core
    But little did he know
    All he scorched... was my soul
  • THEY COULDN'T POSSIBLY BEAT THE MIGHTY SOBA WHO IS STRONGER THAN FREEZA. Sagas features a boss fight on Planet Yardrat with what is apparently a yardrat named Soba, who according to the in-game scouter is stronger than Freeza (note that no other media mentions the character except this game, and yardrats are otherwise described as physically weak). This leads to some fantastic jokes, such as Toriyama wanting the series to end after the Soba fight.
    Henchman: Lord Freeza, there's this planet Yardrat that we could-
    Freeza: NO! We don't go there, Soba still lives there!
    Henchman: Sir, are you-
    Freeza: There are only two people my Father told me not to fight; Majin Buu and Soba!
  • When they are about to fight #17 the first time the game glitches out so the cutscene doesn't play out fully. This leads to the screen having large black bars and the endless beeping of the cutscene that shows the bosses power level.
  • In Part 9 they start wondering if 2005 was just a year for great games and Sagas just had the bad fortune of coming out when it would look much worse in comparison. Lani tries to find what years came out and finds a game called Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath, which the other guys demand to know more about.
  • They (claim to) consider the game better than Xenoverse because it is one of the only DBZ games with a playable One-Armed Future Gohan.
    • Speaking of Xenoverse, they have such an easy time double-teaming the Androids with Gohan and Trunks that they wonder if this is an alternate timeline where Time Patroller Trunks intervened to save Gohan, so Puddin is about to show up to kick his ass for messing with history.
  • Part 10 has a horrendous bodyguard mission where they have to protect Goku from Dr. Gero who teleports anytime somebody gets close to him while beating down Android 19. Grant ends up acting as a Namekian shield for him to eat Gero's energy blasts and proceeds to melee Goku, chipping away at his life bar.
    Lani: He's having a heart attack, you inconsiderate asshole!
    Grant: I was trying to punch his heart out, that's how humans work, right? I mean Saiyans.
    • The guys celebrating the fact that the game gives them the chance to say Rare Sentences like "Oh my God, he's still legs!"
  • Part 11 starts with Piccolo fighting Android 17...and before they even get the chance to move, a giant flaming rock comes out of the sky and hits Piccolo. Grant realizes that it's supposed to be representing the volcano that erupted during this battle and the guys question the logic of turning it into a stage hazard since, in the anime, neither fighter is affected.
    • Throughout the playthrough, the guys joked about Piccolo's fusion with Kami being portrayed as a transformation like it is in the Budokai games. It turns out they were right, much to their amusement. However, Piccolo doesn't "vomit" Kami up after the transformation wears off.
  • Part 12 starts with another "training" level, where Goku and Gohan are in the Time Chamber and are competing to see who can complete combos faster. Kirran and Grant take this opportunity to have father and son vent at each other about their mutual frustrations, like Gohan hating that Goku is never home and Goku hating that Gohan chose to become a scholar rather than a fighter.
    • Lani explains that nowadays, he can't un-hear Stephanie Nadolny's Gohan voice as Bobby Hill from King of the Hill. This causes Kirran and Grant to hear it too, and eventually leads to them shouting "THAT'S MY PURSE! I DON'T KNOW YOU!" at Cell.
    • The ending, where Lani is about to hammer the game's disc to the Wall of Shame. He stops short, looking at the disc and sighing as if he's reconsidering due to all the fun they had making fun of the game...and then he comes back with a power drill and uses that to screw the game to the wall (complete with the case). And then they flip it the bird.

     Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu 
  • The guys' reactions to the Off-Model character designs, particularly Raditz's disproportionately large left breast and Vegeta's anemically thin body.
  • The guys' reactions to the bizarre victory poses (not helped by the use of pre-rendered graphics on a tiny GBA screen) and quotes.
  • While playing, the guys encounter Vegeta and Android 18's super moves. Vegeta turns into an Oozaru and steps on his foe Monty Python-style, while 18 fires missiles out of her butt. The guys then wonder why 18 never used that move in the actual show.
  • Throughout episode 3, the guys, playing as Raditz, repeatedly play the Green Hill Zone theme when he scores a victory with the Fire Somersault. Then Grant starts playing it even when Raditz wins without it.
    • The first time they do it, they completely forget what "Green Hill Zone" sounds like, and sing the Emerald Hill Zone theme instead.
  • The guys' disbelief towards how much damage throw attacks do, which becomes especially funny due to Raditz's absurdly apathetic throw animation, which Lani refers to as a "sissy throw".
  • The guys repeatedly play up Raditz's arrogance, with Large Ham in full effect.
    Lani: You can't defeat me! I'M RADITZ!!
  • The guys' reaction to the "Shaggy Dog" Story of Raditz's ending, where, true to his Butt-Monkey nature, his successful Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Goku and co. turned out to be All Just a Dream; Raditz had actually been lying unconscious in "HFIL" for two hours.
  • While playing Krillin's story, Lani discovers that he can just cheap out any fight by spamming Krillin's kick attack while backing his opponents into a corner.
  • While fighting Trunks, Lani points out how the game's pre-rendered graphics make his gray pants look like tin foil. The guys then joke about Trunks being a Conspiracy Theorist and how his "time machine" is actually a hovercraft.
  • At one point, Krillin has to fight Android 18. This leads to TFS joking that this is how the two have sex.
  • After finishing their playthrough for the game, the guys don't nail it to the Wall of Shame. They grab a hammer and smash the shit out of its cartridge. However, because said cartridge's shell and hardware are Nintendo products (Taiketsu being a GBA game), the worst they do to it is dent it and partially chip off a sliver of plastic.
    • In later videos the guys reveal that Taiketsu is actually on the Wall of Shame...but they had to put its remains inside a box for it to work.

     Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku 2 
  • The guys start cracking up during the scene where Future Trunks massacres the Freeza Corps, which consists of him nonchalantly walking up to each soldier and killing them in one punch, with zero resistance. Then he walks up to Freeza, slaps him on the tit, and kills him.
  • Questioning why nobody in Super gets the heart disease that killed Goku, they decide it was an STD Goku got after fucking Soba.
  • When Gohan encounters Gus, who claims to be a friend of Dr. Briefs. This leads the gang to start joking that he's Dr. Briefs' college roommate who never paid rent.
  • The guys are left in shock when Yamcha ends up being the hardest boss they've fought yet, easily defeating them.
  • The end of part 3. While trying to get a sandwich for Hercule to progress the story, they find that the sandwich maker doesn't want to make any sandwiches because he didn't get his newspaper, setting up an obvious fetch quest. This causes Lani to call it quits for the day out of annoyance, claiming that he didn't get his newspaper today either.
  • The Triceratops King boss fight ends up being a Curb-Stomp Battle in the guys' favor, causing them to act like Piccolo is delivering a savage and merciless beating to a benevolent ruler that was just trying to protect his people from the evil farmers that want to enslave and kill all the dinosaurs. They also read off the TK's losing speech like he's crying uncontrollably during the whole thing (supported by the TK actually crying in his portrait after the battle).
  • Their Stunned Silence reaction to when Cooler shows up out of nowhere.
  • The guys use the Scouter to Enemy Scan Hercule... and react with awe when it reveals his stats are just question marks, which they interpret as Readings Are Off the Scale (it's actually because all playable characters have variable stats).
  • Their absolutely dumbfounded reaction to the Warlord's Domain located just outside West City.
  • When they encounter The Vinnie, a trivial Disco Dan filler character who lives in a house full of tacky decor and does nothing but talk about how cool he is, they immediately declare him to be the greatest character in Dragon Ball Z history, and put up a fan poll to decide which of his catchphrases should be adopted by Vegeta.
    • After shutting down one of the generators for the laser fence in front of Dr. Gero's secret lab, they find that it was also powering the electronic devices that The Vinnie lives off of for some reason, without which he's worthless.
  • Of course, we can't forget the priceless moment when they scan Mr. Popo. Lani's scream alone sells it.
    Lani: Is my soul still intact?
  • During the scene where Kami fuses with Piccolo, the guys make fun of the contrast between Popo's sorrowful dialogue and his blank-faced profile picture, with Lani particularly pointing out how it resembles the Saitama "okay" face.
  • The alligators of the Southern Islands being treated like formidable threats even among the Androids and Cell.
    • The experience points they farm from toughing out the wildlife on the islands actually nets them more levels than training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber ever did, so Vegeta wants to use the islands infested with alligators as a secret training area and tells Trunks to not let Kakarrot know about it.
  • After going to the Capsule Corporation to wait for Perfect Cell's announcement, Roshi tells Vegeta (the on-screen character at the time) that Bulma wants to see him in Dr. Brief's lab. The obvious assumption about what she wants?
    Lani: (in Vegeta's voice) That kinky bitch! Doing it right in her dad's lab! I am IN!
  • Grant's habit of going Leeroy Jenkins on Cyborg Tao whenever Piccolo recovers the slightest bit of health despite Piccolo being at incredibly low health and Kirran arguing that they have a winning strategy that requires waiting patiently.
    • Said winning strategy is exploiting a Good Bad Bug that gets Tao stuck behind an object while Piccolo just hides and recovers enough ki to transform, then let his transformation's Healing Factor kick in until he's ready to fight Tao. Naturally, they discuss the in-universe reasons for this, deciding that Tao was somehow fooled into thinking that Piccolo was hiding behind a bunch of crates (that were put against a wall) and just kept shooting at those crates.
    • Ultimately Kirran forces Grant to just leave Piccolo sitting two pillars away from a trapped Tao while they wait for twenty minutes off-camera.
    • Said bug returns for the fight against Cooler, where Goku has to hide behind one of the pillars in order to get enough time to go Super Saiyan a few times. They joke that Cooler thinks Goku is repeatedly switching places with some unknown blonde man with super strength, and keeps asking him where Goku went.
  • Because they saved all of their stat-boosting items for Gohan, his base form has nearly twice as much strength as anyone else while he's several levels lower than them. The fight against Cell is a joke before he even reaches Super Saiyan 2, with his blows dealing more damage than Super Saiyan Goku's in his base form. And then once Cell is defeated, he reaches level 43.
    • Which is incredibly jarring given Cell's lines, which have him being arrogant about how much stronger he is than Gohan, while the real fight is a Curb-Stomp Battle where Cell goes down in only a few hits and delivering none to Gohan. The guys even make up lines for Cell showing how scared he is about this apparently Hulk-like Gohan beating him up.
  • Since Jimmy Firecracker seems to stay in the same place for the entire Cell Games, Lani invents a situation where Hercule/Satan bribes him to corroborate his story about beating Cell all by himself, with Jimmy taking the time to extort a higher bribe from the Champ.
  • "Shenron! Make me immortal!" "Yamcha, no!"

     Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 
  • For the first stage of the story mode, Piccolo ends up fighting every round against Raditz and Nappa while Goku wanders around and kills a few Saibamen, leading to the joke that Goku thinks they're dealing with nothing but Saibamen and wondering why Piccolo is complaining about going through so many difficult fights.
  • Krillin does all the fighting for the second map, taking down Recoome, Captain Ginyu, and Freeza multiple times each, proving that he truly is Earth's mightiest champion. The contrast between his winning streak here and his line before every battle, "I may not live," is hilariously jarring.
  • Because the guys defeated Freeza with Vegeta, they unlock his Super Saiyan transformation before Goku's. The next stage has the Androids refer to Goku as the strongest warrior, to which Lani responds by portraying Vegeta as flipping the hell out over getting ignored despite the fact that he actually is stronger than Goku this time.
  • In the Androids Saga, Gokū and Krillin do most of the fighting, leaving Vegeta with little more than a couple of Saibamen to deal with, depriving him of the challenge he craves.
  • When the Cell Jrs. appear, Grant remarks how odd it would have been if they had Perfect Cell's voice, but still acted goofy and childlike. Lani finds the idea amusing enough that he says he'll pitch it when they get to that point in DBZ Abridged.
  • The fact they end up making Hercule/Mr. Satan the one to do most of the work during the Buu Saga, having him take out Super Saiyan Vegeta and Cell multiple times with little difficulty.
  • They exploit a glitch that allows the player access to basically every capsule that they'd ordinarily have to buy or find, which they quickly equate to Gokū shoplifting from Capsule Corp. This includes stealing techniques, maps, and characters.
  • During the Hyperbolic time Chamber stage they select the Great Saiyaman, who spends the entirety of the stage getting left out of the action because Mr. Popo's carpet rides keep dropping him off at places where the enemies aren't. Considering their version of Popo, they make constant jokes about how it's just Popo being a jerk and trolling him.
    • During the Kid Buu section, Popo finally dropped him off near Kid Buu so he can fight him... and Kid Buu completely beats him into the ground the first fight and they resort to the cheap tactic of equipping Heart Virus and Heart Virus Vaccine and a Senzu Bean... and still come within a few HP of dying multiple times.
      • Concluding that this is possible despite Gohan apparently being dead at the time because Gohan wished on the Dragonballs to make a clone of himself to be the Great Saiyaman all the time.
      • They're also making fun of the fact that the hero of justice is trying to win by slowly killing his opponents with chemical warfare, specifically a deadly alien heart virus that almost killed his dad.
  • The Great Saiyaman's rant at the end of Part 9.
    "Local Superhero Stomps a Child". Look, all I'm saying is, the kid deserved it. He was a little shit. He was kind of insufferable. Have you listened to him? You can't now, because his jaw is wired shut. He knew too much. He saw me without my mask and he swore he'd talk. He didn't even know who I was, but I still had to break him. I know we all look the same from the neck up. With a haircut, I could be Yamcha or Krillin. I mean, anyone. Frankly, if you just kind of, like, took away everybody's hair and their eyebrows, we'd all look the same! Here's an accurate sketch! Regardless, we'll see you guys next time on Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2! FOR JUSTICE!
  • In Vs. Mode, they put Hercule and Gokū against each other, both only knowing how to fuse into Gokule. They are delighted to see that Gokule vs. Gokule has one of them look like Gokū with Hercule's Funny Afro and mustache (as depicted in the show) while the other one, rather than being a mere Palette Swap, is basically Hercule with Gokū's Anime Hair.
  • After Dabura beats Videl in Vs. Mode, Grant points out his smug face and Lanipator compares it to a smug cat defecating outside the liter box and watching the owner clean it up.
  • The finale has them into the World Tournament as their own mains and all of them lose before the final match or even fighting each other.

     Dragon Ball Fusions 
  • The first Dragon Ball: Fusions stream, recorded on Lanipator's birthday, starts out with Grant playing the birthday song on the soundboard only for Lanipator to grab and smash the keypad repeatedly. He has no regrets about breaking equipment.
    • At the very end of the stream, Grant pulls another keyboard out from offscreen and plays the song again, only for Lani to grab it again.
  • Someone in the chat asks them for their opinions on Shunsuke Kikuchi's score for the original Japanese version of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z vs. Bruce Faulconer's score for the first Funimation English dub.
    Kirran: FAULCONER!
    KaiserNeko: KIKUCHI!
    Kirran: FUCK YOU!
  • "Guy with maybe the most badass name, Nick Rude" is from Saskatoon and asks about how they came up with the idea of the "Saskatoon T-Rex" in the fifty-fifth episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged. KaiserNeko admits that he just picked it because he was trying to think of a place with an inherently funny name.
  • For the actual playthrough, they decide the obvious character to make in a game about fusion is LIRRAN. Yes, in all caps. And they give him the most ridiculous grumpy-looking face possible.
  • They are very enthusiastic about getting to work with the Ginyu Force, and sad when they inevitably have to fight them (especially because they're under-leveled at the moment…)
  • To unlock EX Fusion, the guys take Team Sea into a training session with Modern Goku. Things go pretty good, even unleashing an Ultra Fusion against SSJB Goku. Lani's musing that they've almost won as the Fusion ends, Team Sea all grouped up. And then SSJB Goku uses a Full Power Kamehameha, wasting half the team in one shot. Lani can only laugh at the sudden turnaround.
  • Their obsession with the eyebrows of Team Sea member Tumeric, and subsequent disappointment when an EX-Fusion between him and Lirran uses Lirran's eyebrows instead.
  • The guys are upset when Goten fails to scout out Android 33 to join their team, leading to them getting salty at Goten in general and talking about how Trunks is the only good part of Gotenks.
  • In part 13, they fuse Lirran with Dennish, Bra's love interest who is exclusive to this game. They pick Dennish specifically because they want to know that Lirran's dick fused with a dick that could potentially bang Vegeta's daughter.
  • In Part 16, they find to beat a level 10 quest, they need to hit a Kamehameha... which they don't have anyone capable of using. This leads to them searching the 60 plus characters they have and find out that only one of them can use it. Namely Yamcha.
  • Due to losing the footage for a few episodes, Part 17 opens with Lirran randomly fused with a Saibaman, which basically amounts a Saibaman with Lirran's face. The only explanation we get for this is 'he fused with a Saibaman'.
  • Episode 21 doesn't start with the normal opening, but with an annoyed Lani asking if they were really going to spend this episode fused with Goten. Not even the Super Saiyan version, just regular Goten.
  • In episode 22, they visit King Yema and discuss what happened when everyone on Earth was killed by Buu, and then where wished back to life almost immediately.
    Yema-Lani: Alright, you can go, you- *pop* - MOTHERFUCKING EARTH!
    Yema-Grant: Nothing counts!
  • In Episode 24, the group decide not to use their hyper gauge to finish off Omega Shenron. Cue Omega Shenron coming within a hairbreadth of a Total Party Kill, then finishing them off soon after.
  • In Episode 27, after Ultra Pinich goes One-Winged Angel, they note that he should've gotten some speed to compensate for his increased size...and then his turn happens, and he clears nearly the entire timeline in one turn. Extra funny given a similar joke happened in the Abridged Series itself.

     Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 
  • In part 2, the guys let out a Big "WHAT?!" at the unexpected arrival of Cooler, compared to the Stunned Silence from his sudden appearance in Legacy of Goku 2. Then they decide that Cooler's actually going to the same school as Gohan.
    Grant!Cooler: I can't believe it's the first day of school!
    Lani!Cooler: I'm going to be late!
    Lani: Just Cooler running to school with toast in his mouth.
    Grant: Cooler! You know Mr. Henderson is really upset that you haven't been showing up to class!
    Lani: You've been slacking!
  • In part 3, Gohan has to fight Gokū as part of training under Elder Kai. They pretend that Gohan has PTSD from fighting him in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, an assessment that is quickly justified by how their performance here is a repeat of that.

     Attack Of The Saiyans 
  • When introducing episodes dealing with filler story arcs, Lani refers to the Let's Play as "Attack of the Filler".
    • Over time other variants creep in reflecting the current gameplay, such as "Attack of the Saiyan" when it's just Raditz.
  • They guys desperately want to focus their leveling efforts on Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha so that they can save the world. As a result they frequently trash-talk Goku and express dismay that they'll be forced to have him as their main solo character.
    • Keeping up with their complaints in the Abridged series, they point out Goku's garbage for many of his segements because he hasn't had a chance to steal a good move recently.
  • Since Lani voices Krillin in their series, he reads out all of Krillin's lines in his voice. This somehow gets extended to reading out the tutorials in Krillin's voice as well, causing them to picture the other characters being confused as to who Krillin is talking to.
  • After Tien learns the Evil Containment Wave, they want to collect interesting enemies in their Poke-Rice Cooker and frequently use it in battle despite the amount of health it saps. They plan to use it on Broly as well.
    • When Grant mentions there's apparently a reward for catching all random encounters and they confirm there are 150 entries to fill, Lani declares it's their destiny to become an Evil Containment Master.
  • Because the guys leveled Goku to level 10 in the previous episode, having thought Goku needed to be the same level as the other Z Warriors, the fight against Piccolo in episode 7 is a Curb-Stomp Battle. Not only is Goku able to regenerate all the damage he receives, but it's so one sided that Lani apologizes to Piccolo.
    • Also, after Goku's first attack, most of Lani's Piccolo voice sounds like Goku fucked him up so badly that he's delirious.
    • There's also Kami's nonchalant/annoyed tone when he tries to convince Tien to kill him.
  • In part 9, the guys are delighted to discover that Yamcha's KO'd sprite is the infamous Saibaman death pose.
    • Not just in battle either- the same pose is used when the team's stats from the in-game menu.
  • In Part 15 Bulma angrily declares Yamcha has crossed her one too many times, which they guys interpret as her having him killed.
    Bulma: Capsule Corps has no enemies, Krillin! Do you know how much power I have? We have a lot of land and nobody comes looking.
    • This escalates to Bulma filling capsules with mass graves. Goku asks if he can borrow one to convince Raditz he killed people.
  • In Part 17 Goku is constantly getting enraged by cute sleeping dogs, leading to suspicions he's actually a horrible person and dog-hater. It's actually Shu that he considers a monster, not Pilaf.
    • Said dogs have medals, so the crew believe they were created by the Dragonball world's king, a blue anthro dog.
    • There's Lani's confusion how some of the enemy attacks help their characters, such as the dogs having a sleep move that boosts the rage meters, leading to the above Goku joke, and a bird enemy that heals when it attacks.
    • Likely not intended, but as Lani voices Goku, who is in Papa Wolf mode following Gohan's kidnapping, he tends to sound like Shaggy.
  • Part 18 sees the return of Piccolo's fucked-up voice from Part 7 in response to Raditz dominating them.
  • Part 19 has them wonder whether Gohan was ever Innocently Insensitive enough to dress up like Mr. Piccolo to the point of sporting green-face and antennae.
    Piccolo: You can't do that. I mean, I get what you're trying to do, but Kami's old-school, he's gonna flip. Nameksploitation is not cool.
  • In Part 20 the pixel art of Ox King and Chi-Chi in their car makes it look like Ox King is smoking a cigarette. Then they float the idea it's actually a joint, leading to this being the adventures of Chi-Ch and Chong. Nothing like hearing Cheech talk about the importance of studying.
  • Part 23 starts with Kirran and Grant completely lost on what they were doing, where they are, or where they're going.
  • In episode 25, Kirran discovers that the enemy list (or pokedex as they put it) has indicators showing if an enemy has been scanned by the scouter or not. Grant is not pleased.
  • Part 26 starts with roughly a minute of Kirran and Grant trying to figure out where they left off... while Grant reassures Kirran the recording hasn't started yet.
    • After 20 minutes of fighting and capturing enemies, the guys are so distracted by their failed attempt to capture the rare Dododo they fail to realize they wandered into Dragon Rock. In two rounds they are wiped and lose an entire episode's worth of progress. The next episode starts with a montage of them grinding up to 32.
  • At the end of episode 27, they realize that they have to grind Yamcha heavily, since he's at level 18. This time Kirran is not pleased.
    • They discuss the logistical issues of surviving viewing the movie from The Ring and make suggestions such as e-mailing it companies, playing it on the screens of a Best Buy, or renting out Times Square. Ultimately they figure a YouTube video could work as well and Samara would get ad revenue to boot. She's certainly not performing upkeep on her well!
  • In Part 31 the guys finally complete a lengthy fetch quest for Korin only for him to mention Goku's Power Pole. They imagine him sending them to another mountain valley and laughing with Yajirobe over how they'll be on a wild goose chase for at least a month.
  • Part 32 is dominated by the guys wandering around the world and Wastelands, unable to find the flower-eating dragon mentioned last episode... which was two screens away from where it was mentioned. Right where they'd started the Gohan segment. On a giant flower that they commented on. Twice.
  • Part 34 sees the inevitable outcome of their treating the Evil Containment Wave as catching Pokemon: A debate on what type each of the Z-Fighters and their enemies would be.
    • Princess Snake's servants really wish Goku would stop killing the snakes he's randomly encountering. They just came here to peacefully worship at the feet of their ruler.
  • Part 36 sees them heading into a new zone on a mission for King Kai, and the guys have no idea what it is. As Lani notes, they were far too busy talking about Kibito last part to read text.
    • To everyone's delight, Goku gets Bubbles and Gregory as teammates. At one point they're so good at getting killing blows that Lani wonders why Goku's even there.
      • Then Raditz KO's them to their horror.
      Lani: Oh no, our meatshields!
    • Having bought Oolong's nose, it is planned to edit all future shots of him to have a blank spot on his face. He really regrets making the sale but Krillin's too happy finally having a nose to give it back.
  • Part 37 leaves Lani both amused and annoyed that the people on Earth need help gathering Dragonballs to revive Goku... from Goku. This is only made worse when he realizes the guys having "trouble" gathering the Dragonballs haven't even started yet.
    • He then erupts into delighted giggles on seeing that, true to Grant and Kirran's comments, Yamcha is the most powerful fighter at the moment.
  • In Part 38 Gohan and even Piccolo need to be revived several times, since they're the weakest members. When Gohan levels up at one point, Lani puts all the extra points into the kid's defense stat, just so he can survive a fight. In fact, the guys can't even get through the second room, and just grind by going around the save spot in the first room.
    Lani: [watching Piccolo waste a bean on a downed Gohan] This is fucking disgusting… what even is this!?
    • Thankfully they have the most powerful warrior to carry them through.
    • The guys are asked what they would do with Superman tier powers sans any weakness. Lani and Grant both agree they'd almost immediately go mad with power.
  • Part 40 sees them asked what Mr. Stake would wish for with the Dragon Balls. He'd want love and affection... but yell "Muhr-stayk!" and get another version of himself, which would actually work out well. Tantor would get another version of himself and would not like it.
  • In Part 42 Grant comments that with how rare it is to have all three present for recordings recently he's beginning to suspect Kirran and Lani are actually the same person. This is odd for the playthrough on the whole as the two who keep disappearing are the ones who actually play the game; Grant's just there to shoot the breeze.
    • Grant reveals that the temple he and Lani painfully slogged through was the most difficult of the Dragon Balls to acquire and could have been done after leveling on the others.
    • Speculation arises that Shenron could be summoned while missing half of a Dragon Ball... but would come out missing body parts.
  • In Part 43 Kirran and Grant are dismayed to find that there's no easy way to capture the low-level trash mobs for their Containment Mastery due to having leveled all their party members. After multiple rounds trying to soft-ball a demon, a burn capsule one-shots it by one more HP than its max.
    • Grant apparently starts looking at the clock because he's hungry and shocks Kirran by breaking kayfabe mentioning the day they're filming rather than the day the video comes out.
    • A talk about time zones with off-world colonies culminates in Kirran declaring he hates the logistics enough that he's just going to drop the first colony on Australia.
  • Part 44 sees Grant offering the classic euphemism that the "good dog" Medic they just killed went to a "farm in the country". Cue a depressing conversation about pet deaths ending with Lani asking comments to say just how much they hate Grant for bringing this up.
  • In Part 45 the idea of Yamcha being confused horrifies the guys as he could wipe out the entire team. Then he shocks them by destroying a bird's eggs for no good reason.
    • Mid-fight, Lani erupts in anger over the Sand Eagle wearing a backpack as that means somebody somehow put it on the bird.
  • Part 46: WOOOO! PARTY CRAB!
    • In the next part they decide to run from every battle with a Party Crab; they don't want to stop his good times.
  • Part 47 sees Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo explicitly deemed the B Team.
    Lani: And we'll see you guys next time on TFS Plays Attack of the Transmorphers!
    • During a discussion on whether you'd even hold a funeral for someone in Dragon Ball if you know you're going to bring them back, they realize that, in this game at least, Goku has interacted more with his friends since he died than he ever did in his adult life.
  • In Part 48 Lani is absolutely baffled at the fact that Pilaf's gang stole the Dragon Balls while the Z-Fighters just stood there and watched.
    Lani: What the fuck, you just let them leave with the Dragon Balls!? ...What the fuck just happened!?
  • In Part 50 their reaction to the Perfume equipment item for Yamcha:
    All of them: Drasticly lowers defe....OOOOOOOHHH!!!
    • This leads to Yamcha's attack doing nearly double the combined special attack of Piccolo and Gohan. Lani declares Yamcha is now a god and his signature move is the Fenrir Wolf Fist.
    • Hilariously, the next scene in the game is Piccolo taking Gohan to train because Goku's "weakling friends" couldn't possibly train him properly. The guys play this as Piccolo stooping to petty insults to protect his bruised ego.
  • Part 51 has Kirran constantly backtracking on what he was about to say, despite Grant's warnings people listening will assume the worst.
    • Grant proposes a dark future where Gohan - having never learned how to deal with anger - has a horrible day. This ultimately results in him accidentally punching Videl into low-Earth orbit, destroying his house by slamming the door, leaving Pan buried in the rubble, and hanging up on a phone call from Goku.
    • Kirran and Grant get a party wipe less than a minute into the episode after a pair of Sand Dodos kill a solo Gohan. The guys are left laughing in disbelief for a few moments until they figure out how that could've happened. note 
  • Part 52 has an extended conversation on the benefits of eating meat and a plan to harvest cow methane by building a massive dome over a cattle enclosure via crowdfunding. Top tier backers get to tour the Team Fart Star Dome, but gas masks are an optional purchase.
    Lani: This just a sample of the quality conversations you can find in our videos.
    • The Namekian lettuces are actually a cash crop and Kami was supposed to open up trade with Earth, saving his people from the Great Drought. When the primitive natives started worshipping him, he decided to stick around.
  • In Part 54 they receive a "fertilizer" from King Kai which they had originally been speculating was his and Bubbles's shit. When Goku complains it reeks, they're certain it is.
    Lani: Oolong's Nose and Bubbles's "Thing"... I don't want to see that.
    • Earlier in the episode, they fight a boss that absorbs Ki attacks, thus requiring physical attacks to win. Too bad for the boss they have Yamcha, who's basically a Physical God at this point.
    Kirran: Are you telling me that we have to only do punchies? That's a... Wow. That's... that's tough.
    Lani: (Just as Yamcha starts to attack) That's a shame!
  • Part 56 starts with Lani and Kirran too exhausted to do the traditional introduction or even remember the episode number. Notably, the video description is pleading for the Saiyans to attack so the playthrough can end.
  • In Part 57 the Saiyans finally show up. The initial confrontation involves three of the characters Lani voices (Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin) so he's bouncing back and forth between them while reading the lines.
    • The boys miss it, but the in-game dialogue has Nappa say "Hey Vegeta" at least twice.
    • Pointing out that the fact that they've been using Raditz's scouter this whole time might mean that Vegeta and Nappa have been listening in on all their conversations for the past few months, and are pre-warned about the rice cooker.
    • Making fun of the fact that everyone seems to be surprised Piccolo is an alien.
    Lani (as Piccolo): You mean I'm not a human like all those dogs and cats and bunny people?
    • Also making fun when Tien and Krillin's dialogue makes it seem like they think the Saibamen are also Saiyans. Tiny, green Saiyans.
  • In Part 58 they joke when Chiaotzu appears behind Nappa that he's just going to slit his throat.
    • Also they are pissed about Yamcha's inevitable scripted death happening since he's the strongest character they have right now.
    • Deciding that Mr. Popo is an actual genie and the reason he sticks around is because Kami never made his last wish, or that his last wish was for Popo to never leave the Lookout.
    • They complain that the guys could have just gone to Baba and had her bring people back from otherworld to help fight the Saiyans, or that Devilman could have used the evil in their hearts to blow them up, or that they could have gotten Arale to chase Vegeta around with a poo stick…
  • Part 59 sees Goku unsurprised that Tien and Chiaotzu are dead only to panic on learning Yamcha is dead.
  • Part 60 opens with Lani in shock that, having ground for XP and equipped Goku with a game-breaking set of items, he is now stronger than Yamcha. They need to fix this as soon as possible.
    Lani: [petulantly, as Goku dominates Nappa] Yamcha could have done that…
    • When they get to that line…
    • Even though Goku says he's not going to use Kaio-Ken during the fight with Nappa, the boys use it anyway. And then they use Spirit Bomb for a super broken attack that does over 10,000 damage.
      • Even better, Goku is scripted to say lines at certain intervals in the battle, and he ends up saying, “This one's for Yamcha!” when he throws the Spirit Bomb at Nappa. The guys cheer wildly when it happens and then say that the Spirit Bomb was powered by the remaining latent energy from Yamcha's corpse.
    • Faced with Goku being ludicrously overpowered and broken, Lani declares it's thanks to them dumping all their points into Recovery.
    • Nappa is dead and only Vegeta remains to threaten the Earth. Which of course means it's time to go gather Dragon Balls, do a bonus boss, and catch more Pokémon.
    • Popo created the new Dragon Balls while drunk off his ass and chucked them off the Lookout for shits and giggles.
  • In Episode 62 they really play up the horror of their humanoid enemies on being imprisoned in the rice cooker. Lani then declares they're actually being converted into individual grains of rice that can still think and feel. And they're going to be fed to Goku.
  • In Episode 63, they fight the Bonus Boss, Broly. It doesn't go well.
    Lani: Okay, we might have underestimated this just a touch. Just a speck.
  • In the finale episode, they finally fight Vegeta. Seeing as how Goku is super broken at this point, they find it hard to believe that he's having as much trouble with the fight as the dialogue is implying.
    Lani: [as every one of Vegeta's attacks misses] Ah, the standard Vegeta attack.
    • Lani decides bringing back Tien, Yamcha, and Piccolo before fighting a blonde Saiyan was all just a dream, sending Goku into an existential crisis.
    • Since Krillin is their White Mage who normally just heals everyone, they play Goku as trying to talk Krillin into hitting Vegeta with the Spirit Bomb as "Just pretend it's a bean and you're trying to heal Vegeta."
    • When King Kai contacts Krillin to tell him how to use the Spirit Bomb:
    "Krillin": That sounds like a comedian!
    • And when they point out that Krillin, despite his reputation for dying, wouldn't actually have a chance to meet King Kai until the Buu saga:
    "King Kai": Until then I'll just be a voice in your head. And when people describe me, you won't believe them.
    • Gohan needs to be pure of heart to deflect the Spirit Bomb… but the concept of "evil" is subjective and he's been hanging out with Piccolo whose talk about world domination is pretty— *explodes*
    • They consider a version of this fight where Vegeta is acting drunk and is weaker than the other three, but they think he's strong due to them getting hurt in completely random accidents.
    Grant: Vegeta just Magoo's his way through planets.
    • The discussion about whether Vegeta is more Piccolo-y or Tien-y. They conclude he's more Tien-y because he ended up joining their side once he had helped them defeat a great evil and found he had nothing better to do.
    • "This is the music I think of when I think of battle wrap-up. Depressing carnival."
    • Chiaotzu blew himself up at the molecular level, so they need a dustpan to collect his remains. They're also breathing in some of his molecules as they speak, while some of his other particles floated away to Disneyland (because he always wanted to go there) and got stuck on all the ice cream bars.
      • Then this discussion somehow segues into a conversation on the couch about peeing with the lights off (something they figure every man has done at least once in his life, and MISSED).
    • Lani as Krillin narrates the ending.

     Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 
  • In Part 1, Grant is a little worried that the first fight is against Raditz, rather than a training fight to get accustomed to the controls. Lani points out that if they're not ready for Raditz, they're not ready for anything.
    • During the battle against Nappa, Grant uses Chiaotzu's ultimate move, where he blows himself up, leaving him with a sliver of health while dealing a ton of damage to the enemy. And then Chiaotzu immediately blows himself up again for a cutscene. Apparently he's just THAT determined to kill himself.
    • Their first round against Nappa had Lani trying to pull this early, complete with calling Tien's name, only for Nappa to keep interrupting and batting them around.
  • In Part 2, Lanipator and Grant debate Vegata's ability to destroy Earth.
    Lanipator: I think he just claims he can. He'd definitely do damage to it at this point.
    Grant: I was gonna say he'd probably wipe out life on it, but the rock itself would probably still exist.
    Lanipator: Yeah Freeza could probably blow up the planet...and he can only do it by like blowing up the core.
    Grant: Yeah I was gonna say. Vegeta might be able to like shoot a laser beam into the core and maybe blow it up.
    Lanipator: He'd probably be able to like do a big enough blast that it would cause a like massive ash cloud that would eventually destroy life.
    • Lanipator reveals that this is the game he based his Vegeta impression off of.
    • When they get to the fight with Dr. Wheelo, they're astonished at the lack of Bio-Warriors and realize the game skipped over the fights with the Saibamen as well.
  • Bardock's fight with Freeza in Part 3 ends with him winning and celebrating his victory leading to Lani joking it's going to shift to a reveal that it's all a dying hallucination as Bardock is killed.
  • When Grant takes control of Freeza during Part 4, he and Lani start joking about letting Vegeta win due to Grant's struggle in the fight.
    Grant: I'm just trying to play this out how it should have gone.
    Lanipator: Yeah, Vegeta should have won. Vegeta needs a win! Although on Namek he had like the most wins until Goku showed.
    • Lani and Grant then reference Vegeta's training meme after losing, wondering how many push-ups he did and if he drank any juice.
    • When Dende remarks that Piccolo looks like Nail, Lani and Grant joke that Denda thinks all Namekians look the same.
  • In Part 5. Lanipator and Grant are rather surprised the story mode skips the fight with Captain Ginyu, and are surprised they didn't notice in the last video.
    • When Freeiza remembers Bardock after hearing Goku's Saiyan name and remarking on Goku's similar appearance, Lanipator is glad that Bardock made an impression.
    Lanipator: His Final Revenger didn't go unavenged.
    • Grant wonders if it's difficult for Freeza's species to use a toilet, with Lani speculating that they have special toilets to accommodate their tails before commenting on Freeza's lack of obvious genitals.
  • Part 6 opens up with Chi-Chi's Character References, one of this game's funniest features. Her comments range from Captain Obvious (pointing out that Great Ape Turles is Turles transformed into a Great Ape) to surprisingly detailed (The Zangya comments actually lists her backstory), but the best ones happen to be about the Super Saiyan forms.
    Chi-Chi on Super Saiyan Goku: Aaaah!! It's that Super Saiyan I hate!!
    Chi-Chi on Super Saiyan 3 Goku: I don't want to see Super Saiyans any more...
    Lanipator: I think everyone felt the same.
    • Lanipator and Grant recount Bryce Armstrong's minor roles during the Lord Slug fight.
    Lanipator: I miss you Bryce. Every other non-character in Yu Yu Hakusho.
    Grant: Yeah. Can you just be uh generic demon #4 Thank you. Got it Bryce.
    Lanipator: Can you just be this pirate captain
    Bryce!Grant: Arr!
    Lanipator: Can you be this assassin?
    Bryce!Grant: Sure! I'll sail them to-uh what's the name of the island the Dark Tournament is on? The...
    Lanipator: Hanging Neck Island.
    Bryce!Grant: I'll be the captain on that ship. I'll also be like 80% of the demons they fight.
  • In part 7 Lani and Grant muse that Vegeta allowed Cell to absorb 18 partially out of revenge for beating him up earlier.
    • Earlier, Lani goes for Cell's ultimate...only to realize too late what it is. Cue it failing to kill 16 and him causally killing them with a single ki blast.
  • During the Broly fight in Part 9, Lani and Grant wonder if Trunks is getting mixed messages from his fights with Cell and Broly.
    Grant: He goes all bulky, Cell kicks the shit out of him. He tries to slender up, this big bulky man comes and beats the shit out of him.
    Lanipator: Yeah but this guy's way bulkier, like look at him. He is like 99% protein .
    Grant: Trunks is like "Wait a minute, it's not that I was too big, it's I wasn't big enough!
    • Their utter glee when Master Roshi gets switched in to fight Broly, and actually does pretty well.
    Vegeta (in-game): Wh-What IS he?!
    Lani: He's the legendary super grandpa!
  • Their first attempt at using the Instant Kamehameha in Part 10 has them teleporting right into one of Cell's energy blasts.
  • In part 11 Lani and Grant take note that Bojack got two levels, yet Captain Ginyu got none. The closest the game does is Goku's fight with Recoome, Jeice, and Burter. They also imitate Goku during the Bojack stages, pretending that Goku's bad parenting was on purpose to give Gohan his anger issues. After winning, Grant expresses confusion over how Bojack even got to Earth in his movie, since he was in the afterlife originally and had no ship or teleportation power.
  • During the Majin Vegeta fight, Lani and Grant imagine the reason as Vegeta becoming a majin is that he is going through a mid-life crisis.
    I hate liking you people! I thought about inviting Krillin over! Krillin! For a barbecue!
    What happened to me, man?! I used to be cool!
    I watched a movie with Yamcha...and I LIKED IT! It was a romantic comedy; I had a good time!
    I made time to watch a football game! A football game, Kakarot! And not even the American kind! The kind that people sit around and kick a ball back and forth! It didn't even have cars!
    • It's so funny that people begged them in the comments to use Majin "Angry Midlife Crisis" Vegeta in the actual Abridged series.
  • In Part 13, Grant and Lani go nuts over the game, once again, just totally skipping over crucial points in the stories, like with Ginyu, only this time it skips Gotenks and Ultimate-Gohan's fights and going straight to Vegito's fight. And again, they reiterate how Bojack got two missions, and correcting their earlier assumption, with Broly having three. And how Gotenks and Ultimate Gohan got zero. They can't even make sense over Gotenks' removal when he's in the picture in the background!
    • During the Super Janemba fight, and truly shown during the Gohan!Super Buu fight, Grant and Lani discover the incredibly game-breaking power that is chaser-super moves like "Meteor-Smash", which are essentially grab moves where you fly towards your opponent incredibly fast, with insane tracking, and if you touch your opponent, it will go through a cinematic sequence and deal unavoidable damage. Spamming Meteor-Smash allows them to beat Super Janemba without fusing into Gogeta, and almost beat Gohan!Super Buu without fusing into Vegito.
    • Which leads into another funny moment of it's own when Buu turns the tables on them for their spam of it, sending Lani into a fit. "Our hubris! OUR HUBRIS!"
    Lani: I haven't laughed that hard playing a game in a long time.
  • In Part 19 they get into the What-If sagas. They're fighting Zarbon in the "Freeza's ship above Planet Vegeta" level and Zarbon keeps trying to grab them and bodyslam them into the ground...but since a good chunk of the area is space as long as they stay off the ship his attack is completely useless.

     Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit 
  • The Running Gag about them having done the tutorial when all they did was the interface section.
  • During Kid Gohan vs. Third Form Freeza, they figure out a combo that the AI mostly has no idea how to deal with. The noise Gohan makes when doing this is hilarious.
    • Then Freeza manages to break out of the combo and immediately nails Gohan with the ultimate. Lani shouts in Freeza's voice, "FUCKING KID!" and Grant admits he understands why Freeza did it, going, "Fair enough."
    • At one point they start wondering what Freeza must be thinking at this point — he's ruler of most of the galaxy, he's got an army that regularly invades and/or destroys planets, then on Namek he runs into a six-year-old who's stronger than almost everyone in the Freeza Force.
  • Lani and Grant's repeated attempts to beat Freeza as regular Goku is true to the series. A little too much so.
  • After they beat Freeza, the game goes into an extended montage of scenes that they wonder is indicative of the end. During the montage, Grant speculates on whether or not Kenji Yamamoto's plagiarized the montage music.
    Grant: Says a lot about me that I'm less mad Kenji Yamamoto stole bunch of music and—
    Lani: And more mad that he got caught.
    Grant: Yeah, I'm way more upset that he got caught.
    Lani: The Final Chapters would've been so much better had he never been caught.
    Grant: Yes! The Dragon Ball Kai and I think Super soundtrack would've been so much better if he could've just keep stealing without getting caught! If he stole just a tiny bit less, we could've had an argument.
    Lani: I mean, to be fair, he made new songs out of what he plagiarized. It's kinda like doing a remix!
    Grant: Look, if we're being honest, uh, God is the only true Creator; all we've ever done is manipulate what He made, so no one is truly original.
    Lani: Exactly! Everything is derivative of something else.
  • Their reaction to realizing rather than doing the overhead slam attack he did to set it up in the show, 16 sets up his Hell Flash by grabbing his opponent… and giving them a Groin Attack, at which point they collapse to the ground for his Wave-Motion Gun.
    Lani: [high pitched cackling] HE JUST KICKED HIM IN THE DICK!
    • Lani insists on winning the fight with the dick kick grab as the final blow, and succeeds.
  • When Trunks asks Perfect Cell to kill him, Cell suddenly changes the subject with "what is Goku doing?" Lani and Grant interpret this as him suddenly having a stroke.
  • Lani and Grant discuss whether the Cell Games could've had an impartial referee. They briefly consider the Kais, but then decide that they'd be on Goku's side, and Beerus has no personal stake in the Games nor cares about innocent lives, but is sleeping, so the best possible candidate ends up being Whis.
  • The pre-SSJ2 Gohan vs. Cell fight comes up, and they think this might be another Regular!Goku Vs. Freeza… except they're controlling Cell, so they start rooting for Cell to kick the shit out of Gohan. "You're not Super Saiyan 2, you don't count!"
  • When they unlock the special chapter with Broly, Grant is thankful that this game mitigates the annoying overexposure of the character by letting the player enjoy the Broly power fantasy by fighting as him rather than fighting him as a Bonus Boss. The power fantasy is short-lived as Krillin turns out to be a much tougher opponent than expected, due to being too short for Broly's punches to land, leading to the unexpected sight of Krillin killing Broly in the first round with a Kienzan.
    • Krillin gets a head start in the first round by doing the unprecedented; blinding Broly with Solar Flare and immediately using Kienzan.
    • Even in the second attempt, while they do eventually win, it is still surprisingly even-matched and we are treated to the rare sight of Broly begging for mercy from Krillin before barely managing to eke out a victory.

    Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury 
  • Thanks to a bit of grinding and min-maxing, Goku's match against Pikkon is an utter Curb-Stomp Battle. The guys decide that Goku's training goal is to be able to beat Pikkon in less than three punches.
  • In episode 3, the group ridicules the fact that the Musuka Circus apparently has their own militia patrolling the city, including at least two TANKS.
    • The end of episode 3 has the group's surprise when Janemba appears.
  • They notice that Supreme Kai's alias "MR. SHIN" is instead rendered as "MR SHIN" without the period, reminding them of Mr. Stake's Pokémon Speak Catch Phrase.
    Lani: MUHR-SHIN!
  • Their reaction when using the scouter on the Supreme Kai spoils his identity, since it would mean that Capsule Corp's database has somehow been secretly keeping tabs on this higher deity but not on most ordinary civilians.
  • At the end of episode 5, the game has the player play as Videl against Spopovich, at which point Lani hands the controller over to Kirran, who ends up dying. Some of the comments remark on having Nuzlocke flashbacks.
  • Part 8:
    • Because repeated hits hits Yakon's hit animation look like he's dancing a jig, Grant channels Michigan J. Frog.
    • Thanks to the gear they have on him, the guys act like Babadi's henchmen see Goku as an unstoppable monster tearing its way through the ship. Especially since they've leveled up enough that Goku can just tank enemy hits from a literal stream of fire.
      • They even imagine that as he goes through the ship he gets covered in more and more alien blood laughing the whole time.
  • In episode 9, while watching the Supreme Kai try (and fail) to stop Goku and Majin Vegeta from fighting, Lani and Grant compare him to the restaurant manager than none of the employees listen to. Beerus is the regional manager that randomly shows up and terrifies ALL the employees since he can easily have the place shut down.
  • They get Majin Vegeta and decide to fly around a bit before fighting Buu, raiding Kame House in the process.
    Majin Vegeta: *enters Kame House* Anyone home? HEY! *goes to the kitchen and starts punching the appliances* I'M HUNGRY! AND EVIL!
  • Goten is The Unfavorite of all the playable characters, so the guys give him an Awesome, but Impractical energy attack build instead of the other characters' Game-Breaker strength build, because "that's all he deserves". Naturally this makes Goten segments like pulling teeth, and by the time they get two Dragon Balls as Goten they've exhausted all their dozens of healing items. It gets to the point they have to dump stat points into strength to make progress. Goten doesn't become more useful until he's level 100 and his Kamehameha hits level 2.
    • In part 16 the defeat Broly with Goten. Considering TFS's hatred for Broly, it's possible they over-leveled Goten just to add insult to injury.
    • At one point Goten has to assault a ninja stronghold, and one enemy tells him early on that he should turn around or else he'll "leave in a pine box." When the guys get to the boss, the camera pans to show an actual pine box in the corner of the arena.
    Lani: Oh shit, he wasn't lying!
  • At the beginning of episode 15, Trunks is underwater, as guys are doing the Fishing Minigame, so they do the intro to the video as if they're underwater.
    • WELCBLUBLBULBLU *deep breath as Trunks surfaces* TFS plays Buu's Fury. Come on Trunks you got this, get in there *more BLUBLUBLUBLBLU*
    • In the same episode, they discuss a "Gokuu Hat" item, and remark that Trunks is a "weeb" for wearing it, before they admit they're not exactly ones to talk.
  • Part 22 has them look through the #TFSGrinds comments, and one asks what their personal Super Soul would be called and what it would do. Lani decides on "R.I.P. Headphone Users" and it would forcibly make all other players' sides max out the volume for every piece of audio, and any attempt to adjust this in settings gets reversed.
  • During the final Spirit Bomb struggle with Kid Buu, an imperfect emulator or hardware or something makes the button mashing more difficult than it probably should be. What results is a five-minute-long sequence of Lani and Kirran desperately trying to make some headway and failing repeatedly, complete with Kiai (so pretty much your standard DBZ episode). At one point they try going into their emulator settings and change the button configuration to something more mashable. It actually makes it worse.

     Dragon Ball FighterZ 
  • They posted a stream of their playing the Beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ, and a Highlights video later as the original stream was 3-hours long.
    • The best standout - Lani playing as Piccolo, Krillin, and Vegeta while voicing them in-character, but special points for how committed he is when Vegeta does his Final Flash.
      Kaiser: God damn, dude. (The Distant Reaction Shot of Vegeta's move is shown) God damn, dude!
      Vegeta!Lani: Renegade for life.
  • During one of the matches that have a team with Gohan and Piccolo, Lani's loud screams of "MR. PICCOLO!!!" is hilarious.
  • During the January Beta event, the guys notice that adult Gohan has a battle shout that sounds suspiciosuly like a drawn out "SHIIIIIIT". They love repeating it but are concerned the developers will take note and change it before launch.
    • They fight an Android 18 player with Krillin, and want to know what he says when he defeats her. They are not disappointed.
      Krillin: Let me handle this. You go and watch Marron!
      The guys lose their shit
      Krillin!Lani: Smack, bitch, go watch our kid!
      Kaiser: Get back in the kitchen!
    • One of Goku's win quotes while working with Gohan gets a similar reaction.
      Goku: Gohan, you've gotten a lot stronger. That makes me proud… finally.
      Lani: And people think we made Goku look like an asshole!
    • The guys head off to an empty server and invite people to join them as green-shaded Nappas. By the end of the day there is a wall of green Nappas, side by side so their heads merge together. And one random Beerus merging with a Nappa.
    • The entire office laughing at the notion of them playing the Metal Gear Survive Beta instead after the DBFZ Beta got a 24 hour extension on the same day.
  • During the couch versus stream, one fight had Krillin taking on Ginyu. Krillin threw a rock at Ginyu, but it went over just as Cell was called in for an assist… But then it hit Cell in the face and bounced, hitting Ginyu on the head as well, damaging them both, much to the amusement of the couch gang.
Story Mode:
  • Lani refers to the real Goku being stuck inside his body while somebody else (the player character) controls him, as Sunken Place Goku. Which Kaiser really likes.
    • Bulma says the player must want to get back to their body soon. The guys loudly say "No," pointing out that people have gathered Super Dragon Balls to wish for what they were just handed. Literally- that's Goku Black's origin.
    • Later on, when Bulma gives Goku control over his body again, Lani has one thing to say.
    Lani: No, now we're in the sunken place!
    Kirran: It sucks in here…
  • Grant wonders how they managed to put a choker on Beerus, which slowly devolves into them asking if he's been chipped...
    Grant: How did they put that choker on him?
    Kaiser and Kirran: (In unison) He's a god. (both chuckle)
    Lani: It's his collar, they need to know who owns him.
    Grant: It doesn't have a latch or anything on it.
    Lani: Do you think he's chipped?
    Kaiser: Yeah what do you think is in his ear, I think…
    Lani: Yeah, if he gets lost it'll turn on and has like a "Please return to Whis."
    • They start imagining him behaving as a stray cat, standing on all fours and saying "Meow" loudly in people's lawns, demanding cat food, and causing cat-like mayhem.
      Beerus!Kirran: Where’s the pudding? (laugh) I know you’re hiding it, meow!
      Beerus!Kaiser: Feed me Fancy Feast!
      Beerus!Lani: I want chicken! I want liver!
      Beerus!Couch: (in unison) Meow Mix! Meow Mix! PLEASE DELIVER!
  • Kaiser gets to take the controller, but they remind him not to go crazy. This is just the tutorial; he doesn't actually get to fight.
  • Yamcha is absolutely baffled at being invited to go fighting again. He'd been wearing his gi in hopes somebody would, but he never thought they would.
    • As soon as they get Yamcha, Lani immediately starts calling for them to go back to the plane and swap to the Attack of the Saiyans all-human party. He doubles down when Goku persists in his back-handed comments about Yamcha's fighting skill. But he doesn't have the controller…
      Kaiser: Alright. Bye, Yamcha.
      Lani: What!? No, bye Goku!
      Kirran: You're at the controller, you can do whatever you want.
      Lani: I mean, you are, but… This is not necessarily a democracy, but we will judge you.
  • After some confusion on the couch regarding Android 21's dub actressnote , Grant decides to look it up himself. After typing in A-N Google autofill's in Android 21… which then fills in with the words "Android 21 thicc" and "Android 21 hot".
  • While looking at Tien's moves, they want to make sure that they can make Chiaotzu explode as much as possible, Kaiser adds in every match if possible.
    • Their belief that every Tien clone has its own clone Chiaotzu, and when the real Tien defeats a clone Tien he collects their Chiaotzu, explaining how he can keep using Chiaotzu as a suicide bomber multiple times.
    Lani: Every Chiaotzu needs a Tien.
  • When trying to do an imitation of Nappa's voice (not Taka's mind you) Kaiser then notes that he oddly sounds more like Yosemite Sam instead.
    Kaiser: Why do you oddly sound like Yosemite Sam?
    Kirran: (chuckles)
    Lani: (continues the impersonation) Rootinus Tootinus na… Saiyan!
    (Kirran cracks up)
  • One of their fights have them fighting a team of Clone Nappa, Clone Krillin, Clone Tien. They call them "Team Baldy" but Lani corrects them and calls them "Team Bald This Way".
  • They reveal that they're playing the game on Ben's account, as his was the only one they could get to accept the pre-release code that Bandai Namco gave them. The reason? Ben was the only one who had yet to pre-order the game.
  • Lani envisions Goku ripping off Piccolo's arm so he can beat Cell with it. This evolves into the couch imagining Goku wearing torn off arms like thigh-high boots so he can punch with all four limbs. Or wearing sleeves made from torn off legs so he can kick with all four limbs.
    • Kaiser then notes that Tien is nearby and could teach Goku his Four Witches Technique where he can grow two more arms.
  • After decades being a fan of the show and years doing abridging work on it, Kaiser finally realizes that almost all of Goku's friends have tried to kill him at some point.
  • The guys decide that after Yamcha's baseball career collapsed, he became a martial arts teacher in a trashy strip mall.
    • Yamcha's baseball career comes to an end because his Charles Atlas Superpower makes him perform so well that everyone thinks he's doping, even though he comes out clean on all the drug tests.
  • If Grant was the showrunner for Super he would have interludes between the major arcs focusing on Hercule gradually learning how to use ki from Roshi.
    Kaiser: Yeah, but Grant, that would be character progression in Dragon Ball Super.
    Grant: I know! Unheard of!
  • When they finally save Gohan and see him passed out in the street of a desolate and destroyed city, Lani comments it's a good thing Future Trunks isn't on their party.
    Lani: Aw man, good thing Trunks isn't in your party, that'd be traumatic.
    Kaiser: Oh…
    (Lani Laughs)
    Kaiser: Aw no…
    Grant: (as Trunks) This scene is too familiar!
  • When Gohan turns to the screen and asks the players to help out, they start joking about finding Beerus' Clues which Kiaser really likes before correcting himself and then calls it Buu's Clues.
  • Fighting Android 16 with Gohan, they proceed to brutally juggle him on energy blasts despite all the claims of not wanting to fight him.
    Android 16: Gohan, protect the world I— oh god!
  • The guys are surprised both by how early Android 21 takes her "sports bra Buu" form and how prominent her bust is in the various shots. Especially when she takes flight and the camera is practically sitting in her cleavage.
    [various cries of astonishment]
    Lani: Thumbnail! That!
    Kaiser: That will… [chuckling]
    Lani: That! Thumbnail!
    Kaiser: [chuckling] That will get us demonetized.
    Lani: Fuck it!
    • Revisited in the next episode with a different shot.
      Kirran: Sweet Kami, thank you for what you have blessed us with.
  • They speculate Goku will go looking for Vegeta and bring back a clone which just growls menacingly. Nobody can tell the difference.
  • Goku tried to let Vegeta have the kill on Freeza in Resurrection F, but Vegeta didn't think the fight was all that urgent. The kill steal was actually Goku's fifth time traveling back. There are three other future Gokus arguing in the background.
  • Grant declares himself to be Gotenks's apologist and manager.
    • Cell mistakes Gotenks for a super-saiyan chibified Raditz. When they posit a child Raditz was what GT needed, Kaiser's agreement is flatter than a sheet of paper.
    • Kaiser then deadpans, "Guys. Guys. What If Raditz Turned Good??" before Grant points out that MasakoX is in the office that day, they could ask him.
  • Bulma has an absolutely deadpan expression on seeing Gotenks's antics, which the guys decide is her thinking that Trunks was bad on his own and Gotenks just makes him worse.
  • Nappa being on the same team as Ginyu leads to them deciding that it means Nappa's joined the Ginyu Force. They end up blowing his audition.
  • Their encounters with Clone Vegeta eventually lead to jokes about him being Nega Vegeta, who is the nicest guy on the planet. He bakes pies for his opponents, openly expresses affection for his family, and is willing to address Goku by his Earth name rather than Kakarrot.
  • Grant imagines that Vegeta tells Trunks stories about his late "Uncle Nappa" who was ruthlessly crippled by Goten's monstrous father and Vegeta had to Mercy Kill the poor guy.
  • The couch is surprised to realize just how prominent Elder Kai has become since the end of Z, which leads to them discussing how Out of Focus King Kai has become since losing his role to Elder. They imagine him watching the Tournament of Power and getting drunk while griping about how nobody remembers him.
    • King Kai asks what Pikkon has been doing and then spitefully declares nothing since he doesn't exist.
  • The team trying to figure out what kind of snack food Android 21 would turn Cell into, and generally concluding that he would become a Thin Mint or mint chocolate macaroon. This leads to Lani mentioning that if he was a Majin, he would turn people into steaks… and Grant saying he would make them into Slim Jims.
  • When Freeza gets pissed at Android 21's jokes:
    Freeza: Your jokes are horrible! You'll just… have to workshop them in hell!
    Lani: Freeza gives his review of Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
  • Among the attacks wiping out 21 in the conclusion of the first arc is Buu turning her into chocolate; Lani imagines that attack hits first and all the other blasts just melt the chocolate.
  • Beerus threatens to eat Whis's share of the post-celebration candy if he doesn't keep up.
    Lani: I'm pretty sure Whis would kick the shit out of you.
  • While playing through Freeza's storyline, the entire crew are just losing it at Nappa's confused expression while Freeza is monologuing at the Earthling soul inside him.
  • Grant passive-aggressively praises Kaiser's struggling with Nappa by noting he's at least pressing buttons.
  • The guys run rampant with the Freeza × Cell shipping jokes, and admit that they kinda love the idea of it.
    *Freeza' expression changes in-game while Cell is talking*
    Kirran: Aw, look at him! <3
    Lani: *singing* I've… had the time of my life~
    Grant: *As Freeza* What… what is this feeling? I - I want to cherish him instead of kill him…
  • Normally, the guys introduce themselves by mashing their names together with something or someone in the video game, but in episode 13, when it's Kaiser's turn…
    Kaiser: I'm… um…
    Lani: You're not good at this.
    Kaiser: I haven't had the practice you guys had! Okay?!
  • Nappa gets annoyed at Goku not understanding what's going on because "I'm the dumb Saiyan, Kakarot!"
  • The guys going nuts over the idea of what donut companies would be the best sponsors for Android 21 and the game itself.
  • When Goku's group is gearing up to attack Freeza's, the guys start speculating that Freeza is actually a very good negotiator and benevolent ruler for his subjects whose planets he doesn't destroy. Even his soldiers don't complain about the chance of being killed by him as they have great benefits, including for any widows.
  • Then there's this moment of Strange Minds Think Alike:
    Goku: But what if I was to tell you… that there's a way to free yourselves… for real?
    Kirran & Grant: His name is Jesus Christ!
  • Speculating that all the humanoid animal people and dinosaurs on Dragon Ball's version of Earth came from Dr. Brief's genetic experimentation.
    Lani: Yes, Dr. Brief opened Jurassic Park, and everything just got loose!
    Kirran: And that's why Dr. Brief looks at the camera and goes "Do you think Kami stays in his lookout in fear of what he's created?"
  • Most martial artists who open their third eye and obtain enlightenment choose to give up fighting and pursue higher callings. Tien got his third eye and decided to get as buff as humanly possible and then go beyond.
    • The artists decided to tone down Tien's buffness after the Cell saga, and then decided to go a step further by removing him entirely.
  • When Goku and Cell talk about what Cell went through in Hell, the guys theorize that Cell's version of Hell was him being caught in an endless Kamehameha wave from progressively younger versions of Gohan, until he reaches a point where he's just being blasted by a Gohan zygote and then millions of tiny Kamehameha waves from Goku's sperm.
    • Also the comment section in this video almost immediately came to the obvious conclusion on what Cell's hell would be: Tien using his Shin Kikoho on him for an eternity.
  • Near the end of Part 17, Lanipator lampshades Android 21's Waifu status among the fandom.
    Cell:...and I want to personally destroy her.
    Lanipator: Said the Internet.
    Goku: Even though you weren't in top condition… I'm surprised she took all that… and left unscathed.
    Lanipator: Said the Internet.
  • When they get Nappa's first Link Event:
    Nappa: Why me of all people?! No one ever gives Nappa a freakin' break!
    Lani: Hey, we gave you your biggest break!
  • Freeza takes it literally when he hears that Gotenks is Goku and Vegeta's "son".
    Lani!Freeza: …I'm happy for you.
  • When one of them wonders if Yamcha's cells are in Cell, both Kaiser and Lani were about to say no, but they remembered that it was their idea in the first place. With one of them confirming that it wasn't denied or stated that Yamcha was a part of cell, and comment that Cell hasn't done any of Yamcha's moves like the Wolf Fang Fist. Kaiser is amused by the idea that Yamcha wonders out loud if Cell can do the Wolf Fang Fist, with Cell staring at him and saying, "Really?"
    • It's also pretty funny that even they have trouble remembering what was actually in the show and what was stuff they made up.
  • During the Android arc, the guys start having 16 self-destruct at the end of every fight, necessary or not.
    Lani!16: Call me Chiaotzu, because I dun self-destruct.
  • The guys endlessly lampshading 16's deadpan lines line "This is it." and "Down you go." Which, considering he's a grappler, he says constantly.
  • When they get to The Reveal that Android 21 was originally a human who was Dr. Gero's wife and the mother of their late son that Android 16 was modeled after, Grant, Lani, and Kaiser joke that 21's original appearance is completely different and her current appearance is a construct that Gero gave her after deciding that Eighter wasn't pretty enough. The conversation soon spirals off into a terrible, hilarious, weird direction.
    Lani!Gero: They need to be sleeker. Hotter. FUCKABLE!
    Grant!Gero: Behold, my greatest creation, Android 19, the most fuckable being!
    Lani: Android 19; the most fuckable robot!
    Grant!Gero: You thought I was building these to get stronger; NO! I judge by a different metric, Son Goku!
    Kaiser!Gokū: I… really don't know, about any of this?
    Lani!Gero: Android 19 is AT LEAST TWICE as fuckable as Android 8!
    Grant!Gero: Wait 'til you see the bio-android, Cell! He's got this thing he can do with his tail… (gross slurping noises) you wouldn't believe!
    Lani!Gero: Have you heard of voring, Son Goku? It's this new fetish I'm into!
    Grant!Gero: By the way, I discovered the Internet; it's where all this came from.
    Lani!Gero: It just completely ruined me!
    • Then Kaiser and Lani speculate that Goku would subsequently look up what vore is, learn that it's about eating people, and might be into it. It goes even further downhill from there.
    Grant!Goku: Look, Chi-Chi, I'm just gonna grow my tail back so I can try something with you.
    • Goku assumes that the shrink band Roshi used to peep on Bulma was meant to make people bitesized for vore purposes.
    • This leads into a discussion about Roshi having an account on a website for fetishes, which then leads to Roshi realizing that he's a comparatively vanilla guy whose main fetishes are sex and boobies, while there are a lot a perverts with fetishes like cake-farting that gross even him out. He crosses the Despair Event Horizon and realizes Who Wants to Live Forever?, Roshi the kinkshamer becomes Grant's new favorite headcanon, and by the end, Grant has been cast as the even more perverted Baba in DBZA.
  • They imagine that if Ginyu switched bodies with Andriod 16, he'd get crazy Skynet powers and start sending everyone spam chain e-mails.
    Lani!Ginyu: Send this to five of your friends or I'll take your body!
  • When Cell shows up in the Android arc, his name initially appears as "????", despite, well, everyone knowing who Cell is. note 
  • When fighting the real Cell as Android 16 they decided to do something that 16 didn't manage to do in the anime.
    Grant!Cell: Shit! I can't believe I fell for this again!
    Lani!Cell: OH MY GOD NO! (wheezes)
  • The fact that they managed to make a glitch that allowed them to have a team with two Android 18's and abusing the hell out of it to have 18 assist herself, or even have 18 cancel her super into another 18's super.
    • This leads to several jokes about 18 interacting with her other self in between battles.
  • When 21 alludes to the idea of pulling a Heroic Sacrifice, the guys extend it to her clarifying that she means killing the evil 21, referring to herself as the superego and the evil 21 as the Id in the process. Bulma, the only other scientist in the room, scoffs at the notion of Freudian psychology being a science. This leads to 21 going an a huge "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Bulma about her family's position in the science community.
    Grant!21: Oh, shut the fuck up, Bulma! Gero was right about you.
    Kaiser!Bulma: Wait, what did he say about me?
    Kaiser!21: Oh, now you care?
    Grant!21: You're just such a dick to the rest of the science community. You Briefs think you're so above it all. You invented capsules; GOOD FUCKING JOB.
    Lani!21: Look at you, you're rich forever. WHAT'S THE MARKET FOR ROBOTS?
    Grant!21: The rest of us are still out here trying to cure diseases. What're you using your money for? Oh, building more ways for you to travel around with your FRIENDS WHO CAN FLY.

    Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi 

  • Grant and Kirran playing Rock Paper Saiyan, the latter pulling the Saiyan against the former, leaving him in daze that sees him waking up on the couch.
  • They spend several episodes stuck on Piccolo and the first Great Ape.
  • When being stuck on the Great Ape, the two ask a very good question: since they're a Saiyan with a tail, then how can the Great Ape be a Great ape but they can't?
  • Lani noting that their character yelling 'Die!' with each attack on the Great Ape is exactly how he feels at this point.
  • Lani eventually having a breakdown over being stuck on the Great Ape.
  • Their anger at realizing the quick time event that keeps killing them is both incredibly precise and incredibly imprecise at the same time.note 
  • Lani eventually decides to leave the Great Ape alone for a while and get other missions out of the way. They manage to beat Piccolo...and the next Dragon Ball is held by a GOLDEN Great Ape. (Which only takes two tries, funnily enough))
  • After finally beating the Great Ape, they get Cui as a Master. They find it so amusing that they instantly do his training. Funnily enough, he's actually surprisingly challenging and takes longer to beat him than Vegeta who comes in right after. Even funnier is they finish Vegeta off with Yamcha's move. Their next fight is Cui in his alternate color scheme, which they joke is his twin, albino brother. They lose to Ginyu the first round, then die to him the second being hit with his "Ah! Lord Freeza!" attack.

     Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure 
  • In episode 2, while discussing the early days of Goku's training with Roshi, Lani is struck by a sudden thought: What kind of store did Roshi shop at to acquire two sets of child-sized maid-themed lingerie for Goku and Krillin to wear? He probably got a lot of weird looks in the process.
    Roshi!Lani: "Look, I just need to put little boys in this outfit so that I can get a woman in it! You don't understand, I need this."

     Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot 
  • The guys note that if you censor certain words in the dialogue you can make it sound much worse. For instance, when Goku talks about not having his tail and getting Bulma to make him an artificial one, they replace "tail" with "dick" for hilarious results.
  • When discussing Frieza's anatomy:
    Lani: Is Frieza a Crystal Gem?
  • In Episode 18, Lani asks how messed up it would have been if Future Trunks' mother had been Chi-Chi instead of Bulma. The pair quickly decide that Goku wouldn't care all that much, but Vegeta would and he would actively Cuckold Goku out of spite.
    Kaiser: Just, Goku comes back from training one day and Vegeta walks out of his house...
    Lani!Vegeta: Whaddya think?
    Kaiser!Goku: Hold on one second. (aside) Chi-Chi, who's better?
    Kaiser!Chi-Chi: You are!
    Kaiser!Goku: (to Vegeta) I don't care.
    Lani!Vegeta: MOTHERF...NO! NO! I'm going in for Round 3!
  • In Episode 36, the pair discuss how Goku handled it the first time Chi-Chi asked for oral sex. Kaiser suggests that, being Goku, he would misinterpret the phrase "eating out": "I don't wanna eat out, I like your cooking best!", which would just make Chi-Chi want him even more.
  • In episode 38, they consider everyone pleading with Buu to wait one more hour, only for Buu to agree and then ask exactly what an hour is, and how it would actually be for the best.
    Lani!Piccolo: I'm gonna, bop, bop, bop, those are seconds. Sixy of those is a minute.
    Lani!Buu: Why sixty!?
    Kaiser!Piccolo: I don't know!
    Lani!Buu: What is sixty!?
    Kaiser!Piccolo: Oh shit.
    Kaiser: And then Piccolo's like "Wait, no, this is good. Alright, I'm gonna teach you all this stuff."

     One-off games 
  • Taka's reign of terror in Dragon Ball Z: SUPER BUTOUDEN 2 while playing as Cell. He ends up beating Lani, Kaiser, and Kirran all in a row using a really simple tactic of backing them into a wall and spamming the kick attack.
    Taka: (As Cell) It's all over! The perfect strategy they call it. I learnt in the school of hard bitches, where I made everyone fall to the might of Perfect Cell!
    Taka: Oh no! Could it happen? Will the sweep happen? Will you get swept son?
    Kirran: I'm not going to get swept son… (As Gohan) The power of my father! My father who has given me the strength… my father has given me the strength to overcome THIS DUMB ASS STRATEGY FOR THIS SHITTY GAME THAT IS NOT BALANCED AND IS A PIECE OF SHIT!
    Taka: HA! Victory. Is. Cell.
    Lani: Alright, we've established that Taka isn't allowed to play anymore. Because he likes to kick people into the corner, like a jerk.
  • Lani mocking Gohan while playing as him in Hyper Dimension.
    "I'm the strongest in the universe, and I still don't do shit."
    (after winning) "I'm the strongest person in the universe, and my father still doesn't love me."


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