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As a moments page, all spoilers are unmarked.

The Kindness Arc

The First Stream
  • Justin kicking Squid off the server for not having a cape.
  • Dan epically failing at introducing the SMP.
    Dan: Everyone, welcome! To the SMP— Wait, I said it wrong already…
  • The references to Bernie Sanders memes at the start. For example, there are portraits of the "I was just sitting there, trying to keep warm" meme in the building of the central hub.
    James: Wait, wasn't he the guy, like, asking for financial support?
    Dan: Yeah, this is why.
    Justin: Ah, this is what he spent it on!
    Dan: This is what he spent it on — Shady Oaks!
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  • James wandering into the Gamer Girls' bathroom in the central hub.
  • Squid casually hopping into the toilet.
  • Dan dying to a sweet berry bush during the first night and his subsequent reaction to it.
    In-game chat: DanTDM was poked to death by a sweet berry bush.
    Dan: Guys, don't look at the chat, nothing happened.
  • Dan accidentally activating world edit, and the shenanigans ensuing.
    Dan: Let me use my world edit on [this baby zombie].note 
  • James announcing the existence of Kindness to the world like it's a perfectly ordinary thing to do.
    James: Why have I got a sword called "Kindness"?

The In-Between Streams

  • Dan hastily trying to frame Justin for pranking Squid, including leaving his diamond pick and various 'incriminating evidence' in Justin's chest.
    • The fact that someone called "Ghastbuster" actually believed the lie and tweeted to Justin that he should try to keep James — who would be giving the final verdict on the trial — on his good side during the trial.
  • After visiting Justin's base on top of a tall mountain in the savanna, Squid tries to MLG water bucket down the mountain… and fails, dying.
    • Dan picking up the diamond pick from Squid's inventory (Dan previously hid it in Justin's base, but Squid picked it up as evidence for "DNA testing") to offer proof for how his fingerprints ended up on the pickaxe in case of the DNA testing. The absurd lengths he would go…

The Gamble Stream

  • At nightfall, Justin hops into a bed, only for Squid to jump on top of the bed and start Shaking the Rump.
    Dan: I can't blur it live, geez.
  • Justin being tricked into falling down the bedrock-deep hole Squid dug in Dan's house, resulting in his death. And his main concern was still how Squid made the sand 'float' instead of him dying.
  • When visiting the Nether, Dan ends up falling in lava and dies, losing all the diamond items he gained from his previous gambles and his saddle. In real time, he noticeable steps away for a minute... and has a Big "NO!" moment. The others on the server found it quite funny too, judging what they typed in the chat. He then jokingly describes it as "karma".

Squiddy's Birthday Stream

  • Squid having an accident while building the enchanting area.
  • Justin with autotune, voice options including Thanos. Which naturally leads to Thanos singing Squid happy birthday.
    • Cupquake also autotuning herself, allowing them to synchronize and thus forming the band Noodle Cup.
  • James' first reaction to Cupquake announcing her presence on the server.
    James: It's a girl.
    • The Continuity Nod to the first stream about the bathrooms during Cupquake's tour of the central hub.
  • Squid hiding Justin's dog under his base, causing Justin to believe the server was glitching to make his dog invisible.

The In-Between Streams

  • From Dan's perspective: he re-enters proximity chat while digging a hole to contain his new horse Neighblade, and overhears Squid say something that only makes sense in context.
    Squid: Okay, we got— we got the skelly, check, now we gotta kill the child.Context 
    Dan: Excuse me?
    Squid: Sorry, there's a kid after me.
  • While trying to type "kk" in the chat, Dan accidentally types "kkk", causing him to have an Oh, Crap! moment and declare that he was getting cancelled for it.
  • James' suggestion to prank Squid by turning his "pog face" Kraken's Hollow ad into an ad for Raid Shadow Legends.

New Member Stream

  • The other YouTubers trying to encase Dan in a glass case like a prized statue while he was muted and handling some settings problems.
  • Justin stripping down to his underwear. The title and thumbnail of James' video, ThinkNOODles, NEW MEMBER + Base Reveal!, even emphasize the Epic Fail moment.Timestamp 
  • The fact that James has a full set of diamond tools yet still doesn't have a fully constructed house.
  • The reason behind the existence of rule 5, "Don't trust Squid", being shown in full force about three times in the first 30 minutes of the stream.
  • Justin trying and failing to do impromptu poetry during BigB's tour of the SMP.
    Justin: There once was a man from Nantucket...
    [Everyone laughs.]
    Dan: Let's go, let's go.
    Squid: Wow... this is why you don't do the tours.
  • Squid's eyes on his Kraken's Hollow billboard once again being rotated, by 180 degrees this time.
  • James getting kicked off the server by Justin because he wasn't sleeping, making it impossible for the other players to skip to day.

The In-Between Streams

The Curse Stream

  • Squid planning to name his chicken shop "Motherclucker".
  • Dan gleefully taking advantage of Squid exiting the world and reloading Minecraft (to get a special skin on) by stealing Squid's fast horse, Twinkle Toes, to breed them with Love Child.
  • The Climax of the stream where Squid confronts Dan and James about the Curse of Vanishing being put on Kindness is very intense, and just moments after Squid bans the two from his shop and from future quests, Dan gets attacked by a zombie villager, "ruining the moment", and then gets eventually killed. Talk about Mood Whiplash.
    [Squid is standing on the spot growling.]
    Dan: You sound pretty angry. You sound really angry.
    Squid: I'm angry.
    In-game chat: DanTDM was slain by Zombie Villager
    [Everyone starts Corpsing.]
    Squid: Well, I'm less angry now.
  • After Squid Ragequit the game, Dan and James are able to just waltz into the very shop they had been declared banned from just minutes ago, including entering the restricted section because Squid left the key there.
  • Justin's spawner advertisement saying that people with capes get discounts… just to spite Squid, his main business rival in the mob farm business.

The Post-Curse Stream

  • Squid blasting horn sound effects upon nearly reaching his sub goal of 450. Namely, when he got 420 subs.
  • Everyone on the server has their own room in the central hub. Justin's is in the Gamer Girl Bathrooms.
  • On a darker note, the fact that Jerome fell in the lava decorating Kraken's Hollow, yet no one tried to help him. Justified for Dan and James, at least, because they were banned from the shop.
    • Speaking of Dan and James, just a minute later, them sneaking down the tunnel leading to Kraken's Hollow despite being banned... and naturally getting caught and chased out of the shop.
  • Jerome noticing that everyone on the server was eating sweet berries because it was convenient... then choosing to capitalize off of it.
  • After murdering Dan in revenge, Kindness starts making comments like "tick tock". Naturally, this is interpreted in the stream as the sword promoting its Tik Tok.

The In-Between Streams/Episodes

  • Yammy's 'house tour', which mainly consists of several very snarky comments about her building skills while being 'filmed' on what appears to be a low-quality camera.
    Yammy: Upon entering the property, you will notice the use [of] see-through doors—
    Masculine commentary voice: Amazing.

The Hunt for Netherite Stream

  • All the item frames in Dan's house being re-fitted with pictures of Squid's eyes, to the point it makes a pretty cool pattern.
  • James listing his motives for opening the Gallery of Squid.
    James: This is my little thing, right, hopefully, I'm gonna one, cheer Squiddy up, because I know it's not easy carrying Kindness around; and two, I'm hoping at the end of this, I'm gonna get un-banned from the Hollow, so it's just you— on the naughty list, Dan.
  • Everyone is advised to put their suits on for the opening of the Gallery, meaning... the return of ThinkNOODles.
  • The concept of the Gallery of Squid in general — they are all Squid's selfies sent through their private chats... except they are all edited to make him look like an old man rather than a guy just shy of his thirties. The moment the boys entered the Gallery and saw the pictures, everyone started cracking up on the spot. Even Squid.
  • The seriousness of Justin murdering two of his friends suddenly and in cold blood might be mitigated by the fact that he was wearing nothing but his underwear, something that was lampshaded multiple times throughout the stream.

The Unearthing Revenge Arc

The Secret Project Stream
  • The pathetic tour known as Ecko's first run with the Shady Oaks minecart track.
    • And then there was the second run, complete with Squid being an absolutely unbiased tour guide.
  • When telling Ecko the story about the netherite items, Squid lets it slip that two of them have been foundnote .
    Squid: Now, so far, on the two-three weeks that we've been on the server, there has been two that have been found.
    Dan: Wait, WHAT?!

The Slice of Life Stream

  • In response to Dan's glasses reveal, Squid photoshops his face onto a Harry Potter poster, and casts Justin as Voldemort... and proceeds to put it on the server for everyone to see. It's about as funny as you can imagine.
  • While trying to return home with a lot of fishing loot, Dan tries to take a fox home with him as well, but the fox yoinks his lead and runs off with it. He then considers killing it to get the lead back.Clarification 
  • Squid accidentally poured water all over Justin's house.Context  It would have been mildly annoying to clean up at worst… if it weren't for the fact that his house was made out of concrete powder, meaning his entire house is now concrete and he would have to rebuild large chunks of the walls. Justin ended up ragequitting both the game and his stream because of this.
  • Cupquake calls the Gallery of Squid a museum. Squid doesn't take it well.
    Squid: Museum. Just 'cause I'm old, I'm not a dinosaur. Museum... psh. What the heck.

The Chaos Stream

  • Yammy struggling to use Dan's water elevator to get to his basement. Since the up stream and the down stream are next to each other, she accidentally keeps using the up stream instead of the down stream and even starts drowning at one point.

Goodbye Ender Dragon Stream

  • The fact that everyone spent such a long time fighting over the Dragon Egg that it ended up teleporting and falling into the Void, meaning no one can have it.

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