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Pretty much any time pokecapn is surprised or flustered, and descends into gibberish, profanity-laced screaming or simply screaming like a girl.

See also: The Funny entry for the Sonic '06 playthrough

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic and the Black Knight

  • The first ten seconds of the LP are already pure comedy gold, as KFJ and company start shouting along to the splash screen music: WOAOOOAAAAAAOAOAAAAH!!
    NoTimeForSocks: There's something wrong with you guys, seriously...
  • "You haven't seen the last of the gay pride movement!"
  • Their reaction to the Lady of the Lake (Starts at 7:47). Sonic's onscreen actions only accentuate it.
    medibot: Mother of shit!
  • Just before the final boss battle in Black Knight:
    Gawain: You fool! This no longer has anything to do with chivalry!
    Kung-Fu Jesus: I decide when chivalry applies, and now is not the time!
    Sonic: It was never about chivalry for me...
    Kung-Fu Jesus: It was all about being summoned here for some reason, and now you're letting me the fuck back, or I swear I will take this broken sword, and shove it so far up your ass
    pokecapn: SHUT UP.
  • And then there's medibot going off on a tangent about Octorok Krispy Kremes... really, there's a crowning moment of funny just about every time medibot opens their mouth.

Sonic Colors

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

  • During the game's special stages, KFJ tries to figure out what all the developers were smoking to make the kaleidoscope-style backgrounds, based on their color (i.e. red pepper flakes, salt, oregano...), culminating with this discussion:
    Kung-Fu Jesus: The color lavender?
    pokecapn: Lavender is a plant.
    Kung-Fu Jesus: (laughs)’re joking, right?

Mario Party

  • A game of Paddle Battle quickly devolves down to Kung-Fu Jesus grunting. REALLY LOUDLY.
  • The Running Gag of medibot being good at minigames involving plants because they are a botanist.
  • This dialogue:
    medibot (playing as Luigi): I have extraordinarily long legs, I was bitten by a radioactive leg.
    Kung-Fu Jesus: You're not allowed to say that! Radioactive leg! Radioactive leg!!
    pokecapn: (through laughter) They don't have teeth!
    medibot: You shut your whore mouth!
    • Made even funnier in Mario Party 3 when Luigi metamorphoses into an even leggier version of himself. Waluigi.
  • Game: "Bowser Ran!" Medibot: "That's right, you better run!"
  • Kaz is the prettiest magical princess.
    • You mean MASTER OF DEVILS.
  • At one point in Mario Party 2, everyone starts vocalizing their characters' taunts instead of simply using them. Except KFJ, who despite a game effort simply cannot do the Yoshi "zip-zip" with his mouth. It becomes funnier when Yoshi switches to his Yoshi's Story voice in later installments... and Kaz can do the voice better than KFJ ever could.
  • "Honestly, rolling low is like the worst, because you can get a bonus star if you move around a lot." Cue KFJ rolling a 1 and scoring a star through a hidden block.
  • Mario Party 3 has a match of Slap Down that medibot wins handily.
  • Their first house rule of choice is "Wario Party", in which no one gets to see the instructions before each mini-game. This can lead to hilarity. For an excellent example of why, observe this game of Hide and Go BOOM! from Mario Party 4.
    Kaz: Ha, you're finished! I picked X!
  • This moment at the start of MP 4:
    Kung-Fu Jesus: If you complain about our handicaps... I'll find you.
    medibot: He's not kidding, I'm not the first medibot.
  • Kung-Fu Jesus (as Yoshi) builds up a star lead in 4 before being forced to play a pachinko Chance Time and giving away several stars to pokecapn. While the hosts wave at him happily.
    Kung-Fu Jesus: "Thanks for getting owned, Luigi!"
    medibot: They didn't even get your name right.
  • Mario Party 4: "You wanted a game with some semblance of fairness to it? Too bad, Waluigi Time!"
    • The entire running gag of Kaz's increasing frustration at how everyone wins the roulette wheel except him. He eventually gets his moment.
  • Mario Party 4, during the Avalanche! minigame. Pokecapn has built up a substantial lead, KFJ and Kaz have just been swept up by the avalanche and medibot looks not to far behind. Pokecapn then takes this opportunity to gloat:
  • Booksquirm from Mario Party 4.
    pokecapn: Harry Potter and the Get Fucked!
  • Kung-Fu Jesus passes Boo and chooses to steal coins from pokecapn. "22? You kidding me?" Seconds later, he's revealed to be exactly right. This leads to an argument about his imperfect precognition that devolves into whining, while Kaz is overwhelmed by the power of devils.
  • "A true Rasta-man does not gamble!"
  • In Mario Party 5, Kaz gets chased by a herd of stampeding thwomps at the end of the Squared Away mini-game.
    • Don't forget the penguins pushing pokecapn off the edge!
  • Mario Party 5, turn 31. They play Submarathon, and it takes them a full minute to figure out how to move.
  • This little gem from KFJ after losing Big Top Drop:
    Kung-Fu Jesus: If no one wins, I don't win.
  • In Mario Party 5, medibot, as Waluigi, has been holding a Bone capsule at some point. KFJ, as Yoshi, lands on a Chain Chomp space and chooses Waluigi as the target, not knowing what the bone would do to Chain Chomps, despite pokecapn having explained it earlier and pleading with him not to choose Waluigi as his target. The result is the Chain Chomp gets lured away from Waluigi by the bone, causing pokecapn to cry out in Angrish, all while berating KFJ for being so stupid. Of course, KFJ's blood alcohol content at the time may have had something to do with it.
    • Even more hilarious, briefly beforehand, KFJ, sick of the Wiggler Space, declares his anger at it, and erases it. This prompts Pokecapn's voice to become strained and tearful as he berates KFJ:
    Pokecapn: Do you realise what you've done?
    Kung-Fu Jesus: I have eliminated a source of income.
    Pokecapn: You've broken the Contract!
  • Mario Party 5, turns 41-45: Kaz dueling medibot for 1 coin.
    • Even funnier is right after, when the goons try to pronounce "un coin" in French. It ends with something sounding like a pissed-off duck.
    Kung-Fu Jesus: Indeed.
  • "Woodpecker butthole."
  • pokecapn plays a Duel Minigame against a now-silent medibot that's called "Piece Out". To pokecapn's horror it turns out to be a puzzle minigame. medibot thrashes pokecapn, who struggles to find the goal of the minigame. The minigame is about to end in a flawless victory for medibot, prompting pokecapn to start panicking.
    pokecapn: I...I don't understand! I don't know how this game works! SEND HELP!
  • At the end of turn 10 in Mario Party 6, they play the dreaded Fruit Talktail, which medibot rightly fears when it's selected. One word:
    MyNameIsKaz: Grapes.
    • The microphone itself has learned to fear that word. See Mario Party 7. "Did you say Grapes?"
  • The first instance of medibot's "You're Lousy!" taunt in 6.
    medibot: I didn't know it would do that!
    • Its usage near the end of Mario Party 6, which 'defeats' Kung-Fu Jesus:
    medibot: I need bigger numbers to come out of my number box.
    Kung-Fu Jesus: You need to shut the hell up.
    Waluigi: You're lousy!
    Kung-Fu Jesus: Ohhhhh, I've just been owned!
  • Early in Mario Party 6, they have a lackluster game of Burnstile. It shows up again as the final minigame, and this time the teams are more fair.
  • During Mario Party 6, Kaz bakes some cookies for the posse to eat. But then they notice that Kung-Fu Jesus has not eaten one yet.
    Kaz: How are the cookies?
    pokecapn: (muffled) They're fantastic.
    Kaz: They are also filled with the power of devils. (Evil Laugh)
    pokecapn: (to KFJ) Eat a cookie! What's wrong with you?
    KFJ: I'm full. Of beer.
    medibot: (muffled) I'M FULL OF THE DEVIL!
  • Something happens to the recording in Mario Party 7. KFJ and pokecapn decide to investigate.
  • In Mario Party 7, Kung Fu Jesus tries to confuse the mic.
    pokecapn: What is the sound of 3000 mice clicking "unsubscribe"?
  • "WELCOME TO HELL." "Oh I've been there. It's sunny. You wouldn't think so being-" "THE SUN...THE SUN is because we recently re-adjusted the blinds. On the windows TO HELL!"
  • In Mario Party 7:
  • pokecapn's frustrated non-sequiturs during the Picture This minigame, including "PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA", "Charles, get out of my head!" and the usual "Get some get some get some get some."
  • "Skating-board is for cool kids only!" is made especially funny due to it being a Call-Back from long ago.
  • "The bombs touched."
  • In Mario Party 8, everyone's reactions to the candy powerups. And medibot finally starts saying "Delicious."
  • When starting Mario Party 9, pokecapn goes to the handicap menu to "carry over" their totals from Sonic Shuffle, but his method of deciding handicaps leaves everyone with zero Mini-Stars anyway.
    • To clarify: pokecapn gets zero Mini-Stars for being Knuckles, medibot gets zero for getting last place (which they didn't), Kaz gets zero for winning, and Kung-Fu Jesus gets zero for entirely forgetting Sonic Shuffle.
  • Mecha Choice. "WE DIE, WE DIE TOGETHER!" Which leads to both of them getting first place and realizing that's a viable strategy when down to two players in that game.
  • The Reverse Minigamenote . Cue everyone getting into position to get squished by a Thwomp, except for medibot, since they don't trust Bowser.
  • pokecapn's repeated utterances of "Boner!" in Mario's voice.
  • "Why am I wearing an adult diaper?"
  • KFJ slipping into a Plinkett impression towards the end of Mario Party 9.

Sonic Shuffle

  • It's like something out of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
    Kung-Fu Jesus: Oh my God, we foiled Eggman's stupid plot!
  • "I'm Amy!" "No, you're not!"
  • A mini Humiliation Conga for Kaz: The wing that he's on blows up out of nowhere, causing him to lose 30 Rings. Then KFJ uses a Medium to call all players to the space he's on, preventing Kaz from using the hammer space that was right in front of him. While this is happening, pokecapn is flipping out over the random explosion and KFJ is talking in a hilarious voice. It's a lot funnier than it sounds.
  • When MyNameIsKaz gets the most emblems as part of a bonus, pokecapn lapses into Buffy Speak regarding one of the bonus conditions.
    MyNameIsKaz: I won the most duels...
    pokecapn: Piece of shit! You won just because of that stupid-ass fuck thingy?!
    KFJ: Yep, he just won because of that stupid ass-fuck thingy.

Stupid Games Done For Money

  • The Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 2D segment, which somehow practically recreates the original's flaws. This includes the battle with Silver, to their horror.
    medibot: Now we're playing Sonic Two Thousand Numbers!
    • A lot of the funny comes from the other guys having to explain to Kaz that yes, Sonic really did have to balance on a big plastic/metal ball in the original game, and yes, the boss fights were exactly that goofy and stupid.
    • "Which half of a dick is the second half?"
  • Kaz going on a tirade during the Egg Wyvern battle in his Prof. Pickle voice. One guy proceeded to ask if he can read Harry Potter in the voice.
    • Not just a tirade, a tirade of the Surreal Comedy Stylings of Twitter spambot Horse_eBooks. The Prof. Pickle voice gradually segues into the Dracula Voice over time.
    • And then he used the same voice to recite lyrics from "Hollaback Girl".
  • "Cats are about as smart as babies, right?"
  • The posse have a Kraft Cheesy Skillet meal. Medibot responds appropriately.
    • "So it's still cheese; it just got stopped partway through." "So it's a cheese abortion."
  • Medibot's reaction to not being able to eat the food in The Sunset Rubdown.
  • Calling the people monitoring the chats "zookeepers".
  • The horse alarm story.
  • From God Hand: The posse critique academia and take the opportunity to sing along.
  • Kaz's "Speed Run" of Super Metroid, in which Samus creates a new dance sensation, the others snark about Metroid: Other M, and Kaz faces danger under pressure.
    Kung-Fu Jesus: Now you have to precision wall jump.
    MyNameIsKaz: (hyperventilating) Uhhhh, too scaryyyy...
    Kung-Fu Jesus: I give you one, maybe two chances to fuck up.
    pokecapn: What happens if you do?
    MyNameIsKaz: I die I die I die I die I die... (brave leap! ...onto false spikes and the escape tunnel) I chicken out!
  • "Sonic the Floathog": Kaz's existential horror about the whole matter ("Is this what it's like to planeswalk?" "It's actually much worse."), Pokecapn's nonchalant declaration that "I'm near the whatsit teleporters. The ones that go zip." And, of course, discovering Knuckles' secret power.
    Kaz: [right after Hydrocity Zone Act 2] ...what did you put in the noodles?

    Kung-Fu Jesus: What do you know, we have a donation. $5 from David, who says 'Sonic the Hedgehog causes existential despair.'
    pokecapn: Three hundred dollars for 'OH GOD, STOP PLAYING.'

Sonic Generations

  • "Why is there a cutscene?" *Sonic shrugs* "And Sonic doesn't know either!"
  • Chekhov's Chili Dog:
    MyNameIsKaz: "C'mon cutscene, don't go all Chekhov's chili dog on us."
    pokecapn: "So, at the end of the game he'll pop back out into his own world and then catch the chili dog!"
  • Speeding through both acts of Green Hill Zone, and getting an S Rank in both...
    pokecapn: ...I MAY have played a demo or two...
    • ...Only to get their first death seconds into Chemical Plant Zone Act 2.
  • The return of the horse alarm story.
    MyNameIsKaz: [medibot and I] were gonna go be wizards together, but it was late at night, so we both slept. He woke me up with a horse.
    medibot: I woke everyone up with a horse.
  • "You're like a squirrel, you have to leap to your death just because you saw something..."
  • It's not an official LP episode, but... THIS happened in Speed Highway. The video name is even a nice callback to the American Sonic 3 manual.
  • At the beginning of this video, pokecapn constantly boosting to make it look like Sonic is skidding his way to Speed Highway, along with their chanting "WhoooAAAooooAAAAH!" It has to be seen to be truly appreciated.
  • In Modern Speed Highway:
    medibot: I have one of those in MY office!
  • In Classic Speed Highway, seeing a sign in the background which says "Chao Gelato: DELICIOUS!" which happens to be one of medibot's catch phrases.
  • Their reactions to the GUN Truck in both versions of City Escape, but especially Classic.
    medibot: This is the angriest truck in the world!
  • pokecapn's multiple Epic Fails in Seaside Hill, especially him falling into the SAME spike trap THREE TIMES in Act 1.
    pokecapn: Ah, fuck it, let's just go. *starts boosting through water, runs out halfway through* OH! OUT OF BOOST! *dies*
    • Pokecapn's multiple Big "No!"s when faced with the giant wheels at the end of Act 1, especially the one that follows Sonic around the loop.
    • Their reaction to Espio's appearance:
      pokecapn: Let's see how they mangled his voice actor.
      Espio: Thank you, my friend. Beware, for I have looked into the soul of our enemy and I saw only darkness.
      pokecapn: ...they've made it FANTASTIC is what they've DONE!
    • YMMV on this, but when they were about to drown in act 1... They said "IT'S NO USE!" And they haven't even gotten to Crisis City yet, let alone Silver...
  • On the subject of Crisis City, the 10th episode in the LP ends with them having unlocked the final set of levels, each one from a game they've previously LP'd. There is absolute silence as they're shown. You can practically feel the Oh, Crap! at seeing Crisis City.
  • In Crisis City Classic there's pokecapn's reaction to the fire tornado dragging the goal post away.
    • And his lampshading of the obvious subtext of Blaze's speech:
      Blaze: Sonic, I hope we can keep this slip up of mine just between the two of us, all right?
      pokecapn: "This slip up of mine". Also known as "the entirety of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)".
    • Even funnier is how Kaz seems fascinated with the level, seeing as how he wasn't there to experience all the pain associated with it.
  • In Planet Wisp act 1, they get caught in the 2 springs facing each other. After easily getting out they just go back in there.
  • Their reactions to seeing Sonic snowboarding up a tower, getting hit and awkwardly falling back down to his death.
    • From the same video—the boss fight with Silver yields quite the Catharsis Factor...
  • The fight with the Egg Dragoon... set to Sonic Boom. It matches up perfectly with the cutscene, and they even point this out.
    • Not to mention the title of the video the boss battle was in: A mondegreen turned Eggman's "Time for a change of pace!" into "Primed To Arrange Your Face."
  • The ending cutscene has this gem.
    Sonic: Hey Sonic! Enjoy your future! It's gonna be great!
    medibot: (bursts into tears)
  • Some of the music choices they make during the their skill runs can be quite hilarious, such as "A New Venture" during a mission with Espio. They lampshade how it fits the level itself, but at the same time doesn't fit the mission.
  • Here, all are pokecapn.
  • In one of the missions from Crisis City, the goons start discussing about how an Iblis Biter was awaiting Sonic behind a pillar of fire. They then liken the pillar of fire to a chocolate fountain. The discussion only gets funnier from there.
  • pokecapn: No.
    medibot: What are you, Crisis City Classic? Moving the goalpost?
    pokecapn: Yeah, if you want to move the goalpost, that was in the last video.
  • From the last video:
    • A Call-Back to the Sonic And The Black Knight LP that lapses into an invocation of Book Ends before going off on even funnier tangents
    • Pokecapn demonstrates how to exploit a good bad bugs.

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