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  • Whenever Dan is on the verge of crashing and he pulls out of it, the scream he makes in doing so is always funny to hear.
  • In Aerofly FS, Dan gets a bit too playful with glider wings, and ends up causing them to tear off.
    • In a future video where he plays Aerofly RC from the same developer, he even says that it is his favorite moment. The fact that it wound up in both of the "Nerd in a Nutshell" videos should attest to that.
  • While many of Dan's Hell Videos entail a lot of moaning and deliberately setting out to be deadpan (and in general the poor response to these videos was what got the series cancelled), Dan's reaction to the music which plays while driving a vehicle in Farm Expert 2016 is practically joyful to watch. He likens the music to several cosmetic commercials, and eventually has to stop himself because he was enjoying making up commercials too much!
  • What God does at the end of the Scribblenauts video. He walks up to a dead child...and then starts doing press-ups on top of him. Cue Dan freaking out loudly.
  • In his Batman: Arkham City he lands on a rooftop with several Mooks on it. He stands there for 7 seconds before some finally notices.
    "The Bat's here!"
  • The guards licking EYES!'s face during a cut scene in Hard Time.
    • Also from Hard Time, when EYES! got arrested for open firing on the guards in the prison with a gun, the judge is in favor with EYES!.
    • Note that when EYES! opens fire on several guards and almost kills all of them, he is ruled innocent, but when he simply picks up a pistol and does nothing with it, he is ruled guilty.
  • Dan's reaction to a ghost train killing his horse.
  • How Cleverbot pronounces her name, and Dan's reaction to it.
  • The plane noises Dan makes in Hitman: Blood Money whenever he restarts.
  • Dan's reaction to the Guybrush Threepwood Statue, and ability to play as him in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2.
  • When Dan first tries to access his car in Grand Theft Auto IV: Carmageddon
    Into the alley, into the alley! (Several cars are jamming the alley) Out of the alley! Out of the alley!
  • When Dan performs the final Coup de Grace (x2) on the Metal Gear RAY when playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the sheer spectacle of it leaves him speechless the first time. The second time just causes him to question whether it's a Metal Gear game through his laughter.
    "This is about as Metal Gear as a game is fucking Fifty Shades of Grey! I don't even understand what's going on!"
  • Dan making Kennith Kennithson a "pwetty pwincess" in his The Sims 3 video.
  • Dan's deformed avatar in Harry Potter: Kinect.
    • The Kinect failing to recognize Dan's face.
    Dan: It's really bad at picking up my face for some reason. I don't have a face that it recognizes and once I mooned it and it recognized my face.
  • Dan's laughing whenever something ridiculous happens.
  • A DadCubed example. When playing Skate 3, Steve remarks on his character.
    Steve: I've made the character a bit chubby by the way. It's a bit like Dan.
    Dan (offscreen): Fuck you!
    Steve: Ahahahaha!
    • Another one from Dan's own video of Skate 3, ATTACK HUG!
  • Dan lets his British driving knowledge get the better of him during the decidedly German OMSI Bus Simulator.
    Dan: *driving in the left lane* There's a guy on the wrong side of the road....OH IT'S ME! *drives over to the right lane*
  • From his full Bully LP:
    • After beating up a jock in the shower, Dan is crouching and sneaking right behind another jock in the pool room to avoid getting seen. As Dan mentions that he's being sneaky, another student walks by.
    Sheldon: Hi Jimmy!
    • When kneeing Ted the prep in the balls in front of his girlfriend/first cousin, Dan says "Right in the cousin-maker!"
  • NightHood & Decoy interrupting Dan's Snake video.
  • From the Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag video:
    • Noticing an odd shaped shadow appear on the beach as he comes ashore, only to turn around and see his own ship falling out of the sky into the ocean apropos of nothing. Dan is understandably confused.
    Dan comes board his now beached ship: I'll be honest lads, you kind of fucked the boat.
    • Encountering a jaguar with some odd pathing issues.
    Dan doing a wildlife documentary: And here we see the wild jaguar confused *breaks out in laughter as the jaguar falls off a platform* and falling off of a platform. *jumpcut* Ah, and after a little while we see the jaguar has to its home plinth. Oh its seen me, oh and its confused, oh and its confused, and its dropped off again. The jaguar, natures really stupid fucking creature.
  • Barbie's inspiration wall.
  • Martyn getting crushed by a plane door in Grand Theft Auto V. Dan decides that nothing can top that so he ends the video there.
  • In Dan's "commute" challenge video for GTAV, there's The Reveal of Dan's horn being "Montagues And Capulets".
    • About a minute later, the following brief exchange occurs:
    Passing Driver: (honks horn) Cocksucker! (drives off)
    Dan: Yeah, well...(honks "Montagues and Capulets" horn)
  • About 28 minutes into his I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden video, he finally figures out he can destroy an obstacle that gave him several minutes worth of grief. His joy is short-lived.
    Dan: I did it! Woohoo! *plunges into water* OH, FOR FAAA-HAA-HAAAA-HAAAARGH!
  • In his video on Sir, You Are Being Hunted, he is calmly spying on some enemies near a campfire. But then he looks to the left...
    Dan: Hmm...yeah, we can- WHAT...THE that tentacled monstrosity?
  • Dan getting crushed by a glitchy boat in Far Cry 3. He even breaks his perma-death rule when the majority of commentors agreed it was unfair.
  • Whatever "this" is.
  • "I think I broke trust when I broke necks."
    • Also from OMSI 2:
  • In his Spider-Man 2 playthrough, after throwing a bunch of enemies off a roof he says this gem:
    Dan: Spider-Man, hero of many, murderer of some.
    • In the same video, right at the beginning:
    Dan: I'm Spiderma— shit, I left the web fluid at home. *SMAAAAAAAAASSHHHH*
  • In the Worms Crazy Golf video, Dan decides to kill a sheep who ate his ball by whacking golf balls at it. His first golf ball flies right over the sheep and nails a groundskeeper, prompting him to commit suicide.
  • At around 15:32 in his video on Cook, Serve, Delicious!, he is casually flipping through the list of upgrades, but then glances at the entry for "Enhance Security", which uses an image of a handgun. This prompts a hilarious, "What the fuck?!"
    • While he is serving ice cream...
    Dan: "Sprinkles is "P". Why? Why are sprinkles "P"?" *Toilet minigame appears* "Oh, now I have to pee..."
    • Later on...
    Dan:"What's sprinkles? Sprinkles is "P". (beat) And then...a toilet comes up."
  • Airport Simulator 2014,
    • Facing a seven minute wait before he can carry out another task, Dan decides to quickly explain the Five Stages of Grief. Come stage 2 (anger):
    Dan: Get off the plane quicker you fat FAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAA-! (cut to stage 3)
    • And just before that, his immediate reaction to the long wait times:
    Dan: Help me! I'm trapped in the worst airport in the WOOOOORRRRRLLLLLDDDDD!
  • Dan hiding a guards head in some salad in his many kills play-through of Dishonored
  • This montage of bizzarre background objects occurs when Dan goes wandering around away from his train during Train Simulator 2014, mostly involving houses that look like faces...and one that doesn't.
    Phillip: Huh...Margery, have you spoken with the council?
    Margery: No, Phillip, why?
    Phillip: Uh, well, there's a car coming at no miles per hour whatsoever.
    Margery: Is that a bad thing?
    Phillip: I don't know, it depends if it's stopped at this moment in ti— IT'S NOT STOPPED, MARGERY!
    R.I.P. Margery and Phillip
  • Doc Mitchell from Fallout: New Vegas tells Dan that when he says a word to say the first word that comes to mind. Dan answers every one with "Penis" and almost says that when Doc Mitchell asks "Mother", but corrects himself before he can finish saying the word.
  • During the first The Sims 3 video, Kennith nearly falls into the toilet from having the Clumsy trait.
    Dan: I'm so glad I bought that life preserver!
  • "The opposite of a LEGO Minifigure of the Spiderman.
  • In his video on Hack And Slash, Dan gets a bit playful with hacking a nest of turtles, and..."Oh, FUCK FUCK FUCK! Too many turtles!"
    • Later on, he tries to sort the problem out carefully, then gives up and sets the spawner to spawn "ALL THE TURTLES IN THE WORLD!", which he sings to the tune of the last two lines of "Cwm Rhondda".
  • In Part 11 of his Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force playthrough, Dan's gleeful shooting spree through Voyager with his brand-new photon torpedo launcher is absolutely hilarious.
  • One of Dan's biggest fits of hysterical laughter occurred in his Driving Simulator 2013 video, where he becomes so bored that he decides to drive on the wrong side of an autobahn and crash into another car. His car continues, while the other car is sent flying.
  • "Honey, why is the dog beatboxing?"
  • Dan's progression from fear to anger when he finds the fake mechanical spider in Limbo, after spending the rest of the video avoiding the real one.
    • Later on, he rolls a boulder and dodges it, causing the spider to get crushed underneath it. Cue momentary pause before he enjoys finally beating the spider. Too bad it was still alive, as the Gilligan Cut that follows his usual conclusion states.
    • And then, after ripping off the spider's last remaining leg:
    Dan: *stares in silent shock*
    Spider leg: *twitch twitch*
    Dan: *scream*
  • In Train Simulator 2015, Dan exploits the way that the game simulates the Doppler Effect, discovering that the effect even extends to moving the camera separate from the train. He discovers some church bells, and hilarity, combined with DJing, ensues.
  • WWE 2K15:
    • In a sadly scrapped video, Dan is playing a ladder match. He suddenly encounters a glitch that causes everything to go berserk and makes the game crash. Dan once again has a fit of hysterical laughter upon seeing it. What transpired really must be seen to be believed.
    • A similar thing happened in his actual WWE 2k15 video that was truly Game Breaking.
    • Pretty much every line out of Dan's mouth during the Randy Orton/Brock Lesnar match, with some of the notable ones being:
    • From his Royal Rumble challenge:
      And the final person in, I hope it's a massive, massive girl. That's what I'm sort of hoping for. (Entrant #30: Brock Lesnar) Oh, fuck off!
    • During his I Can't See You! challenge, he messes up the character order during a royal rumble and consequently mistakes an NPC for the character he was supposed to be playing. He goes on to try and defeat himself, succeeds at defeating himself, and plays on for 10 minutes unaware that he had been eliminated and wasn't actually controlling anything. Made all the funnier by his subsequent commentary on the unedited footage.
    • One video has Dan and Emma playing all the matches on the Wrestlemania 31 card. They run into a bit of a problem at the Divas tag team match: they don't have the Paige DLC, and since they can't create custom divas in the game, they decide to create a male version of Paige instead, to stand in for the real one. And since mixed-gender tag matches are't possible in this game, they have to use male superstars to stand in for the other three divas (AJ Lee and the Bellas). So we have CM Punk (AJ Lee's real life husband) and "Paige"(a pale skinned man with long black hair and a black and purple unitard) vs the Usos (the only other non-DLC tag team with the twins gimmick in the game), who are standing in for the Bellas. Dan claims that you won't even notice the difference.
  • Dan spends the last three minutes of his video on QbQbQb trying desperately to remember the word "pinata". It's only right at the end of his standard outtro when he finally, and loudly, remembers it.
  • In the Motion Commotion challenge, Dan crashes his plane headlong into the ground while trying to land. The failure message noted that he hadn't deployed his landing gear. Made even funnier when, a couple crashes later, a failure message notes that the vehicle was destroyed, meaning that the game should have been able to recognize the primary problem of that failure.
    • The description should let you know the struggle he faced:
    "AKA Why GTA V isn't on the Wii."
  • In the Raton Canyon Rampage episode of Little and Cubed, Dan and Martyn are playing a TDM where a player on a jet-ski has to flee from another player in a Lazer. Eventually, Martyn tries to kill Dan who was just sitting on his jet-ski waiting for him, but Martyn clips the Lazer's wing on a tree and goes straight into the water. Dan's laugh is beyond hilarious.
  • In one of the GTAV heist setup missions, Dan tells the team that they will be doing it nice and stealthily...and proceeds to drive through the mission area in a pimped-out pink supercar, running over the rest of the team in the process.
    • The second and third Heist videos are a cavalcade of hilarious Surrounded by Idiots moments on Dan's part—and in the first he's surrounded by just one idiot, namely Martyn.
    Dan: You said we had to kill someone!
    Martyn: That's what he... he said something about doing something.
    Dan: (sputtering) What d'you mean something about doing something?!?
  • In Google Feud, the game challenges him to complete the search term "do birds _____". After some thought, Dan opts to enter "fart". It turns out to be the second answer. Dan just can't contain himself.
  • In his Haze video, he ragequits because of a cutscene.
    Dan: There! That's Haze, it's awful! Ergh...
  • The entirety of the Nerd³ Plays...FaceRig video.
    Dan (as a female anthropormorphic fox): I don't understand question, what is...what is furry?
  • Nerd³'s Hell... The Alien Wasteland. The objective of the game is to get 9 petrol cans before you're killed by aliens that come in waves. The thing is, once you grab the can, you can drop infinite petrol cans with it, which means you can beat the game on Wave 1 just by infinitely throwing all petrol cans in your truck.
  • When doing a challenge in Spider-Man 2 to perform the pizza delivery missions (which, by the by, are infamous for how difficult they are), Dan gets angry as the video goes on. And it is hilarious to watch.
    In-game Woman: Get a job!
  • The end of the Tony Hawk: American Wasteland video.
    Dan: And on that note...
    Protagonist: Thanks again for watching my stuff!
  • Dan attempts to read legal stuff in Transformers: Devastation.
  • The entire last quarter of the reboot announcements shown during the 12-hour livestream. "The Big One" that Dan was teasing people about in a previous video about the Reboot was, in fact, the faux Tear Jerker reveal that he was to quit his main role of Nerdcubed and give his title and responsibilities to another person. Who did he have in mind to become the next Nerdcubed? None other than Ashens. Following this reveal, he began to have a long interview with Stuart as to how he going to start his new job. Later on in the discussion, Stuart then straight-up stated that juggling both his own channel and the Nerdcubed would be too much for him and abruptly left the Skype call that he and Dan shared, despite his attempts at convincing him. Of course, Dan later revealed that the whole thing was a joke that he cleverly set up a day in advance. To say the least, the Twitch livestream and Nerdcubed subreddit exploded in insults towards Dan for playing them for complete fools.
    • Once Ashens leaves, the screen cuts to black, overlaid with the sound of Dan working a rotary phone. After a few seconds of dial tone, the other person Dan had mentioned asking to be the new Nerdcubed responds thusly:
    Totalbiscuit: For the last time, NO!
  • Dan goes through his annual WWE Game Roster Rundown for WWE 2K16, but this time he includes the Divas.
  • In the FW video for ''Tokyo School Life, close to the end, his character crashes into a teenage girl, and the game implies that he gropes her. Dan drops his controller and NOPEs out of the room then and there. He ends up leaving the camera on for two minutes.
  • As Dan is talking about RollerCoaster Tycoon World in his Hates video, he points out that the music gets unfittingly frantic and sinister at points.
    "I'm trying to build a theme park, not be attacked by a giant shark!"
  • On a related note, the way he opens up his RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile video with Mood Whiplash ends up being humorous in its own way.
    "Hello, procrastinators! And DON'T BUY ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON 4 MOBILE."
  • Dan's mounting panic in Part 50 of his Fallout 4 playthrough as Ingram powers up their makeshift Relay, ending with:
    Ingram: Emitter's spiking, but steady. All that's left is to throw the transmit switch.
    Dan: Don't, I changed my mind!
    Ingram: Transmitting in three...
    Dan: Don't!
    Ingram: Two...
    Dan: I'm gonna poo!
    Ingram: One.
    Dan: I POOED!
    Ingram: Stay safe, soldier.
    Dan: That's not one! [ZZZAP]
  • Dan's mounting frustration as he tries to play RollerCoaster Tycoon World is pretty amusing, if anything due to how shoddy the game is in its Early Access state. It all starts after he opens the pirate ship ride and tries out the ride view...
    *a spanner icon pops up as a loud bang rings out* "Oh my God, what was that? ...DID THIS JUST BREAK DOWN?!"
    • And then he struggles to figure out how to hire mechanics to fix it. When he figures it out, he is not happy.
    "Buildings... staff. OH, 'CAUSE STAFF ARE A FUCKING BUILDING!! *headdesk*"
  • In his video of Forestry 2017: The Simulation, we see what is quite possibly one of the funniest glitches in any of his videos. His horse slowly flips over, still completely rigid, and slowly rolls away down the hill. Cue Dan completely losing it.
  • The fact that he used the 2.5 million subscriber special to put Matt through an Ironic Hell for not giving back his Hustle DVDs and show how Grand Theft Auto Online's microtransactions were terrible.
  • The video on Cloudlands: VR Minigolf is mostly a hilarious montage of failure, with some truly wonderful displays of anger. Of particular note is when Dan putts the ball less than an inch from the hole... and sends it straight over it.
    *the ball rolls back into the hole*
    Dan: Fucking right.
  • In his video on some short VR "movies", in the first one (Star Wars: Trials on Tattooine), the regular text plays and he waits for the Star Wars logo, but got jumpscared by it coming out of his face.
  • In the finale of the Prison Architect Completes series, Dan's reaction as the results screen tallies his victims and just keeps going... and going... and going... and going... and going... and going...
    "Oh dear. Oh dear! Oh dear. Oh... Oh dear. Oh... Oh dear! Oh God! Oh Christ! Jesus! Jesus, Jesus Christ! Lord, Jesus! Jesus Fucking-! Jesus! Jesus murdering-! Fucking Jesus Christing- Jesus! Fucking-Christing! Jesus shitting fucking Jesus Christ! Jesus. Jesus ...God! I'm a fucking monster!"
  • When building his first ship in The Last Leviathan, Dan puts on the largest possible sail on his dinghy of a boat... and turns it into a Kite. Later he discovers rocket boosters and the game turns into Kerbal Space Program.
  • Dan doesn't get off to the greatest start with his ARK: Survival Evolved Permadeath. While his character is getting up (before he can start controlling him), a giant scorpion is standing right next to him. He then has to re-do the opening.
    Dan: Welcome— OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE!! JESUS!
    Take 2
    • And then by episode number 10, he completely ruins the series by accidentally setting one of the in-game sliders to 33, meaning that everytime he chopped a tree, he'd get absurd XP. For example, with just a few chops to the first tree in the episode, he went from level 35 to 69.
  • In the first episode of his Completes series for The Sims 3, Dan is trying to get Kennith Kennithson to get all the babies into their new apartment. Unfortunately, he can only take one baby at a time, which necessitates leaving the rest outside in the street. And then a guy in a llama costume turns up...
    Dan: Oh my God, a pedophile's turned up already!
  • When Dan goes back to play a later version of, he starts playing around with the simulation settings. Hilarity Ensues when he finds the gravity controls.
    Dan: And... then we can just slam it back down to the ground. [Bursts into laughter as the H45 Ambulance collapses into a fiery pile of metal] Turned into fucking confetti!
  • A particularly amusing moment comes from his experience with Project CARS in VR when he gets sick of driving, physically scoots himself over to the other seat and looks to see that his driver model lacks a head.
    Dan: You know what? Fuck it! I don't wanna drive anymore. [scooting] Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! I'm gonna sit in this passenger seat. Somebody else drives—-AAAAHHHH!!!
  • Both of his Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator videos are comical gold.
    Dan: Well, at the end of all that, it's almost too bad that that wasn't actually the king penguin and that was a suicide bomber. nuke explosion
  • In Dan's first video of Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades, he fails twice at firing a handgun. The second time, he hits the button that causes the gun to dispense its magazine.
    Dan: What "Material" is this "Anti-"?! The entire fucking Moon?!
  • In Dan's second video of Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades, he plays the Gunnasium level (AKA M.C. Escher's Gym). From his accidental reversal of "don't put your finger on the trigger" to his breaking of the 4th wall so he can explain that he's hamming it up for the video to having a conversation with his brain after he reacts appropriately to almost slipping off a ledge, the hilarity is taken up to eleven.
    Dan: Hey, brain?
    Dan's brain: Yeah?
    Dan: You're playing VR.
    Dan's brain: Oh shit, yeah, you're right. I forgot. Sorry.
    "Ah, go fuck yourself."
  • Nerd³ Presents: LA VR Noire: The VR version of L.A. Noire allows him to completely control the main character's arms and hands, allowing him to become Cole Phelps: hardboiled 1940s detective and Literal-Minded, clumsy idiot who Drives Like Crazy.
    "Okay, so we only killed about three people on the way here. That's pretty good for this town!"
  • Dan discovers what the 'Haywire' ability does in Grand Theft Auto V's 'Complex Control' mod.
  • "At least we haven't been hit by a missile...Oh."
  • Whilst playing Wrestling Revolution 3D, by the same creator of Hard Time, Dan accidentally makes Brook Laser climb a ladder when he doesn't want to. To get down, he simply makes his character leap off the tall lader headfirst into the concrete below. But oh no! Dan's opponent is also climbing the ladder! What happens next is too hilarious to describe with words!
  • Pretty much the entirety of this. Summary: Dan (who is admittedly not a huge fan of pornography) watches porn in VR, describing it to the viewers (and Rebecca). Hilarity Ensues.
  • In his Totally Accurate Battle Simulator playthrough, one of the battles includes the Grim Reaper. Who manages to win several battles without a scratch... until he suddenly explodes after getting shot by a sniper.
  • In his video on Among Us, one of his teammates is named Brexit. Dan immediately declares his intention to blame Brexit for any deaths based solely on the name, straight up saying "it was brexit" in the chat before the game starts. Dan then dies soon after the game starts, but then people see the message he left in the chat, and swallowed it hook, line and sinker (one even questioned how Dan supposedly managed to chat while dead). Including Brexit themself! Dan is absolutely mortified that his mucking around ended up getting an innocent voted off. Better still is the fact that as he sees people voting, he slowly realises what's going on... And all of this while Dan wasn't even an imposter!