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  • In a general sense, anytime he's playing a game he enjoys or talking about something he likes. He's basically the audio version of When He Smiles.
  • What is one of the first things Dan does when when he hits 1,000,000 subscribers? He makes a video showing his favorite YouTubers.
  • When Dan gets emotionally attached to the baby badgers in Shelter.
  • Arguably 'this gay kiss' shows Dan sticking up for gay rights as many comments asked him to take that part of the video down and he refused by showing it many more times after that.
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  • The amount of people that Dan stuck up for in his Desert Bus videos.
  • Whenever Dan feels sad for Petey in Bully.
  • Dan's video with Hannah Hart where he reveals that she was his inspiration for quitting his "real job" and starting an exclusive career as a Youtube entertainer.
  • Dan using his publicity to help small indie games get greenlit on Steam.
  • Nighthood & Decoy helping Dan get rid of an unfair copyright claim.
  • Dan noticed on Twitter that his videos had been viewed half a billion times. DadCubed had this to say:
    "Congrats son on half a billion views, that's a bloody lot of laughs, here's to the next half billion."
  • Speaking of DadCubed, he and Dan shared a moment in one of their Father and Son-Days, reminiscing about an air show they used to see, and how the "Top Fun" games remind Dan of the air show, with Dan concluding with "I fucking love this game". It's a surprisingly sweet moment in a slew of videos where they cheerfully insult and murder each other, and shows that yes, they are family.
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  • In a meta sense, the several Take That!'s at HuniePop. He shows outright disgust towards the game's sexist... everything, seems to show concern for some of the characters, and, of course, there's the swimsuit section.
    Kyu: Quick, now's your chance. Before she goes to change, just say something; anything!
    Dan: Can't I talk to her when she's wearing clothes that she's comfortable in?
  • From his LEGO Worlds review, his sheer childlike joy as he plays through it is just so endearing to listen to.
  • One of the things that came with the reboot was a Patreon page to further Dan and co.'s game development efforts. Minutes after launching it during the Reboot Livestream, it soon ballooned from $600, to $1,000, and finally $6,000 per month, all in the same day.
  • Dan's first (proper, that is) video since the Reboot, Nerd³ Loves... Sonic the Hedgehog, is one in itself to show how much Dan has appreciated the original Sonic the Hedgehog due to being the first videogame he had ever played in his life. Not only that, but in two instances of the video, he shows old recordings of his four-year-old self playing Sonic amongst an audience of other children in the former, and being overjoyed at receiving a Sonic plush and socks for Christmas in the latter. It's really sweet that he even bothered to show the viewers how far he has come, starting from such humble beginnings.
    • Even better; That Sonic plush in the second bit? Dan confirmed in a tweet that it's in fact the same one used to create Bernie McBurnerson from the Harry Potter For Kinect video. D'aww.
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    • He seems to cause these every time he he plays a good Sonic game. Try watching his Sonic '06 series followed by his video on Sonic Utopia. The difference between angry disappointed Dan and Dan squealing with childish glee at finding a secret area from the original Sonic in 3D is a joy to behold. It's basically the same tonal difference as that between Batman Vs Superman, and the Adam West Batman series.
  • Just the sheer childlike joy that Dan showed while he played the Planet Coaster alpha is a pleasure to watch. After his less-than-thrilled reaction to Rollercoaster Tycoon World, he went from "high expectations" to "Completes series on release!".
    • In a similar vein, his first video on Spider-Man (PS4) had him fall in love with the webswinging after a couple of seconds. He'd been waiting for a long time for a game that could top the PS2's Spider-Man 2, and he's giddy over having finally got it.
  • Nerd³ Welcomes Everybody. Posted the day after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, and over half a year after Brexit.

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