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Nico, well, being Nico, since the very beginning had many glorious and hilarious moments that just had to be listed. Even though there might be too many of them...Warning! Beware, some jokes only make sense in context, so expect a lot of unhidden spoilers. You have been warned.

The SS L.P. can't handle all of this funny on one page, so we split it into separate pages:

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  • General
    • Everyone worshiping "lamp-sama", the lamp positioned behind NicoB. He even puts a kawaii face on it.
  • Spider-Man
  • A Hat in Time
    • Nico's reaction to when he got an achievement for looking up Porn on the Internet in the game.
    • Nico turns on online mode while checking out the new DLC, and is swarmed by Picky Penguins doing emotes and smacking him with umbrellas. It's funny for a while, until everyone's antics ruin a cutscene. So Nico decides to snaps everyone out of existence.
    • After plenty of difficulty reaching the correct area, Nico is treated to the best easter egg ever, Nyajima-san! See his reaction here.
  • Final Fantasy VII
    • Nico plays a modded version of the game, which causes quite a few hilarious moments.
    • Fighting the scorpion robot.
    Nico commands Barret to attack right as the boss enters it's counter stance.
    Cloud: Barret, be careful! If you attack while it's tail is up, it'll counter with it's laser!
    Nico!Barret: What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of me kicking ass!
    Scorpion counters with Repulsor Ray.note 
    Nico: Flat "What".
    • Nico reaches the infamous timing section in the second reactor.
    Nico: Oh god, it's this part, we all gotta time our button presses.
    Nico's first attempt is slightly off.
    Barret: #@*$! Close enough.
    Nico breaks down in laughter
    • Cloud falls through the roof of the church and is met with a horrifying sight: Aerith's original modelnote  missing her left eye.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    • The memes. Also, his reaction to anything Armstrong post-reveal.
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    • One of the Picky Penguins decides to bust out Fierce Deity Link. As Nico was in the middle of a Majora's Mask playthrough at the time, cue the chat and moderators desperately trying to keep Nico from looking too deeply into it.

    Comment of the Day 

Ever since Nico set up a patreon, Nico a 'Comment of the Day' section each episode (minus the first episodes of a brand new LP) before starting his mission after the intro where Nico select a great or funny comment from the Picky Penguin comment in his previous LP video. A lot of them deserve a funny mention.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles:
    • The very first Comment of the Day involved about how Riki somehow ended becoming the main character and save the Bionis.
    • "Shulk is a lucky guy. His two favorite things are tinkering with machines and Fiora. Now he can do both at the same time!"
    • One comment introduces Nico to the wonderful world of Reyn puns.
      Sharla: Jesus Christ...
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2:
    • Episode 15 by SeanTheTrueShadowLord:
    Drive Through Attendant: Hello! Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order?
    Kiryu: Yes, I would like...TENDER CLEAVAGE!!
    Drive Through Attendant: ...Um Excuse me?
    Kiryu: Sorry, I mean some chicken nuggets and also two Happy Meals.
    Majima and Haruka: Yeah!! HAPPY MEALS!!
    Kaoru: What about me, Kiryu? What do I get?
    Kiryu: You get the bill again!
  • Hunter × Hunter:
    • Nico comments on how after Killua took the heart of Johness, many people joke that Killua made a nobody or him being a Phantom Thief.
    • "Killua is what happens when you're at the level 99 in a RPG but you still get random battle encounters with level 5 scrubs."
    Killua "Ugh, I guess I'll kill you."
  • Kingdom Hearts III
    • One comment in one of his LP pointed out the irony of Nico forgetting that Xion was a replica.
    • Upon entering San Fransokyo, most of the LP comments of Ace Attorney characters being in it as well and also started the infamous Japanifornia jokes. Sadly this didn't end up as the comment of the day but it was pretty funny.
    Comment: "Eat your hamburgers, Sora!"
  • Steins;Gate 0:
    • Mayuri runs into KIRYU-CHANnote 
    • While many picky penguins were unsure about if Nico should keep the voice-acting on or off, the Steins;Gate worldline seems to provide an alternate solution.
    Comment: Escaping both world lines into steins gate: Nico speaks fluent Japanese and reads every line with as much emotion as the original voice actors.
  • The Great Ace Attorney
    • Jezail Brett is evil Haru.
    • 50 years from when the LP began, this LP is still going on.
    Nico: "Heeeello! This is NicoB and welcome back to The Great Ace Attorney! When we last left off we were in the middle of the 37th DLC case. It has been 50 years since the start of this LP. I have grown a full beard. The One Piece has been found. The Council of Voices has entered its fifth generation of cinematic universe. Larry is dead. Bernie has passed away but came back as Cyber-Bernie. I'm happily living with my wife Chiaki, who I managed to bring into the real world due to the current technology. Let's get cracking this case where Naruhodou has been accused of murder for the 100th time and the Counters have breached infinity."
    • An alternate scenario for The Great Ace Attorney Case 2, where instead of getting shoved into a bedpost by Nikomina, Asougi is successful in opening the cabin wardrobe to reveal Naruhodou. He calls Naruhodou his "cinnabitch" and declares that they're going on a honeymoon in London.
    • On the topic of Van Zieks' ridiculous animations:
    Naruhodou: These reactions of his keep getting more and more over the top.
    Van Zieks: I beg the court's forgiveness for jumping onto the Prosecutor's Bench and performing a Celtic dance while juggling mutton!
    • Nico having trouble reading the person who wrote the Comment of the Day for Episode 16 thanks to their username being in Japanese.
    • The comment of day for Episode 24 deserves special mention. The episode title for the previous episode was called Sticky Fingers. While this was meant to a statement of Gina and Egg both being thieves, many of the comments of that episode were about the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character of the same name. Because of how Nico has never watched that anime before, Nico goes on a little rant only to pick a comment that is all about how many comments were about JoJo. He mentions how hard it is to find a comment not about JoJo at all.

    One and Done 
  • While Presentable Liberty is still very dark, it loses most of it's seriousness due to Nico giving characters his usual voices. One of the YouTube comments sums it all in the best way.
    YouTube comment: Only in NicoB's channel will you find Igor risking his life to free the protagonist, who, after witnessing the Usami/Monokuma killing itself, must ignore Dr. Togami Money's order, and travel down the elevator of fate in order to see his manly man of a girlfriend baker across the street, all the while featuring the slimey #2 that is named Billy.
  • Video Game: The Game. All 50 glorious seconds of it.
  • OneShot reveals that The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You by saying the player's real life name multiple times throughout the story. If you read the main page, you'll notice that despite this, we don't know Nico's real name. Why? Because in the early game, before you can change the name, Nico just censors it out in various ways, first with a generic censor bar, then just replacing it with "Nico". And just the sheer unexpectedness of it is pretty funny. (The best part is the first time, where he just reads a pop-up, having to censor out his own voice before he realizes what's up)

This folder is basically for all videos that don't qualify as Let's Play, one-offs and/or Council of Voices episodes, so basically unboxings, trailer reactions, analysis, stream announcements, update videos etc. Some of examples from here might be moved in the future to their respective folders (like when game that video was made on comes out and Nico plays it for example).
  • From Let's Bond: Reading Comments, Nico discovers what Akuroku (Axel x Roxas) is. Needless to say, he looks baffled.
  • Nico's reaction to Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers has few such moments:
    • From 2013 reveal trailer, Eraqus' Keyblade lying on Destiny Islands.
    Sora (Nico): Wait, what's this doing here?note 
    • Nico: This trailer represents a game currently in development. The final game released in thirty years.
    • Nico losing his mind when he realizes that Sora is using transformed Keyblade.
    Nico: What in the fuck, is the shoo...*sees Double Arrowguns* OH, OH HE'S DOING IT! HE'S DUAL WIELDING! THE FUCKING CROSSBOWS, YEAH! There they are! He does learn hw to transform his some point.
    • And then he witnesses wonder of Attraction Flow.
    Sora's using Pirate Ship Flow
    Nico: What in the fuck is he ridi...WHAT IN THE HELL IS HAPPENING?
    Gameplay switches to Rock Titan boss fight and Big Magic Montain Flow
    Nico: Whoa, what in the...WHAT? Now he's runnin on the...what WHOA! He's fighting the Rock Titan?! What in the shit?
    • Donald being scared to death.
    • Overall it's funny how Nico is at loss of words and cannot finish sentences during E3 2015 trailer from jumping from one thing to another.
    Nico: *Double Arrowguns again* OH HE'S DOING THE THING! Oh it's playing my fucking jam too! I can't keep up, too many things are going on!
    • And then another Attraction flow, Shooting ride, gets summoned.
    Nico: Oh my god, another one?!
    • "Does anyone actually stay dead in this series?"
    • Twilight Town is back and with it even more plot.
    Nico: Ah fuck, Xemnas is back again?!
    Xemans tries to speak
    Donald (Nico): Shut up Xemnas!
    Nico: I swear, Xemnas and Ansem and all those guys can never stay dead, can they?
    • The opening quote for the last two trailers is actually a Shia LaBeouf reference.
    • Donald and Goofy meet their favorite actors in Toy Story world.
    Goofy (Nico): You know, you sound a lot like Tom Hanks.
    Donald (Nico): Is that Tim Allen behind you?! Holy shit, I loved you in Santa Clause! But not so much in everything else.
    • "Translation: light heart bark dark heart."
  • During DR figurines unboxing, Komaeda just wants to be closer to Hajime.
    Komeada (Nico): Let us hold hands, Hajime.
    Hajime (Nico): I'd rather not.
  • While the interruption of Nico's February 24th, 2018 update video is mostly something else entirely, there's something amusing about the fact that Zero continues to refer to the audience as "Picky Penguins".
  • One of Nico's livestream polls had a moment due to a case of Critical Research Failure involving one of the choises:
    Nekopara (Cutesy Cat-Girl Visual Novel)note 

    999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors 
  • One of running gags of the series is Akane trying to have sex with Junpei and him having no idea what she is talking about.
    • This only gets more hilarious when Nico reaches the infamous elevator scene, where the roles are reversed.
  • After Junpei extracts a key from a mannequin's organ:
    Clover: There's a key in this organ...
    Seven: Found a key in an internal organ.
    [Nico sputters out disbelieving laughter, then...]
    Nico!Seven: There's a key in this internal organ!
    Nico!Junpei: Yeah, but also, there's a key inside this organ.
    Nico!Seven: Yeah, but what I'm TRYING to say is that the KEY was INSIDE the ORGAN.
    Nico!Clover: But, you know, you're all missing the point: the key was inside the organ!
  • "SEEK A WAY OUT!" moments. Just... all of them.
    Junpei (Nico): BACON AND EGGS!
  • Of course, how can we forget Nico making his own ending of the game?
  • Nico's The Stinger when stopping the video before the reveal of Who was the one who killed Snake and Clover.
  • Any time Ace says "Behold, my brilliance!"

    Virtue's Last Reward 

    Persona 4 Golden 
  • It's the Marie-Signal!
  • Kanji Oh, Crap! moment when Nanako ate the cake the girls made.
    Nico (Kanji): NOOOOOO
    Kanji: NOOOOOO
  • Nico meets Naoto for the first time, a girl pretending to be a boy. Nico is generally not that good with those kinds of people, and the reason he falls for this one? The game calls Naoto a "slender young man". His response can be summed up as "Well, not gonna argue with that.", and more specifically, "That's an effiminate looking dude"
  • One boss has the ability to render Nico's allies Brainwashed and Crazy. Usually, this would be a big deal, but Nico has the Omnipotent Orb, which nullifies all attacks excluding Non-Elemental spells, which while one member of his team can use the top level version of that spell, it does slightly under half of his health, worrying, but not a problem. After that, Nico's panicking just gets silly when someone uses a medium level ice spell.
  • While the scene it comes from is tearjerking moment, Nico still finds a way to put in some humor.
    Hisano (A kind old lady, and the Death Arcana social link): I couldn't bear that... that stranger (a mental disorder, not Demonic Possession) in (her dead husband's) body, stealing his mind day after day. When he slept... I tried to kill him.
    • Bonus points for saying "I feel sad for her" in the same minute he says the previous line.
  • Nico's Player Punch when he ends up cheating leading to Valentines Day which ends with a Tear Jerker
    • Speaking of which, Nico's illusion spills the beans to Yukiko...
    Nico!Yukiko: You said you had sex with all these different girls, That I wasn't your true love, you told me in great detail how you fucked Naoto!
  • "Personnel also identified as research staff."
  • "Adachi-san is in danger, do I make a move? No, what the fuck am I saying?"
  • Kanji finding out he might not be gay anymore.
  • Nico acting manly when confronting the girls inside the hotsprings and being pelted with numerous buckets.
    Nico: Hold the line!!!



  • Nico can't seem to go one episode without having a full inventory stop him from getting something.
  • Saturn Valley. All of it.
  • The game asks for Nico's real life name, so of course, instead of his real name, he puts in NicoBanana Balls. Anyone who finished the game before will be impatient waiting for where this will lead.
  • Morishigue's Multi-Bottle Rocket: 2000 damage to Master Barf ("I think that might be a little broken"). Cue Nern with PK Starstorm Alpha: 300 damage. Nico is not impressed, even though Ness!Nico and Maya sure are.

     Gemini Rue 
  • At the beginning of the game, Nico tries to do everything on a gate. He gets... interesting results.
    Nico uses Hand on a gate
    Azrael (Nico): I'm gonna finger this.
    Azrael: It needs a key.
    Nico: laughs I stick my finger in the lock and twist.
    Azrael (Nico): Hmm, it's not working for some reason.

    Nico uses Foot on a gate
    Azrael (Nico):How about I foot it?
    Azrael: Doesn't budge.
    Nico: laughs again I actually did kick it! Eee, eee, damnit! (he makes fun of kicking animation which looks like Azrael is just swinging his leg in front of him)

    Nico uses Mouth on a gate
    Azrael (Nico): I'm gonna talk to the gate.
    Azrael: I can't use my mouth with that.
    Nico: hysterical laughter Ok, no, you're making this way too much fun for me, stop, just stop, ok? I can do that for fuckin hours, just going around and talking to trash cans and random gates.

    Nico uses Lockpicks on a gate
    Nico: laughs What the hell? Don't give that sass, man!

     Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma 
  • Zero Time Dilemma's Overly Long Gag involving Nico trying to guess who killed Junpei. Guessing Zero, Gab (How could a dog do it?), Junpei & Phi, who are currently dead, Eric, Mayor McCheese, the Hamburgular, Bernie, Donald Duck, Left, Brother, and Maria (I know, my dying little sister did this!) before finally deciding on Carlos
  • It's the M-Rated Kingdom Hearts!
  • Hot-Dog!
    • It starts off pretty ordinary, with Nico saying "hot-dog" after solving a puzzle... not every time, but he says it sometimes. Shortly afterwards, he starts putting up pictures of hotdogs whenever he says this... then comes episode 7, where he puts this picture up. Then there's episode 8, where he puts this picture up.
  • 100% COMPLETION!!
  • Nico reaches the part where they need to roll triple ones on dice in one try or die, which as everyone who played Yatzhee could know, is very unlikely. He does it on his third try as the game is scripted that way so the odds are 100% at that point. Nico was sad about this.
    An edit to said comment: It was scripted?! NOOOOOO!
  • Nico thinks his theory that Phi is Sigma and Diana's daughter is a reveal that he can see coming from a mile away. One of his reasons?
    Nico: I'm certain of this, look at the way they framed this shot. (Diana and Sigma standing beside each other)
    Nico!Sigma: Your parents must be real characters, right Diana?
    Nico!Diana (A redhead): Wow, you're right Sigma. Hm... wonder what they look like!
    Nico!Sigma: I don't know. Maybe one has red hair, and the other one's a bit of a douchebag!
    Nico!Diana: I wonder if we know anyone who's LIKE THAT!
    Nico!...somebody: (Has a seizure)
  • Nico apparently didn't know there was an A in the "Seek A Way Out" screens.
  • Nico's reactions to Mira's death.
    Q: I'm really sad Mira died, too...
    Nico: I'm not.
    Q: I'll never forgive the person who did it...
  • This scene.
  • Delta's reaction when seeing Sigma and Diana.
    Delta: By the way I'm your baby daddy! Daddy I miss so much!!!'''
    Nico: Then he jumps into Sigma's arms.
    Delta: Oh Daddy, Oh Mommy I miss you so much!
  • Akane's Fourth Wall Breaking moment at the C-END 1. Thank you Nico B for the ad-lib.

     Devil Survivor 
  • Nico ad-libbing in the characters calling him "Bizzle" is oddly humorous.
  • His fight against Wendigo is so bad it's hilarious.
  • Shinjuku... Shinjuku... Shinjuku... SHINJUKU (Atsuro gets a nosebleed from bad voiceacting)
  • Nico calling demons Personas. And the fans who didn't like that at all.
  • Nico tends to blank out a lot, does he?
    Nico: (Bizzle) is just staring off into space the whole fucking game.
    (Close up on Bizzle's face as clouds fade over him and "Take On Me" plays on his headphones.)
    Haru: It was incredibly boring. Every day, I wondered what I was living for.
    (Another close up, this time with a monkey looking around)
    Haru: And then... I met someone who gave me a reason to live.
    Bizzle's responce choices:
    A monkey?
    A teacher, right?
  • Describing what Nico did in response to one of Midori's lines is beyond words.
    Nico, in the comments: I feel like any time Midori says anything, a meme is born.
  • This comment is squick, yet gold:
    Atsuro: Argh, I'm so thirsty...
    Yuzu: And I'm so sweaty...
    Nico: Two problems that I think we can both solve. Together...
  • Nico's reaction to hearing Johnny Yong Bosch in the game, but only voicing a random NPC is priceless
  • After beating Okuninushi, (which was a very annoying fight for him) Nico sits back, enjoys the end of the story... and decides to skip the credits by pressing Start. While also holding down L and R. For those who don't know, that completely resets the game. Have fun fighting that annoying boss again, Nico!
  • A minor case: As Nico is fighting Metatron (oh no, METATRON!), during the Chaos route, where (at least before a... "Heel–Face Turn...?" he's an evil demon overlord, his HP is the Number of the Beast.
  • Kisuke's Well-Intentioned Extremist tendecies being played for laughs.

    Angel Beats! 
  • You got to laugh everytime Nico B adds commentary in all the comedic scenes. Especially when you add his magical editing.
  • In Episode 7, this exchange:
    Naoi (Nico B): Oh, what the hell. You told me you're into girls? Oh, that's so lame!
    Otonashi (Nico B): Oh, goddamn it, I knew it!
    Maya Fey: And you WILL let me film it all for my Yaoi collection.
    Otonashi (Nico B): The fuck, who the hell are you?
    Maya Fey: Don't mind me, I'm just a random fangirl!
  • Nico taking Hinata and Naoi's Ho Yay Up to Eleven is pretty hilarious in general.
  • The OVA Series and the crazy antics!
    TK (Nico B) : Go now! She's waiting for you.
    Otonashi: TK!!! Noooooooooooooo
    TK (Nico B): Be careful of the Manga Club. They're comin'.

    Ni no Kuni 
  • At the beginning when there's a stampede of "kawaii moose" as Nico calls the creatures, text on the screen reads, "FUCK! LION KING!"
  • Oliver skips around all the place while singing "We're Off To See the Wizard". Even Mr. Drippy gets unsettled by this, thinking he's gone high.
  • Oliver also begins hearing all the voices that Nico makes for other characters, like Sebastian Debeste (who look uncannily just like each other, to boot), the Judge, Komaeda, etc., not understanding all the inside jokes and becoming more and more afraid that he's going crazy (and considering that his mother just recently died, and the previously mentioned prancing around, it may not be that far off).
    • By the end of the game, it turns out the White Witch has a council of voices in her head as well.
  • Nico's reaction to Pea referring to Timmy Toldrum as Mr. Kitty.
  • The Council of Voices (except Sebastian because he can't fault anyone for trying to be Debeste) freaking out that Nico grinded for levels offscreen and declaring the LP ruined.
  • NEATO!!
  • In Episode 12, Nico gets the ability to fly. He randomly has the characters in Oliver's head start singing ''I Believe I Can Fly''.
  • One time the upgraded version of his first familiar comes in a fights Nico for getting rid of him. It was Curb-Stomp Battle for the familiar.
  • When facing his first opponenets in the Solloseum:
    Ding Dong Dwellers: Don't underestimate us because we're small!
    Nico: Oh, I'm underestimating the shit out of you.
  • The Oldman and His Fucking Diary: A Very Irritating Sidequest. Oliver and Mr.Drippy's ad-lib via Nico B shows how predictable yet annoying this line of sidequest is.
  • How about Pea's Adorkable way of talking especially around Oliver. It's cute yet hilariously overacted for our viewing pleasure.
    Pea: Oliver! Oliver!!!
  • The Judge reaction when Nico killed the highest form of the Toka( It's a Game-Breaker)
    "The Judge": Goddammit Oliver!!!.

    Nier Automata 
  • In episode 2, after having fun riding on Mr.Moose, Nico has to say goodbye to it, and how does the moose respond to him? A critical kick to the face!...and then run off. What a betrayal.
    Nico: OWWW!! OH MR. MOOSE, WHY!? I thought we had a fucking bond!!
    • And then he found (and sees) John Cena (only the name of some android remains), of all people.
  • Episode 3, Nico read some comments telling him that 2B is wearing a leotard, not a thong. He wonders how people saw this... then he tries out the self-destructnote .
  • In episode 4, he finally discovers one of the game's Joke endings by self-destructing in the Bunker. His reaction is hilarious. He then realizes he forgot to save.
    • In the next episode, he finds another one by having 2B eat mackerel, and realizes he forgot to save AGAIN
  • In episode 5, Nico is having quite a bit of difficulty with the races against the High-speed Machine. After a few frustrating attempts on the last one, the game loads 2B incorrectly and shoves her off the edge of the building, allowing her to walk around before the race starts. By the time the robot says the word "Go", Nico is already halfway to the finish line, laughing like a maniac.
  • At the beginning of Episode 13, the usual "Booty booty buttcheeks!" intro is no longer relevant, as in the previous episode, 2B was MercyKilled by A2, due to 2B succumbing to the Logic Virus, triggering 9S's emotional and mental breakdown. Nico decides to replace "Booty booty Buttcheeks!" with "Soul-Crushing shit", which is much more accurate at this point in the game.
  • In episode 14, Emil teaches Nico some valuable life lesson about stealing...
  • In Episode 16, Nico encounters the pretty-much-dead bodies of Devola and Popola. Then, to ruin the sad moment, Emil's merchant song plays. Geez, thanks, Emil. You sure helped NicoB get through this emotional torture just then.

    Persona 5 
  • Nico cannot contain his fangirling and starts squeeling at the title screen.
  • Nico's reaction to the protagonist speaking for once in a Persona game.
  • Nico's past experiences in Persona 4 Golden made him jokingly self-conscious to the first delivery man he sees as the true culprit
  • Joker calling Sojiro "Daddy", much to the latter's protests.
  • In episode 2, Nico makes a (possibly accidental) reference to Sigma's infamous cat puns in Virtue's Last Reward.
    Morgana: I am NOT a cat!
    Nico: Are you kitten me?
  • Morgana officially is now Mr. Kitty!
  • He misreads "Muscle Anklet" as "Muckle Anklet"
  • Running Gag: Every time he's stopped and asked if he's ready for something, he says "Wait, hold on, I need to X", X being some random task.
    Nico: Wait, hold on. I need to zip up my pants.
    (Zipper sound effect)
    Nico:Okay, we're good.
    • Part 24 ended up having a hilarious subversion of that Running Gag.
    Nico!Joker: "Yeah, I'm ready."
    Nico!Morgana: "What? That's it! Nothing funny this time."
    Nico!Joker: "C'mon, I already did it twice in a row. I've run out of ideas."
    • But then episode 73 pulls a double subversion of this.
    Joker (Nico): Hold on, let me...
    Morgana (Nico): No Joker, no, I'm sick of your dumb little spiel, you've been doing it this whole fucking game! It's not funny anymore, man! It was funny like three ages ago! Fucking stop, alright?! Just fucking stop!
    Joker (Nico): ...
    Sunset Bridge starts playing
    Joker (Nico): But I was just gonna say how much I love you guys. This will be our final adventure together. This is it? This is the moment of truth? Oh baby, I enjoyed every moment of hanging out with every one of you! voice cracks Especially you Morgana, you little fucker, living in my house ever since, but I still love you you little shit! And I just wanna say, by my heart...thank you.
    Morgana (Nico): Oh. I love you too Nico. Oh and...I'm sorry, jumping at your throat like that. I think...I think it's the air getting to me.
    Joker (Nico): It's alright Morgana. We're gonna do this together, alright?
    Morgana (Nico): That's right, you and me man!
    Joker (Nico): That's right, (music stops) but first let me play my bongos.
    Morgana (Nico): NO DAMN IT, FUCK!
  • The first appearance of the Morganamobile catches Nico completely, hilariously off guard. Somehow this leads to a Magic School Bus reference.
  • Nico laughed out loud in two related scenes in the game. The first being when Yusuke Kitagawa proposed the idea of Ann Takamaki doing some nude modeling as a deal between him and the Protagonist and his group. The second being when Ann reluctantly agrees to do some nude modeling for Yusuke in his sensei's shack in a later date while Morgana tries to unlock a locked door inside the shack, when the game suddenly shows Ann wearing multiple layers of clothing that cover her entire body in order to give Morgana time to unlock the door.
  • During one cutscene in episode 14, Nico ad-libs that he's going to buy Yusuke a soda from Madarame's palace.
    Nico:: Madarame's Palace Pop! Wait a minute, this is just Coca Cola! God damn it Madarame, does your plagiarism know no bounds!?
  • Nico often shows his frustrations with the "Hold Up" mechanic as when he tries to gain a new persona by negotiating with enemies, it often results in an outcome that he does not want because he made the wrong choice.
  • Nico's reaction to Makoto following him.
    • The Jaws parody, complete with Jump Scare of a teenage girl hiding as much of her face as possible behind a magazine.
  • On the subject of reactions, it takes him a Beat to realize that "Becky", the maid he called, was actually Ms. Kawakami, his homeroom teacher.
    Text on video: Wait for it...
    Nico: OH. MY. GOD. (Gasp) Hahaha! Whaaat?
    "Becky": D-Did you request me specifically?
    (Nico bursts out laughing)
    • Even better; he spent a significant portion of the episode wondering how you would start Kawakami's Confidant. You can feel his Eureka Moment when he realizes you link with her over her moonlighting as a fetish-y maid.
  • Everytime Nico starts a new Confidant/Social Link, the ad-lib he makes with Sae can be really hilarious.
    Nico!Sae: For some reason, I believe you made a bond with a pair of twins who also serves as your wardens.
  • Nico saying he's going to change every voice to the Chouno voice, because it's the best voice he's ever made!
  • Nico: "I chuck him (Morgana) out the window, turn around, he's already back."
    Nico!Joker: "How did you do that?"
    Nico!Morgana: "Do what, Nico?"
    • GO TO SLEEP!
    • Nico: I'm going to max out Kawakami's social link just so I can rub it in Morgana's face.note 
  • When Makoto asks about how the Phantom Thieves were able to receive their apps, we get this gem.
    Nico!Igor: "Hello there. You must be Makoto. Oh, Nico has told me all about you. Anyway, welcome to the Metaverse."
    Morgana: "...I don't fully understand, but I don't think we have to worry about people accessing our data."
    Nico!Morgana: "...Just Igor."
    Nico!Igor: "Yep, I got all your Internet history here."
  • When Nico decided to reload his save file he ad-lib Yusuke to scold him for choosing Ryuji over him in the previous save file and Nico's My God, What Have I Done? moment was priceless.
    • Another time when he ad-lib Yusuke telling him he miss a chance to get on with him and even get free coupon for a Yusuke Body Pillow. Nico tries so desperately to reload the save file only for him to breakdown.
    Nico: I'm sorry Yusuke I can change! I can change!
  • When Nico finds out he was conned to buy a rock salt for 100 000 Yen by Chihaya, his Tranquil Fury made him throw Morgana to the dumpster and strangle him.
  • Nico decides to try out an easy money-making strategy in Mementos, and ends up draining about 2.5 million yen from Shadow Mr. Takase for some oh-so-delicious karma.
    • He then does it again in episode 60 when he fights Shadow Mr. And Mrs. Magario, who were using their daughter to pay off their debts from gambling, which leads to a decent amount of funny moments. First, when he tries draining money from Shadow Mr. Magario: he only gives Nico 1 yen. He's wasn't amused, to say the least. Second, he tries to drain his wife, not expecting much, only to find she gives WAY more money than him. He's very astonished, and even starts suspecting that Mrs. Magario had been holding out on her husband, thinking there was more to the story than it initially seemed. And after the battle (i.e., after draining money from Shadow Mrs. Magario), he checks how much he has. HE HIT THE MONEY CAP FOR THE GAME AT NEARLY 10 MILLION YEN.
  • Yumeko Mogami, the NPC that has been Nico's favourite, Running Mo-She-rige, deserve a spot in this page. She is regarded as the second coming of Picky Penguin's beloved Running Morishige, the running-late-for-school kid that made side appearances in Persona 4: Golden
  • In episode 32, the game give Nico a chance to troll the hacker Alibaba
    Nico: Who are you again?
    Alibaba: I'm already said, I'm Alibaba. (God!)
    Alibaba: Are you at school right now?
    Nico: Who are you again??
    Alibaba: I'll answer the question as many time as is necessary.
    Alibaba: I'm Ali! (Fucking!) Baba!
    Alibaba: When are you going to steal it?
    Nico: Who are you again???
    Alibaba: I'll keep answering if you insist on asking.
    Alibaba: I'm Alibaba(!)
    Nico: Who are you?
    (Alibaba hangs up)
  • In episode 36, Ann finally gives Nico the greatest gift ever: a choco fountain!! He's been revered it since the birth of the Phantom Thieves, and has mentioned using it quite a bit, including feeding his plant with the chocolate, bathing in it, and dipping Morgana in it.
  • In episode 39, Nico ended up viewing a bunch of Mementos requests where the combination of requests ended up causing Yusuke to say "Let us beat that rubbish mentality into submission" three times in a row.
  • Behold, the newest sensation of the pancake meme:
    You can pour
    You can bite
    Having the meal of your life
    See that boy
    Watch that taste
    Dig in the Pancake King
  • Nico also did his Persona 5 Awakening Challenge. As it turns out, his Persona is Komaeda. Nico is not too happy about that.
  • When Yusuke suddenly shows up in Hawaii:
    Nico!Yusuke: Hello there. I beat that rubbish Los Angeles into submission, and now I've come to do the same to Hawaii.
  • Big Bang Burger: The Bane of Nico's Existence. This happens when the guts stats are best increase by eating extremely large burgers.
  • When Ryuji stated that Goro Akechi was blackmailing his way into become a Phantom Thief, Nico stated that "I think everyone has blackmailed us at one point."note 
    • From the same episode, Cafe Leblanc has at least one unwanted guest:
      Akechi: Welcome home.
      Nico!Joker: (yells in surprise)
      Nico!Pompous Male Customer: I'm here too.
      Nico!Joker: (yells louder)
  • Nico finally picks Ohya as his One True Waifu.....or not:
    Nico: (laughing maniacally) I'm just kidding, guys, I'm not really doing it! I had you going for a second, didn't I? (laughs) You should have seen the look on your fucking face! Are you out of your fucking mind? Do you think I would pick Ohya? Seriously? How high are you right now? What's that? Nobody actually believed me? (suddenly speaking normally) Yeah, that sounds about right.
  • Nico's reaction to seeing Haru enjoying a horror-parody movie of Saw .
  • Nico finally sees Ann's All Out Attack...52 episodes later after obtaining her.
  • During the mini-boss fight with Thor in the Casino Palace, Nico jokes that Chris Hemsworth came from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to fight with him, and after the mini-boss was defeated, Nico jokingly stated that Chris won't be able to make Thor: Ragnarok.
  • There's a decent amount of funny moments worthy to be mentioned in episode 62:
    • In a flashback to the school festival, Morgana brings up Akechi mentioning pancakes way back during the school trip to the TV studio, causing Nico to realize how truly important pancakes were and why it became Memetic Mutation.
    • Once Akechi openly shows his true colors to Joker, Joker says in his head "My bond with Akechi has grown deeper..." as part of Akechi's Confidant, unintentionally causing Nico to laugh.
      Nico!Joker: Y'know, even though he's about to kill me, I still feel like we're bonding a little bit in this moment!
      Nico!Akechi: R-Really, we're not-
      Nico!Joker: Man, remember that time we were talking about pancakes, you know, like, like eleven hours ago? Ah, that was some good times, right? Good times, ahh let's, let's bond some more!
    • Nico making a comment on the traitor's identity:
      Nico: Nobody saw this coming! Oh wait, no, that's not right, everybody saw this fucking coming.
    • Another comment of Nico's as Akechi holds a gun to Joker's head point-blank:
      Akechi: Case closed... This is how your "justice" ends. (puts his finger on the trigger)
      Nico: Nope, don't think so, bro. (Akechi pulls the trigger before blood falls down Joker's face) ...Oh! Okay, well...OWWW!! FUCK! Okay.... (Joker's head falls onto the table, blood splattering everywhere on it) Oh!... Okay, well... maybe...not...
    • When the Phantom Thieves told Sae and Sojiro about Akechi's comment about pancakes, Morgana stated if Akechi went with the Phantom Thieves to eat pancakes together that day, he wouldn't turn out to be "an evil psychobitch".
    • How about Makoto beating up Sae's cognitive version of Akechi Spoiler  before tying him up to keep their secret hidden. The ad-lib really sells a funny image also the sound effects.
  • It seems Yuuki Mishima was almost about to reveal his feelings to Nico-kun only to backpedal and make a terrible excuse about admitting some other feeling.
  • The crossover between Nagito Komaeda and Goro Akechi. Truly an Odd Friendship has been formed by two food-obsessed rivals.
  • When it was time to make a choice for his true love in Persona 5 he pulls a Bait-and-Switch by looking like he was going to pick Futaba, only to admit he really pick Haru.
  • Nico's ever-growing love for Yusuke reach to the point of asking him to cross dress to seduce one of there targets in Shido's Palace.
    Nico!Yusuke: Alright Nico, I'll do my best!
  • Nico's reaction to when Morgana fully heals an enemy because they brainwashed him.
  • It seems Shido has more priorities then just taking over Japan.
    Nico!Shido: Make sure they have a constant supply of head wax, I need to keep this bald head. shiny as possible.
    Former Noble: Your will be done my liege.
  • Akechi: "But're just some criminal trash living in an attic! So how...!? How does someone like you have things I don't?!"
    Nico!Akechi: "I'm going to shit in your ribcage!!!"
  • When Sae couldn't prosecute Shido, due to the corrput system Haru almost snaps.
    Nico!Haru: No! You better do this shit, or I'll get my halberd and grenade launcher and fucking murder your punk-ass!!!
  • Nico jokingly states that it will turn out that at the bottom of Mementos is Igor and the Velvet Room, with Igor having messed with Joker.
    Nico: And then Igor gets up, starts dancing around, just smacks me in the face with his nose, and the game ends, I'm like, "FUCK!" THE END!.
    • In episode 72, when Nico arrives at Depths of Mementos, he states that its design reminds him of the Velvet Room...which leads to him realizing that the above joke might actually be true. This leads to a funny meta moment where he talks about how most of the time when he jokes about something happening, it turns out to be true, only to say that actually it reached the point where it's starting to scare even him.
      • And then when it turns out that yes, he was right:
      Nico: Oh my god, bullshit powers strike which I mean I joke around and shit actually happens. Well, it didn't exactly play out like that, Igor didn't go "haha, trololo bitch" and smack me in the face with his nose, but although he turned out to be evil, so...almost?
  • The last mementos request of the game stars a man with Mosherige voice!!!
  • Even though reality fused with Mementos and Earth is basically Hell, one NPC is just so excited for new smarphone.
    Geeky Man: The announcement for the new smartphone is today!
    Geeky Man (Nico): Man, have you heard about new Iphone X? I heard it's amazing!
    Nico: Oh my god, this is truly hell on Earth!
    • Apperently one benefit of world apocalypse is that it's raining Koolaid.
    Easygoing man (Nico): Man, is that fucking Koolaid coming from the sky?! Oh man it's so good, ABLUEGH.
    Nico: And then you see Koolaid's face on the sky and he's like:
    Nico: And then big waterfall of Koolaid comes out.
    Easygoing man (Nico): Everyone open wide! Uuu, it's blood flavored!
  • Real Igor is not happy about missing entire game.
    Igor (Nico): W..what happened? Ah damn it, I missed this whole fucking game?! Ah goddammit! I didn't even have a chance to make any Personas this game!
    Joker (Nico): Yeah, I'm like 90% done.
    Igor (Nico): Fucking shit!
    • And then he meets entire team.
    Igor: (Nico): Woooow, holy shit, this is the first time meeting anyone that isn't the protagonist note , well hello! Hello confidants or social links or whatever you call yourselves, I am Igor and welcome to the Velvet Room. This place exists between dream and reality-
    Ryuji (Nico): Dude, what the fuck is going on?!
    Igor (Nico): Hold on, hold on, let me finish my thing, mind and matter. Okay, what were you saying?
    • And then there's the reason why Igor made Morgana look like the cat.
    Joker (Nico): Ok, I understand that...but why is Morgana a cat?
    Igor (Nico): Yeah, I don't get that either, for some reason I was thinking "kitty cats, I love kitty cats" and that's just what kinda popped up.
    Joker (Nico): Ah ok.
    Morgana (Nico): Really, that's it, that's my whole fucking existence?! Thanks master!
    • Nico wasn't suppose to be the one playing in game between Igor and Yaldaboath.
    Igor (Nico): I'm gonna be honest though, I thought it was gonna be Yu Narukami, a kid from the last game.
    Joker (Nico): Wait, what?
    Igor (Nico): Yeah, I kinda called him in, but he said he was too busy, too busy saving the world in Persona 6. I know, who would've thunk it? No one tells me anything these days. Stupid Atlus.
  • Nico's reaction to finding out that Joker's Ultimate Persona was a demon lord.
  • In the finale Iwai tries to ask some old his friends to get Nico out of solitary confinement.
    Nico!Iwai: Alright, I want you to get this kid out of here, if you need to kill anyone then it's fine.
  • Kawakami returns the favor by getting all the teachers to testify Nico's innocence. It's heartwarming, but hilarious when she get the grumpy teacher to act all Tsundere for Nico.

    Nier: Gestalt 

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy 
  • Coco meets Tawna.
    Nico!Coco: Hey, I don't really know who that is... and I don't care either. Am I supposed to care who you are, random lady?
  • Nico's 100th death.
    Nico: You may think that was intentional, but it really wasn't.
  • In the first game's final battle, Dr. Cortex says "Darn you, Crash Bandicoot!" every time you start his battle. One Picky Penguin said it would be funny if out of nowhere, he started saying raunchier stuff the more you died. Cue Nico doing exactly that for the rest of the battle.

    Yakuza 0 
  • Nico loses his mind over karaoke.
    Nishiki (Nico): "Single Ladies" or Hatsune Miku?
    • From the beginning of "Judgement-Shinpan- he wasn't doing good, due to how it was sudden, and then it got even worser the moment background behind the text changed into music video with Nishiki and Kiryu as rock stars.
    Nico: video appears Oh my god! WHOA WHAT THE FUCK
  • A surprising cameo for one of the characters.
    Sleazy Tarashi: Well, I make habit of getting up bright and early so I can make pancakes.
    Nico: breaks into laughter MAKE SOME PANCAKES! Then he pulls off his face and oh my god, it was Akechi all along!
    Kiryu (Nico): Goddammit I knew it!
    Akechi (Nico): That's right, I'm in this game too now. And you're under the arrest, bitch!
    Kiryu (Nico): No damn it!
  • Kiryu showing he can dance!!!
    • There's also Majima's dance.
  • Speaking of Majima's dance... anytime that Majima does his 'do the Hustle dance'. Especially this moment where he purposely get the question wrong for the sake of seeing it. Complete with Nico's song.
  • When Majima shows up, Nico wonders how the two stories connect together. When Majima mentions that he needs a new waitress, Kiryu (in Nico's mind) walks in at that exact moment.
  • During minigame fight against Pleasure King involving telephoning girls in order to date with them, Nico tries to ask "What is your face like?"...only to accidentally choose "Are you really a guy?". Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when after the battle it turns out that person behind the phone was the Pleasure King himself, a crossdressing guy.
  • When Kiryu helps out a dominatrix on how to act like one, Nico jokes that he will look up in the sky saying "What am I doing with my life?" when teaching the dominatrix on her greeting. Not 2 minutes later, Kiryu really DID said it, causing Nico to start laughing so hard upon seeing the six exact words.
  • Everything involving Nugget, but especially this bit:
    Nico: WHAT THE FUCK?!?! "Nugget has joined your team as a manager"?!?! (long string of unintelligible noises) What?! WHAAAAAAAAT?!?! What the fuck, it's actually happening?! I was just joking!! (desperately corpsing) Oh my god, what the hell...! Japan, everybody! Fucking Japan!
  • Yuki is surprised at Majima's kindness towards her, causing Majima to question her.
    Majima: Seriously, what do you always think I'm not a nice guy all the time?! I AM NICE! I am a... good person! *Cue a clip of him smashing a hooligan's face against the wall repeatedly like an imagine spot* ...Most of the time.
  • Majima's 24 Hour Cinderella for Nico was so good that it was stuck in his head for five days.
    • In Episode 25, he finally gives it a try in the Karaoke lounge after multiple fans suggestions. He was amazed even comments that he didn't expect Majima, who's a very serious person to be dancing and wearing those flashy idol outfit. In the following episode, he comments he manages to forget it after the song got stuck for three days. Unfortunately, during one of the side quest where he helped a street performer, Majima sings part of the song in full voice acting; Nico was shocked in disbelieved as he was joking that he would sing it.
    • And then in the following episode, after knowing that the next lesson of the Platinum Hostess is karaoke, he thought that he's going to sing that song again... which he did. To make it more funnier, it is the ONLY song he could sing.
      Nico: GODDAMMIT!!! FUCK!! NOOOOOO! It's never going to go away, isn't it!!
  • Yuki being the Butt-Monkey for all Majima!Nico quips throughout the LP. This includes forgetting her when she gets kidnapped and shoving Majima's dancing outfit on her.
  • In the Telephone Club sidequest, Kiryu ended up going on a date with a Mrs. Robinson, a Gonk and Morishige disguise as a girl.
  • Kiryu ending up going Super Saiyan after drinking a special water a woman was trying to trick him into buying.
  • When Tachibana comes in to rescue Kiryu from the Yakuza with a car, a bunch of the thugs try to stop them using their bodies. Amano calls out their stupidity.
    Amano (Nico): You idiots! We got guns!
  • For one of the songs Kiryu sings, it's one that is a Tearjerker, but played with laughs with Nico's ad-libbing.
  • In a sidequest about a man who faked his death watching over his family, it just happens the voice he gave him is a deeper Yusuke Voice (The Kiyo Voice) and his son name is coincidentally Yusuke.
  • When Majima does a sidequest about being the test subject for experimental drugs, he quits when offered more chances to help with science.
  • Nico decides to fight So Amon... and gets torn apart. THEN he tries again only using the Smoke Gun... and this time, So Amon is the one getting torn apart. Nico could only laugh at how overpowered the gun is.
    Nico: There's only one way to fight bullshit... WITH EVEN BIGGER BULLSHIT!
  • A Running Gag in the series, both Kiryu and Majima fight for the title of best daddy.
  • When Nico was ending this let's play, a bunch of hooligans comes in to attack Majima as he's wearing his karaoke outfit. Majima than proceeds to go into a rampage for not calling his outfit beautiful.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 
  • Nico being surprised about the lack of a title screen on a first playthrough
  • In the very first shrine of the game, Nico struggles immensely to get the treasure chest sitting on an out of reach ledge, completely unaware that he could just use his Magnesis power to simply move it over to him. And it's all for a slightly stronger bow than the one he already has.
    • What is one of the ways Nico tries to get to the chest? A see-saw. (This reference was most-likely unintentional because Nico probably would've busted out the Kiyo voice if he knew what he was doing but that doesn't stop it from making it funny.) It even almost kills him. Basically, Nico almost went out the same way Tenko did.
    • Lampshaded early in the next episode, with Nico performing the see-saw trick again with Korekiyo's voice.
      Korekiyo(Nico): Now launching KOREKIYO POWERS!
  • Nico taking a big metal slab with his Magnesis rune and dropping it on his head for seemingly no reason which ends up hurting him.
  • Nico activating the first tower, and then realizing that he doesn't know how to get down.
    Nico: How the hell am I gonna get down from here? HEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!
  • Nico imagining Link jumping down the Plateau cliffs.
    Old Man: If you were to try to jump off, well... no death could be more certain. Or more foolish.
    Link (Nico): WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- *splat* augh...
  • Nico gets a bow from one of the Bokoblins, and tries to use it to shoot a Bokoblins on top of a watchtower. It takes a few shots before Nico realizes he has ''no arrows''.
  • Another time when the Old Man told Link that he'll give him a paraglider after getting the treasure inside an ancient temple, Nico argues that he'll die too if the Old Man doesn't give it to him.
    Old Man (Nico): I don't care. I had a good run.
  • Wanting to test if the fireplace will hurt Link or not, Nico lights himself on fire.
    Link (Nico): Hey Old Man, can I step in your fire and will it hurt me? *steps in fire* Aw, that feels good. Yea- *catches fire* OH-NO I'M ON FIRE!!! AAAAAAAH!!! *accidentally picks up baked apple* OH IT'S A BAKED APPLE!
  • When the Death Counter returns, Nico claims it won't be coming back since he won't die. Nico proceeds to jump off the tower, resulting in his first death. Even the Old Man makes fun of him.
  • Two Bokoblins (named Jim and Billy) resting and cooking at the fire, when...
    Jim: Me think we see something Billy.
    Billy: Listen, Jim, there's nothing out there alright. You just need to calm down, ok.
    Jim: But Billy there's this rock precariously sitting over here, right next to our barrel of TNT that we just happen to leave right there.
    Billy: It's alright! No one is possibly smart enough to think to push that boulder into the TNT, nobody! Nobody! *Exploded*
  • Trying to send a Bokoblin off the edge, only to get thrown off instead.
    Link (Nico): Ahhh! No! Fuck! Ahhhh! Was going to knock him off! Ugh! *gets knocked off* Ah!Nooo! He knocked me off! AHHHHHH!!!
  • The intro perfectly sums up the game.
    Nico: And now back to saving Hyr-OOH! What’s that over there?!
    • It's finally averted on the final episode.
    Nico: And now back to saving Hyrule!
  • When Nico gets the Bomb Rune, he misreads "cube bomb" as "cute bomb"
    Nico: Kawaii desu bomb!
  • Similar to the Council of Voices running gag in Ni no Kuni, the ghost of the King takes up residence in Link's head starting in Episode 3 and sometimes comments on what's going on. At the suggestion of the Picky Penguins, he also starts collecting the spirits of the Champions in this manner.
  • Calling Kakariko Village "Korekiyo Village" has lead to numerous jokes among the community about the village being the village of seesaws, bondage and incest.
  • People in comment section convince Nico to attack the chicken (Cucco) at the beginning of episode 4. Any Zelda vet knows why this is a bad idea.
  • When Link goes to Paya with only his underwear, Paya blushing profoundly ask him to wear something out of decency. Link then thinks she's talking about that he's in underwear, so he was about to take it off. Paya freaks out some more.
  • Nico finds it hilarious that you are able to take selfies with the camera.
  • Nico decides to read Purah's diary, and she already knew that he did by the time Nico talks to her again. She then pretends to erase every rune on Link's Sheikah Slate. Nico is mortified.
  • Nico learning that Paya's birthmark is at her left butt-check as Nico predicted.
  • Nico's first encounter with wielding a metal weapon in a thunder storm.
  • The King of Hyrule always trolling Link wanting him to fail unless it's saving Zelda.
    • His reaction when Zelda cursed for calling her out for being a scholar.
    King of Hyrule (Nico): Fuck you! I've paid a lot of money to get you in that school!
  • The King of Hyrule trying to hit on Mipha. When Mipha accuses him having an STD, the King of Hyrule accuses Link of telling her only to backtrack.
  • His Rage Breaking Point moments with the guardians, both pitiful and hilarious.
  • Link doesn't want to get together with Mipha, because of how Zoras reproduce.
    Mipha (Nico): Yes there is! You just have to push a little harder!
    Link (Nico): Girl, those eggs are the size of mothefucking bowling balls! You you trying to kill me!
  • Nico collects all pieces of the Tingle outfit and decides to wear it. Then he goes into Kakariko Village and realizes that everyone now freaks out at the sight of him.
    Link (Nico): Am I ugly?
    Pikango (Nico): Aaah!
    Link (Nico): Sir, please don't let my ugliness stop you from enjoying this weather.
    Cado (Nico): Why nonsense, young man- EEEEUURGH!
  • 300° is apparently chilly for a Goron in Death Mountain
  • Whilst explaining why he doesn't use bombs to obtain ore, Nico blows himself up and gets thrown into the lava.
  • When trying to get the Rock Roast for Gonguron, Nico drops it on a hill, chases after it screaming, only for it to fall into the lava.
  • When Nico dishearteningly finds out he can't hold onto the Lord of the Mountain, he tries to at least take a picture with it. It then proceeds to disappear right before he can snap a shot.
    Nico: Motherfu-
  • Whilst climbing the long ladder in the Voo Lota Shrine, the King and other spirits in Link's head start to sing the theme song to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
  • Hilarity ensues when Nico unwittingly arrives at Eventide Island. Highlights include him panicking when he discovers a Shrine Ball hanging from the neck of a sleeping Hinox, to Link briefly descending into a primal frenzy which frightens (or in Mipha's case, arouses) the spirits.
  • Nico goes into a laughing frenzy when he sees how Link gets the Gerudo Clothes.
    Nico: OH MY GOD! I'm a pretty princess!
  • With Gerudo Town being entirely populated by physically-imposing women and off-limits to men, Nico jokes that it is a "village of Tenkos".
  • How about during the Champion Ballad where Link gets to read each champion's diary. How each champion reacts are pretty fun to listen to.
  • When Link looks back at the picture of him and other champions, everyone begins crying. It boths shares this and Heartwarming.
  • The ending, while crossing the line of Tearjerking, also has some hilarity especially with the final comments of the cast. Especially Sidon joining Link's harem along with his sister and some other female admirers.

     Ni no Kuni 2 
  • Nico gushing over Evan's cuteness and Roland's badassery.
  • Nico getting a Game Over within the first twenty minutes of the game.
  • The intro for the series itself is one.
    Nico: And now back to- HOLY SHIT ROLAND'S GOT A GUN! (Gunshot)
    • The intro adds a hilarious twist on Episode 13 as Roland futility attempts to fire his empty gun to Nico's relief, only to reload and continue firing at Nico's continued horror
      Roland: (Clicking Gun)
      Nico: Oh thank god he's out of bullets.
      Roland: (Sliding a new magazine and cocks his gun)
      Nico: OH GOD HE'S RELOADED (Gunshot)
    • Episode 16 pulls another one when Nico says this line twice (cause the "Previously On" segment with the clip from episode 15 is exactly that).
    • And final episode makes Nico get revenge.
      Nico: Oh goddammit! Alright, I have enough of this shit, asshole! You shot 21 fucking holes in my wall and I had it! You're dead Roland, you're dead! FUCKIN DIE!
      Roland (Nico): HOLY SHIT, NICO'S GOT A NU- boom
  • During the introduction of an item similar to social media, Nico hopes for someone to do shitposting and makes up a scenario for that.
  • On episode three, due to a problem with pathfinding, the AI controlled Roland starts walking away while they are being led up by the pirates. Nico's reaction is priceless. Roland is being an ass and leaving.
  • In episode 4, when Evan brings back a Kingmaker to the Sky Pirates they celebrate by raiding a nearby village and starting an orgy. Evan should've probably thought this through.
  • In episode 4, the gang meets a man named Mr. Higglesworth, who dresses and claims to be a higgledy. When Nico chooses the option to ask if he's really a higgledy, the man stops his dancing and looks straight at the camera... This in turn freaks out Nico greatly.
    Mr. Higglesworth!Nico: Higgle! Piggle! What sort of question is that!? Of course I'm a higgledy! Do you doubt my higgledyness, little boy? DO YOU WANT TO DIE TODAY, SON?!
  • In which Nico returns to Lofty's King's Cradle:
    Nico!Evan: I've come to return my Kingmaker! I think he's defective.
    Nico!Lofty: Hey what the hell! I'm not defective, I'm just welsh.
  • Evan's shocking realization.
    Evan: I...I spoke to you in your dream?
    Evan (Nico): Oh, was I your little boy in your dream or something? Just like little other boys in my dreams? ...wait a minute, what does that mean? Ooooh...
    Nico: And then Evan came to realize something important that day.
  • In Chapter 7, when Roland seems about to betray Evan and move over to Mausinger, Batu puts his daddy role under suspicion.
    Evan (Nico): Everyone can trust daddy Roland, right?
    Everyone (Nico): Yey, daddy Roland!
    Roland (Nico): Oh you guys! I know, I'm fucking amazing. Alright, you all just get out of he-
    Batu (Nico): I'm not a fan of daddy Roland.
    Evan (Nico): WHA- you take that back, Batu!
    Tani (Nico): Oh my god, I cannot believe you said that! No, you're no longer my real daddy!
    Leander (Nico): You disgust me.
    Bracken (Nico): You really went there, like seriously dude?
    Lofty (Nico): Blimey man, I cannot believe that man would say that. He's already the least interesting character in a group anyway.
    Batu (Nico): Fuck you guys, I'm important, I do things! I got a hammer!
    Bracken (Nico): Yeah, so do I, it's not big of a deal.
    Batu (Nico): Shut up!
  • Nico's "battle" with The Horned One in Episode 20. All 20 seconds of it.
  • Nico tells Doloran that he can build a new kingdom, after doing Loads and Loads of Sidequests.

     Yakuza Kiwami 
  • Kiryu doesn't have good experience with citizens of Kamurocho.
    Senior Citizen: The two power families here are the Dojima Family and the Shimano Family. Both are Tojo Clan subsidiaries. Got it?
    Kiryu (Nico): Why are you telling me all this, I already know all of thse things, shut up old man! beats him up
    Senior Citizen (Nico): OH GOD I'M SORRY, FUCK!
  • Kiryu needed extra money to buy back the ring he bought for Yumi after a pickpocket took it from and sold it. His first thought was to find a Mr.Shakedown for some quick cash.
    • After managing to get back the ring without needing to pay it back, instead of returning the money he borrowed from Shinji, he decides to keep it for himself.
    Kiryu!Nico: Fuck you Shinji it's mine now!
  • The "Previously On" segment, which manages to top Ni No Kuni 2's one.
    Nico: 24-Hour Cinderella gets louder and louder in the background And now back to the thought provoking story about one man's struggle to stick to his VALUES AND UNDERSTAND THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE— SHUT UP
    • In the final episode, he finally gives up and sings along to the music in a very hammy way.
  • From the very beginning of this LP Nico remembering what the Fortune Teller told him in 0 about events of the future games thought that Kiryu will do something in the finale that will make him go to jail for 10 years like she said. Turns out that timeskip happens in Chapter 2.
    Nico: Chapter 2: December- WHAT?! December 5, 2005: Ten Years Gone?! WHAT?! Are you serious?! What?! Oh my god, that's a twist, I wasn't expecting that!
  • During the boss fight against Shimano,Nico kept running away from him since he had low health and no more healing items.
    Nico!Kiryu: (Running away) AHHHH!!! Shinji save me!!!
  • In the battle during Sera's funeral, Nico didn't expect to run into Majima who goes on to fight him. The funny thing is that he treats this encounter very casually, even asking Majima how's he doing.
    • More Majima funny moments happen after that when you can free-roam, like when Majima disguises himself as a cop surprising Nico and his many battles against him made Nico think that he's making a Social Link with him.
  • In one sub-story where Kiryu deals with a runaway who refuses to pay his meals, he skewers him with a wooden plank he broke in half. The guy he stole from even found it too much.
    Employee!Nico: Holy shit you didn't have to kill him dude!!! It was just 5 bucks!
  • Nico pretty much summarize the abundant amount of sidequest involving scams.
    Nico: Hmmm...this guys is built like a brick house and looks like he probably kills people for a living. HE'S THE PERFECT GUY TO SCAM!
  • During Majima's Rank Up which involves "zombie apocalypse" Nico for the first time sees the Heat Action where Kiryu breaks the bottle in half and stabs the enemy right through their heart, leaving Nico actually horrified.
  • There was a comment that told Nico to check the magazines everytime he enters a store, not realizing that it would lead to Majima surprising him by staring at through the window.
    • There was also the time Majima pretended that zombie apocalypse has started and Nico made up so many lines of putting Majima and his gang out of their misery and demanding any crowds that watches his fight to run for their lives.
    • End of this Rank Up also makes grand return of Majima's "do the hustle" dance, including Nico's song for it.
  • Nico (in front of the lockers): Hopefully it's not that autographed card that always get me into a trouble. receives Charismatic Photo
  • Nico's entire reaction when he does the Bad Ass Dads, with how he kept calling Kiryu the Ultimate Daddy.
    • There's also his reaction to The Rumored Party sidequest, with how it was a Call-Back to Majima's sidequest in the previous game.
  • Nico's reaction to pretty infamous scene of Kiryu during chapter 9.
  • When Nico met up with Majima in Club Deborah, he happens to be wearing his idol outfit when he sings 24 Hour Cinderella. Nico had a fun time with this with how he couldn't get the song out of his head to begin with.
    Nico!Majima: YEEEAAAHHHH!!! That's right! That shit actually happened! Whenever I was singing karaoke, I actually got out there live and did a choreographic dance in this outfit.
  • While playing pocket circuit, Majima appeared and Nico Lamp Shade how Majima missed a lot when he refused to play pocket circuit back in Yakuza 0. It got to the point Majima became a pocket circuit champion.
  • Just like in Yakuza 0 where he beat up Majima, Monokuma shows up and beats up Kiryu.
    Junko: My hero! My name's Junko-
    Nico: Oh god!
    Junko (Nico): My name's Junko Enoshima, haha, later bitch!
    Nico: Monokuma just kinda shows up and jumps on me.
    Nico starts singing battle theme
    Nico: You start fighting Monokuma.
    Monokuma (Nico): You wanna piece of this, motherfucker?! I beat the shit out of the eyepatch guy in the last game, I'll beat out of you too!
    Kiryu (Nico): I killed Majima more times than you can count, you've got nothing on me! You gonna die, bear!
    Monokuma (Nico): HOO BITCH, I'M SO READY!
    Nico: Monokuma goes into his buff form.
    Monokuma (Nico): YEAH I GOT MUSCLES!
    Nico: Curbstomps the shit out of Kiryu.
    Kiryu (Nico): What the fuck aaaaaaaa
    Monokuma (Nico): That's right, I'm the ultimate yakuza, bitch. Learn your place, Kiryu!
  • The LP features an unintentional Running Gag of Nico getting distracted or interrupted by a random thing during the usual intro/recap segment. Eventually, this gets to the point where Nishida (Majima's Butt-Monkey underling in charge of his communications with Kiryu) decides to call before he even finishes saying "Hello!", and immediately after that an enemy wanders right into the alley Kiryu is in.
  • At the final event of the Majima Everywhere Segment, Nico has to face Majima while in Mad Dog style, which involves plenty of knife stabs that should kill any normal person. What's funny is that while Kiryu is getting stabbed in vitals everywhere, Haruka just cheers him on the side.
    Kiryu (Nico): Haruka, call an ambulance!!!
    Haruka (Nico): You can do it daddy!
    Haruka (Nico): Don't worry daddy, I got my hoodie up. The giblets aren't hitting me.
    Kiryu (Nico): Those are my giblets though honey!
  • While taking Haruka around town, she ask Kiryu to sing "Otometal My Life" and score 950. Nico's reaction this is priceless. And this is after Nico asked Haruka to make her request easier then the pool one he just did.

     The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 

     Mother 3 
  • Nico chooses P.F. Chang's for his favorite food, leading to many funny exchanges with Hinawa.
    • In the same manner, Nico's favorite thing? Not love, but Xbox. Especially hilarious during episode 6, where Lucas learns his first PK moves, one of which is PK Xbox α.
    • In episode 11 Nico obtains PK Xbox β. Or as he calls it PK Xbox 360.
      Doria (Nico): You can use the PK Xbox?! Oh my god, that's so cool, can I come to your home to play on it sometimes?
      Lucas (Nico): Yeah, it's ok...I've got Halo, do you like Halo?
      Doria (Nico): Em, do I?!
    • Episode later we get PK Xbox δ, going from 360 to One.
      Nico: Eh, it's ok.
  • After asking for Nico's real life name, the game erases the memory of asking that question... except it went back a little too far.
  • Kumatora getting the Miu voice has resulted in a lot of hilarious moments.
  • Salsa's voice (the one Nico gave to him), which is basically Hispanic Blackquill with a guitar playing in the background every time he speaks.
  • Fassad's and Salsa's time in hot springs.
    Fassad (Nico): Oh I'm getting naked, monkey, don't look at my big roast naked body, I'm very self-conscious! MONKEY!
    Nico: Then he goes to shock me and the electricity in the water shocks him too. seizure noises, laughs Oh my god, you know how epic that would be?
    Fassad (Nico): ACK MONKEY, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT AAAAAAAAUGH! Every time I try to hurt you I hurt myself... now monkey, get out of this spa!
    Salsa (Nico): No.
    Fassad (Nico): Monkey, get out of here so I can shock you properly!
    Salsa (Nico): I will live here forever.
    Fassad (Nico): Damn you monkey, you little bastard! When you get out of here, you'll be so dead!
    Nico: But Salsa never left. Salsa sat in this spot forever and eventually Fassad slowly cooked into a delicious douchy dumpling that Salsa consumed and then shout out a potty and run outside. And so Fassad shall forever remain a big douchy turd sitting in a pool of water in a middle of the buttfuck nowhere. Just as he goddamn deserves!
  • The Judge from Earthbound LP returns, this time in reggae version.
    Nico opens up a gift.
    You heard a reggae rhythm.
    Nico: Oh god, am I gonna see the reggae Judge come down?
    Judge (Nico): trying to imitate Jamaican accent Heeeeey, here I am to ruin the moment again, bro! Ok, here comes to pickshot time to take a snapshot! I don't use my camera, I use my bongos to play you a sick beat instead, here I go! starts playing bongos Duruduru duruduru duruduru, now say "fuzzy monkey balls!"!
    Lucas (Nico): Eeee...fuzzy monkey ba- flash AUGH GAWD
    Judge (Nico): Ok dude, I will see you later! I will see you in Mother 4!
    • What Nico didn't realize during his joke is that he couldn't skip the song sequence that played when he opened a gift until the very of it.
  • Nico managed to find Black Beanling, the very rare enemy which gives a ''ton'' of EXP after defeating. Twice in a row.
  • Nico charges up the robot, makes Earth explode.
    • In the same scene Nico manages to charge it for exactly 15 using the timer on his IPhone.
  • When Nico gets to the room of "King P.", which is full of Earthbound callbacks, he tries to remember characters that name starts with letter P. He remembers Pokey. In the last second of the episode, after his outro.
    Nico: OOOOH, POKEY!
    • Prior to that, he somehow comes to the conclusion that the "P" must stand for "Paula" before remembering that "King" is a masculine title.
  • After getting into Magypsy Doria's house with Salsa as temporary party member, Nico finds Magic Gloves, currently best item for Kumatora. When Salsa later leaves permanently, it turns out that everything in his inventory, including the gloves, is now inaccessible, making Nico replay the entire sequence.
  • Just like in Earthbound LP with very rare Sword of Kings (which only has 0.78125% or 1 in 128 chance in dropping), Nico obtains Mystical Gloves, Kumatora's ultimate weapon, which while this time around has 3% chance of dropping, Nico not only did not try to get them, but he gets them on a second try. Nico's Ultimate Bullshit strikes again.
  • The Barrior Trio for the most people is That One Boss including Nico himself, so when after fighting them for several minutes he finally manages to beat them, he's overflowing with joy...until it turns out that his only alive party member at the time, Boney, hit the HP meter of 0 at the same time the boss was defeated, meaning that he was forced to restart the battle. The following event can be described with simple "pain".
  • In "toilet dungeon" in Porky's tower, Nico enters the one with the duck in it, which reminds him of Danganronpa Another Episode (the duck potties acted there as save points).
    Nico: *enters the toilet* What the fuck- Oh my god, is that the ducky toilet from Danganronpa: Another Episode?!
    Donald (Nico): WAH, would you like to save your game, bitch?!
    Lucas (Nico): Oh god, what the hell are you?
    Donald (Nico): I'm a knockoff Donald Duck, so sit your ass over here and spread your buttcheeks so I can save your game!
    Lucas (Nico): Eww, god, no!
    Donald (Nico): Come back! I got it! I SAID I GOT IT!

     Xenoblade Chronicles 
  • During the opening prologue, Mumkhar quickly shows himself to be a douchebag. When he tries to abandon Dickson and Dunban, Nico gleefully awaits his predictable demise and shows mild disappointment when it isn't shown directly.
  • After Reyn leaves, Nico assumes that Shulk is more than capable of taking on enemies by himself. Nico barely escapes with his life from a crab.
    • This is shown to be karma since Nico treated the wildlife as easy fodder beforehand.
  • Nico himself has admitted that the "Previously on" segment this time around is the dumbest intro he's ever done: A clip of The Road to El Dorado playing as he says "El Monado~" and a picture of the Monado floats down from offscreen.
  • In the second episode, Nico learns the hard way that Xenoblade has no qualms about putting level 70+ enemies in the beginning area. By the time he notices and declares his intent to run, it's too late.
  • After learning about the Heart-to-Heart mechanic where he can bond with not just his party members, but also all the named NPCs in a game, Nico begins calling the game Persona on Crack. He even claims that you can have sex with anyone, even the guys.
    Nico!Reyn: Hey Shulk, (in a deep manly voice) it's Reyn-time
    • On this subject, Nico jokingly states that Erik x Monica (aka two minor NPCs) is the most important relationship in the game.
  • When the game tells Nico to encourage his teammates in a battle, Nico points out how noisy the party already is while fighting.
  • When Nico went to buy better armor for his party, he end up getting Fiora a bikini since it's technically the best armor for her. He ad-lib how the scenario would play out.
    Fiora!Nico: It's a little- I'm a little cold guys! Come on, do I have to really wear these!?
    Shulk!Nico: Yes it's incredibly important, it's the most powerful equipment we have. Right Reyn?
    Reyn!Nico: Y-y-yeah, what...uh...uh Shulk said.
    Nico!Fiora: *Beat* You guys suck, you know that.
  • In a sidequest where Shulk and friends has to save a Nopon named Niranira because of a dare made by Moritz, Nico decides to kick Moritz to his demise. For some reason this cause the town to cheer for him and level their bond.
  • After seeing so many overleveled enemies in the Bionis' Leg region, Nico points out that the Mechon are probably the least of their troubles.
  • In Episode 6, Nico fights a Mechon while controlling Shulk, but notices the rotating blades heading towards him. He manages to get to safety in time, but the Mechon and his teammates weren't as attentive, causing everyone but Shulk to be pushed into a pit.
    • Helps that he gets the "Some Help You Are!"note  achievement for it. The game is saying Nico was somehow the idiot here.
  • Nico's reaction to seeing Fiora coming back after he thought she was Killed Off for Real.
    • Related is when Shulk and Melia talk about Shulk's sorrow over failing to save Fiora while Fiora is currently in the party
  • Nico reacting to an enemy called M76/Moist.
  • Right when Episode 20 begins, one of Nico's party members jumps off a bridge thanks to Artificial Stupidity.

     Yakuza Kiwami 2 
  • In general, the game's wonky Ragdoll Physics elicit some amusing reactions from Nico.
  • As Kiwami 2 runs on a different engine than the previous Yakuza games Nico played, graphics and some of the game play aspects underwent drastic changes which occasionally caught him off-guard. The crowning example is when he discovers that the indoor areas like stores and restaurants are now part of the main map so entering and exiting them is done seamlessly, without loading screens.
    Kiryu (Nico): WHERE'S THE LOADING SCREEN?!?!
    Poppo Employee (Nico): SIR, LEAVE ME ALONE!
    Kiryu (Nico): Oh, and I'd like one sausage please.
    Poppo Employee (Nico): Here you go!
    Poppo Employee (Nico): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • The entire intro where Nico!Kiryu singing Bakamitai in Larry's voice. However unlikely his previous LP, the picture in the said song keeps changing every episode minus episode 1. The pictures are:
    • Episode 2 & 3: Yakuza 0 era Majima in his 24-Hour Cinderella outfit. note  Nico must really miss that ponytail...
    • Episode 4: Nugget the Chicken.
    • Episode 5: The PSN error message. See below for more details.
    • Episode 6: Etsuko, the Obatarian from Yakuza 0. Nico won't have to wait long to see her again... as in Episode 21 she appears in one of the sub-stories. See below for more details.
    • Episode 7: A picture of a female NPC that he plays a game of tag with. Read its' full entry below for more details.
    • Episode 8: A rather weird looking model of Mr. Libido.
    • Episode 9: A picture of the waiter from Yakuza Kiwami, as he gets shot to shit. Which thanks to the music playing in the background might act as an unintentional reference to this.
    • Episode 10: Straight up NSFW yaoi drawing of Kiryu and Majima.
    • Episode 11: A close-up of Marina, one of the cabaret club girls from Yakuza 0.
    • Episode 12: Waluigi time! Likely a reference to how he isn't playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • Episode 13: Stephen Spining from Yakuza 0.
    • Episode 14: Kiryu singing Bakamitai, in reference to how the song is no longer an option for karaoke in Kiwami 2.
    • Episode 15: A selfie of Nico and Bernie, his dog.
    • Episode 16: The gold statue of Kiryu that you get as a reward for completing the real estate subplot in Yakuza 0.
    • Episode 17: A popular photoshop of the Piranha Plant licking Shadow's tears, a reference to how a popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 'leak' that Shadow appeared in turned out to be fake, punctuated by the appearance of the completely out-of-nowhere Piranha Plant as the first DLC fighter.
    • Episode 18: Makoto, as a nod to the cliffhanger of the second Majima chapter.
    • Episode 19: His Majima figurine.
    • Episode 20: Komaki holding a shotgun.
    • Episode 21: A picture of the dog Missile was based on, who died recently at the time of the video.
    • Episode 22: Stan Lee, who also died recently at the time of the video.
    • Episode 23: Kiryu as a child.
    • Episode 24: A real life picture of a tiger.
    • Episode 25: A gun being held up to a PS4, as a reference to how he had to replace his during this LP.
    • Episode 26: A brick joke that is everywhere to the point of leaving its own LP, marine scientist from Majora's Mask walkthrough shows up and even last note of the Bakamitai is replaced with his scream of "awe".
    • Episode 27: A picture of Majima's ponytail hair. Funnier when Yuki comments on Majima's hair. See below.
    • Episode 28: A "Challenger Approaching" picture of Kiryu's silhouette.
    • Episode 29: The teaser image for Sonic the Hedgehog (2019).
    • Episode 30: A bloody close up of an Elegy of Emptiness statue.
    • Episode 31: TENDER CLEAVAGE.
    • Episode 32: Since this is the finale, Nico instead does a straight cover with a shot-for-shot recreation of Bakamitai, drinking eggnog while looking at the cover for the game itself. It even gets a 100 in the Yakuza 0 karaoke.
  • After triggering a street fight, Nico tries to escape the thugs attacking him by hiding inside the nearby Poppo convenience store. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned new mechanics, the thugs end up following him, starting a fight inside the store. Nico is initially thrilled that he can finally fight them inside, and even gets to perform a hilariously brutal joint Heat Action with the employee, but the fight ends up getting him (temporarily) banned from the store due to all the damage he has done.
  • Just like in Breath of the Wild, Nico's first reaction to having an in-game camera (in Kiryu's case, a camera phone) is to start doing selfies.
  • Majima hasn't even appeared in the game yet, and Nico is already excited about his presence:
    Nico: (reading the skill menu) "Majima Construction"? OH MY GOD! What the hell, Majima, what have you been doing since I last saw you?
    Majima!Nico: I've been hanging out as a stripper.
  • Even though it's only episode 4, the scene pretty much establishes itself as one of the highlights of the LP, though it's not necessarily a fun moment for Nico: at the end of the episode Nico is walking around doing the side content...until the game closes down due to a sudden update, making him lose his ENTIRE progress from the episode, due to his last save being at the end of chapter 3.
    • In the next episode Nico makes a point to save more frequently, but that doesn't stop the game from closing down at a very perfect moment.
      A 100 mil bounty was just put on Kiryu
      Esaki: 'Fraid you've gonna die now!
      game crashes while Nico mimics a Spit Take
  • When Nico is about to start the Cabaret Club GP mini-game, it takes him a long time to realize that the manager of Club Four Shine really is the same Yuki that worked as a hostess under Majima in Yakuza 0, even though he recognizes her voice and she actually introduces herself during the cutscene. Nico ends up having what amounts to a verbal facepalm when he connects the dots, commenting how the viewers are going to hate him for not paying attention again.
    • In the next episode Nico tries to justify his mind derp with the fact that Yuki said her name only once and that's why he missed it, which is false, as Koyuki, a hostess Yuki took as an apprentice, said Yuki's name few times in the introductory cutscene, only further digging the hole Nico made himself.
    • And let's not forget this adlibbing conversation between Nico and Majima:
      Nico!Majima : If you don't mind if I just stop by, Kiryuu-chan!!
      Nico: Majima just comes in and...
      Nico!Kiryu: Arrgh Majima, where have you been all this time?
      Nico!Majima : I've been waiting for you to unlock your own cabaret club mini-game, Kiryu-chan. Of course, now you get to see what I've been through. It was fucking glorious.
      Nico!Kiryu: Yeah, except this time I get to do it in the Dragon Engine.
      Nico!Majima : Whatever at least I get to play it in 60fps, you piece of shit!
      Nico!Kiryu: Fuck you, Majima!
      Nico!Majima : No, fuck you Kiryu-chan!
      • Don't worry, he'll eventually show up at some point of the mini-game... which he did in episode 26.
  • Beginning of episode 6. It must be witnessed with your own eyes.
    • Overall throughout the episode Nico has a lot of fun with Dragon Engine and its physics, resulting in him trying to destroy every single piece of furniture he sees. Highlights include the beginning of the episode, Nico!Kiryu trying to cover the sleeping Kaoru with the table and a game of 'tag' with the female NPC, who formerly was unfazed with Nico!Kiryu destroying all the stuffs.
  • Kiryu's struggle of walking over fences.
  • Kiryu destroys Majima's favorite giant traffic cone.
    Kiryu (Nico): Majima, come out, I know you're in this traffic cone! Get out here! Majima, I swear to god if you don't get out there...
    Nico destroys the cone
    Kiryu (Nico): NO, MAJIMA! Oh shit, I killed Majima-san! NOOOOOOOOOOO-
    Nico: Then Majima pokes his head out from another pole that's over there.
    Majima (Nico): Kiryu-chan, what are you crying about?
    Kiryu (Nico): Oh! Oh, Majima-san, I was just...sad cause I broke this cone, my favorite cone.
    Majima (Nico): Yeah, it was my favorite cone too, but I used it all the damn times I decided to use this one.
    Kiryu (Nico): Thank god, I cannot live without Majima.
    Majima (Nico): Damn right you can't!
  • When returning to Bacchus to meet up with Date, Nico ended up triggering a sub-story where he escorts around a Korean celebrity around the city. Ending up in front of Bacchus, Nico joked that he left Kaoru behind the restaurant while taking his new friend as a new main character. He then makes a scenario where Kaoru is left with the bill and is forced to wash dishes.
  • Nico comes across the infamous "Be My Baby" substory in Episode 13. Poor Nico practically goes mad from the revelation when the club is revealed to him.
  • Also in episode 13, Nico finally makes it to the karaoke parlor. Hilarity ensues:
    • Nico fangirling loudly upon discovering the option to invite Majima to sing together... followed by the sheer disappointment over the song he keeps using for the intro not actually being available this timenote .
    • The Imagine Spot for the song "Pride from Despair" consists of scenes from the previous game, including the one where Majima crashes a truck into a building in order to get Kiryu. Nico enjoys the memories:
      Majima (Nico): AHHH I GOT MY TRUCK!!! AHH-EBLGEH!!!!! *Nico's laughter*. Here comes the Majima train!!!
  • The many funny incorrect responses whenever Kiryu plays the multiple choice questions minigame. Some of the highlights are:
    • "TENDER CLEAVAGE!" note 
    • "I LOVE BOOBS!!!" note 
    • "I had a chicken once!" note 
    • "I was Tojo Clan's fourth chairman" note 
    • ...It was me. note 
  • In episode 17, before Majima's chapter end, Nico was shocked and happy to see Majima and Makoto reunited... that is until the cliffhanger pops up. Cue Nico's Big "NO!".
  • The entire Panty Thief substories to the point where Nico jokes about Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright making a cameo in the game. It is a must to see.
  • After recruiting Aiko, Four Shine ended up receiving a penalty due to false accusation of using Yakuza thug style violence to get customers. Funny with how Nico portrays Kiryu, it might not be a lie...
    Nico!Kiryu: DAMMIT!!! How did they find out!?
  • In the main story at Terada's funeral, Ryuji makes an appearance to mock the Tojo Clan. When Daigo tried to fight Ryuji out of rage, he proceeds to get push to the ground. As Kiryu puts it:
  • During the sub-story where Kiryu looks for the weapons dealer named Tatsu, he needs to prove his strength to Kinoshita, Tatsu's representative. Because the fight takes place along the waterway of Sotenbori, there was really only one way it could end:
    Throws the guy off to the river
    Nico!Kiryu: I win.
    Nico: HAHAHA!
  • The sub-story where Kiryu helps a director, Sugano in helping produce and make Yakuza Sunset 4. Finally when given the choices, Nico picks the hilarious wrong options learning he could've done this all this time in previous side quest without failing. The highlights are:
    • "Welcome home, Master! "
      • In a scene where Kiryu was suppose to greet his young master back from school, Nico decides to give a ridiculous answer; Nico hopes he doesn't get penalized.
        Kiryu: Welcome home, Master! *While giving a heart shape pose*
        Sugano: CUT! CUT CUT CUT! Kiryu-san, what are you doing!? This is the patriarch's son you're talking to, not some sleazeball in a maid cafe.
    • "Thank you for your service".
      • Knowing he can select again, he choose the second wrong option which is more hilarious too. One could wonder what he would do if he really did say those rejected options to the young Daigo back at Yakuza 0.
        Kiryu: Young Master... (bows down) Thank you for your service. Prison must have taken quite a toll on you.
        Sugano: CUT! CUT CUT CUT! Kiryu-san, you're suppose to be speaking to an elementary schooler, not an ex-con aniki!
    • "This knife is too sharp!"
      • Kiryu was suppose to play a scene where one of his subordinates fails him and he needs to cut his pinky for redemption. Since the first rejected option "Begone, Pinky" is too soft and ridiculous, this option is way too strong till the director himself freaks out, causing Nico to laugh himself silly for that moment.
        Kiryu: The hell are you thinking, giving me this sharp of a knife! A dull one would have let me relish in the pain I am about to experience! Now you watch close!
        Sugano: EEP!!!
        *Kiryu stabs knife on the cutting board while Nico stops for a while; Nico laughs himself silly after Sugano freaks out.*
        Sugano: CUT! CUT CUT CUT! You don't think maybe you came on maybe a little strong, Kiryu-san? You're suppose to be apologizing, remember?
        Kiryu: Oh yeah. I thought it would be good to amp it up a bit.
        Sugano: And it would worked great in a different situation. Sorry, but we need to retake that.
    • In the between, the fact that Kiryu stated the line below is a pure Hilarious in Hindsight when learning that the director has only done comedy films in the past and what has Kiryu been through in the past games.
      Kiryu: (Comedy? There's no place for comedy in a yakuza story...)
  • Komaeda joins cabaret club as a hostess.
    Nico: Komaeda is the ultimate hostess girl, he goes level beyond platinum.
    Komaeda (Nico): A fuckin ruby, motherfucker! Hello sir, welcome to our club. Now, I have a question for you... do you like boats?
    Nico: And of course his customer is Izuru and he goes like;
    Izuru (Nico): I motherfuckin love boats.
    Komaeda (Nico): YES! Oh, I can tell we gonna have a good dip tonight, haha.
  • The entire substory where Kiryu does voice acting in a video game where he plays the protagonist Abe meeting up with his childhood friend, Michiue (played by Ryuzaki as his partner) after school. What Kiryu didn't know is that he's voice acting a BL game, which he soon realizes it during the recording session. Once again Nico decides to 'improvise' by selecting the wrong options to the point that Ryuzaki joins along out of pity. The highlights are:
    • "Wait, there's someone else here!"
      • Both wrong options makes Kiryu misinterpreted where the games purpose was. The first wrong option "You smell awful!" is funny as Kiryu misinterpreted the setting to be in a locker room instead of a classroom. But the second option above is hilarious where Kiryu makes it like a horror game.
        Kiryu!Abe: Wait, there's someone else here!
        Ryuzaki!Michiue: Huh? I don't see anyone?
        Kiryu!Abe: WHAT?! No, stay back! NOOOOOOO!
        Ryuzaki!Michiue: Abe!? ABEEE!!
        Ryuzaki: COME ON, KIRYU-SAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? You can't just decide this is going to be a horror game! Stick to the script, would you!?
        Kiryu: Sorry! But you did good job staying in character, though!
        Nico!Kiryu: I'm so proud of you!
        Ryuzaki: Yeah, well that was out of pity, Kiryu-san!
    • "You're really annoying."
      • Upon the second choices, there's one particular wrong choice that somewhat related to what Kiryu's been doing in the entire Yakuza series.
        Kiryu!Abe:You're really annoying, you know that? You should be glad I don't punch your lights out right now.
        Ryuzaki!Michiue: What did you say!? Lets take it outside, Abe!
        Ryuzaki: Hey! This isn't a fighting game! We're doing a drama remember!?
        Kiryu: Sorry! Bad habit!
        Ryuzaki: Bad habit? Do you turn everything into a fight? Try to stay in character!!
    • And then Kiryu has to voice an orgasm in-game. Cue Kiryu's words after the recording.
      Kiryu: HEY! You said this was an adolescent drama not some kind of... sex game?!
  • The return of Etsuko, the Obatarian from Yakuza 0. Hilarity Ensues when Kiryu gets the same treatment and 'thanks' after saving her much like Majima's.
  • Thanks to last episode's voice acting substory at the beginning of the next episode Nico plays the short fragment of Takaya Kuroda's (Kiryu's VA) work on a BL game. Nico tries to explain what happened in that scene:
    Nico: The other guy was clearly upset, cause the other guy stole his cookies and then Kiryu, being the kind soul that he was, let him his own cookies, but being so excited he started eating all of these cookies all at once, which made him slightly out of breath and panting, cause that's how I get too when I have a lot of cookies too and Kiryu calmly saying "Drink the milk" and then the other guy says "Yes, on my face Kiryu-san!" So then Kiryu took the milk and threw it at the guy's face and then end scene! Yeah. That's totally what happened.
  • In episode 26, the entire Yuki's reunion of both Majima and Youda. Namely her conversation with Majima as if they're acting Like an Old Married Couple if he brought her the vinegar she asked even it's 20 years ago.
    • In the following episode, it continues where both Majima and Yuki mocks each others 'new looks'.
    • Also Kiryu's surprise that what Majima told him in the previous game of Majima being the 'Lord of the Night' isn't a lie.
  • With Majima showing up in the Cabaret sidequest, Nico jokes about that one of their missing hostess, and secret weapon against Kanzaki is Goromi-Chan!!! Apparently this hostess has infinite health and max stats in everything. However it turns out to be Yuki and he's even impress upon learning that she's a Diamond hostess instead of the regular Platinum hostess.
  • In episode 27, Kiryu's attempt to take Haruka to the Gravure Photo Studio. Unfortunately, they don't allow him to enter since Haruka's underage.
    • He reacted to this by crying that Haruka ruins everything for him, and wonders why he even had kids. Only for Haruka to point out that she's not his biological daughter.
    • Three episodes later, Nico finally progresses through the main story far enough to be able to leave Haruka behind. As Kiryu and Kaoru discuss further actions outside Serena, this happens:
      Kaoru: There's not much time. Let's head to the Millenium Tower.
      Kiryu!Nico: (dramatically) Alright, it's time. Now that I know that Haruka's finally safe and sound, it's time, Kaoru.
      Kaoru!Nico: Time for what?
      Kiryu!Nico: Time for—
      (Video abruptly cuts to the gravure photoshoot minigame, zooming in on the model's breasts.)
      Kiryu!Nico: —TENDER CLEAVAAAAAGE!!!
  • Nico's brief freakout at the infamous Bait-and-Switch ending of the Wire Dilemma scene. Made more hilarious by it being the same kind of troll cut Nico himself does in his videos on a semi-regular basis, leading to several viewers mistaking it for one of such edits until Nico reacted to it.

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 

    Hunter x Hunter 
In General
  • Nico's constant failures at guessing what the word for the Hunter Vocabulary segment will end up being.
    • The Hunter Vocabulary for Episode 23 deserves special mention. He stated that the word could be "testing gates", but he felt it was too long so he picked something else. As it turns out, "testing gates" was the word.

Hunter Exam arc

  • When Leorio, Gon, and Kurapika were examining where to go, Nico jokingly stated that they will visit the Great Deku Tree for him to give them a bunch of tutorials.
  • Nico learns Leorio's age. It's nineteen.
  • Nico's laughter after learning the name of Hetero's secretary was Beans after he calls him Mr. Jelly Beans.
  • "I dunno if Killua can even do anything, does he just smack people with his skateboard?" Keep in mind that Nico said this within the episode where it was revealed that Killua came from a family of assassins.
  • The comparisons between the third phase of the Hunter Exam and the Nonary Games. Bonus points for the timing, as the review in question was posted during Nico's work on another Nonary Game-focused episode of the Council of Voicesnote . Zero even makes an appearance himself.
    Zero: Oh, hello, how's it going? I was actually in charge of this game, but this weird white-haired kid came, and stole it from me.
    Nico: Killua looks at him like "What?"
    Zero: Not you.
    Nagito: *laughs*
    • Komaeda's Bullshit Powers letting him win... at the cost of everyone else immediately dying a painful death.
  • Leroute betting on her gender immediately causes Nico to panic due to his past experiences with the Dude Looks Like a Lady trope.
  • Killua teaches Gon the birds and the bees.
    Nico!Gon: Hey, where do babies come from?
    Nico!Kurapika: Oh... uh...
    Nico!Killua: It's when two people fuck.
    Nico!Gon: Oh, OK! (Beat) What does "fuck" mean?
  • The appearance of the Miu butterfly from his Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice LP.

Zoldyck Family arc

  • The time where Siri activated by accident while Nico was recording.
  • At the end of that arc, both Gon and Killua decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese

    Steins;Gate 0 
  • Nico being completely surprise that Daru ends up getting together with Yuki Amane, and wonders how in the world did that happen.
  • Learning that Suzuha told Daru who he's ending up with, Nico is baffled wondering why would Suzuha think it would be a good idea.
  • Ever after all these years, Nico still has a hard time recognizing Luka's gender due to him having Pronoun Trouble with the crossdresser.
  • After Nico saw the bodies of dead gorillas, Nico jokingly referred to this game as "the story where Gonta became a serial killer".
    • There is also the Gonta ending where Gonta went on to give the characters of the game monkey brains.
  • Nico making fun of Daru's goofy voice.
  • "Gon has grown-up to be a beautiful woman."note 
  • After Okabe talks to Amadeus during a time where people are coming after him with the AI, guns were immediately shot at his location to his surprise as he didn't expect them to come so soon.
  • When coming across a group of dead researchers, Okabe notices one of the bodies has glasses and headphones on...
    Nico: Aargh... help... me...
    Nico!Okabe: Oh god, he's still alive!
  • Kagari's ending became a Yuri ending with Surprise Incest as Kagari hooks-up with Mayuri (in which at the time both of them didn't know that Mayuri was Kagari's mother).
  • Nico's obsession with Panda Maho.

    Judgement (Judge Eyes) 
  • During one of the tutorials, after he bought food inside the Poppo shop, a street fight tutorial occurs. What does he do when that happens? He lead the fight ''inside the Poppo' shop, claiming they're wrecking the place outside. Much like his LP in Yakuza Kiwami 2, Nico manages to wreak most of the Poppo area even pulling off the same brutal joint Heat Action with the employee. The only difference is he doesn't get banned from buying items after buying a perks.
  • His "back to" intro for this LP is a clip of Kiryu singing "Judgement-Shinpan-."

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