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     Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc 
  • Nico's first encounter with Fukawa.
    Fukawa: (read in a squeaky voice similar to the Fujisaki voice) What? Why are you staring at me? Don't... look at me like that...
    Nico: Aw, I like you already.
    Fukawa: (suddenly turns angry, read in a demonic voice) don't you look at me like I'm some sort of filthy, obscene thing!
    Nico: OH GOD, never mind!
  • Nico's first encounter with Sakura Oogami.
    Nico: Whoa...that's a girl?! *makes a mind blown sound effect*
    • And he still continues giving Oogami the deepest and manliest voice out of the entire cast.
      Oogami: Come, Naegi. Come into my womanly chest.
  • Nico poking fun at how obvious it is that Hagakure is lying when questioning him during the fourth investigation.
    Nico!Hagakure: Well, I'm not gonna come later, 'cause I'm afraid you're gonna kill me if I go over and see you one-on-one.
    Nico!Oogami: You mean like how we're talking to each other, right now?
    Nico!Hagakure: Yes, that's exactly what I mean! Okay, well, see you later!
  • NicoB's Where Are They Now segment on Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc's bad ending.
    • Hagakure started his own band called Bad Juju and wrote over twenty inspiring songs about aliens, drugs, and chickens. His album sold out on the first day at Monokuma's shop. They were all bought by Hagakure.
    • Being the only attractive girl at the school, Asahina slept with all three guys and gave birth to three beautiful children. She later gave birth to a fourth child, a girl with a massively long tongue. Everyone felt it was best to not ask any questions.
    • Togami continued to be an arrogant snob and make everyone's life miserable... until eventually a police lady, a girl with a baseball bat, and a chainsaw-wielding T-Rex mysteriously showed up and beat the shit outta him. They mentioned something about a "NicoB." It was weird.
    • Fukawa continued to try and earn the affections of her beloved "White Knight." She ended up writing a book about her experience called The Prince and the Dirty Whore. Genocider Shou became a barber.
    • With no more Class Trials, Monokuma spent the rest of his days bored out of his mind, drinking martinis and watching reruns of Full House. He was later found dead in the laundry room, having spun dry himself to death.
    • Naegi spent the next twenty years living peacefully with his friends at Kibougamine Academy... until eventually he won a pneumatic drill at the Mono-Mono Machine, and got the fuck outta there.

     Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair 
  • Gundham Tanaka's introduction
    (Nico sees Tanaka, and based on his appearance and his Chuunibyou attitude, he guesses that he is...)
    Nico: Alright, lemme guess this guy... Goth! The Super Duper High School Goth Guy! No... SDHS Villain? Um... Mad Scientist?
    (Gundham Tanaka, Ultimate Breeder)
    Nico: What? The "Ultimate Breeder"? What?
    Nico!Gundham: I make babies everywhere... EVERYWHERE, I SAY!
    • Also from Gundam's introduction:
      Nico: What are you supposed to be, a Pokemon master?!
      Gundham (Nico): Go, Charizard! Eliminate all my enemies!
      Charizard (Nico): Eh, I don't really want to...
      Gundham (Nico): Come now, Charizard, eliminate all those who stand in my way!
      Charizard (Nico): Eh, I don't really want to, and you're kind of a dick.
      Gundham (Nico): Damn it, Charizard. I knew I should've gotten all eight badges first.
  • When Fat Togami calls everyone together to appoint himself as leader:
    Byakuya (Nico): That's why I'm testing it for poison, to make sure it's safe.
    Hajime (Nico): But you ate it all.
    Byakuya (Nico): Yep, it's safe. Enjoy my leftovers, bitch.
  • BAGELS!!! aka greatest running gag of the series.
    • The very origin. note 
    • Bagel titties!
    • So... many... beats... so... many... BAGELS! (Smash Cut)
  • Komaeda discovers his Bullshit Powers. There's even an animation for it!
  • FUCK YOUR SHIT! and again!

     DRAE: Ultra Despair Girls 
  • Soulja Bear.
  • The magical series of events that happens when Nico notices three Monokuma Kids at a vending machine.
    Nico: (regarding something else entirely) I'm not sure how - what in the fuck are you kids doing?
    [the two kids in question are, in fact, pelvic thrusting toward a corpse on top of a vending machine]
    Nico: What are they doing?! Wha- are they doing what I think they're doing?
    Kids: Yeah! Oh my god, look at that purple ass right there! [sensual grunting] I just wanna - [more sensual grunting] Pelvic thrust! [this amount of sensual grunting is probably going to get us on a list]
    Nico: That, or they're just really jazzed up about Dr. Pepper. About Dr. People!
    Kids: Yeah! I love Dr. People! 38 different flavors of people, all in one can!
    Nico: And what the hell is she recording it?! What is going on?!
    [Nico suffers a minor seizure]
  • Nico losing his shit as Genocide Jack does a parody of the Spirit Bomb (Here's the scene). To elaborate :
  • A sudden glitch makes Nico slowly go insane.

     Danganronpa IF 
  • When Makoto finds the escape button, Nico immediately jokes about the drop rate of the button being 0.000000001%, and Makoto just got really lucky. Sure enough, just a few pages later...
    Monokuma: "But with a success rate of 0.000000001% (Exact same number of zeroes!), I never expected anyone would actually win it (the button)!
    Nico (Noticing this): Big "OMG!"
  • I just shit in my hand and threw it at you.
  • Makoto shares his memories.
    Nico!Naegi: Actually, you (Togami) actually never gave me anything worthwhile to share.
    Nico!Togami: I knew it, you're a terrorist, I'm going to kill you now. (Deadpan roaring/constipated grunt)
    Nico: (Small chuckle) That's the sound of Togami trying to murder Naegi. (Repeats the noise)

     Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy 
Side Future #1: Third Time's A Charm
  • Nico's hysterical laughter at the sight of Fat Togami's running animation.
  • Nico's reaction to the new designs:
    Nico: AAAAAA, everybody looks so fucked up and different!
  • "A dancing wolf needs no sake, right? Yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to say, Ultimate Hallucinator"
  • On Munakata's entrance:
    Tengan (Nico): Yeah, feel free...yeah, take, you just walk up on a table.
  • Munakata is Yu Narukami.
  • An unexpected Lampshade Hanging:
    Nico: God darnit, I love you so fuckin' much Ashina (written the way he says it).
    Asahina (Nico):Okay, seriously, do you ever gonna pronounce my name correctly?!
  • The conversation with Chisa takes a turn:
    Chisa (Nico): If two hopes would get naked and have sex together, do you think that would also create better hope?!
    Naegi (Nico): YES. YES I DO.
  • Nico has clearly not warmed up to Hagakure in the latter's absence:
    Nico: That's right Hagakure, you stay outside with all the other losers.
    Hagakure (Nico): But the only things out there are birds! Guys? GUYS?
  • The series' mascot makes his entrance the only way he knows how:

Side Despair #1: Hello Again, Hope's Peak High School

  • While watching the intro:
    Komaeda (Nico): Ah look, it's me too! Was that a revolver I saw on a screen? You're supposed to use six bullets (for Russian roulette), right?
  • Nico has clearly not forgotten Hiyoko from DR2:
    "We got Sonia, we got Mahiru and then we got crazy psycho bitch."
  • Chisa (Nico): You're not be able to break me, bitch! I'M SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME!
  • "Oh my god, you're (Mikan) gonna be the Yuuki Rito of this anime, aren't you?
  • After the "rotten oranges" speech:
    Sonia (Nico): Rotten oranges? What is an orange?
  • "Nekomaru's shit can alter the shape of the planet!"
    Vegeta (Nico): FINAL SHIT! explodes
  • "Teruteru would literally fuck anything."
  • The Ultimate Chuunibyou returns:
    Gundam (Nico): Hey, my hair looks a little different! I'm going for a new look this year, what do you think?
  • "Ultimate Swordswoman, Peko Pekoyama, also known as Yu Narukami's gender swap."
  • "No, Ibuki I don't want your big meaty balls!
  • In the aftermath of Komaeda's entrance:
    Komeada (Nico): Well, the bad news is that Kazuichi's dead, but the good news is that I found that soda! What a beautifully hopeful day today!
  • During Hajime's introduction:
    Hajime (Nico): Hmm, should I grow my hair out? I don't know. Would I look good in black? How about red eyes? Yeah, I'd bet that look hot!
  • Nico's reaction to Chiaki appearing in Side: Despair:
    • Hajime's first encounter with Chiaki:
      Hajime (Nico): (thinking) Alright Hajime, this is your moment, say something cool! Eeee... (out loud) HEY, I LIKE YOUR PUSSY BAG! (thinking) DAMMIT, WHY WOULD I SAY THAT?!
    • "No girl can resist that Hajime ahoge!"
    • Hajime (Nico): I vow to have sex with every one of those Ultimates! That's right, every one of them.
  • ''HA! Nantendo. And then this video gets flagged by Nintendo."
    Nico: FUCK!

Side Future #2: Hang the Witch

  • While it's more of a Tear Jerker, his reaction to the death of both Bandai and Asahina is almost disturbingly entertaining.
    Nico: (after reading Bandai's NG Code) Oh, what the fuck?! Fuck you, Monokuma, you piece of shit!
    Asahina (Nico): I survived the first game just to die two games later!?
  • The exchange between Andou and Izayoi:
    Izayoi (Nico): I'm not in the mood for sweets.
    Andou (Nico): Are you sure?
    Izayoi (Nico): Okay, maybe just one.
    • Also to do with Izayoi and Andou.
      Andou: (reaches for Izayoi's hand, and holds it)
      Nico: Oh snap.
      Izayoi (Nico): We need to find a broom closet now!
    • Izayoi is Gaara.
  • When everyone is voting for the traitor:
    Naegi (Nico): "Alright, I swear to God if you all fucking vote for me [as the person you suspect as being the traitor] I will hope you all to death." (no less than four people vote for Naegi) "Oh, god damnit!"
  • Nico's ad-libbing of Tengan.
    Nico: I bet you did it, old man! Get him!
    Tengan (Nico): Oh mah gerd, AAUUUU—

Side Despair #2: My Impurest Heart for You

  • Hajime's plan on who to sleep with first.
    Hajime (Nico): Okay, so I think I'll start with Mahiru, then Peko, then Kuzuryu, you know, start with like the smaller people then work my way to the more muscular people. Yeah, yeah, that sounds good, that sounds good. Except Komaeda. Komaeda can fuck off. That's right, fangirls, ha!
  • Komaeda rolling ten 6's in the Monopoly rip-off game.
    Komaeda (Nico): Oh, wow! What are the odds of that?note 
    Chiaki (Nico): Wow...I've played this game 300 times, and...I've never even seen that happen.
    Kazuichi (Nico): What the hell?! There's only supposed to be two dice in the game! (has a seizure)
    • Also Kazuichi having -9, 999, 999, 999, 999 yen.
      Nico: Oh my God! He's at negative nine trillion yen!
      Kazuichi (Nico): Fuck! Why?! Why can't I ever have a happy ending?!

Side Future #3: Cruel Violence and Hollow Words

  • Nico's reaction to the revelation that Asahina's death was fake. He needs three cutaways before he can talk normally again.
    • Immediately following this, his reaction to the death of Great Gozu. Also a Tear Jerker, yet Nico's reaction, like with the deaths of Yukizome and Bandai, is hilariously endearing considering that he was starting to really like him.
      Nico: See? He was a nice, big bull man. Even if he did dislocate my shoulder.
      Great Gozu: I will kill you if you give up hope, motherfucker!
      Naegi: I love you, too, Mr Bull!
  • Nico imitating Monokuma's real laugh of "Upupupupu" instead of the trilling r's he usually does.
  • The Mono Lisa.
  • The way Kimura walks and moves around.
    Nico: You have a very weird way of running. Gotta move your arms!
  • "I'm so sick of that bitch." Explanation 
  • Nico's obvious dislike towards Yu Narukaminote  and Juzo Sakakura.
    Nico: Why?! Fuck both of you! Naegi should be just like, "You know what? Screw that! Except for Yu Narukami and the boxing dude. You two are gonna fucking die today!"
  • After agreeing with a commenter's observation about how sketchy everyone minus Bandai and Great Gozu seems to be in Future Foundation, Nico highlights this with some ad-libbing between Andou and Izayoi.
    Andou: You can betray anyone else but just not me!
    Izayoi: Okay, I'll do it as long as you feed me sweets! I'll kill anyone for sweets!
  • When Kimura reveals that she's wearing braces, Nico is underwhelmed.
    Nico: Under that mask she was wearing...braces? Really? That's why she wears that mask all the time?
  • Nico humming the Yakety Sax theme while Kimura chases Andou and Izayoi.
  • Juzo's Incredibly Lame Pun.
    Juzo: Here, have a seat! (beat) ' know...I got a chair...and I, uh...SHUT UP!
    • Even funnier considering that the official Funimation dub used almost as ridiculous a pun for that scene, minus the Lampshade Hanging.note 
  • Nico takes Munakata's Fan Nickname a bit far.
    Naegi: I'll fight you with my feelings! I thought we established a Social Link together! You maxed me out, man!
    Munakata: I was only using you to get your ultimate Persona! I don't need you anymore! DIE, NAEGI!

Side Despair #3: A Farewell to All Futures

Side Future #4: Who is a Liar

  • Nico calling Munakata by his real name instead of Yu Narukami.
  • Nico assesses that the only good thing so far about Juzo is that his seiyuu is the guy who voiced Grimmjow.
  • Tengan telling Juzo to put the chair down.
    Tengan: Put the chair down, Juzo, you psychotic fuck.
    (Juzo throws the chair at Tengan regardless.)
    Nico: Oh shit, dude, really? Throwing the chair at the old man?
  • Despite Juzo being a total asshole, Nico admits that he's quite good-looking.
    Nico: He might be a douchebag, but god damn, he's got some serious pecs there.
    • There's even a circle focusing on Juzo's chest.
  • "Me hungry for Naruto asshole!" note 
  • Nico's reaction at seeing Tengan wipe the floor with Juzo.
    • Nico makes the same noise when Tengan fights Munakata.
  • "That's not hope! That's just...stupid! You're so stupid!"
  • Nico's reaction to The Reveal that Miaya is actually a robot controlled by Monaca. Unexplained Recovery and Joker Immunity don't seem to be Nico's favourite tropes, and this is what shows it.
    Nico: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, fuck! NOOOOOOO! Oh, you have gotta be shitting my dick right now!

Side Despair #4: The Melancholy, Surprise, and Disappearance of Nagito Komaeda

  • Fuyuhiko calling out Nico when the latter forgot that his sister had just died, and asked why the atmosphere was so sad.
    • He then goes on to taunt Nico on whether or not he'll keep the brain fart moment in the video.
  • "Oh, goody! We're gonna have a full episode about me? You know what that means, guys? You can expect a lotta Komaeda voice this episode!"
    • Nico is not amused with that.
      Nico: No! I wanna see fucking Izuru. I don't give a shit about Komaeda.
      Komaeda: Aw, come on! You know you love me, Nico.
      Nico: No! Shut up! Get out of my head!
  • The cow mascot on Genji Dewicious Milk starts flirting with Nico.
  • Nico's reaction at seeing Sayaka Maizono on the cover of Teruteru's magazine.
  • While Kimura was concentrating hard on her chemicals and adding something, Nico adds fitting music as the camera slowly zooms in on her. Cue Komaeda popping in and breaking her concentration...which causes an explosion.
    • After the above event happened, Nico notes that Kimura's hair moves around like tentacles. Komaeda meanwhile seems quite happy with that.
      Nico: Your hair's moving around like little tentacles!
      Komaeda: Oh, wow...I can tell I'm gonna have fun with this girl!
  • During the climax, when Andou's exam was a failure and Kimura's bag is revealed to have the bomb inside, Andou screams at Kimura. Nico himself screams back.
    Andou: How can I trust someone who won't eat my sweets?!
    Nico:' I don't like sweets! Fuck you!
  • Nico laughing at Izayoi getting trampled by Gundham's missing Pomeranian.
  • Just hearing the sheer amount of glee Nico has when Yukizome slapped Komaeda. He practically sounds like he's crying tears of joy during the moment.
    Nico: Oh my God! Thank you, Yukizome! You did the thing I wanted to do to Komaeda the whole fucking time I played Dangan Ronpa 2!
    • He even repeats the moment...with an added explosion.
  • Nico singing the Ending song of Side: Despair in the Komaeda voice. Listen to it here.

Side Future #5: Dreams of Distant Days

  • Nico's reaction at seeing a little Kimura.
    • Upon seeing her cry when she tries to give pills to the dog who got hit by a bike, Nico starts questioning (screaming) why someone would do this to him.
  • Izayoi's frequent use of the word "dewicious". Nico is fed up with that word.
    Young Izayoi: You can't eat those dewicious sweets?
    Nico: Oh my God...what— stop it, dude, just stop saying that!
    • Izayoi repeats that word again as part of his Pre Ass Kicking One Liner before he engages in combat against Kimura. Nico is still fed up with that word.
      Izayoi: For love and dewicious sweets!
      Nico: For fucking sake...dude, you just killed your epic speech there.
  • "I am going to fucking kill you...for I have the power of Hello Kitty inside of me. Now...go! FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC POWEEEEEEEERRRRSS!"
  • Tengan getting pissed at Munakata's dumb question while he's still impaled.
    Tengan: Really, dude? That's what you're gonna ask me? As I bleed out here? Fuck you. Hey, I got an idea! How about you get over here and suck my nob?
    • Later on, Tengan is still pissed at Munakata, but this time for a stupid assumption.
      Munakata: are the Remnant of Despair.
      Tengan: You really are a stupid little fuck, you know that?
    • Even better with The Reveal that Tengan is the mastermind (though he's still not a Remnant of Despair).
  • Juzo is now Grimmjow.
  • Asahina getting pumped to fight Juzo and declaring that her boobs are as big as his boobs.
  • Nico encouraging Kimura to kill Andou who he really hates at this point.
    Nico: Seriously...fucking stab that bitch, Seiko! Do it! DOOO IT NOOOOOWWWW!
  • "How am I even fucking conscious by this point? It's a miracle!"
  • Upon the revelation that Kimura dies in this episode, once he's done watching the episode, Nico pleads the TV show if he can load his save file and just do her Free Time Events.
    Nico: Can I load up my old save and just do her Free Time Events? Can you do that for me Dangan Ronpa 3 TV show?
    Monokuma: Noooo Nicooo...there is noooo gameplaaayy...
    Nico: No! Get out of my head, Monokuma!
    Monokuma: Dude! No, I'm serious! There's no game! It's a fucking show! God! Get over it, Nico!

Side Future #6: No Man is an Island

  • Nico does not at all hide his hatred towards Munakata and especially Ruruka.
    Nico: No, fuck you, Ruruka. You better be the one to die next.
  • Juzo being Tsun Dere during the time of his graduation.
  • The repetition of the word "platitudes" confuses Nico.
  • Naegi telling Asahina she doesn't need to keep repeating about her boobs. To be more specific, he's telling her to stop asking him if he needs to motorboat her.
  • Seeing Kimura's dead body made Nico sad again...then he goes on to say that he didn't give a shit about Izayoi who died in the episode.
    "Dewicious died as he lived...whipped!"
  • Togami acting like a prima-donna when he finally appears again.
    Togami: Once they're dead, I'll come in and do my grand entrance, and everyone will finally understand. Togami is NOT FAT!
  • This exchange between Izuru and Komaeda.
    Komaeda: Hey! I'm still over here! Hey, Izuru! Do you like boats?

Side Future #7: Ultra Despair Girls

  • Nico being underwhelmed that a big plot twist from Danganronpa Zero that's spoiled in Side Despair #6, which he was warned about long in advance (Junko being the Ultimate Analyst).
  • Double Monokuma
  • The entirety of Fukawa's fantasy, even more so than usual.
    • The lead-up to it:
      Nico (Togami): Ahh, I feel like somebody said something horny about me. Damn it, Fukawa! No, don't do it! Oh, Crap!, here we go.
    • "Oh, look at that, she finally took a bath, guys!"
    • The Mini-Togamis making Edgeworth Noises.
    • "As long as Togami continues to breathe and not be molested by Fukawa, for I'm Togami (suddenly goes monotone) hear me roar."
  • Nico outright roaring with laughter upon the reveal that Monaca gave up on both hope and despair because she didn't want to end up like Komaeda.
    Komaeda (Nico): Look Nico, look! I am being helpful!
    Monaca (Nico): I looked at him for about 2 seconds and went "Fuck that, I don't want any of that insanity!"

Side Future #8: Who Killed Cock Robin

  • Nico not realizing Kyoko IS Kirigiri, and thought she was her mother.
  • Nico's reaction at Juzo getting impaled by one of Izayoi's traps that Kizakura activated.
    • He had to keep playing the scene a few times because he didn't realize what just happened.
  • Kirigiri getting a bit tired of and disturbed by Nico's eagerness for her to curb-stomp Andou.
    Nico: Go get that bitch, Kirigiri! Curb-stomp her with your heels!
    Kirigiri: Seriously? God, you ever gonna stop telling people to curb-stomp other people?
    Nico: Sorry.
  • Though also a huge Tear Jerker, like with the deaths of Bandai and Great Gozu, Nico's reaction at Kizakura's death is hilariously endearing.
    Nico: NO, DUDE!
    • Nico's subsequent eagerness for Andou to die.note  He does not at all hide his hatred towards her.
      Nico: God I fucking hate Ruruka. Seriously, I'm so ready for her to die, and I'm gonna feel so good when she does.
  • "No, Juzo! Don't listen to the chocolates!"
  • Kirigiri being totally blasé about licking the saliva off of Izayoi's corpse to find out he ate sugar and thus died from his NG code.
    Kirigiri: I might've made out with him to find that out.
  • "And, this door is literally in every fucking Danganronpa game."
  • Juzo attempting to open the secret entrance door is met with cheers from Nico.note 
    Nico: Seriously, nobody gives a shit about her! DO IT, JUZO! DO IT!
    • What's even funnier is that during that, Juzo actually proclaims at Andou, "I don't care about you."
    • Nico telling Juzo that if he opens the door and thus kills off Andou, he'll start liking him a little bit.
  • "Damn, it's really big, Naegi!"

Side Future #10: Death, Destruction, Despair

  • Nico's reaction to seeing the fire extinguisher finally work for Naegi.
    • And then the exchange following it:
      Komaeda (telepathically): Naegi, you just have to believe. In the bullshit. Believe, Naegi!
      Naegi: Okay Komaeda, I believe! Hrrrrrgh! *throws the thing* Now, Fire Extinguisher-chan AWAAAY!
      Munakata: What the dicks?! *gets hit with the extinguisher*

Side Future #11: All Good Things

  • Nico crying over Chiaki's Cruel and Unusual Death in Side Despair Episode 10? A real Tear Jerker. Nico trying to deny that anything happened during the intro to this video? A bit of Black Comedy.
  • While waiting for the time limit to pass again, Kyosuke decides to break the silence:
    Munakata: So uhhh, what do you guys want to do? You, uhhh... want me to try and kill you guys or something? While you guys run away? That's a good way to waste time!
    Munakata: ...I don't have many friends.
  • Monokuma beckons Naegi to watch the video:
    Nico: Don't watch real close.
    Monokuma: Do-do it! Totally do it!
    Nico: No!
    • And then after Naegi goes completely bonkers watching the video:
    Monokuma: Should've closed your eyes, dum-dum!
  • "AAH! Omigod, it's Maizono's ghost!"
  • Nico's reaction to seeing the buttery remains of Owada.

Side Despair #11: Goodbye Hope's Peak Academy

  • Nico decides to play It's Raining Men over the reserve course committing suicide.
  • Makoto's luck saves him again from a wrench thrown at Junko.
    Komaeda: Yes! Good Naegi, good, my dear sweet apprentice! You are mastering the art of bullshit!
    • And then after Junko says that Naegi's luck isn't the same as Komaeda's luck:
      Enoshima: Yeah, he's not...quite the level of Komaeda bullshit.
      Komaeda: That's right! If Naegi's Level 10, I'd say I'm like, at Level 800...million.

Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the Worldnote 

  • What clues Nico in on the fact that 2.5 is All Just a Dream? Komaeda is friends with Kazuichi and Kuzuryu.
  • "My dream is to find myself a Johnny Yong Bosch to call my own."
  • When someone says Sonia is out of Kazuichi's league:
    Kazuichi (Nico): "Sonia being out my league is an understatement, try OUT OF MY SOLAR SYSTEM!"
  • Some Side Future characters make an appearance:
    Nico: Ah, Seiko, I love you so much. FUCK YOU, RURUKA, FUCK YOU, IZAYOI— (Puts Xs over the latter twos faces, then removes the X over Izayoi) Actually, Izayoi didn't do anything wrong; but he loved Ruruka, so fuck him anyway. (Puts the X back on Izayoi)
  • Nico's reaction for seeing Madarai the first time (as he hasn't read Danganronpa Zero yet) is to call him Ultimate Licker.
  • The sight of Super Super Squishy Princess ends up turning Nico into Miles Edgeworth.
  • This scene:
    Nico!Ibuki: All rise, for the pledge of allegiance!
    Nico!Komaeda (narrating): After Ibuki made our ears bleed with her wicked shredding...
  • Peko getting jealous:
    Komaeda (Nico): (to Kuzuryu) Wanna make out?
    (Cut to Pekoyama watching from a nearby bush)
    Pekoyama (Nico): (Inner monologue) Come on, come on, Master, just say the word, just itching for a kill.
  • After the Izuru avatar enters the simulation:
    Izuru (Nico): Oh sweet, am I Agent Smith in this scenario? *Izuru proceeds to shoot a police officer with a finger gun.*
  • After the sudden transition to Kazuichi's funeral:
    Kazuichi (Nico): "What... What?!... WHAT THE FUCK? I'M DEAD?! Well that's one hell of a transition! I knew my boner would kill me one day."
  • Sonia takes matters into her own hands:
    Sonia (Nico): Nobody tells me what I can and can't do. If I want someone dead, I do it myself. *Cut to Sonia trying to kill Izuru with a rocket launcher.*
    • "I'm sorry, the number you have dialed has just gotten owned."
  • This scene near the climax:
    Nico!Komaeda: I finally understand my ultimate bullshit can be used to destroy Hajime! Now go, bullet, ricochet and—
    (The bullet bounces right into Komaeda's skull)
    Nico!Komaeda: Son of a Junko!

     Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony 
  • Nico has entirely too much fun with the new "Slap" mechanic.
  • Nico is told by the Picky Penguins to give Kokichi the Joshua voice. He quickly realizes that this was an extremely good choice, since Kokichi's first conversation involves him making several dismissive comments toward Keebo and then asking if robots have dicks. His behavior towards Keebo, combined with Kaede's skepticism towards his talent, leads Nico to dub him the "Ultimate Douche".
    • Kokichi is eventually dubbed the new Komaeda. All because he serves as the The Rival of the game and loves to end his sentence with riiight.
  • Nico finds the Danganronpa 2 monument.
    Nico: Oh hey, it looks like palm trees there.
    Monokuma (Nico): This is the gravestone for the Danganronpa 2 let's play: 'May it rest in bagels.' GODDAMMIT, WHO WROTE THIS SCRIPT?!
    Komaeda (Nico): Hah hah.
  • Of all the Monokubs, Monokuma seems to hate Monokid the most, because he keeps breaking his guitars. He even gives Monokid a Fukawa tongue as a present to show how much he's his least favorite.
    Monokid (Nico): But Daddy, I thought you did that because you love me best!
  • Himiko calling for help about Tenko.
    Himiko (Nico): Help! This girl is weird! Uhhhh.
  • Don't hate bugs, or Gonta is going to get mad.
    Gonta (Nico): That's good, looks like Gonta doesn't have to smack a bitch.
  • When Nico talks about the They Changed It, Now It Sucks! complaints some fans have towards the English dub, he mentions that Shuichi has a slightly more feminine voice in the Japanase dub. Given Nico's previous history with past crossdressing characters, he then stated that "You better not pull a reverse trap on me".
    • He later expresses the same worry when it turns out Rantaro can paint nails, worrying that he's going to turn out to be secretly a girl.
  • Nico acting frustrated after he repeatedly fails to access Shuichi's third free time event. note 
    • The fanart of Kaede throwing cufflinks at Shuichi begging him to be her friend.
  • Monokuma's reaction on him drinking champange:
    Monokuma!Nico: And I'm sipping... champange?! WHAT THE FUCK! What is this?! You're not my martini?! Goddammit!! Did they reboot my drinking choice? THOSE MOTHERFUCKER FROM SPIKE CHUNSOFT! Well since I'm here I guess I give it a drink anyway.
  • Kaede seems to be overly enthusiastic in making a move on Shuichi.
    Kaede!Nico: The only panties you can see are mine, Shuichi, and I mean what I said.
    • Before that Shuichi said he wouldn't get his eyes dirty if he saw Tsumugi's underwear, only to take it back and then re-confirm it again.
  • Apparently all the Fanservice of the game comes from Monokuma's demand for bigger boobs when Nico comments the fact that all the females (minus Himiko) are stacked. Didn't know Monokuma had a say in the games.
    Monokuma!Nico: For this reboot, we-we need more boobs, guys. MORE! BARE! BOOBS! No more of that Saionji shit, alright. We ne- The bigger, the better!
    • Doubly funny in light of the game's ending, since it's easy to imagine this as a Team Danganronpa staff meeting.
  • Tenko has become the new Hagakure, but more annoying to Nico by calling all the boys degenerate males and stalking Himiko.
  • "I don't know if Miu hates us or wants to fuck us."
    • Miu seems to think Kaede has a great ass. Kaede doesn't know to be offended or flattered.
  • How about Nico's reaction to Kokichi's terrifying expression during the first trial and the beginning of Chapter 2. Kokichi's ad-lib is pointed straight at Nico.
  • Apparently Komaeda was Rantaro's mentor of Ultimate Bullshit, but...
    Monokuma (Nico): Too bad he's dead.
    • Also Rantaro's supposed execution was supposed to be Monokuma pelting him with avocadoes until he died. Just because his hair was green.
    • Some of the last words of the victims in the Climax Inference are hilarious.
    Rantaro (Nico): What the pants!?
    Ryouma (Nico): I've still got a ways to go *drowning noises*.
    Angie (Nico): Owie!
    Miu (Nico): UUGGGHHH!!! That's some good shit right there!
    Kokichi (Nico): This isn't gonna hurt, right?
    Rantaro (Nico): What the hell? Good that I didn't have my head closer to that bookcase. It could've ended badly. (Rantaro's real final words)
  • Keebo's dream of swimming with everyone looks like a moment for the fans, but then Keebo saying he'll be in a bikini ruins the moment completely unaware.
  • Nico made plenty of reference to Yu-Gi-Oh!, and to his everlasting joy Kokichi is a fan as seen in his free time.
  • Shuichi being completely flustered with Angie trying to seduce him, Nico had a field day ad-libbing that part.
  • By complete coincidence, Nico ended up getting Kaito's Love Hotel scene not long before he and Shuichi become Heterosexual Life-Partners. Hilarity Ensues.
    Shuichi (Nico): Why does my ass hurt so much?
    • The part where the event ends with ellipses is chock-filled with Nico's ad-libbing. Prepare to bust a gut.
  • 2014 Nico was an idiot.
    Nico: To be fair guys, to be fair, 2014 NicoB was an fucking idiot. 2017 Nico though has his shit together, he can see through those fucking plot bullshit. Most of the time. Sometimes. It's kinda a coin flip.
  • Kirumi losing it after getting caught as the second culprit.
    "No, it's Shuichi! Kill him!"
    (To Keebo) "Shut the fuck up, you goddamn toaster oven!!!"
    (To Kokichi) "I'm going to see you in Hell!"
    "I was Android 2B! Best waifu ever! Booty booty butt cheeks, Shuichi!"
    (After being defeated in Argument Armament): I'm naked, noooo!!!
  • Maki got fed up with Kokichi after Chapter 2's ending.
    Shuichi (Nico): I walk out that morning and look to the side and I see Kokichi's head hanging from Maki's door.
    Nico: Maki walks out.
    Shuichi (Nico): Oh...hi Maki.
    Maki (Nico): Sup.
    Shuichi (Nico): So, killed Kokichi?
    Maki (Nico): Yup. You got problem with that?
  • Fourth floor is giving Nico an (unpleasant) Corpse Party: Book of Shadows flashbacks.
    Shuichi (Nico): Oh god, this place is giving me Corpse Party flashbacks. Quick, we need to leave guys before this game turns into shit!
  • Shuichi ended up occurring Heroic BSoD after witnessing Miu and Keebo... getting gigitty.
    Shuichi (Nico): I ran and ran as far away as a could, and then I lied down crying.
    Shuichi (Nico): I'm going to die here, I'm going to die.
    Keebo (Nico): Stupid computer trying to take away my crazy girlfriend, I'll show him!
  • Tenko's Free Time is the very first one to kill off the main character if you do it. She'll throw Shuichi to his death.
  • Ryouma really raised the death flags after Nico went back to Chapter 2 to finish his FTE.
  • While talking to Shuichi in one of his FTE where he was looking for a spirit medium, Korekiyo apparently met Maya. Maya promptly told him about yaoi, to which he wasn't sure what it was. Korekiyo found out and reacted accordingly.
    Korekiyo: I looked online what it was. I've been regretting that decision ever since.
    • Becomes doubly funny by the end of the chapter, in light of the shit Kiyo himself is involved in. So apparently murdering people to send "friends" is totally acceptable to Kiyo, but Maya's yaoi fetish is too out-there for him.
  • Shuichi orders Angie pizza.
    Shuichi (Nico): Ding dong, pizza delivery!
    Angie (Nico): Uuu, pizza?! Atua, I didn't know you ordered pizza while I was working! You are truly the most wonderful god!
    Shuichi (Nico): God, she really believed her bullshit.
    Angie: Yah-hah! Can I help you? ...Huh? Why are Shuichi and Maki here?
    Shuichi (Nico): Ah,'s some pizza!
    Angie (Nico): Oh, thank you!
    Nico: And she closes the door.
    Shuichi (Nico): Ah damn it.
    Maki (Nico): Shuichi, why did you have a pizza to begin with?
    Shuichi (Nico): ...I was hungry.
  • Keebo doesn't get to participate in the seance, so he blames Shuichi for not spending any time with him.
  • When Kiyo was about to remove the sheet hiding Tenko, he does slowly and dramatically.
    Kiyo (Nico): Alright, I'm going to remove the sheets now. Slowly! Dramatically! Here it comes!
  • When Monokuma reveals he was fine when Monodam though he manage to overthrow him, Monodam gets a massive breakdown.
    Monodam (Nico): Damn it! This was suppose to be my franchise!
  • While recapping the Investigation Period before the 3rd Class Trial, Nico finally notices the death flags Tenko tripped over before her death.
  • Nico's attempt to explain to Gonta what a cum dumpster is.
  • Keebo being a Bad Liar, got both Shuchi pissed off with Keebo and Miu making more suggestive comments while pissed off.
  • Kiyo going Large Ham defending himself from his accusation.
    Kiyo (Nico): I challenge you!
    • This carries over when Shuchi recaps Kiyo's crime in the Climax Inference.
    Killer: (When Nico commented that the blackened would have gotten away if he just settled with Angie's murder) No, no! I went all this trouble with this seesaw trick, creating a meme out of this. I got to see this through the end!
    Killer: (Before killing Angie) Time to press Angie's off switch!
    Killer: (After forgetting the duct tape) I feel like I'm forgetting- Oh damn! It's alright, it's not like Shuichi will figure this one out.
    Killer: (Before killing Tenko) Eat shit Tenko! Hyaaaah!!!
  • Nico's Imagine Spot where Keebo volunteers instead of Tenko during there seance, which Kiyo starts banging his head on the wall, knowing his seesaw plan failed.
  • Nico's reaction to one of Kokichi's Nightmare Face. Physically leaving the room and getting several therapy sessions. Better yet, he edits in a NieR: Automata style Bad Ending.
    Nico: OHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME SIDEWAYS, NOOOOO!!! NO-HO! NO! No-ho! No. No, no. No. No. Nope, no. No, no no... no.
  • The Kiyo Virus, a computer virus that murders avatars in the virtual world with seesaws.
    Himiko (Nico): She (Miu) died from the sheer stupidity of the situation.
  • The thumbnail for Part 32 which shows Kokichi grinning and forming a heart with his hands for Momota, who reciprocates with double middle fingers and an equally hearty grin.
  • Kokichi tells Gonta to use his head. Gonta responds by headbutting Kokichi.
  • Nico uses a second Love Hotel key and ends up with Maki on the same night that she awkwardly asked Shuichi about his feelings for Kaede. The next morning, Maki tries to apologize for what happened last night, making it seem like she remembered the Love Hotel.
    • During the Love Hotel scene Nico talked about what Shuichi's fantasy and thinks it's just him seeing the other person as Kaede.
    Shuichi (Nico): Kaede I love you! Aaaahhhh!
    Gonta (Nico): No Shuichi! It's Gonta! NOOOOO!!!
  • Nico found a paper talking about the Gofer Plan in Chapter 5, and he made a joke about what could the plan be.
    TheJudge: I've got a great idea! How about we make an academy and launch it into space! Yeeah, sounds good doesn't it- Why are you giving me that look?
  • When Kokichi shows his final Nightmare Face Nico's head explodes and Kokichi takes over, renaming the channel KokichiB and only having close-ups of his Nightmare Face as recommendations, then said face jumps right at the viewer while he laughs maniacally.
  • Nico's reaction to the secret of the outside world:
    Nico: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Oooooh. Oh. ...shit.
  • Keebo's flashback of talking to Himiko when she went to the hangar.
    Keebo (Nico): "Hello, Himiko!"
    Himiko (Nico): "Fuck you!"
    Keebo (Nico): "....Well how rude."
  • Nico is successfully trolled by the fake Junko reveal at the end of Case 5.
  • Kaito's reaction in his execution
    Kaito (Nico): "Alright guys, I'm going to space finally... Oh wait! I'm going to the center of the Earth !!!"
  • Nico's theory about the truth of the game in the end of Chapter 5. It's even more ridiculous than the actual truth.
  • Kokichi shooting lightning out of his hands to kill Nagito.
  • Rantaro's talent is the Ultimate Ex-President of the Council of Voices.
    Nico: "I just walk in here, and I see Judge, Komeada, Togami, Joshua, Seven. They're all just lying right over there.
    Judge (Nico): "What the hell? Who the hell is that guy?"
    Shuichi (Nico): "Who am I? Who are you guys? Why you all have different artstyles?"
    Joshua (Nico): "Oh my god. Look. It's one of the Dangan Ronpa nerds."
    Shuichi (Nico): "Oh my god. Kokichi, you're alive!"
    Joshua (Nico): "Silly Sally!"
    Shuichi (Nico): "And you guys, you're the guys I saw in the book before! You're all still alive?"
    Togami (Nico): "Yes, we live immortally here in this council room. Come! Join us, Shuichi! Become one of us! Or if not you, then at least Apollo."
  • Shuichi's reaction when he found out that Kaede had a twin sister.
  • During the sixth trial, after finding out that Kaede's shot put ball death trap from Chapter 1 actually missed Rantaro, Nico has an Imagine Spot of Monokuma freaking out about it, sprinting down to the basement with a shot put ball, and whacking Rantaro over the head himself.
    Monokuma (Nico): Yes, here it comes! Here comes that shot put ball! It's about to hit Rantaro, and- AH FUCK, IT FUCKING MISSED! FUCK! AAAAAAH!!!
    Nico: And you see him running down the stairs!
  • Monokuma gives Shuichi a truck full of Kaede clones.
    Monokuma(Nico): "What do you want me to do? Dig up Kaede's dead fucking body? She is dead Shuichi! GET OVER IT!! SHE IS NOT COMING BACK!! Unless, there's truth to what Nico is saying about clones, and in which case, you can have all the Kaedes you want!"
    Shuichi (Nico): OH YES!
    Nico (Narrating): Oh my God. Monokuma comes in with a big truck full of.. Kaedes.
    Kaede clones (Nico): Whoa! Whoa!!
    Nico (Narrating): They all kind of fall on top of Shuichi.
    Shuichi (Nico): OH YES! Whoa.. THANK YOU GOD!!
  • Pretty much the entirety of Nico's reaction to the infamous central reveal, but a few moments stand out:
    • Instead of accusing the actual mastermind, he ends up changing his mind and accusing Keebo out of robophobia
    • Nico collapses into laughter at Tsumugi's defense of not being the mastermind by claiming that Junko Enoshima is the mastermind again, on the grounds that "it's always been her". The line was so funny to Nico that he was willing to let Tsumugi slide for kill his waifu, Kaede. There is also his continued laughter after Tsumugi pointed out that this particular 'twist' has become "boring or repetitive".
      • Funnier, it was also considered a Call-Back moment where Monokuma scolded Kaede for asking who's the real mastermind is with the 'Junko Enoshima' plot twist.
    • Nico finds out Danganronpa itself was all fictional. It causes so much of a Logic Bomb that Nico's head and his house begins blowing up to the tune of Ode to Joy
      Nico: What are we doing!? Wh-What do you mean were in a fictional world of Danganronpa!? What do you call this right now!?
    • It turns out the mastermind of Danganronpa V3 was Hagakure.
    • Nico asks why anyone would want to be a character in the Killing Game, claiming he wouldn't want to be a character in Power Rangers, Kingdom Hearts or Persona... only to realize each time that he's had that exact thought about each of those franchises.
    • Some of the comments from the in-universe audience of DRV3 ended up giving Nico quite a laugh.
      • It doesn't help he calls the audience his Picky Penguins!
    • Nico cites Anniversary Danganronpa 10: Birth of Despair as his favorite in the entire series and recalls that the LP he did for the game was 346 episodes long and how he thought that the LP would never end. At one point he went insane playing it, so he cut off his arm and replaced it with Junko's arm so he could finish it when he decided that he couldn't finish it with his regular arm.
    • Monokuma begins to freak about Danganronpa ending because he's afraid of losing his career and having no idea where to go after.
  • The credits sequence, where Nico as people leave theater hypes up upcoming Danganronpa 54: Komaeda's Revenge, where Komaeda now has a bagel Megatron and there's a sex minigame where you can ship everyone...except Kokichi shows up and tells everyone to fuck off from the cinema because it was all a lie. At the end, the finale of the Danganronpa franchise leads to everyone forgetting about it, removing Nico's channel from existence.
    Nico: Okay, maybe not.
  • After trying end Danganronpa once and for all it becomes pointless since Spike Chunsoft has already announced work on another action Danganronpa game like Ultra Despair Girls.
    Himiko (Nico): Goddammit!
  • At the beginning of Salmon Mode, Nico decides to hangout with the people he started already which promts Keebo to be excited, only to get shot down for Miu.
    Keebo (Nico): So that obvious means your going to hangout with me!
    Shuichi (Nico): Actually let's go for Miu.
    Keebo (Nico): Miu!!! Goddammit Shuichi!
  • Nico's reaction at Miu's cooking.
  • Nico's adlibbing in the latter half of Gonta's Love Hotel Scene.
    • In the morning:
    Shuichi (Nico): Oh my god, there are ladybugs all over me!
    • Also when Nico finds out that it's Gonta, he freaks out!
  • Keebo's singing where he does a robotic rendition of Whitney Houston's I'll Always Love You.
  • Nico's reaction to getting Kaede's Love Hotel event.
  • Nico's adlibbing in one of Gonta's Free Time Events starts taking it down a hilariously dark turn.
    Gonta: They all come to fight Gonta. In honorable, one-on-one battles.
    Gonta (Nico): So Gonta had to kill their ass. And with it, Gonta learn how to snap people's spine!
    Shuichi (Nico): WHAT?!
  • Nico's reaction when he got Kiyo's and Miu's Love Hotel Scene.
  • Apparently in Kokichi's Love Hotel Scene, he's a Phantom Thief with his Persona being Joshua.
  • Near the end of Tenko's Love Hotel Event, after she tells Shuichi that he can do whatever to her at any time:
    Shuichi (Nico): Uh, what if we're like... in public and-
    Tenko (Nico): NO! ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE! I don't even care! It doesn't even MATTER if there's a whole bunch of people around us! RIGHT THERE!
    Tenko (Nico): MONKEYS, SHUICHI!!
  • After Gonta stated that he knows how to play catch with his forest family by using seeds and fruits as balls, Nico immediately believes that Gonta plays fruitball, and proceeds to state that Shuichi had the best day ever by playing fruitball with Gonta.
  • Nico is ecstatic when he sees that "Let's take our clothes off" has been brought back from the second game as a dialogue option.
  • Kokichi calls Miu useless, which apparently causes Miu to have an orgasm.
    Kokichi (Nico): (shocked) What the hell?! I said one sentence!
    Ryoma (Nico): (not even fazed) And she's already having an orgasm.
  • With the knowledge and nack for adlibbing, Nico throws this bit of squick in at the end of Kaede's first event with Kiyo.
    Korekiyo (Nico): Here, have a friendship fragment.
    Kaede (Nico): Why is it all sticky?
    Korekiyo (Nico): Shh-shh. Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to, Kaede.
  • Kokichi's first encounter with Fuyuhiko in the Talent Mode.
  • When Nagito allows Gonta, Miu, Chihiro, Mahiru, and Kazuichi to research the mystery of a heat wave, Gonta uses bugs to head the research, and lets out a bunch of bees. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The first encounter between Rantaro and Korekiyo in Talent Mode.
    Rantaro (Nico): Oh, hey Kiyo! How's your seesaw project going?
    Korekiyo (Nico): Not enough... Ten seesaws? Thirty seesaws? A HUNDRED SEESAWS?! IT'S NEVER ENOUGH!
  • Togami takes a scavenger hunt too seriously, even interrogating the Easter Bunny (Hagakure).
  • The first time Nico gets an Ultra Card, it just so happens to be Kazuichi.
    Kazuichi (Nico): And guess who it is! That's right motherfucker, it's me, Kazuichi! But I'm not just any ordinary Kazuichi. No... I AM SUPER MECHANIC GOD KAZUICHI!
  • When Kazuichi gets a little close to Sonia, Gundham always has to foil him.
    Sonia (Nico): I'm going to wed Gundham tomorrow.
    Kazuichi (Nico): Dammit it Gundham!
  • Miu Iruma's events with Gundham and Teruteru. They're funny enough without Nico, but with Nico they're comedy gold.
  • Keebo tries to play defense in a soccer game, only for Kiyo to use his secret weapon.
    Kiyo (Nico):" Not against my seesaw you don't!
    Nico: He just jump on a seesaw and launches Keebo in the air.
    Keebo (Nico): This is got to be against the ruuuuuuuulllllleeeeeeeeeessssss!!!
    • Another is when Keebo and Miu decides to live together.
    Miu (Nico): Now bend over, I'm going to clean that ass cavity of yours again!
    Keebo (Nico): Yes, good! Go deep! YEEEAAAAHHH!!!
  • After years the original Danganronpa ended, Togami still hates everyone note .
  • Even Mahiru seems to think Tenko is going to far with her disdains towards guys.
    Mahiru (Nico): Your becoming a degenerate female.
  • When Mahiru finds out Korekiyo has a lover, she thinks it's alright. To quote Korekiyo.
    Kiyo (Nico): If only you knew the depths Mahiru. Just how deep this rabbit hole go, it's all up to you.
  • During the sports festival, Naegi had to pick someone shorter then him. Out of everyone, he ended up picking Angie. Maybe not the best choice.
  • When Tsumugi and Makoto interact Tsumugi decides to break the fourth wall.
    Tsumugi (Nico): What if this series never ends and we have to live in it forever.
  • Ryoma doesn't like Komeada.
    Komeada (Nico): I get that a lot.
  • The Running Gag of Mikan going Fanservice is really getting to Fat Togami's nerve, especially when Mikan is trying to take her clothes off.
  • Kiyo getting a card telling him to bring someone he likes, it becomes problematic.
    Kiyo (Nico): Hi guys! Yes, I actually fulfilled this card, You see my dead sister is inside me and- Where are you going!?
    • Or the time he killed Yamada at the school festival.
    Kiyo (Nico): Oh good another friend for sister. Ahahaha!!! Oh well, he may not be a girl but he clearly showed himself to be a little pussy! OOOHHH!!!
    • How about when Monomi helped Kiyo clean his room.
    Monomi (Nico): Why are there so many dead people here?
    Kiyo (Nico): Oh you know, some skeletons in my closet.
  • When Kokichi runs away from Ishimaru, Ishimaru gives chase. It doesn't end well for him.

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