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  • When Serena and Shauna first greeted d, he ran back upstairs and into his room.
  • d traded a Pansage for a Shiny Beldum.
  • After receiving Charmander from Sycamore, d challenged someone to a Wi-Fi battle. With obvious results.
  • The protagonist's name is a lowercase d. His friends call him "Li'l d."
  • Trading with Lloyd.
  • Fashion Frustration.
    Yesterday we changed our clothes for the first time. We hadn't bought anything new, though, so the only outfits available were the default ones. But d didn't seem to like the default t-shirt all that much, so he just kept changing his pants... he desperately needs more fashionable stuff!
  • After trying to keep two open slots for Lucario and Lapras, d caught two Hawlucha, filling the party and necessitating a PC Shuffle.
  • d tried to evolve Pikachu with the Thunder Stone he found, but gave it to his other Pokemon instead. Pikachu was deposited soon after, making the whole thing pointless.
  • Could Lysandre be any less subtle?
  • d fails at quizzes.
  • Stupid city.
  • d went to Lumiose City and got several haircuts before returning to his original one. Then he bought a fedora.
  • d used the Master Ball on a Rotom.
  • d wasn't alarmed about the fact that Lysandre was planning to kill everyone. He just walked around Anistar City.
  • After a few minutes of trying to get an item between two beds in the healing room in Team Flare's base, they finally grab it...diagonally in a place where there really should've been a wall in the way.
  • d bought 100 Dusk Balls and 13 Quick Balls right after the Holo Cast about the Ultimate Weapon.
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  • Upon reaching Geosenge Town, d's first instinct was to take a picture of himself in front of the Ultimate Weapon.
  • d spent 12 minutes deliberating on which Ultimate Weapon button to push, and almost pressed the destruction button several times.
  • Much like GMYC and Reshiram, d battled Xerneas... and ran.
  • After being awakened and freed, Xerneas decided to help d to atone for the misdeeds Lysandre had used it for. This help came in the form of fainting several of d's Pokemon, frightening him enough to run away, and then blacking him out.