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    Alien: Isolation 
  • Part 3 of his Alien: Isolation walkthrough has his freaked out reaction to the Working Joe androids. So freaked out in fact that he shoots at one and provokes a hostile reaction, not knowing that the androids are non-hostile in this portion of the game.
  • He throws a noisemaker... and it clips the desk in front of him and falls right next to him!
    • He threw another noisemaker really far away... and it clipped itself onto a reactor and back to him. He got up, got out, and gets bum-rushed by the Alien, who pushes him to the floor.
    • He sent a third noisemaker at a lower level, which attracted the Alien. Mark, being Mark, embellished his hope that the Alien would focus on the noisemaker more than him, quickly saying "Stab it! Stab it with your tenis pail!" He meant penis tail. The look of instant confusion on Mark's face is priceless.
  • He huddles by a door and outlines a plan to juke the xenomorph so he can escape to an objective; as he's doing this, the alien literally walks right past him and stands a few feet away,' causing Mark to blanch in terror. Thinking on the fly, he decides to try and ease his way out the room behind the alien while it's distracted. He does so and turns his back, only to be greeted by an enraged shriek and a penis-tail through the chest. However, he actually busts up laughing at his death this time because:
    Markiplier: Hahahahahahahahaha! I STEPPED ON HIS TAIL!
  • In episode 8, Markiplier accidentally sets a Working Joe on fire, which causes a chase around a stairwell and adjoining hallway. The Working Joe catches up to him and moves to throw him at a wall and choke him, but instead throws him right at the Alien, which kills him. From the way the animations are chained together, it looks like the Working Joe threw him at the Alien intentionally, like they were wrestling tag team partners.
    • Markiplier getting the flamethrower and the increase in confidence that comes with it.
      Working Joe: You are carrying some very dangerous items.
      Markiplier (aiming the flamethrower): I KNOW! You wanna' taste of it, bruuuh?
      Markiplier:You know, if this was Dead Space the Necromorphs would have a feeding-
      Xenomorph drops out of the vent in front of him
      Markiplier: GAH, ok, oh, ok (draws and fires flamethrower) GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! LIGHT IT UP, BABY!
    • Every time he throws a noisemaker, and then talks to the xenomorph like it's a dog he's playing with.
    Markiplier: (playful voice) What is that? Better go check that out, huh? That's weeeeeird, isn't it?

    Amnesia Series 

    Bloody Trapland 2 
  • The second level in the game features a Skunk that gives you a tutorial on how to get the coin, Mark takes the easy way, and then sees the skunk heading for him, he actually thinks the skunk is coming to kill him, it's even accompanied by some horror music.
    Mark: Why is there this skunk? (Horror music starts playing.) The skunk is coming for me, do I run? Help, HELP!
    (Nothing happens)
    Wade: The skunk's friendly.
    Mark: Oh, it's fine, okay. (In between laughs) I thought the skunk was evil!
  • Wade gets killed by Mark, and Mark says it's not his fault and that Wade put his skull under his foot.
  • Wade starts slipping off a platform and starts freaking the hell out, and then he gets killed by the spikes below it.

    Civilization VI 
  • The chuckles start coming as Mark decides who to play.
    Mark: Catherine de Medici? Cleopatra? Typical. Gandhi?! Fuck that guy. Teddy Roosevelt?! HELL YEAH!

    Drunk Minecraft 
  • The series is (in)famous for its many funny moments. One such example is the first episode when Mark was considering getting rid of his webcam, to the others' protests.
    Wade: Everyone wants to see how stupid you look while you play. (beat) That sounded meaner than it did in my head.
    Mark: I will shove a rake up your anus.
  • In the first episode, something happens that turns Mark's skin into some random Asian guy (actually the texture pack reskin for the default Minecraft skin, Steve). What makes this funny is that he fails to clarify when he says something along the lines of "I've been turned into some Asian guy" causing Wade to basically say: "I hate to break this to you, Mark, but that is you."
  • All 30 minutes of "WHERE IS WADE!?". A quick recap: Mark and Bob slaughter a village of innocent moon aliens; discover that Wade has been turned into a block of sand; create a railroad to transport Wade's body back to their spaceship; Markiplier goes insane due to having Wade's body in his possession; and they finally make it back to Earth and create a monument to Wade.
    • Right before they discover Wade's "remains":
      Bob: What did you get from the witch?
      Mark: I don't know, what did you get from the witch?
      Bob: I got a stick!
  • In "RETURN OF SLENDY'S NIPPLES", they attempt to make a Slender Man sculpture, but end up failing in the most fantastic way possible. They end up giving him stubby legs, fat thighs, an outrageously long torso, and in Wade's case, he gives him white socks and continues to try to justify it long after making it. And Mark never changes it back and instead rants about it, even claiming that the rest of the body makes sense note . Bob's laughter, especially upon realizing how long they were making the torso, has got to be the most triumphant example of his Contagious Laughter to date.
    Mark: How tall are we making him? ...This is too tall, this is too tall.
    Bob: I don't think his legs are long enough.
    Wade: At least compared to their torso, they aren't!
    (Mark laughs while Wade collapses in laughter, Bob proceeding to completely lose his shit)
  • In the episode "STATUES OF WADE", to celebrate Wade's victory in the previous episode, the three decide to make statues in his image. Wade's is, of course, quite accurate and innocent. Bob's is...questionable, but still somewhat accurate to how Wade's avatar looks, and Mark's is... not.
    Bob: If there's an award for realism, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win that one.
    Mark: Oh, yeah?! Are you kidding me?! Have you seen mine?!
    Bob: Yeah, I've seen it, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win that one.
  • One particular moment in "THE TOWERS OF IRON":
    Bob: AHH!
    Game message: muyskerm walked into fire whilst fighting LordMinion777
    Bob: ...That's fine, I was carrying your coal, Wade. (takes a drink)
    Wade: Noooo!
    (the trio busts up laughing)
  • LATIN'S WRATH. summary 
    • During the same episode, while the group is near the Giant Wool Penis, Mark comments that he is alone, because Wade is married and Bob has a girlfriend. Wade then comments "Yep, I've got the ring on my penis, uhp, or finger..."
  • "SUPER SMASHED BROS" has the trio trying to play a smash gamemode, only for everything to start breaking around the 7 minute mark. They then spend the rest of the video being teleported to the back area in the map and getting stuck inside of one of the mechanisms there. Zombie himself tells them that everything is broken, being unable to help the trio out. At the very end of the video, Zombie explains that all of the command blocks on the map were screwing with the server, to the point where he ended up loosing control of every command he could've used, being infinitely teleported around the map while consistently getting errors.
  • "MARKIPLIER LAND" and "SHIM SHAM FLIM FLAM" may feature the most royally smashed the trio has ever been, and as such are non-stop hysterical.
    • "MARKIPLIER LAND" has Mark finally break, being reduced to laughing fits at the tiniest things. The best example is when Bob tells him that he is invisible:
    Bob: (after Mark follows him into a room) All right, uh- Wade, let's wait for Mark to get here.
    Wade: Mark, you're invisible-
    Mark: Am I invisible?
    Bob: Oh, I see your foot scuffs, yeah, you're invisible!
    Mark: I'm invisible! WHY AM I INVISIBLE?!
    Wade: And there's- there's a Martini Gartini dude!
    (Mark cracks up laughing for over a minute)
    Wade: Guys, this is the first truly Drunk Minecraft episode ever made... Welcome!
    Mark: You stand on the plate and move, you dick!
    Bob: "You dick" is my thing!
    Wade: Mark's what is your what?
    Mark: Your dick is my thing?
    Wade: Mine, or Bob's?
    Mark: Um- oh, I think it's our collective dick.
    Wade: We only have one! We let our beams cross!
    • "SHIM SHAM FLIM FLAM" has Mark and Wade goofing around and losing their shit at every opportunity for no reason whatsoever. The opening lines showcase this perfectly:
    Mark: Seriously, I love doing this with you guys, you guys are awesome.
    Wade: We should, um... we should make a series.
    Mark: Yeeeaahhhhh!!
    Bob: A what?
    Wade: (as Mark breathes incoherently) I'm not gonna lie, that statement was meant to be a, um...
    Bob: A throwaway?
    Wade: Yeah. Like the, uh, the 76ers in basketball's old uniforms.
    Mark: ..What?
    Wade: ...That's throwback.
    Zombie cracks up laughing
    • Mark and Wade's inebriated ramblings, which sometimes border on Overly Long Gag:
    Wade: Hey, uh... what's this episode about before we start?
    Mark: Penises.
    Wade: All right, this is an episode that's a throwback to Mark's desires— let's get started. I made a joke there, guys-- about Mark and him being a homosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with being homosexual, there's just something wrong with Mark being homosexual because it's funny. Because in actuality he prefers sheep...
    Mark: What?!
    Wade: ... but he's too ba-a-a-ashful to admit it!
    All three of them collapse (literally, in Wade's case) into fits of hysterical laughter
  • The final three episodes, "FLOATING ISLAND PARADISE", "DUMBEST EPISODE EVER" and "EXTREME BOAT RACE" all feature Mark, Wade and Bob becoming progressively drunker and drunker much like earlier on - and this time they get completely destroyed, rendered hardly conscious heaps by the end of the last episode.
    Mark: If anyone who's watching this is even understanding what the hell is even going on here, please let us know.
  • One episode has the trio try to build a statue of Smokey the Bear. It turns out about as well done as you would expect.

    Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy 

    Happy Wheels 
  • In this Happy Wheels compilation, he decides to do a ball throw without looking at the screen. "Use the Force" indeed.
    • Mark's increasing frustration trying to clear an absurdly difficult segway level in this compilation of the same game. The video is nine minutes long and his attempts to clear it start around the two minute mark. Once he does finally clear it, he passes out from exhaustion and the end-of-video spiel plays slowed down over a picture of him slumped over in his chair.
  • Playing the Dark Souls level in Happy Wheels, we have his constant rage after constant rage... It has to be seen to make you realise how hilarious it is!
    Mark: (annoyingly) "I spilled my drink!"
  • World's 2nd Quietest Let's Play sees Mark returning to whispering through Happy Wheels. Unfortunately for him, his Santa voice does not translate well to whispering, and much Corpsing ensues.

    Hunie Pop Series 
  • His playthrough of HuniePop has him mispronouncing the name "Hoo-ney" or "Hyu-ney" Pop right away.
    Welcome back to Honey Pop apparently, because hoo-ney pop is how idiots pronounce it, but that's me! So that's how I'm going to pronounce it from now on.
    • His reaction to the date gameplay essentially being Bejeweled.
    Love is blind? I think, well I think that's what they say, right? Love is something, anyway. Love is strong? Love is passionate? Love is apparently Candy Crush.
    Why, why, why would I need the tissue box? I have no idea. I don't even know what this is. "XXX"? Is this moonshine, maybe? Moonshine Weekly! My favourite magazine!
    • His reaction when he finds out Jessie creates videos... of a specific nature. At first he finds it awkward, but then he decides she's actually a YouTuber. Cue Mark picking up about four dollar bills that just so happen to be there, and adorkably tossing them in a "make it rain" fashion.
    • His reaction to the outfit Lola wears to the hot spring date? Make a loud noise at the sheer Fanservice. He does it again when he sees her at the beach in the sixth part.
    • The Running Gag of episodes beginning with anime-esque openings, as well as the faux-Japanese lessons.
    • He repeatedly asks himself why he wants a date with Audrey to go smoothly.
    • Mark's reactions to meeting Momo for the first time. Watch as his expression goes from confusion and uncertainty to horror and disgust upon her stating her wish to have a master. He then notices the achievement he's received: "Bestiality".
    Mark: "Bestiality"? I don't want that achievement! NOOOOO!
    • Markiplier's disturbed reactions to Momo thorughout the rest of the Let's Play, like when he gets an erotic photo from her:
    Mark: Aaah! AAAH! OH, GOD! AAAAGH! OH, WOW! NOOOOO! AAAAAAH! (To Tiffany) Hey, human girl, would you like to go on a date?
    • When Audrey sends him a suggestive picture, he decides to censor it with John Cena in a obvious reference to the meme. He does it again for subsequent pictures along with the caption "Cenasored". When he restarts the game after not playing it for a while and she sends him the same picture, he forgets to censor it.
    • He tries to choose between Audrey and Aiko but can't find a coin. His solution? Flip his phone.
    • When he finally gets with Aiko, he covers her moaning with a Synthetic Voice Actor saying suggestive things. This becomes standard with the other girls he gets with, although with Momo it's just the voice saying "Meow" over and over again while with Venus it's a loop of him saying "OH! Bitch, I'm FABULOUS!" from earlier in the video.
    • Markiplier's views on aliens.
      If we could just build a wall around the Earth, keep out those dirty, darn aliens. Like Superman! [pause, shakes fist at sky] FUCK YOU SUPERMAN!!
    • He uses Siri to find a walkthrough so he can summon the blue alien. Only, Siri mishears it as "Booty Pop".
    "Booty Pop"? THAT DIDN'T HELP ME AT ALL!
    • When he sleeps with Tiffany, he asks Matt to put a large amount of censors on it. In particular, it's an educational lecture on the solar system, a clip of the Sun exploding, another clip of a meteor crashing into the Earth, two dogs play-fighting, and part of the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme playing over it.
    • Nikki sends him a sexy photo of herself in bed. Mark has other concerns.
    Who is taking the picture? Who took the pic- what ghost was looking over you and took the picture? Who hangs a camera that far above their bed... oh, I see. SHE DOES PORN!!
    • Mark calls out his "signature move": PENIS-IN-VAGINA! He has to pause from laughing too hard.
    • When he goes on his first date with Celeste, she ponders aloud what she should change into. Mark tells her that she is absolutely fine with her boob-window, until she shows up in an outfit that reveals the entire mid-section of her body from neck to crotch.
    • At the end of another date with Celeste, she yawns and mentions that she should be getting to bed. Mark sits in Stunned Silence for a while until:
  • For his HunieCam Studio Let's Play, he invokes Unusual Euphemism by referring to the following with sanitised names:
    • Camgirl business = Let's Play business
    • Photo Studio = "taking promotional photos for thumbnails"
    • fans = subscribers
    • money from camming = "advertising revenue"
    • Adult Shop = computer store
    • coke (cocaine) = sugar, which is funnier when you consider a certain RPG Mark has played in the past where sugar was a drug...
    • vibrator = microphone
    • cat ears = logo headband
    • butt plug = butt plug
    • strip club = yoga club
    • sleazy motel = sleep, do nothing else, then mysteriously find (mattress) money
    • STDs = (radioactive) spider-transmitted disease
He finally decides to drop the act 11 minutes in through his first video, but uses them on and off again throughout the next four videos.
  • In a later episode, Mark looks up his name on Porn Hub. His regular, unedited videos had been uploaded there, with bizarre titles such as “Sexy Interracial Man Stares At Banana”.
  • While looking at the available items in the adult store, Mark drops this wonderful line.
    Mark: I'll need more butt plugs... Oh, the day I was waiting to have to say that! I need more butt plugs! [...] I DEMAND MORE PLUGS OF BUTT!!

    Kerbal Space Program 

  • Mark rages hilariously throughout his Octodad playthrough due to the difficult controls and his getting into character as a Hugh Mann. When he finally beats the game, his maniacal laughter breaks down into a confused sob.
    I'm normal! NORMAL! (BONK) Sorry, I'm normal!
    (smooth voice) And now we know there's more to life (starting to rant) than screaming at a stupid freaking octopus that doesn't know what he's doing and won't ever cooperate with you, (starting to shout) and will never do what you say-
  • His frustrated rage during his unsuccessful attempts to climb to the top of the octopus-themed climbing frame in the aquarium in Octodad. Especially hilarious considering his rant consists of several uses of the word "no" as he either gets stuck or keeps falling back down.
    Markiplier: If you put your mind to it you can do anything you wanted... Ooooyyeeeeeewwwwyaaaaooooww, no no! Oooooooooeeeyaaaiiiyo! Ooh! Ah! Ep! Mah ... buuuuurnip! Get back, da... buuuurrrda-burm! ... Nooo! NOOOO!!! (later) Shut up, lady! You're lucky to get my ink on you ... NOOOO!! NOOO!! Grab it! No! NO! Oh, God, please, please, please, please, please! Please, leg! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LEG?!!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??! ... Aaaaand, I had it under control the whole time, thank you ... Nooo. NOOOOOOO!!! No!! And there we go! NOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! And there we go ... 'kay ... NOOOOOOOOO!!! ... Okay, there we go. All right. All right! ALL RIGHT! Nnnnreeeeerrrraaaarrrrnnngah! Mmmra-na-na— (starts screaming hysterically) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ... Yay! NOOOOOOOOO!!! How do I...? What am I doing?! AAAAAAAAAAGH! Okay, all right, whoa whoa whoa whoa! WHOA whoa whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Eeeeease on up for a second there. How the fuckin' ... NOOO! DO SOMETHING, YOU DICK!!! OH, DO SOMETHING!! Nooo. Wh-BAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! ... Yeeahh! Yes! ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! COME OOOON!!! FFFU--... that middle one's cracked ... that middle one's cracked— NO! NO! NOOO!! NO, PLEASE! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NO!!! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! (finally makes it).
    • He uses cat videos to "calm down". During the climb of the octopus climbing frame, the cat videos slowly become more and more demonic as Mark goes mad with fury.
  • From the Octodad DLC:
    • His horrified expression when Stacy seems about to go into an in-depth description of surgery, and the ensuing discussion of Tommy's last story - Sports Johnson and the Zombie Hurricane.
    • He has to feed someone in bed and naturally has issues with it.
    Mark: What a baby! Here comes the FRICKING AIRPLANE!
    (animation of an airplane crashing with people screaming)
    • His deadpan reaction to the Jerkass in Room 205 going into cardiac arrest.
    • His disappointment that Dr. Nigel was just a person and not a giant hand.
    • His perfectly understandable response when he thinks that Fujimoto recognizes Octodad in "Dad Romance".
    Fujimoto: [darkly] I smell an octopus... [cheerfully] It must be done cooking!
    Mark: [quickly] Okay thank you.
    • When trying to get into the bonus level in Octodad: Dadliest Catch, watching him get progressively more and more stuck in the shark head while he screams in frustration through several jump cuts until he seems to be wearing it like a costume.
      • And then, at the end of the video, when he's finally, finally gotten through the level, he goes back and climbs back into the shark can.


    Prop Hunt 
  • In an early episode of Prop Hunt, after Minx jokingly says she ships PewdiePlier, Mark says this, which is a cross between No Yay (for Markiplier) and a disturbing Funny Moment:
    Markiplier: Oh god... do you know how bad Yamimash and me shipping, like, Markimash, has gotten? I get fanart of just gay porn of both of us every day.
    PewDiePie: Oh, you don't want that.
    Markiplier: No.
    PewDiePie: What the hell have you guys been doing exactly in your videos?
    Markiplier: NOTHING!
  • From Prop Hunt, Mark gets stuck in a plushie stand and really hams up his suffering.
  • During Prop Hunt #5, he sneaks past Yamimash and Sparkles as a small bottle, but when he gets cornered, his prop rapidly flickers between a chair and a table.
  • In this Prop Hunt, Mark, Wade, and JackSepticEye make funny faces in their webcams... and Bob just looks into his webcam and shakes his head.
    • The best part is the gold 'you tried' stars that appear by each of them. Bob's is "I don't even think you tried at all".
  • In Prop Hunt #17, Mark (in the form of a Creepy Doll) trolls Bob by repeatedly opening and closing one of the doors in the level and saying "Squeeeeeeak!" every time. Wade tells him that if he keeps Tempting Fate like that, eventually Bob will be on the other side of the door. Moments later, that's what happens.
    • In that same video, Mark turns into a box and hides in a room full of oil barrels. When Bob comes in and starts moving the barrels to find him, Mark tries to sneak past but gets spotted. After doing the "Squeeeeeeak!" thing once more, he makes a mad dash back to the barrels room and turns into one, and manages to win because Bob's eagerness to shoot Mark results in his shooting too many inanimate objects and killing himself.
  • This LP starts out with the group trying to play on a map but all Jack and Mark can see is errors and purple walls.
    • Bob shows Jack what prop he is disguised as while Wade sneaks up on them, causing Bob to panic. Jack then kills him because of "comedic timing".
    • This part:
    Bob: Wade doesn't like to have any fun whatsoever. If Wade played Tetris, he would just stack the blocks neatly, and finish the levels, LIKE A FUCKING DICK!
    Jack: Bob you're dead, you don't get to talk anymore.
    • Wade, Bob, and Mark start making jokes about "Seaman on the roof", prompting Jack to kill himself out of annoyance.
    • Mark and Bob come and free Jack while he is stuck inside the shed. As they walk away, Jack immediately gets stuck again, causing Mark and Bob to leave him there.
    • Wade, who is disguised as an oil can, starts singing about coneteco oil while Bob and Mark shoot at him.
    • Mark shoots Jack after killing Wade, causing the whole shed to explode.
    • This exchange
    Jack: Piece of shit game, messing my life, my fun.
    Mark: My life, my fun, my world! MY GAME!
    Jack: I only care about M-E, my enjoyment!
    Mark: It's called Sean's Mod for a reason guys!
  • During a turn as a prop, Mark tries to hide as Kleiner, only for Bob to easily find him and offer him a jar of pickles as a prop, throwing it up onto Mark's head in the process. Mark tries to refuse, but accidentally changes into the pickle jar. Then the pickle jar drops onto Mark, and thanks to the fact that he now has one hit point, it kills him.
In Prop Hunt 48, Mark says he doesn't remember a lot of the different object's locations. Jack replies:
Jack: Ah Ha! I'm using your own stupidity against you!
Mark: No! My one weakness!

    Red Dead Redemption 2 
  • Throughout the first part, Mark just gushing over Dutch and his leadership constantly and obnoxiously calling him boss is just hilarious.
  • Over the course of the entire playthrough, Mark leads his poor horse Shwoompl head-first into so many obstacles and cliff dives that one could make a drinking game out of it, blaming the game's pathfinding roughly half the time it happens. Bonus points if the resulting injuries end up killing Arthur.
  • In Part 2, he encounters a man whose horses get loose. Just as he's talking to the man, he unintentionally knocks him down and starts tying him up.
  • Part 3 has Mark's reaction to the hilarious mission, “A Quiet Time,” which has him use his Drunk Santa voice for Arthur the drunker he gets in the mission.
  • In Part 6, Mark does a side quest for Beau Gray and Penelope Braithwaite. Penelope mentions that if her parents ever found out she was in love with Beau, they'd send her off to live somewhere Ohio. Mark, who's from Ohio originally, is offended.
  • Part 10 has Mark's Oh, Crap! reaction at Sean's death.
    • Also in Part 10, where he walks out of a clothing store and an NPC comments on his clothing, which is a three piece suit and a bear hat.
    Mark: Oh, my god... I have never looked better than the way I look at this exact moment—
    NPC: What an appalling way to look!
    [Long Beat as Mark stares at the NPC]
    Markiplier: I'll fucking kill you! I'll fucking kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill your whole family! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll KILL YOU!
    [Another long Beat as Mark loots the man's body]
    Mark: FUCK YOU.
  • Speaking of the bear hat, whenever it gets shot off Arthur's head, Mark starts panicking and looking for it, even when there's still enemies shooting at him. He also develops something of a Berserk Button towards the game forcing Arthur to change into something else for the sake of advancing the story.
  • After a few more minor incidents where various NPCs question Mark's taste in hats and clothing, he finally gets a compliment from one of them in part 13.

    Resident Evil 2 
  • Despite all his bravado and his past experience with RE:7, Mark still gets jumped multiple times and Screams Like a Little Girl.
  • Late in Part 1, after having liberally spent most of his bullets and healing items, Mark comments that he really shouldn't be using full heal items after taking only level of damage. He then explains that he's going to do it anyway because that's his idiot tax.
  • After finding that Marvin has turned into a zombie, Mark refuses to kill him, instead kiting him around and yelling at him reproachfully as if he were a disobedient puppy.
  • In Part 2, after making a wrong turn while being chased by the Tyrant, Markiplier decides to just let it kill him to reset himself back to the station main hall. He then learns that the Tyrant had gone to take a bathroom break, and seems slightly confused that it chose the women's restroom.
  • When encountering and then fleeing the giant sewer alligator, Mark and Leon find themselves on the same page.
    Mark: Ah! Holy shit! Oh god!
    Leon: Holy shit!
    Mark: EXACTLY! That's what I'm saying!
  • Mark's conversation with the pink bunny toy while playing as Sherry:
    Mark: Hello, Bunny, it is good to see you again. I just spoke with Bear, and I spoke with the beautiful doll in my room. Will you be my friend?!
    Bunniplier(In the darkest, booming, demonic voice imaginable): Yes, I will be your friend. I will be your friend until the end of days. Just remember, stay away from the statue of man, the man that looks like Mario from the real life Mario Brothers movie. Ignore him. Run away as fast as you can. Be free, lest your soul be trapped here in amongst the toys...
  • Mark's conversation with the pink bunny toy while playing as Claire:
    Mark: Well, Mister Bunny have you seen anybody here?
    Bunniplier: Yes. Everywhere there are the spirits of the damned. You would be remiss not to not watch out for the bad guys in the darkness. The itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bits of blood everywhere should be an indication that something bad has happened here...
  • After he beats the third form of G in the Claire B scenario, Mark decides in what sounds like a drunken Rousing Speech to go into the final boss battle (he thinks it will be the Tyrant) with nothing but his basic pistol and a knife on a lark, as he hasn't used any of the gunpowder he found throughout the scenario. In a game where two gunpowders make 12 bullets, he makes almost 300 pistol rounds. When he ends up fighting G4 he realized his plan might have a slight flaw in it; he doesn't know if he can actually harm it with the pistol and knife. Goes from hilarious to awesome when he uses every bullet and actually beats G by knifing it to death.
  • When Mark sees the final form of Birkin, his reaction was how terrifying Birkin looks. His next immediate response is to throw himself into it just to see what happens.
  • During the final segment of the Leon A campaign, Mark receives a rocket launcher. After using it to defeat the final form of the Tyrant, he comes across a doorway filled with zombies. When he attempts to blow them up with a rocket, he instead somehow misses every single one.
  • Resident Evil 2 Animated has Freeze-Frame Bonus cameos from zombie versions of Arin and Danny, Jon, The Nostalgia Critic, Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye.

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 
  • Mark says "I'm a brave boy!" whenever he's gonna go into something scary, with the first instance being when he meets Psycho!Mia. He then switches over to "I'm a brave girl" while playing as Mia.
    • At one point, while shouting "I'm a brave boy!" he bolts through a door in a safe room, only to be confused. He turns back, and realizes he went through the wrong door.
    Mark: Uh oh, stairs. Stairs are the birth of the Big Brave Boy!
  • Mark Screaming at Squick over Marguerite's second boss form. Especially when he sees the hive between her legs!
  • Mark has WAY too much fun popping all of the balloons in Lucas' death trap, to the point of imagining Lucas watching him on the monitors thinking "What an idiot."
  • Mark unintentionally creates an amazing setup for Marguerite's entrance in the third house:
  • Mark is so on-edge in Part 4 that as he's walking about outside, he gets startled by a bush.
  • Upon finding some healing herbs, he decides that "at least I can smoke my troubles away."
  • Part 6 has Mark going through the Happy Birthday segment without watching the tape, and dies as a result. After he respawns, he goes through the puzzle with all the answers. Mark wonders if it is a game mechanic where you figure out the puzzle, die, and then does it again without dying. Sound familiar?
    Mark: I got knowledge from the FUTURE baby!
  • After the animatronic clown carves the word "LOSER" into the player character's arm in Lucas's deathtrap:
    Mark: [looking at the arm] ...I can't tell what this says. Does this say "Lucas" on it?
  • He tries to read one of the in-game documents before getting jumped by The Molded.
    Mark (sheepishly): ...I thought that door was closed...
  • His reaction when Grandma!Eveline grows to Kaiju size.
  • Mark's reactions to punching the Molded in the Not a Hero DLC.
  • During The End of Zoe DLC, Mark is heavily amused by Joe's makeshift punching bag and his survival manual.
    Mark: Please tell me this is going to be all fisticuffs...
    • Also this quote when he first plays as Joe: "Is this what being tall feels like?"
  • And then there is his priceless reaction on finding out how to create first aid (combining "grub" with the fluid). Needless to say Mark breaks into laughter.
  • Mark's reactions to finding grub, a boxer effigy and a tree branch inside breakable boxes.
    Mark: The tree branch was bigger than the box! Who would put a branch in the box?
  • Mark breaking down laughing over Joe's method of getting the cure for Zoe's infection.
    Mark: No-(snickers) Not everything’s solved by punching, Joe! Joe!

    SCP - Containment Breach 
Mark has been playing SCP – Containment Breach since the early days of his channel, and there is much hilarity to be found in his videos.
  • Any time he gets cornered or trapped by SCP-173. In one playthrough, SCP-173 hops through an office window rather then use the door as expected...
    Mark: No! NO! NOOOOO—AAAAAUUURRGHG (neck snap)
    • And in another, Mark faces it down as his eye meter depletes to zero...
      Mark: I'm taking you with me! KEEP LOOKING AT ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA— (neck snap)
    • In Part 8, Mark finally gets the jump on 173 via surveillance cam, then does an end run around it. (Or does he?)
      Mark: Imma getcha. Imma getcha. Imma getcha! I SEE YA! I SEE YA! I SEE YA! Oooohh yeah, like a boss! (neck snap)
    • Part 10, "Worst Scare Ever", is so named for 173 zipping right in front of Mark, who grips in forehead in pain from so much screaming. Finally, he just saunters up to it.
      Mark: (snarls angrily) HI!♥
      *pokes statue*
      Mark: 'SCUSE ME!
      *173 doesn't budge*
      Mark: Fine, kill me! (neck snap)
    • Poor Mark just can't win. In one instance he was sure that he'd eluded 173, only to open a sliding door and see the statue leering at him. Mark had just blinked before opening the door.
  • Mark's first run-in with SCP-106, resulting in Inelegant Blubbering.
  • Anytime Mark refers to 173 and 106 as "Billy" and "Radical Larry", respectively. Especially if he's running for his life as he does it.
  • After SCP-096 was added to the game, Mark practically waves his hands and dances in front of it, then barricades himself behind three doors to see if it gives chase. Yep.
    Mark: (wiggles eyebrows) ...Is he coming after me? YEAH HE'S COMIN AFTER ME! AAAAGGGH (ripped to shreds)
  • In this episode, Mark learns why you shouldn't annoy armed guards.
    Mark: WOOOOO!
    (Guard shoots Mark in the face)
    Guard: Glad that's over with.
  • In Part 13, he spends several minutes admiring a new part of the map he's just discovered.
    Mark: What the hell is... What the hell is this? What is this? There's a camera... Hi! And it's frickin' following me and I hear one-
    *Gas suddenly starts getting pumped into the room en masse*
    Mark: Ah! Aw crap, what the- what- what is this?
    *Mark finds a piece of paper revealing that the room he's in belongs to SCP-682.*
    Mark: Oh no! *starts running*
  • This random and disturbing glitch that he happened to discover.
  • In one episode, Mark finds himself cornered by SCP-049 but manages to get around it and into an elevator. Mark is pretty calm about this... until he realizes 049 has followed him into the elevator. Cue Mark freaking out and running in circles trying to keep it from touching him while waiting for the elevator to reach the next floor.
    Mark: NO! This is not how I die! This is NOT! HOW! I! DIE! STOOOOOOOOP! BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!

    Surgeon Simulator 

    Turbo Dismount 
  • Chicken riding.
    Markiplier: (singing) I'm a little chicken; Short and stout...
    A few seconds later, still singing : "Yeah! I'm gonna make it! (crunch!) no I'm not!"
  • "(in a creepy voice) Hello, everybody, how are you doing? Nice day to steal your soul... Nice day to enter the abyss! Aaaah-! (back to normal voice) Oh. Oh, okay then."
  • In Part 7, Mark puts an even more ridiculous and hilarious manip of his face on the dummy, resulting in his commentary constantly getting derailed as he continues to burst out laughing at it. It results in him eventually breaking down in tears of laughter as his character straddles a semi with the same goofy grin on its face. Even the subtitles for the video plead the viewer to call an ambulance for Mark.
  • Mark finds a certain pose on the demolition crane.
  • His increasingly desperate attempts to destroy Mr. Stalwart. He's ultimately forced to use the level "Mystery Boost Pad", which has a massive mine cluster under a boost pad that never fails to smash riders to bits on the skybox.
    MARK: Everybody hang on, I have an idea, and when Mark has an idea, you know things are about to go terribly wrong.

  • Mark's attempts at voicing Toriel in Undertale. He starts with a deep ominous voice, then switches to a higher one when he realizes Toriel is female, then gives her some bizarre mutation of a Scottish accent.
    • When he meets Flowey he opts to give him a friendly Bugs Bunny-esque voice and is genuinely frightened when Flowey switches face and almost kills him.
    • When Toriel gives him the Dummy training fight Mark accidentally destroys the Dummy figuring out the controls, and is absolutely delighted when he learns that he can 'flirt' with Moldsmal.
    • Upon meeting Sans and Papyrus, he gives them insanely overdone Southern and British accents respectively.
    • While he gets Papyrus' voice down on the first try he finds Sans' voice a bit harder to pin down, and has to stop several times to get the accent right.
    • He also gets the easter egg where Alphys calls your phone by accident while trying to order a pizza.
  • Mark’s and Tyler’s first livestream episode of Undertale has them deciding that the name of their character should be Peepo.
    • Mark's encounter with Napstablook ends with an example of how he's resolved to do his own thing independently... by giving the Ghost a mean look after it does the Dapperblook trick. The result is far funnier than the complete Pacifist method.
    • After an NPC Froggit mentions being intimidated by Toriel, Markiplier comes to the conclusion that it's because Toriel has "resting bitch face."
    • Mark gives control to Tyler for the Toriel boss fight, which Markiplier knows that the boss fight is nearly impossible to lose due to the game's mechanics note  Tyler gets killed immediately on the second turn.
    Markiplier: (Facepalming) "You're dead. You died. You killed us. You died. Tyler..."
    Tyler: "That's really cold-hearted of you, kicking me out right now."
    Mark: "(as livestream switches to face cam only) I'm stopping the Let's Play. Stopping it. Get Out!."
    • Markiplier manages to make the snowman's pleasant request to take a piece of him during their journey into something hilarious.
    Snowman: "If you would be so kind, traveler, please... Take a piece of me and take it very far away."
    Mark: (Whispering) "It's gonna give you its dick."
  • Mark and Tyler return with Undertale part 2, which plays out like a constantly switching Boke and Tsukkomi Routine with Mark acting like a Jerkass suggesting that they kill everyone while Tyler is the Straight Man, or Mark showing his more in-depth knowledge and theory crafting with the game while Tyler is fumbling around.
  • When Tyler's first attempt to pet the dog couple proves fruitless, Mark goes into his Jerkass character.
    Mark: "(Reading Game text) The Dogs sniff you again... But you smell just as weird as before." "So congratulations, you didn't do a damn thing to change anything in life. And you're stuck."
  • The two get to the infamous Tile Floor "puzzle", where Mark reads overly long instructions to Tyler completely seriously.
    Tyler: (trying to remember): "Orange is... to make you smell like oranges..."
    Mark: "Yellow is electrocuting. Blue is water."
    Tyler: "Green is... Uh..."
    Tyler: "...It doesn't matter, just walk across."
    Both break down laughing
  • When the two reach the ice floor puzzle, Mark lets Tyler try to figure out. He mistakes the lighter parts of ice for snow, which causes them to fall off and restart the puzzle.
    Tyler: "Well, I didn't know you could fall off that edge! It looked like snow all the way around-"
    Mark: "Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuuuuh nuh nuuuh nuuuh!"
  • Tyler's surprise when the Greater Dog shows its true form.
    Mark: "He's like Reinhardt inside of Reinhardt's armor."
  • And once they pet it to 100% pet-capacity...
    Mark: "It's so cute... It's contented... Should we kill it now?
  • They then meet Gyftrot, which Tyler correctly suggests they undecorate him to make him feel better. Mark refuses, and decides to pile on more decorations on the next turn. When it turns out to be a pair of ridiculous googly eyes, Mark and Tyler break down laughing.
  • After undecorating Gyftrot, Mark excitedly chooses to Gift him... only for excite to turn into horror as it makes him give 35 Gold.
    Mark: "Wait, no! Hang on! Wait! I take that back! I need that Gold! I regret it! No! Can I have that back, please! No!!"
  • Upon realizing he can't get that money back, Mark muses if he can kill Gyftrot and get it back instead.
  • Before going to fight Papyrus, Mark wonders why the player character doesn't need to sleep much.
    Mark: "I bet this child is a cyborg sent by the humans just to wreck up the place down here... or learn compassion and love!
    Tyler: "Or it's a ghost and that's why it doesn't sleep very much."
    Mark: "...Why is every- Not everything has to be a ghost!"
    Tyler: "Er...... OooooOOOooOOoooOOoooo!
    Mark: "No! I'm not 'Woooo'-ing with you this time!"
  • Upon defeating Papyrus, Mark voices his next few lines replacing all the vowels with long U's. Quoting it doesn't do it justice.
  • Mark constantly demanding that they pick the mean dialogue options when "dating" Papyrus and his amused frustration when Papyrus keeps mistaking them for compliments or taking them in a positive way.
  • As they call Undyne and listen to her talk about Alphys showing her anime, Mark keeps asking if it's porn instead.
  • When they take the riverman's transport, who keeps going "Tra la la", Mark mentions the infamous The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games and their "Squadallah!".
  • Upon meeting Mettaton and his similarly bombastic personality, Mark chooses to voice Mettaton as himself.
  • As they're playing Mettaton's quiz, Mark keeps edging out the counter and picking the correct answer at the last second, just to toy with the audience.
  • Part 5 of Undertale has Mark voicing the Cute Monster Girl Muffet as an old man.
    • When the duo manage to skip over Muffet's boss fight, Mark despairs as he realizes he won't get to see what Muffet means by her pet and so he tries desperately to get her to fight so that they can.
      Mark and Tyler: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!"
      Mark: "I've ruined it! I've ruined it! I ruined that!"
      Mark: (Trying to pay Muffet) "Take my damn money! TAKE MY DAMN MONEY!"
    • When Mark finally realizes they aren't going to experience the boss fight, he and Tyler start Flipping the Bird at her with wild expressions.
      Mark: "This is my spider dance!"
    • They get to Mettaton's singing scene, with Mark actually singing the parts. He actually does a pretty good job until...
      Mark: "They'll put you - In the dungeon. - It'll su-HAHAHAHAH-uck - And then you'll die a lo-HAHAHAH-ot!
  • Part 6 of Undertale has Mark and Tyler talk to Sans outside the Hotel, who then invites them into the restaurant. Mark gets savvy over the nature of the choice in the game, thinking he'll be put through a cutscene anyway...
    Mark: *in a weird voice* "I'm buuuusy. I ain't gunna do daaat. Der's no way in heeellll I'm gonna do daaat!"
    *Rejects Sans*
    Mark: "Oh-o, shit!"
    • Mark's voice for Snowdrake's father (who speaks in a different accent) has him suddenly shift his voice from normal to... something whenever Snowdrake Sr.'s accent shows up.
    • When they finally see the receptionist of the restaurant, they react accordingly.
      Mark: "Remember Snowman Drake? Mandrake Snow? Snow? Snowd- *finally sees receptionist*"
      Mark: "EEEUUUUGH..."
      Tyler: (as receptionist) "I'm the original Teletubby!"
    • When they meet Bratty & Catty, Mark chooses to voice Catty while Tyler voices Bratty. Tyler voices Bratty in a strained falsetto while Mark does Catty in a Surfer Dude voice. And then Mark briefly goes Southern when Catty mentions she found a gun in the dumpster.
    • Mark is understandably disturbed by Burgerpants' face, and so gives him in a constantly panicked voice.
    • As Burgerpants is telling them about how he tried making himself more like Mettaton, Mark outright says that it was to make his ding-dong bigger instead.
    • When Mark flips the switch during the intro phase to Mettaton's boss fight, causing the screen to white out and play the infamous OOHH YEEES~, Mark suddenly leans forward with a very curious face.
    • During their second try at the fight, Mark eats the ramen, result in the infamous ramen gag. Mark's reaction to the measly 4 HP it heals is understandable.
    • Near the start of the third attempt, Tyler comes back with a cone and puts it on Mark.
    • During the same attempt, Mark tries to heal up, and accidentally eats the Snowman Piece. Cue Tyler and Mark sitting open-mouthed in Stunned Silence... before running into the bombs on purpose to achieve a Game Over and revert that incident. And during said Game Over?
  • Part 7 of Undertale involves Asgore being given an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice that eventually becomes worse with each attempt.
    • Mark's and Ethan's honest to genuine gawping expressions when Flowey kills Asgore.
    • After their "date" with Alphys, Mark and Tyler notice the game started to lag and paused for a moment to figure it out. They then notice a reflection in the TV coming from the one behind them playing random adverts and get into an argument with Ethan as he tried to turn it off note . Doubles as a Failed a Spot Check as this was happening a lot earlier but no one noticed (or in Ethan's case, just didn't say anything).
    • The chuckles increase when a Subway advert plays and both Ethan and Tyler try to hide it while Mark just starts shouting meal deals out loud.



  • The sequence at the beginning where everyone spends their turn playing sevens and repeatedly stealing each other's hands.
  • 12 minutes in, Mark is given the opportunity to prevent Bob from winning with a color card. He ends up picking red, the exact color Bob needed to win.
  • Throughout the entire episode, Mark keeps challenging the others whenever he gets a +4, even when they were drawing for it. Naturally he looses almost every single time. The final time, he does it on purpose after Bob plays yet another +4 on him.
    Jack: Why did you do that!?
  • Wade spends the entire episode trying not to swear. However, he finally breaks after Bob questions his decision to swap hands with Mark.
    Wade: Oh, what were my choices, suck some cock to get better cards? (Mark starts laughing hysterically, Jack says "Wow" in shock)
  • Upon losing a hand with 2 cards left to Jack, Wade proceeds to give away what Jack's hand is. Half a second later, the hand is rotated over to Mark.
    Jack: He's got a red- a red 4 and blue 5! (Bob and Wade start laughing)
    Mark: You don't know that!
  • Near the end, Wade tells everyone to keep the color yellow so that he can screw Bob. Mark immediately makes it red.
  • Once the last game finally ends with Mark's victory, Mark tries to leave only for the others to proclaim that he's trapped and that if he leaves, he's a loser. He promptly quits the match.
    Wade: Hey wait come back.
    Mark: No! (Jack and Bob start laughing)
    Mark: (while giggling) You guys have fun screaming at each other.
  • At the beginning, Mark asks how he is supposed to pay attention to fellow teammate Wade's cards, which he can see. Wade responds by telling him he needs to look at them.
  • Wade ends up disconnecting mid-match. He then pretends that he is still playing as the bot only for his calls to be hilariously off since he can't see the game anymore.
    Wade: HERE, take this!
    Mark: (starts giggling) You just got skipped!
  • "Team Ohio" vs "Team More Subs".
  • Wade gets screwed right off the bat by having to draw 7 cards, due to a blue 8 being the first card of the game.
  • Mark being forced to draw 13 cards, going from 3 to 16. His reaction sells it as he gets more hysterical with each card he gets. Bob and Wade immediately win right after, rendering his efforts All for Nothing.
    Mark: Jack, what card does he ha- oh alright well it ju- alright, doesn't matter now! (the others start laughing harder with every card) Just- I'll take every card! Give them to me!! YYYES!! MOOOORE!! AH- OK here we go. I hope he doesn't win after that...
    Wade: WOO!
    Mark: (Simultaneously with Wade) Fucking goddamn it!
    Wade: #TeamLessSubs, ya egotistical bastards!
  • Mark trying to wrap his head around the special cards in Just Dance UNO as well as trying to remember how to play.
  • Mark being forced to draw 2 cards on UNO despite the fact that he called UNO before playing his card. Wade wins the match 5 seconds later thanks to this.
    Wade: Hey game over. I win!
    Mark: ...What!? Wha- Wait- What the fu- You- ROBBED ME!? (Bob and Wade start laughing) That's bullshit!
  • When the computer plays a yellow reverse, Wade proclaims that he loves the computer before playing a +2 on Mark. Cue the computer jumping in with its own +2, saving Mark and screwing Wade over.
  • Early on, everyone is left at 2 cards (with the exception of Wade having 1) and Bob is forced to draw. Cue him immediately getting a +4 and not only screwing Mark, but Wade too by changing the color to red, costing him the win.
  • During the third round, Mark plays a 0 and gets a single blue 5. He then predicts that he won't win and that they are going to immediately take his victory away from him. Wade ends up playing a red 5, literally handing the win to Mark.
  • Wade's "WOAH" in the middle of the fourth round when Bob plays a Wild +4. Bob proceeds to ask if Ali-A is playing some UNO.
  • Wade's Sanity Slippage near the end as he is repeatedly screwed over by Mark, Bob and the bot.
  • Bob asks if they can just keep it at one color. Cue Mark's Big "NO!".
  • Wade's Sanity Slippage continues from the last episode and reaches new heights.
  • Mark's camera going out at the start. He spends a full minute trying to fix it while also trying to play the game.
  • Mark has 2 +4 cards, one of which he uses on Bob. However, Mark inadvertently screws himself by jumping in with his other one on reflex, allowing Bob to challenge him and forcing Mark to draw 4 instead.
  • 11 minutes in, Mark plays a wild in a desperate attempt to stop Wade from winning. Wade ends up initially getting 1 on the first wave... before the second wave gives him (and only him) 5 more cards.
  • The Sensory Abuse returns when Wade accidentally joins another lobby. The sound Wade makes when he realizes this can only be described as a horse wheezing. While cut in Mark's video, Bob's kept the exchange between himself and Wade, where apparently, Wade's audio broke while he was in the other lobby, before he panicked and left. Bob was quick to make a comment on it.
    Bob: They weren't talking to you, and you just dropped in, and you were like AH I'M IN A LOBBY.
    Wade proceeds to start laughing like mad immediately after.
    Bob: So to complete strangers you were just like an unbelievable dick?
  • Mark forgetting to put the game up on the screen again, just like with Hand Simulator.
  • Mark points out that Wade thinks everyone is out to get him right before Bob draws a +2 on Wade. Bob and Mark then continue to insist that they aren't out to get him only for the bot to immediately win 2 seconds later.
  • Mark tries to play a yellow reverse on Bob on the grounds that he doesn't have yellow. Unfortunately for him, he forgets that the card he had before was a green reverse, thus handing Bob the win.
  • Wade being cheated out of what may have been one of the best card combinations in the game. Both Mark and Bob get a good look at the hand (2 Wild cards and a Wild +4 card) before Wade plays the El Stomacho card to reset their hands again.
  • This gem:
    Bob: Do you have any nice things to say about Mark, Wade?
    Wade: I've seen shorter people. (Bob and Mark start laughing for a full minute)
  • Mark and Bob trying to perform some "Heart of the Cards", with Barbara joining in to give Wade a +6. Mark and Bob's reactions are priceless.
    Bob: Hey Mark.
    Mark: Yes?
    Bob, playing a +2 in Mark's direction: I'm going to believe in the heart of the cards.
    Mark, playing another +2 for Barbara: Oh you know you want to, and you know why you want to? Cause you want this to happen!
    Bob: Ohhh God yes!
    Barbara proceeds to play her own +2, giving Wade a +6.
    Mark: OHHHH YES!
    Bob: OH YES, OH GOD, YES!
    Wade: I hate you.
    Bob: I-I'm so heart right now for cards!
    Mark: Ohhh, my heart and my cards!
  • Mark ends up being the Butt-Monkey of the episode, with much hilarity ensuing from him being down on his luck.
  • Round three can best be described as Bob and Wade repeatedly using +2s on Mark and the bot, Wade swapping hands with Mark over and over and everyone else jumping in before Mark's turn. In the end, he only gets to play a total of 3 cards before Bob wins the round.
  • Mark being forced to draw a whopping 19 cards in the span of two turns as the game gives him every other color and number except the ones he needs.
    Mark: (the second time) I GOOOOTTA DRAAAW AGAIN! Noooo... Nooohohoo... NOOHOHOHO... no... heart of my card!
    • This is followed by Bob announcing that he has a gift for Mark and playing a 0, rotating the hand over to Wade. Cue Wade's Big "NO!".
  • Mark's attempt at trying to line up his face with JP and Wade's profile pictures. When Bob and Wade ask what he's doing, Mark responds by saying he is the funniest man on the face of the Earth.
  • Mark challenges Wade to not curse through the episode. He eventually begs Wade to curse again because him not cursing makes less sense then him cursing.
  • The last game drawing out for the rest of the episode. Mark lampshades how long it takes.
    Mark: We had a peace offering at the beginning of this. You remember two years ago when we started this game? We had a peace offering. (laughs)
  • This little exchange:
  • Mark spends the first few minutes trying to change his profile picture in the game. He looses his internet connection, has to reload the game twice and doesn't even receive Wade's invites to rejoin the lobby. All of this amounts to his profile picture remaining the default image when he finally rejoins.
  • During the intro, Mark realizes he can record up to 12 of his own sound bites. The ensuing hilarity gets to the point where the others can't figure out whether Mark is really talking or if it's his recording.
  • Bob's subdued breakdown halfway into the second match, which lasts until the end of the game. Mark and Wade can only laugh as Bob continues rambling on.
  • Mark never remembering when his hand is swapped out is called out several times. He'll ask about things in other people's hands that he really should know since he had the hand only moments ago. One moment is after a 0 is played.
    Mark: Bob, we're in like the second round. How do you have so many cards?
    Bob: It's your fucking hand!
    • The best example is him changing the color to yellow during round 3 in a desperate attempt to stop Bob from winning. Bob has to ask if he did it on purpose before taking the win.
      Mark: I need to remember what cards I ha- I have-
      Wade: You sure do, don't ya?
      Mark: I have to remember.
  • Wade's titular explosive rage happens gradually over the episode:
    • The first straw is after the first match where Wade finds to his horror that the bot they've connected with is none other than Barbara.
    • The second straw is Barbara jumping in on Bob's +2, winning the second match. Wade quickly devolves in Angrish.
    • The third straw is during round four when Bob changes the color to red. Wade starts to say that red is a great color, only for Barbara to play a red 0, rotating Wade's Wild +4 over to Bob, who proceeds to win the round. Cue Wade's Big "NO!".
    • The fourth straw is when Wade changes the color to red to stop Mark, who had a single yellow 3, from winning. Cue Barbara playing a red 3, handing Mark the win. Made even funnier by how Bob outright predicts beforehand that Barbara would hand him the win after he is unable to help Mark win. Wade is left screaming Barbara's name in fury after the game ends, which continues into the final round.
    • The final straw is the very end of the episode where he draws cards in a desperate attempt to stop Barbara from winning. Cue his Big "NO!" when he is forced to play a reverse against his will, followed by his explosive rage when Barbara wins because of it.
  • The episode opens up with a montage of Wade's rage from the last episode.
  • Wade is consistently at a Tranquil Fury level of rage throughout the episode, which gets even worse as Barbara still continues to screw him over.
  • Wade's weird euphemisms for Mark and Bob "enabling" Barbara, which include a scythe to decapitate him with, a nuke controller, and dirt, a hole and a shovel to bury him. The strangest is when he says that they're both "loving Barbara's asshole as she shits all over [his] face". Mark's response to that one?
  • After Wade gets consistently taunted at by someone in his chat named Barbara, they (or another person) later join Bob's chat, having this to say.
    Bob, reading the comment: It's all fucking Barbara's fault. You right.
  • This exchange after Mark tries to challenge Bob and fails:
    Bob: Good play Mark. You know what? That was a bold move.
    Mark: Thank you. I tried real hard. Got real far.
    Wade: Did you get so hard? Er- (They all start laughing)
    Mark: Yeah Wade.
    Wade: I tried so haard and got so haaard.
  • Bob playing the dragon card to reset their hands. Wade starts to get mad at his hand, only to stop abruptly when Mark plays a 0. Bob then proceeds to ask if Wade is alright.
  • The beginning of the second round, which immediately starts with Barbara playing a +2 on Wade. Bob tries to fix it by switching hands with Wade, only for Wade to get angrier when he is forced to draw. Cue him hitting his Rage Breaking Point.
  • At the end of the episode, Wade begs for nobody to fuck with him when he gets UNO. Cue Barbara playing a red reverse, followed by Bob jumping in with his reverse. Wade goes from being afraid to relieved when he finally gets to win.
  • Mark repeatedly panicking when he has the opportunity to jump in.
  • During the first round, Wade switches his hand with Bob while begging him not to immediately switch back. Bob seems to comply, only to actually play his 7 and switch back. While they're all laughing, Bob asks if Wade actually believed him to which Wade replies he did.
  • Wade trying to read his donations, only to realize he isn't muted.
    Mark: Are things okay over there Wade? Do you need help?
    Wade: Pot Pi- JimmyPotPie thank yo- Oh I'm not muted. Shut up!
    (Mark and Bob start cracking up)
    Mark: (still laughing) Wade, who hurt you? What's wrong?
    Wade: (chuckling) Shut up!
  • Wade trying to switch with Swaggy, only to realize midway through that he had another 7 of the same color, allowing Swaggy to switch back.
  • Mark begging people to donate to Wade, saying he doesn't even have enough money to buy a bag of turnips. This starts a Running Gag where people start donating to Wade so he can get turnips, even creating turnip-based accounts just to donate.
  • In the middle of the second round, when Mark and Wade hands (4 and 18 cards respectively) are traded, Mark looses it when Wade actually starts complaining about his 4 cards.
  • This exchange when Wade draws a lot of cards.
    Wade: No, no, NO, NOO, GOD, WHY!?
    Bob: (plays soundbite) "YEYEAH!" (Mark and Bob start laughing)
  • Near the end of the final round.
    Wade: Swaggy is on MY team- (Swaggy plays a skip on him)
    Wade: Ah, fuck you Swaggy! (Bob and Mark start laughing)
  • The Running Gag of the episode has someone saying "You're gonna laugh" before playing a card that screws the other person over.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Mark once again forgets to put up the game, leaving out the entire first round. Mark then proceeds to tell his editor Lixian to take the other's game footage and put his facecam over it. Lixian points out that the footage will be confusing, but goes through with it anyway, using Wade's game footage.
  • Just like before, the second game takes an absurdly long amount of time to finish. Who finally manages to win the game? Globox.
    Bob: (through laughter) After all that, we lost to the computer!?
  • Mark, yet again, is left drawing a bunch of cards, this time going from an UNO hand to a hand of 15 cards. He quickly gets more frantic as he keeps drawing cards. It only continues getting bigger until Mark is left with 27 cards.

    Until Dawn 
  • His playthrough of Until Dawn is a treasure trove of silly quotes:
    • Mark encounters a totem of multiple cast members getting blown up:
    Mark: Okay, so no burning of the alive!
    • After Mark indicates in the Dr. Hill segment's that he's afraid of scarecrows but not a haunted house, Dr. Hill accuses him of lying. Mark isn't lying; he just really hates mannequins.
    • This Part 3 Gem:
    Jess: Michael, I have the BEST idea!
    Mark: We should go poke sticks at the bears!
    Jess: Let's go hug a bear!
    Mark: (Makes a 'What'd I tell you?' gesture at the camera)
    • When Jess's dalliance with Mike is interrupted by the former getting grabbed and dragged through a window by a monster that's been stalking the two.
    Mark: ...I wish my last words before that happened hadn't been "break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar"!
    • In Part 7, after picking up a Death Totem:
    Mark: Okay, so once again, fire bad!
    • In Part 8, when he sees a totem vision of Chris pointing a gun at his head.
    Mark: Were you playing Russian Roulette with a normal 9mm?!
    Dr. Hill: Because of your choices, people have died.
    Mark: I know! What are you, the YouTube comments?
  • Mark reaches the climax of the prologue, with Hannah and Beth hanging off a cliff, a shadowy figure reaching toward them. Mark opts to let go to get away. The horrified look on his face as the twins crash on every rock and boulder down the cliff is pure comedy gold.
    Mark: "We're in this together Hannah! We're in this together!" (Mark lets go, the sisters drop and hit a rock with a bone-snapping crunch- followed by several other impacts.) "Oh, I made a bad choice!"
  • Mark's horrified and disgusted face throughout Josh's Motive Rant about his revenge prank, and subsequent babbling. He looks right at the camera and, aside from a few comments, is mostly silent.
  • In Part 13, after making a massive mistake that gets Ashley killed, he decides to restart the entire game all over again instead of keep going, and has a massive breakdown over it.
    Mark: No— I— no. ...I am gonna make sure that she ends her experience on this mountain in the happiest way— being bone-zoned by Chris, because that's! What their love! DESERVES! (Beat) FFFFUUUUUUU--!
    • Afterwards, it cuts to black for a moment before Mark comes back and berates himself some more. After a short pause, he turns to acknowledge the character on the screen.
    Mark: Fuck you Josh.
    • While on that same screen, Josh appears to mouth the word "no" in the same moment Mark says "no".
      • The animation by Youtuber Psycho Spider that shows this part is pretty hilarious. Mark pauses and somehow goes to the mountain in the game. When he encounters a Wendigo he gives it a powerful slap that succeeds in making it cower in fear.
  • In the last part, he states that any mistakes he makes after playing back up to where he left off was going to be endgame. In the Wendigo fight in the house, he accidentally gets Mike killed by choosing to do nothing during the 'Save Mike/Run Towards the Switch' choice. He very quickly resets his PS4.
  • In Part 7, he puts on an incredibly hammy Cheshire Cat Grin when the game cuts to Sam taking a bath.
  • During the intro, when Josh invites the others to "party like porn stars", Mark acts confused and says that for all he knows, porn star parties could actually be very low-key, laidback affairs.

    Yandere Simulator 
  • Markiplier's Yandere Simulator debug build playthroughs has Mark get into character as a Stalker with a Crush surprisingly quickly.
    Mark: Your hair. Would look great. On my wall. *snaps picture of Senpai* Thanks.
    • Mark reacts with horror the first time he kills a girl, then dumps the evidence without burning it. The result is what you'd expect.
    Mark: (upon reading the Game Over screen where Yandere-chan is caught) Wait a minute! What? No! No! No! BUT I BURNED THE BODY. Oh, I didn't burn the body, I just dumped it.
    Teacher: How dare you walk into my classroom looking like that! Do you think this school is a joke?
    Mark: You're racist against Super Saiyans.
    • When he finds the Undertale references (about 11:15 in video #6), he reacts with a pure Oh, Crap! expression, realizing that this will only mean people will keep bugging him to continue playing the game.note 
    Mark: "Knowing the mouse might one..." oh, no, it's an Undertale reference. RUN! RUN, MARKIPLIER! THE COMMENTS ARE FILLING UP WITH PEOPLE DEMANDING THAT YOU PLAY THE GAME! AAAAAAAAAH!
    • Pops up again after his discovery of Bad Time Mode in episode 10 (about 1:01 to 1:06).
    • Mark becomes horrified when he realizes Senpai can die in the Easter Egg modes. Because "Ebola mode" causes people to die when he gets near, this causes an ever-increasing pile of dead bodies right behind him as he's freaking out.
  • Mark's casual conversations with the demons are a hoot.
    Demon: A mortal?
    Mark: Uh-huh.
    Demon: Here?
    Mark: Meh.
    Demon: How curious.
    Mark: Eh, not really, I murdered people. Whatever.
    Demon: Do you wish to borrow my power?
    Mark: Yeah, sure, give it to me.

    The Evil Within 2 

    Other Games 
  • In 7 Days to Die, there's this intro in the third video.
    Markiplier: And I have my good friend or giant douche Wade.
    Wade: (laughs) What?
    Markiplier: Also known as LordMinion777, also known as (deep gravelly voice) Rick.
  • His reaction to finally getting into a locked chest in Never Again and finding a Creepy Doll.
    Mark: That is not the prize I wanted. [holds doll aloft and shakes it] BEGONE, DEMON!
  • The Stanley Parable's confusion ending has one moment where the Narrator puts on some very adventurous, upbeat music, which Markiplier can't help smiling to, and moving his head with the beat. While this music is playing, Mark eventually finds an "impossible space", very much confusing him, but the music is playing, so he has to immediately go from being confused to excited again.
  • Truly, rage beyond rage... The video is comedy gold from that point until the end, especially when Markiplier devolves into Angrish just before rage-loading a previous save.
    Markiplier (repeatedly dying at the hands of a ridiculous-looking monster): MOTHER... AAAAARRRGH!!! I'm so mad. I'm soOOO MAAAAAD!!! UUUUUEEEAAAAAAAGH!!! NO! FUUUUCKING HELL! I've got a... I'VE GOT A... LET ME OFF!!! DAMMIT!!! DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMN YOU TO HELL! YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! YOU'RE DEEEAD! Everything! I hate everything! I HATE EVERYTHING!!! GEDOVAHRDEHRYOUFUCKINGFUCKAHR!!! I'm gonna, I swear... I SWEAR! LET ME THROUGH!!!
  • A running gag on his Dead Space 3 walkthrough is that he constantly mentions or talks about Ellie's boobs.
  • Mark’s mispronouncation of the Swedish words for “No Smoking” is set on a loop. Let's see how long you can last.]
    YouTube Commenter: After 5 minutes it sounds like some kind of a dark acolyte summoning a demon..
    • In another video Mark attempts to read a note in the foreign language he quips he accidentally summoned a demon into the viewer's home. In later episodes of the same series he continues to apologizes for it and gives helpful suggestions on how to deal with their new resident.
  • In Slender: The Arrival, Part 3 when he first encounters the Slender-proxy he repeatedly states that he has a flashlight ("with your name on it!") The actual encounter is very brief, with Markipilier screaming the following: "You're not supposed to do that! You're supposed to be blinded - be blinded, you DICK! THIS IS NOT WORKING!"
    • When it actually does work on the second try, the normally PG Markiplier breaks out the big guns: "Get blinded, you bitch! Be blinded! Yeah, that's right, suck ten thousand cocks right there, in your EYEBALLS!"
  • His playthrough of Fuck This Game isn't too hysterical. Him randomly dancing in the background purely as a distraction is.
  • While playing The Last of Us and sneaking by some Clickers, Bill starts stomping very loudly. Even funnier when Bill tells Joel to be quiet, he still stomps around the area, leading Mark to call him a Hypocrite.
    • His second episode for the Left Behind DLC. When Ellie receives a pun book from Riley, he cringes at Hurricane of Puns that he undergoes.
      "My respect for Ellie just went down."
    • During the beginning of Part 11, he has to make Joel go swimming. He has trouble with the controls, at one point making Joel swim in a backwards, upside-down loop.
  • All of the Enviro Bear 2000 video, which is essentially a bear driving simulator. At one point Mark loses all hope of winning the game when it gives him the message that 'the fish have been over-fished' and he can only fatten up on berries. He then drives over a pond... and a ridiculously large fish falls into the car. It's so big, it fills up the entire dash and Mark can't even eat it because it gets wedged outside of his reach by some rocks that had fallen into the car earlier.
  • Mark trying to find the blacksmith's shop involves lots of ham and talking to himself.
    Villager!Mark: Why does he want to know where the blacksmith is? We don't have a blacksmith!
  • Mark playing The World's Hardest Game with a speech jammer. Since he’s essentially rendered incoherent in terms of commentary, it’s amusing to listen to him stumble over his words while talking.
  • Mark's glorious reaction to the giant Killer Teddy Bear in the first part of The Witch's House. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome for the game as it convinced Markiplier that RPG Maker games can indeed be scary.
    • The third part has Mark being so startled by a Jump Scare (the toy soldier shooting Viola with a real gun) that he falls out of his chair and takes his webcam down with him.
    • There’s also his stunned reaction to the first death.
  • The last five minutes of his playthrough of Mental, where he’s constantly on edge and mumbles “I don’t wanna” after being jumpscared. It’s telling that he’s so drained by the end of the game that he tells the viewers not to play the game.
  • His initial excitement when thinking The Curse of Blackwater is a pirate themed horror game, and his angry disappointment when he is told it's not.
    Mark: "Oh no! I'm just, I'm tied up in a corner, naked, just for–"
    (monster bursts into the room, breathing very heavily, and immediately kills him)
  • Segway of the Dead, an incredibly short playthrough that has the muscular, bare-chested protagonist drive into a horde of zombies with a segway - which causes him to be devoured. Mark headbangs to the heavy metal “game over” song.
  • In Ao Oni Part 2, Markiplier learns to close the prison door behind him.
    Mark: Why is this good? Why is this good? [Oni shows up and kills him.] AAGH—! [Stunned Silence] ...What the hell?! How was I supposed to do anything?! What was that?!
  • 'I am God.' “You might want to brush your teeth, God."
  • The entire collab with Cry. Including but not limited to instances such as:
    • Mark and Cry discovering that ostriches can fly.
    • Cry's multiple failed attempts at using a portal.
    • Abandoning each other for hats.
    • Cry's story about his mother and the haunted house, which leads to an uncomfortable "vibrator" joke.
  • His playthrough of the Oculus Rift horror game Alone provides the following moment:
    Mark (Reading a note that's in the game within the game): "'Whenever I'm in the nursery, I swear I can hear the voices of small children.'"
    Disembodied Voice (Whispering): "Mommy."
    Mark (Freaking out): "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
  • His playthrough of Death Dice Overdose. Watch as Mark collects a bunch of pills in order to make his black bar much bigger.
  • Penis Cloner. Nothing else needs to be said.
    Mark: "...why?!..."
  • Any time where he ends up playing a game that either features a Shout-Out or is directly based off of him in general. One good example is when he plays a mod of SCP – Containment Breach... based off of him. He spends a few seconds at the start of the video in stunned silence, and later comments that it brings a new level of disturbing to the game.
  • The quickest round ever of Trouble in Terrorist Town. It lasts less than a second.
  • Part 7 of his Ib playthrough as him attempting to solve the Toybox puzzle. It's strangely amusing watching him "being stupid".
    • From the same, this coming immediately after Mary's painting is burned, killing her:
    Garry: I have to say... girls sure can be scary...
    • Also of note, his reaction in part 5 to the doll room. He chases after a lone doll, sounding all bold, only to do a complete 180. It gets even better as he realizes just how bad it is.
    Mark: Oh boy... Oh no... Oh no. Oh no!
    (He realizes he's trapped in a room, and has to find an item. With a time limit.)
    • His reaction to finding out that rabbit ornaments were actually disturbing dolls was pure gold. And let's not forget his search for the fish key back in part 1
    • There's something very funny about Mark giving Garry, who he even briefly thought of as a woman, a pitch of voice that's actually deeper than his normal speaking voice. Even when he voices Garry's trademark "HYEEEEEK!" he manages to make it sound as manly as possible.
  • His reaction to a distorted, disembodied voice of a little girl in The Darkest Words:
    Voice: "Where's my mommy?"
    Mark (Freaked out): "Whoa-kay, nope! (Beat) I don't know where she is!"
  • Part 2 of his playthrough of the Obvious Beta Hell Was Here. Especially at the end when he decides to Rage Quit after he died immediately after he walked into an empty room.
  • Any time one of the monsters in a game interrupts his outro, like in this video of him playing SCP Containment Breach.
  • Every time he plays a game where you have to destroy yourself, such as Skate 3 or Turbo Dismount. Crowner goes to this accident, where he manages to get sandwiched between two camions. And he doesn't realize it until he sees the replay.
  • His playthrough of Bleached Eyeballs, which he calls “OCULUS RIFT AT ITS BEST!!!” due to the game’s poor design.
  • The Hot Sauce Challenge has Mark babbling in pain after having eaten hot sauce, with the subtitles adding to the hilarity.
  • All four Impossible Quiz playthroughs. Mark does not like the nonsensical nature of the questions, and rages whenever he loses and is forced to start again from the beginning.
  • The That's What She Said counter in his Leg-Waxing Impossible Quiz Challenge. At one point it explodes.
  • There's quite a few hilarious moments in his playthrough of Hotline Miami, but this line is absolute gold.
    Mark (after beating a mission): "Ooh! 'C' is for 'average'! 'C' is for..." (Beat) "We're not gonna talk about what 'C' is for."
  • Exploring Insanity in The Forest. Pretty much the entire video is hilarious, from an increasingly Ax-Crazy Mark attacking every bird he sees as quickly as they respawn, to randomly flying. At one point, his video recorder stops working, which shows up on-screen as Mark screaming into a black void. Meanwhile, all of this is interspersed with goofy narration that lampshades the craziness of it all.
  • Murder Clown, which has the same level of weirdness as Revenge of the Sunfish. There's no need to explain how Mark reacts to it.
    Mark: "I just got mind fucked and I don't know what happened! It's too early in the morning for this bullshit!"
  • There's a "neckbeard" themed version of Flappy Bird, called Flappy Fedora. In Mark's playthrough of it he spends the entire video doing an impression of pick up artist types, only to repeatedly get interrupted by the game.
  • The entirety of his Impossible Let's Play series. Most hilarious is his Makeup Challenge, in which he spends the entire video attempting to apply makeup to himself blind. When he finally gets out a mirror...
    Mark: [laughing] Oh my god, I look like a friggin' clown...
  • The Call-Back to his attempted playthrough of Cold Fusion in his Let's Play of Outlast Whistleblower:
    Mark: Those brass, they really like to pump up the atmosphere. This game doesn't rely on a string quartet on my back [as Cold Fusion did every time there was a Jump Scare], just has a guy playing a sousaphone in my ear- (said sousaphone makes its presence known) Stop that, Sousaphone Man!
    • The animated highlights have their own charm. The highlight of the highlights occur at the end of the video. Mark chances upon the scene that he censored in the source video. The artist decides to depict it as Bob and Wade performing a tango. As well as their reaction shot to his further comment.
    • From Whisteblower, when he hears a patient's painful screaming:
    Mark: You alright in there? You're having trouble? Bite down on something hard and push! [more screaming] You got it. I believe in you! Show that turd who's boss!
    • From the original game, when he's hiding from Chris Walker, who's just standing around, Mark has a little fun by pretending to reflect his thoughts:
    Walker: (In a deep voice that resembles his Santa voice) Huh? What was that? Huggh, I better get back to my biscuits and gravy. I'm really hungry cleaning up this entire hospital. Ripping the heads off of people is a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. Huggh, where I put my teddy bear? I wanna give him a nice big hug. I’d never rip the head off of my teddy. (Walker starts to leave the room) Huh? What’s that? Is somebody making fun of me over there?!
  • His moments of Wrong Genre Savvy throughout Among the Sleep, particularly his assumption that the teddy bear is the one responsible for all the horrible things when it's actually the mother. This results in close to every statement the teddy makes making Mark uncomfortable and suspicious.
  • At one point in his playthrough of It Moves, he makes his character interact with what appears to be a red-faced young girl dressed in a green cloak that audibly growls and stamps a demonic face on his screen, which leaves a faint after-image. It takes Mark two minutes to notice.
  • And then Mark and friends play a horror map in GMOD as the cast of Five Nights at Freddy's. Memorable moments include Mark-as-Freddy making an impression of his trademark Evil Laugh, and him constantly blowing up Wade (as Foxy) each time he grabs a puzzle piece and taking it from him to add to the wall.
    Mark: "I really don't wanna cross the threshold of slam... [Wade runs towards Mark] But Wade is! [Wade tries to cross, blowing himself up]"
    • Everything after they give up trying to solve the puzzles and cheat, especially when the Gravity Gun comes into play.
    • See this adaptation by a fan using the models from GMOD. Bonus points for giving both Golden Freddy and the security guard a Reaction Shot.
  • Mark's video of Mole Hammers with Wade, especially his meltdown at the end after losing badly to Wade.
    • And then there's the sequel, in which Mark redoes the intro every time he loses.
  • Mark plays again Table Tug with Wade. Starting from this moment, he begins recounting the history of the Tit Tanic. It has to be heard.
  • His playthrough of Spore with Wade and Tyler. Of course, it devolves into the creation of creepily unnatural and phallic-like creatures. One of them even gained the nickname of “MMMMMMMMMMM”.
    Mark: [Your character] ain't no slut. You ain't gonna-
    Tyler: You gotta get a bone before you can do that.
    Mark: Aiaaaaaa I love bancha
    Mark and Tyler: Estoy en gato
    Mark and Tyler: En mis pantalones
    Mark: En el en puedio
    Mark: El est oy un puedio
    Mark: En el en un puedio
    Mark: La ba la bancha
    Mark: (the camera zooms in and settles on his face) ...puedio.
  • The end of GMOD Murder #14. Bob is on a ledge with a gun pointed at Wade, Mark, and Jack, and says that if the murderer pulls out his knife, he will shoot one of the bystanders and leave the remaining two to duke it out. Mark, who is currently the murderer, pulls out the knife. Bob immediately shoots him.
  • During a round of GMOD Sandbox with Jacksepticeye, the two build their own forts, and each try to destroy the other. Jack's is made out of ammo crates and a few wooden ones, so that when Mark tosses a grenade, only one of the wooden boxes is destroyed. Fort Blam-Ass (Mark's fort), on the other hand is mostly made out of explosive barrels, so when Jack throws his grenade - BOOM.
  • Mark and Bob play Don't Starve Together. At the start of day 2, they chop down a tree and immediately awaken a treeguard. Hilarity Ensues.
  • After several episodes of failure after failure, he swears off Vanish for forever. He eventually returns and, lacking any new material to talk about (since he's already covered everything about the game in the previous six episodes), he decides to retell the history of America. It eventually devolves into 25 minutes of pure rage.
    Markiplier(After being thrown into the maze unwillingly): Ohhhhhhhhh, I'm here against my will! I can related so much to that! I would rather be anywhere than playing this game!
  • Mark going savagely apeshit over the insanely bad QWOP-style controls of I Am Bread. Made by the same people who brought us Surgeon Simulator and its notoriously difficult controls.
    • On his second attempt, where he used a controller (which was recommended for the game), he gets so angry he literally breaks said controller on camera.
  • The end of part 5 of Anna is comedy gold. When Mark places the Mask of the Divine and the mourning dress on the chair, he freaks out when the ensemble pops onto the chair and looks right at him. He regains his composure, lamenting how he'd actually hoped that wouldn't work, then turns around and a phantom copy of the mask appears right in his face, prompting Cluster F-Bomb angrish.
    • He then opens part 6 stating he is NOT going to look behind him at the horror he just created. Only to nearly collapse yet again later when the Assassin's Mask abruptly falls off his face due to completing a puzzle.
  • Mark plays Zoo Race, a racing game where a bunch of animals celebrate surviving The Great Flood by racing each other. It's even stranger than it sounds.
  • Misao asks you to give a name to the player character and an NPC. Mark comes up with "Samanthera" for the player character and "Isabelonkr" for Miss Library. He cracks up the second time.
    • Any Hello, [Insert Name Here] situation in any game is going to end in madness where Mark is involved. The Escapists is a very good example of this, with YouTube commenters jokingly pondering just how hilariously bad the names of Mark's kids might be if he had any.
    • After Samanthera blacks out and is sent into the other dimension, she meets Onigawara...who Mark recognizes from another game. His commentary throughout the whole scene is hilarious.
    'I am Onigawara, the student council president', BULLSHIT. 'And this is the student council room', BULLSHIT also.
    'After the earthquake, the school was sucked into another world', totally logical.
    'Well. It's a curse', hee-hee, Misao's curse, of course!
    'Always in the library, so that's what we call her', we being me and myself, of course. I'm not crazy.
    'So you will. As Library informs me, the school is full of evil spirits. And yet you still wish to go', you dumb-dumb.
  • When Mark plays Whack Your Boss, he picks the scissors, resulting in a Slashed Throat for the Boss alongside a huge amount of High-Pressure Blood. Now, that's not funny in and of itself (well, depending on your point of view). What is funny, however, is Mark's squicked-out reaction to it. The moment the scissors hit...
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEERRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! OOOOHH, GOD!!! ...UUURHH! That's like my worst one! I hate that! Ohh, God!
  • Mark being scared of the giant window behind him while he is staying with the Game Grumps. Towards the start of "Whack Your Computer" he even mentions "Five Nights at Grumps" because of it.
    • At one point in his Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion playthrough (then called Spooky's House of Jumpscares), it so unnerves him that he actually flips it off.
  • In Mark's play-through of Exoptable Money, he gets worried because his cat hasn't come back yet. After a while, he picks up a ukulele and starts improvising a song about how much he misses it. Though, it does result in Mood Whiplash once it's revealed Madame Sinclair killed the cat and wants to sell its fur.
  • Mark's playthrough of Monstrum had three deaths and each of those were hilarious. The first was him getting cornered by the monster and staring with his mouth wide open for a good ten seconds after screaming "What the hell?! Holy shit!" The second was him running into steam, his old enemy. The final one had him getting two of the needed things to get out... and then he walked into steam.
    • The first of these is made even funnier by the fact that Mark was seriously Tempting Fate, shouting that all the noise was going to get one of the crew members killed, only to be immediately answered by the monster's roar. This practically becomes a Running Gag when he first meets the second monster.
      • What's even more hilarious is that the Brute's orange glowing lights can be seen during the middle of his spiel, meaning that it was turning the corner or already right behind him. Becomes very amusing when you imagine the Brute listening to Mark and letting him finish his sentence, then pulverizing him.
    • In his second video, he gets all the components for the raft, assembles and lowers it... then proceeds to leap over the railing and die from the fall. Made doubly funny by the fact that the death-screen displayed by the game was that of the death-by-steam.
    • His reaction to running into a second monster after the above-mentioned failure, and everything that proceeds from it, is spectacular. It's likely he thought he had the game figured out at that point, making it all the more hilarious. It's probably the first time in a long while an indie horror game caught Markiplier so off-guard
  • The entirety of Mark's playthrough of Air Control. Moments include:
  • During his play of Fatal Frame II, in the fight where he first meets the Kusabi, while trying to discover what he need to do, Mark tries to take a photo of him (witch yields no results) making him say "Instructions not clear, got dick stuck in ghost!".
    • Mark usually reads any found files out loud for the viewers, but lot of the Apocalyptic Logs found throughout the game have words missing and replaced with asterisks. By the fourth video he's retching at every other word to fill in the gaps.
    • MIOOOOOOO!!!
    • The outro of the video where ghosts suddenly appear as he's about to say his goodbyes.
    • After not playing for quite awhile, he started playing it again. The title for the episode? MIOOOOOOOOO!!
    • His frustrations at the numerous amounts of backtracking that he had to do that he realizes too late that he just started the final chapter.
  • The random JUMPCUT in his first I Am Bread video.
  • His Hot Sauce + I Am Bread + Sick Day CHALLENGE!! is chock full of hilarity, particularly the moment where he just loses it and screams for seven full seconds.
  • One of Mark's creations in Besiege is the Not-A-Pe-Nis 3000, the very latest in farming technology.
    Markiplier: It comes with a patented cannon! FOR FARMING!
    Markiplier: Nota-Pe-Nis "Life is hard, you should be too"
    • Mark showing off the FARMING cannons effectiveness against a stone harp, first with one cannon, four cannons and finally FIFTEEN cannons. All failing each time.
  • Markiplier playing Plug and Play. At the end of the game, he's at a loss for words.
    Markiplier: <slurred> Awright, I guess that's the end of it! Sooooo, there you go! That's Plug and Play! Uhhweh- the moral of the story is... <long beat>
    Markiplier: I don't know why I wasted your time or why you stuck with this! So, HEY-HEY! WOO-HOO! HA-HA! PRIZES FOR EVERYBO- <trails off>
  • In his play through of Antumbra:
    Markiplier: People are saying it's very, very good, and since I'm so good at games, I'm not going to have any trouble with this at all... Please stop laughing, I haven't even gotten to the game yet.
  • Throughout his April 2015 Charity Livestream, he greets all the countries that everyone keeps saying they're from. However, at one point, he gets so frustrated with Super Mario World that, when people start telling him their locations again in hopes of getting greeted, he says that he doesn't care where everyone's from. He dies immediately after saying this. This is funny enough, especially with everyone in the chat lampshading it, but after he registers what happened, he starts backtracking and apologizing. After a couple minutes of that, he admits that he's not really sorry and is just trying to make sure karma doesn't get him again. He dies again after saying that.
    "Hello, Russia! Hello! Australia!"
    "Hi Sophie! Hi 4:20 market!"
    • "I want a frick feather! Can I get the frick feather instead of the Fire Flower? Can I get a frick feather/Fire Flower combo?"
  • The entirety of his Trollface Quest series could qualify, but his reaction to beating the second level of the first gamenote  should give you a good idea of what to expect:
    Mark:(After staring in stunned silence for a few seconds) Well I can already tell this game is going to drive me to drink! Isn't it?
  • The way he flubs his intro in some of his videos can be... interesting.
    Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to let's play Ao Oni! A-O Oni. Now... I... Eugh... Uhh... Ehh... AAAHHH—
    Mark: Hello- *voice crack* HOAAAAAAA—
    Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Warkiplier... What?!
    Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to The Plague, ga gindie gi-goo bi-goo-boo kuhuhuhu!
    Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to Infiltrating the Airship, the same game in the line of games made by the people who made the other games like Stealing the Diamond and Escaping the Pri- I dauuuuuua. [cut]
    Mark: *laughing to himself* This is the worst intro e-verrr.
    Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to BNKR, also known as 'Bunker' if you wanna analonin— analoni— analogininize like that... *makes a troll face while nyuking, which then reverses*
    Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Mushmarph...(awkward silence while he makes a weird face) Whooooa boy.
    Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Welcome— what?!
    • One of his earliest goofs was in his 2012 playthrough of Labyrinth (not to be confused with a game of the same name that he played about a year later)
Mark: Hello everybody! My name is Markiplayer! *scoffs after he realizes what he said* Yeah. "Markiplayer"! That's meee!
  • In the opening of Dancing With Caution (With the Addition of Markiplier), when he dances to the the opening music, he shakes his head so hard that his headphones come off and spill coffee all over his desk.
    Mark: It's everywhere! Oh no, it's everywhere!
  • Mark promoting his new perfume. Just..... watch the brilliance.
  • MARKIPLIER GETS BANNED FROM YOUTUBE. He probably would have been, if this massively censored passage hadn't been edited out:
    Mark: (jokingly) If I was gonna flip you off, I would flip you off. (laughs) Did I mention that WE (makes "fucking" hand motions) you know, with the homeless!
    *Wade makes a horrified face*
    Mark: and the-
    Mark: and the-
    (Technical Difficulties)
    Wade: *horrified* Mark no! Stop! You're gonna have to mute all of this!
    Mark: and after they f-
    Mark: ("eating" hand motion) Om-nom-nom!
    • Afterwards:
    Mark: (with his face in his hands) If I forget to censor this...
    • At the very end of the episode:
    Wade: (Double Take)
    Mark: (laughing uncontrollably) That face!
  • Sydney Shark, the sequel to the game Miami Shark, has this as the ending. What sells it is Mark's silence:
    Mark: Oh. Well. That seems... I-I'm doing a good thing? I'm doing a good thing?
    Mark: *silence and shocked face as the points rack up*
    Mark: *with a confused look* YEAH! I DID IT!
  • In the game The Terrible Old Man (Based On the H.P. Lovecraft Novel), before he plays the game, Mark makes up his own story, and, well...
    Mark: So anyway... There's this guy sitting at a bar, he's very old and very terrible. He's just sitting there hating life and hating everyone. When all of a sudden, CTHULHU POPS THROUGH THE DOORS, TENTACLES EVERYWHERE, IT'S LIKE A BAD JAPANESE HENTAI! (coughs and cut)
    Mark: So anyway, the tentacles go out and kill everyone, it doesn't do anything else to them, it just murders them, which is totally fine... And then Cthulhu sits down with the old man, they look each other in the eye, and they know they both hate minorities. And—(breaks down laughing, cut)
    Mark: OR I could just shut up and play the game and then you could experience what the story actually is instead of my stupid rambling...
  • Mark's play-through of GAME OF THE YEAR 420BLAZEIT. Just him reacting to the game's weirdness in general.
  • In Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, Mark didn't see Specimen 8 directly in his first playthrough. When he revisits the game after some updates, he sees it and flips.
    Mark: OH! OH DEAR GOD! Auugh it's literally a deer god! Urrgh! What the hell was that?!
    • And then his reaction when he realizes he can't sprint anymore after seconds earlier thanking Spooky for giving him unlimited stamina is just priceless.
    • In part 10 this happens:
    Mark: My mic just fell and nailed me in the balls.
  • This bit from Action Henk:
    Markiplier: [after another closeup shot of Betsy's face] Ahh, hi, Betsy. I'm sorry about everything I said! Please don't murder me in my sleep! [cut] Betsy knows when you're awake! Betsy sees if you've been bad or good, SO BE GOOD FOR BETSY'S SAKE!
  • Aside from Mark's frantic antics while playing The Evil Within, there's this awkward moment when Joseph takes a harpoon through the noggin in stride.
    • A few episodes before that he gets jumpscared by himself.
    • Killing a monster with an axe, not realizing that it has a buddy until he turns the camera and sees that it's right in front of Sebastian.
  • While playing 'The Arm', Mark forgets that he's holding down the space bar, which stores power and makes your punch more powerful. He starts to quote a very popular 'rolling a one' result ("You reach out to push the orc off the bridge, but instead lightly caress his back. He is uncomfortable.") when he releases his punch, killing the monster instantly.
    (monster explodes into chunks) Mark: Woah-ho-ho-ho! I thought I was gonna gently caress his back, I gently caressed him to pieces.
  • In Holy Potatoes A Weapon Shop, Mark is given the opportunity to name a weapon. He immediately comes up with "The Buttstabber".
  • Night Blights brings us these funny lines.
    • In episode one, he mentions having to "deliver this Furby into the jaws of hell."
    • Episode two:
      Mark: "Yum, yum, SHUT UP!"
      Mark: "I'm a grizzled veteran of a toddler."
  • In Soccer Physics w/ Wade:
    Mark: I don't have to do a damn thing. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Ha-whoaNOOOOHHHHHHH
    • Mark looked like he nearly had a heart attack right there! And in true Markiplier fashion, once he starts losing, he starts calling the game stupid.
    Mark: (Between laughing) Stupid, so stupid. Stupid. Did I mention this is stupid? (Yeah.) So stupid.
  • While playing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy during a livestream, Mark comes across a level where Crash has to ride a pig... and some of the obstacles are roasted pigs on skewers. Mark assumes that it's his pig's loved ones, and acts horrified.
    Mark: "Oh my god, it's your brother. Or mother, or father! Oh no it's your cousin, your cousin Wumpo! Oh no, is that Aunt Lou? (Game Over) Oh, well, damn, that was too much for the pig. The emotional burden was too much. (awkward chuckling)"
  • In The Deepest Sleep, he calls the Bottom Feeders "Buttholes" because they bear resemblance to them. He later finds the "Toasty Buddy" easter egg on the cinnamon toast in the kitchen. Combine the two...
    Mark:(In front of a Bottom Feeder he can't figure out how to get past) What am I supposed to do about you?! Can I throw cinnamon toast toast into you? Would that appease the mighty Buttgole god? Butthole god, person. Butthole, man, what—HE'S A BUTTHOLE!
    • In Deeper Sleep, Mark demonstrates what No Indoor Voice sounds like when he comes across a dark and empty bedroom.
    Mark: Is anybody sleeping in there?! I yell extremely loudly into the— IS ANYBODY SLEEPING?! HUUUH?!! IS ANYBODY?!?! Okay.
  • In his LP of, when attempting to become the biggest cell in a game. Apparently, he recorded the intro before attempting it, and had to dub over when he didn't quite succeed:
    Mark: I'm here to show you how to get to (lips) number one (deadpan voice) number two on the leaderboard.
  • While playing Firewatch, he has a few moments, but him playing with Officer Forrest Byrnes is a continuous Funny Moment. Especially whenever Deliah is saying something heartwarming or dramatic and all Mark does is zoom in on the cutout's face, making him giggle like a madman.
  • While playing the game 'Rake', Mark's character is wandering through the woods at night in search of the creature. During a moment of silence, the character in the game suddenly begins screaming, surprising Mark who also screams and panics, firing the gun aimlessly.
  • Markiplier's interesting porn collection. Also from that video, his utter bewilderment as to why he owns Flora's Fruit Farm, why he bought it on Christmas six years ago, and why he never played it.
  • Mark has an off day. An absolutely hilarious, language-mangling off day.
  • Mark plays the fifth Henry Stickmin game, Fleeing the Complex. The usual hilarity hasn't vanished from this game, but a standout moment is the "Distract" option. Henry starts dancing to distract the guards, but they and Ellie all join in. Mark found this so amusing that not only did he play it three times throughout the video, he modified his outro to include the music from that scene.
    • There's also the point where he encounters the Five Nights at Freddy's reference. You'd expect him to have PTSD by now, but he's completely casual about it. "Hi, Freddy!"
    Markiplier: NooooOOOHOHOHO! Not here, you dick!
    • When he gets the "Tool Gun" failurenote , he reacts normally... at first. Then:
    "Awwwww... HAAAAAAAAAAAX!"
    • His reaction to Charles' plan and goofy little song.
    Markiplier: (mimicking Charles's singing) "This is the greatest plaaaaaan!"
    • His struggles with the "Click here for a medal" Overly Long Gag. (Begins at around 14:55)
    Markiplier: Click here for a medal... oh, NO, come on!... uh? Oh? Uh? Hey! How's it going? Huh? Okay! Sure! Yes! Good!... I don't know!... I don't know what the capital of Mongolia is... I read what you were saying, but I don't know what the capital of— don't skip my words, okay. Dogs have feet. Paws, really. Press the sun in the sneaky ending... press the sun in the sneaky ending? Ohhhhh... which one is correct? This! Yay! Confession? Both correct... press the right-most button? Yes! Oh. Don't press this button? Okay... (presses it and is sent back to the title screen) NOOOOOOOOOHOOOOHOOOOOOOO, NOOO-HOO-HOO! You dick!
  • Mark begins his Super Mario Maker playthrough by tackling Ross' levels. The ones that made even Danny completely lose his mind. It's every bit as hilarious as it sounds.
    • Special mention has to go to his happy place rant during Ross's Companion Spring 2. It goes Off the Rails very quickly.
  • When Mark plays Don't Whack Your Boss with Superpowers, he picks the claw option first thing and watches in horror as the Boss is quite literally carved into cubes. Then the preview for the mobile version keeps using that particular animation. Needless to say, he is terrified.
  • How do you win and pull off an Epic Fail at the same time? Mark shows you how.
  • While the livestream itself is rather old and was broadcast early in Mark's YouTube career, this scene certainly counts. To elaborate, Mark connects two blocks via a pipe, and then everything explodes. His and Bob's reactions just sell it. The Reveal about Bob being responsible for the explosion makes it even funnier.
  • While all of "Think FAST Markimoo!" is hilarious, special mention goes to the intro, and about three-quarters of the way through the video, where Mark and Wade decide to take a break from the game to watch the Scott Sterling vid. On-camera.
  • Mark's crops in Stardew Valley are not planted in the shape of a penis. As he explained during his livestream:
    Mark: So these parsnips are ready to go, so I'm just gonna farm them up here, which... kind of leaves this interesting channelly shaft-like area in the middle of my farm. Uh, it's actually for the...aerodynamics of the air, to get to the crops appropriately, so that they...get the nutrients from the air that they need. "Is that a penis?" What are you talking about? It's a farm! My God!
  • From the ending of the particularly gory "Whack the Burglars":
    Mark: "Coming next: Whack the Serial Killer"? You mean YOU? It better be whacking this spiky-haired psycho!
  • During his playthrough of Ben and Ed, Mark has particular trouble on the level with the collapsing cubes as the zombie constantly falls into the abyss. The first fifty minutes of him struggling with the level is where he begins to really get mad.
    Mark: Ohhhh, WHY?? WHY DO YOU GO IN THE FUCKING (thumps the desk) WRONG DIRECTION?!?!
  • Mark plays a game called There's Poop In My Soup, which is EXACTLY what you think it is. Once he gets a little too into the music:
  • His playthrough of Job Simulator (on the HTC Vive). Something incredibly amusing about him constantly throwing any object he could find at the robots.
    • Especially the first time, when he accidentally throws one of his controllers into a lamp. The reason why he throws the object in-game is because he was prompted to take a paper when ready. Seeing that said paper just tells him "GET TO WORK," he throws it at the Human Instruction Board in offense while saying "Ah, fuck you!" This is followed by a slow motion replay.
    • Ten seconds into the "Office Worker video", he randomly breaks into weird dance. The subtitles (should you turn them on) can only describe it as "the routine mating dance".
    • 'Crumpets. Crumpets, crumpets, crumpets. *picks up some items* Are these crumpets? I don't know what British speak means.'
    • Mark upped his Deadpan Snarker tendencies for this game and spent entire videos insulting his robot customers and bosses, and generally acting like a disgruntled employee.
  • During part 3 of his Let's Play of Tasty Planet 2, Mark is horrified to learn that a dinosaur apparently devoured several baby dinosaurs and freaks out. "IT WAS BAAAAAABIES!!"
    • The context for both this episode and the previous episode is hilarious as well - he had just come back from PAX and was incredibly tired, leading him to rant and go off on complete tangents during the episodes.
    Mark: This is not okay for 4:30 in the goddamn morning. Fuck. It was babies. (pause) What if my neighbor wakes up to me shouting "It was babies"? I'm gonna get the goddamn cops called on me and then I'm gonna be arrested away shouting: "IT WAS BABIES THE WHOLE TIME! FUCKIN' BAAAABIES!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!
  • During the Clean your Computer level of Afterlife: the Game, Markiplier finds porn based on him and other fellow Youtubers and bursts out laughing, gets distracted, and runs out of time without accomplishing anything.
  • Mark plays Google Feud, a game that's basically Family Feud except with Google search results. He ultimately breaks down in laughter as he puts in weird answers only to discover that some of the answers are either simpler or just weirder, and starts giving answers involving "a pet named Steve".
    • Even funnier, if you try to Google "I think I have...", it'l now auto-complete to "a pet named Steve", no doubt because of viewers looking it up not realizing it's just a random thing Mark came up with.
  • Mark starts playing Felix's new game called the Pewdiebot, and just like how he converses with Eviebot, it doesn't end well.
    Mark: Hello, my name is Markiplier.
    • Mark trying to imitate Felix's most popular hater (malcom1466) and can't keep a straight face saying his lines.
  • Anytime Mark walks into a bear trap in Lethe, since they’re effectively an annoying Jump Scare for him as well as the fact that they’re EVERYWHERE.
  • The majority of Sort The Court is this. Mark constantly says "Yes" or "No". Examples include him saying "No" to Chester and Georgie whenever they appear.
    • When Mark encounters the dragon after finally saying "Yes" to Chester, who gives him gold in exchange for eating some of the townspeople. The dragon demands Mark's gold, with the threat of eating Mark's townspeople if Mark does not oblige.
    Mark: Nooo? My gold?! But I want my gold. How many townspeople are we talking? I-I just let someone else eat them for gold. So... are we talking about all of them? Why am I even debating this? This is something about me that I'm debating this. Yeah?
    Mark loses 400 gold.
    Mark: Oh god.
    Dragon: Haha, yes! I'll take that!
    Mark: (sounding nervous) Okay, thank you. Goodbye.
  • Towards the end of "Cannibal Cafe", Mark decides to take a moral stance against the game when he realizes that the player character is either killing people or having others kill for them for their restaurant. This leads to him refusing to serve the customers and repeatedly making wrong combinations to spite them.
  • In a reference to his early days on YouTube, Mark gets around to playing PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator... and shaves off the beard he's been sporting for several years. Cue instant hilarity as outcries spring up of everything from how cute Babyplier is to (mostly in good fun) Ruined FOREVER from the fangirls. And, of course, lampshaded by Mark.
    Markiplier: Ergo... "Babyplier". And that's not "Babe-iplier", as in, "what a babe", that's "Man-Baby". "Babyplier" is here to entertain you, and horrify you, with my face!
  • Mark's overly-literal pronounciation (skip to 8:25) of "Curtis Rx" while playing Lost in Vivo is either hilarious, cringeworthy, or both.
    Mark: Cur-Tis Ricks
  • Mark plays Killing Room, which has an interesting gimmick of allowing people outside your game in real life to give you things. Early on in the game, Mark uses a vending machine to gain popularity and it cuts a leg off, which prevents sprinting and jumping. When he beats the level, he finds that his fans gave him... High heels. Which usually turn you into a Super Smash Bros Brawl character by giving you a chance to trip while running, but he can't sprint, so it does nothing.
    • The follow-up has his fans give him Shrooms and Lunacy, both of which feature an Interface Screw. Mark's horror at having both is priceless, especially when cartoon ponies and clowns start appearing on-screen.
    Mark: Ok, I am dying and this is bad, I only have my pistol and I am seeing clowns.
  • After finishing up the game "Deer Man", Mark plays a massive parody of the game's story with random fans around the neighborhood, with a ridiculous inflatable deer head costume and Nerf bows.
  • When he's trying to playing a low-chaos path in Dishonored, he accidentally shoots a guard with a fire arrow instead of a sleep arrow.
    • During his sixth part, he knocks out one of the maids and toss her onto a bed. However, the game glitches out and her head gets caught on the top bunk.
  • When Mark plays Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator, the CPU sometimes has difficulty thinking up insults, most notably in episode 2:
    CPU: Your mother doesn't like a dead parrot!
    Mark: WHY WOULD SHE??
  • Mark, Bob and Wade's playthrough of The Rake, a game that never left Alpha and thus has some...questionable physics. Right off the bat, Mark is in the middle of his intro when Wade and Bob's characters walk in front of him, bent backwards, making him crack up. It only goes downhill from there (and Wade's version of the video offers more perspectives, letting you see the goofy stuff Mark is doing).
  • Mark, Bob and Wade played Genital Jousting. To summarize: 20% was dick jokes, 20% was "Let me fuck you" jokes and 60% was the three of them shudder and moan in extreme discomfort.
    • When they see the "Up to Consent" screen, all three start out as shocked before laughing helplessly.
    • At the end, Mark presents the options for the watchers:
    Mark: If you want to see more, let us know in the comments below. (Wade and Bob shake their heads)
    Mark: If you're horribly offended by this, let us know in the comments below. (Wade and Bob nod)
    Mark: If you never want to see this ever again, let us know in the comments below. (Bob vehemently nods)
    • The second part begins, only to Bob suddenly retch and shudder, only to explain how it wasn't even on purpose.
    • Bukkake Mode.
    • At the end of the second part, an editing mistake results in the outro music being horrifically loud to the point where it's impossible to hear a word Mark is saying. It was an honest mistake, but you can't deny that it was hilarious in a weird way.
    • The trio are understandably horrified when one of the Party Modes involves dogs, only to become relieved that they're just herding them, as opposed to... what you'd expect.
  • From Mark's playthrough of Depth, after S.T.E.V.E. finishes with the first safe and Captain Stubbs' message pops up.
    Mark: Heh, Captain Stubbs! "That's it! A good haul in that-" (a shark eats him) AAAAAAAAAAH FUCK!
  • Mark, Wade, and Ethan play Golf With Friends, a mini golf game that not only has hard levels, but has it where you can get a "ball" that's in different shapes (for example, an egg or a cube). Watch as the three of them start screaming in frustration.
  • During Mark's play through of Tattletail, all the lights get killed by Mama Tattletail. His response?
    Mark: (very loudly) I HATE THIS! FUUUUCK!
    Mama Tattletail: Mama's looking after you...
    Mark: (possibly his biggest "no" to date) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    • Before that, when Mark first hear's Mama's hellish grinding noise, he is told by the game to "investigate the grinding noise."
    Mark: Oh, oh, that's what you'd call "grinding"? Oh, okay. I think I'd call it "the wails of the damned"!
    • As we all know, Mark is easily disturbed by things that crawled out of the Uncanny Valley. So naturally, he becomes disturbed by Tattletail, which is essentially a Furby Expy. Each time the toy does something, Mark makes a horrified facial expression.
    • When The Tattletails begin their satanic ritual, Mark is nervous enough to flub some of his words.
    Mark: Their heads are rolling back in their eyes!
  • His Mr. Massagy videos. Whenever the game doesn't make any innuendos or dirty jokes, you can bet money on Mark making them instead.
  • Mark quickly realizes the gravity of One Shot when the game uses his name to tell him he only has one chance. Without asking what it was.
    Mark: "Your actions here will affect Niko," WHOA! I though you were talking to Niko there. You're talkin' to me? "Your actions here will affect Niko. Your mission is to help Niko leave. And most importantly..."
    Mark: "You only have one shot, Mark." Don't do that to me! Don't you do that to me!! No, no, no, that's baaaaaad!
    • And when he learns about his role in the world...
    Prophetbot: "Ah, That Would Be Our God!"
    Mark: "Yay! Finally, the recognition I deserve!"
  • Social Interaction Trainer: Be My Friend, this moment:
    Textbox: Don't embarrass yourself while meeting her parents.
    Textbox: Try not to pass gas during this situation.
    • Also this moment,
  • Seeing Mark flail about in terror while playing Outlast II is a bundle of laughs. For instance, he reads a note, but quickly trails off due to being chased.
    Mark: This is my brother. Broken and killed by the tyrant Laird, and his mount Nick, for winehespilledbecauseheblehblehblehblehbleh!!
    • In Part 8, Mark is startled when a bunch of Heretics appear while he's trying to record something. When he dies, he finds himself in the exact same position. Several more minutes of Mark being attacked, dying, and restarting occur. Rather than getting angry, he just laughs at the game's "douchery."
  • Mark's reaction to the length of the end credits of "Little Nightmares" is hilarious especially when he becomes too impatient and ends up ordering food for pickup. Courtesy of his hunger, Mark starts breaking down. Even better is that according to the description the credits are 31 minutes long.
    • Also in Little Nightmares is the fact that he hauled around a Cymbal-Banging Monkey for part of a level, then placed it in the cage where the Janitor catches him so he can have some company.
    • Markiplier's five Cs of success: cool, calm, carpet, cool-headedness, and crack-cocaine.
  • While playing Prey (2017), Mark plays the protagonist as a total Cloud Cuckoolander. Highlights include:
    • Monkeying around in his apartment.
    Mark: Thank you! I don't know what I did- I'ma climb on this counter now because I'M A BALLER! THIS IS MY PLACE! I CAN CLIMB ONTO THE COUNTERS IF I WANT TO!
    Mark (after reading Alex's email): Oh, so that's my brother. Ah, so that's why he was excited- I'M GONNA CLIMB THIS TOO! Because I can! And that's a thing I can do!
    Mark (In Morgan's bathroom): Anything in here that I need? Can I look- can I climb my sink? (Jumps up on sink, then falls off) Ah yeah, I've broken it. I tried to climb and I failed miserably.
    Mark (after Dr. Bellamy displays thinly-veiled frustration with the outcome of the first test): *Laughs* What, you didn't like my haphazard throwing speed? Huh? I did it haphazard style. Oh boy. These guys are looking for a sassing.
    Mark (on being told he's supposed to hide in an a room with only a chair): What? [After the test starts] You know what, I think you guys deserve a little bit of sass. Can I sit in this chair? *picks chair up* What? What the hell? Can I-*holds chair between himself and scientists* Hey! YOU CAN'T SEE ME! YOU CAN'T SEE ME! You can't see me!
    • Also there is Mark's dirty jokes on the Gloo Cannon.
    • Later on Mark tries to throw an EMP Grenade in a chamber housing two mimics only to open it and release the mimics instead.
    • After that, Mark ends up getting attacked by two corrupted robots while his portable turret barely helps in.
    • In Part 7, Mark ends up meeting with the apparent cook of the station, Will Mitchel, face-to-face. After having a discussion with him, Will's AI suddenly tags Mark as hostile for no discernible reason, and attempts to flee. Mark, completely dumbfounded, watches as the overweight man begins jogging all over the kitchen in fear for his life.
  • In "Ben the Exorcist" Mark gets freaked out after the player character he's controlling hits a rake.
  • During his Subnautica playthrough, he starts to celebrate in his Seamoth as he finishes a harvest of never-before-obtained materials... and then promptly crashes into a boulder, destroying the vehicle.
    • He encounters a Reaper Leviathan, and while gingerly navigating around it he trash-talks it. As if it actually heard him, the Reaper Leviathan proceeds to attack him, destroying his Seamoth (again) and leaving him stranded in its territory.
    • Mark gets attacked by Bonesharks while in a different Seamoth, and tries frantically to dock it into the safety of the Cyclops. However, he keeps ramming it into the wrong part of the Cyclops, ending in another Seamoth's destruction.
    • While scouting out the Aurora, he hears the sounds of something knocking on his newly-built Seamoth. As he wonders what's happening, he gets attacked by a Reaper Leviathan. Unlike his previous encounters, he and the Seamoth eventually make it out in one piece.
    • He frequently lands himself in various predicaments, usually by not bringing enough of food, water, or building materials, and not having the means to conveniently restore them, forcing him to detour or abandon his plans. For instance, he is forced to leave a storage locker half-complete because his Builder tool ran out of power and he didn't have any spare batteries nor had easy access to its materials. He has also forgotten about his oxygen meter a few times, leading to some embarrassing deaths.
    • His Cyclops that he names Big Box Barry is painted a bright yellow, and eventually hosts a number of lockers with the names of various Youtube commenters on it. As he begins to live in his Cyclops more than his stationary bases, a commenter eventually noted that "[Markiplier and his viewers] all live in a Yellow Submarine".
    • While repairing his Cyclops after using it to ram a boneshark, he muses over how bodyslamming can be used to solve a lot of other life problems.
    • After losing another Seamoth to a Reaper ambush, he rushes off in Big Box Barry at full speed, with the system AI giving him warnings about his engine temperatures reaching dangerous levels. The following exchange occurs:
      Cyclops AI: Warning: Engine overheat.
      Markiplier: Warning, engine overheat. I'm a little bitch, thinking about how my engine is overheating. We gotta move fast, baby! We gotta get to where we gotta get!
      Cyclops AI: Warning: Engine heat critical.
      Markiplier: What are you gonna do, blow up?
      Cyclops AI: Fire detected!
  • Mark playing "I Am Bread" in another World's Quietest Let's Play. Hilarity ensures. Mark plays the game again normally and is tuckered out after playing only one level.
  • I Found You... has Mark being frightened by inconsequential objects. "I got scared by a banister! I got scared by a goddamn railing." And later:
    Mark: HEY RAILING! Do you have any opinions about this?!
  • While playing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy during a livestream, Mark comes across a level where Crash has to ride a pig... and some of the obstacles are roasted pigs on skewers. Mark assumes that it's his pig's loved ones, and acts horrified.
    Mark: "Oh my god, it's your brother. Or mother, or father! Oh no it's your cousin, your cousin Wumpo! Oh no, is that Aunt Lou? (Game Over) Oh, well, damn, that was too much for the pig. The emotional burden was too much. (awkward chuckling)"
  • During his Dream Daddy livestream, Mark's first date with Robert hits a big snag when Mark finds out that Robert really likes pineapple on pizza. He freaks out harder when Dad!Mark is persuaded to try it too and immediately and enthusiastically declares that pineapple is truly the best pizza topping.
    Mark: Ahhhhhhhhhhhuhhuh! Pineapple is not the bes-wahugh!
    Robert: You said it.
    Mark: I did not say it, Robert! I did NOT say it!! ROBERT!!!
  • Markiplier's endless amusement at the "Stupid Walking" option in West of Loathing.
  • Markiplier's let's play of Saurian has a bunch.
    • Mark gives a rundown on dinosaur facts at the beginning. By "rundown of dinosaur facts", we mean he "has the wikipedia article for 'dinosaur' zip past the screen for a few seconds".
    • Mark desperately seeks approval from Mama Dakotaraptor by saying he's giving her macaroni art. Apparently, she pinned it to the tree and then immediately abandoned him.
    • His recurring failure to catch lizards.
    • Him making the obvious joke regarding the green whispy aura that occurs when you track prey by scent.
    • The first time he dies—his Dakotaraptor's food meter gets low enough that he gets desperate upon encountering an Acheroraptor and tries to attack it. Guess how well that ends for him.
    • "This dino is smarter than me am with my human eyes!"
    • His excitement over growing to the next stage.
  • In part 7 of Bad Dream: Coma, Mark, for... whatever reason, has a sausage in his inventory. He tries to use the sausage with EVERYTHING.
    Mark: Would you like a sausage? CAN I INTEREST YOU IN A KIELBASA?
  • Markiplier's introduction during Cuphead, showing that he knows exactly what his audience thinks of him.
    Mark: If you know me, you know that I'm incredibly skilled and talented at playing games, and if you could stop laughing for one moment...
    • He gets a little too into the Parry mechanic. SLAPPA!!!
    • He tries to dunk on Wally Warbles after finally beating him, until he notices the medic birds are sprinkling salt on him, and has a Fridge Horror moment.
      "Aaahhh, get knocked out, you bitch! Oh yeah, put salt—that's no good, that's horrifying, they're putting salt on him. [Beat.] That's no good, that's—that's actually terrible. That's... That's horrifying. Oh God, why were they doing that? Why would they do that?"
    • He constantly flirts with Cala Maria, except when he's screaming in a panic as he dodges her attacks, and finds her gorgon form even more attractive.

  • After several failed attempts to get a tank from the military base in Grand Theft Auto Online, who ends up getting one? Wade.
    • And once it gets destroyed, Mark gets a little bit peeved:
      Wade: "My taaaaaank!"
      Mark: "Wade is the biggest dick ev- YOUR TANK?! IT WAS MY TANK!! FUCK YOOOOUUU!!!"
    • The various attempts to break into the military base deserve a mention, too, especially "[to the tune of "Here Comes the Bride"] Here come the tanks/Here come the tanks/Oh, dear God, here come all the tanks!"
    • And then comes the part where the boys learn how to flip people off in-game: "Fuck you! And fuck Wade! Bob's cool, but fuck you, Wade! Stole my goddamn tank!"
    • The third video of Drunk GTA V has Bob's goofy laugh, which plays at random points throughout the episode, with bonus points for playing after they switch to Trevor and get the "I'm a hipster!" line.
  • Mark plays Doki Doki Literature Club!, a deceptively cute game that initially presents itself as a Dating Sim. Because he knows ahead of time it's a horror game, he views everyone and everything with suspicion. Once the scares actually begin, he starts making high-pitched screams. One in particular is his horrified Big "NO!" at Yuri's Sanity Slippage-fueled love confession, then clicking the option to reject her without any hesitation upon which she starts laughing and stabbing herself. Also, he has a fearful, tense look on his face once Monika's song starts playing, until he realizes it's the end credits.
  • Terror Lab. Mark decides that that the monster trying to kill him is his ex-boyfriend. Hilarity ensues. Has an animated version.
    Mark: "Stop spanking my bronkey!"
  • Mark playing Fortnite with Bob and Wade. He expresses disappointment over not being a bush while Bob and Wade are bushes.
  • In Mark's play through of "The Gauntlet of Ire", he adlibs various songs out of pure frustration throughout the video.
    • He also manages to fail the first level several times. The level’s name? ”Idiot-Proof.”
  • Mark playing Four Last Things, in which he’s utterly confused by all the weird Renaissance imagery in the game and keeps zooming in on those he finds exceptionally odd every time he enters a new room.
  • Mark's hilarious scream when he runs into and is almost eaten by a faceless monster fish during his playthrough of Blood Bath Bay.
  • The World's Quietest Let's Play returns. The latest video has him once again playing Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. He promises not to rant, scream or rage at the game this time and for the first half of the video he seems to be doing a good job at it. However, one tumble down the mountain has him so disappointed that he silently chucks his mouse behind him.
    • The various noises and facial expressions he makes whenever he falls or is about to fall are highly amusing.
  • Mark, Wade and Jack playing Hand Simulator. For the Mexican Standoff, it takes several minutes for anyone to actually load a gun. Markiplier then drops his gun and the bullet falls out. After a few more minutes, he loads the gun and manages to actually shoot Wade. Next they try defusing a bomb, managing only to blow themselves up several times. After that, they try grenade tosses. Each of them fails to blow up anyone but themselves. Several times.
  • Mark's reaction to hearing Greg's first voicemail in Simulacra.
  • While playing the Hearts and Heroes fan game there is a running gag of Mark missing out on dialogue due to repeatedly pressing the shift key.
    • Mark doing his impression of Tyler when he appears in the game sends him into a laughing fit before apologizing.
  • "THE AGONY of FORTNITE". It’s an entire montage of Mark failing at Fortnite set to the Can-Can, and it’s hilarious.
  • Mark having the hiccups in the middle of his play through of "The Silent House".
  • In "Frosty;s Nightmares," Mark goes on a... particularly bizarre tangent describing just how Crazy-Prepared he is when he's sleeping.
    Mark: I don't know why I can't close the door all the way. Maybe it's because I'm a big bitch baby who can't sleep with the door all the way. Which to ME is just a threat. I don't sleep with my window - (snowman attacks) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! (kills snowman) My windows aren't open, none of that shit. None of that shit ain't getting me. Door's locked. There's a big blockade on the door. I sleep with a barricade: Twelve inches of solid steel keeping me and the danger separate. And my windows are reinforced bulletproof glass. And I sleep with an industrial slab of lead on my body at all times! And I've got a binkie and pacifier made of bullets and glass! Just try to fuck with me when I'm sleeping! That ain't never gonna happen. You ain't never gonna even get close to me. My pillow's made of industrial strength C4, so if you DO get to me, I'm takin' out the both of ya! You and me. I'm talking to me in the second person and you! Yeah, that's right. I've got one of those beds. It's a Murphy bed. It's a spring trap. I've actually got a dummy of myself set up in my own bedroom. I sleep in the closet, so that I can be there if there's any monsters there, but if someone goes for my on my actual bed they get sprung into a wall of spikes! (snowman attacks) Whoa. (kills snowman) Ain't nobody- Ain't NOBODY gonna get me when I'M sleeping! That's for damn sure.
  • Accidentally live streaming himself instead of just recording on his own. The live stream in fact is so silent, it goes on for 8 minutes, not realizing he was live streaming and his mic not working.
    • Even better is that you can make out when he realizes this without the audio (around 5:45 in the stream), although the version with audio is just as funny (around 9:11 in the Youtube video).
  • The Failure Montage of Mark playing through Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning at the end of his second video on the game, particularly one bit where Mark gets 1st Prize to push him to the end of a very long hallway...only for Baldi to show up at the end of the hallway Mark's being pushed towards with no way to escape. Cue Big NO.
    • And before that, two rather spectacular bits of hilarity: one in which First Prize manages to push Mark away from both Baldi and Playtime, saving him from another failure and another in which First Prize...does exactly the opposite.
    Mark: Oh, my God....Don't — no, you, NO, YOU...ASS HOLE!
    • And before that, during Mark's successful play-through, Mark notices Baldi down the hall slowly coming for him, only for Gotta Sweep to start pushing Baldi at him, with Mark only barely able to back away in time.
  • Mark's reaction to the first appearance of the chainsaw guy in White Finger:
Mark: My mouse sensitivity is really low, so it takes a lot to really wang- (background noise) AAAA! OH MY GOD! JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK? God...
  • In 3.75 Scary Games, Mark accidentally selects a game he'd played three years ago, Hotel Remorse. Rather than play though it or choose another game, he loads up his old let's-play and lets it run, frequently pausing it to roast his younger self.
  • His playthrough of Dark Deception:
    • When he meets Bierce for the first time, she starts voicing some disappointment over his potential. When she mentions his height, Mark just glares at her obviously offended by her comment.
    • When he wanders through the Monkey Business hotel, he gets spooked by a monkey cutout falling over followed by a hilarious reaction.
    "Why did that scare me?! You are a shit! That didn't scare me. There's no evidence to the contrary." (replays him screaming at the cutout falling over)
  • In 60 Parsecs! Markiplier gets really into the captain and Baby's relationship with repeated mentions about Baby bench pressing the captain.
  • "3 SCARY GAMES #13" begins with a very short indie horror game called "Death Trips", where Mark plays an investigator looking into the case of a serial killer named Lady Death. The game ends less than two minutes into the video when Lady Death makes an attempt on the player character's life and fails miserably because she trips on a potted plant. Mark's chuckle erupts into laughter after a short Beat before the abrupt cut to the credits.
  • Mark playing Warframe has a few chuckleworthy moments, such as the silly noises he makes while bullet jumping and the rant he has when he runs across the Mark 1 Paris Bow:
Mark: Ehh, whatever. What is this? This is... *gasps as he sees the Primary Weapons in front of him* Yes! Give me the biggest! Whatever's -
*Beat as he sees the Mark 1 Paris*
Mark: A BOW?! YOU WANT ME TO PLAY THIS GAME AND PLAY WITH A FREAKIN' BOW?!? Whaddya think I am, some kind of loser? *Mark's camera begins zooming in uncomfortably close on him* Some kind of, (silly voice) "Ooh, I'm a rogue, wooh, I'm sneakin' up on my enemies! Oh no, I don't want them to see me, I'm so scared of how ugly I am! I'm gonna stab them in the gut!" No, I'm gonna shoot 'em, in the face. I want them to see my handsome face, and be ashamed at how ugly they are in comparison to me, and then blow their head off! *Mark's camera finally backs off as he chooses the Mark 1 Braton Assault Rifle* That's what I do. Thank you.
  • Mark's play of Don't Shit Your Pants is full of hilarity, especially when Mark himself sums it up so nicely in his opening.
    Mark: Also it's like five in the morning. It's probably like 5:30, it's 5:30 in the morning right now, and I got nothing better to do than to stay up and show you guys about a game that's about not shitting your pants! SO LET'S GET INTO IT, WHY DON'T WE!? PLAY!
    • Especially funny is the pretty frequent shouts of "crap" and "shit" throughout, considering the nature of said game.
    • At the end of the vid, when Mark simply breaks down giggling and laughing at the sheer absurdity of the game he's just been playing and consulted a walk-through for in order to get all the achievements.
  • When Mark plays Expert mode in his second Super Mario Maker 2 video, he spends pretty much the entire episode just flailing around and making the most basic of mistakes, all while getting burned by lava bubbles. He has the worst time trying to beat it, as usual with Expert Mario Maker levels. Special mention goes to 7:46 in the video, in which a lava bubble catches him by surprise, complete with a Scare Chord.
    • "LET ME IN THE BATH!!!"
    • As soon as he beats the level, he drinks from a can labeled "kill me".
    • And, to top it all off, when Mark is on his last life and says that his moment is gonna be the one where he beats the next level? He fails a basic jump. As he has done continuously throughout the video.
  • Part 1 of his Man of Medan playthrough is pretty much Mark laughing nonstop over the game's weird dialogue and expressions. He can't even bring himself to be scared, it's just too funny.
    • The animation gives Joe and Charlie oddly vacant expressions, so Mark takes the opportunity to characterize them as complete idiots who are driven by shiny things, communicate mainly in grunts, and eventually die because Joe forgot how to breathe.
    • He's about to talk about how this game isn't hooking him the way Until Dawn did, only to be interrupted by the game's main theme. He immediately rescinds all criticisms.....up until this point.
    • His accent when reading Fliss' letter. He can't seem to decide whether to use a horrible French accent or a horrible Italian accent, so it just slides all over the place into something barely comprehensible.
    • His bewilderment at the characters' actions (Conrad throwing money off the boat just to be a jerk to some fishermen, Alex deciding to propose to Julia while they're in the middle of a dive and there's trouble with the line) slowly escalates through the game and concludes with this line.
      Mark: This is not humans interact! This is not how humans human!
  • Mark reacting to Bullet responding to Ellis on the traincar in Blair Witch
    • His reaction to shocking Ellis to death from a faulty fusebox.
  • Playing Untitled Goose Game, and locking the shopkeeper in the garage.
    Markiplier: I will watch as you slowly starve, as you BEG for your life! When I'm done watching you waste away to NOTH-
    (the shopkeeper goes out the back door)
    Markiplier: Oh. (Stunned Silence for about ten seconds)
  • Not long after this, he goes on a spiel about how he'll destroy all of mankind with his goose powers, as he's transitioning to the next stage. What happens next is so funny, Mark himself lampshades this.
    Markiplier: I will destroy you. I will destroy everything you've ever known and ever loved... *passes by a clothes line with a bra hanging from it* Brassiere?! *bursts out laughing* If there was any proof, in this world that I have ADD...

    Non-Gaming Videos 
  • Using stupidity as a method of procrastination.
  • The 7 Second Challenge has this conversation in the intro, after everyone has been introduced:
    Mark: Be more enthused, Jesse.
    Jesse: HI! *Screen rumbles, voice echoes slightly*
    (everyone laughs)
    • Wade dancing like an angry swan. Gweek!
    • This:
    Mark: (reading challenge) Be a chair for the person holding the phone.
    Matthias: What? No...
    Mark: (gets on his lap and begins to lose his balance) Shit...
    (Matthias shoves him off. There's a crash)
    Mark: Jesus!
  • The Balloon Roulette Challenge, but in particular:
    Mark: (Spinning barrel): Arin, I just wanna say I've been a big fan of you since I was a young lad. Watched all your stuff.
    Egoraptor: You’re like the John Lennon guynote .
    (Mark aims the gun, the balloon explodes, scaring everyone)
    Mark: (Laughing) No, I am the John Lennon guy! Noooooo!
  • "SPIDERS CAN'T SWIM" in which Mark, Ryan, and Matt take turns attempting to solve a rubik's cube in 2 minutes. Ryan completes his, but Matt and Mark both fail and are pushed backward into the pool. Amusingly, Chica appears to be concerned for them, prompting this line after Mark gets pushed in:
    Chica, save him!
  • Haven't seen much of Markiplier recently? The Servant Grunt and SCP-173 explain why.
  • All of A Day/Year in the Life of Markiplier, which is a collection of silly vlogs he made throughout that year. It's Mark being... Mark.
  • In a "Reading your Comments" video, someone asks when Unnecessary Censorship is going to come back. Cue Mark sheepishly admitting that he'd forgotten it was a series he did.
  • Mark tries the 50/50 challenge, which is a series of Reddit threads that contains a video or image of something either nauseating or pleasant, but you won't know until you click on it. Mark's videos of his attempts would be Nightmare Fuel for the descriptions. However, his reactions, plus the fact that the actual content is censored, makes it more hilarious if anything. His astonished relief when he encounters something pleasant is fun, too.
  • Mark obviously didn't learn from the last time he made a bet about a punishment. What makes it is that this time he decides to call Tyler to inform him of what's happened without mentioning the bet he made, and the moment he mentions he lost Tyler goes "Oh, is there another punishment?"
  • Making sand castles has never been more hilarious than this, especially when it starts off with Mark calling himself the "Sandy Vagina."
  • Darkiplier VS AntiSepticEye. What is supposed to be an epic square-off between two evil alter-egos turns into hilarious cameos when other “dark” youtuber alter-egos show up with similarly punny names such as TomSKAR, JacksKills and ABlazingPhil. All of them suddenly drop dead when a giant, demonic Chica confronts them, and Dark realizes he hijacked Mark before the dog had gotten her daily meal. Om nom nom commences.
    • When everyone is dropping dead, most of them are either screaming, panicking, begging for help or futilely trying to fight back...except Dark Dan, who just kinda shrugs nonchalantly and falls over.
  • Behold, probably the most random livestream Mark has ever made. The entire thing is just him sneaking around trying to record Ethan signing for fans without being spotted. Bonus points for the "I'm Tyler" hat.
  • The 17 million subscriber video. As Mark tip-taps away on his computer and discovers that he hit 17 million, he immediately runs off to tell everyone... only to see that they're too busy celebrating Wade's birthday to care. What makes it so hilarious is that when they sing him happy birthday, they put extra emphasis on his name ("Happy birthday to WADE, happy birthday to WADE!") as if to make Mark feel even less significant. The video ends with a snapshot of everyone celebrating, while a distressed Mark sits in the sidelines (followed by the caption "Thanks for 17 million!!!" being X'ed out and replaced with a crudely-written "Happy birthday, Wade...")
  • The end of this video (at Indy PopCon) calls back to the Goofy Goober song, including Bob not joining in and walking away at the end. While the Goofy Goober song is still hilarious, what clinches it is at the line 'We're all goofy goobers'. Mark literally drags in new buddy Jack. Literally drags him in. Doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
  • A Date With Markiplier, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style video series Mark uploaded for Valentine's Day. It really has to be experienced fresh to appreciate.
  • "MARKIPLIER BLOOPERS 2016", which is pretty much just a hilarious collection of goofs, antics, and innuendos that didn't end up in the final videos.
  • Try Not to Smile Challenge Mark valiantly tries, but the baby emus and ostriches at the end break him. He releases a Big "NO!" on seeing them and screams that he doesn't want to see them grow, he wants them to stay small.
    • His "Try Not to Laugh" Series as well. At one point, he despairs after over half a dozen MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING videos, shouting bigger and bigger "NO's!" with each one.
  • Mark singing with his daschund Maggie. He actually starts out fairly well, except Maggie keeps licking at his mouth to interrupt him. When that fails, she starts howling to join him. Many YouTube comments mention their dogs listening to the video and getting confused.
  • Tyler's First Edit, which has shades of The Office about it. Tyler's basically Dwight in this situation.
  • The entirety of the Dry Ice Popsicle challenge, found in all its glory here and here. For context, Mark and Tyler have to play Rock Paper Scissors to decide which of them has to eat popsicles made of various unconventional substances, ranging from soda to tartar sauce. Some of the highlights include:
    • The carrot smoothie popsicle. As Mark points out, they basically turned a liquid carrot back into a carrot.
    • Mark's reaction to the chipotle garlic sauce popsicle:
    Mark: (face scrunched up) It's not bad...but it tastes wrong.
  • From Arrow Dodge Challenge #3, Bob somehow manages to shoot the arrow over the neighbour's fence not once, but twice. The second time it happens, it goes through the window and breaks the neighbour's lamp! Cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" from everyone.
  • Bob's promotional video of Dragon's Vale has him, Mark, and Wade have a really big misunderstanding.
  • To commemorate reaching 16 million subscribers, Mark takes a Mental Age Test and bets that if his mental age is under 16, he'll let Ethan and Tyler give him a "punishment" of their choosing. Hoping to get a high enough age, he tries going for the "old people" answers throughout the test. He then ends up getting a mental age of seven.
    • Tyler and Ethan got around to punishing Mark for the Mental Age bet. It's... way more elaborate than you'd expect. To be specific, they make Mark host a stage show about himself, where he's the usher, ticketmaster, merchandise and concession cashier (complete with hand-made "Markiplier Sucks" t-shirts), stagehand, and all of the roles. Special mention goes to the musical number about how Tyler is a better Youtuber than Mark.
  • Mark decides to make Twitter banners for his fans based off their favorite things. However, of course one fan suggests "penis". Mark's reaction is hilarious, and what he comes up with is even more so.
  • Mark gets sick and decides to embark on a 'try not to cringe' challenge, giving us this gem of a quote:
    My ability to give a f*** has been medicinally suppressed.
  • Mark disciplines his “son” Tyler by telling him to go to his room (actually Chica’s dog bed, and later a cage) and gives him a huge rock as dinner.
  • Mark takes a series of quizzes to find out his YouTuber boyfriend/girlfriend. This being Mark, he manages to make it hilarious.
    • At first he approves of getting Jenny because she has this video on her channelnote , only to realize that she also has several Undertale videos. Cue silent horror, and Mark deciding it wouldn't work out. Later, when he gets TheGabbieShow, he specifically searches her channel to find out if she likes it too. He cheers when nothing comes up.
    • When he watches one of Gabbie's videos, he zooms in on her faint red streaks. Then when she dresses like an emo, Mark puts on his own emo makeup and shirt.
    • Mark's introduction to the Peepo scene from Nanalan is hilarious: first he looks visibly horrified, then cracks up towards the end.
  • For April Fool's Day, Markiplier released not two, but three hilariously Mundane Made Awesome videos. They involve:
  • In one of his "Reading Your Comments" videos, Mark reads a comment demanding him to "entertain us." Mark does just that.
  • An animated adaptation of Mark playing an Attack on Titan fangame goes as well as expected with Mikasa and Eren rolling their eyes at him.
  • Mark has a tendency to upload completely random short videos involving Chica, without any context whatsoever. All of them can fit in some way or another.
  • Chica is stoned on painkillers throughout the Chica Had Surgery video. It's a bit sad to see the normally bubbly Chica so out of it, but it gets funny when Mark reveals that she has been standing in one spot for fifteen minutes.
    • The fact that Chica looks angry (despite being stoned) about being spayed makes that pretty funny, as well.
  • To celebrate 4 years of being a Let's Player, Markiplier proceeds to do a reaction video to the first video he did involving a face cam. Of course, he does this while sitting in a bathtub full of ice and eating 13(!) habaneros! Pain does little to describe what he went through!
  • Mark gets slapped by both Felix and Sean as punishment for not getting a video up, although both of them are very hesitant to slap him.
    To Felix: Stop being a bitch and slap me.
    Felix: Alright, say something mean, I can't just slap you, I don't know...
    Mark: You didn't earn any of your subscrib- *WHACK*
    Mark: (to Sean after slapping him very softly) Oh that was a bitch slap, c'mon hit me harder.
  • #SEXYMARK shows Mark making pancakes in the most over-the-top Fanservice-y way possible.
  • In the “ALL OUT WAR” video Markiplier and MatPat fool around with some prop swords (as in whacking and being whacked by) and the exchanged dialogue is priceless.
    Mark: I happen to get hurt in a lot of videos that I make. It's really bizarre.
    Matt: We suffer for our art.
    Mark: ..."Art."
    Matt: *Bursts out laughing*
    Mark: Shut up. You pretentious prick. Make another FNaF video, you asshole. *Laughs*
  • Mark smears peanut butter on his face and proclaims “I'M KING OF THE SQUIRRELS!” as an 80K subscriber celebration video. It is later given a Call-Back in THE KING OF THE SQUIRRELS RETURNS after he underwent surgery. It was made as a way for Mark to ensure his subscribers that he was recovering well.
    Markiplier: *Clutching his stomach as he runs* I'M—ow—KING OF—ow—THE SQUIRRELS! Ow...Ow...Ow... note 
  • What do you get when Mark, Ryan, and Matt combine Photobooth with an ice bath? Gleeful, painful, sadistic fun!. And probably some of the most hilariously horrifying screams you'll ever hear!
    Ryan: Are those real screams?'
    Matt: "YEAH! (screams incoherently some more)'
  • Four words: Arrow to the Nuts!
  • Mark and his buddies playing the "Whisper Challenge", aka, lip reading disaster.]] Hilarity Ensues.
    Mark: (reading tweet to Matthias) I'm white girl wasted.
    Matthias: I'm a racist reindeer.
    Tyler: I'm ready to eat you.
    Wade: I'm pregnant, don't eat Jews.
    • And this one.
    Wade: I love the feeling of mac and cheese on my face.
    Mark: I love feeling leather on my testicles.
    Matthias: I love feet and leather testiballs.
    Tyler: I love fecal matter. I can't help it.
    • And this one with Jesse. Particularly cause of Matthias's commentary.
    Matthias: Ducks are bloodthirsty little beasts.
    Jesse: Chicks and alcohol never mixes. (Matthias: That's so not true!)
    Wade: Soldier shits, oh baby fetuses. (Matthias: WHAT?!)
    Mark: Don't jizz on my puppies please. (Matthias: WHAT?!)

    Mark: All I want for Christmas is popcorn.
    Matthias: Only one for you, because I am busy getting popcorn.
    Matt: I am the only one to bring home the Christmas ham.
    Ryan: I'm going to go wash when I get home to see my baby.
    • The ending to each video is hilarious as well, with Matthias and Wade interrupting Mark by making kissing noises at the camera (and in Wade's case, actually kissing Mark's shoulder), bringing Mark's outro to a screeching halt.
    • There is now a fourth.
    Wade: Chocolate puppy poopybutts.
    Matt:Chocolate penis poopypants.
    Ryan: Sean's penis pooped its pants.
    Mark: Now I know you're fucking with me!
    Ryan repeats himself
    Mark: You can't be serious!
    Ryan: That's what I saw! That's what I saw!
    Mark: [embarrassed] Shock the penis, pussymaster.
    Wade: What?! NO! Nooo!
    Mark: But you said "pussy" every time!

    Wade: And the original was... chocolate puppy poopypants.
    Matt: I- You said penis! You said penis! I watched you all three times! That was the one word I was sure of!

    Matt: What do you mean I can't bang my cousin?
    Ryan: When you go to the bank at night with kids.
    Mark: When you go to the pancake hut, you get cancer.
    Wade: Where are your peacocks? How about at the store?
    • There is also the fact that Matt uses Wade's tweet that announced the challenge/submissions. The result ends up completely differing from the original tweet, leaving Wade with a look of dumbstruck defeat.
    • The outro for the fourth. Wade is crying with laughter.
    Markiplier: Thanks for watching the Whisper Challenge. This has been a travesty from start to finish, but you can watch the other calamities we've done in the past through the links in the description below. ... If you wanna see more, god help you, I don't know.
  • Wanna know what Mark does whenever he's not doing his let's plays? Well now you know!
    • Number 6: Rethink My Life.
    • Number 4: Steal Ideas from Other Youtubers' Channels
    Mark: *Looks at EipDieWep's channel, looks interested*
    Green Bird: Mark, I don't think this is such a good idea.
    Mark: (sigh) Shut up, Jacques!
    Jacques: SWOHSWOHSWOH- [Smash Cut]
    • Number 2: Pray to My Brian Regan Shrine
    Mark: *in his best cultist voice* wa-wa-na-sha-ha... wo-ra-ha-ha-naBrian... vas-resha...
    Brian Regan Picture: A-gobba-ma *raspberries out candle* Hor-he [Smash Cut]
  • Markiplier and Captain Sparklez team up in A Gentlemen's Dispute! Featuring Mark and Jordan in tuxedos, hilariously bad English accents, and increasingly juvenile insults as the two play a pair of "gentlemen's dispute" games. Highlights include:
    • The insult that prompts Mark to declare a gentlemen's dispute? "Your mother's cooking tastes like ass." Especially funny since, in Jordan's version, the trigger insult was directed at his suit.
    • "Monacle monacle, tophat, monacle!" Actually, all of Mark's attempts at a British accent. They're massively overdone. Jordan isn't much better admittedly, and slips out more frequently. Mostly because of laughter.
    • Jordan shooting himself in the foot, complete with laughing fit.
    • Mark's Insane Troll Logic explanation of how one wins:
    Mark: If I lose I win, and if I win I win. That is how it works.
    • At the end of the games, after Jordan says red is in style these days:
    (Beat, Jordan covers the camera with his hat)
    Mark: No! Stop throttling me! No! Jordapper is molesting me!
    (Beat, Jordan laughing in the background)
    Mark: Not, not really.
    • Most of the outtakes:
    Mark: Good evening. May I come in?
    Jordan: If you must.
    Mark: Oh well fuck you.

    Jordan: Your family is so poor, they couldn't even afford the hubcap off a Studebaker!
    Mark: What's a Studebaker? Does that show how poor my family is?
    (just after) Mark: Yours are actually timely and make sense. Me, I'm just calling your mom a whore on whore alley!

    Jordan: Well I kill a lion next time I'm in Africa. And it reminded me of no one in your family because it was much greater than them all!
    Mark: You killed it the next time you were in Africa? Are you from the future?
    Jordan: (laughing) Did I say that?
  • Mark learns to poledance. Complete with ridiculous underwear.
  • Wilford Warfstache interviews Mark. It doesn't end well for Mark.
    • When Mark is asked what his favourite game is, the boom mic gets shoved in his mouth.
    • When asked about fans:
      Warfstache: Anyway, have you ever met one these "fans"...?
      Mark: Yeah, I meet fans all the time. I go to conventions all around...
      Warfstache: ...and murdered their entire family?
      Mark: No! No! No! No! I have not! No! No! No!
      Warfstache: So! You admit it! You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen. The Markiplier has just admitted to never murdering anyone.
      Mark: Now I didn't say that.
      Warfstache: What?
  • The MEOW video. Markiplier puts his mouth over footage of cats, saying "meow" with varying levels of intensity.
    Cat!Mark: Why did I waste my life making this video?
    *Cut to black*
    Mark: (whispering) Because I can!
    • The sequel, WOOF, is just as ridiculous, with dogs being the subject this time. It ends, of course, with Mark's mouth attached to Chica's face as she asks him why he made another one of these videos.
    • And then he makes another one, MOO, with cows this time.
      • "What if I told you that this video was one big Markimoo joke?"
  • Since Mark wasn't able to beat Ghost Supermarket, he made a sketch to sate our curiosity about how the game ends. Cue Mark acting out the game's events in the most dramatic way imaginable, with Ryan and Matt as supermarket greeter ghosts.
  • Making another sketch with the now disbanded Cyndago group, Markiplier Inc. now presents to you Popcorn. Now with 25% more Shout Out to HowToBasic.
    • Makes it funnier HowToBasic himself commented on the video asking if Mark knew who Chef was.
  • After returning to his channel after a month-long hiatus and fresh off from Who Killed Markiplier?, his first uploads are... a series of vlogs revolving around him buying a van and apparently living in it, including setting up a haunted house inside. His grand mission is to make a journey to the nearest Cracker Barrel, which is four-and-a-half hours away. It's as hilarious as it is unexpected.
    • When he finally gets there, it’s implied that he stayed the whole night just waiting for Cracker Barrel to open its doors the next day. And when he gets his chicken and dumplings, he triumphantly poses on top of the van while holding it, only for him to spill his meal on the ground when he jumps down.
    • Markiplier’s Vintage Boutique has Mark leaving behind a bowl of mozzarella sticks given to him by Ethan... only for the audiencenote  to run back and grab the bowl. Mark attempting to market his products to fans is just as hilarious to see, especially when it comes to selling Ethan’s used shower curtain.
  • Having all of Mark and company's stuff stolen after their cars were broken into? Not funny. Markiplier eating/kissing a party favour that Ethan was annoying him with at the end of the video a la Lady and the Tramp? Hilarious.
  • Mark streams himself taking Korean lessons from "Momiplier". Toward the end he starts trolling her by using a word that means 'penis' in the example sentences instead of the similar-sounding word for 'magazine.' She gets him back by revealing that the word is the one you'd use for a little boy's penis, more like pee-pee or pecker — between the revelation and the 'little dick' hand gestures she uses to accompany it, he breaks down in hysterics.
    Mark: I'm sorry, I'm just distracted by the extreme humping that's going on over there...
    • Mark tends to make some pretty hilarious faces while pronouncing some of the words.
  • Mark and company playing "5 Things".
    Jack: Five things you would say in the bedroom.
    Wade: Fuck!
    Wade: I'm ready!
    Wade: Where do I put it?
    Wade: Who the hell are you?!
    Wade: I'm not ready!
  • Mark’s ad for his new product: a rock with his logo on it. You knew it was going to be hilarious when you saw this:
    Mark: Well hey there, you sad sack of shit!
    • Mark then goes on to sing a song extolling the values of the rock, which says, among other things, that you can play hide-and-seek with your rock (with Mark demonstrating), that you can drink your cares away with the rock (and advising the viewer to alert the SCP Foundation if the rock starts talking), and that if you don’t brush the rock every so often, you will die.
  • Mark's first hiatus was after his friend was Driven to Suicide, a massive Tear Jerker. His second hiatus was over Creator Breakdown, as everyone needs a break every now and then. His third hiatus was because he was signing 32000 nude calendars. Absolutely hilarious.
    • Ethan took over Mark one day during the third hiatus. His imitation, even if digitally edited, is spot on. Bonus points for starting the video as Ethan, only to draw himself a fake beard, spraydye his hair red and wear a sleeveles NASA shirt.
  • Mark tempting fate before the second dog video in his second Don't Laugh challenge by telling the video that it's not funny and daring it to Bring It. He starts the video - the dog barks, but the noises are dubbed with the Microsoft Narration saying the noises - and immediately breaks down laughing.
    • The running gag of the Deja Vu meme. At one point, Mark actually stops a video with the song in it, claiming that it's a dead meme, only for the next video to be yet another Deja Vu video.
  • Mark's newest live-action series, The Drowned Man, is the perfect mix of humor and Nightmare Fuel, being about Mark as a paranormal investigator-esque character being called in to investigate the cause of Wade's real life house problems (which primarily involve water leaking from various places with no explanation).
    • Mark constantly insists on connecting all of the strange events to blood, such as asking whether the sediment water in the bathtub resembled blood (to which Wade insists it was more like a bath bomb) and asking whether the bulge in the wall resembled a vein.
      Mark: Did you check it for a pulse?
    • At one point, Wade recalls having a sudden terror that his wife had drowned in the bathtub, which was now overflowing and causing the leaks. Wade recalls how he rushed upstairs urgently, fearing the worst; the camera then shows a series of shots of Wade leaning sadly against a window, interspersed with still images of his and Molly's wedding... only for Wade to note that Molly was completely fine and watching a livestream.
    • Upon entering Wade's recording room, Mark takes a moment to briefly dunk on Wade:
      Mark: I can feel it...something bad happened here, didn't it? Especially from this area here. (gestures to Wade's recording setup) I'm getting the sense that...someone tried so hard, and yet...everything fell apart around them.
      (beat; music cuts off)
      Wade: Does this still have something to do with...the house, and the ghost...?
      (camera zooms in on Mark)
      Mark: Yes.
    • Mark sits down in Wade's recording chair and gasps in horror...because the chair apparently has no lumbar support.
    • In part 2, there's the story of how JP (who was staying overnight at Wade's house) found a water stain in the ceiling of his room in the morning, but forgot to mention it to Wade until later that night... and when he and Wade start poking it to check the damage, JP accidentally put his finger through the ceiling and got covered in putrid toilet water. Wade is visibly trying not to laugh as he recounts the story.
      Wade: Yeah, he got shat on pretty bad.
      Mark: He's dead now, isn't he.
    • In the final episode, as Bob is relating his story about the mysterious water stain that appeared on his ceiling with no explanation, he concludes his genuinely creepy story with this line:
      Bob: ...I blame Wade.
    • The bloopers/outtakes.


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