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  • Anytime he manages to figure out a solution to a puzzle by himself. Especially if it involves Moon Logic à la Please, Don't Touch Anything.
  • "I went a little crazy..."
    • Mark's first attempt at beating Dead Space 2's final level has him sticking to his promise not to use the Pulse Rifle in this playthrough, as a direct response to his overuse of it in the first Dead Space; As a result, he is frustrated from the get-go and uses up most of his resources just getting to the final battle where he proceeds to die several times to the battle's numerous swarming enemies and the main boss's One-Hit Kill. The last straw is discovering that he went into the final battle with only two small medkits. His second try has him fall back on the Pulse Rifle hard, eschewing all other weapons and loading his inventory with nothing but medkits, stasis recharges and Pulse Rifle ammo. Lots of ammo. He then proceeds to cut through the final level like a hot knife through butter, all while laughing like a maniac. He owns.
    *while blowing the legs off of the Ubermorph* What are you doing there, you silly goose!
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  • His Pre-Asskicking One-Liner in the finale of his The Last of Us playthrough:
    "You die first."
  • This counts as this and also Crowning Moment of Heartwarming but during his livestream of SCP-087-B, he decided to go down to at least floor 50 before ending when requested by a substantial donor, which he not only does during his next attempt but also manages to reach the end.
  • Mark's attempt at Probably Archery, a game that is the bastard child of QWOP and Surgeon Simulator 2013. Which he does very good at.
  • How about the very beginning and end of this? First he managed to kill the traitor at the very second that the match starts and then at the end, he kills himself to frame one of the players who actually turned out to be the traitor!
  • His second Nether video has Mark stumble upon two seemingly friendly players and he helps them kill some monsters. Shortly afterwards, he is betrayed and attacked by one of the other players and has to flee. Immediately after loudly lamenting his lack of a gun, he stumbles across an assault rifle with a full mag and returns to hunt down his attackers. Made even funnier by the original attacker rushing Mark only to realize he is now significantly outmatched, and his friend trying to make a speedy exit before being gunned down.
    *Going into a nearby building* "Oh, if I find a gun in this house, you're going to get it! RIGHT UP THE ASS! I'm going to pay you back!" *Turns around and finds a Mag DR-15* "Ohohaha! Did they ever make a mistake to mess with me!"
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  • After so many times, being so close and failing... Mark FINALLY beats Vanish.
  • He finally makes it to the fifth night in Five Nights at Freddy's but runs out of power before he hits six A.M. The lights go off and Freddy comes out and finishes his song that gives the player extra time. The screen cuts to black and then, in the split-second before he would have died, Markiplier makes it to 6 AM
    • He also managed to clear the game on 4/20 mode (i.e., a custom game with all four AIs set to their hardest difficulty, which even Scott Cawthon, the developer himself, could not beat). It took him seven hours.
      • It should be noted that FNaF's Crowning Moment of Awesome page has a section devoted to listing the few Let's Players that have beat 4/20 mode, and Markiplier, being one of the first, is right near the top of the list. And he has always been among the first to clear the ultra-hard mode of each game in the series. When Mark yelled out that he is "the King Of Five Nights at Freddy's!", he was not far from the truth.
    • Mark's so worn out from his seven hour grind trying to survive the last night, he actually has Tears of Joy when he finally beats the 4/20 mode!
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    • His winning attempt was to be his last attempt as stated at the end of his failure compilation. Thankfully for all of us, it ended in victory.
    • Part 1 for Five Nights at Freddy's surged to the top of his videos as the most viewed of all time in a matter of a month. Maybe because Mark has some exemplary reactions to all the Jump Scare moments and he loudly billed it the "SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS".
    • It should be noted that Part 1 can be seen as the perfect introduction to the game because it covers all the bare essentials new players need to know. It shows all three initial animatronics how they move, it also shows what happens when you run out of power and it covers getting killed by Foxy. In short, it shows everything the game has to offer in just one video. Well, the stuff Scott wants shown, anyway...
    • Mark got an accidental Moment of Awesome in Part 2: while listening to Phone Guy's recording on the Night 3 conversation, he accidentally looked at the poster that summons Golden Freddy, causing him to appear in the office. Mark, in the midst of panicking, inadvertently does exactly the right thing to defuse the situation, specifically looking at the poster again, then putting the camera back down. By Mark's own admission, he had never even heard of Golden Freddy up until that point.
  • In Mark first's playthrough of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth he picked up a green, floating brain that followed him around and would explode after coming into contact with an enemy. He also picked up Dead Cat, which gave him nine lives but also lowered his health to one heart. He not only reached Mom, but he defeated her on his last life despite the difficulties of his own combat mechanics.
    • To help clarify, the brain item, called Bob's Brain, is considered Difficult, but Awesome by the community, extra emphasis on difficult, with the Dead Cat, meaning the slightest error in judgement or a bad stroke of luck can kill you.
  • Similar to how he beat 4/20 mode on the first game, Markiplier beat 10/20 mode on Five Nights at Freddy's 2 after NINE hours of trying and is one of the first 10 people to have done so. His video is here.
  • In GTA V, he tries ramping a dump truck over the Army base fence. Instead of a clean jump, he ends up hooking the bed of the truck on the fence, balancing for a few seconds, then tipping over into the base, landing on all four wheels.
  • His video "Pursuit of Happiness", made for when he reached six million subscribers, has Mark mention that he was invited to the White House, along with other YouTubers. It was said that YouTubers were the "voice of a new generation," and that they could influence a lot of people. Mark rejects this idea, saying that he doesn't influence his community, but rather, he's simply the catalyst for creating a community of awesome people that all influence each other. Instead, he empowers his community to influence a lot of people, saying that there's nothing they can't do.
  • He beat Nightmare Mode of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 after just 17 minutes and 55 seconds of trying. He then went back through the game a second time, fulfilling all of the conditions to unlock the Golden Ending, meaning he's cleared all three Freddy's games with 100% Completion.
    • His triumphant threat towards Purple Guy when he figures out the point of the post-Night 5 minigame, namely scaring the killer into Spring Bonnie so the aging suit will butcher him.
    "Oh! Oooooh! Does it mean I have to force you into that suit, you bitch?! You get in that... goddamn suit! I will make you! I will goddamn make you get in that goddamn suit."
    • Still not satisfied, he goes up and beyond the call and plays Aggressive Nightmare Mode. And wins! The kicker? He's in a very tight schedule when he pulls this off!
      • Scott even added a fourth star to the title screen for completing the mode after learning of Mark's victory.
  • While playing Five Nights at Fuckboy's, Markiplier gives out one advice: Never give up.
  • Who knew slow motion could make the most mundane and nonsensical tasks look extremely badass?
  • The ending to his playthrough of One Night at Flumpty's. It's five AM, his power is almost out, Grunkfuss the Clown is coming through the wall to get to him...and the power runs out, leaving him face-to-face with said clown. Mark takes a defiant stand, putting up his Double Bird Defense and the clock rolls over to six right as he asks for it.
    *puts both fingers up* "How 'bout you take some of these back to the pit of hell that you crawled out of! Bring it on with six am motherfucker! YEAH!!
  • The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny in Guns of Icarus Online with his teammates Bob, Wade, Jacksepticeye in one ship, and Game Grumps, and Mangaminx in another ship. In the first round, while they did lose, Bob skillfully maneuvers the ship to the point the four are surprised that they didn't die in the first round.
  • Superfight panel with 5 other Polaris Let's Players. The final round has him picking up As Himself with God-Mode Sue powers and is level 50note . All of his opponents concede.
  • His appearances in "Five Nights at Freddy's The Musical" on YouTube have to be seen to be believed.
  • He beat night 4 of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 without dying, after dying a few times every night up to that point.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, our FNAF king has finally secured his crown one last time by beating the 4/20 mode in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. In 2 hours. And admitting that it was the hardest 4/20 mode he'd ever done.
    • The thumbnail for the first episode of Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is a spot on allusion to the first episode of Five Nights at Freddy's, the first FNAF video he's ever done.
  • In Rocket League, there is the shot that Mark states is the best shot ever made in Rocket League.
    • To explain what happened, here is the order of events. Wade made it first to ball with boost, but drove right past it to the other side of the court. Mark meanwhile didn't have enough boost to get to the ball before the opposition, when he suddenly goes flying forward in the air. He slams directly into the ball, sending it straight over the heads of the confused opponents and into the goal, while Mark and Wade are dumbfounded on what happened. Upon watching the replay, it shows that the randomized third teammate had boosted into Mark, sending him flying at lightning speed into the ball, in an amazing show of spur-of-the-moment teamwork.
  • While small, but in his Let's Play of Poly Bridge, Mark still shows some knowledge he got from Engineering, probably showing he still has some love for it despite dropping his major out of college.
  • His speech at the end of the Markiplier and Friends panel at PAX 2015, where he shows that he's putting his foot firmly back into his fan community again, is truly something to behold. This especially hits hard since, at that time, the Tumblr side of the fan community was ablaze with drama for the past few months.
  • His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and had a blast with the show alongside Misses Mae. Which is pretty much related to the above.
  • He manages to save the entire cast of Until Dawn. To top that off, he manages to save Emily and Matt's relationship, which is hard to do while also keeping Matt alive.
    • He also pretty quickly calls Josh being the culprit behind the (first set of) freaky events at the Lodge, correctly guessing he set up the Ouija board scene to freak out Chris and Ashley and then get away from the group.
    • He also replayed the ENTIRE GAME to the point that he was able to save ALL of the characters. As in, after he accidentally killed Ashley he replayed through the entire game from the start, as in he had to go through all the events up until that point, all super serious, because he wanted to save Ashley and, in turn, saved everyone. Except for the Washington kids, since they're doomed by the plot.
  • In his Let's Play of the custom story Amnesia: The Four Horsemen, he manages to craft the potion to get past the poison gas while a monster is at the opposite end of the table. It really takes guts to do that on top of the player character's dwindling sanity, which eventually got depleted. He manages to escape alive and retreive Tiny Box Tim. For all of twelve seconds. And even when he did die, he managed to then find Tim again.
  • After his returning from his 2-week hiatus after the death of his close friend Daniel of Cyndago, Mark announced that he made a fundraiser in Daniel's memory for his family. As of this writing, said fundraiser has reached its $50,000 goal after 3 days with almost 3,000 donations.
  • Mark interviews Jack Black while him and his son Sam play Five Nights at Freddy's 4. What's more, Sam beats the first night on his first try, which even Mark admits he couldn't do.
  • Prop Hunt example: In the I LOVE YAMIMASH episode, he screws up by accidentally turning into a table, and ends up trashing the room trying to find something else to turn into. He finally settles as a chair and runs to the side of the door like he usually does. He does not move for the rest of the episode. Yamimash and Minx never find him. One of them even stands on Mark at some point!
    • In the Prop Hunt with Bob, Wade and Jack, Bob changed into a large wooden box and hid among other boxes near Mark, who also changed into a box. Jack runs right up to Bob and shoots a grenade at him, which does no damage. Then, in a awesome bit of poker face, when Jack starts shooting him, he keeps joking about how angry Jack sounds, which makes Jack think it's not anybody, even though Jack remarks it isn't hurting him when he shoots Bob's box. Jack wanders away and later learns that both Mark and Bob were boxes. Later in the episode, Mark breaks cover to protect Bob and both Mark and Bob survive and Jack rages about it.
  • Mark's latest charity was for depression and bipolar disorder. Now, this is ordinarily awesome enough, but guess who made the highest donation (of 30,500). You guessed it - Scott Cawthon.
  • SOMA; Mark not only realizes the Brain Uploading plot point long before The Reveal, but also that the robot minds are copies rather than straight transfers almost immediately after the initial diving sequence. Perceptive, isn't he?
  • Mark finally makes an appearance in YouTube Rewind 2015 (and for a Five Nights at Freddy's segment, too!)
  • Mark discovers an exploit and the end of "Mario Maker #8" that allows him to chip away at Bowser from a safe distance and win the level. Who cares if its cheap? It's a level designed by Ross of all people. Mark turned the tables and won the day!
  • The hilariously awesome dodge he does at his 5 versus 1 arrow challenge with a group of friends. Did not get hit once.
  • A meta example: on January 12, 2016, his channel was suddenly hijacked by an anonymous hacker group. Fans were quick to freak out, as a very similar incident had occurred on Vinesauce Joel's channel just two months prior, and had dragged on for six turbulent days. However, that only happened to Joel because the incident started on a Saturday, and Google employees don't work on the weekends. Markiplier's channel was taken over on a Tuesday. In only five hours' time, Google was able to purge the hacker group from Mark's channel and return it to him safe and sound.
  • Mark and Pewdiepie team up in Felix's new series at YouTube Red. Two of the most popular horror let's players finally experiencing a real life horror genre for the fans.
  • Here's a CMOA for Bob: In the Drunk Minecraft episode "THE TOWERS OF IRON", he wins the game via stealing a large amount of unused iron blocks and placing them in a chest in a lake, and then using them within the last 20 seconds. Talk about a serious Genius Bruiser.
    • A double whammy between awesome and Heartwarming in THE EMERALD RUN: Mark is ultimately able to collect all 10 emeralds required to win, and places the final emerald into the pile right before time runs out, and immediately before Zombie was able to kill him with a code! It's surprisingly intense for such a humorous series like Drunk Minecraft, but what's even more shocking is what happens afterwards: while Mark technically wins the game, it's Bob who gets the ultimate victory. Obviously not because he was able to collect the emeralds, but because of how he helped collect them - taking a Heroic Sacrifice for Mark to complete the game. What's even better is that Mark doesn't seem like a Sore Loser at all, and happily celebrates Bob's victory!
  • Ever wanna see how good Mark is with a Nerf gun? Here you go.
  • ANY time Mark does an impression of his character - Yandere Simulator and OFF come to mind.
  • The four boys are awesome manipulators when they all work together.
  • After he beats the Foxy level in The Joy of Creation: Reborn, he turns to face the animatronic and flips him off as he moves in for the jumpscare.
  • Leading his team to victory in Warcraft IRL by stealing the Horde flag without them noticing. The opposing team had to be informed they'd lost, they never knew.
  • Mark inexplicably doing an amazing trick in Skate 3 while barely paying attention, barely knowing how to play, and flexing his character's biceps the whole time.
  • He gets all but 7 of the endings in Please, Don't Touch Anything all on his own.
    • In particular, translating the Morse code ending when he, by his own admission, hasn't thought about Morse code in years. He's absolutely jubilant when he sees that he got it right.
  • In a Minecraft animation by mlgHwnt (now known as StevenSuptic), which was part of a series where Steven tries to kill various YouTubers in different horrible ways, Mark was depicted as a badass fighter and was the only YouTuber Steven had trouble killing by his own hands. The only way Steven succeeded is by hiring Mark's estranged Mexican son to assassinate him.
  • By Scott Cawthon's own admission, the segment of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location in Night 4 where the player has to tighten the spring locks whilst attempting to fend off the Minireenas was nigh impossible, and a patch lowered the difficulty. Mark was one of the few people that managed to get past it anyway despite the difficulty, and Scott collectively congratulated anyone who beat the segment pre-patch (via the patch notes), saying that they deserved the bragging rights.
    • This goes a little into WMG, but considering a.) That Mark's video of this came out *just* before the patch came out, b.) That Scott has prior to this put elements into the games that he considered unbeatable only for Mark to beat them and c.) we know that Scott keeps an eye on Mark immediately after a game's release, one may get the impression that Scott made it deliberately hard just to see if Mark could beat it.
  • In this Happy Wheels highlight, he ejects from his segway as soon as he begins the spike fall level and wins without getting even a scratch from any obstacles.
  • Mark had his mother (affectionately called "Momiplier" by his fans) play the first Five Nights at Freddy's on camera. She handled it with amazing aplomb, keeping up conversation as she played and even laughing at being jumpscared.
    • And as of New Year's Day 2018, Momiplier plays Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and gets through the first night with Freddy and Bonnie just on the edge of attacking.
  • His sheer patience when it comes to struggling against some of the most hardest games he's ever played in his life tends to count in general.
  • Though he is far from overcoming his fear of the ocean/sharks, Mark returns to Depth a second time (after practicing with a tutorial) and does incredibly well, at one point racking up an eight kill streak and ending with the highest number of kills on his team (though not the high score).
  • Tyler and Ethan's surprisingly complex punishment for the Mental Age thing. A one man show where Mark is not only all the characters in a stage play about himself, but is the usher, tickettaker, cashier for concessions, and stagehand for the show. Even better? Mark does pretty damn well, all things considered. You have to wonder if Mark was trying to perform skillfully just to spite Ethan and Tyler.
  • Mark managing to get through the hardest challenge in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Ethan Must Die.
  • During his Pax East 2017 Panel, Mark publicly announced what may be his biggest project yet: he, Bob, Wade, Tyler, and Ethan will be going on tour!
  • This is Mark's first time playing Golf It with Bob, Wade, and Jack. After a few mistakes for the first few holes, Mark manages to stomp everybody.
  • Mark starts to figure out the Tomato in the Mirror twist in Prey (2017)... only half an hour into his playthrough.
  • Mark killing the final boss in The Evil Within 2 with the very last bullet in his pistol. The expression on his face just screams that he wasn't expecting that to work. Additionally, that was done on Nightmare Mode, making the moment itself more impressive.
  • Mark keeps proving himself as the King of Five Nights at Freddy's by playing the Pizzeria Simulator; he got criticized for taking unnecessary risks with his pizzeria, buying stuff like Lefty and marked down objects that lead to lawsuits. He dissed the critics and said that he prefers this route, otherwise he cannot call himself the King. Turns out this was needed to achieve the Good Ending, meaning that the story of Freddy Fazbear's comes to a conclusive end. His instincts were dead-on.
  • After 8 parts filled with rage, anger and mental torture Mark finally manages to summit the mountain in Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and finishes the game. Cue Tears of Joy.
    • Much earlier in the playthrough, Mark delivers a truly earth-shattering "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the developer after one too many 'inspirational' quotes given out by the latter.
      Mark: [immediately following a Rapid-Fire "Shut Up!"] "I know you know you're making it worse. I know you know you're making it worse, with your bullshit quotes from people who are actually contributing to society when they were alive, which is not you, DEVELOPER OF THIS GAME! You are doing NOTHING, just the same as I am! You and I are the same temporary bullshit piece of human organism that we all know and hate. WE ALL KNOW!"
  • Mark skipped a workout, and decided to punish himself by livestreaming himself doing a round of the Insanity workout. He titles it: THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING I'VE DONE
    Markiplier: But this is something that I challenged myself to do because I was embarrassed to do it. And if I'm embarrassed to do something, you better damn be sure I'm going to attack it with every fiber of my being, and I'm gonna look stupid doing it.
    • At the end of the video, he has some pretty good words for anyone who wants to actually do better at anything:
      Markiplier: Live your life as if the whole world's watching, because some day it just might.
  • Another Meta example: his nickname of "Markipoo" is one of the names Codsworth can say in Fallout 4.
  • Despite all of the rage, all of the failures and all of the game-ending run-ins with Playtime, Mark is one of the few Youtubers to have beaten Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. The man can be a serious Determinator when he wants to be.
  • Not video game related but in a video titled 'The Problem With YouTube' he brings up how YouTube forced the implement of Google+ onto YouTube users. He speculates that the website blacked out for two hours because YouTube tried disabling Google+ completely and realized it is buried too deeply into the website just to turn it off. He politely calls out YouTube for making things harder for smaller content creators and instead of treating them like people they treat them as annoyances and refuse to give warnings when things might stop working. The whole time Mark is classy and polite about it as calmly calls out YouTube.
  • During the finale episode of Claire's B Scenario in his Resident Evil 2 (Remake) playthrough, Mark goes toe-to-toe with Birkin G4, foregoing the mini-gun given to him specifically for this battle and using only the pistol (with nearly 250 bullets he had just crafted) and a knife... and not only survived for seven minutes, but wins on his first try. With eight seconds left.
    • His "gunpowder speech" that precedes this showdown is the epitome of the awesomeness that was about to come.
    • Not using the minigun on Birkin G4 gives him the benefit of being able to use it on G5. The only reason Mark dies is because he wanted to see what the death animation looked like.
  • In one playthrough of Bloody Trapland 2 with Bob, Wade and Ethan, he makes it to the end by going the hard way to the end of a level rather than taking the easy way at the same time as Wade, who took the easy way. Just to be a Troll, Wade stomps and kills Mark's character. Mark proceeds to go through the hard way again, at times looking like he was going so fast that he looked like he was literally floating through the level to the rest of the players.
    • In the same video he managed to get a coin by wall jumping between a wall and falling boulders, it's as awesome and impressive as it sounds.
  • While playing Five Nights At Freddys VR Help Wanted, Mark encounters a glitch in night five of FNaF 1 that renders him unable to use the monitor. Despite the fact that he no longer had any way of stopping Foxy from leaving Pirate's Cove, Mark manages to win anyway, relying solely on his hearing and instincts.
  • A Big Damn Heroes moment: he uploaded a livestream video titled "I Literally Won't Shut Up Until You Subscribe To PewDiePie", where he desperately urged the viewers to subscribe to PewDiePie as fast as possible to not let T-Series become the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. For reference, at that point, PewDiePie had 60 thousand more subscribers than T-Series, but the latter gained them two-three times faster than the former. The result was PewDiePie gaining a million subscribers in just two days.
  • Playing Risk of Rain 2 for eight long hours that the game literally just gives up and lets him win without him touching anything.
  • During the BTS livestream for A Heist With Markiplier, many of his fans' Google accounts were suspended by Youtube because they would use emotes constantly to inform Mark on what they path they wanted go next. On top of that, anyone who tried to get their account reinstated would be told by the Team Youtube twitter account that the suspensions were upheld after "careful review." After finding out, Mark took his channel to very publicly rip into YouTube for their actions and the fact that their automated system was very broken. After the video and the massive backlash that followed, Youtube began to start reinstating accounts and acknowledge that they messed up.
    • During the video, Mark even mentions that he realizes that by publicly calling Youtube, it would be much harder to do another project with them like AHWM, but he didn't care because doing right by his fans was far more important to him.
  • Mark has a pretty epic moment during his play through of ‘’Blair Witch’’ when Bullet gets injured and Ellis is being prompted by the game to leave Bullet behind. What’s his reaction to a heartbreaking scene like that? He walks for a long time (nine minutes in the video, possibly longer with unedited footage) while carrying the injured Bullet around, refusing to leave Bullet behind. He also says encouraging words like how Bullet is going to be spoiled as soon as he gets medical attention. He was so attached to Bullet that he was willing to keep playing even if he never progressed with the game. He goes on carrying Bullet for so long that the game has Ellis collapse from exhaustion and have him wake up without Bullet. Once he realizes what the game did, he starts looking for Bullet and demands to know where he is. Mark is definitely a good dog parent, even in video games.
  • Mark, Bob, and Jack manage to turn Heave Ho, a local co-op game only, into an online game! When they claim that their minds are blown by the revelation, they really mean it.
  • Mark finally succeeds in a "Try Not to Laugh" Challenge. It took him 23 tries, but he did it. His reaction (at the twelve-minute point) shows how happy Mark is with himself.
  • In Hand Simulator Mark, Bob and Wade manage to defuse the bomb with only seconds to spare.
  • Beating the first level of GTFO on his own!!! To clarify how awesome this is, GTFO is a Nintendo Hard game meant to be played by 4 people. And Mark beat the first level by himself simply through learning the game's patterns. He even practised so much that, more often than not, he can actually count how many Sleepers there are in a room with just his hearing.
    • He didn't just do it once. He did it TWICE, beating the second level on his own despite the fact that 1) it's not meant to be played that way, and 2) He failed even when attempting this with the required four players. Keep in mind, the second level is WAY more brutal than the first by a sizeable margin, and he did so WITH NO HELP FROM ANYONE ELSE. This could very well turn into a second Five Nights at Freddy's scenario, where Mark beats something intentionally brutal in difficulty through sheer force of will.
  • Mark's recent playthrough of Resident Evil 3 (Remake) sees him taking on the Nemesis's penultimate form, only to run out of ammo halfway through the fight. Worse still, he left his grenade launcher in storage, so he wouldn't be able to pull it out like the game all but required. In a similar vein to his RE2 playthrough, he handles the situation by pulling out his knife and just stabbing Nemesis until it gives up. It works on his first try.
  • After a lot of hilarity and humiliation, Mark finally gets a win in Fall Guys.


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