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Nightmare Fuel / Markiplier

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Markiplier: Charming, funny, all-around good... and scary as all hell.

  • Some of the endings in his ''Five Nights at Freddys" videos have terrifying stingers that have no context behind them. One such example is the end of Part 6 of the third game, where his horror outro music cuts out just after he signs off. This is followed by the lights in the animatronic heads turning back on, the droning sound from FNAF 2 growing louder, before it cuts to a close up of Phantom Marionette with the mechanical laughter from 2 echoing in the background.
  • Rage game videos are mostly hilarious to watch, but some games end up making Mark so mad that it can become outright terrifying to watch. Notable examples include his playthrough of I Am Bread, Part 5 of his Ben and Ed playthrough and the entirety of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy.
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  • During one of his slow-motion replays in Turbo Dismount, the "Flappy Bird" vehicle he's driving falls apart and the face lands looking toward the camera. It then slowly zooms into the bird's lifeless eyes, while the "ITS ME" hallucination from Five Nights at Freddy's flashes in the background.
  • The intro for Part 12 of Mark's Yandere Simulator playthrough has him, Tyler, and Ethan acting out a happy anime intro while wearing Sailor Fuku, which would be funny under normal circumstances... except it repeatedly cuts to Mark murdering the other two, with the music and video becoming distorted every time it happens. It doesn't help that Mark was able to effortlessly replicate Yan-chan's infamous twitching.
  • Popcorn is good fun sketch involving a microwave that turns everything put into it into popcorn until, when getting a knife to turn into popcorn, Mark accidentally stabs Ryan. Shortly afterwards, Matt arrives, so to cover up the grisly scene, he stuffs Ryan into the microwave. All that's left of him is his hat and a bunch of popcorn, which Matt and Mark are seen eating.
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  • Darkiplier becoming Ascended Fanon in "A DATE WITH MARKIPLIER", where he is canonized as an unnerving, unstable, full blown Yandere Humanoid Abomination who is nothing like the Draco in Leather Pants the fans had made him out to be.
  • His 2017 April Fool's Day video, a 360 video where he plays Minecraft, starts off like a normal Let's Play... then the screen suddenly glitches out to a blue screen of death. When the video returns, Googleplier is there in place of Mark, slowly walking up to the screen and glitching out, before flashing a Slasher Smile to the audience.
    Googleplier: Having some technical difficulties? Would you like me to search for a solution to your p-pr-roblem? My p-p-primary objective is to answer questions as quickly as possible. My secondary obj-e-ective is to destroy mankind.
  • During "3 SCARY GAMES #20", Mark's camera ends up dying on him just before the 10-minute mark. He then leaves, telling the audience he hopes nothing scary happens as "that would be scary". What follows is the audio slowly going silent before the video begins to glitch out. Then, the screen goes black as demonic whispering starts up in the background, with demonic faces briefly flashing on screen. Finally, just before the video returns to the game, Darkiplier is seen flickering through heavy visual glitches.
  • "I AM THE WORST!!" has Markiplier tell the audience a story of his time spent on a movie set while in Austin, Texas. The location they scouted was apparently known to the locals as "Spider Woods", which he repeatedly insists wasn't an exaggeration, as he and his film crew soon found out after turning on a single floodlight late at night. The light drew in not only spiders, but also moths, mosquitoes, and whatever other bugs were in the area (oh, and also snakes), and later the crew discovered a literal breeding ground of mosquitoes close by. Mark and another YouTuber that was there were in short shorts with no bug spray on (due to costume requirements) came to the slow realization that they're probably not getting off the set unscathed. Whether or not one fear bugs and/or snakes, his story will likely at least set off goosebumps.

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