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Tear Jerker / Markiplier

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Not everything that Markiplier encounters is chuckles and sunshine. Here are some examples.

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  • Draw My Life. While filled with normal goofy and happy moments, there are a lot of rather saddening parts: Mark mentions that in his childhood, his mother and father were forced to get a divorce, with them going to live with his father. Mark spent that time speaking about unhappy his father was, showing more concern for him. But the part most people were more heart broken by, was especially during the part where he talks about his father getting cancer and subsequently dying.
    • It makes it worse when you watch Mark slowly erase his father's last words: I love you, so much.
    • It gets worse when Mark speaks about how he didn't know what to do with his life after his father died, even stating that his mother kicked him out of the house after disagreeing with a relationship Mark had, and then the surgeries he needed. It's times like this that makes you wonder if Mark is an Iron Woobie.
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  • Greatest Fans in the World. Easily the most touching video he's ever made.
  • His reaction to 'The Markiplier Project' video. The video was a thank you from the fans for his work and dedication, all while congratulating him for 20,000 subscribers. What's really sad, but also a Heartwarming Moment is how touched he was by it, even being at a loss of words of it.
    • Makes it more heartwarming when you see the video and end up seeing Wade and Bob congratulate Mark.
  • Oddly enough, his reaction when he goes to shut off the Machine in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. He has a sympathetic look on his face as the Machine laments the tragedies it's seen in the coming century, and while he returns to his old Large Ham commentary shortly after, it's audibly strained.
  • His reaction to the Dreadhalls Oculus Rift game. He was so scared out of his mind he literally was in tears. The fact he was pretty much being angry throughout the video didn't help...
  • His playthrough of the Markiplier fangame Ripest of Fears starts out innocent (read: scary) enough. Then, Mark reaches the end and the game starts playing footage of his subscriber milestone V-logs. The revelation he has and the conclusion he comes to are a little heartbreaking, to say the least...
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  • In The Last of Us, his reaction to when Sam turns, forcing Henry to kill him, who then kills himself. He covers his mouth and looks to be in genuine tears, sniffling. Having a brother himself, it's easy to see why the situation had him choked up.
  • In Off, he finds the Judge in the now purified Zone 2, meowing and mourning his brother's death. Mark is somewhat hammy about it, but still seems genuinely sorry and sad about what happened.
    • And later, when he finds the Critic Burnt in Zone 3. Mark enters the fight excited as ever, only to find the depressing life of the former Elsen changing his emotion in seconds. Even his outro for that video is devoid of any music, with only the breathing of the critic as he still cries for help in the background.
    • Both times that he has to kill Hugo, he is horrified and first tries to escape before deciding to do it as fast as possible by using the hardest hits he has.
  • His 3,000,000 Subscriber Milestone video piles so much inspiration into a short time span that you'd be hard-pressed not to tear up. Mark himself is audibly holding back tears himself at several points.
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  • The SUPER SPEED UPDATE can be seen as this by some fans. Primarily, Mark keeps putting himself down for being sick for most of the week and being unable to upload videos to his fans (on top of that, he had recently moved into a new location). The tone of his voice and the ending of him slowly turning off his webcam shows he really wasn't in the high spirits.
  • In Alien: Isolation, his reaction when Samuels is dying after connecting to the main AI really says a lot. He's visibly upset for the remainder of the video.
  • A video called "An Important Message" has Mark recording a video at 2:45 AM. What starts out as one of his many "thank you" videos turns into a tear jerker as he goes into why he keeps thanking his fans. He goes into more detail about subjects he touched on in the "Draw My Life" video, about how he was in crushing debt when he started his channel with medical bills, even having to sell almost all of his possessions just to get by. Mark then goes onto how he's a real person, and that you, as a person, can do anything you set your mind to. Mark is clearly struggling not to cry for the entire video.
  • His reaction to certain events in his playthrough of To the Moon. More specifically, when Joey died and when River was supposedly erased from existence. Mark starts tearing up and sniffling, and is so conflicted of the outcome, questioning himself and what he would do in that scenario.
    • This happened when Mark discovered that the reason that the old man wants to go to the moon is because of a promise made when he was a child he had forgotten to the girl who became his wife. The deuteragonist decides to erase all of the old man's memories of his wife and replace them with false memories of his dead twin brother so he could fulfill the promise. Mark is utterly torn up by the implications of stealing the old mans life with his love and the idea that he could have his brother back in his memories. Mark having a brother too and the idea of him dying hits him especially hard.
    • At first Mark is genuily happy when Johnny meets River at NASA, starts to date her, sees them living their life happily together while preparing to go to the moon. He gets really excited, is amused by the protagonists bickering, but then the heart beat is starting and his shocked face tears up as he starts crying the moment that Johnny dies just as the moon comes into view. Marks broken voice once the credits roll as he look in the camera really drives the point home that the scene broke his heart.
  • His reaction to the reveal of what happened to Misao's titular character, and her Trauma Conga Line of being abandoned by her childhood friend, bullied, cheated on, raped, and finally murdered and dismembered. He's visibly disgusted by the people responsible, and at some points he seems to be on the verge of tears.
  • His let's play of Presentable Liberty. It really gives him a Player Punch, putting him in hysterics and breaking him emotionally, especially with the concept of loneliness. Even on his description left him pretty broken:
    This is the most harrowing story I've ever been through... I can honestly say I've never played a game that affected me quite like this one did.
    "Just listen clo-" Gramophone! (Stunned Silence.) I hear it. God, Charlotte, I hear it! Charlotte, I hear it! I hear it, Charlotte!
    • The game gets to him very badly. Initially he remarked that he has thousands of people with him (the viewers), but later in the game, he questions if anyone is actually watching, stating that the future viewers don't help since he is all alone now. At one point he simply starts playing a ukulele to bridge the silence out of desperation.
    • Around the time Charlotte commits suicide is probably the worst of it all. Mark is begging for her to hold on and wait for him and for Sal to break the generator on his prison with a frantic fervor that's filled with frustration about how he can't contact her. When the letter hits he goes from screaming to stunned silence and finally just... Flatness, like he doesn't care about what happens after that.
    • Even at the end, when he gives his traditional departure, he simply gets up to turn off the camera, all while having a broken, damaged attitude.
    • What sells the very end is the very solemn line he delivers to the camera before he does his outro.
    Friends I never met are gone. Friends I shouldn't have cared about, I really care about. Imaginary people that don't exist that I never saw are gone and I care.
  • When playing Exoptable Money, the interquel of Presentable Liberty, he starts screaming when he sees Cat Fur unlocked on the menu, followed shortly by seeing the severed head of the cat he bought. It gets even worse when patches of fur, specks of blood and whiskers start flying out of the money machine.
  • His reaction to the 6 million fan music video done by his fans is a real tearjerker, and very heartwarming. Mark cries tears of happiness, talking about how all this means so much to him, how he appreciates and loves every one of his fans for their continuing support, and even brings up his late father while mentioning his trip to the White House. Despite tears, Mark is really grateful for his community, and how much they support and inspire him to be a better person.
  • In part 1 of Mark's I Am Bread playthrough when he knocks the bread off the edge of the counter after having tried diligently to get the bread in the toaster, pushing the bread too far forward. What makes it a true tearjerker is the sheer heartbreak in his eyes and his voice as he lets out those Big "NO!"'s, complemented with a subsequent emotional breakdown as Mark collapses between anger and sadness.
  • A video simply entitled "Markiplier is BACK!! (with plenty of feels)" is basically this. Mark describes his experience with meeting his friends again (including Jack for the first time), and lamenting how he could spend more time with his friends and fans, all while also feeling emotional at the fact everyone is proud of him, his fans, his family (even mentioning again his late father), and even his own hometown, the fact Mark hits this realization leaves him completely speechless and even breaking down into tears, even telling his fans he's proud of them as well.
  • His playthrough of One Chance had left him conflicted and distressed for the most part, but right at the end (after the daughter dies just as he finds the cure), Mark starts choking up and crying as he explains how he takes games like these very personally, and that if he had been in the protagonist's position, he'd had done anything to save his daughter. It's hard not to get teary eyed when his voice becomes hitched.
    • It's a slightly older playthrough, having been made in January, but the One Chance game is a gut-punch nonetheless. The video even warns that it's supposedly the "saddest game ever made", but it's not so much the game as Mark's reactions to it that brought most viewers to tears. Most of his reactions are a little bit hammy at first, right up until the player character comes home to find his wife having died in the bathtub while he was at work, causing Molly, the player character's very young daughter, to tag along for the rest of the game. Mark grows quickly attached to Molly, and his concern for her wellbeing in a game where the only option is a Downer Ending is heartbreaking. At the end of the video, Mark states that it wasn't so much the character of Molly but the fact that he was making every choice in the game by deciding what he would do in that situation, and therefore picturing Molly as his actual daughter. Knowing this, and watching the events play out, it's frankly hard to watch. As the player character and Molly leave the house after Mark is told he had one chance, implying the only option at this point is death, Mark goes into Molly's room and tries to get her a jacket and her teddy bear, which isn't even an option in the game itself, he's just that into the game at this point. They get to the lab, and Molly falls off Mark's back onto the floor. Mark calls her name repeatedly, sounding more and more distraught ( "But I had her! She was on my back!"), and then, realizing he can do nothing, heads to the lab, finding that, at the last possible moment, the scientists found a cure. The game autonomously has the player character inject himself and Mark is distraught over this, stating he doesn't care about himself, he only meant to get the cure for Molly. He goes back into the hallway, and the game abruptly cuts to the player character and Molly, who, due to her eyes being closed, Mark believes to have died, sitting on a park bench. Mark, very very near tears, states that this image, a man sitting in the park as the last man on Earth with his daughter's body sitting next to him, is the saddest thing he's ever seen. He takes a moment to pull himself together, and then, sounding sadder than he's possibly ever sounded, asks "Is she...?", but can't finish the sentence without crying. Made even worse by the fact that, as many fans in the comments pointed out, Molly is no longer the greenish hue that the infected people are. The player character saved both himself and Molly, and Molly is perfectly fine. He did absolutely everything right and got the best ending possible, but due to the fact that Molly isn't actually shown being injected with the cure, Mark believes her to be dead. He thinks that he selfishly saved himself and let his daughter die. Seriously, the whole thing almost physically hurts to watch.
  • Like with his Ripest of Fears let's play, his let's play of Dream.exe is pretty tearjerkering, but heartwarming, especially his reaction to the developer's story on how much he dealt in his life and how Mark's videos pulled him out of those funks. Mark himself even tears up, cleaning his tears on his sleeves.
  • His reaction to the 8th Million Subscriber Fan Reaction video. Out of all the times Mark's ever broken down watching tribute videos, this has to be the one where he broke down hard, to the point he couldn't even speak straight for half of the video.
    • After the fan-made video ends, Mark struggles to get his composure, and even manages to get a few words out, but after a moment, he starts to sob, and the choked sound he makes is absolutely heartbreaking.
    Mark: (crying) Damn it, I can't get through a single sentence!
    • The saddest thing is Mark basically states (when he finally gets his composure that is..) that he really wants to connect with his fans, but because there's so many of them, he doesn't know how to, tearfully stating that's what sucks. Never has the idea of Blessed with Suck been so devastating.
    Mark: (sniffling) I wanna carry the burden!
    • Mark having to re-watch the "To the Moon" song-6 million subscriber video just to calm himself, but he only breaks down even more. Just the line "Everything is going to be alright" really sends Mark into tears.
  • His various attempts at beating 4/20 mode in the original Five Nights at Freddy's starts out as absolutely hilarious (and it's worth mentioning that the video took place over seven hours), but during his last few attempts, it stopped being funny and started getting quite sad. At one point when he dies (for about the hundredth time), you can practically hear the despair and frustration in his voice. It got to the point where he was seriously talking about giving up. That is, until he decided to give it one more go. You'll definitely cry tears of joy when he actually beats it.
  • Mark's look of absolute horror when he sees the Bite of '87.
    • It's not just horror, it's absolute Stunned Silence. After he sees the protagonist have his head crushed by Fredbear, he only sits there, wide eyes and jaw dropped, as the game goes back to the title screen for an entire minute, before shouting "WAS THAT THE BITE OF '87?!". And he simply just stares in horror and confusion...
      • One of the things that really makes this moment is the dawning comprehension of what is going on. Like his reaction to Misao, at first, when he is voicing the bullies, he is a little more exaggerated in their voices, though he states how sad the situation is and clearly doesn't enjoy seeing a child get bullied. But partway through a line, once the bullies bring the child to where Fredbear is, he seems to start catching on and takes on this shocked, worried expression. From then on, he simply speaks the lines and is even more clearly concerned and shocked. Simply seeing him go from joking around to being totally serious and shocked is really sad to watch.
    • Makes it worse when you remember Mark hates seeing children suffer in games.
    • Not only the fact that it's a child suffering, but the fact that the reason for it was because of the little kid's older brother. As a guy who has previously stated that he wouldn't know what he'd do without his big brother and that he has always admired him, seeing a brother who would bully his little brother so mercilessly has to be hard for him as well.
    • Mark visibly flinches when the Child gets bitten.
      • He's confused at first, but his expression when he realizes what's happening. Mark acts like normal at first, but when they actually pick up and carry the Child he looks worried. Then he starts freaking out when they get to Fredbear. The Child gets placed in Fredbear's mouth and Mark stares in confusion for a moment then realizes what's happening... and Fredbear bites down.
      • And it gets even worse when he completes the game. He just solemnly reads the final lines "I will put you back together"...and hears the child flatline...and just sits there in stunned silence.
  • His entire playthrough of 9.03m, Mark is audibly and visibly forcing back tears.
  • In "Markiplier Reacts To Mean Comments", one of the comments read: "You'll never become a Grump.". He plays it off very well and isn't even bothered by this remark, but damn.
  • Shortly before his gameplay of Prisoned, Mark's dog, Charlie, died. And this was a game where a guy lost his dog...yeah. Mixed with happy tears, since he also tells some funny stories about the doggie, but even so, this video can hit hard, especially if you've lost a pet before.
  • Firewatch:
    • When he reaches the choice for how Julia should be taken care of, he recounts how his family took care of his stepfather after his accident.
    • Mark seems genuinely sad about losing Burnie. He even called him his buddy and his pal.
  • In his Let's Play of Until Dawn, after he meet the wolf again, Mark discovers the mutilated corpse of a wolf, making him much more quiet than usual for a moment.
    • Also from Until Dawn, his reaction to Ashley getting her head torn off by a Wendigo when she goes to investigate a voice. He quietly gets up, then yells offscreen. When he finally comes back, he resolves to play through the whole game again just so he doesn't have to see that. It's especially painful since he'd been shipping Ashley/Chris the entire time and was rooting for them to get out alive and together.
    • After Josh's hallucination sequence when Mike and Sam find him, Mark stated that he felt bad for being mean to him earlier. He was also shocked to see Josh being dragged off by a Wendigo.
    • Mark also looks devastated at Jess' emotional state when she and Matt met in the mines.
  • At the end of his playthrough of 400 Years, he faces the sacrifice the character performs at the end with shocked, open-mouthed silence and high-pitched confusion, complete with a tiny, heartbroken "no" as it happens. He even goes back and replays the game multiple times to try and save his character, and seems genuinely distraught when he can't.
  • His playthrough of SOMA will tug a few heartstrings, especially part five.
    • To elaborate, there's a character in the game named Robin Bass, who commited suicide out of despair, with only a robot with her consciousness which is trapped under rubble. She wasn't able to get scanned by the ARK and is now trapped for all eternity. When Mark got to her, he noticed that he can pull the plug, but is in conflict whether or not he should. It gets worse when she calls out for someone, who coincidentally, is also named Mark. Markiplier took it as her calling for him and went through with pulling the plug, much to her horror.
      • It hurts even more when your realize that this sounds disturbingly familiar to a certain someone's situation weeks before that video... Yeah... that just over saturated the wound.
    Robin: I'm just not prepared.
    Mark: No one is. (pulls the plug)
    • When Mark has to destroy a robot to get something from it, he naturally decides to attack the robot that had been mean to him instead of hurting Bubblebutt. At first he is hammy about it, but when the robot starts screaming in pain and fear, he starts to feel horribly guilty for hurting it. But what really drove home just what he had done was when Bubblebutt becomes terrified of him. Mark is literally in tears, calling out to him, begging him not to run away or be scared, but all is in vain, leaving Mark feel all alone and horrible.
  • While Mark getting angry at a game can be fun at times, there are times when he becomes so angry that it becomes hard to laugh, and many think of seeing someone like him break down in rage as either actually scary or sad enough that you just want to give him a hug.
  • Markiplier's playthrough of That Dragon, Cancer is appropriately somber all the way through. It starts with him talking about the death of his father from cancer, and continues a sad mood throughout a two-hour long video. At the end, when Mark sees the photos of the photos of young Joel (whom the game was made for) and his family, Mark starts openly crying.
    "I don't know these people. And yet, I feel so bad for them. Because I can see what they've gone through. ... That's one of the worst parts about cancer. You would give absolutely anything to help the people who suffer from this disease, and there's nothing you can do."
    • Mark was already emotional when he was playing the game, but the minute the game's credits show photos of Joel, he becomes so silent and he's obviously tearing up as he discusses his father's passing and mentioning that the cancer wasn't the worst was seeing someone you love dying, or as he calls it, the "sense of helplessness" and begins to break when he says how one would "give anything" to help someone suffering. It makes the outro where Mark shows photos of his father more painful.
  • His playthrough of Don't Take This Risk begins as this, as the first few endings he gets involve the man succeeding in his suicide attempt. The game quickly devolves into Nightmare Fuel, though.
  • Both of his Undertale runs:
    • Mark suspecting that Toriel was going to murder him after luring him to her house. Then he realizes that it's not the case.
    • In the first run, he comments on how sad it is that Toriel just wants to keep you safe, and you have to leave her.
    • The reason why Mark stopped playing: he was receiving death threats from the unsavory fanbase members for "not doing the Fanon voices" and "not playing the game right". In his second run, with Tyler, Mark decides as a result to troll Tyler and suggest killing everyone. Worse when it's implied those incidents ruined Mark's experience of the game, which makes this depressingly ironic since Mark would have done Pacifist either way.
  • The second run:
    • Tyler manages to get killed by Toriel. Mercifully, this run doesn't have Toriel's My God, What Have I Done? face.
    • At the very beginning of their run, Tyler also correctly theorizes that Flowey is the "spawn" of Toriel, though not for the reasons that he mentions. He says it seems peculiar that Flowey would be with Toriel, who is tending the golden flowers for most of the game. This becomes sadder when they learn that Flowey and "Peepo"'s death tore apart Asgore and Toriel, due to Asgore murdering five other children.
    • Their Sympathy for the Devil moment when they figure out that Alphys is lying to you so as to appear as your savior. Mark correctly intuits that she's doing it for self esteem purposes.
    • Mark doesn't have as huge a reaction to the story of Asriel, he and Tyler admit that it's super sad. At least Mark implies multiple times that he would have loved the game, if it wouldn't have had been so severely spoiled for him from beginning till end. Which makes it only sadder, seeing that he probably knew about Asriel and thus is neither shocked nor touched by the story anymore.
    • They freak out when they find an empty coffin with their character's name on it.
    • Mark and Tyler, after the fight with Asgore, are horrified when Flowey kills Asgore in front of them. They need a moment to get back into the game and handle Photoshop Flowey.
    • Tyler and Mark reach the logical conclusion that Asgore and Toriel will never reconcile, with what Asgore did and Toriel's attitude. They are pleasantly surprised to see Asgore and Toriel working together at a school in the ending credits.
    • At the very end of the playthrough, when Tyler and Mark decide to not stay with Toriel, they both make a good point that you have spent the whole game trying to get out of the Underground. Thus it makes no sense for you to stay with Toriel, or to serve as an ambassador to the monsters. Toriel's sad expression when they refuse is still heartbreaking.
    • At the end of the last stream, he once more goes into a small rant about how he would have loved the game, how he would have gone the Pacifist route, how the game even deserves to be loved. And that none of this was possible for him and felt nothing but a chore since the game had not only been majorly spoilered for him, but that he also had lost all motivation to even try with the Backseat Gaming he suffered. He even proceeds to state multiple times in a row that he will not do Genocide since he is absolutely annoyed of the game and its fandom in his comment section by now. His reaction when he refuses to go with Toriel at the end, only to hear from Ethan that the chat is losing its mind about that only shows how pissed off he is about being expected to make decisions that he can't relate to.
  • Playing Sara Is Missing was a bad idea for Mark. He's absolutely horrified when the death cult kills a man even though Mark spread the picture that the cult wanted him to share.
  • His playthrough of The Static Speaks My Name, especially around the time that the game gives him the objective to return to your room and let your body rest, and the player character hanging himself soon after. His speech at the end and some of the supporting comments mix this with a bit of heartwarming.
  • In his first video of the full game of Resident Evil 7: biohazard, Mark is utterly shocked when a scripted event had Ethan Winters use a hatchel on Mia. He was completely silent when that happens and had no intention of fighting back.
    • He's similarly stunned when Ethan speaks with Jack Baker inside Mia's hivemind, seeing him as the gentle man he was in life and solemnly begging for death.
  • Mark's playthrough of the fangame Markiplier Adventures 2, a game the developer took a long while to make. While in itself, not a sad game, Mark's emotional pour in the end about how he appreciates everything the fans make for him is saddening with a mix of heartwarming.
    • Mark's entire demeanor changes when the game cuts to his game character meeting the one person that's never been included in any of the fangames: Mark's father. He becomes so quiet as as the dialogue of Mark and Mr. Fischbach goes, with him saying how proud he is for everything Mark has done for his fans and trying to change the world. It goes into much saddening mode when game Mark hugs Mr. Fischbach who becomes an angel and tells game Mark the same last words mentioned in Mark's "Draw My Life" video: "I love you so much...". Mark looks like he's about to bawl at that point.
    • What's even more tearjerking is the song playing while this scene is happening: Home by Myuuji. While the song itself is a beautiful instrumental piano piece, Myuuji wrote it out of pure sorrow after his father was hospitalized for a stroke. Moments after finishing it, Myuuji's father passed away. Watching in-game Mark say goodbye to his father with that in mind makes the scene even more tearjerking than it already was in the first place.
  • Part 6 of his playthrough of OneShot ends off as one of these. Being forced to choose between returning the sun to the tower and sending Niko home has him torn so much that he has to pause and "de-stress a bit" by shouting away from his mic.
    • Following that, he gives an explanation that he doesn't care how real or fake the world of OneShot is and that he himself would be willing to return the sun if he was in Niko's position. While this can count towards a heartwarming speech showing how selfless he is, Niko is not a character avatar and is separate from the player, turning the situation back to Tear Jerking when Niko offers to stay back and return the sun. After seeing how the game ends, he looks like he's about to cry despite trying to keep a smile for his viewers. So many people in the comments felt this that they begged Mark to find the New Game+ mode and play it to get the Golden Ending and ease the pain.
    • After the credits, the game puts him into the room from the beginning with sunlight streaming in. He asks somberly if he gets something else after that painful end, only for the game to close itself, leaving him with nothing.
    "Okay, I am emotionally devastated. I need to go lie down."
  • Outlast 2: Lynn dies as she lays on the table in the church. Her husband, Blake, can only cry in sheer agony. Mark's face the entire time: utterly devastated.
  • His reaction to the shoe pit in Little Nightmares? Stunned Silence, and an immediate comparison to an exhibit at the Holocaust Museum. It's so out of nowhere compared to the rest of the playthrough, where even his screaming had been comical.
  • From Prey, Mark's reaction to watching and unknowingly causing someone's head to blow up is nothing but pure silent shock.
  • While Played for Laughs due to his reaction, Mark refusing to accept SomeOrdinaryGamers on his team in "The Legend of Markiplier" is rather jarring considering how kind he normally is. Sure it becomes heartwarming due to the fact that he wants Wade on his team and he doesn't really know the guy but it's still sad to see. One can only imagine Mutahar's reaction if he ever watched this...
    • Thankfully though he begrudgingly lets him on the team.
    • Later, Mark is utterly flabbergasted after Yami gets crushed by a boulder.
  • Mark during the entirety of Emporium, a game about a person that commits suicide. He is very quiet, subdued, feels obviously conflicted about the depressing choices. And when he finally makes the character jump at the end, he looks away in pain and frustration.
  • While starting off as a comedic murder mystery, the four part miniseries "Who Killed Markiplier?" takes a sad turn in the fourth and final part. The Colonel becomes convinced that the Detective orchestrated the series' events and engages him in a standoff, ultimately shooting him to death. When the Featureless Protagonist tries to wrestle the Colonel's gun away from him, they get shot as well. The protagonist then encounters the spirits of Damien the Mayor and Celine the Seer in "The Upside Down", who reveal that Mark killed himself and used magic from the House to take the Mayor's body in an act of vengeance. The Seer uses her powers to revive the Mayor, herself and protagonist in the latter's body. The Colonel, who had been regretting his actions and waiting by the protagonists' body for ten hours, pondering their death, witnesses them return to life and goes insane, believing his friends played a cruel prank on him. Word of God confirms this as the origin of Wilford Warfstache, and why he treats death as joke. He sincerely thinks people will just come back and laugh about it. Watching the Colonel shuffle off desperately calling out to his friends and knowing what becomes of him is so heart wrenching, even Mark said he didn't realise how tragic it was until editing. Furthermore, unfortunately due to the evil house entity corrupting their souls Celine and Damien return as a malevolent force made of the worst traits of themselves, revealed at the very end of the video to be Darkiplier, who imprisons the protagonists' soul in the house, taking full control of their body before departing to exact revenge on Markiplier.
    • In essence, the entire miniseries was a tragic origin story: the Colonel went insane and became Wilford Warfstache and Damien the Mayor and Celine the Seer became a horrible sliver of themselves merged into Darkiplier.
  • Mark is genuinely saddened by Torres' death in The Evil Within 2 and feels worse when he acquires her rifle.
  • "Thank You".
  • Mark looks utterly shocked and horrified after seeing the man in the bathroom kill himself in Mr. Whiskers.
  • While playing Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn Mark looks devastated after Lukas is crushed to death by boulders and becomes horrified after her sister gouges out his eye and tongue.
    • It's worse than that. Lukas was still alive and an option popped up for the protagonist to grab a nearby stone and smash his head in. Mark is so horrified at that option, he stammers around and keeps looking if there's a way to not do that. And then Lukas dies.
  • Mark playing Getting Over It. His reactions range from gut-bustlingly funny to tragically sad. In particular, the moment where the game deliberately screws up his attempt to climb up from a desk with an orange on it leaves Mark feeling mentally betrayed by the game for what it had just done to him. In Part 10, he finally climbed the mountain and cried Tears of Joy, needing all of the credits before he could speak.
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!
    • Markiplier plays most of the game for laughs, already knowing it was a horror game. Then he gets to Sayori's confession that she suffers depression, and Markiplier lets "Morp" confess love to her. He sounds like he's about to tear up when he says her lines: "Then why won't the rainclouds go away?"
    • When he gets to Sayori's suicide, he reacts with genuine horror and disgust on seeing that she's dead, despite what the YouTube comments may have you believe.
  • A brief moment in his playthrough of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator: Mark seeming genuinely shocked and distraught when the game reveals itself to be the Grand Finale.
    Mark: What? I just got a pang through my heart! Was that the end of everything?! Oh, my God...!
    • There's also the little moment where all he can do is quietly say "Scott.." with such a sad but proud tone.
  • Mark's legitimately sad reaction to losing his seamoth Bumblebutt in Subnautica.
    • Back at his base he makes a memorial for Bumblebutt.
  • Mark's final stream and goodbyes to Subnautica.
  • From the fan game Hearts and Heroes there is Mark's heartbroken reaction to seeing Wefubu (A.K.A Peach) suffering from a breakdown after being attacked for cosplaying as Princess Peach due to her being dark skinned and wearing a hijab.
    • Towards the end of Hearts and Heroes there's a part where the terrorlings have basically taken Game Mark over and are tearing him down, when reading it Mark actually sounds genuinely upset
  • After his 2nd colony failed (his first collapsed in pretty short order) in Oxygen Not Included, he was genuinely saddened, since he had grown attached to most of the duplicates.
    • Worse is that he tried his best to keep his duplicates alive for so long. Things went badly, but he toughed them out and improved things. He knows how weird it is, but he even refers to them as his family. "Ohana means family! And you don't give up on your family!" And when they all started to drop like flies, he just gets more sad and frustrated because he couldn't keep them safe.
      • When he sees that Lenny died, he just goes into Stunned Silence for almost a minute.
  • Mark sounds genuinely saddened when being forced to kill a possessed Boris in "Bendy and the Ink Machine."
  • Many moments in his Red Dead Redemption 2 series.
    • His reactions to the deaths of Lenny, both of his horses and eventually Arthur Morgan himself are heartbreaking.
  • During his playthrough of Resident Evil 2 remake, when he reaches Robert Kendo's gunstore he remains completely silent during what is arguably the most saddest cutscene in Resident Evil history.
  • From Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive, there's his reaction to seeing Cody fall after deciding to save Barry and then when he's unable to handle the loss and restarts the save file there's his reaction to seeing Barry fall and eventually die after deciding to save Cody.


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