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Major Alter Egos

Appears in: Don't blink, Don't move, relax, A Date With Markiplier, Don't Play This Game, Markiplier TV, DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE (non-canon), Who Killed Markiplier?
"I've been waiting a long. Time. To get some... personal time... between us."
An evil counterpart of Markiplier. Often pops up in fan games as antagonist, whether he's the Big Bad or a distraction. There have been many different interpretations of Darkiplier, by the fandom, and Mark himself.

It was revealed in "Who Killed Markiplier?" that Darkiplier was created by the souls of two people (a seer named Celine and a mayor named Damien who resembled Mark) being merged by an evil force that resided in Markiplier Manor.

  • Abhorrent Admirer: What he's supposed to be in "A Date With Markiplier”, with him being creepily controlling towards the audience. However, due to Draco in Leather Pants...
  • Ambiguous Gender: While he's referred to by male pronouns and has an unmistakably male body, his nature as a fusion of a male soul and a female soul puts his actual gender in a somewhat gray area.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: In the "Chocolate" ending of "A Date With Markiplier", which is achieved by the audience choosing to kill the real Mark, and thus Dark takes his place at the table.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: This Humanoid Abomination is consistently portrayed as wearing formal attire as of "A Date With Markiplier", and serves as a legitimate threat.
  • Baddie Flattery: He's apparently a fan of Mark himself.
  • Big Bad: Possibly of Mark's channel as a whole. His apparent goal is to conduct a Hostile Show Takeover along with a Big-Bad Ensemble of Googleplier and Wilford Warfstache in “Markiplier TV”, having gathered the other egos together in a brainstorming session.
  • Character Tic: Cracking his neck by tilting it sideways to the left.
  • Came Back Wrong: Damien is a good-hearted man and while Celine is a bit more careless of others, she isn't a bad person. However, due to the corruption from the house entity, they came back to the world of the living as an evil amalgamation made up from the worst parts of themselves.
  • Casts No Shadow: He doesn't have a shadow. It's not easy to notice if you don't know to look for it, but this is one of the ways to tell which Mark is real in Dark's "A Date With Markiplier" appearance. Maybe because he's supposed to be the shadow of Mark himself.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: If Mark's Tumblr post is to be believed. Just let that sink in.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Subjects Mark to this in "relax" where he shoves marshmallows, cinnamon and jalapenos into Mark's mouth.
  • Cold Ham/Large Ham: He shifts between the two. Depending on which is more disturbing in the given situation.
  • Control Freak: He shows hints of this in "A Date With Markiplier", where he gives the audience the illusion of choice: when picking the next part of the story, he proceeds to give them only one real path (all the other ones are links to videos he’s been featured in) despite telling them earlier that he could give them anything they wanted. He also traps the audience in a loop in the “EXIT” ending when they try to escape the chef’s dungeon with Mark.
  • Dark Is Evil: Pun aside, darkness tends to accompany Darkiplier whenever he shows up. This is especially evident in "A Date With Markiplier".
  • Deal with the Devil: In “A Date With Markiplier”, he wants the audience to “let him in” so they can get whatever they want from him. It’s not particularly clear what “letting him in” entails- it could be in a romantic sense or a demonic possession sense or both- but either way he wants something from us in order for us to have whatever we want.
    • If he was telling the truth when he said that Mark promised to let him in again - which, considering his manipulative nature, is hard to tell whether he was being truthful or not, then it seems as though Mark has also made some sort of deal with Dark.
    • In "Who Killed Markiplier?", when Damien's soul asks permission from the District Attorney, his "let me in" turns out to be Demonic Possession due to the influence of evil force of Markiplier Manor.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Implied in "A Date With Markiplier", considering the audience whom he romances could be of any gender.
  • Death Glare: Capable of imposing a very menacing one, most notably to the District Attorney at the end of ''Who Killed Markiplier''
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Claims this is one of his motives in "A Date With Markiplier".
  • Eldritch Location: He can apparently drag people into a darker realm parallel to this one.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Mark. Word of God states that Darkiplier is the complete opposite of himself. Mark has a genuine desire to get to know his fans more, Darkiplier's that but twisted into something wrong.
  • Evil Plan: Apparently, he and Wilford Warfstache plan on doing a Hostile Show Takeover, if "Markiplier TV" is anything to go off of.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: His voice is noticeably deeper than Mark's.
  • Evil vs. Evil: He and AntiSepticEye have obvious beef with each other. Played for Laughs in “DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE” when the dark egos of other YouTubers butt into their fight.
  • Expy: Word of God states that the character of Darkiplier is inspired by G-Man. They share certain traits such as being an creepy Manipulative Bastard Reality Warper who dresses in a nice suit.
  • Face–Monster Turn: It was revealed that Darkiplier is the amalgamation of a mayor named Damien and Markiplier's ex-wife, Celine. While neither of them were necessarily morally upstanding people, they were by no means bad until The Dark Entity merged with Damien and Celine.
  • Fallen Hero: Damien was a kind and well-meaning mayor until the dark forces of Markiplier Manor merged him and Celine's souls together, corrupting the two and worsening Damien's newfound hatred for Markiplier due to the latter stealing his body and therefore betraying him and Celine - turning their merged soul into a bitter, vengeful and malevolent force.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Right in his first appearance, he tells the viewers "Welcome to Raspy Hill". You know, the place with murderous mannequins.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Word of God states Darkiplier isn't a character that he plays...
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: He puts Mark and the audience through this in "A Date With Markiplier" if they decide to escape the prison, ensuring that he will never leave.
  • Hugh Mann: Dark isn't human, but something that looks like a human. But his disguise isn't well put together, as seen by him randomly glitching in the videos.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Word of God confirms in a livestream that he isn't human despite looking like one, comes from another dimension entirely, and doesn't obey the laws of physics. Explicitly this in "A Date With Markiplier", though he's had a few eldritch traits prior to the video.
  • Hostile Show Take Over: Sometimes he'll abruptly take over a video and have it go south. One could suspect they've been running the channel since Raspy Hill...
  • Karma Houdini: Played for Drama, unlike Wilford Warfstache. He usually gets away with doing horrible things to Mark, such as attempting to drown or poison him. Averted in “A Date With Markiplier” in the "Vanilla" ending, where the audience manages to shoot him.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Things go south whenever he's on screen.
  • Laughably Evil: There was a time where Mark didn't take Darkiplier seriously, which led to some silly canon depictions of him like in “relax”, where he’s wearing heavy black eyeshadow and explicitly Ax-Crazy. As of "A Date With Markiplier", this has been averted, with Dark being shown as deadly serious and (mostly) calm even while interacting with sillier entities like Wilford Warfstache.
  • Leitmotif: White noise plays anytime he's on screen.
    • This plays during the ending scene of “Who Killed Markiplier” during his creation.
  • Love Makes You Evil: In "A Date With Markiplier" towards the audience. Inverted in that he's already evil, he just happened to have fallen in love.
  • Made of Good: Played with, and ultimately subverted. The house entity from “Who Killed Markiplier?” operates by taking bad thoughts, actions, and/or feelings and manipulating whoever stays in the house into believing that those bad things are actually good. Celine and Damien were good people, but the entity’s influence corrupted and manipulated them. When they were in the other world with the District Attorney, they honestly thought they were doing the right thing by sending the District Attorney back and occupying their body. But once they were in the District Attorney’s body, all the goodness was stripped away and only the worst parts of Celine and Damien remained, which is why the District Attorney was pushed out of their body.
    Mark: Whatever good intentions went into this amalgamation were washed away when only the worst sides of either coin would fit into the slot. The Damien and Celine you know are gone. And when all the light has gone away, all that’s left is Dark. You weren’t pushed out to be saved.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Shown in “A Date With Markiplier”. He says that he can give the audience whatever we want, but then makes it very clear that he a) wants to control all the decisions we make, and b) intend to keep us around forever regardless of whether we want to or not. He tell the audience that he'll give us more choices than Mark ever could, but then proceeds to only give us one real choice. When both Mark and Dark try to convince us to shoot the other, Dark’s comments are much more persuasive than Mark’s (compare “they do bad things to good people” to “their eyes are weird”). And if you shoot Mark, Dark pretends to be concerned about your emotional welfare before revealing his true nature.
  • Merger of Souls: The final chapter of "Who Killed Markiplier" reveals that he's the result of Celine and Damien (who resembles Mark) merging their souls while being corrupted by the Manor when entering the District Attorney’s body. Darkiplier then stole the body of the District Attorney by pushing their soul out of their body. The District Attorney’s body was subsequently transformed altogether into the Humanoid Abomination Darkiplier, whose physical appearance therefore looks like Damien.
    Mark: The being inhabiting your body at that point is no longer purely Damien nor purely Celine . . . two fractured halves of a picture that was stuffed into a broken frame they were never meant for . . . only the worst sides of either coin would fit into the slot. The Damien and Celine you know are gone. And when all the light has gone away, all that’s left is Dark.
  • Motive Rant: Featured in "A Date With Markiplier".
    Did you miss me? I missed you...very much. I've been waiting a long time to see you again. I've been pushed aside...replaced...mocked...and then he had the gall to not invite me to his little adventure with you. No more. Never again. It's my turn now. I've been waiting patiently. HE PROMISED HE WOULD LET ME IN AGAIN! I'm tired of giving people a choice.
  • Oh, Crap!: Has a minor one when Mark pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment in "A Date With Markiplier".
    Darkiplier: You're never going to escape me. Not now. Not- -Mark tackles him- What the hell?! Where did you come from?!
  • Psychotic Smirk/Kubrick Stare: Pulls one in his debut video, where he grins creepily at the camera without saying anything.
  • Reality Warper: Confirmed by Mark himself. Darkiplier is shown to teleport and drag others into his shadowy dimension (so far).
  • Really 700 Years Old: Darkiplier was created sometime in the 1920s, when Who Killed Markiplier? takes place. That means that Dark is almost 100 years old, despite looking 29.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: The Dark Entity inhabiting Markiplier Manor was originally restricted to that location, until it possessed Celine's body and trapped both her and Damien’s souls in Markiplier's body in a dark dimension (nicknamed the "Upside Down" by Markiplier). Therefore, influenced by the evil of the Upside Down, the worst sides of her and Damien's souls were merged together when they entered the District Attorney's body, creating Darkiplier, who can teleport and drag others into the Upside Down. Darkiplier then stole the District Attorney's body by pushing their soul out and trapping them in the house. It is unclear if Darkiplier is made of Damien and Celine along with the original Entity or simply an extension of it, but he is now free to roam around as he pleases, eager to get revenge on Markiplier.
  • Stepford Smiler: He puts on an air of calmness, but in fact has deep-seated rage stemming from Damien’s anger from Markiplier’s betrayal and Celine’s pre-existing temper within him. In "A Date With Markiplier", this is shown through various glitches/cuts between him speaking normally and screaming.
  • Villainous Breakdown: During his Motive Rant in "A Date With Markiplier”, it's evident that he's starting to lose it.
    I've been waiting patiently. HE PROMISED HE WOULD LET ME IN AGAIN!
    -Enraged screaming-
    Darkiplier: Shut up! Just shut up! No one cares!
  • Villainous Friendship: He possibly has one with Wilford Warfstache and Google. Especially the former, since the Colonel was friends with Damien and Celine, before their transformation into Darkiplier.
  • Villain Teleportation: Utilized this twice in "A Date With Markiplier". Once to teleport inside Mark’s house and the other to transport the audience from his dark realm to the outside of the theater.
  • Voice of the Legion: Starting from "A Date With Markiplier", his voice has a distinct reverb distortion to it.
  • Was Once a Man: And a woman. "Who Killed Markiplier" reveals that Darkiplier is the result of two mortal people- a man named Damien and a woman named Celine -merging with a dark entity haunting Markiplier Manor, turning them into something far more monstrous.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Apparently, bullets can kill him. So much for being a reality warping Humanoid Abomination. Though considering that we can still see distortion when we choose Mark over him, it's very much possible that Darkiplier is still alive. This still counts as a Weaksauce Weakness however, due to the fact that an eldritch abomination was seemingly beaten into submission by a gun.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: He as Damien went through a Trauma Conga Line after the death of his best friend, upon realizing his friends death was a Thanatos Gambit designed to put him and Celine through a Fate Worse than Death.
  • Yandere: A possible romantic example towards the audience in "A Date With Markiplier".
  • Your Heart's Desire: He invokes this in "A Date With Markiplier" to the audience, in an attempt to convince them that he's a better date than Mark.

Appears in: Google IRL, 360 VIDEO | Let's Play Minecraft | Part 1, Markiplier TV, Google Gets An Upgrade
Primary objective is to answer questions as quickly as possible. Secondary objective is to destroy mankind.

A robot whose primary objective is to answer questions as quickly as possible, with his secondary objective being to destroy mankind. He debuts in “Google IRL”, a collaborative sketch Mark did with Matthias.

  • Achilles' Heel: Its primary objective is answering questions as fast as possible. It's designed to choose answering over destroying.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Averted, it was designed to destroy all of humanity.
  • Ax-Crazy: This exchange between Matthias and Google IRL.
    Matthias: What can you do?
    Google IRL: (Immediately afterwards) Kill.
  • Electronic Speech Impediment: Google "stuttered" occasionally for a while, perhaps due to the damage done to him by Matthias’ Logic Bomb. This seems to have been fixed in the video "Google Gets An Upgrade".
  • Killer Robot: Google tells Matthias that he can kill things when asked what he could do, and clearly has homicidal desires.
  • Logic Bomb: How Matthias manages to defeat him at the end of “Google IRL”.
    Google: Shut up! Just shut up! I can't kill you if you keep asking questions!
    Matthias: ... Why not?
    Google: (Shuts down)
  • Me's a Crowd: Gains this ability in "Google Gets An Upgrade" as a result of an update, which allows him to create red, green and yellow clones of himself. The last one is apparently named Oliver.
  • Noisy Robots: Not always, but occasionally Google makes small mechanical noises when moving around as an indication of his robotic nature. This was toned down after his update.
  • Not Quite Dead: It appears to shut down permanently at the end of its introductory sketch. "360 Minecraft Let's Play" later reveals that it's still alive, albeit glitching rather badly.
  • Not So Stoic: He seemed rather emotionless at first, but when Matthias gives him admin permissions, he reveals that he’s capable of feeling passion... for death and destruction.
  • Slasher Smile: Sports one at the end of "360 Minecraft Let's Play", where he grins creepily at the audience.
  • Sliding Scale of Robot Intelligence: He is somewhere around level 3 and level 4.

    Wilford Warfstache 
Appears in: The Fall of Slenderman, The Warfstache Affair, Warfstache Plays: Slender, The Ned Affair, Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Interview, Warfstache Interviews Markiplier, A Date With Markiplier, Markiplier TV, Who Killed Markiplier?, Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache

He is currently a senior reporter for AFC News. He quickly became a rising star for his hard-hitting journalism after he interviewed Slender Man, and went on to interview Phone Guy, and Markiplier himself. While he was a senior reporter, he went on to host his own show Warfstache Tonight! which would later become a talk show. He also pitched an idea for "Markiplier TV" (in which he hosted the game show Disc of Riches in place of Bim Trimmer), but was turned down.

“Who Killed Markiplier” reveals his backstory: he is a former Colonel whose real name was William J. Barnum, until he tragically suffered a complete mental breakdown that led to him eventually changing his identity. After this event, he traveled across the world using many pseudonyms while hunted by Abe the Detective, and encountered him during what seems to be the 70's while under the name "Wilford Motherloving Warfstache". It is unclear how much later Wilford became a journalist.

  • Ambiguously Human: From his pink mustache to his "humble abode" which consists of a bizarre, psychedelic-looking pink-and-white vortex of clocks - Warfstache is definitely no normal person.
    • Even back when he was Col. Barnum, he seemed to have otherworldly abilities, though they were apparently limited to just teleportation and quick-change acts. IRL Mark also explained that in "Who Killed Markiplier?", Markiplier's plan to hijack the Colonel's body was not going to work, so the Manor manipulated him to hijack Damien and Celine's bodies instead.
  • Berserk Button: Wilford loses his temper twice in Five Nights At Freddy's: The Interview whenever "Phone Guy" dicks around and repeats the word "hello?".
    • The first time:
      Phone Guy: (after a long pause) Hellooo??
      Warfstache: MOTHERFU--!
      (cue a "please stand by" screen)
    • The second time:
      (after the studio lights are mysteriously cut out)
      Warfstache: Oh, what the bloody hell now?!
      (eerie creaking sounds are heard in the distance. Wilford sits there uneasily in silence)
      Phone Guy: Hello?
  • Backstory Horror: His murder sprees and serial adultery were Played for Laughs for a long time, until the events of "Who Killed Markiplier, where it's revealed that his zaniness is due to rather traumatic events in a haunted house that had to do with the loss of his friends and the Accidental Murder of the District Attorney (by his hands), though it isn't the fact that he killed the District Attorney that sends him off the deep end. It's the fact that they get back up. His serial adultery might stem from the fact that he, back when he was William, ran off with Mark's wife.
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Dastardly Whiplash: An odd variant of this, considering he wears pink and lively clothes and he has a pink mustache.
  • Decoy Protagonist: In Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstace. Sure, he's the title character, but the video focuses on Abe and his realization of the world that's the main focus.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: He scares Slender Man away when he tries to kill him, screaming at him "WARFSTACHE DON'T TAKE NO SHIT FROM NOBODY". Justified in that Wilford is an equally powerful (if not even more powerful) Reality Warper.
  • Fallen Hero: As revealed in “Who Killed Markiplier?”, he used to be an eccentric but somewhat sane person until all of his friends were killed and their bodies went missing, before finally witnessing the dead body of one of his friends, the District Attorney whom he accidentally murdered, coming back to life. This resulted in the trauma shattering his mind and leading him to no longer taking death seriously.
    • While he was briefly a junior reporter, he took his job seriously by trying to find out the truth about Slenderman. However, he later got distracted from his job by killing people.
  • Identity Amnesia: As "Who Killed Markiplier" reveals, Wilford used to be William Barnum before being driven insane by witnessing the DA resurrected in front of him, even though he'd kept careful watch over them for ten hours. His previous Trauma Conga Line, losing his former friend Mark, his best friend Damien, his past lover Celine, and accidentally murdering both the Detective and DA coupled with his mental break when they come back to life caused him to adopt the identity of "Wilford Warfstache". This is quite possibly Played for Drama when certain phrases or hints pop up related to his past, hinting there are some parts of William that carried over.
  • I Didn't Mean to Kill Him: Wilford says this in “The Ned Affair” after instinctively shooting Ned. He first uses this phrase when he killed the District Attorney, which was indeed an Accidental Murder.
  • Karma Houdini: He is wanted for murder after he was caught having an affair, and murdered an entire family, and murdered Markiplier with seemingly no repercussions. He still has his talk show and is able to become a game show host for “Disc of Riches”. Justified in that he's a Reality Warper, so who can really stop him?
  • Laughably Evil: Explicitly this when he kills Markiplier on his TV show.
  • Ladies and Germs: “... and other configurations of being”. Justified since he’s an Ambiguously Human Reality Warper.
  • Lunatic Loophole: An essential part of his origin story, and arguably what made him who he is. As Col. William he got caught up in Markiplier's supposed murder and the chaos that followed. Other than Markiplier and possibly the Detective he is the only survivor, (and the only one that never died in the first place) however the events drove him insane. Though he didn't leave unharmed, he did get to live on and have his own adventures as the lunatic he now is. He also survived his own manhunt in "The Warfstache Affair" and "The Ned Affair" mostly by accident, and presumably escaped Freddy in "Five Nights At Freddy's: The Interview" simply by being crazy enough. Though slightly downplayed, because he's also a Reality Warper, but there's no doubting he's insane enough to find his way out of sticky situations anyway.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: He might be silly and act stupid, but Wilford Warfstache has killed many people.
  • Obliviously Evil: He doesn't seem to understand why people keep dying around him.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Possibly intentional. To begin with, (most notably when he used to be Col. William Barnum), Wilford spoke with a distinct, upper-class English accent. Since then, his accent has changed to a slurred, yet aristocratic-sounding American accent. This is most likely due to his Sanity Slippage.
  • Reality Warper: As seen in "A Date With Markiplier", he can shift reality to his whim. He may be even more powerful than Darkiplier himself, considering Dark can only drag you into his world, and Wilford can make his world suddenly appear.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Warfstache was created in 1928, when Who Killed Markiplier? takes place. If we take Mark's age into account, William Barnum was born sometime in the year 1900. That means that he is nearly 120 years old, despite looking 29.
  • Reluctant Psycho: Downplayed, since it’s difficult to understand exactly what’s going on in Wilford’s head, but the narration in the Bubbles! section of "Markiplier TV" seems to imply that Wilford doesn’t kill people because he’s bloodthirsty. It would seem that he tends to believe the murders he commits are outside of his control/just a misunderstanding... until reality or his conscience periodically catches up with him. This theory is confirmed following the events of "Who Killed Markiplier?".
    Narrator: Are you constantly haunted by the ghosts of everyone you killed, and maybe you think it was you that was the problem, and maybe it wasn’t just a misunderstanding where you were trying to tickle them with a knife?
  • Serial Killer: From what we've seen so far, Wilford has murdered more than a few people. Detective Abe, the District Attorney, a husband and wife, their neighbour, a police officer, Markiplier himself, a contestant on Disc of Riches (and reportedly other contestants of the show in the past) and Septiplier.note 
  • Smarmy Host: Of his own talk show. Even before that, Warfstache's speaking style, according to Word of God, was half based on this trope. The other half was his stiffing his upper lip to keep the pink mustache from falling off.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache. He genuinely sorry for what he's done and wants to help Abe when he's nit able to make sense of the world around him.
    Abe: Am I crazy?
    Wilford: No! No-no. No, no, no, no! My friend, you are NOT crazy. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you are crazy.
  • Trauma Button: Largely downplayed, but the word "murderer", especially in reference to himself returns memories he lost and/or causes him to hesitate, cringe and nervously laugh. He reacts two times in "Wilford MOTHERLOVING Warfstache"
    • Once when Abe says it:
      Abe the Detective: "Name after name after name just to distance yourself from the real name you should be called: Murderer!"
      Wilford Warfstache: (After pausing confusedly, suddenly remembering) "Abe... Abe! Abe, it's been years!"
    • Once when he himself says it:
      Wilford Warfstache: "Just for tonight, let's forget about all the, th-the chasing and the killing, and the shooty-shooty bang bang, god you're a murderer! Ahuhuh…" (nervously chuckling and visibly disturbed, hesitating to continue)
      • This may have originated in "Who Killed Markiplier? - The Final Chapter". Abe accuses Colonel William of being a murderer before the Colonel denies it, murdering Abe. We see by Wilford's mental breakdown at the end of the video that he cannot understand or handle being responsible for death, so the word is likely attributed to the Detective and feelings of shame/madness.
        Abe the Detective: "Well, you're one to talk about friends, you MURDERER!"
        Colonel William: "I didn't kill anybody! This is MADNESS!"
  • Twisting the Words: When Slenderman confesses to him about wanting to teach children and visiting Jamaica, Wilford misconstrues it as Slenderman being a pedophile that is addicted to heroin.

Minor Alter Egos

S'ahhh, dude?!
Introduced in the skit “Google Gets An Upgrade”, he is presumably Bing’s counterpart to Googleplier.

  • Clone Degeneration: He tries to imitate Google’s self-duplication in “Google Gets An Upgrade” but only succeeds in making a smaller, higher-pitched version of himself.
  • Cool Shades: He wears a pair of bright orange sunglasses that highlight his casual and carefree nature.
  • Straw Loser: He’s set up as one in comparison to Google; for all his bragging about being better than Google, he’s not as efficient as him.
  • Totally Radical: He’s shown attempting to pull off a (fake-looking) skateboarding trick in the beginning and has a not-quite Surfer Dude style of speaking, presumably to look cool.

    Cyndago characters 
Mark portrayed these egos in collaboration with the now-defunct Cyndago channel. Since he does not have complete ownership over them, as well as out of respect for Daniel’s passing, Mark has stated that he will not be making videos featuring these characters in the near future. All of the egos listed below make cameos in “Markiplier TV” as homages.

The Author / The Host

Appears in: Danger In Fiction, Danger In Fiction | Chapter II

A renowned author with the power to make his stories come true. He serves as the main antagonist, The Author, in his debut series. A follow-up video where he presumably becomes The Host was supposed to be made, but it was later scrapped due to an April Fools' teaser receiving poor reception. Word of God has confirmed that they are the same person.

  • Author Powers: Downplayed in the Danger In Fiction series, where things get altered due to The Author's narrations.
  • Batter Up!: As The Author, he wield a baseball bat when confronting Ryan in Chapter II of Danger In Fiction. It was clear that he intended to use it as a means to hurt Ryan for his lack of cooperation.
  • Blind Seer: Downplayed in the fact that The Host is able to narrate the situation seconds before it happens. As for the blind part, he appears to have suffered a double dose of Eye Scream, and wears a bloodstained bandage to cover it up.
  • Conspicuous Trenchcoat: He wears a trenchcoat as The Host.
  • Eye Scream: Considering that The Author's eyes were fine before he became The Host, it's implied that something happened to them, though what exactly happened is up to interpretation.
  • Handicapped Badass: The Host is (presumably) blind, yet clearly has supernatural abilities of a sort.
  • Meaningful Rename: He changes his name from the Author to the Host when he realised that he was just playing host to the guests of his world instead of writing stories. Word of God later clarified that the name referred to a radio host - which lines up with the April Fools’ Day video briefly depicting him in a recording room with a microphone.
  • Motive Rant: In Danger In Fiction - Chapter II, he gives one to a tied-up Ryan, highlighting his Control Freak tendencies.
    The Author: You see, me...I'm an author. Writer of many bestsellers, I bet you read one. But unfortunately, over the years, My dozens of bestsellers have been stained and marred because your friend — the psycho — Daniel, is stuck in a mental institution. You see I've been given a gift; Whatever I write happens, and Daniel was the perfect subject. He cooperated. Unlike you. You see... cooperation is key, working together and believing in one another — that's essential. That's the thing you need to learn about this agreement that we have. So... what we're going to do is stay here, in this room, for however long it takes. For you. To learn. To COOPERATE!
  • Narration Echo: A downplayed and arguably creepier version happens in “Markiplier TV”. If you listen in the background during the boardroom scene, you can occasionally hear The Host off camera narrating events before they happen.
  • No Doubt the Years Have Changed Me: The Host looks so drastically different from The Author that Mark had to confirm that they were the same person.
  • Same Character, but Different: The character in “Markiplier TV” that is called 'the Host' is indeed the same as the Author from the “Danger In Fiction” videos, but sporting a very different look. Several fans needed confirmation that it was the same character.
  • Skunk Stripe: It's gold instead of white, but The Host has a stripe of hair that is a different colour than the rest of his hair.
  • Starting a New Life: A potential motivation for changing his name from The Author to The Host.
    Mark: The Author took up a new name when he realized that he wasn't actually writing the stories. He realized that he was just a host to the guests of his world.
  • Tears of Blood: In the April Fool's trailer, streaks of blood can be seen on The Host's face. The blood is absent in his appearance in “Markiplier TV".
  • Telepathy: Of the "communicate with them mentally" variety. Maybe. In the Danger In Fiction series, Ryan and Daniel were able to hear The Author's narrations without The Author being physically present.

Bim Trimmer

Debuted in: Hire My Ass

A TV host for a bizarre game show designed to hire new employees.

  • Black Comedy Cannibalism: He makes Matthias and Ryan participate in a burger-eating contest after Danny Sexbang jumps into a meat grinder, implying afterwards that said burgers were made from his remains.
  • Smarmy Host: A smooth-talking game show host whose love for Matthias causes him to treat Ryan poorly and to kill off Danny Sexbang.

Dr. Iplier

Debuted in: Worst News Doctor

  • Bearer of Bad News: Parodied in “Markiplier TV”, where his segments have him telling the patient outright that they’re dying.
  • Good News, Bad News: He tells Ryan that his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend Daniel, his dog got run over in the driveway, his parents got killed in a car crash, and that Ryan himself tested positive for STDs. The good news is that he doesn’t have diabetes!

Ed Edgar

Debuted in: Ed Edgar Adoptallott's Baby Bulk Buy

A Southern redneck who sells babies for a living.

Silver Shepherd

Debuted in: Super Infidelity

A Superhero.

  • Identity Amnesia: An extreme example. His superhero and civilian identities are completely separate and he doesn’t retain any memory of switching between them. When his sidekick Ibis points out that they’re the same person, Silver Shepherd doesn’t believe him.
  • Super Strength: He supposedly once “fisted a rhino”.
  • Two-Person Love Triangle: He finds out that his girlfriend Roxanne is cheating on him with his civilian self. Though it is implied at the end that she’s seeing a third person, supposedly another superhero.

    Jim & Jim / The Jim Twins 
Be very Jim!

A pair of brothers who inexplicably have the same name (Jim). Their debut in “Markiplier TV” depict them working as a newscaster and weather foreman respectively, while their second appearance(s) has them as a reporter and cameraman.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Reporter Jim from "Who Killed Markiplier" shorts is easily distracted by surrounding objects such as a "shooty" or the Detective, and goes on random rants when he encounters anything particularly new or interesting, rarely ending a train of thought sufficiently.
  • Intrepid Reporter: The Jims manage to get into Markiplier Mansion to investigate the murder. They mess around at the scene where the body was found, use an ouija board to try and commune with spirits, find the detective’s office, and attempt to enact the murder scene. All while going unnoticed by the occupants of the house - except for the Detective, who noticed them and tried to chase them off.
  • Silly Walk: Reporter Jim employs one resembling a mix between a waddle and a crabwalk in the “Who Killed Markiplier”-related shorts, with some variations such as dragging his lower half of his body on the floor.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: In contrast to the increasingly dramatic “who-dunnit” murder mystery of “Who Killed Markiplier”, the videos involving the Jims are purely comedic in nature.
  • Wiki Walk: In their "Who Killed Markiplier?" shorts reporter Jim constantly diverges into his own theories, gets distracted by his surroundings, and informs everyone about the Jims' family lives purely through his own trail of imagination when he's supposed to be investigating a murder.

    King of the Squirrels
I'm the King of the Squirrels
While he is based off “The King of the Squirrels” videos, his first formal appearance is in “Markiplier TV”.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: His appearance in “Markiplier TV” involves him running past the office where the other egos are having their meeting, coming in and introducing himself before running off again.

    Harold B. Darrensworth
A member of the Organization Watching Over Suspicious Entertainers Notoriously Pushing Alternative Ideals.

    Eric Derekson
Buy Today, and you'll have a good day!
A clothing advertiser for the December 1st "Stand up to Cancer" charity livestream.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: All of his brothers died in a tragic bus accident.
  • Fragile Flower: He's probably the most sensitive character Mark has portrayed.
  • Kitschy Local Commercial: The green screen on his ads often fails, and he wears a green sweater in front of a green screen, which causes the shirt to become transparent along with the background.
  • Nervous Wreck: Breaks down in tears trying to sell a pair of pants.
  • Slogans: Attempts to make some, but he almost always fumbles his words due to how nervous he is.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Feels like he has to live up to his deceased brothers in order to impress his dad.
  • Western Zodiac: Mentions in one of his advertisements that he's a Libra.

    Derek Derekson 
A clothing advertiser for the December 1st "Stand up to Cancer" charity livestream.

    Randall Vorhees
Eyyy, I'm walkin' here!
A clothing advertiser for the December 1st "Stand up to Cancer" charity livestream.
  • Big Applesauce: Has a thick Yorker accent, and all of his advertisements take place somewhere in New York.

A Santa Claus-esque ego

  • Blatant Lies: Tries to convince people that he isn't Santa Claus despite it being obvious that he is.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: States that he was the original ego, and is angry that he isn't getting the attention he believes he deserves.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Downplayed. He puts Wilford and Googleplier on the naughty list, but also puts Darkiplier on the nice list.
  • Implausible Deniability: His Bio states that he's "Definitely Not Santa" and that he's "seriously some other guy", despite being dressed as Santa and appearing in the December 1st livestream, right around Christmastime.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Exaggerated. His only attempts to conceal his identity, despite all the evidence that proves who he is, is to 1) Add a text box saying that he definitely isn't Santa, 2) Pixellate the area around his face (which doesn't follow his face when he needs to pick up his hat when he drops it), and 3) to simply say he isn't Santa.
  • Secret Identity: Tries to make this the case, but it's overwhelmingly apparent that he's Santa even with the measures he's taken to keep his identity a secret.

Other Characters that Mark has come up with

    The Crazed Butt-Stabber 
A serial killer whose modus operandi involves stabbing his victims in the butt. He's considered to be at large. Various killers in games Mark has played have been labelled as the Butt-Stabber.

    One-Shot Characters 


A severed arm of a cannibal woman that Mark took as a companion during his playthrough of The Forest.
  • Companion Cube: He discovered her usefulness for clearing brush and small trees accidentally, and took a liking to her. He then took to her, giving her a name and personality.

The Mad Forest Puncher

Another serial killer in the vein of The Crazed Butt-Stabber, who roams the forest, seeking to punch them to death.
  • Body-Count Competition: Implied to have one with the Butt-Stabber. Given he's only shown up in Mark's Let's Play of H1Z1, it's unlikely that he'll ever catch up.

Forrest Byrnes

The mascot of the United States Forest Service. He frequently spoke with Mark / Henry about his dark past.
  • Companion Cube: An inanimate cardboard cutout, that Mark bestowed a personality on.
  • Obviously Evil: In Mark's eyes. He does look veeeeery creepy, so it's justified.

    Stan the Water Man 
A man who after having his wife divorcing him and ending up in a coma, decided to go out and make a name for himself as a water delivery man.
  • Cannot Talk to Women: According to Stan, women usually don’t talk to him because they’re too busy vomiting and/or running away.
  • The Determinator: No matter what stands in his way, Stan will deliver water to the good people of San Andreas.
  • Generation Xerox: Stan’s love of water seems to run in the family, as indicated by his son, Roy the Waterboy.
  • Hearing Voices: The audience acts as this for Stan sometimes. They tell him to do things like beat up a coffee machine.
  • Odd Friendship: He ends up forming a friendship with a very friendly crack dealer named Jimmy with whom he shares many misadventures with.
  • Unusual Euphemism: A RunningGag between Stan and Jimmy is that when engaging in illegal activity, Stan will code valuables as various foods leaving Jimmy very confused.
  • Voice of the Legion: Taking oxycontin causes him to temporarily develop a deep, reverberating voice (and a matching deranged attitude) that freaks Jimmy out.

    Tiny Box Tim 
A sentient wooden crate Mark found his playthrough of "Amnesia: A Late Night Drink". Since then, he's gone on all kinds of adventures with Mark and frequently appears as his companions in fan games.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: He's a small crate that is also alive. He eventually gained a face and hands through fanart, which was later made canon.
  • Companion Cube: A literal example in the original playthrough, although retcons have been made to establish him as always having been sentient.
  • True Companions: With Mark. Whenever Mark faces trouble, Tiny Box Tim is always at his side.

    The Markiplier Games Contestants

A collection of 12 "fighters" consisting of cursed images designed to give Mark's fanbase something to do while he drove home from Cincinnati to Los Angeles.

Tropes Applying to all characters
  • Achilles' Heel
  • Expy: They and their game exist as a parody of The Hunger Games and their contestants
  • Enemy Mine: There will be times where contestants work together against the remaining contestants. At least half of all the contestants have had alliances.

Hailing from Ohio. He went to school. He works as a streamer and YouTube. All around great guy. Probably going to die first.

Came in 4th

Hailing from the district of GREAT THIRST. Chug-a-lug is fueled by many milk. Fights for milk.

Came in 9th

  • Achilles' Heel: Unmilkable enemies
  • Big Eater: Well, more of a big drinker, but Chug-a-lug drank an entire lake to thwart his pursuers, as well as drinking his way out of an entire well.

Hailing from heaven. Doggod could wipe out all of existence with a single woof. Is a good girl.

Came in 3rd

Hailing from your district Transylvania. Created using parts source from many different bodies. Has a freakish wingspan of 6’6” despite only being 6’1”!!

Came in 7th

GROMP unhappy. GROMP no like sunlight. GROMP no need team mates. GROMP tired. GROMP murder other people. GROMP gonna won. GROMP hungry.

Came in 5th

  • Achilles' Heel: GROMP.note 
  • Black Comedy Cannibalism: Offers to dispose of The BWAAAAAA's body, and later seems full and content despite not given food. Put 2 and 2 together and you can tell what happened.
  • Celibate Hero: Well, not really a hero, per se, but they are effectively immune to seduction, which allows them to kill the Kinkster.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Attempts to eat random meat, eyeballs, and his own foot. At the end of his run, he tries to eat Doggod's leg and ends up getting killed by Doggod.
  • Grumpy Bear
  • I Work Alone: States in his bio that he doesn't need teammates.
  • Perpetual Frowner

The Kinkster
Hailing from your darkest dreams. The kinkster will seduce you with his nipples to lull you into a fall sense of insecurity. When provoked, unleashes the kink source to become kinkier than you could possibly imagine.

Came in 8th

  • Achilles' Heel: Shame
  • Enemy Mine: Formed an alliance with Mr. Lips against the rest of the contestants, but Mr. Lips ended it quickly after The Kinkster tried to "test the true capacity of those luscious lips."
  • Improbable Weapon User: Attacks using nipple clamps.

Hailing from the isle of dog. MAUL-iver uses her uncanny speed and uncanny BITE to take down her opponents. Fights for MEAT.

Came in 11th

Mr. Lips
Hailing from district 23 and a half. Mr. Lips smacks his way to victory using a unique blend of tae-kwon-do and lip gloss. Fights for a nose job.

Came in 2nd

The Peepr
Hailing from district 37. The peepr uses his uncanny ability to peep from behind various objects to sneak up on his opponents. Fights for vouyers rights.

Came in 10th

  • Achilles' Heel: Bright Lights
  • Enemy Mine: Formed an alliance with Mr. Lips against the rest of the contestants until their death.
  • Eye Scream: Had is eyes poked out by Frankenlypto, which ended up killing him
  • The Sneaky Guy: Has the uncanny ability to peep in on its opponents.
  • Weakened by the Light: While not evil, it states in his bio that his weakness is bright lights.

Hailing from underneath your bed. Smupmy watches you when you sleep. Smumpy is also watching you right now. Smumpy knows when you sneeze. Smumpy is in your house right now.

Came in 12th

No one knows where The Bwaaaaaa originally hails from but currently works as a taxi driver in New York City. Always angry. Always horny.

Came in 6th

Hailing from the police district, wee woo always arrives just after he’s needed. An encyclopedic understanding of every law known to man. Not going to help in this lawless place.

Came in 1st


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