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    Worms Armageddon 
The Worms Armageddon videos are rife with these. They're basically gigantic improv comedy sessions, set to the gameplay.
  • Perhaps the most prominent funny moment comes from the third Melee Massacre match. The lesson everyone playing learns is: "Do not give Cutman Mike access to infinite Ninja Ropes". Mike ends up grabbing Armageddon on the first turn and unleashes it right away, killing twelve worms, including three of his own.
    • Even better: later, it's revealed he also got carpet bombs from the other crate he gathered.
      Pink: Mike, did you seriously get two superweapons from the same crate shower?
      Cutman Mike: *beat* Uh, maybe...
  • Melee Massacre #2: A little over halfway through the match, Pink grabs a 2*Damage crate, then decides to use a Kamikaze move, which rapidly proves very effective when she not only hits two worms she passes through, but the bigger explosion at the end blows up a crate and a flame barrel which deals massive damage to the worms in the area. After the dust settles, two worms are dead (not counting the sacrificed worm), and a bunch more are hurting. As if to comment on the carnage, Roahm's worms declared "It was foretold by Gyromancy."
    Roahm: I-I don't think gyromancy saw that one coming, I'm sorry. Not unless the message spelled was "AAAAAAAH!"
  • From Part Two of the first Massive Multiplayer match: On his previous turn, Mike had used Invisibility. When his next turn rolled around, his still-invisible team went crate hunting: mundane actions made better by the noisiness of Mordekaiser.
  • Any time Pink kills an enemy worm with the Prod.
  • Rock n Ruin #1: Pink and the others are trying to reach a secluded area where one of Shagg's worms is hiding out, only to mess up in some form or another and leading Pink to declare "So much failure!". Meanwhile Shagg, by hir own admission, is eating pizza and smiling. This turns out to be one of the few matches s/he wins on camera.
  • Stupid Bird #1: Cutman Mike situates one of his worms in an alcove, aims a Homing Pigeon at a target on the other side of the map, fires... and the Pigeon promptly explodes in his worm's face, sending it into the water. The normally unflappable Mike is left completely exasperated by this.
  • Stupid Bird #3: For this match, Pink decided to experiment and see what would happen if the Homing Pigeons were cranked up to the highest power allowed in the scheme editor. The end result is chaos as worms are launched in all directions on each turn, resulting in the shortest recorded match to date.
  • Stupid Bird #4: Poor Roahm just had horrible luck with the Homing Pigeons in this game. The game starts with Roahm accidentally killing one of his own worms with a shot that failed to negotiate a turn properly. All but one of his remaining worms proceed to get killed by the other players' birds before his second turn begins. In said second turn, the bird flies back in his face, leaving his one remaining worm at low health. His third turn finally has him shoot a bird where he wants it to go, but his fourth turn has his bird fly into the water, and his fifth turn has the bird fly back again to kill him.
  • Windy Wonder #3:
    • This match introduces Roahm's Silent Hill and Mike's Mordekaiser voice packs. The latter, much like the "Yoink" example elsewhere in this section, becomes funny through sheer repetitiveness. "I like my—I like my—I like my..."
    • At one point, most of the players growl loudly in unison with Mordekaiser after one of Mike's worms accidentally takes damage. Cybil Bennett chooses that moment to chime in with "Must be on drugs."
    • Not to mention that in this setting, Mordekaiser's Badass Baritone is blatant Testosterone Poisoning compared to the other voice packs.
    • After Roahm introduces the Silent Hill pack, "gyromancy" becomes a running gag, especially where the Holy Hand Grenade is involved.
  • Zooka Power #4: As established in Melee Massacre #3, Cutman Mike is known in Pink's videos for having good skill with ninja ropes. Pink invokes his name when trying to rope onto a platform... but misses entirely and drops into the drink. The others muse that Mike makes a terrible spirit guide.
  • Chufty Champions #3: The match turns into Ham-to-Ham Combat between Mordekaiser and Harbinger.
  • Jetpack Jamboree #4. Shagg gets hold of a Girder Starter Pack and decides to plant them all around one of the stage objects.
    Shagg: Smug sheep is an endangered species and must be preserved.
    • These girders also happen to be placed around one of Roahm Mythril's worms, DOORREPAIR. It's too small for him to get out by a few pixels.
    Roahm: Really? Really? Really? (everyone else starts cracking up) Really? SHAGG. REALLY?
    Shagg: You said "pay me for the door repair," and I did the next best thing, okay? God! I didn't have Rupees, I just had girders lying around... it's a hobby.
    • And the whole ridiculous scenario comes to a head when Roahm launches a mole at the worm responsible for his misery, right through the sheep that Shagg was "protecting."
    DOORREPAIR: Let us make merry fellows!
  • Pink sings the praises of Draven, going so far as to start a joke religion for him in the videos. "He is your Lord and Savior."
    • "Yoink. Yoink. Yoink." [everyone except Shagg (who doesn't have the Draven voice pack installed) starts laughing]
    • In Melee Massacre #7, Pink credits Draven for the save when an uppercut inexplicably passes through one of her worms without harming it.
  • Countdown Catastrophe #1 starts with everyone having one worm on the bottom left side lined up as if following the leader... Except for raocow.
    raocow: Oh man, what? Why can't I go there?

     Zelda:A Link to the Past 
Later that episode...
Pink: So guys, do you like circles?
Shagg: Not as much as I like Link Between Worlds.

    The Great Video Game Race 
The Great Video Game Race series is loaded with those. And with Shagg, Kit, and Roahm (along with Chompie for Kirby's Adventure), it's only natural that there will be hijinx. To list some examples:
  • In V, Shagg falls victim to some spikes. Then...
    Shagg: You'll make this look better in post, right?
    Pink (post production): (inverts the colors of Shagg's side) Does this count?
  • Shagg reading aloud the text as it appears during Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 4. With the slow text speed in 5, and the text going quickly in 4...
  • In Kirby's Adventure, each time Pink brings up facing the lion miniboss, Chompie brings up "Jesus Christ, it's a lion! Get in the car!".
  • Zach crashing the recording in 4.
  • In 4, Kit bringing attention to his use of Rush Marine.
  • In 3, on Kit's side, Doc!Wood Man fired the Leaf Shield the wrong way.
  • The Kirby Super Star series has several hilarious quotes (most often from Shagg).
    • Shagg on changing power-ups in this game: "Is there a way to get rid of your power without summoning an idiot?"Answer 
    • After Dyna Blade was finished off, Shagg made a comment about Whispy Woods paying child support.
    • Prior to the beginning of Great Cave Offensive:
      Roahm: So this time we're playing the most difficult of the games in Kirby Super Star: Stereo Mono!
    • Shagg's rage quit via forcing a Game Over in Great Cave Offensive, and discusses that Kirby is now sealed inside the moon for a thousand years. Then Roahm brings up Skull Kid bringing down the moon, then "HIIII!"
    • In Revenge of Meta-Knight, Roahm's rather... well-timed death. The Eagle was screaming "What happened?" just as he died. He brings this up with the others.
    • Also in Revenge of Meta-Knight, Shagg using Paint ability on Heavy Lobster. Hir reactions to the fight going poorly for hir as a result are all hilarious (as s/he is simultaneously amused and bemused at how badly things are going)...and then s/he notices the boss has a time limit that is close to expiring (and in fact does expire on hir). For the rest of the race, s/he refuses to let hirself live down hir decision to "paint dat lobster!".
    • The ending of Revenge of Meta-Knight, when insurance is discussed for the Halberd. Then insuring the Wheelie was brought up, and...
      Roahm: Then you talk to Flo and you get one of their bundles.

     Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin 
  • In part 27 of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, she speeds up footage of weapon grinding, as four subweapons needed to be mastered. At one point, the footage was grayscaled and narrative text appeared, as if a story was told, and cheerful music plays in the background. As she continues, she plays around even more with the video itself, ranging from flipping the video to a kaleidoscope effect to various filters, for humor value.
    Roahm: We let Pink get into her digital box of crayons, and this is what happened.
    • Also in the same video, Pink when playing contemplated between the Salamander scroll and the Master Ringnote . Both cost 200,000 gold each, and she can afford only one of them. Guess what she chooses to buy first. Her post-production self lampshades how much of an idiot she was when she chose the Salamander scroll over the Master Ring.
    • Pink uses different music tracks from Super Mario RPG to add to the silliness. At one point, she uses "Docaty Mountain Railroad", which Roahm notes is a good track for smacking mannequins with planksnote .
    • Since the weapon grinding was done in a room occupied by several minotaurs, there are numerous jokes regarding the fact that Pink will never run out of beef again. One Youtube commenter noted that from all the monsters she killed, Pink got over 534,000 pounds of meat, but could only carry 100 pounds back to the wagon.
  • In part 31, she criticizes Doppelgänger!Jonathan for an inferior Showtimenote . As she had the Mastered version and the doppelganger didn't, hers was larger and more powerful. Wait a minute...

    Super Mario Sunshine 
  • Many of the Hilarious Outtakes could qualify, though one that takes the cake is one in Ricco Harbor with slipup-induced fall damage.
    • One outtake in part 13 has a Cataquack get launched by a Dune Bud, then land on Mario. Pink then plays around with that clip, MLG highlights-style to emphasize it. And in the video's stinger? She plays the clip AGAIN, with the colors inverted, the picture spinning, and AIR HORNS playing. All with the caption "KIT MADE ME DO IT!"
    • In the lone outtake in Part 24, Shadow Mario apparently gave Mario a shoryuken as interpreted by Pink, Mike, and Kit.
  • During one of the Ricco Harbor episodes with Neo and Kit, Neo makes a comment about how he's going to get his lawyers. However, because of his thick Mexican accent, it comes out sounding a little different...
    Neo: [through laughter, and while Pink cracks up] SCREW YOU, MAN!
  • Shagg wanting Pink to take the faster Bloopernote  to surf on so there would be outtakes for that mission. Or rather, so that there would be bloopers.
  • The Wiggler fight in part 10. There was so much nonsense she along with her guest commentators Chompie and Roahm lost it, to the point where a beat occurs after the boss was defeated.
  • Pink's method to scaling a grassy hill, as shown during Gelato Beach: have Mario belly slide it upwards. One guest commentator compared the action to a Roomba.
  • She goes for a swim in part 11, but first grabs some bananas to take with her. Because for some reason, the fish will leave you alone if you go in the water while carrying fruit. Or as Pink puts it: "If you're holding onto fruit, the fish is not able to actually gobble at you!" Roahm completely cracks up a couple seconds after she finishes saying this.
    • "So we're gonna take these bananas, and we're gonna go see the world!" Pink declares. It really does look ridiculous seeing Mario swimming around while carrying bananas that are literally as big as he is, as they point out. "This is a lot of effort to not get dragged 2 feet down to the sea floor by a fish," Chompie observes. A big fish swims up to Mario and then swims away. "Oh. You've got bananas..." Roahm says as the fish, sounding bitterly disappointed. Then the bananas in Mario's arms start to flicker!
    Pink: OH NO! THE BANANAS!!!
    [Bananas disappear]
    Roahm: The banana shield is gone!
  • Shagg raises the question of why there are Piantas in the Secret of the Village Underside. Neo helpfully provides an answer.
    Neo: This is the Void. And these people are tree people!
    Shagg: Oh yeah, trees live in the Void.
  • Really, the entirety of Pink, Mike and Shagg's discussion regarding boats in Part 32.
    Mike: So um… so the pachinko machine Shine, that’s when the intern came in to develop a level, or you know, develop a Shine. Now, this one was when SATAN came in for a day.
    Shagg: Bring the Devil to Work Day! Everyone’s favorite... holiday...
    Pink: It was just like, “Hey guys, I don’t think this game has enough evil influence, let me… Let me just design one of these ‘Shine’ things…”
    Pink: Well, I mean tedium IS pretty evil…
    Mike: They’re all like “Hello mister Satan, sir… w-what would you like for your level?” And he’s like… “How about some… boats?“ And the whole office trembles, “No!”
    Shagg: Maniacal laughter, lightning in the background, et cetera.
    Shagg: Hall of the Mountain King begins playing or something.
    (brief discussion of Yoshi’s juice meter; they reach the checkpoint platform)
    Shagg: There is a banana SPECIFICALLY for this purpose, apparently.
    Pink: Yup! That banana exists and will keep respawning…
    Mike: Respawns? Satan, WHY? That’s so weird!
    Shagg: This is where we need a picture of Satan, like, holding a banana and staring at the camera.
    Pink: “This Shine will drive you absolutely BANANAS!
    Shagg: Satan is really good at awful puns. I should know. (beat) I don’t know why I should know, maybe I’m actually the devil.
  • This exchange in the Ricco Harbor blue coin video.
    Kit: "It's time! For YOSHI'S! FRUIT! ADVENTURE!"
    Shagg: "Finally! After ten minutes!"
    Kit: "Well, actually we're just gonna be eating butterflies, sorry."
    Kit: "Yeah! Lying is FUNNY! Try it on your children!"
    • Kit has historically been The Quiet One (in older videos by Shagg and in Pink's streams, he often sounded bored and/or sleepy), so his sudden bursts of energy and enthusiasm in the Super Mario Sunshine videos are both refreshing and hilarious. Especially in this episode, with lines like "Look at this slacker!", "YOSHI'S FRUIT ADVENTURE!", and the aforementioned "Lying is FUNNY!"
    • Kit CONTINUES to have some of the best commentary in his appearances in the various Blue Coin videos.
    Kit: That blue coin just just a harmless starfish, sitting on the ground and waiting to be evolved into a Starmie with its Water Stone."
    Kit: [in a bizarre accent] "I spent THOITY years makin' that blue coin, and you just come and take it from me?
    Kit: "Yes, what I will do is stack my children on top of myself. This will accomplish, dot-dot-dot question mark."
    • And then there's this particular exchange, after a blue coin lands on a Noki NPC's model.
    Kit: "Um... so, Mario's going to have to encroach on that woman's personal space, to take that coin from basically her butt, she's probably going to call the police, and [Bling!] Oh! Oh! You touched it, you're going to jail, Mario. [Mario sprays the Noki while going after another blue coin] Look, you're GOING TO JAIL! You're a criminal, and you've already BEEN a criminal, so you're going to double jail!
    Shagg: Triple jail! Quadrajail! Pentajail!
    Kit: Yeah, I guess so. But Mario is a criminal.
  • While collecting blue coins in Sirena Beach, Mike was expecting outtakes. Pink responds by taking the blue coin being used for screen transitions, and says this.
    "Blue coins, Mike. There's only disappointment in blue coins. That's why they're blue. They're the color of sadness!" (blue coin gets a sad face on it)
  • In the finale, most of the co-comms returned. Except for raocow, who apparently needs a complex summoning ritual that can be done once in a blue moon.
    • Also in the finale, Pink showed a final blooper reel consisting of the "greatest hits" of the project's bloopers.

     Metroid Prime 
  • In Episode 1, Pink, Kit, and Shagg poke fun at how the scan can identify how a space pirate died. They then muse other things the visor could tell them, like family history of violence, cancer, and after mentioning how the game is "progressive scan compatible", sexual orientation.

    Jackbox Games 
  • In a round of Fibbage during a livestream, another user joins in with "Nyanstan" while Nyanstan was also in the game. The real Nyanstan dropped, though, after the game began.
  • During any of the Jackbox-related games, Pink reads off the answers that everyone else had made in relation to the category. So, when the last round's question of the game Quiplash is "make up a word that means 'making up a word'...."
  • Any time there's a Running Gag for answers in Jackbox Games. For example, some Quiplash runs had bees, whales in cakes, politicians, used car salesmen, Betty White, and many others.
    • A set of Fibbage 2 had Onii-chan as a lie in some questions.
  • During the first run of Fibbage 2, some players had joke names, including those in the call. This includes, but not limited to: Roahm&Cheese (Roahm Mythril) NeoMettaton (Neogandwatch), Gutsmanmike (Cutman Mike), Shaggiraffe (Shagg), and Kit Boulder (Kit). In one game Roahm joins with the name Load Chaud.

  • When Pink started EarthBound, she had an amusing choice of names:
    • Ness: TOAST
    • Paula: 90's
    • Jeff: Xario
    • Poo: Onion
    • King: A Dog!
    • Favorite food: BAGEL
    • Coolest thing: WHALE
    • Later on, Ness' name makes the whole sequence in Magicant showing Ness being named as a baby hilarious.
  • Later, she manages to suffer a Total Party Kill from…… the Clumsy Robot. To explain, the Clumsy Robot has 4 out of 5 of its actions on the A.I. Roulette do absolutley nothing. Pink was just unlucky enough to have it actually attack twice. Pink beat most of the harder areas in the game with no trouble, and yet loses to what's supposed to be a Zero-Effort Boss!
  • Some time after that, she encounters Shrooom! The boss fight that results… is rife with shenanigans. The boss poisons itself and has occasionally healed the party members, while the HP-sucker made its user absorb his own HP... She does defeat it, while everyone questioned what they just saw.

  • When Pink brings up the Autobots vs. Decepticons Splatfest, she mentioned how only one thing matters. Cue Pink shifting over to her computer to show a montage of Megatron, from Beast Wars, saying "Yes."
    • It immediately gets followed up with the majority of the chat coming up with jokes asking Megatron different things, and having Megatron's answer be anything that rhymes with "Yes," with the word having their last vowel drawn out.

    The Binding Of Isaac 
  • One run of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ended with Pink having antigravity high-rate toxic scythes, and she goes nuts with it.
  • Another run of Afterbirth has her get Jera, Car Battery, and Blank Card. She quickly breaks the game quadrupling items, like batteries, bombs, chests, and, later, golden chests, filling up entire rooms with duplicated items. This gets so bad that, in the chest, she ends up going through the whole gold chest items pool and getting breakfast in the gold chests.
    • Even better, she ends up duplicating "One Makes You Small" pills. If not for the creep she's generating, she would be invisible: she got the character that small!


  • During a March livestream, she winds up playing Mario Paint. She gets into the coloring book, then Hilarity Ensues. Here's the whole segment, then the masterpiece itself. Due to its craziness, many viewers in the chat suspected that she was under the influence.
  • During a Cookie Stream, Shagg checks TV Tropes and finds Pink's page. S/he reads the subpages associated with Pink. Yes, even this one. Bonus points for Pink reenacting some of the moments he reads.
  • A Surprise Stream occured in which Pink and co. play Duck Game, and due to the game's hilarious nature, the shenanigans were on par with those from the Worms Armageddon series. Even funnier: she titled the stream "Quack! Qu-qu-qu-quack! Quack quack! (Quack)".note 
  • During an online stream of Smash Bros for the Wii U, Pink (as Little Mac) does an uppercut to two of her online friends - which immediately caused the game to suddenly lag incessantly and result in a "No Contest". This resulted in Pink and the chat to claim that Pink punched out the game.
  • Her Pacifist run of Undertale on Twitch has her encounter with Lesser Dog. As she constantly pets it, everyone in the chat lost it as the dog's neck grew longer and longer. Then some time after the battle, she comes across a place with several snowdogs with elongated necks...
    • From the same stream, she repeatedly breaks into hysterics when dealing with the hot-blooded Undyne. Throughout the latter half of the game, in part because of all the phone calls Pink makes to her and Papyrus, she finds it increasingly difficult to stop laughing.
    • "Help! I have a phone call to the idiot hotline!"
  • During her Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All streams, Pink whips out a FOOL counter to tally the number of times Franziska von Karma used the word "fool". The first stream ended with 47, while the second stream added 40 more. The third stream added 5 to the count, making the overall total 92.
    • On top of that, in the third stream, a Finger-Waggle count was created for Miles Edgeworth, to tally the amount of times he waggled his index finger. Final count is 20.
  • During a Phantasy Star Online 2 stream, Pink goes off to take a break for a bit, with the stream in intermission. One member in the chat asks Chompie if she can take over the stream and turn it into a karaoke stream. Pink caught word of it as she comes back. The discussion about this goes on for some time.
  • Just after reaching Lorule in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Pink finishes up the video and gives an outro... and gets interrupted by an offscreen Hinox tossing a bomb at her. She then immediately murders it and every other monster on the screen in frustration. She ends with an exasperated "Catch you next time."
  • Episode 19 of A Link Between Worlds has post production shenanigans:
    • In the Cucco cave, screen transitions are accompanied by a pixel Cucco.
    • The batter minigame is fast forwarded, with bird hits zoomed in followed by sound effects. Even funnier, Pink reminds her future self to do some editing after the first go.
      PP!Pink: [angry expression] "YOU DON'T SAY?!"
  • During a livestream of A Link to the Past randomizer, Pink added in random entrances. She eventually ends up entering a cave in Death Mountain fairly early on... And walks into the eye laser room of Turtle Rock. Repeatingly.
  • During her stream of A Hat in Time, some viewers sent some bits (a means of supporting a streamer on Twitch) during the stream. Some were a little too generous with their bits, breaking Pink in the process.
  • When Pink streams, she has an outro in which she plays some The Tick sound clips followed by an explosion.
  • Occasionally, Pink plays some other music when playing A Link to the Past randomizers. As a result, there are times when the music player becomes psychic and plays the perfect song for what's going on. Here's one instance in which she checks the pedestal to find a mail upgrade, while "You Got Mail" music from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door chimes in.
  • Pink's Sequence Break during a part of Hollow Knight allowed her to obtain the Shade Soul before getting a key for it. Her reaction sells it.
  • During Pink's first playthrough of an Ocarina of Time randomizer, it was discovered that in addition to items, certain sounds were randomized as well. Among other things, this resulted in Navi's "Hey!" being replaced with an understated "mweep". From that point on, the chat started echoing the sound whenever it was heard.
  • During a stream in which she plays viewer-submitted levels on Super Mario Maker 2, one of the submitted levels was Suplex Tower. She goes to town with the wrestling MC-style commentary to fit the mood as she curb-stomps her foes.


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