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The birth of My Balls...

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  • The origins of MAH BALLS:
    Lucahjin: We can choose her name...
    (They see that the game only lets you choose from a set of predetermined names for the horse)
    Lucahjin: Are you serious?!
    JoshJepson: Lucahjin. I hate all of these names.
    Lucahjin: I don't like these names. I'm, um, let me think...well, we could name the horse..."Vagisil" for Tyler but, I'm gonna name Barbie's friend "Vagisil" instead...
    JoshJepson: Okay (laughs)
    Lucahjin: So I'm gonna name the horse... (deep breath) ...MY BALLS!
    ("My Balls" text appears over preset name, both of them crack up)
    • A bit later, when they manage to jump an obstacle...
      Barbie: Good girl, Belle.
      Lucahjin: What? That is not her name! Her name is MAH BALLS! (beat) Good girl, Mah Balls!
      JoshJepson: Good gir...(breaks down laughing)
  • At the very end of the game, they are awarded with a foal, which Lucah names "My Penis". When they move on to Barbie's Wild Horse Rescue, My Penis becomes the main character, resulting in even more innuendos than the first game.
    • Not to mention all of the other horse names they (and the fans) come up with.
  • Josh and Lucah's shared reaction to the horse-cleaning minigame.
  • Barbie's Horse Adventure Riding Camp: Jon's reading out some of the game text
    • Them initially treating the game as if it's like World of Warcraft
    • Jon keeps trying to get the horse to jump on the human NPCs.
    • Their reaction to Barbie having "tank controls".
    • Their reactions to the campy bad voice acting, and that everyone keeps asking Barbie to do things for them that they could/should do themselves.
    • Jon and Lucah keep trying to jump the horse off of cliffs.
    • The horse's names were Tardy, Rambo, Col. Sanders, Satan (pronounced 'Sateen'), and Barack Obama.
    • They see "TRG" in the credits and declare that The Runaway Guys made this game!
  • When playing Barbie: Dreamhouse Party on a stream, she paused the game near the end of a dancing-themed minigame. The game paused... except for the heads of Barbie and co. The results are a thing of beauty.
  • Episode 2 of Barbie & The Three Musketeers gets one before the video is even posted, as Lucah revealed on Twitter that at some point during the video Bagel skids across the desk and stops the recording.
  • In "Barbie & The Three Musketeers" Lucah takes the "Musk" part of Musketeers seriously and names the three Musketeers after various kinds of musk giving us "Axe Body Spray/Listerine, Cool Ranch, and Elon Musk"

    Paper Mario 
Original Game
  • The voice she does for Raphael the Raven in episode 39.
  • Any time several new characters are introduced at once and she has to quickly come up with different voices for all of them, especially with the penguins in episode 53.
  • Her reaction to the Ice/Crystal King. She beat him in one sitting.
  • In the Final Boss fight in episode 67, Bowser gets his power boosted and grows to giant size as well as having a Power Glows aura (which Lucah interprets as stink lines) and then he uses the Star Rod to become invincible, causing him to flash with rainbow colours...
    Lucah: Oh no! Now he's big, ugly, smelly, and at a rave!

Thousand-Year Door
  • Her Mood Whiplash reaction to the title screen in the first episode:
    Lucahjin: I see Mario! I see Peach! I see Kammy! ...WHO THE HELL ARE THOSE OTHER PEOPLE?!
  • The Running Gag of claiming that all women associated with Rogueport are actually male.
    • Another Running Gag is Lucah's constant renaming of characters. Lord Crump becomes Lord Dump, Koops becomes Poops, Grodus becomes Scrotum, Hooktail becomes Hookertail etc.
  • Lucah constantly calling Goombella a 'judgmental bitch' for, well, making pretty much the same kinds of comments as Lucah herself does.
    • She later switches to calling her "Ms. No-Arms".
  • Randomly giving Hooktail a French accent, and then not knowing what voice to give Madame Flurrie because she doesn't appear on screen at first, so going through French, British, Australian and Southern Belle voices.
  • There's a minor running gag about Flurrie's missing necklace being anal beads which comes roaring to the fore once Lucah gets it back:
    Lucahjin: (reading the description) ...Flurrie's favorite necklace. That's just great. I will never unsee that.
  • Her reaction to Flurrie when she finally appears. The whole last 5 minutes of that video, Lucah is laughing uncontrollably, messing up her commentary because of how funny she finds Flurrie to look.
    Lucahjin: Is this for real?
  • In part 20, due to pressing buttons too fast, she accidentally skips through a conversation option and ends up paying off a guard she had intended to fight for experience instead, much to her chagrin.
  • Her utter glee in episode 24 when the newly hatched Yoshi Kid asks for a name and she finds there are just enough spaces to fit in "My Balls". "This was meant to be!"
  • In episode 27, she responds to a multitude of fans spoiling the poisoned cake by enacting her spoiler policy and doing the opposite of what they say. She eats the cake and loses the following fight as a result, continuously reminding the fans that it is their fault.
  • In episode 34, her inventory is full and she's trying to pick up a new item, so she throws away a Peachy Peach, only for it to keep rebounding off the wall and Mario to pick it up again.
  • In episode 36, her encounters with Crazee Dayzees as well as "Happy ending lady! Will you still give me a happy ending even though I'm purple?" And when Doopliss asks her to guess his name before she knows it in an Unwinnable by Design segment, her guesses for it are "Dickbutt" and "CaCadood".
  • Her reaction in episode 39 when she keeps accidentally talking to a mouse instead of Podley in the bar.
  • In episode 42 she uses a Fire Flower against fire enemies (which heals them) and then spends the rest of the video calling herself dumb because of it.
  • In episode 43, Lucahjin encounters a Bulky Bob-omb for the first time. She finds it adorable and even claims that she wants to hug it. When she attacks, she makes the mistake of using Bobbery, which causes a chain reaction explosion that defeats the enemies but almost kills her.
    Lucahjin: Oh shoot! Oh my god, I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have done that!
  • In episode 50, we have her reaction to the 100 "I love you's." Words cannot describe it. For your viewing pleasure.
    Lucahjin: (with slowly dawning horror) ...Oh, no.
  • Throughout Chapter 6, Lucah desperately trying not to make a joke about the "sticky, yummy threat".
  • Her reaction to having to search for General White in episode 60 consists of pure fury that doesn't get any better when she finds the place where she left to go search for him.
    Lucahjin: WHAT?! What?! He's right there! He's been here this whole fucking time?! Are you serious? Are you fucking serious right now?!
    • And soon after she finds him sleeping in a bed.
    Lucahjin: You! Oh, I'm gonna kill this dude. I'm gonna pee in your mouth.
  • Her Epic Fail in episode 61 when she attempts to fight an X-Yux.
  • In episode 62, her fascination with the Shhwonk game show host's eyes, comparing them to fireplaces, Geordi LaForge's VISOR, and a Transformer.
  • Lucah comparing Magnus von Grapple to a Chinese takeaway container.
  • After spending most of the LP never getting three of a kind in the bingo segments of battles, she finally starts getting them...when she doesn't need them, like getting a refill of her FP when it's already full.

Super Paper Mario
  • The Running Gag of Lucah being unable to pronounce 'Prognosticus' and substituting a different word every time.
  • In episode 2, the shapeshifter Mimi imitates many different characters and at first Lucah's not sure what's going on, leading her to lose track of all the different voices.
  • In episode 8, Lucah's reaction to the Growmeba enemy: "What is that? Is that a washing machine? It looks like that boss from Blaster Master that looks exactly like that!"
  • In Episode 9, after Lucah accidentally gets kicked out of Merlee's Mansion: "No, I'm not giving up! I need to tell you about Jesus, it's important!" *runs back inside*
  • In Episode 10, she keeps finding Accidental Innuendo in everything (especially the guys with the whips).
  • Lucah having fun making the characters go in the opposite gender's bathrooms.
  • In Episode 16, Lucah is derailed by the game saying things that are already dirty-sounding ("inky soup" and "girth") since she's used to having to make up the dirty sounding stuff herself. Also she ends up commenting on Bowser's arms like Chuggaaconroy did in his LP despite not knowing that that's where it came from.
  • In Episode 19, Lucah gets to Fort Francis with barely any HP left, so she decides to go back to Flipside to heal, hoping that she won't have to play through all the previous chapters again. Guess what happens.
  • When she visits the minigame arcade, she meets an NPC who complains he lost a game because of his controller failing (which plagued Lucah throughout Thousand Year Door and Ocarina of Time). She comments "This guy is me!"
  • Lucah's reaction to the Non Standard Game Over in episode 23.
  • In episode 25 she picks up a Space Food item, reads the description saying it heals 10 HP, and decides to use it as her health is down to 10/30. It promptly heals 50 HP and Lucah spends the rest of the episode calling herself dumb for wasting it and misreading the description. What she doesn't know is that she read it right, and the item gives 5 times the usual amount of HP if you use it while in space, but that's something players have to discover for themselves.
  • The voice she gives Squirp is priceless.
  • Lucah ends up with a bunch of tiny pixelated Peach's following Mario around and immediately dubs them as Mario's Ho's.
  • Lucah ends up in a room full of brainwashed Cragnons, who take away points from your score if you kill them. She jumps up onto the platforms to cross the room successfully... but her Pal Pill companions don't, and kill just about every Cragnon in the room as she screams at them to stop.
  • In Episode 43 she enters the Sammer kingdom and decides that their king looks like Terrance and/or Phillip from South Park. She decides to voice him as such whilst calling him the King of Quebec and making fart noises. All this in addition to giving all the other Sammer Guy's really bad Asian/Japanese accents.
    • The Nimbis end up being Canadian too, since they have the same head thing going on.

Pokémon White
  • Lucah's reaction to the carnage leftover from the first two battles of Pokemon White.
    Lucah: Oh, God, my room! My bed!
    Game: The bed is a mess!
    Lucah: It's a mess! Oh no, my Wii! It's—
    Game: It's a Wii console! It's not even scratched!
    Lucah: --okay. But still! Aaaaah!
  • She insists on referring to Patrats as "gophers with headaches" (due to their red eyes, and probably their pose).
  • Also, Roggenrolas are always compared to anuses.
  • She considers Timburr and its evolutions to be examples of Body Horror, and so always has a "No. Just... No" Reaction when fighting them...and towards the end even refuses to look at the screen while fighting them.
  • "Why are all these children so philosophical?!"
  • The innuendo potential of "My Balls" is such that some Innocent Innuendo manages to slip through too, such as Lucah repeatedly saying things like "I forgot I had My Balls out in front!" without realizing the innuendo.
  • In Part 26, Lucah is constantly freaking out over all the Timburr and Gurdurr that the Cold Storage workers have. She even relates a story about how she'd recently seen a Timburr plush in real life, and how much it freaked her out.
    • She also decided that JoshJepson is lactose intolerant after not letting Joshtheslt fight a Vanillite.
    • Fun fact: as revealed in his vlogs, he actually is!
  • Her Mind Screw reaction to beating Clay so easily in part 27, especially since it took her a long time the first time she played.
  • Part #28 gives us "MAH BALLS FOR PRESIDENT" and "Punching like a hundred and eight Bambis in the face can leave you pretty tired!"
  • Lucah's joy at the innuendo potential when My Balls learns the move 'Discharge' in episode 34.
    • Earlier in the same episode, Lucah calls a Nurse a jerk for making her battle before getting healed, and then there's her reaction to Alomomola.
  • In episode 40, Lucah constantly complains about the cat freaking out in the background, which is only audible to the viewers when it spoils a cutscene.
  • In episode 41 she fights several Team Plasma Grunts and, due to the Ambiguous Gender nature of their top-down sprite, has to guess what sex they are for what voice to use when reading out their introductory dialogue. She invariably guesses wrong and lampshades this.
  • From episode 42, her reaction to Stunfisk and "Only you can prevent Pokemon fires, Ranger Harry!"
  • Her Mind Screw in episode 79 on fighting a trainer with her own name...who is male and bald.
  • Commenting to Chuggaaconroy about how she never gets to hear the Gym Leader's last Pokemon music because she keeps getting lucky with hits and killing them too fast. She deliberately brings out Joshtheslt because she thinks he'll miss with Blizzard. She proceeds to get a Critical Hit and OHKO Iris's Haxorus, winning the fight.
  • In the aftergame stream, Lucah constantly questioning the appearance of pretty much every new Pokemon she meets.
  • She's also taken to playing Spongebob music whenever she feels as though she's failing. She isn't.
  • Lucah spends over an hour trying to catch Coballion, until Coballion ran out of PP and Struggled itself to death.
  • Later in the stream, using yodeling music to attract Thunderus. It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context (and it's hilarious).

Pokémon HeartGold
  • The triumphant return of "The Oak Hand" from her earlier livestream.
  • Her fans send in songs for her to sing to the tune of the Pokemon Centre music, as before. She usually doesn't pre-read these before she reads them out live: Hilarity Ensues.
  • Lucah catches a male Wooper and dubs it "Mr. No Arms" after Goombella.
    • When Mr. No Arms evolves into Quagsire, Lucah seems legitimately moved to tears that he grew arms.
      Lucah: It's like... his dreams have all come true!
    • She also observes that Mr. No Arms's new arms seem to have came at a price: Namely, he took a hit to his intelligence and became even more stupid than before.
  • In episode 9 she misreads an NPC saying "I'm a hiker" as "I'm Hitler" and then he tells her he'll call her when he "thinks of a heartwarming story"...
    Lucah: No! I don't want to hear Hitler's heartwarming story!
    • The title of the episode is, of course, "Hitler's Heartwarming Story". Also, before the episode was uploaded, she posted this tweet with no context.
  • Lucah gets a phone call from Joey...and discovers that he's the "Top Percentage" guy. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Lucah's fans talk up how hard Whitney's Miltank will be, Lucah defeats it effortlessly (partly by luck and partly through having a Pokemon that is its exact combination of weaknesses purely by coincidence) and she ends up wondering if she did something wrong.
  • Lucah's stunned reaction when she realizes a bit of Getting Crap Past the Radar... namely that a romantic couple encountered as a double battle have an Onix and a Cloyster as their pokemon. She freaks out before laughing that Game Freak had the audacity to actually put it in the game. She's still chortling over it in the description of that video, too!
  • When she gets to the Kanto Region in part 57/58, she notes that all the NPCs seem to treat her far more politely than before, and immediately dubs it "the Canada Region" or "Canato".
  • The Running Gag of "That's how the Titanic sank!" in part 65.
  • She runs into an NPC with the same name as her (Reese). It's a burly male biker. Some people were quick to point out that the exact same thing also happened in Pokémon White.

Pokémon Platinum
  • She panics when the game makes her name the rival right away, since she wasn't expecting that and is very much put on the spot. She ends up naming him after another rival from her LPs: Barbara.
  • She agonizes over whether to pick the male or female Trainer, since she really likes both of their designs a lot. She ends up picking the girl, and naming herself "Lucah" as usual. Little does she know that whichever Trainer you don't pick still shows up in-game as Professor Rowan's assistant, and the male Trainer's canon name is Lucas. When Lucah meets him she is rather offended that his name is so similar to her own.
  • Immediately after exiting her house, she sees a large patch of snow on the ground and her mind sinks straight to the bottom of the gutter as she tries to avoid saying what she thinks this large splatter of white stuff looks like.
    Lucah: I'm sure this is snow. [beat] ...We'll call it snow.
  • Two words: Team Prophylactic.
  • Back in White, Lucah was absolutely crushed in a postgame battle with Cynthia. She started this game not knowing Cynthia was in it. A Running Gag forms where every time Cynthia shows up, Lucah has a borderline PTSD reaction and starts begging Cynthia not to hurt her.
    Cynthia: (referring to Barry/Barbara) He's your friend?
    Lucah: Um, if I say yes, will you hound him instead of me? Please, I'm very afraid of you.
    • Her postgame thrashing is so burned into her mind that it's practically all that she can remember from the LP. Early on, before Cynthia even shows up, she mentions the battle and nervously asks if she's in the game. You can bet every viewer who knew the answer started cackling evilly at that point.
  • In Episode 37, Lucah finally faces Cyrus for the first time, who's final Pokemon sent out at him is Murkrow. Her reaction is a nice callback to Danganronpa.
    Lucah: Murkrow!? The sixteenth student!
  • Just the fact that Lucahjin's rematch with Cynthia happened on Episode 69.

    Suikoden II 
  • The RNG hates Lucah! In the cooking contest minigame, she got Luc as a judge three times in a row! Luc is one of the worst judges to get, because he almost always gives low scores.
    • Lucah also manages to get Hans as a cook-off judge three times in a row. While he isn't as bad a judge to get as Luc, the only hint given about what food he likes is "How about a Salmon Meuniere?". However, when Lucah made him said Salmon Meiniere, he gave it a very low score. Lucah was outraged.

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 
  • The first thing she does is name Link "Fuck me", naturally resulting in tons of hilarious dialogue.
  • Her reaction to the opening sequence in episode 1, where she decides that the reason for Link's shocked expression when he sees Ganondorf is "A black ginger?! How is that even possible?!"
  • Lucah's Jump Scare moment in episode 3 when Kaepora Gaebora pops up at night.
    • This becomes a Running Gag, as KG keeps showing up, and it always, without fail, makes Lucah jump.
  • Constantly accidentally pulling out the chicken due to a button mapping issue (which also leads to an Epic Fail when she tries to learn the first Ocarina song) and treating it like a Felony Misdemeanor when the chicken vanishes from her inventory.
  • In episode 5, an epic Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! moment after Lucah listens to Ingo complaining about Talon being in charge:
    Lucah: Well that's kinda rude, why don't you tell him how you feAWWWWWWWWWH! Horses!
  • Lucah being terrified of the flying pineapple-like Peahat enemies in episode 6 due to having a fear of pineapples in Real Life.
  • Her reaction to Darunia's dance, and her giving him the Hulk Hogan / Rawk Hawk voice.
  • Her utterly horrified/bewildered reaction to the Great Fairy in Episode 12 has to be seen to be believed. Bonus points for her talking up how beautiful the Fairy must be before seeing her.
    • Also hilarious because it's one of the few times when Lucah is left genuinely speechless.
  • In episode 15, "He looks like a cross between Fat Voldemort and Sloth from The Goonies! (puts on Sloth voice) "Voldemort love Harry!"
  • In episode 16, Lucah is asked to compose a song on the C-arrow buttons for a scarecrow, and "plays" the Konami Code.
  • The title of episode 17, "FishTits McBitch", with Lucah calling Princess Ruto many variations on it during the episode.
  • She spends the beginning of episode 19 trying to climb onto Jabu Jabu's back for a good minute before she finally gives up.
  • In episode 21, Lucah is determined to spoil some of the game's most dramatic cutscenes by wearing the Keaton Mask during them.
    Lucah (as Link pulls the Master Sword and travels through time): Pikachu GOOOO!
  • In the same episode, she describes the Medal of Light as "a shiny gold hubcap" and says Link's going to put it on his Honda Accord.
  • Lucah accidentally sets off the Cuccos and gets chased by them on horseback while trying to escape from Lon Lon Ranch in episode 22.
  • At the end of episode 26, guest commentator NintendoCapriSun pre-empts Lucah's usual outro by starting to sing the Stupid Statement Dance Mix himself.
  • In episode 32, Lucah's Heroic BSoD when she sees that if you look from the right angle, the counter guy in the Treasure Box shop has no body below his torso hovering in midair, as well as her joy when "Henry" the dog keeps following her.
  • The entirety of her fight with Dark Link in episode 37, "helped" by guest commentator LiamSixx. Especially all the time lapse cards.
    • Not to mention that when she enters the room, she reacts by throwing a bomb at Dark Link to try and damage him. She instead causes him to phase up to her and start the duel.
    • Liam being outraged when Lucah kills a Like Like from a distance with bombs rather than 'fighting like men'.
    • He gets annoyed again in episode 41 when he talks up how difficult it is to cross a gauntlet with moving spiked platforms before the boss door, only for Lucah to almost beat it on her first try and successfully beat it on only her third or fourth attempt.
  • Lucah gets to the room with a bunch of boulders, whirlpools, and tektites and attempts to traverse it with the Iron Boots. This doesn't work out so well, but results in all the tektites converging on her from above the water, forming a "spider dance party".
  • At the end of episode 40, Lucah spots the switch she hit to open the dungeon floating in the water and mistakes it for Princess Ruto's corpse.
  • Her reaction to Dead Hand in episode 43.
  • Lucah's Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? reaction to all the timed missions of the Biggoron's Sword sidequest in episode 45. As well as the way she talks to Epona as though calming a real horse.
  • Episode 46 gives us guest commentator Pcull44444 constantly trolling Lucah by giving her wrong advice (which she usually sniffs out ahead of time).
    • Lucah being interrupted by the same text boxes over and over, and her misreading the phrase "Hyrule's bloody history" in one of these as "Hyrule's booty history".
    • Pcull's impression of Tyler after Lucah mentions that he was the other possible choice of Sage for this temple.
    • Pcull's sarcastic Catchphrase "If only there was a way you could X" when Lucah forgets she has some ability or weapon that would solve the problem currently stumping her.
  • Lucah encountering a Wallmaster in episode 47. When the wallmaster is just about to catch her, she pauses. When she gets off the pause menu, it snatches her, much to Pcull's delight.
  • In episode 49, as part of his Trickster Mentor act, Pcull keeps doing a Bane impression.
    • When Lucah rides the ship on the River Styx, Pcull starts singing "Don't Pay the Ferryman" by Chris de Burgh and Lucah, mistaking the reference, instead sings along to "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult.
    • After clearing the wooden crusher room using Din's Fire, Lucah asks "Do bombs work?", which Pcull mishears as "To Bombzork?".
  • In episode 50, Lucah completely fails a simple jump. Pcull gets immensely annoyed by this and leaves, leaving Lucah alone... For about ten seconds, when Pcull jumps back in saying "Shadow Temple... Here lies Hyrule's bloody booty history." in a creepy voice.
    • Pcull giving Impa a high-pitched German accent.
    • And then, at the end of the episode, using the same accent to sing Auld Lang Syne.
  • Lucah's love for the Black-Ginger-Girls. And repeated explanations of why they're attractive.
    • In episode 52, Lucah tries to give every Gerudo she sees her digits. It's actually starting to get a little disturbing.
  • The Running Gag of Tyler pointing out that the minimap of one area looks likes a deflated balloon in a Mundane Made Awesome fashion.
  • Her first attempt at taking on Ganon's Castle (Warning: also quite painful to watch if you're a veteran of the game).
  • Three words: Nabooru's tiny hole.

    Mario & Luigi 
Superstar Saga
Bowser's Inside Story
  • Lucah being a little too eager to be inside Bowser. Cue many commenters making the obvious jokes.
    • A commenter (the very same one who joked about Chugga being gigantic) implying that Luca is a Voraphile due to Luca mentioned she wanted to be "inside Bowser" multiple times and wanting him to be huge.
  • Her first guess on who the main villain is? Prince Peasley!
  • Luca comparing the Blorbs with Herpes. Whether that is horrible or hilarious is up to you.
  • Luca's Toadsworth voice.
  • Sophisticated British Bowser.
  • Lucah decides almost immediately that she hates Starlow. This turns out to be more and more justified over the series as Starlow continually acts catty, bossy and judgemental - and doesn't even have arms.
  • In episode 16, after defeating Midbus, Bowser is rewarded with a royal feast from Fawful. The entire time this dialogue is going on, Lucah keeps calling out how it's obviously a trap and that Bowser should know better than to fall for it. Once Bowser accepts the feast, she declares just how stupid he is to be so easily swayed by food... and is then immediately enticed by all the food given to Bowser. He truly is her husbando.
    Lucahjin: Bowser, you doof! How could you do thi- (Bowser approaches the buffet) Oooh! Look at all that delicious food!
  • In episode 25, when she visits the elite boutique only to be told she needs Star Rank to shop there, she does NOT take it well, IMMEDIATELY crying classism. Then just before she goes in the high class, not elite boutique (that you need Shine Rank for) she drops this line and you can FEEL the hilarity about to ensue:
    Lucahjin: I better not get thrown out of this place, or I swear to fuck...
  • When she sees Fawful's end-game costume:
    Lucah: Oh my gosh what are you wearing? It looks like a...Danny Sexbang outfit. Fawful Sexbang - you know what let's never ever say those two words together again, forget it. Oh god I'm sorry Danny.
  • Some videos in this LP received bizarre copyright claims as a result of Youtube's less-than-stellar automatic detection. Pieces of music from the game were mistaken as Gwen Stefani songs and the opening to the Tokyo Ghoul anime, among other things.

    Humongous Games 
  • Declaring all the random clickable sight gags are euphemisms.
  • Getting really annoyed every time there's a random song.

Freddi Fish
  • Trying to get Eddie the Eel to eat Luther. note 
  • When one of the school guppies makes a bad pun, Lucah decides he's Chuggaaconroy in fish form.
  • Saying she'll throw something if the pirate fish goes into song again, and following through when he does.

  • Trying to mow obscene shapes into the lawns.

    Ace Attorney 
Phoenix Wright
  • Lucah has finally started an LP of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Her title for the first episode? "HELP ME JUDGE JUDY!"
  • By extension, any time there are some courtroom shenanigans (such as a prosecutor or witness talking back to the judge, or Von Karma whipping everyone in sight during the second game), she has some variation of "Where's Judge Judy? Get her in here, she would not stand for this!"
  • Showing her badge to any new character. This extends across all games.
  • Her reaction to April May has to be seen to be believed.
  • Lucah absolutely loses it upon seeing Edgeworth for the first time. A veritable storm of innuendos ensues.
  • Lucah's reaction to April May's breakdown.
    Lucah: Oh my god your boobs are gonna be out in court.
  • Oldbag. Her reaction to Oldbag is funny in itself.
  • In Episode 12, we have her reaction to Oldbag flirting with Edgeworth:
    Lucah: Bitch, get your fucking claws off of him! He is MINE!!
  • Episode 13 has her meeting Sal Manella for the first time. The first thing she does is give him the Francis voice (from Super Paper Mario). It gets better with references to MySpace and PAX, and even a RTFC reference (though this time it stands for Read the Film Credits).
  • She REALLY doesn't like people flirting with Edgeworth... encapsulated in her reactions with people such as Gumshoe or Ema, even threatening to slap Ema even though she's a minor.
  • There is an unintentional Running Gag where Lucah will comment about something, only for Phoenix to make the exact same comment immediately after.
  • After picking apart Angel Starr's testimony, Ema makes the comment "We screwed that can shut." Lucah tells us that she almost misread this as "We screwed that See You Next Tuesday."
  • Lucah manages to get through the infamous broken jar puzzle by joking that the blood dots look like the EA Games logo... and then realizing that "EA" is only one letter off from "EMA".
  • Lucah getting through Gant's double instakill trap in one go? Awesome. Quoting Shaggy's "it wasn't me" while doing so? Hilarious.

Justice for All
  • Lucah can't remember what kind of voice she gave to Winston Payne in the first game (it was the Koops voice), so she goes through several different voices for him here until she finally settles on an impression of Peridot.
  • Her reaction to seeing Franziska von Karma for the first time. She states that "she's into it." Later revealed in the video comments that Lucah finds characters that are "dark" or "gothic" in nature attractive, such as both Manfred and Franziska.
  • Pearl channeling Mia for the first time leaves Lucah momentarily speechless. She even lampshades the fact that Pearl's clothes may be a little too small before Mia comments on it.
  • Episode 11 has her meeting "Director Hotti" and it is glorious. She also invokes the Running Gag of presenting her badge to new characters and this turns out to be exactly what she needs to do to progress with her investigation.
  • Lucah interprets Franziska's "damage" animation (wrapping both arms around her chest) as her bra breaking.

Trials and Tribulations
  • Even before any episodes have been uploaded, Lucah is already in hysterics over Grossberg's hemorrhoid talk.
  • In the first episode proper, she also finds herself giggling whenever she reads Doug Swallow's last name.
  • Mia evidently shops out of the same bargain bin as Franziska, as Lucah declares that her bra also breaks during her "damage" animation.
  • She immediately realizes the reason why Victor Kudo is a regular at Trés Bien. And again when Mia is channeled by Maya in the waitress outfit.
  • Her utter glee when she gets to play as Edgeworth versus Franziska at the beginning of the final case.

Apollo Justice
  • Lucah immediately falls for Kristoph Gavin and makes a prophetic joke about how she hopes he isn't the bad guy because she always falls for villains.
  • She lampshades the amount of novice lawyers getting homicide cases.
  • When Ema Skye first shows up, Lucah seems to not recognize her. She clarifies in the comments that she did, she was just dumbfounded by how hot Ema had gotten since the first game and forgot to mention it in the video. Looks like Tim might have some competition for his waifu's heart.
  • All the interactions between Apollo and Trucy regarding panties. Both Trucy's and Plum Kitaki's.
  • Saying that Wesley Stickler looks like Handsome Squidward.
  • Wesley Stickler's breakdown when he is accused of panty-snatching.

    America's Next Top Model 
  • Jon starts by joking that the producers found 5,000 women and locked them in one giant house.
    Lucah: Oh my God, have you seen this before?
    Jon: No.
    Lucah: I watch this all the fucking time.
    Jon: I'm not surprised by this at all.
    Lucah: That's exactly what happens.
    Jon: The 5,000 people are crammed into a house?
    Lucah: In one room, and then they fight a lot and underwear happens and I think, like, people get real mad.
  • The process of Lucah and Jon naming their character Smefanye.
    Lucah: What would a model be named?
    Jon: Uhh... Sassafrass.
    Lucah: Smeg? [enters "Sme"]
    Jon: Oh no, no. ["Smef" is entered] Smef. [he and Lucah laugh] Smefanie! Smefanie!
    Lucah: Excuse me, it's Smefanye with a Y, and you will address her as such.
    Jon: Oh, a Y and an E!
  • Upon putting on a dress and then a top afterwards, Smefanye ends up not wearing pants. They keep her that way for the entire video.
  • Throughout the first episodes, the two try to make Smefanye as unlikable as possible, selecting dialogue choices that make her come of as such, provided that it's not the only choice.
  • Whenever Lucah and Jon talk to certain NPCs the NPC moves closer to Smefanye and keeps moving their hands as if they want to punch her.
  • Smefanye talks to an NPC named Katie, who at one point says that she had excess earwax. Jon laughs at that, meanwhile Lucah notices two other NPCs in the background who are frozen due to Smefanye being in dialogue, in such a way that they appear to be holding hands and kissing. Lucah begins (badly) humming "Careless Whisper", and Jon joins in by singing a snippet of the lyrics.
  • Jon's skipping of dialogue makes him miss Monica saying "I'm going to go pick my nose." Lucah and Jon were never able to have Monica repeat that again because she was eliminated on episode 9.
  • Girl fights are officially introduced in Episode 4 when Smefanye and Sarah fight each other. Jon and Lucah were shouting in glee when the fight screen appeared. Sarah does push Smefanye while Smefanye only just shakes Sarah. Smefanye wins.
  • Lucah tries to find a song to go with Smefanye eating nothing but fruit to fill her energy meter. The song she chooses is literally nothing but beats and a man saying names of fruit.
  • Running Gag: Lucah (and occasionally Jon) make fart sounds to go along with certain poses in the loading screen and in Smefanye's photo shoots.
  • Throughout Episode 7, Jon and Lucah try to keep their cat under control while recording. It gets to the point where they had to stop in the middle of Smefanye's photo shoot for the week.
  • While skipping through the dialogue to fill Smefanye's energy meter, Jon quickly realizes (after he skipped it of course) that Smefanye's dialogue is "Can I has cheeseburger?"
  • Lucah (jokingly) claims Jon would look good in makeup, and suggests a brand with the strange name of "Nars Orgasm" would be perfect for him. Jon is not amused.
  • Lucah and Jon discover that one of the recording lines was left in on accident.
  • Lucah and Jon weren't fond of Smefanye's Ethnic look. Jon decides to make the best of it by spending a majority of Episode 10 speaking as if Smefanye was talking in monologues.
  • Lucah's obsession with the hair and make-up music.
    • Ding!
  • During Episode 15, Jon starts mocking the male NPCs' way of saying "My autograph?" à la Squidward and he continues to do this for every NPC that says this. During one of the loading screens (about 20 min in), Lucah asks if Jon has a fart noise ready for her. He draws in a big breath and... "My autograph?"
  • Episode 17:
    • Chris, the male model who was supposed to be Smefanye's photoshoot partner, comes down with appendicitis. Lucah becomes convinced rival model Barbara actually poisoned him, killed Smefanye's boyfriend and is trying to do the same with Dave the fitness trainer. Throughout the episode, Lucah keeps insisting they need to contact the newspaper and police, and eventually decides to murder Barbara with bees.
    • Lucah's disbelief about William, the gardener, being Chris's replacement and the fact that he added flowers to a beach themed backdrop, much to Jon's amusement.
      • The best part: All of Smefanye's photos were close-ups, meaning the flowers weren't even in the photos.
    • When Chris shows up at the catwalk Jon and Lucah are so stunned Jon messes up the part they are on.
  • Episode 18:
    • This week is the first week that Titania Green Lip Liner has been used. Lucah and Jon were very disgusted on how it looked on Smefanye.
      Jon: She's gone moldy! Just like the underground!
      Lucah: Oh my fucking god, it looks she, like, gave a deep throat to a vacuum! Oh, that's disgusting! Why!? I am sorry for the girls on Twitter that are going to put green lipliner and nothing else. I-I feel for you.
      Jon: We do not blame you if you say no and do not do that.
    • Lucah and Jon are stuck on a choice about whether or not they should believe that Smefanye's boyfriend, Daniel, wasn't cheating on her with model Hannah. Lucah and Jon spend a good amount of time looking up how to spot a cheating boyfriend on the Cosmopolitan website.
  • In Episode 19, Smefanye's boyfriend, Daniel, pleads with her to quit with one week remaining because he has missed her being home for nine weeks. Having started out in a long distance relationship themselves, Jon and Lucah are not amused.
  • Episode 20:
    • Lucah and Jon put on make up and they are liking how it's looking... and then they realize that the checklist says to use Titania Green Lip Liner again. Jon tries to cover it up with lipstick, but it removes a checkmark on the checklist, since it overrode the lip liner. He then reapplies the lipliner, only for it to look even more noticeable, since the lipliner didn't override the lipstick.
    • Lucah really doesn't like the shoes that Smefanye wore for this episode. However, it was also the reason they have full points for the outfit. Every attempt to change the shoes failed because it doesn't give the full points, which frustrates Lucah when they return to the old shoes, much to Jon's amusement.
  • Episode 21:
    • At the final turn of the catwalk, the camera was at the perfect position to cause Smefanye's head to completely disappear for few seconds.
  • A set of clothing, which Jon and Lucah dub the "Banana Suit", keeps appearing throughout the LP in some way.
    • At one point, Barbara and Nicole are both wearing the suit for Week 8's catwalk.
    • Nicole seems to love the banana suit the most, as she wears it for most of the final week. She does change clothes for the Thursday judging, but she ends up returning to the banana suit come the catwalk.
  • Throughout the game, Jon and Lucah take a look at the increased amount of food choices every week. Occasionally they come across options where the name claims to be one thing but, as Lucah would immediately point out, the picture shows something entirely different (e.g. a "sushi" option with a picture of what are clearly deviled eggs). Not only does Jon laugh every time, but it led to people on Twitter tweeting to Lucah pictures of the food in the pictures, claiming to be eating the food in question.

Episode 1
  • Right out of the gate, the first thing Lucah and Jon comment on? A dragonfly farting smoke.
    Lucah: Rare is all about farting.
    Jon: They kind of are, actually. That's a little weird.
  • Lucah says the opening sequence is basically how her mind works.
    Lucah: Wow, look at his (Banjo's) crotch! Oh, covered it.
    Jon: And for some reason, Tooty's just running around in the background.
    Lucah: What in the— oh, look at her crotch, guuuurl! Dem leggings, tho.
  • Lucah jokingly calls the game "Hambone Kablooey". Jon said she stole part of his name idea, "Rambo Kablooey".
  • They're playing the Xbox Live Arcade version (on Jon's Xbox 360, which she has never played with). He lets her delete a saved game...
    Lucah: Alright, how do I— how do I so that?
    Jon: Right trigger. (nothing happens) That wasn't right trigger, you're hitting left trigger. I'm watching you press the wrong button.
    Lucah: We are off to the best start that ever happened!
  • Lucah finally realizes exactly why everyone wanted her to play this: every character (especially Grunty) pretty much acts like her.
  • Lucah almost calls Tooty "Booty". So they decide to call her "Booty" for the rest of the playthrough.
    • They also call Bottles "Buttles" and say his molehills are piles of his own poo instead of dirt.

Episode 2
  • Lucah asks the viewers to comment about cat poops because Bagel is doing the moves before he goes to the bathroom.
  • When Lucah picks up her first ammo egg, she makes a joke about it to Jon. He has nothing to say about it, saying it's off-brand.
  • Lucah is absolutely delighted to learn that Kazooie can poop out eggs, and immediately declares it to be the only move she will ever use for the rest of the LP. While that obviously does not turn out to be the case, her obsession with the move does turn into a Running Gag for the rest of the LP, much to Jon's exasperation.
  • Lucah tries to jump on a lit torch to get to some ammo. Unsurprisingly, she loses health and falls off when she finally succeeds.
    Jon: Fire indeed hot.
    Lucah: Well I didn't know it was fire, you know, it could've just been-
    Jon: How was that not fire, babe?!
    Lucah: It just looked like a light bulb, I don't-
    Jon: A light bulb?!

Episode 3
  • Throught this episode, Jon and Lucah get distracted by Bagel playing with a shopping bag.
  • Jon and Lucah doing commentary on music note doors.
    Jon (as Bottles): To open it, you must collect the musical notes.
    Lucah (as Banjo): Duh, how many do we need?
    Jon (as Bottles): Says on the door, you moron!
  • When Banjo stands on a picture of Grunty's face, Lucah tries to shoot an egg on her face.
  • Bottles' explanation of shock jump was short.
    Lucah: Oh my god, I was sorry, I was drinking coffee, I didn't think that was over so soon.
    Jon: (as Bottles) I'm done talking, go away.
  • One of the first things Lucah comes across in Treasure Trove Cove is the leaky bucket, which asks for a pebble to patch a hole in its bottom. The way the player is required to solve this puzzle is by laying an egg in the bucket; Lucah solves it in one go for the exact reason you'd expect, while singing the jingle for the Mr. Bucket game to boot.
    Jon: Stop pooping in his mouth! No one deserves this much poop!
  • Lucah's first words to Snacker: "Oh, hi, bitch!"
  • After muttering "asshole", Lucah says she's swearing the most out of any Let's Play she's done. Jon says it's the least for him.

Episode 4
  • The first shot features what ends up being the last Jinjo in Treasure Trove Cove... because Lucah didn't notice he was under the pier.
  • Lucah finds the Stop 'n' Swop.
    Jon: It does not do anything in this game at all, it unlocks something in a later game.
    Lucah: Oh, in Tooie.
    Jon: Technically. Actually, it's moreso for Nuts And Bolts now.
    Lucah: Nuts And Bolts, which I— honestly, when am I gonna get around to playing that?
    • Jon takes over the controller to jump all the way to the top.
      Lucah: See, Jon's more confident in this than me. You can tell that I suck. I made it halfway, I'm proud. Team Half—
      Jon: You made it three-quarters, honestly.
      Lucah: Team Three-Quarters. I'm pretty proud of myself to be honest.
    • And the kicker? There was no egg at the top because Jon already got it in his own save file and the SnS items are tied to the Gamertag. And it was the only SnS item he got, too!
  • Jon tells Lucah about how to get the last Jiggy by answering yes or no questions she asks.
  • In the overworld, they notice a giant statue of Grunty pointing and think she's flipping them off.

Episode 5
  • As Lucah heads into Clanker's Cavern, which is a swimming world (Lucah is afraid of drowning), she shouts "I REGRET NOTHING!" As she grabs invincibility feathers, she asks if they keep her from drowning.
    Jon: No.
    Lucah: Damn it, that was my whole plan!
  • Jon points out how Clanker freaked out a lot of kids growing up after it freaks out Lucah, who was 41 when she played this. Even for a self-proclaimed Manchild, that's impressive!
  • As Lucah tries to prematurely reach a shock pad, they argue about how long they've been playing. Lucah says this video is coming up to ten minutes, Jon says it's more like 7. note 
  • When Lucah finds more windows, she tells everyone to "prepare for 20 more minutes of this!"
  • As she dives deep to free Clanker, Jon tells her not to listen to the music. She can't.
  • After Banjo drowns for the first time, Jon says the death is better than Super Mario 64.
  • Lucah says Clanker's in trouble for other reasons.
    Lucah: I think you're frickin' doomed, boy. Like that herpes and shit on the side of you, that's the least of your problems. Like, seriously, we're in trouble.
    Jon: (as Clanker) Don't judge my sick tattoos.
  • It took Lucah three attempts to try and free Clanker. On the fourth, she doesn't make it to the surface in time.
    • When Jon takes over freeing Clanker, the first thing he does is get an extra life Lucah skipped.
  • Lucah says that Scooby Doo eats Shaggy's food because Shaggy eats Scooby's food off-camera.
  • When they're in Clanker, Lucah freaks out for two reasons.
    Lucah: WHAT? The music is back!
    Jon: Your favorite song!
    Lucah: And tentacles! I did not sign up for this hentai crap in here!

Episode 6
  • Lucah calls Clanker "Big Booty Judy".
  • This episode was filmed two days after the previous episode. During that time, Lucah decided she's getting help from Jon when she needs it.
    Jon: (in a bratty voice) My mom said you have to be nice to me!
    Lucah: You guys are gonna just not to give him any crap!
  • While swimming inside Clanker to get a missed Jinjo, Bagel walks in, blocks the TV they're playing it on, and moves the microphone.
  • Lucah says Clanker's Cavern needs the music for Mumbo's Mountain. She then sings that throughout.
  • As Lucah gets the Jiggy for beating the Mutant Snippets, she gets more ammo.
    Lucah: Get my poop back. How Stella Got Her Poop Back.
    Jon: Why was Stella so cons— constern— (babbles) Why was she so concerned about that?
    Lucah: She was really attached to her poop.
  • The last thing they need to find in this world is a health extension.
    Lucah: Hey, fish, have you seen a fucking health extension round here?
  • Lucah reads the name of the next world, Bubblegloop Swamp, as "Dumbledore Swamp" and "Bubblebutt Swamp".

Episode 7
  • In the overworld, they say the Jiggy on the picture of Grunty is a booger. Lucah thinks it's gross.
  • Jon calls Bubblegloop Swamp "Vomit Swamp" because the color scheme reminds Lucah of vomit.
  • The return of Lucah going "Sir?... Sir?" when Lucah tries to beat some Flibbits.
  • While breaking a series of eggs for a Jiggy, Lucah says "FOR ME TO POOP ON!" She also said she got the Triumph The Insult Comic Dog reference a commenter left in episode 3.
  • After failing a time trial for a Jiggy, Lucah is ambushed by two Flibbits. She tries to escape, but has to come back... where they attack and push her into the swamp and she loses a life.
    Lucah: Into the poison!
    Jon: And teabagged.
    Lucah: Wow, and they humped me! That was fantastic, I can't wait for more of it.
  • As she successfully does the time trial on the second try, Jon tells her to be anime by screaming to charge her power constantly.
    Lucah: The horse girls do not do that.
    Jon: Maybe in the horse girl anime you're watching...
  • Jon doesn't know how to Wonderwing because he only knows the control for the Nintendo 64 version.
  • Lucah makes Banjo ride Croctus' mouth before pooping out an egg.
  • After finding the Grunty switch, Lucah tells everyone to remind her that the statue of Grunty is flipping her off and her head exploded.
  • Lucah announces she's hiring a cat nanny because Bagel is staring at them from the bathroom sink.
  • At the end, Lucah tries to zoom in on Banjo's butt and accidentally triggers an invincibility feather.

Episode 8
  • Lucah says that Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is basically the essence of this playthrough, which leads to a fight over which Austin Powers movie was better. Jon says it's The Spy Who Shagged Me, Lucah says it's International Man of Mystery (mainly because she hates Heather Graham). This goes on for minutes.
  • Lucah beats a Flibbit with her butt stomp.
    Lucah: The butt stomp is like the one thing that I know how to do.
    Jon: Of course it's the butt you have the power of.
    Lucah: Look, I didn't say anything, that was you.
    Jon: I'm pretty sure everyone else was thinking it.
  • After getting the 7th Jiggy in Bubblegloop Swamp, Lucah asks the viewers not to comment "Geez, Lucah" and leave at least five "I think Lucah did great" comments instead.
    Jon: You heard her: Exactly six, no more, no less. If we go over six, that's it, comments are off.
  • When they get the crocodile transformation, Lucah goes to pick up items in the swamp, including more ammo.
    Lucah: Jon. Look at how many eggs I have. [counter shows 69 eggs]
    Jon: You did it. I'm proud of you.
    Lucah: I did it. Mom, I made it.
    • Lucah refuses to allow the egg counter to go above 69 for the rest of the video.
  • She managed to unlock Freezeezy Peak while still as a crocodile.
  • She also decided not to poop out eggs for the first three Croctuses to get the Croctus Jiggy, just to oblige one extremely salty commenter who keeps complaining about Lucah's obsession with solving every puzzle by pooping at it.
  • Lucah rants about how she likes The Money Pit, even though it's a bad movie by her own admission.

Episode 9
  • Lucah calls the game "Bamham-flown Kablooie", then admires the butt of Banjo as a crocodile.
  • Lucah says that all of the facts they learn about Grunty also apply to herself.
    Brentilda: Although she's dim, she attended Fat Hag High.
    Lucah: Same.
  • Lucah's still afraid of what comments she'll get for the last episode, but says she'll get some slack for beating Mr. Vile in one go without a power up.
  • As they search for Freezeezy Peak, they notice the door to a later world, then run back out.
    Lucah: No, that's Egyptian music playing. No, the wrong continent.
    Jon: No, no, that's winter. That's definitely winter. Egypt's known for its winter.
  • Lucah's afraid of ice physics. So Jon tells her that Kazooie doesn't slip, but runs faster.
  • As Lucah defeats an ice cube, Lucah says it's actually rapper Ice Cube. Afterwards, Jon says Ice-T is next, but Lucah says he'll knock her out first.
  • Lucah still refuses to let her egg count go above 69. When she accidentally picks up another egg she immediately gets rid of it.
  • For part two of the tree trimming Jiggy, Lucah has to shoot ammo to a switch to turn lights on. So she shoots the correct way instead of pooping out eggs.
    Jon: Don't judge me for my pooping.
    Lucah: You're the one that's marrying me, I'm just letting you know.
  • Lucah manages to show off a snowman's groin.
  • She gets Banjo to climbs up a scarf as a walrus.
  • Lucah is about to collect all the notes for this world.
    Jon: I've got news for you here.
    Lucah: I fucked up.
    Jon: That was not the news. (Banjo falls off) Now you have fucked up.

Episode 10
  • According to Lucah, her voice is "a little fucky" throughout this episode.
  • When they pause to check on what they have at Freezeezy Peak so far, Lucah confuses their three Jiggys with their three Jinjos.
  • They start by destroying the snowmen firing at them... or least try to. She mistakenly presses the button to fly higher instead of the button to Beak Bomb three times.
  • Lucah loses a life from fall damage when she falls off the giant snowman. Then Banjo lands in the water and drowns. Jon is amazed.
  • After losing a second life, they decide to choose the one that has a Grunty switch underneath (since they already hit it) for last.
  • They find the Stop 'n' Swop Ice Key and Lucah asks where Banjo could have put such a huge key. Jon gives the obvious answer of his backpack, but Lucah repeatedly insists that he stuck it down his pants.
  • After they hit the targets on the giant snowman, a Jiggy appears between his legs. Jon says that he pooped it out, to Lucah's delight. Then he says that the game in general was made for Lucah.
    Jon: Now dance between his legs!
    Lucah: I'm going to. It's the best place to be.
  • At the end, Lucah keeps moving without realizing that they haven't stopped recording it.
  • Lucah comments on her repeated failures to hit the snowmen, which is just about to cost her a second life:
    Lucah: This is gonna be the "Jeez Lucah!" episode. I was seriously waiting for it. There's always gotta be one, you guys, and I think this is gonna be— It wasn't even Clanker's Cavern, turns out! It was actually this. It was Christmas!
    Jon: I feel like, considering how you were raised, this makes a lot of sense, actually.
  • Lucah must hit the snowmen in the head in order to kill them, but whenever they throw a snowball, they move their heads slightly. This results in several near-frame-perfect dodges on their part, causing Lucah to slam into the wall/ground/freezing cold water and take damage.

Episode 11
  • The episode begins with both back at Treasure Trove Cove to show where to input cheat codes. Lucah keeps going away to the famed bucket, and when she does, she poops out the eggs again.
    Jon: Is that something to be proud of?
    Lucah: I put it on my resume, so yeah.
  • Lucah says this is her favorite episode because she keeps on pooping eggs to break spider webs and activate portals.
  • They open the note door located in Grunty's mouth.
    Lucah: Okay, I'm inside her now.
    Jon: Good news, she's an active volcano.
  • At their fourth Brentilda, Lucah says she was featured in a "Top 18 Fat High Monthly Gamer Girls" Buzzfeed article.
  • Lucah apparently calls shooting eggs "reverse pooping".
  • As Banjo enters the sphinx.
    Lucah: Is this gonna spring an Indiana Jones trap—- (a mummified hand pops up) Safe, my ass!
  • Jon is a little surprised that the mummy Lucah beats with Wonderwing in the memory Jiggy pyramid doesn't reappear.
  • Jon doesn't think Lucah can poop into the moving sphinx statues. She promptly proves him wrong, which Jon admits makes him legitimately angry.
  • At the end, Banjo heads for the Speedy Shoes they can't use yet.
    Jon: Ha! You can't wear me because you don't know how feet work!

Episode 12
  • At the start, Jon and Lucah make a droning noise that lasts about fifteen seconds.
  • Lucah tries to do the flying through rings joke, but Jon says she already did it. Lucah then says she's a one-trick pony.
  • As they get a one-up, Lucah says that she's at the point where everything that takes effort will kill her.
  • Lucah finds the Stop 'N' Swop egg for Gobi's Valley. Jon says it's in "King Butt's tomb".
  • At the Maze Of Death, Lucah tells everyone to change her name to King Sandybutt.
    • She actually did change her name on Twitter to "King Sandybutts" for about a day after the episode came out.
  • Every time they lose a life, Jon acts like Bottles, getting more and more angry that Lucah hasn't found him yet.
  • After they get the running shoes, Lucah fails the time trial pyramid and tells the viewers to "get ready for 15 minutes of this!"
    • She gets Jon to do it because she doesn't want to subject everyone to "five million hours of this" and (more importantly) her tea's getting cold. He does it on the first try because she didn't follow his advice of hugging the sides (like in a horse race).

Episode 13
  • Lucah makes a very prescient comment about 90s 3D Platformers as she finishes off Gobi Valley:
    Jon: Well, good news is I don't think anything can actually kill you in here...
    Jon: Except the camera angle.
  • Jon remarks that Boggy's cries of "Wahey!" during the race sound like Rodney Dangerfield, and goes "Hey, everybody! We're all gonna get laid!" in an impression of Dangerfield's voice. Lucah says she can't unhear it now that he's pointed it out, and also wonders if anyone watching is even old enough to know who Dangerfield is.
  • Lucah starts by calling Gobi's Valley "sunny Florida".
    Jon: Ah, yes, I remember Florida being murder capital.
  • Jon says he makes some stupid mistakes. Lucah asks if they're as stupid as hers... just as she misses a dive bomb target.
  • When they meet Rubee for the last regular Jiggy, Lucah asks him, "Have you seen Sapphire?"
  • After realizing she has to poop out eggs in a moving basket, Lucah says not to worry about it.
    Lucah: If there's one constant you guys can rely on in this world, it's that I poop.
    Jon: I mean everybody poops. They wrote a book about it.
  • It takes two minutes for Lucah to realize about the water she released in the previous episode.
  • Lucah denies she's turning the camera while using Wonderwing. Jon doesn't believe it at all.
  • As that try for the Freezeezy Peak overworld Jiggy, Lucah calls the snowman who's throwing snowballs at them "Donnie Fucko".
  • While Jon tries to beat Boggy, Lucah explains what's going on in the horse girl anime she's watching to Jon.
  • Lucah continues to get upset at Boggy's bad parenting and repeatedly threatens to call child services. This is after Boggy lays sick outside his igloo, challenges Banjo to two lengthy races (one of which he couldn't even do right away), not bothering to look for his kids' Christmas presents until after Banjo does the second race several hours later (and Lucah had already found them long before this), and then complaining about his kids being noisy.
    Boggy: I wish those kids would be quiet, old Boggy needs some sleep!
    Lucah: ....wwWOOOOW!! You've been here for five fucking minutes! I'm calling CPS.
    Jon: He's not a good parent.
    Lucah: I notice that he has no wife, wonder why?
    Jon: I actually think she shows up in the sequel...?
    Lucah (accusingly): Where's she been at?
  • Lucah doesn't notice the sound of the air meter lowering until they swim to open Mad Monster Mansion, because they were always screaming every previous time they were swimming.
  • Jon takes over the controller to show Lucah a Cheato he remembered. When it doesn't work, he realizes it's actually where an overworld Jiggy is.
  • When they enter Mad Monster Mansion, Lucah calls it Maniac Mansion and talks about which three kids she wants to be (one of them being Dave).
  • The last lines of this episode, just after they opened the door to the mansion.
    Jon: I'm not paying for it unless you want eggs.
    Lucah: Eggs. Do you want an egg?
    Jon: I see what you did there.

Episode 14
  • Jon says that a picture of Grunty is of her playing an invisible piano.
  • Lucah still keeps saying the camera is moving by itself when using Wonderwing. When Jon takes over to use it and get a Mumbo token, he realizes it's not her fault.
  • Then Banjo keeps sliding off the roof.
    Lucah: Things that were easy five seconds ago. Not so easy now.
    • When they get to the top, Lucah finds out that the chimney to the top leads straight down to the fireplace where that Mumbo token was. Jon apologizes immediately.
  • There's a truck outside that we hear in the background.
    Jon: Well, the trucks are coming out since it's summer. Truck season.
    Lucah: They've been hibernating for the weekend.
    Jon: Truck season is the best season.
  • When Lucah hits the max of 200 eggs:
    Jon: You got max poop. Your colon's full!
  • As they break windows around the mansion, they find a Stop 'n' Swop egg on top of Loggo the toilet. Naturally, Lucah imitates NintendoCapriSun's "in the bathroom" notification.
    Jon: You did it! You solved the mystery of the toilet!
  • Lucah describes Golden Corral as a "caca buffet" to Jon, who never heard of it.
  • At the Ouija board Jiggy, Lucah interrupts Jon, saying no to whatever he was going to ask.
    Jon: How do you feel about Ouija boards?
    Lucah: I haven't used one in a while, but I don't feel too badly about it. I mean, I am a Pagan, so it's not like it scares me or anything.

Episode 15
  • This episode was filmed about two and a half weeks since after the last one. Lucah says it's been 5,000 years.
  • As befits usual episodes with a long time in between, Lucah tries to remember how to jump and reach Mumbo's hut.
    Jon: It's been a while. She has forgotten most of the moves.
  • Lucah is not amused when Mumbo turns Banjo into a washing machine (before the real transformation into a pumpkin).
  • When Banjo is a pumpkin, Lucah complains about what Jon says pumpkins don't have.
  • Jon is surprised to learn that Banjo's still a pumpkin when they lose a life.
  • As they smash windows again, Lucah says that Jon is only quoting Jeff Goldblum because they saw Thor: Ragnarok the night before.
    • She also thinks that Jon is jinxing Lucah whenever he says "you've done it before."
    Jon: No more commentary for me. I'll see you guys next episode when I'm allowed to speak again.
  • At the clock tower, Lucah (who's a Pagan) is surprised to see the church inside. She also wonders if church pews are the same size in real life.
  • At the end, Jon complains about Lucah saying that pumpkins have no brains.

Episode 16
  • Lucah finds a Mumbo that turns Banjo from a pumpkin back to normal. Jon and Lucah are surprised he's not at a hut.
    Jon: Don't judge me. It's my home. My vacation home on the weekends.
  • Lucah leaves the Mad Monster Mansion overworld as a pumpkin and says she'll embrace it. Jon calls it "Pumpkin Pumpkooie", they realize it sounds really nasty.
  • Lucah manages to get the overworld Jiggy Jon misremembered on her first go.
    Lucah: Told you. If no one curses me, I can do the jumps.
  • They head back to Treasure Trove Cove again to input the cheat code for extra red feathers. First they have to go and drain the sandcastle.
    Lucah: You know the person that knows exactly what to do to drain...
    Jon: A professional pooper?
    Lucah: Yes. That is why they're asking me. That's what they need.
  • When they defeat the crab in the sandcastle, the last thump also triggers the first letter in the cheat code. Both say it's intentional.
  • Lucah notices a Rare logo and calls it the Rockstar logo because she had recently played Grand Theft Auto.
  • Having raised the water level to reach the puzzle that unlocks Rusty Bucket Bay, Lucah realizes she has to swim to reach the entrance.
    Lucah: That's foreboding. Fore-boat-ing! Yes, I'll be here all—-
    Jon: Please, I just spent two weeks with Emile. Stop.
    Lucah: I'm here all week. This is your just desserts for leaving me with the cat.
  • Lucah is surprised to listen to the background music for Rusty Bucket Bay, which includes whistles.
  • Lucah just makes it onto the Grunty switch.
    Jon: Barely made it onto there.
    Lucah: Bear-ly. Hey, you said it.
  • Lucah freaks out after dropping a TNT crate into a metal plate on the boat.
  • Whilst pooping out eggs to pay tolls for bridges, Lucah manages to get an egg back inside Banjo.
  • Lucah says she'll get into the sludge while drunk (off a glass of wine, though).
  • While beating Boom Box by shooting eggs before switching to Wonderwing, Lucah complains about the eggs, despite having over 150 eggs left.
    Lucah: That's wasted. I need to have as much poops as possible.
    Jon: How does your colon take it?
    Lucah: I don't know, some kind of freak of nature. (continues firing). Eat my poop! Eat my unborn children!

Episode 17
  • At the beginning, Lucah worries that she'll hate this because it's a "water level that will actually kill you".
  • The camera angle changes have annoyed Lucah to the point where she vows to sue who keeps setting the camera angle.
  • After Lucah finally gets into the sludge (to rescue a Jinjo), Jon apologizes to commentors for forgetting that Snacker's also in that part of the level.
  • When Lucah beats a monster in a paddleboat (and collects two gold feathers), she goes "If this boat is a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'", then praises Jon's applauding for her using that reference.
  • Due to Lucah's color-blindess, she has to point to where a hole in a fence is. Since we can't see her, she has to explain it to us.
  • Every time she climbs down a ladder to the boiler room, Lucah sings "Snake Eater". Jon says she has to sing it backwards.
  • After they lose a life, Jon finally tells Lucah that Rusty Bucket Bay is "The stage that messes everyone up."
  • Lucah says she's good friends with an enemy in this level who's disguised as a pipe. She calls him Chad.
  • They finally get to see the Game Over Screen everyone wanted them to see. Lucah is amazed at how Grunty turned out.
  • Lucah admits she's never seen Seinfeld and that when everyone else in her household found out, they taunted her with quotes she wouldn't understand.
  • After Jon takes over, he heads to Chad and poops two eggs to spite her.
  • Jon is surprised when Lucah manages to ride a rotating platform.
  • When they manage to get the hardest Jiggy in the game with less than one second left (and losing a life), Lucah accidentally uses a Wonderwing feather. As the episode ends, she tells Chad about it.

Episode 18
  • Jon starts the episode by reading from Banjo-Kazooie Wikia article on Rusty Bucket Bay.
    Jon: (reading) "Some players find Rusty Bucket Bay as their favorite level." Those people are called monsters.
  • Lucah says she likes how the music changes whenever she dives.
  • They get the time trial cage Jiggy as the cage lowers.
    Lucah: Well, now I die in a cage.
    Jon: Now I'm trapped for the rest of eternity.
  • Lucah says the pots on the stove in the ship's kitchen are making "poop soup".
  • After finding the sleeping quarters, Lucah jokes that everyone sleeps on feather pillows since there are red feathers on them. Jon is not amused about it.
    Lucah: I'm here all day! Literally because I can't finish this stage.
  • Lucah finishes this stage by Wonderwinging to get the last Jiggy.
    Lucah: Did I get all the notes?
    Jon: You did. That's when Bottles showed up.
    Lucah: I just ignore him at this point.
    Jon: (as Bottles) I heard that!
  • As they leave, they say goodbye to Chad. She says she'll be back the next day for his party.
  • On route to the Click Clock Wood level, Lucah is tempted to enter the boss battle stage because of the flashy lights.
  • Lucah finally admits she likes Grunty more than Tooty.
  • At the Spring zone, Lucah poops out eggs into a flower hole and is amazed about how much air it gets.
  • In the final Mumbo Hut, Lucah says she had a dream where Jon hits on Grunty.
  • As the episode ends, Banjo has been transformed into a bee. They land on a flytrap who Lucah calls Devin.

Episode 19
  • Lucah has been calling a bull near the Click Clock Wood overworld Ferdinand. Jon calls him "John Cena", claiming he saw enough of the trailer to know it.
  • As she reads one of Grunty's rhymes, Lucah accidentally says "hot log" instead of "hot dog".
    Jon: I'm worried about you, dear. I'm really worried about you.
  • Lucah realizes that Kazooie sounds like Bagel.
  • At Treasure Trove Cove while pooping in the bucket to start inputting the code for more gold feathers, Lucah sings the Mr. Bucket jingle again, while making fart noises. As Jon says he's worried about her, Lucah says Jon was singing it in the car a few days ago because she sang it first.
  • While inputting the gold feathers code, Lucah once again starts talking about Uma Musume because gold feathers reminded her of her favourite character, Gold Ship. She says that whenever she talks about her, everyone thinks she's saying "Gold Shit". Also, she accidentally starts inputting "Gold Ship" instead of "Gold Feathers" and has to start over. Then, on her second attempt, she forgets how to spell "feathers".
  • Entering Nabnut's house, Lucah calls him Conker.
  • Lucah says that making grunts helps Banjo jump.
  • In the Summer zone, Lucah notices that there are bees that have frozen in time.
  • Lucah has repeatedly failed a long jump to a leaf, despite a jump pad being on the leaf. She tries to pass the controller to Jon, but he gives it right back.
  • At the end, Lucah deliberately taunts an enemy who keeps popping up and missing Banjo by standing just near him.

Episode 20
  • As Lucah tries to jump up leaf platforms, Jon mentions that Youtuber Jirard also suffered this.
  • Lucah apologies if anyone hears Bagel playing in his bag again.
  • Jon and Lucah renaming Mumbo a few times in the beginning. Names include "Mambo No. 5", "Mumbi", and "Mumford And Sons".
  • Lucah calls a baddie "Donnie Fucko", explaining its "Donnie Darko, but worse."
    • After defeating another one, she says "Stay fresh!" Which is surprising to her because she hadn't played Splatoon in a while and hasn't played Splatoon 2 yet.
  • Lucah is feeling deep and emotional as she tries to climb the tree again, whilst saying "fuck" a lot.
  • Lucah calls a room filled with vines "the hentai room."
  • When they jump off the tree to head to the Autumn zone, Lucah lands on bees.
  • Lucah says Gobi's trying to impress Ferdinand.
    • After they jump on Gobi to make the giant flower bloom, Gobi says he's off to the lava world, which Jon says exists in Tooie.
    Lucah: I had a feeling.
  • Reentering the hive, a bee tells Lucah that there's nothing for her to get because they've moved out. Expect for a bee, who Jon says is waiting for the moving van.
  • Jon keeps telling Lucah to look up whenever they enter a Mumbo hut. In the Autumn zone, there are four notes on the paneling inside. When she gets them, Jon thinks there were five and she missed one. When Lucah proved she was right, they argue about whether or not she went around once.
  • They end the episode after losing a life. Since all the enemies respawned, Lucah says she can't wait to see all the Donnie Fuckos again. Jon thought she meant the viewers.

Episode 21
  • The first thing they do in this episode is swim to get one of Nabnut's acorns. Lucah never realizes this is a Double Entendre.
    Lucah: Here. Take my molding nut! Do it!
  • After feeding Eyrie in the Autumn zone, Lucah says she'll die at any moment as she walks around the nest for notes. It doesn't happen.
  • Lucah thanks Jesus for being him as she climbs up the tree.
    Jon: Thank you for being a friend.
  • After losing a life to finish the Autumn zone, Lucah accidentally leaves.
    Lucah: God, I can't even stand around I can't even scratch my ass in here!
  • In the Winter zone, all the flytraps are dead. Lucah celebrates with maniacial laughter.
  • The last thing Lucah does before leaving the Mumbo hut for the last time? Take damage from landing on a torch.
  • When Eyrie gives a Jiggy, Lucah thinks Eyrie pooped it out, saying she ever heard him poop.
  • Lucah can't seem to catch a break when it comes to falling off the upper levels of the giant tree. In one case, after narrowly missing a Beak Bomb while trying to break a window in Nabnut's house, the hurt animation catapults her back and low enough that it registers as landing on the tree... just close enough to the ledge to send her crashing all the way to the ground.
  • After breaking into a window, Lucah says all of Nabnut's acorns turned into poop.
  • Winter means the return of the Sir Slushes (the snowmen from Freezeezy Peak), which means more frame-perfect dodging of Lucah's Beak Bombs.
  • When Lucah manages to find the last two notes in Gnawty's house, she goes "I did it! I did it myself, I got all the notes!" before immediately falling off the platform they were on (luckily it was just a shelf).
  • Jon says that Lucah forgot the last Grunty switch. So she threw the controller in his face.
  • The episode ends with Lucah asking viewers for tips to help calm Bagel's anxiety.

Episode 22
  • Jon has forced Lucah to leave Grunty's cave and go back down Spiral Mountain.
    Jon: Remember those good old days when you were first learning the controls?
    Lucah: Aw, no, not at all, actually.
    Jon: That's not a good sign.
  • As they try to unlock Bottles' moving picture game, Jon jokes that doing that 30 times unlocks Sonic The Hedgehog. It gets brought up again as they leave the level after solving the picture game:
    Jon: I think you might like the bonus you get for this one.
    Lucah: Well it better be Sonic the Hedgehog because that's what you promised me!
    Jon: It's not Sonic.
    Lucah: Awrh! I was promised Sonic! it Knuckles? It better be Knuckles.
    Jon: It's not Knuckles.
    Lucah: Look, there's a pumpkin! Pumpkin Hill! Gimme my Knuckles!
  • After Lucah finishes the secret moving picture game at Banjo's house, she immediately exits, interrupting Bottle's dialogue:
    Jon (as Bottles): YOU CAN ALSO-!
    Lucah (running away): Haha! Nope, don't care!
  • Jon and Lucah explain about the gap between recordings due to travel "because we have lives."
    Jon: Based on how much I tweet from the airport, you think they would realize.
  • After getting the code for the giant Banjo head, Lucah keeps it on. If she loses, she's blaming Jon for it.
    Jon: I'm an abombination! (goofy chuckle)
    Lucah: My mother left me at birth!
  • On the very first question of the trivia board, Lucah gets asked about how many squares are on the game board:
    Jon: Hope you counted!
    Lucah: I didn't even LOOK!
  • Moving onto an audio question in the end game, Lucah has to turn up the volume. We hear her dropping something as she tries to find the remote. After correctly identifying the sound as picking up notes, she says she knows what her poop sounds like.
  • On a visual question, Lucah correctly guesses the inside of the treehouse in Click Clock Wood... sorta:
    Lucah: Oh, Click Clock Wood! Inside Nutty McNutterson's... nuts. Pfft!
    Jon: Inside his actual nuts!
    Lucah: We were there! (tragically) I saw it first hand!
  • Lucah doesn't believe the game is over as the credits roll and even during The Stinger. She was right.
  • The episode concludes with Kazooie pooping out eggs towards the camera from atop the Star Prize podium.
    Jon: Ah yes, the real Star Prize.

Episode 23
  • At the beginning, Lucah thanks everyone for supporting her. Jon then thanks everyone for assuming how Lucah's mentality works.
  • Lucah returns to the podium from the end of the last episode and poops off the top of it again, noting the fanart the moment received. Then she jumps off and accidentally grabs the egg back.
    Jon: You grabbed your poop back!
    Lucah: I'm efficient.
  • Lucah deliberately pisses off Grunty by not opening the door to the final boss fight.
  • They think that Grunty having vomited in Dingpot is gross.
  • Lucah gets mad when Jon tells her she's supposed to peck Grunty's butt. He points out that the game told her that already.
  • At the start their third attempt, Lucah says she's changing her Twitter name to "Beaky Fool" and Jon has to change his to "Hairy Nerd", after Grunty's insults.
    • During the attempt, Jon has to go and check on Bagel. Lucah does great... until Jon comes back and then swiftly loses a life.
  • Her final attempt of the episode ends in hilarious fashion, as she accidentally smashes into the ground with a missed Beak Bomb and the resulting wipeout launches her off the tower to her doom.
  • At the end, Lucah says she'll beat Grunty for everyone... especially Chad. And she'll go tell Chad that.

Episode 24 (Finale)
  • Lucah says the game didn't expect her to start this boss battle "fifteen million times".
  • Jon jokes that all the comments are actually him with different usernames.
  • Lucah says the viewers know what word she's thinking of. Jon says it's "Batman".
  • Lucah gets confused when the camera angle makes it look like Grunty hit herself with a fireball:
    Lucah: Did she just hit herself with it?
    Jon: No, not even close.
    Lucah (frustrated): Auwh!
  • A mis-reading of one of Grunty's lines induces hilarity:
    Jon (as Gruntilda): Soon you'll lose and when you've gone/I have to go and use the *John?!* Wow, okay!
    Lucah: Jon, I'm sorry you're named after a toilet.
    Jon: I knew I had something to worry about with my mom and dad!
  • They fast forward through this episode's second and third boss battle attempts. Lucah misses jumping in the pot to start the second one.
    • The fast-forward itself is amusing thanks to it looking like a Benny Hill montage.
  • When Lucah discovers the name of the bull:
    Lucah: His name's Bigbutt?!
    Jon: Yep!
    Lucah: -gasp-, same, though!
  • After beating the game, Lucah accidentally says her next LP (Apollo Justice) will run "Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday" instead of "Monday, Wednesday, and Friday".
    Lucah: Wow, I need sleep.

Danganronpa 1
  • Sometimes, during previous Let's Plays, Lucah had adopted a twitter handle corresponding to a quote from said game. During Episode 10 of Danganronpa, Mondo states that Chihiro knows all about "numbers and shit". Cue Lucah's response to reading this:
    Lucah: Heh, numbers and shit. *laughing* I think I might make my twitter handle "numbers and shit".
  • Episode 29 has her losing her mind over the characters repeatedly talking about Hifumi's pants.
  • She slams Celeste for their incredibly selfish motive for committing murder (money), only to do a complete 180 once she finds out what they want to use that money for: To buy a Big Fancy Castle, hire a bunch of sexy men to be her butlers, and make them dress up like vampires.
    Lucah: This is a good dream. I would maybe kill somebody for this dream as well, okay? Maybe it's not that bad. [beat] Not Taka, though. Man, you did a bad by picking him. Anyone else and I would have gone with you, okay? Maybe. [beat] Why couldn't you kill Byakuya?!
  • Lucah openly does not care for Makoto's English voice. Since you rarely hear his voice outside of trials, a Running Gag was formed where Lucah keeps forgetting what his voice sounds like since it's usually been weeks since she last heard it, and is always very startled by it since she considers it very unsuitable for him.
  • Upon learning the existence of the sixteenth student, she mishears the name as "Murkrow" and briefly derails the scene into Kyoko catching one in Pokémon GO.

Danganronpa 2
  • Lucah is immediately taken aback upon first seeing Fat Byakuya and spends the first half of Episode 1 constantly wondering whether or not it's really him, her opinion heavily skewing towards the "there's just no way" side of things. When the Dangan Island intro says that he is indeed Byakuya Togami, she chokes on the tea she was drinking at the time. Appropriately, the episode is titled "Choking on Despair".
    Lucah: They're all so cu— a-PFFT! [choking] EXCUSE ME?! [resumes choking]
  • Lucah finds herself unable to look away from Nekomaru's very large bulge, either out of attraction or out of Bile Fascination. Or both, it's not really clear.
  • When Nekomaru introduces himself as the Ultimate Team Manager, Lucah expresses her surprise, saying it seems unsuitable for someone of his huge build. After Nagito explains all the teams that he has coached to victory, it finally dawns on Lucah that Nekomaru manages sports teams, which had never even crossed her mind. When she heard "team manager", she immediately assumed he was in charge of leading trust exercises at corporate retreats.
  • Lucah mentions that she thought Fuyuhiko was a girl at first glance (and heavily implies that she'd be very attracted to him if he was), followed by a hasty addition of Not That There's Anything Wrong with That regarding him being a boy and that he is still very cute regardless. This is of course before she learns that Fuyuhiko is very much aware of how cute he looks and is extremely sensitive about it.
  • Lucah's version of how Byakuya's murder happened, and how Nagito was involved in it: They were lovers.
    Lucah: Pulled his pants down, he dropped trou, put it in Byakuya's hand, Byakuya freaked out, fell down, fell on a skewer, died, that's the end of it.
    Nagito: Ow!
    Lucah: Byakuya grabbed it too hard as he was falling down... Murder solved.
  • The thumbnail for Episode 29 is Fuyuhiko wearing a Christmas sweater that reads "MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL". Fitting, considering the episode got posted on Christmas Day.

Danganronpa V3
  • Lucahjin's reaction to Kaede's Transformation Sequence in the starting chapter:
    Lucah: Bur-bur-bur-bur-braaa, Sailor Moon transformation! (Kaede's clothes disappear) —oh my God, YouTube don't ban me.
  • Surprising absolutely nobody, Lucah immediately falls utterly head over heels for Miu Iruma.
    Miu: I'm the gorgeous girl genius whose good looks and golden brain will go down in history!
    Lucah: Girl, if you are smart and foul-mouthed, I am— I am literally going to throw a ring at you right now.
    Miu: I'm the one, the only, the legendary Ultimate Inventor herself — Miu Iruma!
    Lucah: [audibly gushing] Miu, I love you! Please! Marry me!
  • When Kaede walks into what is unmistakably a library:
    Kaede: Is this a library?
    Lucah: [exasperated] No, Kaede, it's a Burger King. What the fu-
  • She chooses to voice Korekiyo Shinguji with a British accent despite him clearly not having one, simply because somebody always gets a British accent in her LPs so it might as well be him.
  • Two characters that have been "ruined" for her are Gonta, whose "sophisticated caveman" aesthetic causes her to associate him with Oog from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Kaito, whose voice clip of "Don't screw around!" caused her to associate him with Mr. Adler from South Park.
  • By her own admission, she figures out Chapter 2's culprit thanks to her Perverse Sexual Lust of Korekiyo making her realize that Kiyo's show of respect to the then-unknown killer matched his description of another character earlier in the chapter.note  The comments on the video are full of people dumbfounded at Lucah managing to solve the murder purely through sheer horniness.
    Lucah: I don't know if I should be impressed or ashamed with myself that I was paying so much attention to Kiyo that I— that I know who the person is that he talks about like that.
  • When Kokichi reveals Maki's true talent, Lucah is too busy cheering on Maki trying to strangle him to say much beyond 'Oh, that's cool!'
  • Lucah spends a 2-hour stream grinding money at the casino to buy a Key of Love, which lets Shuichi spend a night at the Hotel Kumasutra with a randomly chosen (and not dead) student, and then spends episode after episode waiting for the game to actually let her use it (by a stroke of bad luck, on the day she got it, an event happened during nighttime that prevented her from using it, and the next day a body was discovered, meaning she didn't get to use it until the following chapter, almost a full real-life month later). The whole time, she's also hoping that the game doesn't give her someone she hates (read: Kokichi). When she finally gets to use it and ends up getting Korekiyo, she is over the fucking moon.
    Lucah: Happy motherfucking birthday to me! Hoooo! Atua is real, he answered my prayers and everything!
    • Then there's her reaction to the following line:
      Korekiyo: Well, the way you quiver with confusion is beautiful, too...
      Lucah: Heh-heh-heh-hell yeah! Pog, motherfuckers!
  • At the beginning of Episode 37, she declares that after having two sexually-charged episodes in a row, it's time to get back to normal. The game almost immediately presents her with the traditional Danganronpa "Man's Fantasy" scene, which of course she tackles with as much enthusiasm as Shuichi, all the while cracking jokes about how getting laid with Korekiyo transformed Shuichi from an awkward loser with a Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality into a supremely confident and utterly shameless pervert overnight.
    Shuichi: The power of love in my chest has filled my throbbing heart! Full charge!
    Lucah: My. God. Can we quickly talk about what a god Kiyo is? Listen, the dude solved a murder for me. Then, he took Shuichi... to Poundtown and made him a man, and now look at us. Not afraid to do anything disgusting. Shuichi, my bro, you have grown up, and it's all because of Kiyo. Thank you so much. He is... a god. He has changed this man's life.
  • In Episode 48, as Korekiyo is talking about his incestuous relationship with his sister:
    Korekiyo: I loved her so deeply... and she loved me so deeply...
    Lucah: Yeah, well, I'm a bad person, all right. I'd still hit it. Fine. Whatever. It happens. Eyeliner's still on fleek, dude's hot.
  • Episode 75 is heartbreaking from beginning to end, except for two moments:
    • During the Closing Argument, Lucah is audibly angry that Kokichi is actually pretty hot with his shirt off, and curses the game for making her think that now after he's dead and she spent the whole game hating him.
    • During the post-trial scene of the surviving students sans Keebo training together in Kaito's memory, Lucah notices just how stacked Tsumugi is and abruptly stops mid-"awww" to go "Jesus, Tsumugi!".
  • In Episode 76, she accidentally calls Keebo's ahoge an ahegao instead.

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 
Episode 1
  • Lucah asks Jon how he feels about sexy vampires.
    Jon: Do they have boobs?
    Lucah: In some drawings, yes.
  • Lucah submits their name for this one as Draculad (The extra "D" is for "Dracula".).
  • At the opening cutscene, Lucah says she was only two years old in 1792.
  • Jon calls the castle as "Low-Poly Castlevania" because Dracula's budget was low that year.
    Lucah: We could only paint some of the sides of the building, but not all of them.
    Jon: We got a couple windows and then we got a big slab of concrete.
  • After grabbing what looks like a picture of Dracula, they discuss what Dracula would be in Animal Crossing.
  • Lucah complaining about how vampires are more sparkly nowadays.
  • Jon says that since they've recorded this 20 times, they're tired of the first line in the first boss battle spiel.
  • Lucah says her watch list wouldn't expect this, despite announcing it a year ago on their honeymoon.
  • Lucah calling Death a perv after stealing Alucard's powers.
  • Lucah calls Gabbon and Sloggurah "The Olsen Twins". Jon says they look nothing alike.
  • Jon gave Lucah a face after she joked that she's "well-made but shabby looking", like the cape he equipped. She says that if Emile's watching, he'll know the exact one.
    • Later on, she says that if he keeps making that face, it'll freeze.
Episode 2
  • The episode starts with Jon summoning the map and Bagel. Lucah says that Bagel is a big fan of vampires and watches the Twilight movies a lot.
  • Lucah says that Alucard is technically naked without his powers.
  • After Lucah wonders what to talk about besides the game, Jon says they'll get to one.
  • As Jon keeps defeating the enemy, Lucah said it looked like the enemy was pooping out an alligator.
    • With Lucah being Lucah, she wanted Jon to look at that enemy's butt.
  • Jon also didn't notice an eyeball in the background.
    Lucah: I think this is one of the only ones he's seen. He's seen!
    (pause screen)
    Lucah: Anytime you see the pause screen like this, it means Jon's staring at me like that.
    • They then wonder about keeping track of time Jon gave her that look.
  • After a glitch resets them back to a save point, Lucah says that it's because Bagel was playing with the cables.
  • At the Long Library, Jon and Lucah imitate Alucard complaining that everything is trying to kill him.
  • After grabbing the bronze cuirass, Jon says it's pronounced like "curious", Lucah says it's "cure ass".
  • Lucah notices a hanged man on the outer wall. She says her name is Derek and he was drunk the night before.
Episode 3
  • Lucah realizes that since they start every episode at a save point, but there's no music, they'll have to make their own.
  • Lucah wants someone to keep track of all the times they passes "Duke Nukems".
  • Jon didn't realize that all the warp point have the head of a different animal until Lucah brings it.
    • For extra Lucah, said animal is a horse.
  • Jon hears the Tetra Spirit spell as "Tetris Spirit", so Lucah says that Alucard likes to play Tetris.
  • Lucah calls the Skulllord "Sans Undertale".
    Lucah: (Jon kills Skulllord) You killed him?!
    Jon: Sorry, it's a genocide run.
  • Lucah notices there are a lot of naked statues in the hallway.
  • After Jon calls an attack potion a Dr. Mario pill, Lucah imitates the game music and says that Dr. Mario's not really a doctor.
Episode 4
  • At the castle keep, Jon uses a bible to knock out enemies.
    Jon: Have you heard the good word? (Bible knocks out Flea Riders) GOOD WORDS!
  • Lucah wonders why the music is good as they pass a hallway which has no music.
  • Jon reluctantly agrees that when a Marionette is killed, it sounds like Tyler screaming. And that Lucah wants Tyler to imitate it for her Twitch notifications.
  • Lucah says that the Alucart items are from and made in China.
  • Lucah wants to stop the game because Jon found cheese.
  • After beating the Colluseum boss battle, Lucah wonders what Richter's up to. Jon says that he's a dick, causing Lucah to realize that the extra D in "Draculad" stands for "Dickter".
Episode 5
  • Lucah finally finds out that the ring they were going for is for a New Game+ run. Lucah didn't realize this, despite all her playings.
  • Jon says he can still pose a lot and yell "What" when Alucard is cursed.
  • Lucah thinks that there's a Garnet in the library. Jon replies, "And Steven!"
  • Jon jokes that Dracula was on vacation the whole time. Lucah says the game's a weird version of Home Alone, but Jon says it's Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
    • After getting the Faerie Card and summoning a fairy, Jon says she's the old man with a shovel at the end of Home Alone.
  • At the end of the Easter Egg where the fairy sing Alucard to sleep, Lucah noticed the fairy's underwear but Jon didn't.
    Lucah: Is it weird that that was the thing that I noticed?
    Jon: I'm not surprised that's the thing you noticed.
    Lucah: Okay, touche.
  • Lucah is hoping that we get to hear the fairy warn us about a secret wall.
  • After Bagel enters, Lucah says that has to be part of Jon and Lucah's games. She also admits she's "a-feared" of playing Banjo-Tooie.
Episode 6
  • Jon starts the episode by throwing an axe, saying it's William Tell with no apple and an axe.
  • The Running Gag of Jon defeating a boss before Lucah can finish describing what that boss does continues is somewhat lampshaded in the first phase of Orlox.
    Lucah: ...he'll teleport around, he'll move around the room, but you already killed him so now I can't go on with my...
  • Lucah said she only got the horse when Jon says that just can't depend upon the shield.
  • After getting the Gravity Boots, Jon calls it "Bonk" because jumping makes Alucard hit the ceiling. He thought Alucard wouldn't land on his feet when this happens, but that's a different version.
  • Lucah says she didn't like Anchorman when it was in theaters, then she realized she liked it when she watched it at a friend's house.
Episode 7
  • The menu color for this episode is "Grape Ape purple", which leads to Lucah mentioning Hanna-Barbera crossovers and asking if anyone remembers Grape Ape.
  • Lucah points to something they're heading to and likes it when the viewers don't know what they're pointing to.
  • Jon tries to activate a save point as the wolf.
    Lucah: Doggy can't save, though.
    Jon: Dammit, dogs don't know how to save!
    Lucah: They don't know what they're doing. They don't have the mental capacity.
  • Jon finally switched the audio to stereo, but he can only hear things in his left channel.
  • Due to bulk recording, Lucah hopes that there are comments in the previous episode about Jon not getting the Jewel Sword as they head to it.
Episode 8
  • Jon calls a room "the fridge" because they pick up foods. Lucah says it's also cold because no insulation.
  • They get the ghost familiar and a falchion. After Jon reads the falchion "Norman curved sword", Lucah calls the ghost Norman.
  • Jon and Lucah have read the comments and say that there are many complaints about the Wingsmash spell. Jon says he forgot it was in the game.
  • Jon says the library is a rave party, causing Lucah to sing "Disco Duck", which Jon says a radio station in Newfoundland played around April Fools' Day.
  • They get Joseph's Cloak, which can be made into any color. So Jon makes it hot pink.
  • Lucah's rant about Pepto-Bismol, saying that it tastes like "Satan's pink anus".
Episode 9
  • Lucah frequently complained that the Frogs and Toads Jon defeats are innocent victims.
  • Lucah wants Jon to keep the Herald Shield and Shield Rod because it summons a naked butt.
  • In the Abadoned Mine, Jon claims the music is a CD of a haunted house.
  • Jon keeps jumping into enemies and Lucah says he's got a gift for it.
  • Lucah confirms she wants Jon drawn as a muscular woman than a man. Later, she says she doesn't care about it because she plays Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Lucah keeps asking ferrymen to take them to strip clubs.
  • Jon thinks this episode is being posted the day after Halloween (it was posted on Halloween), so he shouts "Happy our birthdays!"
Episode 10
  • They've named their sword familiar to "Swordy". They're at the level where Swordy is a teenage rebel and Alucard's his mother.
  • Lucah made the menu screen and Joseph's Robe white because she's cold and it just snowed.
  • Lucah imitating the trumpet in the background music for the Catacombs, annoying Jon.
  • Lucah calls the Large Slime a "Red Lobster cheddar biscuit" and that it's the only good thing Red Lobster serves.
  • After admitting that Jon walks around yelling, she announces she's gonna start selling secrets for $5.
Episode 11
  • Jon gets back at Lucah's beeping by beeping along with the catacombs music.
    Lucah: Oh, shit. I didn't expect to censor it.
  • Jon says a cat he had as a kid would put her paw in his mouth whenever he sang.
  • During the credits, Jon and Lucah adlib lyrics to the closing theme including "stinky wind", "the wind beneath my butt", and "this will still get copywritten". So they break until afterwards, when Jon sings about feeding the cat to the theme.
  • At one save point, Reese scolds Bagel for trying to eat Cheez-its.
  • In a conversation between Maria and Alucard, Lucah notices what she calls "an alien vagina" in the background.
Episode 12
  • Lucah thinks Alucard's cape is like the infamous ANTM "Banana Suit". Jon thinks it's like an avocado.
  • At the Darkwing Bat battle, Lucah sings a version of the Darkwing Duck theme.
  • Jon says his sword is just as useless as a Cloaked Knight's.
  • Lucah and Jon argue over what dictates the time in-game, which causes an increase in power using the Moonstone or Sunstone.
  • Jon is surprised after Lucah replies "But if there's any girls there, I wanna do them!" from the song "Dungeons & Dragons".
Episode 13
  • Jon says everyone can tell who did the capes, before admitting he did all but two of them.
  • Lucah acidentally says that villians have an Alice In Wonderland theme before changing it to The Wizard Of Oz.
    • Later on, Lucah explains Return To Oz, asking viewers to post scary things about it.
  • After seeing that Swordy is now level 18, they say he's 18 and about to leave for college.
  • Lucah said this episode was almost called "Dick Lasers" because of the Nova Skeletons but she was afraid of being demonitized.
  • Lucah asks if anyone has a cat that can't wait two seconds after Bagel walks in.
Episode 14
  • Lucah praises Jon's choice of cape color (light green) for this episode. Jon says it's Doublemint gum colored.
  • Lucah says that vampires smell like "Grandma's basement". Jon replies by saying his grandmother's house had no basement.
  • Lucah's rambling that the balloon pods look like penises, climaxing with her saying that she wanted to title the episode "Penis Pasta", but she's in trouble with YouTube for claiming to be kid friendly.
  • Despite the two week break between recordings (due to another Runaway Guys recording), Jon admits he forgot to check the map.
  • Lucah says she's making Jon do the entire thing for his birthday.
  • Jon and Lucah's argument after Jon kills a Salome that turned into a cat.
Episode 15
  • Jon and Lucah pretend it's Christmas throughout the episode, complete with Lucah calling Galamoth Santa.
  • As they head back, Lucah calls it "Backtracking the Sequel".
  • Lucah jokes that their next let's play will be a Mary-Kate and Ashley game for Game Boy. Jon replies it'll happen when she reaches 500,000 subscribers (in comparison, she was nearing the 200,000 mark when the video was uploaded).
  • After Alucard turns into a poison gas cloud, Lucah calls him a fart cloud.
  • Jon heads back to the waterfall to clear that part of the map. Only one square was left.
    Jon: See, that's what happens when you don't pay attention. Which I didn't.
    Lucah: Me, neither.
Episode 16
  • Having done Christmas in the last episode, they pretend it's Hanukkah in this episode.
    • Lucah says that as a kid, she had made up her Hanukkah folklore.
  • Lucah apologizes for not realizing that the wolf from can swim, saying she's a bat person.
  • Lucah says that she noticed the mentions of Slice soda in the comments, saying it's the poor man's 7-Up, or Sprite.
  • Jon and Lucah say that they saved the frame rate after getting the Ring Of Arcana.
Episode 17
  • To go with this episode's Kwanzaa theme, Jon made the menu and Alucard's cape black.
  • Lucah says that this episode wasn't going up anywhere near any holiday they celebrated.
  • After saying that Stone Skulls are basically cow skulls, Lucah jokes that Dracula built an Outback Steakhouse.
    Jon: Anyone who comes to watch must enjoy steak.
    Lucah: Must order a Bloomin' Onion.
    • This leads to Lucah explaining how she loved sharing Bloomin' Onions with friends before an article came out explaining it was the worst food to have alone due to calories.
    Lucah: Look, don't— don't underestimate drunk teenagers because they will do things.
    Jon: Fair. Fair point.
  • Lucah sneezing on camera leads to an argument over whether or not Lucah eats her own snot.
Episode 18
  • Lucah says that they were going through the castle clockwise instead of counterclockwise so Alucard could get exercise.
  • Lucah's phone keeps lighting up whenever she talks.
  • As Alucard turns into fog, Lucah keeps joking that he farts through his enemies.
  • Lucah singing "Back That Ass Up" after Jon defats a Gorgon. Jon says he never heard that song before.
  • Jon and Lucah have to talk through the credits again. So Lucah keeps talking about why the song they're talking through is about farting.
  • At the end, Jon realizes they never spent the money, so they'll just make it a retirement fund of Alucard.

  • From her "Project Brave Heart" charity livestream of Pokemon HeartGold and Emerald with Donnabellez and others:
    • The Running Gag of "The Oak Hand".
    • Donnabellez's reaction to Lucah randomly blowing a swanee whistle.
    • Lucah deciding that the game is actually set in Professor Oak's pants, after the protagonist is miniaturised.
    • Naming her Cyndaquil starter "Tacobellez" because it looks like it's having fiery diarrhoea. And adding that Lucah and Donna have both randomly been endorsed on Twitter by Taco Bell and Chipotle respectively. "We are the masters of Mexican fast food!"
    • After the game crashes, she switches to Emerald and immediately becomes obsessed with the size of May's ass.
    • Saying Ludicolo looks like something that tried to make it into DuckTales but was rejected for being too racist.
    • Lucah shouts "MY BALLS IS SO CUTE!" out of her window as a challenge.
    • Lucah and Donna both hold up their respective pets In the Style of... the beginning of The Lion King (1994) as a challenge, only for Lucah to fail as her cat weighs four times as much as Donna's dog Baxter.
    • AttackingTucans' Incredibly Long Note.
    • The Refuge in Audacity concerning the naked picture of Pcull44444.
  • Saturday Skyrim: J'zargo must go, his people need him.
  • Lucah has started a Sims playthrough where all the characters are based on Let's Players she knows. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The two horses are Jewker and My Balls.
    • Many of them take a long time to get dressed properly, leading to lots of them hanging around in their underwear.
    • Tim dancing in his underwear.
    • Tyler is a fairy. Literally.
    • #NAKEDHOTTUBPARTY. And then Lucah has her character steal everyone's clothes.
    • Lucah frantically tries to get all the characters inside because she thinks there's going to be a zombie attack, but they all keep going out again. Especially to the stables.
    • Everyone in the chat keeps asking to see the sex dungeon. (And for her to pair up Chuggaa and Jon).
    • ProtonJon ends up riding a horse wearing nothing but a towel (because he was in the hot tub and Lucah stole his clothes). Comparisons to the Old Spice Guy surfaced.
    • And that was just the first stream. The other ones have been equally hilarious. There's even a tumblr page for the series with screenshots of the best moments.
      • In an later stream, she turned on cheat codes and had My Balls delete the Repo Man from existence when he had come to repossess some items. Then, she sent Clay to the graveyard on the chat's demand, where he promptly began flirting with a widow visiting her husband' grave. She and her guest commentator at the time came to the conclusion that he was flirting with the Repo Man's widow.
      • When Clay isn't flirting, he spends all his time making inappropriate posts on internet forums all day, while Donna spends 13 hours in the hot tub.
      • Chugga and Donna both keep getting stuck on things for no reason, and when Lucah uses debug cheats to move them off, a side effect means Chugga glitches through the floor.
      • The Running Gag of Lucah irritatedly dismissing notifications saying that Tim, Chugga, Clay and others are all trying to flirt with her sim.
      • Lucah's horrified reaction when a message pops up saying her sim has had her first kiss...with Clay.
      • ProtonJon's sim ends up becoming Mr. Fixit due to repairing all the toilets broken by Tim and computers broken by Clay, even though what he actually does seems to be limited to scraping off a sticker. "Stickers mean I CAN FIX THINGS"
      • Lucah creates a Barbie sim at the chat's request, and then argues about the chronological order of the Barbie horse riding games in the 'canon timeline'.
      • Later she has Tyler use a fairy trick on Barbie that ends up setting her on fire and giving her an Ash Face effect. When she tries this on other sims it never works and turns out to have been a rare fluke, so they joke that it was because Barbie was made of plastic.
      • In another stream, Lucah became determined to kill Booker Singleton ("Booker the Hooker") after learning what he had done in the game's backstory. What followed was one long Epic Fail. She used Jon's Sim to invite him over, only for him to decline due to it being around midnight. He called in the morning, only to be denied again, and having to call him at 7. The whole household had been invited to another party with the Floor Baby family (who left their baby on the floor for Jon to play with), so they were on a strict time limit. Finally, he came over, but Lucah had trouble finding him due to her being unsure where she had set the house's front door. When she finally found him, he had been zombified, so she couldn't effectively direct him into the pool to be drowned. She tried to trap him in the Box of Shame (a glass cage), but he somehow managed to simply walk out. She was eventually forced to manually take control of him after he became un-zombified, and directed him to the pool, which she then surrounded with garden gnomes to make it impossible to escape. Unfortunately, she was unaware that Sims could pass through gnomes in The Sims 3, so he started climbing out right as she made a backup save. She was forced to control him AGAIN, force him to go swimming, and surrounded the pool with fences. He finally drowned, and she had Clay attempt to flirt with the Grim Reaper on a Troper/chat member's suggestion: sadly, he could not interact with Death.
      • Booker's ghost shows up after Lucah had Jon relocate his remains to the sex dungeon, but completely fails to scare anyone (and ironically the first thing he does is possess a gnome).
      • Two zombies also try pushing gnomes over, only for an unconcerned Jon to walk out of the house through the middle of the zombie outbreak to put them upright again.
      • Chugga and Super Jeenius play catch after a date between the two...while the latter is in his underwear.
      • Chugga gets a job as a businessman while Lucah isn't looking, so she makes him quit it, but he keeps his business suit on while he plays catch with several other sims with an American football (cue "You are TEARING ME APART, Chugga!") And then he wets himself.
      • Clay's ex-girlfriend Jazlyn Parrott breaks the sink in the Taco Bell house and Lucah promptly decides "she's not leaving this place alive", proceeding to trap her in a maze. This is followed by an even longer series of Epic Fails than the Booker incident, with Jazlyn spending an entire stream refusing to die and all of Lucah's Zany Schemes to the contrary failing until she tries 'old age'.
  • At one point, a 'juice' kegger got broken up by a police officer who proceeded to start drinking juice and helping people do keg stands. Annoyed at this hypocrisy, Lucah promptly walls him in a glass 'Room of Shame' with no escape, only for him to teleport out.
  • The Running Gag of LiamSixx's sim constantly asking everyone out on dates, only to ignore them and just play his guitar when they get there.
  • Liam and Donna both keep turning on all the radios in the house. When Lucah tries to turn them off, either of them immediately start running around the house turning them back on faster than she can turn them off.
  • Barbie asks Jon out on a what looks like a water treatment plant, while Lucah plays Aqua's "Barbie Girl" in the background. And then Barbie tries again by inviting Donna out to the graveyard.
  • Lucah's Mind Screw reaction when she finds out that Masae Anela's sim is friends with a car. And so are Liam and SuperJeenius.
    • In the same stream, she hosts a birthday party for Masae that doubles as a The "Fun" in "Funeral"-style funeral for Jazlyn with a swimwear dress code. Liam shows up, gets in the hot tub and pulls a radio out of his trunks to put beside the tub.
    • Chugga goes on dates with three separate people to random fields in the middle of nowhere, and all of them pass out in front of him...
  • Lucah decides to channel a certain recurring merchant by spawning thousands of cabbages at a stable in Skyrim, and using a full Fus Ro Dah on them. The result and accompanying reaction need to be seen and heard to be believed. (Around the 3:30:00 mark)
  • The overly-complicated schemes to make CLAM canon.
  • She spent one Sims stream creating new hangouts for her town with hilarious names and descriptions created by guest commentator Liamsixx and the chat including:
    • The Downtown Bonezone (An amusement park)- You know the Tunnel of Love? Aw fuck, I don't know where to go from there. Vaginas.
    • Burrito Gong (A parody of Taco Bell)- Come bust a move where the food is eaten - It's Burrito Gong, I don't fucking know. PREPARE YOUR ANUS.
    • Tyler's Greasy Old Wood Arcade (An arcade with a sausage truck out front)- You're going to want my weiner in, and around your mouth. Cum play with my joystick at Old Wood! FONDLE OUR HUGE ASS SIGN!
    • Mah Bowls (A bowling alley)- No shirt, No pants = Yes service. And chicken wings. YOU'RE GONNA LOVE MY BOWLS!
    • The Hump and Dump Love Hotel- Cum and Go ejactculate and evacuate NintenDO Me CUMPSTER Ram and Scram Nail and Bail Shoot and Scoot Stay and Spray Flirt and Squirt Churn n' Gurn Ronald Mc Fondle Heave and Ho Park and Fark Tap and Fap Stop Drop and Blow Screw and Spew and Chicken Wings
  • Donna goes on a protest at what looks like a graveyard, leading Lucah to joke that it's a Tumblr-style "protest against dead people".
    Lucah: Living people, check your privilege!
  • In her blind stream of Pokémon Stadium, Lucah discovers that one of Lt. Surge's trainers is simply called "Old Man" and declares him her arch-nemesis.
  • In one Sims 3 stream Lucah introduces a pop-up that shows different messages and sound effects when people follow, subscribe or donate. The latter in particular proves very popular as it consists of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dancing as a 'derp' song plays.
  • In her FIRST STREAM OF 2015:
    Rover: Oh! Looks like we're about to pull into the town of FRANK.
    • During the tutorial, Tom Nook makes her send a letter to Vesta:
    Fuck me!
    I wanna touch your butt!
    Something, something child
    labor, my balls are ready
    • Later, she sends a letter to Robin:
    Dear dum fuk,
    Batman is judging you.
    You will give me an egg,
    where yo booty at?
    My ass in your dick,
  • The Eiffel Tower story.
  • From the 'This is Not My Beautiful House' stream, Lucah tries to say she's OCD about where she places things, but accidentally says ACD instead...
    Tom Fawkes: You're AC/DC about where you put things?
    • Giving Tom Nook's house a creepy back room.
  • In her Pokémon Yellow streams:
    • Naming the protagonist "Jackoff", his Pikachu "My Dick" and Gary "Assbutt".
    • Lucah hears a woman's voice in her house (in real life) and gets paranoid, goes to investigate...and it turns out to be ProtonJon listening to the stream on his phone in the shower. It was Lucah's own voice.
    • Tom Fawkes voice acting various Pokémon. Notable ones include Machop (which can be described as a combination of Kermit the Frog and Ray Romano), Cubone (a Droopy impression), and Lucah's own Clefairy/Clefable (King Kai for some reason).
    • The Running Gag of Lucah being completely unable to understand the elevators in the game. Particularly, she keeps thinking the "Exit" option means "take the elevator to the building's exit" when it actually means "exit the menu without doing anything". When trying to leave a building, she would typically pick "Exit" and then just wait around for about 2 minutes before realizing her mistake.
  • Miitopia Streams:
    • The war cries that she has given to all of her party members:
      • Lucah: MAH CORN!
      • Jon: DAMMIT EMILE!
      • Masae: BUTTON MASH!
      • Tyler: P☆U☆S☆S☆Y!
      • Emile: NYAAAAA~!
      • Tim: IN THE BATHROOM
      • Patrick: THE CREAM OF THE CROP!
      • Liam: BOOBMANNN!
      • Dodger: COFFEHHH
    • HP Bananas become a multi-faceted Running Gag, both because the Miis (especially Masae) keep buying them instead of equipment, and also because Lucah manages to get them as an Undesirable Prize on the roulette minigame even when HP bananas only make a tiny sliver of the wheel and the rest are things she wants.
    • Without fully understanding what the roles will be like at first, she makes Tom Fawkes the fat King, Smefanye his daughter, Ganondorf the cowardly prince and Dr Robotnik the spurned noble son. The game also randomly selected The Dude and Cthulthu as the king's guards.
  • Planet Coaster streams:
    • The first ride she builds for Six Smefs is a log flume ride titled Infinite Poop Theory. To describe what the ride entails:
      • The ride begins with relaxing music and low intensity, but the riders will soon realize something is wrong when they suddenly hear Flight of the Valkyrie.
      • The log is then going up a hill, going up (as Lucah describes it) a butthole, filled with chocolate foods that may not actually be chocolate.
      • Yet another relaxing portion of the ride, but the riders are splashed with pee along the way.
      • As they turn into the entrance of the mountain, they see that there is piles of poop everywhere, only to find that the entire inside is filled to the brim with poop and the dragon responsible for the poop.
      • The ride concludes with a large drop into brown water, where they will be splashed with it until they reach the last, relaxing portion of the ride.

  • Nancy Drew
    • In Warnings of Waverly Academy, mistaking Megan's photo for Cyndi Lauper

    "What the F?" Fridays 

Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail
King's Quest VII
Hunie Pop
  • Lucah ends up having to censor some bits of the game. What does she use? Tyler's face.

Wario Ware Touched
  • Lucah has trouble with Mike's games, were you're supposed to blow into the microphone, so she gets ProtonJon on to help. Much praising of Jon's blowing prowess ensues.

  • Lucah embraces her nerdy side for this game, getting incredibly excited over the girls and telling the audience all kinds of real life tank facts.

Stay! Stay! Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Lucah couldn't figure out how to enter a name and ended up accidentally skipping the name entry screen, so she was stuck with the default name for the main character: Donald Trump.
    • And that turns out to be his first name! His last name is Lemmor, making him the son of the main character of Panzermadels.

  • As Lucah is an actual artist, she actually manages to make some pretty amazing artwork. As Lucah is Lucah, most of them are butts. Or boobs.

  • The FAQ section on her Twitch channel has some unintentional funny now that she and Jon are dating. Notably, her inspiration for getting into LPing herself was watching Jon's note  videos and thinking "I could do that."
  • A while back, Lucah had to go to the hospital to get surgery, gladly she ended up pulling through and while Jon had tweeted that he would give updates on the situation, she immediately gave her own twitter response.
    Jon: Update 2:


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