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  • The first time any incarnation of My Balls appears in a video, raise your glass in toast and drink.
    • When My Balls makes its first appearance in the LP proper, finish your glass.
  • If Lucah mentions that you can always expect something bad to happen after a bridge, take a drink. Take a second if she mentions Chrono Trigger.
  • If Lucah had previously established a voice for a character, but then gives them a different voice, drink. (For the sake of your liver, it is recommended you do this only for named NPCs.)
  • If Lucah solves an incredibly difficult puzzle or muscles past a rough boss in her first try, drink.
    • If she then proceeds to get stonewalled on something trivial in the same video, finish your glass.
  • If Lucah makes a pop culture reference that she thinks won't resonate with younger viewers, drink.
  • Drink every time Lucah gives a character:
    • A stereotypical "ethnic" accent. Take a second drink if she mentions losing subscribers for it.
    • A stereotypical "southern" accent.
    • An old man voice.
    • A stereotypical "British" accent. Drink twice if it ends up sounding Australian.
      • Drink twice if she does her 'hello!' Queen of England impression.
    • Drink three times if she gives a character the Doopliss voice.
  • If a guest star makes an appearance, take a drink.
  • If Lucah construes something completely innocent as innuendo, sip. (Sip, for the love of god!)
    • Take two if she says "Just like all my first dates!"
    • Finish your glass, however, if a prime moment for innuendo shows itself and Lucah lets it slip without comment. (Ha, you said slip.)
  • The first time Lucah says "sir!" or "madam!" in a video, take a drink. Take sips for the rest of the video whenever one of those phrases appears.
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  • If Lucah sings the first line of "Come Sail Away" by Styx (with the word "sailing" replaced by what she is doing), drink.
  • If yodel music plays over a long period of waiting, drink. The truly brave can sip for its duration until it stops.
  • Drink every time Lucah says that something is blue (da ba dee da ba die).
  • Every time Lucah hums The Spanish Flea, take a drink.
    • Take two big drinks if she plays it on kazoo.
  • Drink every time Lucah says "Push it real good!"
  • Every time Lucah does her irate-commenter voice, drink ('JEEZUS, LUCAH, WHY DO YOU SUCK?!?').
  • Every time Lucah does, or thinks she's about to do, something that will cause the commenters to "tear out their buttholes", take a shot.


Paper Mario:

  • Take a drink whenever Lucah uses Constipated Star.
  • If Lucah jokingly says that she's going to level up Goombario, drink.
  • Take a drink whenever Lucah refers to Parakarry as "Derpy".
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  • Every time Lucah gets 1 Coin from Koopa Koot, drink.
  • Every time Lucah rescues a Star Spirit, drink.
  • Every time Lucah mentions jizz, drink.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door:

  • Take a drink whenever Lucah refers to Goombella as "Miss No-Arms" or otherwise comments on her lack of arms.
  • If Lucah fangirls over Vivian, drink.
  • Every time Lucah refers to a character by a crude nickname (e.g. "Lord Dump" for Lord Crump, or "Scrotum" for Grodus) then drink. Finish your glass if she actually refers to a regularly nicknamed character by their proper name.
  • Every time Lucah attempts the Pit of 100 Trials, drink.
  • Every time Lucah refers to Mario's supposed ladykilling abilities, drink.
  • Near the end of the game, drink every time Lucah finishes a battle with Showstopper.
  • Whenever Jolene's appearance is followed by a "gurrl..." take a drink.
  • Every time Lucah obtains a Crystal Star, drink.

Super Paper Mario:

  • Every time Lucah says that Tippi is bitchy or judgmental, drink.
  • Whenever Lucah switches to Bowser+Carrie, drink.
  • If Lucah needlessly flips to 3D due to paranoia, drink.
  • Drink if you notice a shout-out to an earlier Paper Mario game. Drink again if Lucah comments on it.
  • Every time Lucah mentions Squidward in context of Squirps, take a drink.
  • Drink if Lucah complains about her lack of item space.
  • If Lucah successfully captures an enemy in a catch card, take a drink.
  • If O'Chunks manages to throw Lucah across the screen, start drinking and don't stop until he finishes posing.
  • Take a drink whenever Lucah obtains a Pure Heart.
  • When Lucah replaces the word "Prognosticus" with another word in the game text take a drink. If she actually tries to pronounce it, finish your drink. If she pronounces it CORRECTLY, finish your drink, get a new drink and down it completely. (It's recommended you waive this rule during the last few episodes, as Lucah takes the game seriously during the finale and name-drops "Prognosticus" several times per video.)

Pokemon White:

  • If Lucah gives a Team Plasma member a voice that turns out to be a different gender than they actually are, take a drink.
  • Every time Syphilis gains a level thanks to the EXP Share, drink. Finish your glass if she actually sees combat.
  • If Lucah mentions using fire against a mon not weak to fire on the basis that "fur burns" or "feathers burn," drink.
  • Every time Lucah freaks out over a member of the Timburr line, take a drink.
  • Take a drink every time the Xtransceiver rings.
  • If Lucah calls Cheren rude or compares him to Phoenix Wright, take a drink.
  • When Lucah catches a party pokemon, drink.
  • If Lucah criticizes doctor or nurse trainers for battling her before healing her pokemon, drink.
  • When Lucah obtains a Gym Badge, take a drink.

Freddi Fish Series:

  • Every time Lucah points out something as a euphemism, take a drink. note 
  • Every time someone bursts into song, take a drink.
  • Finish your drink when Lucah gets so annoyed, she throws something across the room.
  • Drink whenever Lucah makes fun of Luther.
  • Drink if Lucah mentions being drunk.
  • Drink if she talks about Freddi putting sea urchins up her butt.
  • For Five Nights at Freddi's/ The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove:
    • Whenever she sees the scene with the mudskipper, drink.
    • Whenever she tries to claim the game is a horror game, drink
    • If she says the guy under the sign is dead, drink.
    • Drink every time she clicks on the barber pole.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga:

  • Every time Lucah presses the button for the wrong brother, sip.
  • Every time one of the brothers gets hit in battle and Lucah apologises, drink (probably recommended sip for this one too).
  • Every time Lucah cycles through buttons trying to find the overworld action she wants, drink.
  • Every time Lucah gets a one or two from a level-up bonus reel mostly populated with high numbers, drink.
  • Every time Lucah says 'Fuckola', drink (maybe just sip while she's actually in Chuckola Woods).
  • Every time Lucah attempts to use Splash Bros and misses the input twice, drink.
  • Every time the line "Welcome back to Mario & Lugi: Superstar Saga" has its words substituted into something else, drink.
  • Whenever Lucah looks at Prince Peasley and Luigi using Shipping Goggles, drink.
  • For every piece of the Beanstar recovered, drink.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story:

  • Like Superstar Saga: every time Lucah presses the button for the wrong brother, sip.
  • Whenever an enemy gets a sneak attack on Lucah, drink.
  • If a gimmick from earlier in the game unexpectedly pops up, drink.
  • Whenever Lucah fangirls over Bowser, drink.
  • When Lucah makes fun of Starlow, sip.
  • If Lucah gets a 1 from the end-of-level roulette, drink. If she gets a 5 or higher, finish your glass.
  • If Bowser does something stupid, drink. Drink a second time if Lucah calls him on it.
  • Drink whenever a character's accent slips.
  • At the end of the game: drink whenever Lucah uses either Snack Basket or Broggy Bonker.
  • Every time Lucah rescues a Blitty, drink.


  • Every time Lucah says "You just ate a whole <insert food item here> in front of me," drink.
  • Every time Lucah says she does not like how the broken hearts are lining up, drink.
  • If Lucah claims one of the girls is her "spirit animal," drink. If she had earlier claimed another girl was her spirit animal in the same video, drink twice.
  • Every time Lucah bags a girl, drink. If it's one of the bonus girls, raise your glass in toast and finish it.
  • When Lucah comments on the background music, drink.
    • Drink twice if she says it makes her sleepy.
  • Drink every time Lucah brings the wrong flower or perfume to a date.
  • Every time Lucah uses an item, drink.
  • If Lucah gets a naughty picture sent to her over her in-game phone, take a drink.
  • Drink if Lucah gives a girl a gift that seems racist, or someone makes a racist comment.
  • Every time Nikki wears her pyjamas to a date and Lucah is outraged, drink.

Pokémon Heart Gold:

  • Every time the Pokégear rings, drink
  • Take a drink if Lucah's mother buys something with her money
    • Drink twice she complains about it or says that her mother has a problem.
  • If Lucah sings a Pokémon Centre song with poop in, drink.
    • If she sings one without poop in, drink twice.
  • Whenever PeeRam greets an opponent with his E, drink.
    • Whenever PeeRam's Quick Claw activates and Lucah squeals in delight, drink.
  • If Mr No Arms goes chasing waterfalls, drink.
  • If Derpules plays 'Can you brick break it', drink.
    • Drink twice if he can't.
  • If RickNMorty has a rave party or twerks, drink.
  • If Jasper throws a rock on it, drink.
  • When Lucah defeats a Gym Leader, Elite Four member, or Team Rocket Executive, drink. If she defeats Lance or Red, raise your glass in toast and finish it.

Suikoden II:

  • Drink every time Lucah notices a typo.
  • If Lucah mentions Rikimaru's Double-Beat Rune, drink.
  • Drink for every joke Lucah makes about the Sacrificial Jizo.
  • Drink if Lucah laughs about the Cream Soup.
  • Drink when Lucah says that a certain enemy is hard, and then proceeds to auto-attack them.
    • Drink again if she berates herself for doing this.
  • Drink if someone in the comments says a male character looks like a girl.
    • Drink again if Lucah lampshades this.
  • Drink if someone lampshades how Luc, Luca and Lucahjin have similar names.
  • Sip every time Lucah uses the Blue Gate Rune.
  • Drink every time Lucah enthuses about how powerful Luc is.
  • Drink if Lucah says "Suikoden 1 fans will know who/what this is!"
  • Drink if Lucah calls Flik and Viktor 'Fliktor'.
  • Sip if Lucah uses a Unite Attack.
  • Drink if Lucah calls the flying squirrel mooks 'Muku-Muku's Family'.
  • Sip for every Star of Destiny Lucah recruits.
  • Drink if Lucah criticises a party member for being weak.
  • Drink every time Lucah has good luck with chinchorin.
  • Drink if Lucah enforces how good Double-Beat Runes are.
  • Drink if she mentions how much she likes Nanami's theme.
  • If she calls Bolgan Hodor, drink.
  • Drink if Lucah fangirls over unicorns.
  • Drink if Lucah calls Gengen Jar Jar Binks.
  • For Episode 63, drink every time Lucah says "You're killing me, brother!".
  • For the cook-offs:
    • Drink if Lucah gives someone a stereotypical Chinese/Japanese accent.
    • Drink if the opposing chef cooks a savoury dish for dessert.
    • Drink every time Lucah makes ice cream, shortcake, green salad or gyoza.
      • Drink twice if she makes the gyoza as a starter (it's actually a main dish).
      • Take a shot if the opposing chef makes the same meal.
    • Drink if Hans is one of the judges.
    • Drink if Luc appears as a judge.
      • Swig if Lucah loses the game due to him giving her low scores.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

  • Whenever Lucah mentions Judge Judy, drink.
  • Whenever Lucah fangirls over Edgeworth or makes a sexual innuendo towards him, drink.
    • Take two if another female character flirts with him.
  • Drink whenever Lucah sings "Why the fuck you lyin'?"
  • Sip every time a character objects and Lucah sassily asks what they're objecting for.
  • Drink every time Lucah asks Gumshoe how his face is.
  • Take three drinks whenever Lucah gets a penalty. (It happens more rarely than you'd think)
  • Drink if Lucah shows her badge to someone.
    • Take a shot if this actually advances the plot.
  • Take a shot if she sings "It wasn't me"
  • Sip every time she asks a rhetorical question she doesn't want answered (eg. Is X the real culprit?)
    • Take a drink if she then explains that her question was rhetorical.
    • Finish your drink if you see a comment that answers the question anyway.
  • Drink if Lucah presents the correct piece of evidence for the wrong reasons.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All

  • Drink if she mentions Franziska's bra.
    • Two drinks if she mentions someone else's bra.
  • Drink twice if she says Franziska needs to get better at English.
  • Drink if she claims Phoenix is into whipping.
  • Drink every time she says someone is pretty/attractive.
    • Drink again if she then rejects them for Edgeworth.
  • Drink twice if she either claims Max isn't wearing pants or is disappointed that he is wearing pants.
  • Drink if she gets annoyed at Phoenix for being rude to Edgeworth.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations

  • Drink every time she laughs at the name Doug Swallow.
  • Drink if she says Phoenix has a Hank Hill ass.
  • Drink if she says Godot's coffee is from Starbucks.
  • Drink if she comments on Jean Armstrong's ass.
  • Sip if she makes a 'voop!' noise when Godot summons his coffee.
  • Sip if she call Godot Cyclops.
  • Drink if she says 'flip' when Mia flips her hair.


  • Drink every time Lucah brings up blue egg pooping. If you can hold your liqueur, take a shot instead.
    • Finish your drink if she intentionally levels out her blue egg count to 69.
  • Drink when Lucah sings "Snake Eater" whilst climbing up or down the ladder to the engine room.
  • Drink whenever Jon does the Bill Cosby voice for Bottles.
  • Drink whenever Lucah falls off the roof in Mad Monster Mansion.
  • Drink when Lucah makes a testes joke while collecting one of Nabnut's acorns.
  • Drink whenever Lucah brings up Uma Musume


  • Drink for every "Ding Dong Bing Bong, y'all!"
  • Drink whenever Lucah says she's worried about a character. Two drinks if it's someone other than Mondo, Taka, Hina,or Sakura (in DR 1)/ Akane or Fuyuhiko (in DR 2)
  • Drink whenever Lucah mentions Monokuma's "Hank Hill ass"
  • Drink every time Lucah checks behind her when walking down a hallway.
  • In DR 2, whenever Lucah says she's going to sip, you take one too. Two sips if it's in reaction to someone other than Nagito.


King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

  • Drink if she demands to touch someone.
  • Sip every time she mocks Cedric.
  • Drink every time Graham dies.
    • Scream "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!", then drink if he dies by falling off a cliff.
  • Drink if she comments on the obnoxiously loud town music.
    • Drink again if she starts shouting "WHAT?! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!".
  • Drink every time Graham gets ants in his pants.
  • Drink some life-giving water every time you hear the "Life-giving water! Nectar of the gods!" line.
  • Drink if she calls the toymaker 'fingerbang Santa'.
  • Finish your drink in celebration when Cedric 'dies'.
  • Drink every time Lucah gets annoyed at the cutscene disclaimer.
  • Sip every time the inventory glitches.

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

  • Drink if Lucah makes a 'blololololor' noise when Alexander runs past the tree.
  • Drink if she laughs at the "Alexander pulls out his magic map" or "Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation" line.
  • Drink every time Alexander dies.
    • Drink again if Lucah says he died because he stuck his dick in something.

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