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Music / Chris de Burgh

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Oh my heart is spinning like a wheel,
Only she can see the way that I feel,
Eyes are holding right across the room,
High explosion coming out of the blue.
— "High on Emotion"

Chris de Burgh is an Anglo-Irish singer-songwriter, born in Argentina. He has been active since 1974, mainly in the genres of soft pop, soft rock and easy listening. Small Reference Pools know him by his 1986 hit "The Lady in Red" and by extension other Silly Love Songs, but his output is actually quite a bit more varied than that. He often uses religious themes in his songs, sometimes explicitly and sometimes more of the Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory variety. He is also known due to his daughter Rosanna (the subject of the song "Rosanna") winning Miss World in 2003 (as Miss Ireland) and for being the Arch-Enemy of musical comedian Bill Bailey.

His songs contain examples of: