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  • When NintendoCapriSun does a stream to help her financially called Lucahthon, she does a follow up video thanking everyone for her support. She even mentions she would be tearing up while doing the video, so she couldn't show herself on camera.
  • At the end of her Journey LP, when the game shows the names of the other players who were her companions, she expresses her hope that they see the video someday and know how grateful she was for their help.
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  • In one of her Twitter posts, she shows off a photograph of her refrigerator. What's so special about that? It's covered in fanart that people have drawn for her. D'aaaw.
  • Almost every episode of Pokemon White starts with at least one new piece of fanart her fans have drawn.
    • The tradition was kept for HeartGold, and at the end of the final episode, it featured a montage of all the fanart she didn't get to use due to the Let's Play ending.
  • During the end of Pokemon White, during her fight with Ghetsis, she thanks her fans for how we helped her sweep him, and talk about how much we taught her. Also, when Ghetsis has his mental breakdown Lucah says she has her watchers on her side. AWWWW!
  • Lucah's Pokémon from the HeartGold Let's Play such as PeeRam became Twitch subscriber emoticons due to their popularity.
  • Project Red Sun. A charity stream for the American Diabetes Association that Lucahjin did in honor of her late father, who had diabetes.
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  • The whole concept of her "Relaxajin" channel. She's much more soft-spoken and gentle than she is on her main channel, and her Sir Swears-a-Lot tendencies disappear entirely. The whole channel was made with the express purpose of helping people deal with stress and/or get to sleep peacefully, and she's phenomenal at it. One YouTube commenter suggested she become a therapist.
  • At the end of Ocarina of Time Blind, when she does Ganon's Tower she has her Sages briefly reappear to revoice the relevant characters and thanks each of them in turn for their help.
  • Lucahjin interacting with TylerMcFluffButt in Can Your Pet? is really adorable. Becomes a borderline Tear Jerker once the Player Punch happens.
  • In one of her Sims 3 streams, a viewer asked Lucah and guest Villene to ask a girl to the prom on his behalf, as he knew she also watched Lucah's streams. They did so, and when she said yes they proceeded to squee over how romantic the idea was.
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  • Her overall reaction to the end of Super Paper Mario and how she describes her relationship with her fans in the finale.
  • One fan named Andrew gives Lucah his 3DS, attached with a letter that moved her heart:
    Give it a good home. Her name was Liz and she was a friend. I introduced her to your channel and when the effects of her chemo became overwhelming, we'd spend hours watching your videos together, until things became bearable.
    I bought this for her, but I know it would have made her ecstatic to see it in your hands. One of the last things she said to me was "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives." and for a short time, she truly lived, through you, in the worlds you created and brought to life before our very eyes.
    You were a comfort to her in ways I can never replay. Never depreciate what you've done or doubt how much a laugh can mean to someone that has little to laugh about.
  • The Huniepop series has a weird moment in episode 7, where Lucah encourages her viewers to be confident and comfortable in who they are... Then immediately questions what she's doing with her life.
  • Her story about being hit by a car as a teen and how Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was an essential part of her recovery while she was hospitalized.
  • Years ago she said her main inspiration to become an LP'er (along with DeceasedCrab) was ProtonJon, adding a whole other layer to the fact that the two of them are now engaged.
    • Since becoming a fan of Steven Universe, numerous fanart has been made of her as Jasper and Jon as Peridot.
  • On Bisexual Visibility Day 2016, Lucah came out as bisexual via Twitter, and the massive outpouring of support from her fans (and a few who said she helped inspire them to be more comfortable with their own orientations) certainly counts as this.
  • Lucah and Jon rescued and then adopted a one-eyed stray kitten. Officially, his name is Bagel, but he also goes by Big Boss due to the missing eye. If you want to see pictures just spend about 30 seconds looking through Lucah's Twitter and you're bound to see at least one.
    • Even cuter since she wasn't a big fans of cats before getting Bagel.
  • When a fellow streamer, Villene, was in a financial crisis, she held a charity stream during the Christmas season. During the first few hours, Lucah donates $400 CA (translates to almost $300 US at the time of the stream) to the stream, shocking the chat. Given that Lucah was in a similar situation—she even notes that in her donation message—this adds to the heartwarming.
  • As of September 2, 2017, Jon and Lucah are now engaged. Then they finally tied the knot on September 28, 2018.

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